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Bill & Tom, The Visit by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Nick The doorbell rang. Shit. I was all alone and I wasn't dressed yet. I'd wait. Whoever it was would go away. Good. Back to my cheerios. I hadn't had cheerios since I had been away at school. I had forgotten how good they could be. I liked to wait until they got good and soft. It was one of the few things I liked when soft. Crunchy cereal had no appeal to me. Of course, I liked fruit loops better, but cheerios would have to do for…. Damn. There it goes again. They weren't going away. O.K., I'd see who it was.

I ran up to my room and threw on my robe, then ran back down to open the door. I was stunned. There in the doorway was the most beautiful man I had ever seen…just standing there, smiling. Now, you all know by now that I'm no slouch in the ego department. I know cute when I see it, and I'm definitely cute. I also know beauty when I see it, and Tom is gorgeous. But this…. This was something from pictures. This was something from a cover of a magazine. This was something that only existed after a picture of a regular guy had been air brushed and touched up. This was perfection.

He was about 32 I would guess, probably 6' 4", golden blonde hair, creamy complexion, bluer than blue eyes, teeth that seemed to have that little sparkling star that everyone has in those commercials, and he topped it all off with dimples. The guy had fucking dimples! I just stood there looking at him. I wasn't speechless, exactly. I could have spoken. I just didn't want to. I wanted to look at him. He was probably at the wrong house, and if he was going to go away, I was going to look at him as long as I could before he left. I don't know how long I studied him. I hope my mouth wasn't open, and it's a real good thing my fly wasn't open or my robe certainly wouldn't have been hanging straight down.

"Is this the Anderson residence?" Even his voice was 6' 4".

"Uh, yes."

"You must be Willie. Is Jim home?" The Adonis knew Jimmy. The Adonis knew me!

"No, not right now, but he'll probably be back soon." I didn't know where Jimmy was or when he would be back, but if Mr. Gorgeous was at the right house, he certainly wasn't getting away that easily. "You're welcome to come in and wait for him." Great, Willie, what if he's like a serial killer or something and you're just inviting him in. Oh, well, if you gotta go, you gotta go.

"Thank you. I will if you don't mind." Don't mind! Shit, I hope he doesn't come back 'till next Thursday. I let him in and led him to the most comfortable chair in the room.

"Would you like some coffee?" I almost offered him some cheerios, but stopped myself just in time. "It's fresh." Why did I say that? No one would say, "Would you like some coffee? I made it yesterday." I was being too lame. I had seen good looking guys before. Yeah, but nothing like this…not in person.

"No, thank you. Oh, by the way, you must be wondering who I am." Nope, don't care really. I would like to get a look at your dick, though. Don't be shy. Just stand up and drop your pants and let me see it. While you're at it, just turn around and show me your ass. If it's anything like the rest of you, I'll need about a twenty minute session with it. "I'm Dan. I'm a friend of Jim's from Chicago."

Jimmy had been living in Chicago. He had seemed to be doing well, but had come home unexpectedly about two weeks ago. He seemed to be upset about something, Mom said, but she hadn't wanted to push it. She had the room and she was glad to see him.

"Oh." I always knew just what to say.

"He hasn't mentioned me?"

"No he hasn't, but then, we haven't had much time to talk. I haven't been home from college very long, and we've been very busy." I did have a nice look at his ass once, however, and it was very nice.

Silence. I hoped someone got home soon. I had looked as much as I could look and neither one of us was a great conversationalist. If someone didn't save me soon I didn't know what I'd do. Maybe I'd say, "So, do you suck dicks? I've got one here, you know. Some people think it's very nice. We could do that until someone gets home. It'd pass the time." Probably not a good idea. Well, no, it was a very good idea, but, well, you know. I wasn't quite ready to die and he was a pretty big guy. Finally, someone came in the back door. It was Jim.

"Good morning, Willie. Is Mom back yet, I…."

