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Bill & Tom, Merry Christmas, Tommy by Claye Canterwall
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Badpuppy Model - Nick, Tony and AJ
It would be our second Christmas…really our first Christmas together. There was the rather nice time we had under the tree last Christmas at my mom's, but it wasn't like we got to spend the whole season together. Besides, I could still feel that damn little gold bell lodged in my ass. I don't know why I didn't feel it until Tommy turned me over.

"Ace, did you know you have a little gold bell wedged in your ass? It was tinkling when I turned you over just now…cutest little thing. You want me to leave it there, Ace, kind of the perfect accompaniment to the ole Christmas fuck, don't you think? Every time I thrust, we'd hear that sweet little tinkle, that is, until I really got going and you started groaning and stuff, then we probably wouldn't hear it anymore, or it would fall out or something. Might be painful if it lodged under your knee."

"Tommy, for god's sake just take the bell out of my ass crack and fuck me, okay?"

"You want to hold the little guy for good luck?"


"Okay, okay, I'm just trying to make this festive."

"Stick your dick in my ass. I'll sing 'Jingle Bells'. It'll be festive."

"Just the same, I'm gonna keep this little fella to remind me of our first Christmas fuck under your Christmas tree. When we're 75 and I can't get it up anymore, it'll mean a lot to us. You'll see."

He framed the damn thing and hung it on the wall in our dorm room. Every once in awhile, when he thought I wasn't looking, I'd see him kiss it for luck. Everyone thought Tommy was the normal one, but there are stories I could tell…. Guys would say, "Hey Tommy, what's the little bell for on the wall?" And Tommy would say, "You know how most people get a wild hair up their ass? Well Willie…." And I would have to attack him to shut him up before he finished the sordid story. There was no way I was going to be known around the dorm as the "Bell Boy." Every time we relived that scenario, Tommy ended up laying on the floor, laughing until he cried. I hated that goddamn bell, but it was fun to see Tommy laugh that hard. He wasn't a big laugher.

I had managed to save some money from my summer job and intended to make our first Christmas special for us. Poor Tommy worked so intently on his classes, and it really wore me out having to watch him study so hard. We both needed a nice break. I had called both families to let them know my plans and both had given me their blessing. We would visit both after Christmas. Most people either went to the south to swim or to the north to ski for a Christmas vacation. I wanted something different for Tommy and me…something romantic that we would never forget…something warm and cozy. Imagine his surprise when….

"Jerry's Honeymoon Village of Love…in the Beautiful Pocono Mountains? Are you nucking futts? Jerry's Honeymoon Village of Love? Ace, what were you thinking? Why not Fort Lauderdale or some cheap little ski resort in Colorado…no hold that, there are no cheap little ski resorts in Colorado. But Jerry's Honeymoon Village of Love? And where the hell are the Pocono Mountains anyway? Ace, gay guys don't have honeymoons."

"We do."

"No we don't. They'll take one look at us and say, 'Oh, I don't think so…not in this lifetime.' Jerry is not going to find this at all humorous, Ace."

"Tommy, it has a fucking heart-shaped bath tub, and they put little heart-shaped chocolate mints on your pillow every night before you go to bed."

"I don't care if they put little dick-shaped mints on your pillow, Ace, we cannot go to Jerry's fucking Honeymoon Village of Love. It's suicide."

"Will you do me a favor, Tommy?"

"What, Ace?"

"Will you just leave for about a half hour and cool yourself off?"

"Cooling myself off will not change my mind, Ace. I can't do this. I love you and I love what you want to do here, but we just can't do it, that's all."

"Just a half hour, Tommy. Then come back and we'll discuss it again calmly."

"Okay, Ace, but I'm calm now. A half hour ain't gonna make me any calmer. I won't change my mind."

And he was gone. I had a half hour to work my magic.

"Ace, I'm back. Open up."

"Wait a minute, Tommy…be right there."

I had locked the door. I had to be ready.

"Okay, Tommy. I'm going to unlock the door, but you have to promise to count to 50 before you come in."

"Ace, what is going on?"

"Just promise, okay?"

"Oh, all right."

"Okay, I'm going to unlock the door now. Start counting."

"This is so ridiculous. One, two, three…."

Quickly I sat down on Tommy's desk, crossed my legs and turned my head towards the back of the room. Then I waited.

"Forty-nine, fifty. Okay, I'm coming in now. Holy shit. Willie, what is this? Ace? Ace, is that you?"

It was me. I was wearing a little red A-line dress…not expensive, but stylish…some nice red pumps, and these great red beads that I had found at a little shop downtown. My wig was a long blonde flip…a little old fashioned, but I thought I looked good in it. My back was turned to Tommy.

"Ace, talk to me."

"What do you want me to say?"

