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Bill & Tom, Orgy! Part 2 by Claye Canterwall
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Badpuppy Model - Fox The room was very dark, but I trusted my two lovers without question. They were in charge and, although I was just a bit anxious about what was to come (me?), I followed them willingly into the darkened room. Carefully and gently they laid me down on the fluffy white bed. I don't know why the fact that it was fluffy and white meant so much to me. It must have been an unremembered fantasy, because, the minute my naked body touched the bed, I was completely hard. I sank down into the gentle softness of the wonderful feather bedding. In the safety of my wonderful cocoon, I sighed and closed my eyes.

It was then that I felt my arms being gently lifted. They were tying my arms to the head of the bed and my ankles to the foot. No need to fear. I trusted them. I did not even open my eyes. I giggled just a little, wondering just what might be in store for me. The ropes must have been velvet because I felt no discomfort whatsoever. I was a very pampered prisoner. I had the feeling that, should I want to, I could pull really hard and be free of my bonds in an instant. That was very comforting, for, though I knew it was all a joke and was designed to merely turn me on, there was just that little hint of doubt that comes with not being fully in control. Candles were then lit on each side of the bed, leading me to believe that this little encounter might not be quite as spontaneous as I had originally thought. I began to think that this was instead a well-planned conspiracy. That made it even sexier to think that the two people I considered to be the sexiest men alive considered me worthy of their conspiring.

On my left was beautiful Tommy, the candlelight's flicker making him look to me even more beautiful than ever. It never ceased to amaze me that someone as beautiful as Tommy could fall in love with me. His tawny skin and his beautiful face…those understanding eyes that drew me so quickly into his soul. His dick wasn't bad either. He was and would always be my lover. I didn't realize then what a wonderful thing it was to have found my soul mate at such an early age. Tommy was a gift for which I would be eternally grateful.

And the guy on my right? This was an Adonis. The broad shoulders, the classic nose, the full lips, the beautiful chest, the laughing eyes, the endless dick, and the ass that launched a thousand ships (the gay version of that story). The beauty of my two "jailers" in the candlelight was absolutely unbelievable. The blissful sigh that escaped from my throat must have seemed endless as I relaxed and prepared for what I knew would be a wonderful first touch. They looked at each other and laughed softly.

And then they left! They just walked out of the room. I watched their unbelievably fine asses disappear into the hallway. What the hell was this, the most horrible joke ever played on a horny guy with a hard on? Was I to lay here in agony while they went off somewhere and had beautiful sex together in my honor? I was pissed! I would not be the fucking object of their fucking, goddamn joke! I pulled and I jerked and I thrashed. The once soft and velvety ropes were not so soft anymore. The feeling that I could break my bonds anytime I wished had given way to the fear that I would be here for as long as they wanted me to be here. This was not happening! I trusted them. I could understand Ben and his beautiful ass doing this to me, but Tommy, my Tommy? And then it happened.

A huge shadowy figure appeared in the doorway. An iron monster sent to have his way with me? Nope, it was Moose, and he had something in his hands. I pulled frantically at my bonds as he walked slowly towards the bed. What was he going to do? He had a knife! This had to be a dream! Moose wouldn't hurt me, would he? He dipped his knife into a jar and spread something thick and sticky all over my chest. What was that smell? Peanut butter!!! Moose was spreading peanut butter all over my chest. He put a mini peanut butter tower on each nipple and a slice of banana on top of each tower. Then he started to lick the peanut butter off my chest! "Moose, what the hell are you doing?" Moose just said "Shhh", and put a peanut butter covered finger to my lips. I licked it clean. I couldn't help myself. Crunchy. He had used fucking crunchy peanut butter. Not only was I being tortured, I was being tortured by fucking amateurs! I had to admit that, while the smell of the peanut butter made me very hungry, the feeling of Moose licking the stuff off my chest was very nice. I closed my eyes again to enjoy it. And when he got to the nipple towers, he really turned me on. He took his time licking and eating. I felt like I had to get to my dick to give it a squeeze, but I couldn't. I was going crazy. "Moose, please squeeze my dick. I'm going crazy here!" Moose did better than that. He gave my dick a long, slow suck from the top to the bottom and back up again. Then he kissed me, took his peanut butter and left. I knew this adventure could not possibly be over and yet couldn't imagine what might happen next.