He saw Dan Adonis sitting in the chair and stopped dead in his tracks. Nothing was said. They just looked at each other. It was a look I recognized and you could cut the feeling in the room with a knife. Jimmy was gay! Jimmy was gay and Danny boy was his lover. Holy shit! I'd have to get used to one of these things at a time. I guess I'd better get used to the Jimmy is gay part first. OK, that's done. Now, I'll get used to the Danny boy is his lover part. OK, that's done, too. Now back to the long, intense silence. It was like they were seeing who would blink first. Their eyes stayed locked for days. I wanted to yell, "Time out here. The brother has a few questions that can't wait. You can go back to your staring later." But, I just sat, looking back and forth at the two of them.

Finally, Dan spoke: "I'm sorry."

Jimmy: "You shouldn't have come here."

Dan: "I had to."

Jimmy: "What am I supposed to tell my family?"

As usual, I was subtle and jumped right in. "You could start by telling us that you're gay and that you're lovers and that you've had a really big fight and that you're both sorry and that all is forgiven, because it's obvious you still love each other or you wouldn't have just looked into each other's eyes for a friggin' hour." I was so sensitive.

They both looked at me strangely.

"And now, I think I'll leave the room and go get dressed before you both beat the shit out of me, and you can be alone and work out your differences and kiss and make up."



"What was all that about?"

"What was all what about?"

"Oh, you mean the thing about your being gay and fighting and making up and all that?"


      "Nothing." I tried to get away, but he blocked my way out. Then Dan spoke.

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Badpuppy Model - Nick "I thought you weren't going to tell them, Jim."

"I didn't, Dan. I didn't tell them anything."

"Then how…"

"I don't know, Dan, but I'm going to find out right now. Sit down, Willie."

I sat. There really wasn't much else to do, was there? I couldn't get by my formerly nerdy but now buff brother and, if I tried to go the other way, I had a feeling Dan the Adonis would be there. I might as well just sit, so I sat. They looked at me with that look that lets you know that you're not leaving until you give some explanation, so you might as well give one. I had last seen that look in Mr. Johnson's office in junior high. I wanted to get out of there, too, so I made up some story about Brenda Gooch and a big white dog. Seems I depended on Brenda Gooch for a lot of stuff. That story worked, but I had a feeling that nothing about good ole Brenda was going to help me now.

"Willie, how did you know that I was gay and Dan was my lover?"

"Then it's true. You are gay and he is your lover."

"Willie, I know you're not psychic. How did you know? Does Mom know? Did she tell you?" I had to come clean. I was gonna tell him anyway. Why wait?

"OK, I'll tell you. I knew because of how you looked at each other. You don't look at someone like that unless you're in love with him, and you two are obviously in love…big time. And I recognized the look between two guys because I have a lover and I look at him like that, especially after we've had a fight and I want to make up with him and the only way I know to do it is to grab him and hold him and kiss him and then make unbelievable love to him and so I'm going to go upstairs now and take a really long shower and you two can go to your room and grab and hold and kiss and make unbelievable love and you'd better hurry because I don't know how soon Mom will be coming back." Then I took a breath. There was a moment of silence. Then a tiny bit of laughter from Jimmy and Dan. Then Jimmy leaned down and kissed me and said, "Little brother, there's an awful lot we've got to talk about, but right now, I think I'm going to take your advice and take Dan up to my room. Enjoy that shower, but don't take too long because I think we'll need a look out to make sure Mom doesn't get a surprise she'd rather not get just yet."

He was right. That was a much better plan. I would take a quick shower, get dressed, avoid the temptation to peek through a certain key hole, get back to my cheerios, and keep Mom occupied for however long it took, "it" being, well, you know. Then the most amazing thing happened. Dan walked over to my chair, reached down, picked me up as if I was some sort of feather, and gave me a great big smackeroo right on the lips. Then he put me back down in the chair, patted me on the head and they both headed upstairs holding hands. The funny thing is, I didn't mind any of it, not even the head patting part. My dick got hard, though…real hard.

