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Bill & Tom, Timmy by Claye Canterwall
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Badpuppy Model - Danny I really don't know where it is written on my body: "Bring Troubles Here!" I just know that it is. There is no other reason why I would attract all of these people with problems that they don't know how to deal with. It's not that I mind so much…I really don't, but I have no special gift for solving problems. I am just this scrawny kid with enough troubles of my own to keep me busy for awhile without taking on all of theirs. And yet, here they come. It's like they take a number outside my dorm room and just stand there until their number is called. I know, I know, I'm feeling sorry for myself. It's a chance to help my fellow man, er boy. It's just, why me? Now that I've said all that, I'll get on with the story. I feel so much more at peace now. Complaining always helps.

Anyway, Timmy was destined to be my next project. I liked Timmy. I was drawn to the little boy look. I refused to think about what that might mean. I just thought that look was cute, that's all. Timmy was also a redhead. I had a weakness for redheads. I also had a weakness for blondes and brunettes and bald guys, but that has nothing to do with this story. He was about five, six and had his hair cut in one of those, "I'm really only sixteen." cuts with the bangs falling down over those green eyes. Pardon me. I have to sit and think for just a bit about the red hair falling over the green eyes and the freckles on the nose and the cute laugh and… Holy shit, that kid was cute. And his ass was perfect. By now you know what I think of asses. I never met an ass I didn't like and his was one of the cutest. It was just a little thing that kind of moved up and down when he walked. I just wanted to reach out and pet it sometimes. I just knew it would curl up and purr. But I stray from my topic. But, he was so damn cute. I said that before, didn't I?

I didn't know if Timmy was gay or not. I know, I know, but it's not really something you just ask a person is it? I mean, if you're with a group of gay guys or in a gay bar or something, I guess it is, but we were in a dorm and we were not openly gay and he was a young-looking cute kid who liked to hang out in our room. I didn't think I could just say, "Hey, kid, that's an incredible ass. You wouldn't happen to be gay would ya? How about your ass? I mean, you could be straight and your ass could be gay, right? I mean, it could happen." No, I didn't think that would be good. Besides, it might scare him away and an ass in the hand is worth two in the bush, you know. Wow! There's way too much in that sentence to think about right now. So I didn't ask. The fantasy was enough.

Anyway, Timmy would come into our room with a book and just plop down on our couch and start reading. Tommy would be at his desk studying and occasionally I would be at my desk doing the same. Those of you who have been around for awhile know about Tommy and the fondling his balls while he studies thing. For those of you who haven't been around for a long time, Tommy takes his dick and balls out and fondles himself while he studies. That's all I'm going to say about that. Anyway, Timmy didn't even seem to notice, even though the angle from where he was sitting was perfect for viewing Tommy's ball fondling. Sometimes Timmy would stay for a couple of hours without even speaking. He would plop, read, and then leave. We didn't really understand it, but it really didn't bother us. Timmy was no trouble. In fact it was kind of like having a friendly puppy around. We missed him when he wasn't on the couch. It was funny, though. We were all about the same age, but because Timmy was so much smaller, he seemed much younger.

Occasionally I would be in the bathroom while Timmy was in there. I have this straight friend who always says, "I don't mind gay guys. I just don't want to stand beside any of them at a urinal." The poor guy has no idea how many times he has stood beside a gay guy at a urinal and the gay guy has absolutely no interest in seeing his dick. Where do people get these ideas? If I want to see a guy's dick, I will simply say, "May I please see your dick?" I must be extremely careful where I say this, you understand. A public urinal would not be one of my first picks. I digress. Anyway, I would notice that, if I stood beside Timmy at the next urinal (not looking at his dick) that he would wait just a little bit and either zip up and leave or move to a stall. One time as I left the bathroom, I saw him sneak back in after I left. I went back to see what he was doing. He was standing at the urinal peeing. I couldn't figure it out. As usual, I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I should have just said, "Hmmmm…." and left it at that. This, however, is me we're talking about. Did I just "hmmm" and go to my room? You bet your sweet ass I didn't.

"Timmy, what's going on?"

Timmy got this guilty look on his face and quickly packed his dick away. He did it so quickly, I was afraid he might get himself caught in his zipper. I winced just in case. He didn't. He turned to face me. "What do mean, 'What's going on'?"