"I want you to tell me that you are not sitting on the desk with your legs crossed, and that you are not wearing a blonde wig and a bright red dress. I want you to tell me that you have not always been a cross dresser and have just decided to tell me about it. I want you to tell me that this is all some sort of horrible joke and that I'm going to walk right back out that door, and that, when I come back in, my lover Willie will be sitting right there on that desk and that he will be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and that he will be saying 'fuck' and 'shit' and other guy words like that and that there will be no signs in the room that there was ever a red dress or red shoes or…Ace, are you wearing hose?"

"Shears. I thought they made my legs look really nice."

"And, Ace?"

"Yes, Tommy?"

"Where is your hair?"

"My hair?"

"On your legs. Where is the hair on your legs, Ace? Tell me you still have hair on your legs. Please tell me that, Ace."

"Oh, Tommy, do you know how awful long leg hair looks smashed down under stockings?"

"Oh, my god, Ace, you've shaved your legs!"

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Badpuppy Model - Nick, Tony and AJ Tommy sat down on his bed and put his head in his hands. I thought he was going to cry, but he was beyond crying. He didn't know what to do. This whole thing was more than he could handle.

"Tommy…Tommy…Tommy, look at me."

"I can't, Ace. I love you. I want to always love you. If I look at you in a red dress and a blonde wig, I'm not sure I can ever love you again."

"It's A-line, Tommy. It flatters my figure."

"How the hell do you know that, Ace? How the hell do you know that something that's A-line flatters your figure?"

"The sales lady told me."

"Oh, my god, you bought that from a sales lady, didn't you? You went to a store and bought that red dress."

"And the blonde wig."

"And the blonde wig."

"No one saw me, Tommy. I was careful."

"I have to leave now, Willie. I have to go out for awhile. I think I'll go talk to Moose and Steven for awhile. I can't be here any longer."

"Tommy….stop for a minute. I want you to count again…this time to twenty-five with your eyes closed. Then I want you to open them slowly and look at me. Get rid of all of those pre-conceived ideas that are banging around in your head. Look at me as if you didn't know me…as though you had never seen me before."

"I really don't know you, Ace. I think I probably never have."

"Just do it, okay?"


While Tommy counted, I made sure my outfit was adjusted just right and fixed my hair. When he got to twenty, I struck my pose.

"Now, look at me, Tommy. What do you see?"

He opened his eyes and just stared for a minute. Then, he spoke softly.

"Ace, you're beautiful. I have to admit it. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I'm sorry you feel you have to do this, but if that's what you have to do to be who you are, then I won't get in your way. I have to tell you that I don't know now whether or not I can stay with you. I'll have to think it all over. But, Ace, you are a real looker. You even have hot legs, Ace. Who knew?"

"So, it'll work, right?"

"What do you mean, Ace? Oh, no…oh, no…you son of a bitch…no…oh, no."

"But you said yourself that I was beautiful."

"Ace, I will not do that. I won't. That's all. I won't do it."

"Tommy, once I get into the room, I promise I'll never go out. No one will know that we're not the perfect little honeymoon couple. C'mon, Tommy, do this for me. I really want to spend Christmas in the Poconos at Jerry's Honeymoon Village of Love. Do this for me. I've already blown the money for the dress. How hard will it be? No one will ever know."

"I'll know."


"If you ever tell anyone, Ace, I'll rip your blonde hair out by its black roots."

"That's my boy. Now tell me honestly, does my ass look big in this dress?"

Tommy attacked me and started tickling me and then kissing me passionately. I have to admit it…I'm a tramp. I let him fuck me on the first date.

Tommy gradually got used to the honeymoon idea. He even started talking about how funny it would be to fool everyone by pretending to be newlyweds, and then spending a hot horny gay week in a honeymoon cottage. You know me. If it's weird and off the wall and even just a little bit risky, I'm there…I'm ready. We were both more than ready when we loaded the car for the drive to Pennsylvania. We had decided to drive straight through to save money. I'd have to put on my make-up in the car, but I had been practicing and was getting pretty good at it. This fact that had not escaped Tommy who sat and watched me sometimes when I was putting on my make-up, looking very worried and slowly shaking his head.

"Ace, you really are just doing this for the trip, right?"

"I don't know, Tommy. Even you think I'm a really hot chick."

"Don't kid, Ace."

"Yes, Tommy, I'm just doing this for the trip. You have no worries."

"Just keep telling me that, okay, Ace? Just keep saying it over and over again. It'll make me feel a lot better."

We pulled into Jerry's at about seven o'clock on Sunday night to begin our fun week. Remember, it was the '60's, so it wasn't like a Holiday Inn or anything. It was a group of really cute white cottages surrounding a larger building which contained an office, a nice restaurant, and a sort of club house. The club house was where the young couples would go to meet and get acquainted. We wouldn't be going there. We planned to be a bit aloof. The cottages had heart-shaped windows with red shutters and little red roofs and little red porches. Tommy was worried that he might throw up, but he toughed it out. I was very proud of him. He stopped the car in front of the office, looked over at me in the passenger seat and burst out laughing.

