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Bill & Tom, The Birthday Party by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Eric Reins, Nick & Tony It was all my fault, really. I know, I know, but really, this time it was. I admit it. His name was Thor, and he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. He had a little more hair than I would have liked (I liked them a little sleeker.), but he made up for that with the beautiful sad eyes and the strength of his rather large buttocks. I have never seen such a strong rear end in my life. He looked like he was just made to run. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, really. I loved to put my arms around his neck and give him a big squeeze and close my eyes as he gave me one of his big wet kisses. He was so sweet, and when he put his head in my lap and looked up at me with those big brown eyes, well, he could have had anything he wanted.

His master wasn’t bad either. That’s why I agreed to watch his dog for a week, really. “Anything you want, Willie…anything.” And then he had winked at me. You know I can’t resist a wink…especially not from an unbelievably handsome Norse god. This guy was so beautiful that…. Well, he was just beautiful, that’s all. He was big enough and strong enough to pick me up like a rag doll and simply have his way with me…and I wanted him to.

“Anything, Bjorn?”

“Anything.” And then he winked at me again.

That’s when I let my jeans fall to the floor, took out my rather ominous appendage, and said, “Bjorn, meet Anything.” The situation was beyond my control. I just turned around, my pants around my ankles, and bent over. I heard Bjorn laugh behind me, and before I knew what was happening, I was being lifted in the air and carried down the hallway to the bedroom. I had never before swooned in a man’s arms, so I decided to try it.

“Bjorn, do you have a good hold on me?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I think I would like to swoon. I’ve never swooned and this may be my only chance.”

“Swoon away, Willie.”

And so, I did. I just sighed a great big sigh, and completely relaxed in his arms. Now, I don’t really know if that’s what swooning is or not, but it sure felt good to just give yourself up to someone…someone you trusted like that…someone huge and powerful and sweet and kind and…oh my god, did you get a look at his dick?! Bjorn had laid me down on the bed, very gently, of course, and had dropped his pants, and was standing at the foot of the bed looking at me. Below that beautiful, strong Norse torso and above those beautiful, incredibly strong Norse legs, was the biggest fattest, hardest, unbelievable Norwegian cock I had ever seen. It was sticking out what must have been three feet and doing those little dick twitching things that turn me on so much. I’m sure his balls were as big as golf balls and were hanging in a very imposing sack below, but, frankly, I couldn’t take my eyes off that amazing, incredible, gigantic, pulsating dick!

“Oh, Bjorn, we may have to reconsider this whole thing. I mean, well, look at that thing!”

“I’ll be gentle, Willie.”

“Gentle…with that? I don’t think so. That’s like saying, ‘I’m going to drive my Sherman tank across your flower garden, but, don’t worry, the roses will be safe.’ I need to protect my roses, Bjorn. You may have to drive your tank through someone else’s garden.


“Oh, all right, but, Jesus, Bjorn…be careful. Please, please, please be careful.

Bjorn laughed again…this time a big, robust, Norse horse laugh. I didn’t think it was funny. He stepped out of his pants. He took off his shirt. He walked around the bed. He loomed over me with that shit-eating big grin of his. And then the most amazing thing happened…he knelt down beside me, took my head in his hands, and gave me one of the most tender kisses I have ever had. I was so surprised, I swooned all over again.

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Badpuppy Model - Eric Reins, Nick & Tony “Do that again.”

“Do what again?”

“Kiss me like that again.”

And he did. And I found myself swooning yet one more time. The man could flat out kiss, that’s all. And, for a man who had never swooned, I was really getting the hang of it. I could have laid there all night getting sweet Norse kisses and swooning, but there was the matter of that big amazing twitching thing between his legs. It wasn’t getting any smaller.

“Uh, Willie….”

“I’m ready, Bjorn. But before we start, just one more kiss?”

This one was the granddaddy of all kisses. This one lasted forever. This one took me to wonderful heights. This one contained his long Norse tongue as an added attraction. This one sent me over the edge.

“Fuck me.”


“Now…fuck me now. Don’t wait. No preliminaries…just lots of jell and a few finger fucks to open me up, and then, fuck me.”

