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Bill & Tom, The Joke by Claye Canterwall
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Badpuppy Model - Tony

The rest of the semester was wonderful. Tom, true to his word, took every opportunity to teach me in the ways of gay sex. We called the class Fellatio 105, and I must confess that I was almost as gifted a student as Tom was a teacher. I moved to the head of the class in no time, and was always there for extra credit when it was offered. My favorite lesson was called "The Figure Eight with a Total Tongue Whip." I would tell you about it, but if done incorrectly, it could cause permanent damage to several beloved body parts. I don't want your disability on my conscience.

I couldn't get enough of Tom, and I think he felt the same way. I had to laugh at myself when I thought about all those years of trying to fall in love with a beautiful girl. What if I had never met Tom? Would there have been another guy who did the same thing for me? I doubted it. Tom was perfect. Every time I thought about the guy I smiled…in several places. I was truly happy.

I have to tell you my favorite story. Remember, we were college kids. Tom had this nervous habit of playing with himself while he was studying. I'm not kidding. Most people do things like chewing their nails or twisting their hair…. you know, some little thing like that while their reading. Tom played with his balls. No, really. Almost without thinking about it, every time Tom opened a textbook, he also pulled down his zipper and stuck his hand inside his pants to fondle his balls. I asked him about it one night and he just laughed and said that he'd done that all his life, only before he'd never had a roommate to notice. I noticed. He said that, if it bothered me, he'd stop. I said that it was all right with me, but that I couldn't stick around the room to study because I was such a nice guy, I'd probably offer to fondle them for him. I meant that, and usually left the room when he had a long reading assignment. I couldn't take the pressure.

I asked him what he did when he went to the library to study, as I thought they probably frowned on ball fondling in the main reading room. He said that he never studied there, but went up into the stacks where there was a carrel way in the back all by itself. It was secluded and quiet which was great for concentration, and no one ever went there, so fondling his balls was no big deal.

This I had to see, so the next day, I went up to the fifth floor of the library and found the place. It was just like Tom said, secluded, quiet and clear at the back of the floor. The little desk was placed up against the back of one of the stacks. An evil plot hatched in my mind.

That night Tom said that he had a big test the next day and would be going to the library to study. I told him to go ahead because I had a test, too, and would need to do a lot of studying myself. Of course, it was a big lie. I had no homework that night. I gave him about an hour to become immersed in his work. Then I went to the library. Unbeknownst to Tom, I had gone to the library earlier in the day and had removed some books from the stacks that faced Tom's carrel. I'm not a real big guy and I removed enough books to make a hole that I could just fit through. I hid the books so no one would notice the hole in the bottom of the stacks. Then, when it was safe, I snuck into the stacks from the back. Tom was there in deep concentration, and I could tell by where his hand was that he was also in deep fondle. I crouched down and silently crawled through the hole I had made in the shelf, pulling myself up under the desk where Tom was studying. There they were in all their beauty, Tom's gorgeous dick and those two big nuts I loved so well. I was patient. I waited for that moment when Tom took his hand off his balls to do something up on the desk. Then I struck. Like a python in the dark, I lurched upwards, sucking Tom's unsuspecting dick deep into my mouth. His scream I'm sure was heard all over the library. He jumped back from the desk, throwing the chair as he did so, and looking with panic under the desk to see what sort of dick-sucking monster lay beneath. When he saw me there, laughing my ass off, he was not amused. He pulled me out of there by my head and was just getting ready to paste me a good one, when I reminded him that his dick and balls were swaying freely in the breeze and that he might want to put them away before he hit me. By that time, we could hear footsteps running through the stacks. He looked down, made a little squeaking noise, and got everything put away and his pants zipped up, just as the head librarian rounded the corner. She was out of breath and had a look of panic on her face.

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Badpuppy Model - Tony

"Mr. Anders, what in the world happened to you?" she asked.

"I'm afraid I saw a mouse", Tom said.

"You saw a mouse?"


"Well, was it a big mouse, Mr. Anders?"

"Not very," Tom answered sheepishly.

"And you screamed, Mr. Anders?"

"I'm afraid of mice Mrs. Drew." even more sheepishly.

With all of the will power she could muster, Mrs. Drew then said, "Well in future, Mr. Anders, when you see a horrible, scary creature in the library, would you be so kind as to come down to the desk and quietly report it rather than screaming at the top of your lungs and scaring us all to death?"

"I'll try, Mrs. Drew."

"Thank, you, Mr. Anders."

And then she was gone in a cloud of dust, taking with her the small crowd that had gathered to see what had happened. Tom would take much ribbing after that about the big tough guy who was afraid of the ferocious little mouse. I, however, spent the whole time she was there in the corner laughing uncontrollably, with tears running down my cheeks. It was one of those awful, painful silent laughs. I knew I couldn't make any noise and that made it much worse. I thought my stomach would burst.

When everyone had left, Tom came to get me. I knew I was in for it. He did not look happy.

"Get up." He said. I knew I'd better do it.

"Get under." He said, pointing to the carrel. I did. Then he sat down on the chair, pulled himself up to the desk, opened his book and said, "Now, finish what you started and it better be good."

I did that all right, and it was the blowjob of a lifetime. I used every trick Tom had taught me during the term. You might say that it was my final exam and that I passed it with flying colors. The moaning coming from above the desk told me that my professor was going to give me a high A, and that an A+ was with in my grasp, or suck, as the case may be. When I thought that Tom could hold out no more and was about to blow, I went down to his balls and took each one separately into my mouth savoring the wonderful flavor. Of course, they were up there pretty tight, so it wasn't as much fun as when they were soft and hanging loose, but it was still good. Finally it was time to end the evening with the grand finale. As I started to work myself into position, I heard Tom say, "You're not…" but I was. Yes, I was going to end the night with The Figure Eight with the Total Tongue Whip. Tom braced himself as I started. He knew he couldn't yell, and he always yelled with the figure eight. I had him where I wanted him. I started slowly and then moved faster and faster. Tom's dick got harder and harder and his whole body began to stiffen. When he was about ready to cum, I shifted positions slightly and he knew it was about to happen…the whip. He gripped the desk, straightened his body, and started to moan. As I started the whip, Tom's moan became a stifled scream. I showed no mercy. I grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed so he couldn't cum until I let him cum. His legs started to vibrate, and his chair started making a noise. I knew I had to let him blow. I released his dick and did my final swirl around the head of his dick, vibrating his balls with my right hand and shoving my left index finger half way up his ass. His load was a sight to behold. It sprayed all over me and all over the bottom of the desk and seemed to spew for hours. When it was all over, I realized that I had shot a load in my pants at the same time. That had never happened before. I would have to be careful on my way back to the dorm. I was exhausted, but I was also forgiven. Tom and I walked back to the dorm, holding hands, almost forgetting to be careful that no one saw us.

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Badpuppy Model - Tony

When we got back to the dorm, I turned and dropped my pants. The remainder of my sperm was still on my dick. Tom knelt and licked it off of me, closing his eyes and moaning as he did so. After his orgasm in the library, I thought he wouldn't come for days, but I was wrong. Tom slowly finished undressing me and then undressed himself. He took me over to my desk and bent me over it, and then he fucked me long and hard. It was not a "get even" fuck, but an "I love you, but if you ever do that to me again, I'll kill you" fuck. It was a wonderful fuck, and I'll never forget it. It took forever and I wish it had taken twice as long.

I think Tom flunked the only test of his college career the next day, but I'm pretty sure he didn't really care.


To Be Continued....


The model in these pictures is Tony

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