"Okay, Timmy, here it is. When I'm standing beside you at the urinal, you either zip up and leave or go pee in a stall. Sometimes you stand beside me for awhile, but you don't pee. No, I don't look at you, but there are never any tinkling sounds, Timmy. Now you pretend to be finished and you leave and after I leave you sneak back in and you pee. What's up with that?"

"I don't know, Willie."

"You think I'm gay, don't you, Timmy?"

"Well, yeah, Willie, you kiss Tommy good night and stuff."

"When do I kiss Tommy good night and stuff?"

"Sometimes you guys forget I'm there, Willie, you and Tommy, and you do gay things. You don't know you do gay things, but you do."

"Like what gay things?"

"Like kissing each other gay things."

"We kiss each other?"

"All the time."

"Oh. I guess we better watch it, huh?"

"I don't mind."

"Well, that's big of you, Timmy, real big."

"I kind of think it's real neat that you love each other and everything, and I haven't ever told anyone. I like you and Tommy. I don't want anyone not to like you."

"So, you think there's something wrong with being gay, Timmy.?"

"No, I don't think so, Willie. I just know that other people do."

"Are you gay, Timmy?"

"Shit, I don't know, Willie. I'm a virgin. At this point I'd fuck anyone. I'm not sure I'm an anything."

"We really need to talk, Timmy, but not right now. So what about this peeing thing. If you're not afraid that I'm going to grab your pee pee or anything, what's going on?"

"I'm pee shy, Willie."

"You're pee what?

"Pee shy. I can't pee when anyone else is around. I've been that way all of my life. If someone else comes in while I'm trying to pee, my whole system just shuts down, or tenses up, really, and I can't pee anymore. Sometimes, if I go into a stall, I can relax enough to finish up, but not always. If you have to go really bad, it is painful as hell."

This was kind of too much information all at once for me. Timmy knew that Tommy and I were gay because we kissed each other in front of him and we didn't even know that we were kissing each other in front of him. Who the hell else were we kissing each other in front of, the whole fucking school? Timmy did not know if he was straight or gay because he thought you had to fuck someone first to find that out, and he could not pee if someone else was within fifty feet or so. Why me? Couldn't I have a simple problem like standing on a highway and this big Mack truck is bearing down on me real fast and blowing his horn real loud and I don't know if I'm going to make it or not? That I could handle. This not being able to pee thing was way too complicated.

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Badpuppy Model - Danny "And this is called 'pee shy'?"


"And other people have this?"

"I think so, yes."

"And you will have this all of your life?"

"Looks like it."

"This is not a good thing, Timmy."


"Okay, Timmy. Get it out."


"Get your dick out."


"We are going to pee."

"But I just peed."

"We are going to pee again."

"I can't pee again that soon, Willie."

"Okay, how soon will you be able to pee?"

"In about an hour, I guess."

"Good. I'll meet you back here in an hour."

"To pee?"


"Willie, you're nuts."

"I am not nuts. We are going to cure you of this pee shy business."

I gave Timmy a "Dutch rub" on the head and sent him off to his room. He was smiling and so was I. I think we both thought that I would be able to cure him. And no, I had no designs on his cute little body, even though I couldn't help but watch those little cheeks walk down the hall towards his room. This experiment was on the up and up…no pun intended. I would not tell Tommy about this or he would strap me to the bed…and not in a good way.

* * * * *

An hour later, I met Timmy back at the bathroom. We were in luck. No one else was around.

"You ready, Timmy?"


"You know I'm not after your body, right?"

"I trust you, Willie."

"Good. Let's do it."

We both walked over to the urinals. There was, by the way a partition between us. This was not quite as decadent as you were thinking.

"Zipper in hand?"

"Zipper in hand.

"Okay, Timmy, unzip. Dick in hand?"

"Dick in hand."

"Okay, let's go. We'll stand here until you can do it, okay, Timmy? You let me know how things are going.

So we stood there.

"Is it better if I talk or keep quiet?"

"I think it's better if we don't say anything."

So we stood there in silence waiting to hear the little tinkle in Timmy's urinal. We stood there for quite some time. I looked over at Tim. His face was red. I thought he was going to pass out.

"You okay, Timmy?"

"Not really."

"You need to stop?"

"Yeah. I think so."