I should have known. It was Timmy and Randy. They had become quite the couple since starting out with that two hour blow job in the car. They were cute, but not really cute like on the cover of a gay magazine cute. I didn't know why I couldn't match up people who looked good together. My matches always seemed to fit together as far as personalities were concerned, but they never looked just right. I would have time to think about that later. Right now, I needed to concentrate on the adventure at hand. This would be a dance theme. What a surprise. These two had bowls on their heads and spoons in their hands and danced around humming "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from "The Nutcracker Suite". What an amazing choice. When they finally finished their little ballet, they stood at each side of me, peering down in anticipation.

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Badpuppy Model - Fox It was then that they took out the pineapple slices and started pushing them down over the head of my dick. I'm proud to say that, to their amazement, the holes would not stretch far enough to slide down over my ample organ, so they had to tear them in two and arrange them carefully around it. They stacked them high, covering my entire dick in pineapple. Then they poured what looked like chocolate sauce over the pineapple slices. This entire creation they covered with piles and piles of fluffy white whipped cream. What was missing? The cherry, of course! They balanced it carefully right on top. I wanted to laugh, but thought I'd better not. I didn't want to be responsible for ruining this incredible work of art. Then they began to eat. To eat?! Yes, to eat. They ate the entire concoction off my dick, slurping and mmmming as they did so. When they were finished, Timmy announced that it was the finest banana split he had ever tasted, and that they were very grateful to me for providing the banana. I couldn't believe it, but by the time they were finished licking and eating, I thought I was going to have to come right then and there, especially when they cleaned up the mess with their tongues.

Let's see, who was left? If I had lived right, Simon was still asleep in the sofa. That left Steven! Who knew what Steven might do? Steven and I had never touched sexually. Something about his being Tommy's cousin had made that seem too much like incest to both of us. I wondered how he would get around that? There was no doubt that Steven was drop-dead gorgeous. I pretended not to notice, but the guy was absolutely the perfect blonde. Maybe they had been sensible and Steven would not participate. And then, there he was in the doorway, a tray of something in his hands. I really didn't want this to happen. It would make me very uncomfortable. My erection collapsed immediately. Steven came over to the bed and said, "Relax, Sweet pea, I'm the intermission. I told them how I felt and that I was sure you felt the same way, so they said I could just do this. And then he put two cucumber slices on my eyes and covered my face with a wonderful warm, moist scented cloth. I relaxed instantly, and Steven began cleaning the sticky peanut butter off my chest with another equally wonderful cloth. Then he dried my chest, took the cloth and the cucumbers off my face, kissed me on the forehead and whispered in my ear, "I love you like a cousin, cousin." And then he was gone.

I laid there for about ten minutes, but it seemed like hours. I had never been tied up before and the ropes were beginning to be most uncomfortable. Also, the left-over pineapple and whipped cream that Timmy and Randy had slurped from my dick were beginning to make that whole area itch. I needed to get that stuff off. I could hear guys having fun in the spa and I could imagine myself jumping in there with them and feeling the relief of that sticky stuff floating away in the bubbles. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself down there in the warm, refreshing water. I knew they would come back, but when? Hurry, guys, come back, please! And then they did.

The two silhouettes appeared in the doorway. I didn't know what they were going to do. I didn't care. At least I wouldn't be alone and helpless any more. Well, helpless, but not alone. They walked slowly towards the bed, laughing softly. You know that laugh, the one that says, "This is going to be more fun than we ever thought possible?" I did not like the sinister laughing. That scared me a little. All of the things that had been done to me so far were totally unexpected, but within a certain food theme. What were they going to do, put spaghetti all over me and eat it off? Fun was fun, but this was getting ridiculous. And then I felt it. Tommy was washing my dick and my balls with wonderful warm water. I almost cried it felt so good. "Oh, god, Tommy, thank-you. That feels so good."

"Steven refused. He said he could never touch you there."

"Steven is so weird, but I understand in a way. I wouldn't want to touch him there either. Thanks for the clean up job."

"I'm not really being that nice. I just hate the taste of pineapple."

And then he laughed his "wait 'till you get a load of this" laugh, and went down to the foot of the bed. I was ready. Bring on the spaghetti or the linguini. Hell, make me a Willie Alfredo. At this point, I don't really care. He knelt down, took my left foot in his hands. Oh, no, Tommy your not...but he was. He began to suck on my fucking big toe! I know it's hard to believe, but in all my sexual adventures, no one had ever sucked my toes. It always seemed so disgusting to me before, but, god, it felt so good. Why hadn't he ever done it before? We would discuss this later. When he was finished with that one, he started on the next one. Oh, yes, Tommy! This would take a long time, but I didn't care. It was wonderful. Then I felt his hand under my balls. He was tickling my balls while he sucked my toes! Shit, I might not make it trough this one.

