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Bill & Tom 14, Val by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Max Val looked like a beautiful, sleek serpent. I'm not kidding. I didn't really notice until the student dance program, but afterwards, I couldn't look at him without the vision of a dark, dangerous, but oh so virile cobra taking over my mind. It gave me shivers…in a good way. I met Val through Randy. They weren't best friends, exactly, but…well, we all sort of knew each other, you know? I don't know what it was, but you could just kind of tell if a guy was or wasn't. It was like a fraternity of some kind and I was just crazy about the handshake! Val and Randy had met in dance class. The track coach made all of his team take dance. He said it made them better athletes…something about their rhythm and timing and stuff.

The dance department didn't have room in the regular dance classes for about 40 jocks dancing with great big frowns on their faces, so they formed a special class for them. The only conditions were to be that no one could watch them and that they didn't have to wear tights. Randy said that he didn't know where they got the idea that dance majors ran around in tights all the time, but that the professors acted like they were making this big concession by letting the track guys wear sweats or gym uniforms to dance in. Anyway, they needed dancers to help teach the class, and Randy signed on to help. He didn't want to sign on to help, but the guys didn't want to be assisted by girls and there weren't that many men in the dance program. Randy kind of got the job by default.

There were probably other gay guys on the track team…the law of averages and all, but Randy wasn't really looking for any. He had all he could handle with his dance program and wasn't interested in forming any relationships. Besides, I told him that if he ever got to the place where he thought he could handle a little something extra, to call me and I'd be right over. It was our running gag, and sometimes, to my great delight, he took me up on it. Anyway, there he was. Randy said that from the moment Val stepped onto the dance floor, he couldn't take his eyes off him. Val was half Egyptian, and nobody really cared what the other half was. His skin glowed. It really did.

I saw him once in the dance class. (Randy hid me out in a supply room where I could watch.) It was kind of dark in the old building with just a small amount of light coming through a window in the corner of the room, and this god was standing in the light. You know how sometimes you can actually see the rays of light? It was like that, and his skin glowed. I couldn't believe it. He was very dark, but he had this amber sheen. I was mesmerized. And when he started to move…. I wanted to run out onto the floor naked, drop to my knees, and offer myself to him as a virgin sacrifice or something. Well, it was too late for that, but you get my drift. He made you think of sand dunes and pyramids and camels and pharaohs and fucking under palm trees by a pool on the oasis… That was my favorite part, the fucking under the palm trees by a pool on the oasis. As a matter of fact you could just chuck the palm trees and the pool and the oasis thing as long as you held on to the fucking part. My, my, how I hankered for that sweet Egyptian stud.

Randy said that Val had a gift for dance, but no interest, really. It wasn't that he didn't like to dance, but he was really into his sport and really wanted to try for the Olympics. Of course, that meant that he had to be incredibly careful about hiding his sexuality. He was a high jumper and didn't really mind taking dance because the connection between doing the leaps in dance and his high jumping was pretty obvious to him. One day Randy had been helping the track guys individually with one of the steps. The profs had demanded that, even though they didn't have to perform in a program, the guys learn three different types of dances to receive an A, and a lot of them had grade point averages that they wanted to keep high. Randy had watched Val dance and saw the potential. He told Val that he thought he could make a great dancer, and began helping him with a particular step . Their eyes met, for a little too long, I guess, and they knew. The funny thing was that they both knew that they knew and they didn't have to say anything to one another. From that point on, they just took it for granted. They didn't all of a sudden become these great buddies or anything, but they did start saying hello to one another and enjoying eye contact. There is something very sexual about eye contact when you know that there is something very sexual about eye contact. There are guys with whom I can make eye contact and nothing happens, and then there are guys…well, this chill goes through my body and ends up at the tip of my dick. I could be just walking down the sidewalk and we are passing and our eyes meet, and we say hello, and we know, and for just that instant, we are mentally fucking the shit out of each other. It's over so fast, but it can make a morning very special.