"I forgot. You really do look like a beautiful woman. It's amazing."

"Just go in there, honey, and get the key to our cottage. I can't wait to start our honeymoon. I brought this precious little nightie and I can't wait to put it on for you. Now remember, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Anders: Thomas and Willamina. I'll just wait here in the car."

Tommy went inside and was gone for about ten minutes. Then he came back out to the car.

"Bad news, honey."

"What do you mean, sweetheart?"

"Jerry wants to meet you. It's the policy of the resort to meet all of the couples as they check in. I told him how tired you were from the long trip, but he said that, if he didn't meet you, we couldn't stay. Seems they post pictures of the happy couples in the club house, so that everyone can get to know everyone else."

"How very nice."

"So, check your make-up, sweetie, put on those nice pumps, and get out of the goddamn car. It's show time!"

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Badpuppy Model - Nick, Tony and AJ Have you ever tried to walk in red pumps in the snow and ice? Well, no, I guess you haven't. I had to hold tight to Tommy to keep from falling on my ass. Holding on was harder because of his hysterical laughter, and my trying to kick him every other step. As we walked through the door, Tommy reached down and pinched me on the ass. I screamed and slapped him playfully on the cheek. And there stood Jerry…too perfect to be true. He was balding and had this unbelievable gray-brown comb over. He was pleasant enough, really, but a nasty scar on his right cheek made him look very menacing. He always looked evil…especially when he laughed. He had one of those used-to-be-buff bodies with the stomach hanging over the belt, and tits that used to be muscle, so, even though he was dressed in a fairly nice suit, he looked disheveled…permanently disheveled. As we approached the counter, he came around to greet me, kissing me on the hand and patting me on the ass.

"Now, now, Jerry, let's be careful where we put our hand."

"Oh, sorry, Mrs. Anders, I didn't realize where it was."

"Of course you didn't, Jerry." I pinched him back on his and laughed out loud as he jumped and squealed in surprise.

"Your little lady is certainly full of spunk, Mr. Anders."

"Soon, Jerry, very very soon."

The picture taking was not all that painful. I enjoyed sitting on Tommy's lap with my arm around his neck and my head on his shoulder, looking like the perfect little newlywed wife. I especially enjoyed squirming around on his lap when I felt a little something hard poking up through his jeans. He kissed me playfully on the ear then and bit me…hard. We were very relieved when our meeting with Jerry was finally behind us and we were parked in the driveway of your very own honeymoon cottage.


"Well what?"

"Aren't you going to carry me over the threshold?"

"Fuck no. Carry yourself over the damn threshold."

"Tommy, please."

"Ace, this is not funny. You're running this thing into the ground, and, if you know what's good for you, you'll stop it right now before you become Jerry's Honeymoon Village of Love's first case of domestic violence. Ugly, very ugly."

"I'll let you fuck me tonight."

"What do you mean, you'll let me fuck you tonight? It is a wife's duty to take care of her husband's sexual needs."

"And what might it be that you need, Mr. Anders?"

"Get in the fucking cottage, Mrs. Anders, and I'll show you just exactly what it is that I need."

"The threshold, Mr. Anders."

"Or no met needs?"

"Not one?"



Tommy picked me up, carried me over the threshold and threw me on the bed. He was an animal when he was horny, and I couldn't wait for my first sex as a blushing bride. So, where was he? Where? I couldn't believe it! He was sitting in front of the fireplace with his feet up on the coffee table.

"Tommy, what the hell are you doing?"

"I'm enjoying our honeymoon cottage, Willamina. It's really quite beautiful, don't you think? Say, would you mind bringing me one of those delicious heart-shaped chocolates from the pillow?"

"I'll bring you a heart-shaped chocolate all right. Bend over and I'll shove it right up your ass."

With that, I picked up one of the chocolates and rushed Tommy with it. I forgot that I had taken almost everything off…but my pumps. I tripped on a throw rug and was about to go headlong into the fire when Tommy just barely caught me by my bra strap. Thank God it held and it snapped me back into Tommy's arms. Both of us fell backwards over the sofa and on to the wood floor behind, laughing like idiots. When we had calmed down, Tommy looked into my eyes with great tenderness. I returned his wonderful look in kind.

"I love you, Mr. Anders."

"I love you, Mrs. Anders."

Then he sucked my dick.