“You sure, Willie?”

“Do it now, Bjorn, before I lose my nerve.”


Bjorn quickly stripped me and completed stripping himself. Then he carefully spread me out broad-assed in the middle of the bed. Next, he poured what must have been a gallon of lube down the crack of my ass and gently massaged it in. A big Norse finger…then two…then….

“Holy shit, Bjorn, no more fucking fingers. Jesus, I’m open. Just bring it on in.”

And I’ll be damned if he didn’t kiss me again…a long, sweet one…right on the ass!

“Suck me, Willie. Suck me to get me real hard. Make love to my dick before I make love to your ass.”

I know “Make love to my dick before I make love to your ass.” Sounds anything but romantic, but it almost made me cry. So, I did…make love to his dick. I mean, I really did. I didn’t just blow it or suck it…I made love to it, and he knew that’s what I was doing. I could tell by the way he ran his fingers through my hair and caressed my back with his oh-so-strong hands. And he sighed. It wasn’t a swoon exactly. I don’t think giant Norse gods swoon. But it was a sigh all right. And then, I could tell by the renewed strength of his twitches…he was ready!

At least I couldn’t have been any more lubed if I had fallen into a vat of Wesson oil. This may hurt, but it wasn’t going to be because he didn’t slip right in. I was preparing myself for the worst, when all of a sudden, my ass cheeks put a lock around my rosebud that no battering ram in the world could get through.

Badpuppy Model - Eric Reins, Nick & Tony “Relax, Willie.”

I tried, I really did, but it took a few seconds. Then, through sheer determination and determined concentration, I was able to relax and open up. I thought of everything possible to think about in the world except that this big-assed mother-fucking nine-foot dick was getting ready to split my ass wide open. And then, suddenly, there he was…inside me…up to the hilt…inside me…and I liked it…a lot. Yeah, he was big, and I thought I might eventually split wide open, but before I did, this was going to be one hell of a fuck. I was full…very full…as full as I had ever been or would ever, ever be…ever…ever, but I was ready too. Come on, big boy, make your move. Show me what you can do with that thing!

Bjorn waited until he was sure that I had relaxed and completely opened up to accommodate him, and then he began…very, very slowly at first…not moving much at all. The sensation was amazing inside of me. It was as though I was nothing but ass and he was nothing but dick and we had joined together for the purpose of creating the world’s most perfect, marvelous and wonderfully incredible male to male fuck. Then, his strokes began getting faster and longer. Oh, the things those strokes did to my insides…to my entire body. He was in no hurry. He would enjoy this, and he would make sure that I did, too. His rhythm was steady and his thrusting was sure…not hard, just sure. In…out…in…out…a little harder each time…a little faster each time, taking me almost imperceptibly higher and higher. I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t hurt. It really didn’t hurt. I trusted this guy, and my body and my orgasm were now in his hands…well, not really in his hands, but you know what I mean. I would just enjoy completely this wonderful love-making. I knew it was going to be fucking amazing.

Faster and faster we moved…never hurried…but just a little faster and deeper each time. I now knew what to expect. I got into his rhythm. We became one in our journey to sexual ecstasy. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…faster, faster, faster, faster…harder, harder, harder, harder…faster, faster, faster, faster…yes, yes, yes, yes…

“Now, Bjorn! Do it now! Now! Fuck me now, baby! Give me everything you got!”

That’s all he needed. There was no more careful. There was no more easy. There was no more gentle. There was only his incredible dick buried deep in my incredible ass. He started pounding me with that incredible dick like there was no tomorrow. Over and over he rammed that baby in, each time harder than the last…each time taking me a little higher…each time causing me to groan a little louder, moan a little longer, close my eyes, arch my back, until I could stand it all no longer and was yelling at the top of my lungs…



We froze. No motion. No movement. Two bodies welded together by sexual heat, never wanting to break free. Sweat poured from my head…cum, slowly dripping from the end of my penis…dripping down from the tip to the bed beneath. I had raised my body up to meet his final thrust, and we had frozen in that position, as I felt his dick pulsate over and over inside me, spewing his sweet, hot, thick ejaculate deep, deep down within. I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer, not with Bjorn’s weight on top of me, but I didn’t want it to end…ever. But, of course, it had to end.

