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Bill & Tom, Harry by Claye Canterwall
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Badpuppy Model - Nick and Tony His name was Harry Bingham and he had the biggest dick I had ever seen. No, I don't know how big it was. Harry wasn't gay, so getting close enough to measure it was out of the question. Thank God he wasn't gay because, knowing me, I would have looked at that thing as a challenge like the mountain climbers look at Mt. Everest. No kidding, I have never ever seen anything quite like Harry's dong…and, believe me, I've seen a lot of dongs. It was one of those dark ones, kind of a dark taupe, with lots of veins sticking out all over it, and the reddish-purplish mushroom head was HUGE! Really, I hate to go on and on, but I just cannot over emphasize the length and girth of this dick.

"How did you see this gigantic dick", you may ask? Well, you see, it was Harry's claim to fame. It was his only claim to fame. It was his "thing". Everything else about Harry was ordinary, so, he showed everyone his dick. I looked. I once paid $2 to see a two headed snake at a carnival. Same thing, only this was free. But, here is the strangest thing of all…he used to pound that sucker on doorknobs.! I'm not kidding. You'd hear this thump, thump, thumping coming down the hall, and guys laughing, and you just knew that it was Harry and his dick again. Down the hall he would come, dick in hand, whacking that baby against every doorknob he passed. It was amazing. When he got to his room, which was right across the hall from ours, he would just stand there and whack that baby on the doorknob until it got hard. Then he'd wink at us, start jacking it and disappear into his room. The guy was nucking futz!

* * * * *

"Ace, my lad, I cannot believe that you still go to the doorway for the Harry and Dick show."

"I never tire of it, really. It's like 'I Love Lucy' reruns, though you've seen them before, you never really grow tired of them."

"It is a guy, Ace, beating his dick against a doorknob."

"And you don't find that fascinating?"

"No, not really."

"Do you beat your dick against the doorknob?"


"Do I beat my dick against the doorknob?"

"I wouldn't put it past you."

"That is not the question."

"No, Ace you don't beat your dick against the doorknob."

"No, nor could I if I tried. My dick is far too short for doorknob beating. I would have to stand on a stool and hold it carefully and just whack the upper part on the doorknob. Here we have a man living just across the hall, with a dick of god knows what proportions, holding it by the base, and twirling it around like a rope while he bangs it on his doorknob over and over again, and you are not even curious enough to get off of your ass and take a look?"

"I've seen it once, Ace. I don't ever have to see it again."

"Well, I for one never tire of seeing it. I'm going out there. I don't want to miss a single minute of the exciting finish."

"Oh, Ace, if only I could get you this excited over Hemingway."

"Maybe you could if he could whack his dick on a doorknob. And don't be so Mister High and Mighty with me, Mister High and Mighty. Whether I did or didn't like Hemingway had nothing to do with why you fell in love with me.. You fell in love with me because I have one of the nicest asses in the tri-state area, which, by the way, happens to be free this evening. I do not find that to be any more noble than going to the hallway to watch a dick whacking.

* * * * *

Because of Tommy, I did miss the wink and the good-bye. Oh, well, he did it about every other day. I could wait. What a dim-witted asshole Harry was. He had no brain. He used all his available oxygen to keep his dick going. Really, it had to be at least eight inches soft. Otherwise he couldn't twirl it. Once I tried twirling mine. It twirled a little (I'm no slouch in the dick department.), but it was definitely not large enough for public twirling.

* * * * *

"You've tried it, haven't you?"

"Tried what?"

"Twirling your dick. I know you. You've tried it."

"Uh, well…."


"Once, but only a couple of twirls, just to see."

"Ace, Harry's dick is a freak of nature. Just let it go. When he dies, they will cut it off and pickle it like they did Napoleon's, so that all posterity will be able to view it."

"They pickled Napoleon's dick?"

"Don't change the subject. We were talking about you twirling your dick."

"They pickled his dick?"


"And just what is wrong with twirling one's dick? I'll bet almost every lad in this dorm has tried it once or twice."

