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Bill & Tom, Orgy! Part 1 by Claye Canterwall
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Badpuppy Model - Fox "Hey, Ace, what are we doing for spring break?"

"Gosh, Tommy, I don't know. I have a buck, eighty-five. How about Acapulco?"

"We've gotta do something. We can't just go home for a week."

"Oh, I think we can. Not only do I think we can, I think we will. I can see it now…just me and Mom at the kitchen table playing rummy. If I get real lucky, I might even get a good look at Brenda Gooch and her million dollar tits. Hold me up, Tommy, I'm feeling a little faint. Brenda Gooch and her million dollar tits. How often does a guy get to ponder that?"

"Not often, I hope. Really, Ace, what are we gonna do?"

"I don't know that WE are going to do anything. I wasn't kidding about the buck, eighty-five. I might squeeze out two bucks if I have to, but that's all."

At that moment, a breathless Steven came barging into the room.

"Did you hear a knock, Tommy?"

"No. No, Ace, I'm pretty sure I didn't."

"Me either. Then how could Steven be standing in the middle of our room? People usually knock before they enter a room, don't they?"

"Well, they're certainly supposed to. I don't know what this world's coming to when…."

"Oh, stifle it, assholes, I got big news. Save your horse shit for later."

"Nice mouth, Steven."

"Just wait 'till you hear what I have to say. Stringy Simon is inviting everyone up to his dad's cabin for spring break."

"Stringy Simon has a dad?"

"Yes, and I guess the guy is loaded. Stringy says that the cabin has like five bedrooms and a hot tub and…."

"Stop! Tommy, my best friend Stringy Simon has a beautiful cabin in the mountains and he didn't even tell me. I'm so hurt."

"Wait a minute, Ace. Stringy Simon is my best friend, not yours."

"For Pete's sake, guys, shut up a minute. We're all invited. Stringy says that we treat him better than anyone else on campus, so he wants us to come."

"Oh, shit. Think of how everyone else must treat him. Poor kid. I feel so guilty now."

"Besides, he says we're the only gay guys he knows and he wouldn't be caught dead in the woods with anyone straight."

"Stringy Simon is gay?"

"So he says."

"Tommy, Stringy Simon is gay."

"I heard, Ace."

"Sorry, guys. That's it. If Stringy Simon is gay, I am now as straight as an arrow. I have to go home for Spring break. Even now I hear Brenda's tits calling, 'Willie, Willie, come home, Willie boy."

"C'mon, Willie, Stringy's not that bad, and we can have a good time and it's not here, and it's not home."

"Steven's right, Ace. Give up those high, pristine principles of yours for one week. It won't hurt you, and Simon will feel good about it."

"Principles? I have no principles! But, Tommy, Simon is gay. What if he, well, wants to, well, you know…."

"That's the catch, guys."

"What's the catch, Steven?"

" Simon wants to 'well, you know'. He says he wants eight guys and that everyone who goes has to participate in an opening night orgy. Otherwise, the whole thing is off."

"An orgy sounds great to me, but where will Stringy be while we have it?"

"He'll be right there, dumass. He'll be part of it."

" Eeuwww, Bummer! Well, as long as I don't have to touch his, er, "thing", I guess I can do it."

"Ace, you heartless pig you. What can you be thinking? If you don't touch it, then one of us will have to.

"Oh, shit, Tommy, I say we do it. I kind of like old Stringy, really, especially now that I know he's rolling in dough. It might be fun."

"Even with the orgy?"

" Oh, shit. You know I never met a dick I didn't like."

"Then we're on guys?"

"Cousin Steven, I think you may count us in."

"Good, now who else can we get to go?"

"We? Has Stringy made you in charge of the guest list?"

"Does Simon have any friends? Who's he gonna ask? Let's see, it'll be the four of us and Stringy, and…."

"I'm sure Timmy will want to go, and I'll ask Randy. He could use a pirouette break. That'll make seven. We only need one more guy, but who?"

"Willie, what about…do you think we could…do you think he would?"

"Yes, Steven, I think he might, and I think it's worth a try."

"Who are you two talking about?"

"Beautiful Benjamin Bogart!"

"Are you two crazy? We don't even know if he's gay."