I was back at my cheerios reading the paper when the phone rang. It was Mom. She had run into Margie Wilson and they had decided to go to lunch and then go shopping in Springfield. It was good for Mom to do something fun. She didn't do enough of that. Anyway, that meant that the boys upstairs could take their time making up. I should tell them, but how do you discreetly tell two guys who are fucking that they can fuck a little longer because Mommy is not coming home right away? I guess you just knock and say that. I hoped they wouldn't be making a lot of sex noises. I don't know why, but that would embarrass me. I guess it's because it was Jimmy and brothers and sisters are not supposed to have sex in their bedrooms at home.

Damn, they were making little "uhm" noises. I'd knock anyway.

The noises stopped. Damn. I hoped I hadn't ruined a terrific orgasm or anything.

"Yeah?" Jimmy didn't sound pleased.

"Jimmy, Mom called and she won't be home until late this afternoon. I thought you guys might want to know that you don't have to hurry up with whatever you're doing."

"Thanks, Willie. Wait just a minute, will you?"

I waited. The door opened. There was Danny the Adonis standing in all his 6' 4" glory. I looked right into those blue eyes. I didn't want to be blinded by the teeth or pulled into the dimples, and I knew I would faint if the dick was as big as I thought it was going to be.

"Want to come in, Willie?"

"Oh, I don't think so. By the sound if it, I don't think you guys need instructions, and I really wouldn't know which side to cheer for."

"Come on, Willie, " spoke the mouth between the dimples. "Come on in and talk awhile."

First of all, I could tell by the "uhming" that they hadn't finished "it" yet, and talking while they did, wasn't really a good idea. I knew that in some places fucking could be a spectator sport, but I'd rather watch football or a porno flick. I thought I'd pass on this one. "No, I don't think so. You guys just go ahead and do what you were doing. I'll have breakfast ready when you're finished. That kind of stuff kind of makes you hungry and we'll all get better acquainted then.

"Willie, for god's sake, just come in." It was Jimmy. He was my brother. I went in. And then I looked. The Adonis was walking in front of me on his way back to the bed. The ass was better than I had hoped for. It was absolutely perfect. As blonde as he was, it was blonder. There was no hair there, although I wouldn't have minded a little here and there. His ass sparkled almost as much as his teeth did. He bent over to pick something up off the floor and I gasped out loud. Such a sight was those beautiful spreading cheeks with that perfect rose bud inside. Where was Ansel Adams when I needed him? I'd hang that baby right over the mantel. I didn't get a look at the dick, but suddenly visions of the Eiffel Tower danced in my head. He laid down beside Jimmy. Beside Jimmy?!? Yes, there was brother Jimmy in all his glory. Not a bad dick, really. I'd seen the ass and knew it was good. The dick was about a seven incher and standing at attention, awaiting orders. I had already looked, so I didn't turn my head.

Badpuppy Model - Nick "Willie, Dan is into all kinds of sex. He thinks sex is good no matter who it's with and that dicks were given to us to enjoy to the fullest. (OK, no argument there.) I'll cut to the chase, little brother, Dan thinks you're really cute and he wants to have sex with you…right now."

Right now? This was truly weird. When Tom said I would be having sex during break and I shouldn't feel guilty, I don't think he thought I would have quite so much not to feel guilty about, and I'm fairly sure he didn't have the parish priest and my brother's lover in mind. Holy shit. Right now? Well, he was beautiful, and I was horny, and Jimmy certainly didn't seem to mind. OK, I'd do it. Tough sell, huh? Right after Jimmy left the room.

"You'll be lookout, Jimmy?"

"Uh, Willie, Dan wants to have sex with both of us together."