"Well, why don't you ask them? That wouldn't tell them we're gay or anything. 'Oh, by the way, Ronnie, would you like to come down to our room and twirl dicks? First, I could twirl yours, and then you could twirl mine.' Hell, Ace, you could organize a fucking Dick Olympics."

"Yes!! We could have a Dick Olympics. We could have those ribbons around our necks and little gold, silver and bronze dicks hanging from them. I'd have no chance in the distance events, but I bet I'd be a star at weight lifting."

Badpuppy Model - Nick and Tony "You know, Ace, I think you're just crazy enough to do that."

Tommy went back to his reading. When he read, he was simply gone. You could set off a cherry bomb beside him and he wouldn't flinch. I found a rather large dictionary and tied a string around it. Then I laid down on my bed and thought of the blonde hunk I had seen at the campus center last Saturday, and stroked myself very tenderly. When I was good and hard, I stood up and tied the string around my dick. To my surprise, the dictionary did not fall to the floor. My dick was holding up the dictionary! Slowly, and carefully, leaning back, my legs spread wide apart, I shuffled over to Tommy's desk. "Ta da!" He looked up, saw me with my legs spread and the dictionary hanging from my hard dick. He sighed and put his head face-down on the desk. Without raising his head from the desk he said, "Tell me it's not true, Ace. Tell me there is not a dictionary hanging from your dick."

"But, Tommy, look. I bet I could at least place with this dick. Look at this!"

"Oh, Ace…" And then, without looking up, he grabbed hold of my dick and squeezed, and he wouldn't let go.

"Stop it, Tommy, let go. That hurts!"

"Not until you promise me one thing."


"That you will grow up and that you will grow up right now."

"You know I can't promise that."

"Then I have no choice…I have to tear your dick off."


"What, Ace?"

"If I'm going to lose my dick, would you do me a favor?"

"What, Ace?"

"Would you chew it off slowly instead of tearing it off? At least I could enjoy that."

With that he let go, jumped out of his chair, wrestled me to the floor, grabbed my dick again and started chewing on it. Most of me knew that he wasn't serious, but part of me wasn't sure. The dick part of me was the part that wasn't sure.

"Tommy, you are kidding, right?"

"Hell, no, I'm not kidding. You really pissed me off this time, Ace. Prepare to lose your member. Besides, it's not much of a loss anyway."

I tried to get out of his grip, but his teeth were just tight enough around my dick, that every move I made threatened to hurt. I had to lay very still, my dick surrounded by very sharp teeth. I felt like a minnow in the mouth of a barracuda. Not only that, I didn't generally like the rough sex stuff, but this was really turning me on. Slowly Tommy's teeth disappeared and, without a word, he started deep-throating me. All of this sex talk had really turned both of us on, and when he was really horny, there was not a mouth like his anywhere else in the world. He gave slow, sexy blow jobs, moaning and slurping as he tackled the job at hand. There was no doubt when Tommy was sucking your dick, that he was getting at least as much pleasure from the sucking as you were getting from the being sucked. Such an incredible talent. I laid back, spread my legs, closed my eyes and held on for the wonderful ride.

Tommy never just sucked a dick by itself. He had to involve everything in the area, so, his next step was to get my pants off me so he could get to my ass and my balls. I could tell he would try to do this mid-suck and that, if he were to be successful, I would need to assist. He unbuttoned the top of my fly and I lifted my butt off the floor, so he could pull my pants down around my knees, but, there still was the little problem of the underwear. My dick was sticking out of the fly of my underwear, the elastic band still very much in place. I didn't know how he was going to do it, but I knew he would figure out a way to get my underwear off without stopping the sucking. By this time, it was not so much about the pleasure as it was about the challenge of completing this almost unthinkable task. We were both in it now. We were a team. We were the "Sucking Wallendas", performing without a net. The crowds were cheering.

We slowly started to wriggle across the floor. I was so glad no one was there to see it. There I was with my jeans down around my knees, my underwear still on, my hard dick sticking out of the fly, Tommy's body between my legs, his lips planted firmly around the base of my cock…and we were wriggling together across the floor! It was then that I remembered that the door was unlocked. What if somebody, anybody…. At that moment the door swung open and two figures walked in…Steven and Moose! We froze. They froze. After a moment, Steven spoke.