Our favorite member of the staff was a cute guy named Marcel. He was about our age and, when we saw his name tag we were hoping he would be cute and French. The first words out his mouth, however, dashed our hopes. "Are you the couple that ordered the French fries and cokes?" We looked at each other, and sadly shook our heads. Oh well, so he didn't have an accent…he was still cute. It wasn't all bad. He had really great red hair and a beautiful, almost translucent complexion. His eyes were green and his ass was perfect. It was a shame to waste such an ass on a honeymoon village. Who would enjoy it at a honeymoon village? So, sad…so very sad. I decided that I would have to make up for all those days when someone should have been appreciating Marcel's ass. I would enjoy it at every moment possible, and that was expensive since he only came to our cottage when we ordered room service.

"Wouldn't it be cheaper just to pay him to come over here, drop his pants and stand in front of you?"


"Willie, you haven't been this hungry since I've known you. You think I don't know what you're doing…on our honeymoon? It's just disgusting."

"Yeah, like you don't look at it?"

"I'm not obsessed."

"I've been meaning to talk to you about that. You're not turning straight on me are you, Tommy? You've always had straight tendencies, you know."

"Not a chance, my little blushing bride. It's just that I think I live with what must be the world's most perfect ass. Anything else just bores me, that's all."

"Ah, Tommy, you say the nicest things."

"Don't flatter yourself. I just want a quick fuck, that's all."

"And you shall have it, my love…just as soon as Marcel delivers my mid-morning coffee and petit fours."

Badpuppy Model - Nick, Tony and AJ "Holy shit, Willie, you're gonna have to cancel next term to pay off your room service bill."

"Nay, nay, my beautiful big dicked friend. Unknown to you, your very kind Daddy's Christmas gift to me was some extra money for the trip. I have plenty of money for these little Marcel ass viewing extras every day. Besides, I do enjoy coffee and petit fours mid morning."

"My Dad? I'll be damned."

"If you look over there in my make-up bag, you'll find an envelope addressed to you. I'll bet you have a few extra bucks yourself."

"And you were going to tell me when?"

"As soon as your bitching about my room service orders got so whiney I couldn't stand it anymore."

"Sometimes, Willie, contemplating an entire life with you is just overwhelming. All I've got to say is, when those tight little buns of yours start to go, you go with them."

"Sweet nothings will get you nowhere, my love. Now, be quiet please, my coffee is coming and it's bringing Marcel and his beautiful buns with it."

"Well, you better wait for his beautiful ass in the bathroom, because he's going to get a real shock when you greet him in your boxers without your wig."

"Oh shit. You're right. I'll go in and leave the door cracked so I can see them, er him. You just make sure that, when you talk to him, he's in a good position for bun watching from the bathroom."

"What about my shirt? Should I put it on real quick?"

"And ruin my fun? Marcel's ass and your sexy pecs viewable at the same time in the same room? Put it on? I don't think so."

"Aye, aye, captain."

I got into the bathroom and closed the door just in time. Marcel was knocking at the door.

"Come in, Marcel."

"Oh, hi, uh, er Tom, here's your coffee." Tommy's bare chest threw Marcel off for just a minute. Hmmmm. "Where's Willie?" We called me Willie. That's short for Willamina. Isn't that cute?

"He, er she's in the bathroom. She didn't want you to see her without her hair…done up."

"Oh, I'm sure she's just as pretty when she doesn't have it fixed as she is when it's in that great flip of hers."

"No, not really."

"Why, Tom, I'm surprised at you, and you a newlywed and all."

"There are no natural beauties, Marcel. That's one of life's little disappointments. You'll find that out for yourself one day."

"You don't mean…."

"Willie? Oh, no. Willie looks just exactly like I thought she would without her clothes on. She just looks very different without her make-up, that's all."

"I'm sure they all do."

"Willie's special."

I had been watching Marcel from the bathroom with the door cracked during the entire conversation. Speaking of cracks, I was going to speak to Tommy about all those nasty cracks he was making about Willamina. The nerve…. Anyway, Marcel, whose buns were still the best buns in Pennsylvania, had turned slightly profile while he was talking to Tommy. I couldn't figure out why he was turning away from Tommy like that, and then I saw it. There was a circus in Marcel's pants. He had raised the big top. His tent was up and ready. MARCEL WAS GAY!!!!! I couldn't wait for him to leave, so I could tell Tommy. Who said there was no Santa Claus? He had just given us the best present any gay couple could ask for…a brand new playmate. Santa had sent us Marcel, and just in time for Christmas!

"Tommy, I have a wonderful Christmas present for you."

"Ace, we agreed that we wouldn't get each other anything for Christmas. This trip was going to be our present to ourselves. I don't think it's fair that you brought something with you."

"Oh, I didn't bring it with me. It was here all along."

"Here? What is it?"

"I'll give you a clue: It's about 5' 10", has red hair and beautiful green eyes, a sweet smile, and a gorgeous, gorgeous ass."

"What the hell are you talking about, Willie?"

"Let's just say that, when we order room service, Marcel never walks straight over here."