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Badpuppy Model - Fox With all of the toe sucking and the ball fondling, I had completely forgotten about Benny. How could I forget about Benny? You apparently have never had your toes sucked and your balls played with at the same time. You must immediately go out and find someone to do this for you. Your sex life will never be the same. Anyway, suddenly there was this tall, muscular body standing on the bed looking down at me. Benny! His legs straddled my body and he slowly sat down easy-like on my stomach. I could feel his dick and balls resting softly there. Then he bent over, grinding them softly into my flesh as he moved his body forward to kiss my eyes. Oh, Benny, baby. How could you do this to me? The toe sucking and the ball fondling and now the beautiful eye kissing. No man could be expected to hold out through all of this. And then he started to lick my ears, making very nice little moaning sounds. As if that weren't enough, Tommy moved his hand from my balls to my ass and started gently rubbing me there. It felt so good, and he started sucking the toes on my other foot! Benny moved his mouth to my lips and started sucking on them as he pushed his wonderful hot tongue into my mouth. "Holy shit, guys, I'm gonna blow! I can't help it. I mean it. I don't want to, but I'm gonna come." I was panicked because I knew I wasn't supposed to come yet. Tommy's answer to my cry was to suck harder and to shove a finger up my ass. That was it. It was all over. "Ah, shit!" Benny reached behind, grabbed my dick and started jacking it. My whole body screamed as I erupted all over Benny's back. I must have shot at least ten wonderful times. Over and over again my dick erupted. God, it felt good. All movement stopped, and I laid there exhausted. No sound was in the room except the sounds of me, moaning and trying to find my breath again.

That was it. That was wonderful. The wonderful experience was over. Wrong!!! It was just a little pause in the action…a breather you might say. Benny went right back to his kissing my lips and sucking on my tongue and Tommy had about three toes left to go. He was never one to leave a job undone. I was still in my orgasmic after-glow and could now just relax and enjoy the wonderful sensations. As long as no one touched my dick for about three minutes, I would be just fine. When I was old and remembering the really good times for sex, this would be at the top of the list.

I was completely soft now, but I knew that I would not be that way for long. Tommy had started licking slowly up my right leg and Benny was now licking all around my neck and chin. It was not long before I realized that they were on a collision course. They would meet at my dick and balls! Did I say that I was soft? Not anymore. As I contemplated that meeting, I once again started to grow. I would die, but I would die a happy man. Oh, shit, that felt good. I loved the little sounds all of us were making. I wondered if Tommy and Benny would get it on in front of me? I hoped so. That would be so sexy. But I didn't have much time to think about that. They had arrived at the appointed place, and were French kissing each other all around my dick. And then I remembered that my dick was covered with come! They were French kissing on my come-covered dick! Oh shit, I was going to blow again. "Tommy, Tommy, stop me!" Tommy knew what I meant and grabbed the head of my dick and squeezed it as hard as he could. It worked. He had come to my rescue just in time. "Thank-you, Tommy." He replied by softly kissing the head of my dick. Then they were both on my balls, taking turns sucking them. I knew I was going to die, and I knew I wouldn't care. I would be the first person on record to die from too much torrid sex. Bring it on, boys!

And then it all stopped. There was nothing. Everything froze. They had disappeared. Where the hell did they go? And then there they were standing at the foot of the bed. It was show time! They both climbed up on the foot of the bed and bowed in my direction. Then Tommy knelt down and Benny bent over slightly. My Tommy was going to rim the most beautiful ass in the whole wide world, and I was going to get to watch! "Oh shit, Tommy. Do it, baby. Make him scream. Oh, yes, baby." Benny was moving around so much that Tommy could hardly stay with him, so he reached around and grabbed Benny's dick and held him in place. It was then that I heard Benny whimper and say, "Oh, Tommy, yes, right there, oh yes, keep going, baby, oh Tommy, don't ever stop." I knew that tongue and I knew exactly how it felt and I knew why Benny was whimpering and pleading the way he was. Nobody could rim like Tommy. I was gyrating my hips without even knowing it, feeling every movement of Tommy's tongue in Benny's ass in my own. It was almost like he was rimming both of us at the same time!