Anyway, it was only a matter of time. Val was being so careful that he had almost no contact with anyone gay and absolutely none with anyone on campus. One day he was slow leaving class. Just he and Randy were left in the studio.

Badpuppy Model - Max "You got a class next hour, Randy?"


Then he had just nodded his head towards the changing rooms.


"I think so."

That was it. They had gone in there and stripped. Randy said that Val's body was absolutely perfect. He said that Val's dick was even bigger than his, and that when he saw it, he just had to have it. He said that he had never lost it so fast in all his life. This made me a little sad, because, well, you know, the back of the truck and all. He said he was down on his knees and…then stopped cold. He was going to enjoy it before it enjoyed him. It was so dark and so big and was just growing so nicely and the balls were churning so beautifully in nearly black sacs and he just lost it. He pulled Val's dick to his cheek and held it there, hugging it and loving it at the same time. He ran it all over his face, licking it when it brushed over his lips. He closed his eyes as he did it. Val spread his legs and sighed and just sort of tensed and relaxed at the same time, letting Randy do anything he wanted to him. Finally Randy slowly inhaled Val's huge dick, gripping his ass with both hands and pulling him close. Val began to move, fucking Randy's welcoming mouth slowly. Both were groaning softly and once in awhile, Randy's mouth would open with a slurping sound as he took in a needed breath before moving once again down Val's beautiful golden shaft.

This went on for about ten minutes, with Randy never really getting his fill of Val's beautiful organ, but Val needed his turn also. He pulled Randy slowly to his feet, with Randy licking Val's muscled body all the way up. Their lips met…just their lips. They stood motionless, their bodies melding together perfectly in sweet, hot lust. They kissed, tongues entwining, tasting, feeling. Val slipped silently down Randy's body finding Randy's hard penis waiting for him. First he wrapped his fist around the waiting organ, squeezing it tightly, and causing Randy to let out a low, guttural moan. Then, releasing his grip, he began to stroke the rigid shaft of Randy's organ as he licked its tip with his tongue and toyed with it playfully with his thick, full lips. Randy was at the point of screaming in sexual anticipation when Val suddenly plunged to the base of his penis, the intensity causing Randy to collapse, clinging to Val's shoulders to keep from falling to the floor. Val steadied him and pushed him back to a standing position as he looked up with those smoldering black eyes. The eyes seemed to laugh playfully at Randy as the warm lips continued to work their magic. Up and down, up and down went those wonderful hot lips until Randy could stand no more.

"Val, I think I'm going to come." he whispered. Val just looked up at him with those beautiful eyes, winked, and plunged one last wonderful time to the bottom of Randy's ready shaft.

And, oh how he did come. Over and over and over Randy shot into Val's beautiful mouth, so much so that thick white semen was slowly running from the corners of Val's mouth down to his chin and dripping to the cold cement floor. Val was motionless for just a moment, savoring the taste and smell of Randy's orgasm. Then he tenderly cleaned off the end of Randy's penis with his soft lips. Randy groaned again. The feeling was so intense in his balls that he almost doubled over again in sweet agony. Val stood and kissed him tenderly, the semen lubricating the urgently passionate kiss. Softly into Randy's ear Val whispered, "Your turn, my love. I'm hard, I'm hot, I'm ready, and I'm saving something I know you'll love, just for you."

Badpuppy Model - Max And it was Randy's turn to deliver the ultimate pleasure. The huge hard amber penis was more wonderful than he could have hoped for, and he moved quickly up and down the dark, beautiful shaft, reaching around to caress Val's ass crack as he did so. Val began to moan ever so softly, careful not to give away their presence in the damp, musky changing room. Quietly and eagerly Val gave himself to the wonderful feelings, writhing slowly as his penis enjoyed the ministrations of Randy's hot mouth. Randy clamped harder now, his mouth quickening the pace as he sensed Val nearing the point of no return. He cupped Val's balls, pulling slightly, feeling Val's body tense in expectation. Then came the moment of complete silence as Val's entire body became completely rigid, readying itself for the wonderful feelings that were to follow. A quiet moan, followed by a violent thrust and volley after volley of rich hot cum filled Randy's mouth and ran down his throat, as he continued to suck until Val was able to give no more.. He held the sweet penis in his mouth, enjoying the wonderful feeling as it slowly softened there. It had been unbelievable.