"Well, Moose, we shouldn't be surprised. One never really knows what one will find when one crosses this particular threshold."

"Steven, my love, I think we might be interrupting something here. I don't know what it might be that we are interrupting, but it is obvious that something is definitely being interrupted, and I think we should back out of the room quietly."

"I totally agree. Really guys, this is the very thing that keys were made for. You should be more careful. And just as soon as you've finished whatever that amazing thing is you're doing, I want you to teach Moose and me how to do it."

And then they were gone, leaving us laughing on the floor. Tommy still had my dick in his mouth and his laughter tickled it. This had now become a challenge. No matter how silly it was, we would do this.

Badpuppy Model - Nick and Tony We again started our wriggling, which by now had become uncomfortable. How I had kept my erection during this process was a mystery to me. Perhaps this would be another Olympic event. Finally, we had wriggled close enough to Tommy's desk for him to reach up, open his drawer and grab a pair of scissors. Then with the great pride and satisfaction of one who has overcome great odds to accomplish the impossible, he cut the elastic band of my underwear, pulled my jeans and underwear clear off and threw them across the room, never having let go of my proud, but now very unhappy, dick. With that, he released my sore and reddened member and fell back onto the floor gasping for air. We were both quite exhausted by the ordeal, but being completely in awe of him, I managed a whispered, "My hero."

* * * * *

After about five minutes of heavy breathing, we were able to continue our argument.

"Did you or did you not call me stupid for going to the hallway to watch Harry whack his dick?"

"Well, not exactly in those words, but…."

"And I believe that was right before you attacked me, and then, with my dick in your mouth, scooted us both across the floor to reach for a pair of scissors and cut me free of my underwear."

"Well, no. Actually, it was right before you came shuffling over to my desk holding up a dictionary which was attached to your dick with string, as I remember it."

"Either way, I will ask you kindly not to call me crazy for any reason whatsoever in the future. One who scoots across a room with a dick in his mouth should never be allowed to call anyone else crazy."

"I didn't notice that you struggled."


"I didn't notice that you struggled to get away when we were scooting."

"I was plainly too frightened to struggle."


"Well, my dick was in your mouth, you know…quite deeply, actually, so struggling did not seem to be an least not a viable one."

"You could have asked."

"Asked what?"

"Asked me to let go of your dick as we scooted."

"And you would have replied in the affirmative?"

"Well, probably not. I had a dick in my mouth."

"I rest my case, and if I weren't so tired from all of that goddamned scooting, I would come over there right now and show you just how really upset I am."

"Tell you what. How about I make it up to you?"

"And just how in the world do you plan to do that?"

"Well, I thought I might fuck you."

"That does sound rather nice and it would give my poor tired dick a rest. Promise me something, though."


"You will lock the door."

"For you, my love, anything."

"We can't risk getting caught again by those wretched people from next door. Just let me get out of the rest of my things and grease up the old ass crack and I'll meet you over by the bed."

"I'll be the one standing there naked, winking and smiling."

"But absolutely no scooting. I'm quite scooted out."

* * * * *

This sex would be recreational. Neither one of us was in any mood to make love, but we had made ourselves horny as hell. I couldn't wait to get Tommy inside me and feel him moving in and out of my ass. I grabbed my sex pillow on the way by as I headed for the bed.

"Ah, I see by the pillow that I am to do all the work this evening."

"Considering that you are to have all the pleasure, I see nothing wrong with that."

"And you have no pleasure when I ram you with my pleasure pole?"

I couldn't help it. I had to stop to laugh. Then I went on. "Pleasure pole! You call that a pleasure pole? More like a swizzle stick I should think."

"Well, I've never heard you complain about my swizzling."