"You know, I've wondered about that. My cheese sandwich was cold last night."

"Holy shit, Tommy, Marcel is gay!"

"The hell you say. And you would know this how? Be careful what you say, my dear sweet wife."

"Because he's hot for you, my love. He turned away from you just now so you wouldn't see his hard dick trying to poke itself out of his pants. He was rock hard and ready to go, Tommy. You turn the boy on. He wants you, baby. You're his man."

"But I'm married with a young wife. I can't be fooling around with guys."

"You can if your wife gives you permission. Maybe Willamina would like a little three way."

"On your honeymoon? You slut."

"You shouldn't have said that, Tommy, my love. Just as soon as I've finished my coffee and my petit fours, I'm going to grab you, throw you to the floor, and make you fuck me."



I made good on my promise too. I was ruthless. I made that boy get on top of me and plow my ass with that huge dick of his over and over and over again until it spit up all over everything. That'll teach him to say nasty things to me. And then I had to make plans. It was Christmas Eve and, although coming down the chimney sounded a little painful to me, if that's what Marcel wanted to do, that's what we'd do. Of course, I had to help the boy figure out that his favorite gift this Christmas just might be his Christmas goose. The plan was good. The plan would work.

First, however, we had to endure the Christmas dinner given by our friend and gracious host, Jerry. I could hardly wait to have my butt pinched again. If he tried anything else, well, I just wouldn't be responsible for my reactions, that's all. A girl can't compromise her morals, you know. I only had one dress, so it wasn't hard to decide what to wear. Thank goodness I had brought a sequined green scarf. Maybe no one would notice. They wouldn't notice my clothes anyway. It doesn't say much for the other brides there, but I really was the belle of the ball, even if what I really wanted to be was the belle of the balls.

Marcel was serving the dinner with an ugly chick named Agnes and every time he passed Tommy, he could hardly keep from drooling all over Tommy's head. If he only knew what was in store for him, he would have been doing more than a little drooling. Once he was standing behind Tommy, staring down at him. He was lost in that little space between, "god you're beautiful" and "I don't care where we are, we've got to fuck and we've got to fuck now". I couldn't help myself. I cleared my throat loud enough to get his attention, and when he looked up, I pointed my finger at him and shook my head. Marcel blushed. His secret was out (even if he wasn't) and he knew it. After that, I just kept giving him little "I know your little secret" looks, and he just kept blushing. My little looks also seemed to keep our sexy Marcel "in the mood" as it were. I was able to detect a little lump in his pants all during dinner, and I was pretty sure I detected a little damp spot there while I was eating one of the worst pieces of cheesecake I had ever tasted. I couldn't help myself…I was so horny by that time that I reached under the table and rubbed Tommy's dick, WHICH WAS HARD! The bastard! I grabbed it and pinched the head through his pants.

Badpuppy Model - Nick, Tony and AJ "Ow!!"

Everyone looked up from the table in our direction. I just smiled, gave Tommy a little peck on the cheek and went back to eating the horrible cheesecake.

Tommy whispered, "What did you do that for?"

"You know what I did that for."

"He's cute, okay?"

"And you're married."

"You're crazy, Ace. You've lost it completely. I've got to get you out of here before you start believing you really are her."


"Fucking Willamina, that's who."

"Did I or did I not suck your fucking dick last night?"

"Well, yes, and magnificently I might add."

"Do wives do that?"


"I rest my case."

"I feel better now."

"Good. Now shut up and finish your cheesecake. The real dessert gets off at nine and I want to be ready."

I faked a headache and we left the party before they started the "white elephant" gift exchange. Tom had wrapped up a pair of boxers with little bald men pointing at the fly and laughing. I thought it was tacky and told him so. I picked it up on the way out, so no one would have to be embarrassed when it was opened.

"Why did you do that? The gift was really funny."

"The gift was in poor taste."

"You know what, Ace? I think you really are my wife. That wig was magic or something and turned you into the nastiest bitch on wheels."

"Nonsense. That Greta woman who is married to that cute Barry guy is the nastiest bitch on wheels."

"Okay, second nastiest then."

"Don't be ridiculous and move your goddamn ass. It's cold out here and the frigid air is blowing right up my dress."

"Holy shit. I'm in hell and I didn't even realize I'd been sick."

As soon as it was safe to assume that the party was over and everything had been cleaned up, I called for room service.

"Room service, Agnes speaking."

"Agnes, honey, Tommy is sick and throwing up. Could you send some Pepto Bismol over right away?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll be right over with some."

"Uh, no, Agnes. That's very nice of you, but Tommy's not dressed or anything and is a very modest person, so, if you could just send Marcel…."

"Willamina, Marcel is still in the kitchen. I'll just put it on the…."

"Please, Agnes, sending Marcel would make it so much simpler."