"Okay. You think you can pee in a stall?"

"I'll try."

So he did and soon I could hear the sweet sound of success. He came out looking relieved.

"I told you."

"Told me what, Timmy?"

"I think I'm going to be like this forever."

"Come on, Timmy, we can beat this thing."

And then Timmy laughed really hard.

"You know what I mean."

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Badpuppy Model - Danny "Can we go hang out in your room, Willie?"

"You have to promise not to say anything about this to Tommy."

"Okay. I promise."

"And, Timmy…"

"Yeah, Willie?"

"Every time you see Tommy and I kiss, even a little kiss, snap your fingers. I gotta know when we're doing this kissing stuff. It could get us into trouble."

"Okay, Willie."

"And, Timmy?"

"Yeah, Willie?"

"We are not done with this piss and no piss thing. I can cure you."

He just laughed and kissed me on the cheek. I didn't want to tell him right then, but, he didn't have to wait to fuck someone…he was gay.

* * * * *

I know this sounds really silly, but this pee thing was a real problem for Timmy. He didn't want to go to ball games or plays or anywhere where he might have to use a public rest room. He felt funny about going into the stall and, if he stood at a urinal, most of the time he just couldn't do it. What sounds funny to us was depressing as hell to him. We practiced a lot. I don't know how much time we spent standing in that bathroom with our dicks out, but I can tell you that we were pretty comfortable with each other after a couple of weeks. Finally, it began to work. I guess it finally just got real boring and he figured he might as well get it over with. He got so he could pee on a pretty consistent basis with me. To my credit, I made absolutely no moves on the young man who had no idea whether he was gay or not but was just as cute and gay as hell.

Next he practiced by going into the bathroom periodically to see if anyone was in there. If someone was using a urinal, he would go stand beside the guy, strike up a conversation and try to pee. He got really good at this. In fact the guys probably wondered if the poor kid had some sort of bladder condition. Then he tried going in at a busy time and peed with a guy on each side. We went out for ice cream that night. It was a real celebration. I know it was sick, but we decided that we should have lemon ice cream in honor of our recent victory. It was now time for Timmy's big test. Timmy would go to the homecoming game on Saturday afternoon and he would go into the bathroom and pee at halftime. When I dropped this bomb, he dropped his spoon into his lemon ice cream. His face became pale…er. He began to sweat.

"The bathroom at the field? No, Willie, not the bathroom at the field."

"But, Timmy, then we'll know you're cured. You'll never have to worry again."

"But there must be twelve urinals in a row at the field."

"Fifteen. I counted."

Timmy gasped. I just patted him on the back and said, "You can do it, big boy. I know you can do it."

* * * * *

Now what to do about Tommy? Tommy was getting more and more upset with me when I would go into one of my "Good Samaritan" modes. He would tell me how I was in school to get an education and I didn't study enough anyway and I hardly knew these people that I was getting involved with. He would go on and on and I would let him, because he always felt better afterwards. I had no intention of changing. Helping people was my hobby. It was interesting. I really think it was selfish on my part. I got this wonderful high after I had helped someone. I'd hate to think that I was a "Samaritan" addict, but I just might have been. Besides, I may not have known these people very well when these things started, but by the time they were finished, I always had a new friend. And, you know, I always liked them. There's something about having a really serious problem that brings out the best in people. Even when someone seems to be a real asshole on the surface, if you can just get down far enough, well, you always find someone who's interesting. Wait a minute. I take that back. I have found complete assholes a couple of times, but no one strikes gold %100 of the time. I figure it's worth the risk.

"Hey, Ace."

"Yeah, Tommy?"

"My Dad called and wants Steve and I to come home this weekend for my cousin Maggie's wedding. You want to come?"

"Would that be the cousin known to one and all as Skaggie Maggie?"

"The very one."

"Oh, gee, I think I'll pass."

"You'll miss out. Maggie's got some really slutty friends."

"Sluttier than you?"

Badpuppy Model - Danny "Well, no."

"Then, why bother. I know when I've found the best."


"I love it when you talk dirty."

"No, really, Ace, you want to come?"

"And have you spend the whole week end not being my lover? I don't think so. I'll just stay here in the room and languish."

"That's what I'm worried about. Just be careful who you languish with. The last guy used all my after shave."