"That's because I'm extremely polite and many times yours is the only swizzle available. Now if you'll be so good to let me by…." Tommy grabbed me suddenly and held me tight and gave me one of the best kisses I had had in quite some time. I opened my mouth and his tongue did marvelous things in there. My passion for him came rushing up from somewhere deep and I grabbed him and rubbed my cock and balls against that wonderful body while our tongues entwined. Holy shit it was sexy. And then it was over. I waited a moment to regain my composure. "What the hell was that?"

"Just a little pre-swizzle, my good man. I just wanted to remind you why you have retained me as your chief swizzler."

Badpuppy Model - Nick and Tony "Consider me reminded. Holy shit, can we do that again?"

"Post swizzle, my good man, post swizzle. Now get your ass into bed, and let's get started. I am fairly aching to slam my engorged cock into that beautiful orgasmic chamber you call your ass."

"Well, since you put it that way…." I threw my pillow on the bed and jumped on it, placing it just beneath my ass to give it just the right angle for the forthcoming "swizzle". It was one of those nights when I would just lay there with my head on a pillow while Tommy fucked away to his heart's content. He could fuck for hours when he wanted to, and, if I didn't have to work too hard, I enjoyed it as much as he did. I think I enjoyed having him inside me as much as anything. When I felt him start to build towards his orgasm, I would get into it more and, by the time he was ready to cum, I would be right there with him. Right now I was ready for a nice relaxing fuck.

When I got into just the right comfortable position with my ass thrust up into the air. (I had made sure the door was locked.) Tommy got on the bed with me and started to slowly rim my ass. It was really hard for me to relax while Tommy was rimming me, because the sensations made me want to do anything but relax. But if I was able to, a soothing rimming was my favorite kind. I could just lay there and enjoy Tommy's tongue in my ass, doing all those wonderful things only a tongue can do. And he was making love to me, too. I know I said that this sex was going to be purely recreational, and it would be, but, when you love someone, whatever you do to them expresses that love. No matter what Tommy did to me, his love was always there.

"Oh, god, Tommy. Don't ever stop doing what you're doing now."

"If I don't stop it soon, my tongue will drop off."

"You incurable romantic, you."

"Just shut up and raise your butt about half an inch. I have something for you."

I raised it up, and I don't know what he did or what he did it with, but, holy shit, the feeling that ripped through me was unbelievable. Nothing had ever felt like that before. I collapsed on the bed, panting. When I had recovered, I said, "Tommy, baby, what the hell was that? What did you do?"

"That's my little secret, baby, and, if you're good, I'll do it again some time."

"Oh, yeah, Tommy, I'll be good for that."

"Now let's get on with this fuck. I've been waiting all day for that sexy little ass of yours."

Tommy did everything just the way he knew I liked it. He poured lots of lube over my ass so that it dripped off my balls. I loved that little tickle when it dripped. Then he slowly rubbed it in, every once in awhile letting a finger slip just inside with promises of things to come. When he knew I was so hot I almost couldn't stand it, he moved around in front of me, so I could suck his dick and get him real hard. I really liked that part. I loved sucking Tommy's dick. I loved the feel and the taste of it, and I loved the way he shivered when I licked under his balls. Then, when he was really hard, he would move back around me and he would push his dick inside me real slow. While he was doing that, he always said, "Oh, god, Ace, oh, god, oh god, oh god…" And he would say that until his entire dick was buried deep inside of me. Then he would collapse onto my back and sigh and kiss me anywhere his lips could touch. I liked that too, and sometimes I would beg him to stay there just where he was for as long as he could. I felt safe and warm with his arms wrapped around me and his warm, loving body on top of mine.

Then he would begin to move very slowly. We were in no hurry. Each time we made love this way, it was as though we were discovering each other for the first time. He seemed to experience every possible part of me, and I wanted him to leave no part of me untouched with his wonderful "pleasure pole". I had to laugh again. My body's shaking in silent laughter seemed to cause just the right amount of movement and in just the right places to stimulate a slow build towards a wonderful orgasm for both of us. If you have ever heard "Bolero", then you know how our fucking felt. In fact, when we were sure that it was safe, we would put "Bolero" on the stereo and just fuck to it over and over again.