"Oh, all right, but tell Tommy he'll have to hang on for a little bit until Marcel gets the pots put away."

"There's a dear now, Agnes. Thank you so much."

"You're very welcome……………….bitch."

Agnes didn't realize I'd heard that last remark as she slammed down the receiver. Everyone seemed to be in agreement about my bitchiness tonight. I'd have to watch it. Truth was, Agnes had as big a crush on Tommy as Marcel did. Poor Tommy…it's so hard to be that good looking…so many hearts to break. I had to get into action. The scene had to be perfect. Tommy would be by the fire, leaning against the sofa, a blanket pulled up to his waist. He would be bare from the waist up. The fire light would be the only light in the room, so that the light from the flame would reflect just perfectly off of Tommy's perfect pecs. I would be in the bathroom, indisposed, when Marcel got there. He would have to come in alone and see Tommy stretched out in front of the fire. I hoped he wouldn't come right there in the doorway. It would ruin the rest of my plans. Then I would….

"Hello, it's Marcel. I've got you're Pepto Bismol."

"Oh, thank God, Marcel. Tommy is so sick. I'm not dressed. Would you be a dear and bring it in? I'll just run into the bathroom while you're here."

"Sure, I'll be happy to do that."

"Thanks, Marcel. Just count to ten and then come on in."

And he did. I turned off the bathroom light and cracked the door. I didn't want to miss a single delicious moment.


"Over here, Marcel, by the fire."

Marcel walked towards the fire and as he got nearer the sofa and got a look at the bare chested Tommy in front of the fire, he stopped dead in his tracks. I thought he was going to drop the Pepto Bismol, but he was just able to cling to it with his shaking hands. Talk about your over stimulation. Marcel simply didn't know how to handle the situation. I almost felt sorry for him…almost…but I was laughing too hard at his misery. Yep, I think bitch about covers it. He couldn't move.

"What's the matter, Marcel? Do you have the Pepto Bismol?"

"Uh, yes. Yes I do, Tommy."

"Then, bring it over here, please. I need it."

"Uh, okay."

Marcel could not figure out a way to hide that nice big erection he was sporting under those nice black pants of his. He could get away with it as long as he held the Pepto Bismol in front if himself, but the minute he handed it to Tommy, his secret would be out…so to speak. What to do? Poor Marcel.

"Well, Marcel?"

Marcel attempted to bend over the back of the sofa and give the medicine to Tommy that way, but Tommy would have none of it. He pretended that the reach was just a little too far, making Marcel bend way over the back of the sofa. I owed Tommy a great big thank you for that, because he gave me really the nicest shot of Marcel's ass I had had all week. I sighed out loud and then hoped that the crackling of the fire had drowned out the sound. Whew! It had. Marcel had not heard me.

Badpuppy Model - Nick, Tony and AJ "Marcel, what's the matter? Just walk around the sofa and hand me the Pepto Bismol."


And he did…very slowly…trying to think what to do. When he got in front of Tommy (I was watching him from the side.) and got a good view of Tommy's chest, he was dead in the water. The tent in his pants must have grown about five inches. Marcel's secret as well as his dick would soon be out. He handed the Pepto Bismol to Tommy, and, as he did, tried to move his hand down in front of his erection. It didn't work…it was a sizable erection.

"Marcel, what are you…Marcel! What have we here?"

Tommy, that devilish son-of-a-bitch, put the Pepto Bismol down beside the sofa and reached up slowly towards Marcel's pouching fly, just touching the end of Marcel's erection with his index finger.

"Damp, too. Marcel, are we hiding a little secret under there?"

"I don't think so. Not anymore."

"Would you like me to do something about that, Marcel?"

"What? You? Oh, no. I'd be fired. Willamina…in the bathroom. Oh, no. Just let me leave. I won't come back anymore."

Then Tommy unzipped Marcel's fly. Marcel did not budge…he only trembled as Tommy reached in to claim his treasure…a beautiful eight inch monster of a dick, hard and ready to drip."

"Oh, Marcel, what a beautiful…."

"Oh, please don't. Oh please…."

And before Marcel could say one more please, Tommy had leaned up and in and had Marcel's juicy morsel clear down his throat. The look on Marcel's face was somewhere between agony and ecstasy as Tommy began to suck. It was not to be a long suck, however. It must have been at the most twenty seconds when Marcel gave out a little moan and started shooting an unbelievable load into Tommy's surprised mouth. Tommy wasn't ready for such a quick onslaught, so the stuff dripped out of the corners of his mouth and ran down his chest. Marcel, obviously a dick sucking virgin, nearly passed out. It was my turn, and I burst out of the bathroom.

"What is the meaning of this? Tommy? Marcel? Tommy is that a…it is! Tommy that is Marcel's penis in your mouth! Marcel, Tommy has your penis in his…but of course, you knew that, and you've just…. Marcel! Tommy! Well, I don't know what to think. I don't know what to do?"