Again in near silence they quickly cleaned themselves and dressed. They embraced with one final very long and passionate kiss, their eyes closed, their bodies touching, their tongues entwining for one last taste of their lustful desire. Then Val was gone. Randy left a few moments later.

It would be nice to think that this was the start of a wonderful romance for Val and Randy, but that wasn't to be the case. They became casual friends in the dance class, making sure that their relationship appeared to be nothing more than that, and would make their way to the back of the changing room whenever conditions were just right. Val would depend on Randy to know when all was safe and would watch for his signal, a touch above the right eye. It was then that they would meet and make love, always in near silence. They had both accepted it for what it was. It was good and it was enough.

Randy had decided to enter the dance department's yearly choreography competition. It was unusual for a freshman to enter, but he said he didn't care about winning. He was out to get all the experience he could and this was one way to do that. If he was embarrassed in competition with all of those upper classmen, well, he could take it. I couldn't imagine Randy every being embarrassed where any part of dance was concerned and began to share his excitement as he would talk about how his project was progressing. No one could see the work before the actual performance, though I thought it was unfair that I should not be allowed, since Randy had talked so much about it that I thought I might have choreographed the damn thing myself. But, no, not even I would be an exception.

"Tommy, you going to the dance competition with me tonight?"

"When piglets fly, Ace."

"But I had assumed you were gay, Thomas."

"Well, actually I am, but I just can't seem to stand watching thirty skinny girls in tutus hopping around a stage on their toes pretending to be fucking swans."

"How is it possible that you, a gay man, are not fond of the dance? I had thought that all of you gay fellows were into the dance."

"Why, no actually. A couple of us are hair dressers. I even met a gay plumber once, but he was just confused."

"Handling all those great big hard pipes, no doubt."

"Mmmm, no doubt. Finally, we dropped him off in a wicker basket in front of a rather large Southern Baptist Church. We haven't seen him since."

"Cured him?"

"Don't know really. Nice fellow. Lovely ass. Saw a bit of it every time he bent down to fix a pipe. Such a waste, don't you know."

"So, you won't go to the dance performance with me?"

"'Fraid not."

"Did I mention that Val would be dancing?."

"The Egyptian, high jumping, big dicked, track team fellow? Only thirty, maybe forty times."

"And you won't reconsider? Dark, sinewy, very little clothing…."

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Badpuppy Model - Max "Hmmm, well, it wouldn't be like I was going to actually watch someone dance, now would it?"

"Well, no, no, not exactly. Actually, not at all."

"I'd be going to see a high jumping, big dicked track team Egyptian hottie in tights."


"I don't suppose they might be tight tights?"

"The tightest."

"You're sure?"

"Quite sure."

"Just let me get my coat."


Needless to say, people were not breaking the doors down to get in. It was a dance program, for god's sake, and a student program at that. Most of the people there were the friends and parents of the dancers and the choreographers and there were only so many of those who lived close to campus. Val had told all of his friends that he was dancing only because it was the only way he could get an A in dance class and that, if any of them came to see him, he would personally punch them out. Val was a man of his word, and besides, most of them wouldn't be caught dead at a dance program anyway. Tommy and I made ourselves comfortable in the back row of the auditorium. Most of the rest of the small audience filled the front seats, with a few others scattered here and there throughout the rest of the auditorium. Randy's piece was number nine out of ten on the program and by the time it was his turn, Tommy had bravely overcome his urge to run screaming from the building and had fallen peacefully asleep. I didn't mind the dancing so much and kind of enjoyed seeing the different concepts that the students put forth in their compositions. I wondered if that meant I was gayer than Tommy. We'd discuss that later, over cock tales. When it was time for Randy's number, I jabbed Tommy with an elbow just to make sure he was awake. He wasn't, and was pissed.