"A friend of a friend of mine says that he knows for sure. He's just gotta be gay. He has the most beautiful ass I've ever seen in my whole life."


"Oops! Sorry. Next to yours, that is, Willie."

"Apology accepted, Steven."

* * * * *
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Badpuppy Model - Fox And he was beautiful. Beautiful Benjamin was about 6'2", with broad shoulders, flashing brown eyes, and a smile that could melt an iceberg. We had all been looking at Beautiful Benjamin (and his beautiful ass) for about three months now and wondering if he (and it) might be gay. We had never seen him walking hand in hand with a girl. Of course, we had never seen him walking hand in hand with a boy, either. So, we really didn't know, and we couldn't just walk up to him and say, "Hey, Beautiful Benjamin, you wouldn't happen to be gay, would you? We're taking a survey for our social studies class, and…." We didn't think he'd buy it. Tommy, of course, was above it all. Tommy was above most things like that. That he would even consider letting us ask Benjamin, just proved to me how desperate he was not to go home for Spring break. The thought of Tommy participating in an orgy, made me laugh. The whole trip would be worth it just to see Tommy that uncomfortable. I, of course, would love it. I couldn't wait for my first orgy.

"Willie, you have to ask him."

"Wait a minute, Stevie baby. Why me? This whole thing was your idea. Why not you?"

"Because you're cute, and you're the only one of us who can run fast enough, if he gets mad."

"Okay, I'll do it, but only because it's a challenge, and it's a question I've wanted to know the answer to for a long time."

"Oh, Willie, you're my hero."

"Stuff it, Steven."

* * * * *

I had about a week to figure out how to do this. I had to be clever. Fuck clever…I had to be sneaky. I decided to trail Beauteous Benny for a couple of days before I made any move at all. That way I would have a better chance of catching him alone. Luckily, he was in a couple of my classes, so I would know where to find him. Turns out that the guy was really boring. He went to class, went to eat, went to the library to study, spent a little bit of time in the "center" talking to friends…both male and female, so no ground gained there…and then went back to the dorm to go to bed. I never spent two more boring days in my life. I did, however, eat well, got lots of sleep, and finished my assignments on time. "It's an ill wind…." I suppose it could have been worse. I decided to give it one more day, mostly because I had a big assignment due in Western Civilization, and I needed the library time. Otherwise, I would have given up and found somebody else…except that there was nobody else.

We were in the library, where we spent most of our evenings, Benny and I. Benny's head was buried in a book, so I figured it was safe to go to the bathroom without losing him. I'm standing there at the urinal just finishing up, when I hear someone come in through the door behind me. I wait for the guy to go into a stall, or come over to a urinal, but nothing happens. I'm just zipping up, when, without warning, this hand grabs me by the back of the neck! It hurt.

I don't know what I did. I don't think I screamed, or made my little high pitched bunny in trouble sound, but I'm sure I gasped. By the strength of the hand I figured this could be the end of the road for me. I would be robbed and killed…for my entire two dollars! They wouldn't find the body until tomorrow. But, no, the hand just stayed where it was, squeezing my neck. It was obvious that I wasn't going to have to fight for my life or anything, but I sure wished whoever it was would let go. I was very uncomfortable. Very slowly, so as not to piss off the squeezer, I turned my head to see who it was that may or may not hold my life in his hand. It was Benjamin! Beautiful Benjamin was standing there with his huge hand holding the back of my neck ,and squeezing it hard! We would have to change his name to Strong Hand Benjamin, or, if my luck was bad, Killer!

"Hello, my name is Benjamin. I don't think we've met."

"Well, if you wouldn't mind releasing me from that rather vice-like grip you have on my neck, I'd be glad to introduce myself." I had said that in a much higher voice than I had intended to. I would have to correct that if I were to have any chance of getting out of this alive.

"Oh, sorry. I was just trying to get your attention."

In my biggest, lowest voice I said, "Have you ever considered tapping? Tapping on the shoulder is a great way to get someone's attention. You might want to try it next time…so much less painful for the tappee. By the way, would you mind letting me go now?" He did. The voice had worked. I rubbed my neck. "Why would you do that to a guy…just walk up behind him at a urinal and try to squeeze his neck off?" Shit! That one sounded like some whiney little kid. I had to get this under control.