And then he started to move. I closed my eyes and relaxed and just enjoyed the in and out sensations of my lover inside of me. It felt so good to be loved, and well, it felt so good to be fucked. He was in no hurry tonight, and moaned just a little once in awhile and whispered in my ear, "I love you, Ace". And then he would kiss me on that ear and lick me all around it, causing me to move and causing him to groan just a little more. Tommy didn't know it, but I would silently talk to him while he fucked me. In my mind I would have a running dialog with him.

"Oh, yeah, big boy, right there. Rub right there. No, no, don't move. Do it right there a little longer. That's it. That's it, baby. Now a little to the left and a little harder. Mmmmm, yeah, right there. Now pull out a little farther and give me that nice slow plunge down inside. Oh, yes. Mmmmm, like that. Move it back and forth a little now. Ah, yes, you remembered that I like it there just like that. Now kiss me again on the back, and lick me while you reach around to squeeze my dick and tickle my balls. Not right now? Well, maybe later. Oh! I didn't feel that coming, but it was nice, very nice. Mmmmm, baby. You can fuck me just like that all night long."

I never said anything out loud, because I figured he had one of those going on in his head, too. And then everything would stop, as we prepared to begin our wonderful journey to the explosion at the top of the world. I always knew exactly when he was ready to go. It might be a little shift in angle, or a little more pressure. And then I was ready for the grand pause. Our tempo would begin slowly, very slowly. Then, almost imperceptibly, Tommy's pace would start to quicken. Inevitably I would start hearing "Bolero" in my brain as his thrusts became longer and harder and just a little faster. He let me get used to the rhythm of our "music", and then he would say, "You ready, Ace?"

"Oh, yeah, Tommy, let's go." And off we went into ecstasy. Faster and faster and deeper and deeper did my Tommy go. I loved to hear his heavy breathing and the little sounds he made as his dick hit maybe this or that angle inside me that sent a tingle to his balls. For me it was a steady build. I met every thrust with a hard push back so that he was as deep as he could go as my building orgasm began to take control of my entire body. We had done this many times, but it was somehow always the first time, and always full of wonderful surprises. This one would be one of the good ones. All thoughts were ripped from our minds as we became two wild animals fucking in the wilderness. Our genitals had taken over. Nothing else mattered. There was nothing else but our wild fucking and screaming that echoed off the mountain walls. God, oh god, here it came, more and more and more. Tommy was pounding and making a guttural moaning noise and I was thrusting and feeling and screaming and…. Oh, god!!! One last huge plunge to the bottom of the universe and Tommy grabbed me and pulled me back against his body and held me tight, his dick buried deep, deep within me.…and then it came… the hot, rhythmic pulsating of his erupting cock. Over and over I could feel his throbbing there, and, as I moaned in the intense pleasure, I grabbed my own dick and started beating it as fast and as furiously as I could. Tommy reached around me, with his dick still inside and cupped my balls and kissed me as I shot my amazing load all over the bed beneath me.

Badpuppy Model - Nick and Tony We collapsed together on the bed. We would lay there, silent, still, bodies entwined, arms holding tightly, until the fiery explosion of orgasm had softened to the beautiful, wonderful, overwhelming after-glow of what had been an amazing expression of our love.

* * * * *

"Mmmmmm, Tommy, that was one hell of a swizzle."

"You liked that?"

"You couldn't tell?"

"I could tell. I just like hearing you say that you liked it."



"I liked it."


"You think there are many guys in the dorm tonight?"

"Probably not. It's Saturday. Most of them are out on dates. Ah, Willie, I knew it."

"Knew what, Tommy?"

"'Bolero'…It was playing in your head, too, wasn't it? I could tell."

"Yeah, it was…can we?"

"With the music?"


"Yeah, Ace, I think the old swizzler might be up to it."

"Oh, baby, that's no swizzler you've got there. That's one hell of a pleasure pole. And, Tommy…"

"Yeah, Ace?"

"I'll be the one on the bed, naked, with his ass in the air."

The models in these pictures are Nick and Tony


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