I was able to wait until I felt his penis start to soften inside me, and then, slowly, I collapsed under his amazing body weight onto the bed. We lay there for a few minutes, just enjoying the feeling of the final minutes of his wonderful dick inside my body, the waves pulsating simultaneously through us as we remained one for a moment longer. And just before it all was over, he turned my head to the side and kissed me one more time. God help me, tears ran down my cheeks that kiss was so tender and so beautiful. The sexual passion had been amazing. We fell asleep that way for what must have been an hour.

Badpuppy Model - Eric Reins, Nick & Tony “Bjorn, we have to get up, now. I have to go home.”

“Then you’ll watch Thor?”

“One more fuck like that, and I’ll watch a whole goddamn flock of ‘em.”

“That’s my boy.” And he gave me another kiss.

“Do not kiss me again, Bjorn. Do not. The way you kiss, I cannot be held responsible for my actions. Oh, what the hell. Give me one more for the road.”

And he pulled me into that huge, amazing, hot body of his and gave me the longest kiss of my life. I was like “buttah”.

“Bjorn, before I go, I have this favor to ask of you.”

“Anything for you, Willie.”

And then, I asked him.

“Who fucked you, dreamy eyes?”

“What do you mean, ‘Who fucked me?’”

“I mean, ‘Who fucked you?’”

“How can you tell?”

“Your eyes are glazed over, and you’re walking funny.”


“Big honking Bjorn?”

“The very same.”

“You need a pillow and a hot water bottle?”


“How was it?”

“How do you think it was?”


“A little.”


“A lot.”

“I don’t want to hear about it.”

“Okay, don’t ask.”

“Until, we go to bed. Then, I want to hear all about detail.”

“You brazen, sex-crazed animal, you.”

“Yeah…I promise…I will be later. What’s for dinner?”


“No, no, not what’s for sex, what’s for dinner?”

“Very funny. Left-overs. You can have meat loaf, lasagna, beef roast….”


“With pepperoni and onions and green pepper, and I’ll call right now.”

“What about the birthday party?”

“What about it?”

“Who’s coming?”

“All of us, I hope.”

“It cannot be an orgy…not this time, Willie, my love.”

“Damn, and I had so looked forward to one of those. Oh, well, maybe next time.”

“Okay, who’s attending?”

“You, me, Eddie, Charlie, I-don’t-know-Jimmy, and Bjorn and Thor.”

“Why Bjorn, and who’s Thor?”

“Bjorn’s the birthday present and Thor’s his dog…er, that we’re watching…er, for three days.”

“We’ll get to the present later…THOR’S HIS DOG THAT WE’RE WATCHING FOR THREE DAYS?!”

“He’s cute, Tommy. He’s a puppy. Well, a big puppy, sort of, and I had to take him to get Bjorn to be Jimmy’s present and I have three days off because it’s a holiday week-end, and you won’t have to do anything, I promise, and I already said yes, and….”

“Okay, okay. He’s cute?”


“And he’s just a puppy.”

“Uh, huh.”

“Okay, but it’s not fair not to ask me first.”

“I know, and I’m sorry, but it was Bjorn, and he’s so perfect.”

“Yeah, I could tell that by the smile on your face.”

“Not for me, although he was pretty perfect…for Jimmy.”

“Jimmy’s not even sure he’s gay, Willie.”

“That’s my point. After he’s been with Bjorn, even if he was straight, he’ll be sure he’s gay.”

Badpuppy Model - Eric Reins, Nick & Tony “Bjorn will kill him.”

“He’s not going to fuck him. He’s just going to love him.”


“Tommy, the guy can kiss. I mean the guy can KISS! Jimmy will be I-don’t-know-Jimmy never again. After Bjorn, he will be What-size-is-your-dick-and-my-place-or-yours?-Jimmy.”