"I bought you new after shave, didn't I."

"You bought me Aqua Velva. That stuff is colored turpentine."

"You are so high maintenance."

"I just want to know if I should lock up my stuff or not."

"Yes, because I'm certainly not going to lock up mine."

"Just remember, condoms are a boy's best friend."

"Taking a shower in a raincoat never bothered me a bit."

And with that he grabbed me, threw me down and the bed and had his way with me. Well, actually he had three ways with me and the second way was by far the best. I was ecstatic because the "Homecoming Experiment" was definitely a go.

* * * * *

"This is really stupid, Willie."

"Nonsense. The worst possibility is that you'll see a rotten football game, and you might come out of this a new man."

"It's not going to work."

"Being negative will get you nowhere."

"Fifteen urinals, Willie."


"In a row."


"Nothing in between but air."


"I can't do it."

"Put on your hat, button up your coat and let's go, Timmy."

I had begun to think of Timmy as my little brother. I really had. He was so innocent. I wondered how he had got this far in life. He must have had two dozen guardian angels over the years. I figured the half-life of a Timmy guardian angel was not long. We walked along with the crowd towards the game. Timmy had his hat pulled down over his eyes and had the biggest coat on I had ever seen.

"Timmy, you don't have to hide. Nobody knows."

"I feel like everybody knows."

"It's not that big a deal."

"Oh, yeah, you're not the one who's gonna have his dick out pointing at a urinal for like two hours."

"I'll be right there with you, Timmy."

"Yeah? For how long? You'll probably just piss and leave, and that six foot five tough guy who takes your place is gonna think it's real strange that I've been standing there for ten minutes."

"Timmy, you have been peeing freely now for two weeks. You got nothing to worry about. This is just your, well, your driver's test. After this, you can tear up your learner's permit."

"Willie, did I ever tell you that I know how to shoot a gun?"


"Well, I do and if you ever tell this to anyone, and I mean anyone, Willie, I will be forced to shoot you. In fact, I may be forced to shoot you first just to keep you quiet."

"Like I'm gonna tell someone that I spent an entire month of my life helping a guy learn how to pee. Believe me, Timmy, Tommy isn't even gonna hear about this one."

We had arrived at the stadium and had to find our seats. They weren't bad seats. Well, they weren't the greatest, but, hell, we weren't there to see the game. We were there to change a man's life! Besides, our team was 0-8. They would have to field a team of second grade girls for us to have a chance. My plan was to get Timmy a large drink about every fifteen minutes so that he'd be good and ready by half-time. If he was gonna do it, it was gonna be worth his while.

"Shit, Willie, how many of these things I gotta drink?"

"I don't know. How much longer we got in this half?"

"Could you at least change the flavor?"

"Bitch, bitch, bitch."

Badpuppy Model - Danny Nobody has ever been more up-tight than Timmy was during that first half. He was literally buried in that hat and coat. The coat couldn't have been his. He was lost in it. I felt like I was sitting beside this great slurping gray beast. Once in awhile I would pat him on the back to try to help him relax.

"If you pat me on the back one more time, I'm going to come out of here and beat the shit out of you in front of all of these people."

Needless to say, I stopped patting…and started laughing.

"Oh, sure, Willie, go ahead and laugh. You have filled me up with the most god-awful soda known to man and there's not a chance in hell that the cork in my bladder is going to give at half-time. Promise me, Willie. Promise me that we can leave as soon as this ridiculous experiment is over and that we can hit the first big group of bushes we see. I'm gonna blow up here."

* * * * *

And then there it was…half-time. I know praying over something like this is probably not allowed, but I prayed. I prayed that Timmy would pee in great abundance no matter who was beside him. "Just stare at the wall," I told him, "and think of something pleasant." "I will." He had said. "I will think of blowing your head off with my father's favorite pistol." I detected a bit of hostility, but I knew he would get over it. He liked me really.

"Okay, Timmy, it's show time. Remember, all you have to do is unbutton your coat, unzip your pants, pull out your weenie, and pee. With that coat and that hat, no one in the world is gonna know who you are. You'll just be some gray thing standing at the next urinal. Besides, peeing is not a big thing to most guys. They just go in, pee, and leave. They won't even notice you."

"Unless, I faint. If the gray thing is laying on the floor with it's dick out, they might notice."