"Don't you think I should be the one asking the questions? After all, you're the one who has been following me around for three days. What the hell do you want?"

I figured I had nothing to lose at this point. I'm in a small restroom with a guy who has just maybe tried to strangle me and reconsidered, and who is more than a little pissed off at me for following him around for three days. There is no one else around. It will do me no good to fight. No one will hear the struggle anyway. If I'm going to die, I might as well know the answer to the question before I go. Maybe I could write the answer on the floor in blood or something just before I lose consciousness. That way at least I will not have died in vain.

"Okay, here goes, but don't hurt me, okay? Are you by any chance, uh, gay?" And then, I turned my head quickly and put my arm up to shield myself from the blow.

"Am I what?"

He had heard me. I could tell he had heard me, and he hadn't hit me. He was now stalling for time. He wasn't sure what to say. My courage was building. I would go for broke.

"Are you gay? Because, if you are gay, I would like to invite you to a really great party up in the mountains over spring break which is guaranteed to be more fun than you've had for quite awhile, so I hope you are gay, because, if you're not, I'll have to pay you anything you ask not to tell anyone that I asked you this question, because otherwise I'll have to leave this school and get my education somewhere else and that would be a terrible tragedy."

All was silent. Benny just looked at me. He did not move. It was like he was in a state of suspended animation or something. Finally, he just leaned back against the sink and started laughing. He couldn't stop. He was hysterical. Tears were running down his cheeks. A couple of times he was almost able to stop, but he would look at me, and then he would start up again. He just kept laughing and laughing and laughing. Finally, when he was able to stop laughing, but not yet able to speak, he motioned for me to follow him outside. We sat on one of the big marble slabs just outside the library, and he looked directly into my eyes.

"If this is a set up, I will break every bone in your body, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

"Benny, trust me, this is no set up."

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Badpuppy Model - Fox "And don't ever call me Benny again. My name is Ben…just plain Ben."

"Okay, ... Ben."

"Now, you're going to get your answer, since it seems so very important to you. I trust you. God knows why I trust you, but I do. I think the stupidity with which you went about all of this has something to do with it. But before we go any further with this, (He stopped and just looked into my eyes, and said very softly) Mr. Incredibly Blue Eyes (and then in his normal voice), what the hell is your name?"


"Willie, that fits. Yes, Willie, I am gay. I am very gay. I am unbelievably gay. I thought I was doing very well at keeping my gayness a secret, but apparently I'm not."

"No, no. You're doing great, Benny, er Ben. We just thought you had a beautiful ass, and we wanted to find out. That's all."

"You what?"

"We think you have the hottest ass on campus and we thought it would be a terrible waste if it was attached to some straight guy and…."

"Let me try to understand. You have been trailing me because you and your gay friends think I have a great ass and you wanted to find out if I was gay or not, just because of that?

"Well, the rest of you is fine, too. Don't get me wrong. We're not shallow enough just to go around looking at guys' asses. We look at their faces and stuff, too. I personally am an "eye man", but a beautiful ass does turn my head, and yours has turned my head about a zillion times."

Benny, that is Ben, laughed again, only not quite so loudly this time.

"Well, tell your friends that I am indeed gay, and thanks for the compliment, but to please keep it quiet because I would like to stay in the closet at least until I graduate from this esteemed institution."

"Sure, sure, we all would. But what about the party?"

"Oh yes, the party. I had forgotten. I'm sorry, Willie, but I just couldn't possibly."

"Then you're booked for spring break?"

"Well, no, but I have no intention of going off to the hills with a group of people who have sent out spies to literally follow my ass around all over campus. I'm not that stupid."

"Ah c'mon, Ben. We're all good guys…not too bright, maybe, but good. I can promise you a good time. How long has it been since you've been in a place where you can let your hair down, relax and just be who you are?"

"A long time, Willie, a very long time."

"Yeah. That's the same with all of us. So, what do you say? You like me. I can tell you do. And the rest of the guys are great, too. You'd have a great time with us. Tell you what. Do you have a car?"


"Good. Then you drive up there in your car, and, if at any point you think we're scary or you're not having a good time, you just go out and hop in your little car and coast yourself home. It's all down hill."

"Well, it does sound very interesting, and I could use a break."