“Don’t be too sure about that. Nobody’s that good. You really like this Bjorn guy, huh?”

“Why, Thomas, are we jealous? You have no reason to be you know. Sure he can kiss and, oh my god, he can fuck. But he’s not my Tommy. You don’t ever have to worry about that.” I bent down and pinched his cheek and he flipped me off.

“How about a three-way?”

“You would three-way? You who said you would never three-way again…not ever?”

“This guy sounds too good to miss.”

“I don’t think so…not with me, anyway. You guys would kill me.”

“We could be gentle.”

“Nope, two dicks of that magnitude. I’m simply not built that way. Nope, sorry. One at a time will have to do. Besides, Bjorn was a one time thing.”

“You sure?”

“Well, at most, a two time thing. I’m thinking maybe the day he picks up Thor….”

“You’ll be walking funny?”

“With any luck.”

“Back to the party.”

“Kabobs on the grill, pilaf, asparagus and that real messy pudding cake you like.”

“Sounds great…especially the cake.”

“I know. I love it, too.”

“Six o’clock?”

“The very same.”

“Eddie and Charlie will be late?”

“Fashionably and of course. I’m actually planning to eat at six-thirty.”

“Hats and ice cream?”

“It’s a birthday party.”

“Hats and ice cream. I’ll go wash up for dinner.”

“Good. I’ll throw out the left-overs. I hate left-overs.”

“Then, why do you save them.”

“I want to be thrifty, and Mom always told me to.”

“You’re hopeless, Willie.”

“That’s why you love me.”

“I love you because of that way-too-popular ass of yours.”

“That too. Lovely to behold, ain’t it?”

“Yeah. I just wish you’d quit letting so many people behold it.”

We had a nice pizza accompanied by a not-so-rare merlot (pepperoni being red meat, you know), and then it was off to bed, where Tommy gave me a nice massage to make me feel better…you know the kind I mean. And it did, make me feel better. Go figure. Anyway, love-making was always special with Tommy. That never ceased to amaze me. Everyone said that eventually we would grow tired of each other, sexually, but not Tommy and me. I loved that guy, and every inch of his body…especially a certain eight. No one could turn me on like Tommy. Guys could fuck me and make me see stars like Bjorn did. But it was Tommy that made me feel love and feel loved. I wouldn’t care if his dick dropped off, I would still love him (Well, maybe I’d care a little.). But I grow mushy. It really wasn’t that kind of sex that night at all. All that talk about Bjorn had made Tommy extra horny, and a little jealous…great combination…so he thought he had to prove something to me. He did. He proved that he was absolutely the best partner anyone could ever have, and that he wasn’t quite as all grown up as he thought he was. I laid awake that night just watching him breathe, and kissing him on the chest and nipples once in awhile…soft little kisses that he wouldn’t notice.

“If you kiss my nipple one more time, I swear, I’m going to beat you to a bloody pulp. Now roll over and go to sleep.”

Tommy was nothing if not an incurable romantic. After I giggled, I rolled over and went to sleep. The next day would be a busy one.

I made sure the house was perfect for the party. I decorated in “early birthday”, with streamers and “Happy Birthday” posters and all of the silly things that make birthdays what they’re supposed to be. We liked Jimmy a lot, and wanted the day to be special for him. I made the guest bedroom extra special, with candles and satin sheets and beautiful roses. Nothing said, “Suck my dick” like red roses. I had asked Jimmy to stay the night for something special. I was a little surprised that Bjorn was sort of excited about the “present” thing, and said he was looking forward to it…wouldn’t do anything Jimmy didn’t want to do. Even said he’d sleep on the couch if what Jimmy wanted to do turned out to be nothing. If Jimmy could resist one of Bjorn’s wonderful kisses…well, when the evening was over, he would no longer be I-don’t-know-Jimmy, no matter which way he went. He’d finally know one way or the other. Eddie and Charlie would go home after the party. Otherwise, the non-orgy party would turn into one. Those guys were always very horny, and after an evening of drinking, very, very persuasive. Thor would spend the evening locked in the den.