Marcel was nearly beside himself. Tommy clenched down on his dick, so he couldn't get away, and Marcel just had to stand there looking at me while I ranted on and on. Yep, I'm a bitch all right.

"Oh, darling, don't be so upset. We're just having a little fun. Why don't you come over here and join us.?

"Well, well, well, I think I might just do that?"

And with that, I threw off my robe baring my entire body, dick and all, and headed for the sofa with nothing on but my red pumps and my blonde wig. Marcel really didn't know what to do now. I would say that he didn't know whether he was coming or going…I'm sure he knew that. What he didn't know was what the hell was going on. A penis dangling from Willamina's crotch was not computing. I stopped just short of the spot where Tommy and Marcel had begun to get down to business, so to speak, stepped out of my pumps and pulled off my wig.

"Bill Anderson, Marcel…I'm very happy to meet you. I believe you've met my partner Tommy Anders?"

Marcel literally fell on the sofa. I got him a glass of water. Tommy sat on the couch and put Marcel's head in his lap.

"Then you're not…."


"And he's not…."


"And you're both…."

"Sure are.

"You goddamn sons of bitches!

And Marcel got up off the sofa and headed for the door. Was he pissed or what?

"Uh, Marcel, haven't you forgotten something?"


"Your pants. Shouldn't you pull them up before you go outside? Freeze your dick off."

"Ah, shit!"

"Marcel, please don't go. I know it was a dirty trick, but we didn't know until yesterday that you were gay. We weren't just fooling you…we were fooling everybody. We think you're the cutest thing we've seen since Dilly Dally, and you know you enjoyed coming in Tommy's mouth just know. I was watching you from the bathroom.

"Oh dear god…you were watching?"

"Yes, and you really loved it when Tommy put that, really nice I might add, hard dick of yours in his mouth and…come back over here and let us apologize to you in the best way we know how."

"But you're a man."

"Yes, and a very good one, so I've been told."

"And you dress in women's clothes."

"Yes, but not really that often, do I, Tommy?"

"And you want to have more…."

"Oh, yes, Marcel, you sexy hunk, you."

And Marcel thought, and he thought, and he thought.


Tommy and I let out howls and jumped up and went over to grab Marcel, but he put his hand out to stop us. We stopped cold. Marcel had never seen Tommy naked before. He just stared at him, while his dick started to harden again.

"Oh, god. I've never seen anything that beautiful in my entire life."

I went over and stood by Marcel, put my arm around his shoulder, and we both looked at Tommy together.

Badpuppy Model - Nick, Tony and AJ "I couldn't agree with you more, Marcel. Isn't he beautiful? God, you're beautiful, Tommy. And see how his dick makes that little curve to the right? Isn't that cute?" Tommy blushed. "Why don't you go over there, Marcel, and feel that? It feels really good. I know because I've done it…lots. Go on…you have my permission. He's mine, but he's allowed to come out to play."

And Marcel walked over and knelt down and touched Tommy's dick very lightly. Then he lightly ran his fingers along the length of Tommy's dick, over and over, like he didn't believe it was real. Then, he took Tommy's dick into his mouth and started sucking it slowly, relishing it as if it were the most wonderful morsel of food in the world. Then he looked back at me and smiled and said, "It tastes so fucking good." And then, he was gone. He started sucking that cock like there was no tomorrow. Tommy's eyes got great big, and he looked at me with those wide eyes and smiled and pointed down at Marcel's head and then…well, Tommy had other things to think about…like Marcel's lips. They got lost together in that wonderful world of fellatio, and I just stood and smiled and watched…and stroked my cock from time to time, waiting for my turn. It wasn't long before Tommy was returning the favor of mouth cumming to Marcel, who sounded like he was gagging, but never even considering taking Tommy's beautiful cock out of his mouth.

"Holy shit, that tasted good!"

"Was that the first time you ever?"

"Mmmmm hmmmm, and I'd like to do it again right now if you don't mind."

"Why, Marcel…honey."

And the kid took my cock into his mouth with a vengeance. To tell you the truth, I was a little afraid that he would bite me to get even, but revenge was the last thing on the ravenous kid's mind. God, such a sucking I never had even from Tommy, and Tommy is one great sucker. It was a speed record for me, too, and soon I was shooting my load down Marcel's throat for all I was worth. My, my, but that boy could blow a dick! Tommy was laughing as I was coming and writhing and moving and holding on to Marcel's ears for dear life.

"Willie, I am now feeling a tad inadequate in the sucking department."

"Never, my love, although this one here is about the best I've ever had."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, Marcel, now shut up and keep sucking. I may have a drop left in there somewhere."