"You could have tapped me on the shoulder, asshole."

"What fun would that have been?"

"Eat shit and die."

"Stop trying to be sweet and pay attention. Randy's number is coming up."

The music started with a loud, throbbing, primitive drumbeat and with dancers in what appeared to be Egyptian peasant costumes undulating to the rhythmic music. I say that they were in Egyptian peasant costumes only because they appeared to be peasants and I knew that the number would be Egyptian. I really didn't know what the hell an Egyptian peasant should look like, but I was really into undulating no matter who was doing it. Suddenly, and over all of the maybe and maybe not Egyptian undulating peasants, this unbelievable figure came flying on to the stage, soaring about ten feet over the und…the dancing peasants. His legs were spread wide and he appeared to just hang in the air over the other dancers for like days. His face was made up like all of the pictures you have seen of ancient Egyptian warriors with the dark, menacing eyes and he had one of those golden snakes, with its body wound around and looking at us with pure evil over Val's beautiful forehead. I had never seen anything quite like it. I gasped out loud as I took him in. Those eyes. In the moment I could actually believe that Val was the snake.

"Holy shit!!!"


"But look at him!"

"I see him."

"He's beautiful! Holy shit.!'

"Calm down, Ace."

"Don't talk to me. I'm calm. It's my dick you need to talk to. I don't think I can hold him down! Holy fucking shit.!"

As Val had sprung onto the stage, my dick had sprung to life, straining to get its own look at this amazing creature. He was beautiful. And the more he danced, and the faster and louder the music, the more my dick needed to come out and join the dance. I had never seen anything so primitively sexual in my life and I was totally swept up in it. It was then that something touched my now aching dick. It was Tommy's hand, unzipping my pants right there in the auditorium! I couldn't believe it, but I didn't try to stop him. I was mesmerized by the dancing orgasm there on the stage, and I knew I wanted what Tommy had to give. He reached inside my pants and began to squeeze my dick, not gently, but roughly and hard like the pounding music. I just leaned back in my seat groaning and writhing and letting him do what he wanted to do…what I needed him to do. He was fucking beating me off in the dance auditorium, while I watched an Egyptian god slash and whirl and leap around the stage dressed in, well, nothing really. Faster and faster Val danced and harder and harder Tom beat until, just at the end of the piece with Val's final jump, I came, screaming and shooting cum all over myself and the seat in front of me. Then I collapsed, exhausted in my seat.

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Badpuppy Model - Max During the applause and the bows, I quickly cleaned myself up with a handkerchief and stuffed my very own Egyptian dancer back into my pants. My dick may not have had great choreography, but there was no denying that its performance had ended in a great climax! Tommy was laughing his ass off, but it had been worth it. I had had unbelievable sex with Val as he danced. He would never know, but it had been truly wonderful. Tommy just leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "No wonder you like to come to these things, Ace. Who knew they could be so interactive?" He smiled and snickered through the whole last number, while I just closed my eyes and rubbed my happy dick, while several lovely swans danced to their sweet, yet tragic deaths down on the stage.

Randy didn't win any of the prizes, but he didn't seem to mind. Val won an award for being the most promising newcomer in the program. That's because no one had seen my performance, I guess. Randy smiled coyly the next day and said that Val had given him the trophy to remember him by as they were leaving their hotel room that next morning. They knew it would be the end of what had been great, great sex and perhaps a passing sweet love, and they wanted to end it right. They had ended it just right over and over again, free to make all the sweet, sweet noise they wanted to as they did so.

The model in these pictures is Max


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