Tommy got home about 5:00. Everything was ready, so I had time to give him a quick blow job in the bedroom before he took his shower. I met him at the door, naked, and wearing his favorite cologne.

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Badpuppy Model - Eric Reins, Nick & Tony “You sure we have time for this?”

“Oh, yeah, baby, I’m sure. It’ll be sweet and it’ll be quick. Besides, everything’s ready.”

“Why are you doing this? I’m very suspicious. Bjorn hasn’t been over here today has he? Walk for me. Go ahead, Willie…just a few steps.”

“No, dick head, he hasn’t been here, and I can’t believe you said that. Later, when I have the time, I intend to be hurt. I just want to make sure you’re going to be in a good mood for the party, that’s all.”

“Calling me ‘dick head’ would not be the way to do that.” I kissed him lightly on the cheek, at the same time reaching down to unzip his pants and pull out his hardening dick. Then, a firm hold on that beautiful appendage, I led him down the hallway to the bedroom, gently laid him down on the bed, and knelt between his legs. Holding his dick now softly and carefully in my hand, I extended my tongue, licked the head, and pulled it into my mouth. He shivered. “Now that…that would be the way to improve a mood. Right there. Lick it right there. Oh god, yes, Willie. Sometimes I forget the incredible things you can do with that tongue.”

This would have to be quick. It was good that I knew Tommy’s likes so well. I knew exactly what to do to get him off. I alternated tickling just the tip of his dick with my tongue with going all the way down quickly, taking him all in…then back up to tickle the top again. While I was doing that, I was scratching him lightly just under his left nut, where he liked it, and rubbing and tickling his ass crack in just the way that would send him off in a flurry of fireworks. This would take at most, five minutes. He knew that, and I knew that, and we were in perfect sync. God, I loved the taste of that man’s cock, the feel of his balls…I just loved him that’s all. Tommy started that low “I’m going to come soon” groan that started way down deep and would build and build into an animal growl just before he started bucking back and forth, fucking my mouth and saying “yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeeessssssssssssss……….” And his cum would shoot out in wonderful spurts all over the inside of my mouth as his body went stiff and he threw his head back with a sort of whimpering sound. I liked all of that…a lot…and so did he.

“Nice, Willie. Very nice.”

“It was good?”

“You’re the best. It was very good.”

“Good, now take your shower and get dressed. I’ve got a birthday dinner to get on the table.”

“Be sure to wash your hands, my love.”

“Fuck you.”

Before I could leave to tend to my dinner, Tommy grabbed me and pulled me down on the bed beside him, giving me a great big wonderful, passionate, lovers’ kiss. The evening would be a success. Nothing else really mattered as long as Tommy loved me.

Jimmy arrived right on time at 6:00. I knew he would and had his favorite martini ready for him. His favorite hors d’oeuvre was a cream cheese, corned beef roll-up. I had fixed a plate of them for him. I knew that would keep him busy until Tommy could come out into the living room to entertain. Maybe Eddie and Charlie would arrive on time for once…nah…never happen. I made my apologies and went off into the kitchen to attend to the asparagus. Asparagus can be tricky. About 6:15, the doorbell rang. Good, Eddie and Charlie were early…for them. Everything was coming off as planned. Bjorn was due to arrive at about 6:40…the mystery guest. I was so clever.

Jimmy seemed very pleased that we had gone to so much trouble for his birthday. Eddie and Charlie had given him a nice gift certificate to Lazarus…he loved to shop there…and Tommy had given him a power tie. If you had ever seen Jimmy, you would know why he would need a power tie. He was a compact little guy. He was 5’7”, muscular, very dark, black curly hair, black sparkling eyes, and white teeth that were blinding when he smiled. Oh, and one dimple on his left cheek. Jimmy was gorgeous, and the antithesis of Bjorn. The thing was, he didn’t look powerful until he got his clothes off, and he would not be naked in most situations…thus the red power tie. He would look luscious in a dark suit and that red tie. I almost got hard just thinking about it. Jimmy was a lawyer, like Tommy. They didn’t work for the same firm, but had met at a conference of some kind and were instantly attracted to one another. Tommy invited him home to meet me, and we had all been friends ever since. Oh, by the way, I know what you’re probably thinking. Yes, I had seen him naked, but none of us had ever had sex. “I-don’t-know-Jimmy”, remember? My dick and I couldn’t wait ‘till he found out exactly which he was. As we sat down to dinner, Charlie asked the obvious question.