"Nah, they'll just step over you. I'd have the coat cleaned, though, if I were you."

All the time we were talking, the bathroom was filling up with guys. The smell was not wonderful and there was all that echoing noise of paper towel dispensers being pulled down and urinals being flushed. Men's bathrooms are really smelly, noisy places. It's like when you go in there, you have to be more manly than you are anywhere else. After all, you are at your most vulnerable with your dick in your hand and your back to the world. Thank God we don't have to put a leg up on the urinal. What a mess that would be.

We went in slowly. I almost wanted to hold Timmy's hand like you would a little boy's, but I knew right away that that wasn't gonna work. So we walked in slowly alone and stood against the wall to wait our turn. We would wait for two urinals to open up side by side and then make our move. Our chance came and we maneuvered in. We made no sounds ourselves, but the sounds of the dispensers and flushing seemed to disappear as I strained to hear Timmy's tinkle. Nothing. Come on, Timmy. You can do it. Relax. Breathe. Let her go! We had been standing there for what seemed like forever and I was about to declare the experiment a failure, when I heard a huge sigh come out of Timmy's mouth. I couldn't help myself and hoped no one was watching. I looked down, right at Timmy's dick and there it was. Timmy was peeing! At urinal number eight out of fifteen, Timmy was peeing away. I nearly cried, but then remembered where I was and quickly stopped looking. Who knew who was watching me?

Timmy and I nonchalantly zipped up, flushed, washed our hands and left the bath room. We buttoned our coats and walked at a normal pace out of the stands and into the street that would lead us towards the dorms. Nothing was said, but there was a thick clump of bushes off to our right. We both headed for them at the same time. When we got behind them, we yelled and hugged and jumped up and down and Timmy cried a little. Then we walked slowly out of the bushes and on down the street towards the dorm. I couldn't help myself. I held his hand.

"You know, Willie, as stupid as that would sound to anyone else, I feel like my life has been changed."

"Sometimes it's the really stupid problems that get the best of us, you know?"

"I will never, ever be able to tell anyone of the day I conquered my problem of not being able to pee in public, or how my friend Willie helped me learn to pee."

"Keep that thought, Timmy. I don't want to be known as the guy who helped Timmy Mason pee. I really do aspire to higher goals. Not that I think this was not a worthy project. It's just not something I plan to list on my resume."


"It was important to me. I know we made kind of a joke out of it, but it really was important."

"I know it was, Timmy, and I know it wasn't easy for you. I'm proud of you."



"Can I stay here tonight?"

"Well, sure, I guess so, Timmy. Tommy won't be back until late tomorrow. No problem."

"I think I'm ready."

"Ready for what?

"To find out about….."

"You sure?"

"Pretty sure."

"You're not just grateful?"

"No, and I know you're taken. I trust you, Willie, and I want to know. And you sure are cute."

"Right back at you, Timmy."

"You think I'm cute, Willie?"

"As a button, my friend."

"Is that a compliment?"

"It is in my book."

"And Tommy wont' mind?"

"Not a bit."

"Okay. Want to go to Esther's for dinner?"

"Yeah, but you know that if Esther sees you with me, you'll be one of her boys whether you want to or not."

"That's fine by me."

* * * * *

Badpuppy Model - Danny After dinner we came back to the room. It was about 6:30. We were both reading. Timmy was on the couch in his usual place. I was laying on my bed.


"Yeah, Timmy."

"We gotta wait?"

"Nope. Any time you're ready."

"I'm ready."



"I'm scared."

"Nothing to be scared about, Timmy. This'll be much easier than peeing at the homecoming game. First of all, I don't care what we do. You will be in charge of that completely. You won't be my first first-timer. I'll have fun, 'cause I think you're one foxy guy, but I don't have anything specific in mind. You tell me what you want to try, and we'll try it. I don't recommend anything too heavy this time…probably just some fun touching and stuff like that."

"I'm glad to hear you say that, Willie. Okay, let's go."

"Lights on or off?"

"How about candles. I brought some. I do want my first time to be kind of romantic, if you don't mind."

"Why, Timmy, you foxy lad you. That's great."