"Oh, no, Jimmy, I don't think so. Uh uh, not me, not with you. I'm not ready for that. Isn't that incest or something? Sex with your brother? Ewww, Jimmy. I couldn't. I can't. I love you and all, but you're my brother. Hanging between your legs is my brother's dick, and behind you is my brother's ass. It's a good ass, but it belongs to my brother. No, I don't think this is going to happen. Not now. Not ever."

Then the Adonis spoke, his golden tones wafting around the room. "Willie, I know how you must feel." No you don't, perfect man. "But I'm not asking you to have sex with Jimmy. I want you both to have sex with me, and I want to have sex with both of you at the same time. Having sex with brothers has always been a fantasy of mine and I really do love Jim, and you are one of the hottest little numbers I have ever seen in my life. I've gotta see that ass of yours and kiss it and lick it. Well, you get the picture. You wouldn't even have to touch Jim at all."

If I got the picture, my dick had seen the movie. I may have been reluctant, but my dick was hammering on my fly and yelling, "Let me out!" It was sick, I knew, but, shit, he was beautiful, and I was so hard, and I wouldn't have to touch Jimmy and morality was such a fleeting thing and my shirt was off in about ten seconds and I was naked in about thirty. There I was naked, with my hard dick rubbing against a man who had to have been created in someone's wax museum and with my brother playing book ends on the other side. I was going to hell for this, but I would be going to hell for something sooner or later anyway, so I might as well get started.

He put one of those big arms around me and drew me to him and gave me a kiss that sent shock waves to my toes. Why would God give so many wonderful attributes to one obviously immoral man? His tongue did things in my mouth that were unbelievable. I never anticipated deep throating a tongue, but I did this one. How long was that sucker, anyway? I was helpless. I closed my eyes and moaned. Then I felt him take my hand and place it on his dick. It was a nice dick and a hard dick, not as big as I had hoped, but who cared. With a tongue like that, he didn't even need a dick! But, wait a minute. His dick was in the wrong place. It couldn't have possibly been there. That meant that I was really holding….my brother's dick! Ahhhhhhhhh! I tried to get out of the bed, but he held me tight. I was no match for him.

"Stop, Willie. What did you do wrong, really? So you touched your brother's dick. You've touched his arm, haven't you. Was that wrong?"

"No, but his arm, doesn't fuck, and it sure doesn't spray cum all over the place."

"What I'm trying to say is, Willie, relax. There's nothing wrong with this."

"You think there's nothing wrong with it, Dan, but I don't want to do it. I love Jimmy, and I love him like a brother. I don't care who he has sex with as long as it's not me. I can have sex with you while he's having sex with you, but I can't have sex with him, OK? If you do that again, I'm outta here. I don't care how strong you are."

"OK, Willie. It was a dirty trick. I won't do it again."

I was pissed, but my dick wasn't nearly as angry as I was. We had a conference and decided to stay, but one more trick like that and we were out of there. Touching Jimmy's dick wasn't that bad. I mean, it was a dick. How bad could that be? But it was Jimmy's dick. You can have sex with all of your brothers if you want to. I would reserve my fucking for non-relatives, thank you. Well, maybe the occasional cousin. I relaxed and got down to the business at hand and at mouth and at…well you get the picture.

It was my first three way. Like you didn't know that. And I had a wonderful time. It was a little awkward having a three way that was really two two-ways going on at once, but we managed. His dick was not a disappointment. It was nine inches at least, surrounded by the most beautiful pubic hair I had ever seen. His nipples were light brown and wonderfully huge. Jimmy and I each got one for a present and did our best imitation of Romulus and Remus as we sucked on those babies for like a half hour. The three way moaning would have made the McGuire Sisters envious.

