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Birthday Bus Boy by Callan Smith
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Badpuppy Model - Jiri Kalina I’m English, so I didn’t know what a bus boy was. Not until recently, that is. But I soon found out. My sister had married a guy from Boise and this was my first visit. Everybody teased me about it, and said Idaho was full of guys like the one in Napoleon Dynamite, but I’m glad I went. I had a great time and am going back as soon as I can. That is, unless I can get Viktor a visa to visit me in England first. That’s my bus boy’s name. He’s Russian. And to think I would never have met him if it hadn’t been for my niece and nephew. Amy is five and Max is three, but they’re both in love with Spiderman. It was Amy’s birthday, and my sister hired Viktor to play the part and put just that little bit of extra icing on Amy’s cake. He put the cherry in my pie, too, but we’ll come to that later. I’d seen him often while out shopping with my sister. He didn’t speak much. Just packed things in brown paper bags and even carried them out to the car for you if you so desired. I volunteered to run errands whenever possible so I could go by there and ogle him. My official excuse was that I needed a bit of practice driving on the other side of the road and generally getting my bearings and all that. Also, I wanted to contribute to the expenses.

Trouble is Amy or Max, or both, always insisted on coming with me so I never had him to myself, so to speak – that is until the birthday party. But I knew that he’d noticed me and was pretty sure he was as hot for me as I was for him. He’d let his hand brush casually against mine once as he handed me the shopping, and I felt the spontaneous combustion. Also he had a way of undressing me with his eyes and smiling at me as if he was able to read every thought in my head. I didn’t dare look at him and kept my hands in my pocket to control my dancing dick. A few days before the party, I saw him hand my sister a card as we left, and I was quite curious to see what was written on it. She showed it to me and told me he was also a children’s entertainer, and would dress up as one of their heroes and do tricks. Looking at his great body, I thought he’d have made more money doing tricks and undressing for adults, but this was Boise, Idaho, and I’m told very conservative. Still we had great fun at the party, and the house was full of little guests who began to scream as Spiderman peeked in at the window.

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Badpuppy Model - Jiri Kalina I nearly screamed myself when I saw how “second-skin-tight” his costume was, and how invitingly his nifty nipples pressed up against the material. Also just how easy it was to count each and every ripple of muscle -- front, back and bottom. His dick seemed to be keeping a low profile, but that’s just as well, considering the tender age of most of those present. He was very energetic and entertaining, a real livewire. He did everything except swing from the chandeliers. Not that my sister and brother-in-law had chandeliers, but you know what I mean.

I knew he was timed to arrive just before the children went home, but I was still disappointed to see him pack up and leave after he’d only been there half-an-hour or so. He’d come on his bicycle, but some storm clouds were building up so I offered to drive him home. Even so, we got pretty wet while we were attaching his bike to the roof rack. Once we were in the car, he didn’t say much. Just took his mask off and then put his free hand on my crotch. The rain was lashing down, and I didn’t know my way round that well, so I got rather hot (natch) and bothered. We parked the car and started to make love under a tree. Something I know you’re not supposed to do, but neither, I imagine, are you supposed to unpeel a skin tight costume from a ravenous Spiderman in the middle of Boise, Idaho.

In the end, I gave up and kissed him like a praying mantis, and then he sucked my dick till steam came out of my soaking wet hair. All this in my brother-in-law’s Buick. I was about to throw caution to the winds and let him fuck me when my stiff upper lip English upbringing took over, and I begged him to cool it. Anyway, he’d never have been able to get his dick out of his costume. To my relief, he offered to drive, and we were soon at his place. He lived in a kind of storehouse behind the shop, but I didn’t have much time to inspect the fittings as I needed all my ingenuity to get him out of his Spiderman gear. It literally clung to him like it was cling wrap, and we were so sexually excited – and frustrated – that I had to take the scissors to it.

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Badpuppy Model - Jiri Kalina It was pretty erotic, I can tell you. I wielded the scissors and cut the costume open where I could see a hardened nipple bursting to break free. I licked my way in there, and he tore at my hair appreciatively. Then I freed the other nipple and gave it a good spanking with my tongue. The net result of this was that his imprisoned dick made a bid for freedom. I cut the costume right down the middle and watched it rise up to meet me. I wasted no time getting to know it, and he wasted no time ripping off my pants and making his acquaintance with my over eager ass. He soon had me howling for more as he jabbed away at me with such abandon he almost set my butt alight. His Russian dick was long and thick and strong, and boy did it know what it was doing! What’s more he was a slow comer, so my ass took some beating, I can tell you. As we lashed and thrashed, I managed to tear off the rest of that wet costume of his so I could cast my eyes on his heavenly body and worship its beauty. If you’re lucky, there will be a few photos attached when you read this story, and you’ll be able to appreciate it too. He may not be a native of Boise, Idaho, but he’s a real hot potato, and I’ll barbecue his ribs any day. Also, I thank my lucky stars. My niece or nephew might have set their hearts on Shrek or Hulk or The Incredibles as a birthday treat. Thank God those kids have got taste.

The model in these pictures is Jiri Kalina


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