So, Timmy put out the candles and lit them. The room took on a different feel. I was glad he had thought to do that and ashamed of myself for not thinking of it. I really did know in the back of my mind that this was going to happen. Timmy and I had grown really close and I knew he needed to find out some things, and in a safe place. A little romance wouldn't hurt one bit. He came and stood by the bed.

"Undress me, Willie."

God, was he cute. He was perfect, and somehow had grown older in the candle light. I no longer saw him as a little boy, but as the eighteen year old he really was. The hair over the green eyes, the turned up nose with the freckles, the warm and wonderful smile, were all there. And now I would know more. I unbuttoned his shirt slowly, looking into the green eyes. He was nervous and shaking just a little bit. I reached out and squeezed his hand to reassure him. It seemed to help. When his shirt dropped to the floor, I was amazed. The alabaster skin was stretched over a muscular chest. I hadn't expected this. It was beautiful and I reached out and touched one of his light brown nipples. He sighed and looked down at me and smiled. I melted. I took his right hand, kissed it and sucked his index finger, slowly and sweetly into my mouth. There was something stirring in his pants…in mine too.

I unzipped his pants and he drew away a little. I didn't pull him back, but waited until he was ready. He moved forward. I continued to remove his pants. He was wearing white briefs which were quite tented by now. I was a little disappointed because I had wanted to touch his penis while it was still soft. I loved to hold a soft penis as it hardened in my hand. I would do that later. I looked to him for permission to remove the briefs. He nodded, and I did. What a beautiful dick. It was big for someone so slight of build. It was about eight inches I would guess, and so pale. I'm blonde and have one of those really pale cocks, but this one was almost white, with a beautiful big red head on it. Pre-cum was already moistening the tip. I bent forward and tasted it with the tip of my tongue. As I pulled back, a string of pre-cum stretched from my lips to the end of his penis. He reached down with a finger, taking it to his own lips to taste. He would be the kind of lover I hoped he would be…soft, kind, sweet, and sexy as hell.

Now it was my turn. I was surprised as he took the initiative to pull me to my feet. He kissed me. It wasn't what I expected. I had expected maybe a little peck on the cheek or a light kiss on the lips. But this…this was a full kiss on the mouth with a tongue thrust slowly inside in such a sensuous way that I was caught off guard and nearly had to sit down.

"Timmy, you sexy thing, you."

Timmy just giggled and kissed me again, running his hand over my hard penis, still inside my pants. Maybe Timmy was a virgin, but he had definitely seen some pictures somewhere, because he then knelt down in front of me and pulled my zipper down with his teeth.

"Timmy, are you sure you're not some sort of crazed sex maniac, pretending to be this innocent young inexperienced…"

And I was stopped mid-sentence by a mouth so searching and so loving that I needed all of my breath for the gasp that was coming out of my mouth. Timmy was giving me what was probably the best blow job of my young life. It was slow, and sensuous and ravenous. He was plain hungry for my cock and would not stop until he had been satiated. On and on did this boy suck and more and more did I squirm and gyrate and moan. Finally I had to stop him. I pulled my dick from his mouth and took his chin in my hand.

"First of all, yes, you're goddamn gay. You might be the best goddamn gay guy I have ever met and shame on you for keeping those lips to yourself when you knew I lived right down the hall. Secondly, if you're a virgin, I'm King Tut. You have to learn those moves, buddy boy, and you graduated number one in your class. So, before we go any further, fess up."

"Okay, I've been gay for as long as I can remember. I think you and Tommy are as sexy as hell. I have wanted to climb in bed with either one of you or both of you together since the first time I saw you guys, and here I am. I have just had one of the most beautiful dicks I can remember in my mouth and if you'd just shut up for a minute, I could bring you off in a way that you'll never forget."

"Okay, with a blow job like that, all is forgiven, but I've gotta know about the peeing thing. Was that all a lie? Tell me the truth, Timmy."

"No, Willie, it wasn't a lie. I knew that I would get you into bed some time this year. I knew by the way you looked at me in the hall that it wouldn't be a really big challenge. I didn't need to invent something to get to you. The pee shy thing was real. I'm not that big an asshole. I wouldn't have put you through all of that. I wouldn't have put me through all of that. Standing at a urinal with my dick in my hand is not my idea of fun. I would have just looked at you and said, "This is bull shit. I want to suck your dick." The problem was all real. And you know, it seems crazy, but I could have gone right down that row of urinals this afternoon and blown each one of those guys. I just couldn't pee in front of them."