"Then, you'll come?"

"I know this is crazy, but, yes, Willie, I'll come."

I wanted to jump up and kiss him right then and there, but I knew that would blow the whole thing. So, I just took his hand and shook it and said, "You won't be sorry, Ben. You'll have a wonderful time, and make some great new friends."

"If they're all as crazy as you are, Willie, I'm sure I will. Now, I have to get back to that book I was reading. I have an important test tomorrow."

"Uh, Ben?"


"Would you mind if I just stood here and watched you go? I never get tired of looking at your beautiful, er, well, you know."

And with that, Beautiful Benjamin Bogart looked around, made sure we were all alone, bent over, and mooned me with the most unbelievable pair of alabaster orbs I had ever seen in my entire life. Yes! It would most certainly be a good spring break. I might even venture to say that it would be a great spring break!

* * * * *

Finally, the day came to trudge off to Simon's cabin. I couldn't believe it when Benjamin pulled up in a Volkswagen, with one of those fake wind-up keys on the back. He lost ten sophistication points with me for that one. Steven would ride with him, mostly because had been whining and begging for three days, which really pissed Moose off. Moose would ride with Simon. This pissed Moose off even more. Tim, Tommy, Randy and I would go in Tommy's car, which pissed no one off and led to four rather loud sighs of relief.

"Well, you guys ready?"

"Yep, I guess we are. Timmy, what is that in your mouth?"

"Randy's dick."

"I can't believe it. We're not even out of the parking lot."

"I'm sorry, but I get car sick and I didn't have any gum."

Needless to say, Timmy was not car sick once during the entire trip. They would be no good at all at the orgy. We might as well just count them out. Of course, it did keep them busy and there was no childish bickering in the back seat on the way up. I snoozed against the window and Tommy sang along with the radio. When we got to the cabin, we couldn't believe our eyes. This was the Taj Mahal of cabins! It sat on the side of the mountain and overlooked…well, other mountains. The huge deck wrapped all the way around the first floor and a large hot tub was tucked away in the back next to the mountain. All of the walls seemed to be glass. We would need lots of curtains for the orgy.

The inside was as impressive as the outside. All of the furniture was made out of beautiful, highly-polished, rough-hewn logs, and there was a big fireplace made of natural stone between the great room and the kitchen. The kitchen was huge and was completely stocked with food for the entire week. The bedrooms, like the rest of the "cabin" were filled with the rough-hewn furniture. All of the beds were covered with beautiful hand-made quilts and had beautiful views of the, well, mountains. The room that Tommy and I would share looked out over the hot tub. I thought that might prove very entertaining when we got tired of looking at the mountains. The whole place absolutely screamed warmth and wealth at the same time.

Badpuppy Model - Fox "What the hell does his father do?"

"Lawyer, I think."

"Who for, the Rockefellers?"

"Someone said it was for the Kennedys."

"No shit? They didn't grow their own? What must a place like this be worth?"

"Close to a million, I would guess."

"Want to fuck on the big fluffy bed?"


"Well, yeah."

"Wouldn't that be rude?"

"Well, yeah."

"And you wouldn't care if it was rude?"

"Put your hand right here. Do I care if it's rude?"

"Well, no, actually, and now, damn you, neither do I."

"Last one on the fluffy bed has to fuck me."

Only just as we started for the bed, a smiling Stringy Simon appeared in the doorway.

"Hi, guys."

"Er, hi, Simon. Nice little place you've got here."

"Well, we like it. Don't get up here as much as we'd like to. Too busy, you know. But now and again we get to enjoy it. Your room comfortable?"

"We were just about to see."

"Well, go right ahead. Don't let me stop you."

"Uh, Simon, we were going to fuck."

"Like I said, don't let me stop you."

"Alone. By ourselves. With the door closed."

"Oh, I see. Well, in that case, dinner is ready and you'll need to head right down to the dining room."

* * * * *

I had a feeling that Stringy Simon would live until about Tuesday and then we would have to stuff the body in one of the closets until we could figure out exactly what to do with it.