“Why the extra chair, Willie.”

“Oh, someone else is coming. He called and said he’d be a little late.”

“Shouldn’t we wait to start?”

“No, he said to go ahead without him.”

“Who is he? Do we know him?”

“No. He’s just a friend I wanted you to meet. I really think you all will like him, and I thought this would be a great way to introduce him to you.”

“What’s his name?”


“Oh, Italian?” Everyone laughed.

“Yes, I think so…from the very northernmost part of Italy.” The doorbell rang. “That must be him now.”

Badpuppy Model - Eric Reins, Nick & Tony I went to answer the door, leaving them all (except Tommy, of course) with quizzical looks on their faces. I thought my explanation was a good one, and it wasn’t entirely untrue. I didn’t think Jimmy smelled a rat…at least not yet. I heard them chatting as I answered the door.

“Right on time. You look great!” He was dressed in a pale blue sports jacket. He looked good enough to eat, but, alas, it was not my night to feast. God, he was beautiful. The gift that, with any luck, would keep on giving.

“Then I look all right?”

“Absolutely. You’re beautiful.”

“Shucks. I bet you say that to all your birthday presents.” Thor jumped up on me, licked my face and barked.

“You can put Thor in the den…over there. Everything’s ready for him. Make him comfortable and then join us in the dining room.”

“Okay.” I went back to the guests.

“Was that our mystery guest barking just now? I can hardly wait to meet him. He sounded like a lab. Is he?”

“No, smart ass, it was his dog. I’m taking care of him for a few days, and I don’t think anyone knows exactly what he is. A lab would be as good a guess as any.” Tommy rolled his eyes.

“I can see that Tommy is delighted.”

“He will be after he gets to know him. He’s a wonderful puppy.”

“Puppy? That didn’t sound like a puppy’s bark to me.”

“Well, he’s rather large for his age.”

“How large?”

“About this high.” I showed Charlie how tall Thor was, and Tommy nearly fell off his chair. “Ah, here’s Bjorn now.”

As Bjorn walked into the room, there was a moment of complete silence. All anyone could do was stare at him. That’s what you did the first time you met Bjorn…you stared. He was so beautiful, and there was so much to see…so much to imagine. Finally, Eddie stood up and put out his hand and said, “Eddie”. That broke the ice and there were introductions all around. I watched Jimmy as all this was going on. His pupils had dilated slightly as Bjorn had entered the room. That was a good sign. I hoped that wasn’t the only part of him that had dilated.

The dinner was a success. Everyone was talking and laughing. Bjorn, who apparently had never known a stranger, joined right in, and by the end of dinner, had totally captivated everyone with his general good will…and amazing good looks. We adjourned to the living room for coffee…well at least some of us did. Eddie adjourned to the back yard for a cigarette. Tommy went with him and grabbed a very confused Charlie by the hand, pulling him out also. Bjorn followed them out. Jimmy and I sat down in the living room with our coffee.

“Where did everyone go?”

“Eddie had to smoke. Tommy and Charlie went to keep him company. Bjorn must have thought we were all going out.”

“They don’t usually do that…go out with him.”

“No, but Eddie had a lot of wine with dinner. Tommy wanted to be sure he didn’t set the yard on fire.”

“Probably a good idea.”

“Jimmy, did you get to talk much to Bjorn?”

“Not much…a little.”

“What did you think of him?”

“Well, he’s gorgeous, if that’s what you mean. Huge…but gorgeous.”

“Then, you really like his looks?”

“What’s not to like about tall, blonde, and gorgeous?”

“What about his personality?

“Very nice. Easy to know. Seems like a really nice guy.”

“Then you liked him?”

“Yes, I liked him, Willie. I liked his personality and I liked the way he looked. What’s this all about?”