"Okay. I can forgive the 'Oh, gosh and golly, Willie, I don't really know whether I'm straight or gay.' thing. But, I don't think I could forgive you, if that whole pee shy thing was a fake."

"Scout's honor, Willie."

Well, I wasn't' about to question Scout's honor, especially with my hard dick out and the best mouth west of the Mississippi not three inches away from it.

"Just let me get out of the rest of these clothes, and we can get back to that amazing thing you were doing with your tongue there just above my left nut."

And he did. It was so good and so wonderful and I was so horny and…wham! He saw, he conquered, and I came…in buckets. If there was ever payment for a kind favor done, this was it. I wondered what other problems he could be having that I could help him out with. As soon as that wonderful warm feeling thing that goes through your body after you come had started to die down just a little bit, and his mouth was sliding slowly off my softening dick and I was able to open my eyes again, I attacked the little liar. I picked him up off the floor and held him over my head and just licked the hell out of that tiny little ass of his. Cute, cute, cute. It was just a little thing with the cutest little cheeks and the sweetest little red pucker there inside. Mmmmmmm. Then I laid him down on the bed and attacked that eight inch alabaster monster pulsating in the breeze.

"Hey, aren't you even going to kiss me?"

"Kiss yourself, bright eyes, I got me a dick to eat."

Badpuppy Model - Danny It tasted so good and he writhed just right. We were both enjoying the hell out of this. I couldn't wait for Tom to get home, so we could enjoy the hell out of this together. Talk about a tiger in the bed. This baby was all over everything all at once. There wasn't a sphincter of mine that was safe. There was a tongue or a dick or a finger everywhere there was an opening.

"Fuck me, Willie."

"I'm a bottom, Timmy."

"Bottoms can fuck. Fuck me. Your dick gets hard. My ass opens up. Just do it. I want you to fuck me. Then I'll fuck you. Deal?"

"Well, since you put it that way."

He rolled over on the bed and stuck that cute little ass of the century right straight up in the air. With an ass like that in front of me, I was suddenly a raging top. I must have poured an entire bottle of lube on that baby and then I just plunged my happy dick as far in as it would go. There was no sign of pain from my little friend. Instead a loud, "Yes, yes, yes! Do it, Willie." I needed no second invitation. I fucked that little sucker as hard as I could until I couldn't hold back any longer. My whole body had become my dick. I could feel nothing else, but the endless wonderful pounding in and out of the ass of my dreams.

"I'm gonna cum, Timmy."

"Come on, then, Willie. I'll take all you can give me."

And from somewhere, somehow, that little sucker clamped down on my dick with such force that I had an orgasm that sent me into orbit. Wherever that came from, it was a place that no one else has muscles. From inside, he grabbed my dick and held it and moved and just pulled the cum right out of me. My balls screamed in ecstasy. Well, as a matter of fact, all of me screamed in ecstasy, and I fell on top of Timmy, completely spent and in some sort of unimaginable state of post orgasmic bliss. I couldn't move. The feeling of that tiny butt under me was wonderful. Finally we had to move.

"Well, Willie, you sure can fuck, baby. You can fuck me anytime. Holy shit. I haven't come like that in a long time."

"Same to you, my formerly innocent young friend. You've got something in there that you really need to patent before someone else finds out what it is."

"You ready to be the fuckee?"

"Not right yet, Timmy, my little flower. I need a bit of a rest. How about we set the alarm for twelve and get up and see if I can return that wonderful little favor you just did for me?"

"Sounds like a plan."

He started to climb in Tommy's bed.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To bed."

"You don't think I've been watching that little ass trot down the hall for a whole semester and now it's naked and in my room and I'm going to let it put it's little self in another bed, do you?"


"You're damn right, no. Now get your wonderful little muscular white-assed little body in here. I intend to hold you tighter than anyone ever held you and to wrap my legs around you and rest my tired, yet satisfied dick right in that pretty crack of yours and sleep like a baby."

And we did. The twelve o'clock action was not to be believed, but we'll leave that for another time. I had thought that Timmy was giving me the chance to be the one to take his innocence. Why did I have the feeling that instead, he had taken mine?

The model in these pictures is Danny

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