When he could take no more, Benny turned around and pulled Tommy up. They kissed…a long passionate kiss. Then Benny knelt down and took Tommy's dick into his mouth. The boy was plainly working for a deep-throat degree. Again and again Tommy's dick disappeared inside Benny's mouth, only to emerge again almost to the tip, glistening in the candlelight. Then again Benny's mouth would suck it in. Tommy was in heaven and moaning and gasping for all he was worth. I was, of course, completely hard and wanted to join in the fun. But that was not to be. I was to be the captive voyeur…and would witness a show designed especially for me. Benny straddled my body with his legs and bent over, smiling and winking at me as he did. Tommy also straddled me, standing just behind Benny. Then Tommy poured lube down Benny's ass, so much so that it dripped from Benny's ass down on my dick and balls. Tommy was going to fuck Benny right here standing over me! "Do it, Tommy. Do it now. Fuck that gorgeous ass!" And he did.

I couldn't see Tommy's dick or Benny's ass, but I could hear and I could see Benny's face. Tommy pushed in real slow and then began to move in and out. Benny pushed back with each of Tommy's thrusts and the bed began to rock with their rhythm. I couldn't help myself. I started to move with their rhythm too. It was a three man fuck, because I was right there with them. Faster and faster they fucked. Their coming orgasm permeated the air charging everything around them. They neared their climax. Tommy reached around and grabbed Benny's dick and started jacking furiously. Benny started to groan and his shoulders started to move back and forth erratically. I knew they were close…very close. Then Benny tensed, Tommy thrust, and come started shooting from Benny's dick all over my stomach. Tommy kept thrusting harder and harder until he suddenly stopped all movement, pulling Benny close and holding him tightly. I knew he was coming inside that beautiful body. And then it was over…but not quite. It was my turn.

They carefully released my bonds, knowing that there was absolutely no chance of my bolting. I was staying right there until we all could come no more. They turned me over and put a pillow under my ass. Then they started to double-rim me. Two tongues are better than one I always say, and these were two masters, the Rembrandt and Picasso of ass rimming. I just closed my eyes and let 'em go. It felt like at least thirty tongues working on my ass at the same time, and I was loving each and every one of them. Then I felt a well-greased finger pressing against me, and as it entered me, probing for my prostate, the other tongue found my balls and started one of the most beautiful ball suckings I had ever known. Again I had to stave off what would have been yet another magnificent orgasm. What next guys? What could you possibly do to top this? You're what? They would team fuck me!! They would take turns. Tommy and Beautiful Benjamin Bogart would fuck me as a hard-dick-thrusting tag team! Thank god they didn't try to double fuck me. That would have ripped me apart. I knew Tommy's dick well, and so I knew that it was he who was having the first go at me. He entered me and did all of those wonderful things that he knows I like to make me comfortable and ready fuck like a there's no tomorrow.

Badpuppy Model - Fox Then, when he thought everything was going just right, he pulled out, and I felt a longer, thinner dick slip easily inside me. It hit me in places that Tommy's dick never had, and I loved it. I also loved knowing that Beauteous Benny, the most beautiful ass in the world, was just fucking the shit out of me. He was really enjoying himself and grunting and groaning and kissing and playfully biting. And then, he was gone and Tommy was back. Tommy would work me up to the last great climax of the evening. He started slowly, gradually quickening his tempo. I was really with him. "Bolero" was playing full blast in my head. Then, when I was near the exploding point and without missing a beat, he was gone and Benny was back again. Benny had won the honor of bringing me off one last time.

As I began the final build to that one last unbelievable orgasmic explosion, I felt Tommy's mouth close around the top of my dick. Tommy was going to suck me while Benny brought me off. I didn't care who heard me now. I knew when I came I would be screaming at the top of my lungs and I didn't care. Faster and faster Benny fucked and harder and harder Tommy sucked until, finally, I could take no more. "This is it, Benny. Do it now, baby." And Benny plunged one final time as hard as he could to my depths, while Tommy grabbed my balls and sucked my entire dick down his throat. "Oh, shit, guys. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt!!!!!" Silence. We collapsed, and it was over. Benny had come inside me, I had come down Tommy's throat, and Tommy had come all over the bed.

We laid there without moving for about fifteen minutes. Then we took about five more to kiss and touch one another, bringing a beautiful ending to an unbelievable experience. And then the two of them picked me up by the hands and legs and, laughing, carried my downstairs to throw me into the spa. Ah, what a wonderful warm and bubbly feeling that was. No one else was around as we lay there in our in our bliss, looking up at the thousands of beautiful stars, but we knew we would see them again soon. And when we had all gathered around, we would wake up Stringy Simon from his sweet bed on the sofa and thank him sincerely for one of the most wonderful orgies to ever be held on the planet.

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