Dinner was great. It was Kentucky Fried Chicken, and plenty of it. We were all stuffed and went into the great room to sit around the fire. We were all sitting there just enjoying the ambiance when Simon walked in…naked. This was not a pretty sight. Simon was very tall, and Simon was very thin. If he turned sideways, I swear, he would have been invisible. He had hair about the color of an Irish setter that hung down over his ears. As a matter of fact, he kind of reminded me of in Irish setter, except that I had never seen him point. I had prepared myself for all of this. The one thing I was not prepared for was Simon's dick. It looked just like Simon. I swear, if you had painted two eyes on the head, it would have looked like a mini-Simon hanging on the big Simon. I couldn't quit staring at it. It wasn't big around or anything, but it was so long. It just didn't stop. It was like a long, skinny, pasty, rope. I knew that sometime during the week I would have to paint two eyes on it. I would just have to. I would catch him asleep or in a drunken stupor or something, but before the week was out, there would be two eyes on that dick. Everyone must have felt the way I did, because when I looked around the room, everyone was staring at Simon's dick. Finally Simon broke the rather uncomfortable silence.

"Well, gentlemen, I believe it's time for the evening's entertainment."

"Uh, Simon, would you mind closing the drapes before we start?"

"Why, Tommy, there's no one around for miles."

"Please, Simon, I would just feel more comfortable, that's all."

"Okay, Tommy, if it will make you happy."

Simon did not pull the drapes closed. He went to the wall and pressed a button and all of the drapes closed at the same time. Considering that the great room was two stories high, this was quite a drapery show. When it was over, it was time for us to, well, pay the piper, I guess. I saw no reason for waiting and was the first one out of my clothes. Then I sat down on the big sofa to watch the show. Everyone else then slowly followed suit. I had seen everyone naked except Ben, and I had seen a very special part of him. That had been like having to leave a theater before the end of the movie. I would now be able to witness the exciting conclusion. Ben saw me watching and seemed to read my mind. Slowly he walked over to where I was sitting and bent down. He kissed me on the lips. Chills went down my spine. "Ah, Benny….." I waited for the look of anger on his face for calling him Benny, but there was none. He just smiled and kissed me again, this time with his mouth open. I couldn't help myself. I raised myself off the sofa and wrapped my legs around his waist, and rubbed my dick and balls against his stomach while we kissed. After the kiss I looked him in the eyes and said, "Can I please call you Benny?" He just winked and lowered me to the sofa. "I'll take that as a yes."

Benny continued to undress in front of me. There was nothing else in the room for me but him. As he unbuttoned his shirt, I could see his chest start to come into view. It was perfect. The nipples were just the right size, not little like dimes, or big like quarters, but just right in between, and they stuck out just a little. I loved to suck on them when they were like that. His belly button was little and cute and just right for licking and sucking, and he had a thin happy trail that disappeared under the waistband of his jeans. Then it was time for the main attraction. He unzipped slowly, gyrating just slightly. I couldn't help myself. I held my hardening dick and gyrated with him, digging my hips into the sofa. It was all I could do not to take his zipper in my teeth and pull it down. Then he let his pants slowly fall down to his ankles, allowing a shot of a mammoth piece of beautiful meat held tight against his body by his underwear. He rubbed it seductively, from top to bottom and sighed. It was hard already and the head was just barely peeking over the top of the waistband. That was it for me!

I had to have him, and I had to have him right then. I moved forward on the sofa, took the waistband in my teeth and pulled his underwear down around his knees. Then I began licking slowly up his thigh. His dick was completely hard now and sticking almost straight out. Slowly upward I licked until I got to his balls and began licking and sucking there. He moaned and put his hands around my neck. The same hands that had held me in a vice-like grip in the bathroom were now gently caressing me there and playing with my ears. I gently forced his legs apart so that his balls could swing freely between them, and then I licked slowly up the underside of that beautiful dick until I reached the head. There I played awhile with my teeth and tongue, alternately licking and gently biting the head of his penis until he could stand no more. "Please, Willie, suck it. Now!" I plunged down, with my lips wrapped tightly around his hard penis, making him groan until I had reached the base of that magnificent cock. There I stayed, doing wonderful things with my mouth and tongue, while he squirmed in wonderful sexual bliss. Then slowly I retraced my path back to the tip, my teeth teasing him as I finally pulled away.