We all laughed together. I guess all was forgiven. It's amazing how a good blow job will do that. Tommy and I wanted to make this a night to remember for Marcel. We took him first to the bed and removed the rest of his clothing. The boy was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. I looked at Tommy and he looked at me and we both looked down at our extremely hard dicks, and we went to work. First we licked him all over, from top to bottom, giving all of those luscious places the attention they deserved. You have never heard such moaning and such "Yes, yes, right there.."-ing in your entire life. I'm sure we licked places on Marcel that he had never considered lickable, and would never think of them in the same way again. But it was when we began to double rim him that the boy gave it up. "Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh my…." Yep, he came bigger than anything…again…all over the bed.

"Marcel, you came all over the bed."

"You're lucky I didn't come all over Pennsylvania. That was un-fucking-believable. Could you do that again? I don't mean do that again right now. I couldn't stand it. But, if I stay here long enough, could you do that again? I really liked that a lot."

"Depends on how many times you can come in a night, Marcel, my lad."

"If you keep doing that, I'd say a thousand…maybe a thousand and twenty."

"Sounds like a plan."

And then, while Marcel sipped a coke and watched, Tommy and I did a demonstration. We had no intention of fucking Marcel. We knew a novice when we saw one, but Tommy had every intention of fucking me. So he did, right on the bed beside Marcel. I loved it when Tommy fucked me. So did Tommy.

"You're really gonna do that? He's gonna put that in there? Isn't that going to hurt Willie?"

"Well, yes, Marcel, a little, but in a good way. It's a good feel…."

"Oh, I guess you can't talk and, uh, that, at the same time. Oh my, look at that! How in the hell is he going to get that whole big thing into…well, I'll be damned. He did, didn't he? …clear on in there. Well, it sure must feel good, because the looks on your faces sure look like it feels good. Except sometimes the look on your face doesn't look like it feels so good, Willie. Now it feels good. I can tell it feels good. Whoa! That's really fast. You're going really fast now. Oh, god, Willie, he's going really fast now and he's fucking you so hard. Oh, Jesus, oh, god, oh, oh, you guys are gonna come, aren't you. You are. You're gonna come. Oh, come on, you guys. Fuck him, Tommy. Fuck him hard. You know he wants it. Fuck him! Fuck him! Fuck him! Oh, God that's beautiful! Oh god, oh god…"

Badpuppy Model - Nick, Tony and AJ And Tommy and I came together in a wonderful orgasm. I know it seems like we should have wanted to beat Marcel to a pulp, but really, all of his comments made it better in some way. Maybe it's the same way when Howard Cosell calls a football game…it makes it more interesting…more exciting. Anyway, it was another one of the best orgasms I ever had. Tommy said it was for him, too.

As soon as we had all recovered and had a little something to eat, we moved the sofa and had a three-way suck beside the fire. The first one to come had to blow the other two at the same time. I came first…on purpose. I thought sucking Tommy and Marcel together would be a real kick. It was, and they kissed the whole time I blew them and even came pretty much at the same time. I looked at the clock at the moment they came…12:00 AM.

"Merry Christmas, guys."

"Merry Christmas, Ace."

"Merry Christmas, Willie." We had a three-way Christmas kiss.

"I wonder if Santa Claus is gonna come here tonight?"

"If he wants to he is."

We pretty much sucked, rubbed and patted every thing possible in every position possible and in every combination possible. By morning, we were all exhausted…in a good way. Marcel called in sick and we all went to bed together and slept until noon. Marcel was careful to stay out of sight and didn't go home until ten o'clock the next night. To this day I wonder how long it took his dick to recover from its two wonderful nights of nonstop sexual bliss. I stopped counting the number of times I came at six, so I know Marcel came at least twelve times. It's a wonder his balls didn't fall off.

The next day was the day we had to check out of our wonderful honeymoon cottage. We called for room service one last time and Marcel came over for a good-bye double suck. Then we stopped by the office to say goodbye to good ole Jerry. He was his usual horny self, and when Tommy went out to the car ahead of me, he took the opportunity to pinch my ass one last time. I turned around, looked him in the eye, unzipped his pants, reached in, grabbed his balls and squeezed those suckers just as hard as I could. Jerry screamed out loud. I just smiled, kissed him on the cheek, stuffed a chocolate covered cherry in his mouth, and walked out the door. I don't think he ever knew exactly what hit him.

It had been a great honeymoon for us. Really, it couldn't have been better, and I bet Tommy and I have been together longer than any of the other couples who were there at Jerry's with us. Marcel? Not long after we left, he found Adam, the love of his life and they're still together after all these years. As a matter of fact, we still see them. One week out of every year Tommy and I make a trip to the mountains of Pennsylvania to spend a week at Marcel's Honeymoon Village of Love. And you know what? They still leave those cute little heart-shaped chocolate mints on the pillows.

The models in these pictures are Nick, Tony and AJ

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