After feasting on those wonderful orbs, we worked our way down to the beautiful pubic hair and took turns with the dick and balls. There was enough dick there for three, maybe four mouths, but I was so paranoid, I made Jimmy suck the balls while I performed pirouettes on the dick and then we would change places. It may sound strange, but I enjoyed the balls more than I did sucking that dick. They were huge in keeping with the theme of the body, and the ballsacks were wonderful with lots of extra flesh to chew and tongue and, well, enjoy. I was in heaven, and by the groans and moans, so were Dan and Jimmy.

As it turns out, both of the Anderson brothers were bottoms, and Dan was a top. This proved to be quite convenient, and Dan turned us both over and put us on our hands and knees. He then proceeded to double rim us, switching from one to another and taking us to wonderful sexual heights with that amazing tongue. At one point I couldn't help myself and grabbed Jimmy by the arm, yelling "Holy shit!" when his tongue got to a place where no tongue had gone before. Was I ready, or was I ready? My ass was opening and yelling, "Yoo hoo, over here, big boy!" And over here he came. I was already wet, but he poured on what must have been a gallon of lube and then he plunged in up to the hilt. No, "here I come" or "get ready" or "you're gonna love this." He just jammed that baby in as far as it would go, which as far as I could tell was about up to my right tonsil. Boy did that hurt, and boy did that feel good all at the same time. Thank god Father Fred had been huge or my poor little ass would have given up the ghost right there. Instead I was up to it and it was "ride 'em, cowboy" for a good fifteen minutes.

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Badpuppy Model - Nick Then it was Jimmy's turn. Dan pulled out of me with a popping sound and turned his attentions to his lover and my brother. I had never watched someone else get fucked. I had seen porno flicks, but this was real, and this was my straight, I thought, brother being fucked by some blonde god. I was fascinated by the way the lube ran slowly down his ass crack and by the way Dan rubbed that club through it to get it nice and wet. He took more time getting into Jimmy. There was obviously love between these two. And watching that big mushroom head squeeze into that tight little hole was fascinating. It did nothing to ease the pain of my more than hard dick. When he was completely inside he began fucking Jimmy slowly and Jimmy responded by meeting every thrust with one of his own. This was not just fucking. This was truly love making. I had the feeling that I should turn my head because I was part of something that I shouldn't see, but there was no way I was going to miss this. Who knew when I might see it again?

Just as I was feeling really guilty and out of place, Dan grabbed my penis and started to slowly beat me off. Talk about sexy. I almost came right there in his hand. When he winked at me, I could have died. Then he whispered, "Rim me, Willie. I love to be rimmed while I'm fucking." This guy was not new to the fucking process. I was only too happy to oblige. Around to his ass I crawled and buried my face into the most beautiful ass in the world. He moaned as I began licking and probing, so I knew I was doing a great job. His fucking got faster and faster and it was all I could do to hold on, bit I managed, and when he came, his ass clenched together on my tongue and it was one of the strangest feelings I have ever had.

He must have come forever, and I knew Jimmy had come with him by the noise he made. They collapsed together on the bad and lay there as if dead for about five minutes. I thought that was probably all she wrote, and that I would sneak off somewhere and finish myself off in private, but, just as I was about to sneak off, leaving them in their obvious bliss, I felt that hand grab me again. Dan picked me up and gently laid me on the other side of the bed. Then he kissed me softly and then gave me one of the most tender blow jobs I have ever had. It was loving and sensual and that tongue could almost wrap around my entire dick all at once. Just I was about to cum, he slid two fingers up my ass and moved them in such a way that sent me over the edge into ecstasy. It was amazing. Then he slowly licked the cum off my body, ending with another soft and tender kiss. He then helped me up from the bed, gave me a hug and slapped me on the ass as he sent me out the door and closed it behind me.

I still had a little sense of guilt, but not too much. Jimmy and I would talk it over later and finally resolve it to our satisfaction. We had done it for Dan, he out of love and me, well, I was going to hell anyway. Jimmy and Dan were life-long lovers after that. I was glad, because I never got tired of looking at one of the most beautiful men God ever put on this earth.

The model in these pictures is Nick


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