He pulled me up to my feet and bent slightly to kiss me. "Willie, you are one hell of a lover, my boy. I want you alone at least once on this trip. I want to explore that beautiful tight body of yours. I want to take you places you've never imagined. I want to make love to you like no one has ever done before." And then he kissed me…forever, not letting me go, until I thought I would pass out for lack of breath, and lowered me back to the sofa one last time. He put his finger to the tip of his dick, taking some pre-cum and putting it to my lips. I drew his finger inside, tasting his wonderful essence. And then he left to join the others who had congregated in the middle of the room. I looked up to see Tommy looking at me, smiling. He gave me a thumbs up sign. I wasn't surprised.

Steven was talking:

"Here's what we're going to do. It's the only way we can get through tonight. When Simon comes out of the bathroom, we're going to attack him. We will lick, suck, and fill everything that boy owns, until he comes like he's never come before. We'll make him so weak and tired, that he'll pass out on the sofa early, and then we can have a great night with whoever we want to. Everybody wins. Simon gets his orgy, and we get, well, whatever we can work out for ourselves. Deal?" We all agreed.

Simon came out of the bathroom and never knew what hit him. We were all so anxious to get this orgy thing over with that guys were doing things to Simon that they would never have dreamed of doing to him earlier. Steven grabbed him and planted a big ole wet kiss right on his mouth. Simon couldn't believe it, but he loved it. Timmy and Randy went to work on Simons' dick and balls. Such slurping and giggling you have never heard in your life. They were like little kids at a birthday party. I started licking one shoulder while Benny started licking the other one, and I couldn't believe it, but when I looked behind me, Tommy was greasing up Simon's ass. My Tommy was going to fuck Simon!

I whispered, "Tommy, you're not going to fuck him!"

"Somebody has to. Do you want to?"

"Well, no, but…."

Badpuppy Model - Fox "Well, then it looks like I'm elected, doesn't it? I just wish you'd had enough money for the Holiday Inn." And then he winked at me, so I knew he didn't really mind. Tommy had always said that there were only two kinds of fucks, fucking me, and then fucking everybody else. This would be one of those. I guess as far as he was concerned, a fuck was a fuck, but Simon? Oh, well, "Fuck one for the Gipper", I always say.

Simon was in heaven. He kind of relaxed and his eyes rolled back in his head. When his mouth wasn't filled with something belonging to one of the boys, he would giggle, or squeal or sigh or laugh. The only groan he made was when Tommy pushed into him, and that one was a groan of pleasure. With what we were doing to him, we knew he couldn't last long. We were at it about ten minutes when a low gurgling sound started coming out of Simon's mouth. Very soft, at first, it got louder and louder and louder until Simon was locked in a full scream. His body went rigid, and Simon shot farther than anyone I had ever seen before or since. It shot right out over Timmy's head (who at the time was sucking heartily on a left nut) and actually hit the wall over the fire place. Everyone turned together to look at it. Timmy let go of Simon's nut, stood up, and just said softly, "Holy shit, will you look at that."

We all just stood there and stared until Timmy said, "Hey guys, I think Simon's dead." And there Simon was, laying on the floor, motionless, his eyes closed. He sure looked dead. Steven jumped down quickly to the floor and put his ear on Simon's chest. "He's breathing, so he's alive." Then he shook Simon. "Simon, Simon, are you okay? Simon, if you're okay, answer me." Nothing. Steven shook him again. "Simon!!" And then, Simon slowly opened one eye, smiled and said, "Can we do that again?" That was it. We all grabbed him, picked him up and threw him on the sofa. Steven said, "Simon, you son-of-a-bitch, don't you ever do that again!" But Simon didn't answer. He just rolled over and peacefully went to sleep. Moose, Mr. Nice Guy, got a blanket and laid it over the now sleeping Stringy Simon. Our lodging bill had been paid in full.

It was then that I felt a soft tapping on my shoulder. I turned to find Ben standing there. "Was that a soft enough tap for you, Mr. Anderson?"

"Why, yes, Benjamin, that was very nice. What can I do for you?"

"I think you have that all wrong. It's more like what can I do for you?" And then he took my hand in his, walked me over to Tommy, who gently took my other hand, and the two of them led me up the stairs to what I presumed would be one very large and very fluffy king-sized bed.

To Be Continued....

The model in these pictures is Fox

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