“He’s your present.”


“Your gift. He’s what I’m giving you for your birthday.”


“Well, you know how you’re always saying you don’t know if you are or if you’re not? I want you to find out. I think you should find out. You’re not getting any younger, you know.”

“Willie, for god’s sake, I’m thirty. I hope I have a few years left.”

“But you need to know.”

“And you’re giving me Bjorn to find out? You think that, if I have a romp in the hay with a beautiful big blonde guy, that all of a sudden the lights will come on and I’ll know if I’m straight or gay?”

“Something like that.”

“You’re nuts, Willie. I probably should be pissed as hell that you would do something like this…embarrass the hell out of me, but I know you. I know you did this horribly wrong thing for all the right reasons. Just tell Bjorn that he’ll be going home alone after the party.”

“But, Jimmy.”

“Alone, Willie.”

“Okay. Well, at least I tried.”

Badpuppy Model - Eric Reins, Nick & Tony By that time the others were back in from outside. We poured the coffee. Those who wanted a little something extra with theirs, had it. Jimmy had cognac, which was very unlike him. Maybe turning thirty had done something. Maybe you suddenly liked cognac when you turned thirty. It wouldn’t be long for me. We’d see. Bjorn was sitting on the couch beside Jimmy. I hadn’t planned it that way. It had just happened. The talk was lively…everyone had a good time. I spent most of my time making sure that everyone had everything he needed and was comfortable. At some point in the evening, Eddie had asked to see Thor, so we let him out. He became the life of the party and we all enjoyed the wet kisses and the sad eyes and the obvious affection he had for all of us.

It was on about my tenth trip back into the room with something from the kitchen, that I noticed…Bjorn and Jimmy had disappeared…gone. I thought maybe they had gone out front for some air, so I looked. No. Then I looked in the back. Not there, either. Where were they? I walked down the hall. It was the only place I hadn’t looked The guest room door was cracked open just a little. Someone had lit the vanilla scented candle I had placed beside the bed. I couldn’t stop myself. I had to look in...I just had to. What I saw was beyond belief. There was this huge beautiful blonde Norwegian guy, naked as a jaybird, undressing this beautiful, compact equally beautiful dark Italian guy…his shirt just now falling from his muscular shoulders to the floor…the color of his dark skin even more beautiful in the soft, flickering candle light. He was looking up into the eyes of the taller man, as he leaned down and kissed him sweetly, softly, passionately on the lips. I knew that kiss, and I knew no one could resist it. I waited for the kiss to end. Bjorn released Jimmy to take a quick breath…Jimmy pulled him back down. It was his turn. He would meet Bjorn’s passion and raise him a level. That’s was it. Jimmy knew now what the rest of us had known all along. As he pulled Jimmy close, Bjorn looked at me across the room and winked. I smiled, winked back and softly closed the door. I felt very warm inside…happy for both of them.

It was then that I heard the commotion in the dining room. Even for Eddie and Charlie it was loud. I hurried out to see what was going on. Charlie met me at the door. “Don’t go in there, Willie. All your beautiful work…your beautiful cake…it’s so sad.” And there he was on the table…one huge puppy sitting in the middle of one gooey, chocolate birthday cake, covered from head to paw in what was undoubtedly up to that point my finest birthday masterpiece. The looks on the faces of my friends was one of pure horror. I don’t know what they thought I would do…run from the dining room screaming? I myself was surprised at my reaction. I just sat down on a chocolate covered chair and laughed and laughed and laughed. It was one of the funniest sights I had ever seen.

“Willie, you’re not upset?”

“Upset? Not at all. The guest of honor won’t be wanting any anyway, so what’s to be upset about? We still have ice cream. Besides, it looks like Thor really knows how to enjoy a birthday cake. Hey, maybe it’s his birthday, too. Maybe it is. Happy birthday, Thor. You certainly are a bad puppy. But that’s all right…you’re allowed to be bad on your birthday. Enjoy the cake. Happy Birthday, Bad Puppy!!!

The models in these pictures are Eric Reins, Nick & Tony

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