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Bill & Tom 12, Bill the Manager by Claye Canterwall
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Badpuppy Model - Billy I was day dreaming. Moose had just asked me to help out the football team by filling in for one of the managers. It was flu season and most of the managers were down and out. Of course, the first thing I thought of were those naked bodies headed for the showers. I loved those stories about the young manager caught in the locker room by the big muscular guys on the football team. Oh, how it hurt when they held me down, each taking his turn with me. But the quarterback always turned out to be kind and we always fell in love. Ah, sweet fantasy.

I was the only one left in the locker room, or so I thought. I was just cleaning up the last group of lockers, when I noticed that Brad Lake, the star quarterback had left his jock on the bench next to his locker. My dick came immediately to attention. I had seen his muscular thighs and imagined what it would be like to plant my nine inches between those powerful ass cheeks. I checked to make sure that everyone had left the locker room and sat down beside the object of my desire. Picking it up, I rubbed it over my hard dick and churning balls, moaning lowly as I did so, picturing Brad in my mind with his twelve inch love pole hard and ready for my aching lips. I ran the sweaty jock strap up my stomach over my chest and at last to my nose. I couldn't help myself. I breathed in deeply while I reached inside my sweats to stroke myself, moaning and writhing as I did. It was then that I heard the sound. When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by hard, naked bodies. Brad was there and he was laughing softly. He reached forward and pulled the jock from my hand. "So, he said…."

"Get that look off your face, Willie."

"What look?"

"You know what look I mean. You're watching hunky bodies washing huge dicks in group showers. I know the look. It's like a deer in the headlights."

"Well, won't there be hunky bodies washing huge dicks in group showers?"

"Yeah, but you aren't gonna see any of 'em. Your gonna be loading heavy equipment into smelly trucks. You have been reading way too many porn magazines, Willie."

"But what about the towel boys, and the guys who clean up the foggy, sweaty locker rooms?"

"You gotta suck a lotta dicks to be a towel boy, Willie. You don't just sign on and become a towel boy. There's the coach to suck, and his assistants. You've got the star quarterback, the big guard, which by the way is me, if you'd like to start working your way up the ladder right now…"

"Fuck you, number twenty-two."

"Maybe, but not in the locker room. I saw two guys try it on the bus trip home once. They cramped up. Not pretty. Had to carry them off the bus in that position. Never saw them again. Too bad really. One guy was a really nice tight end."

Moose always cracked me up. I laughed.

"Besides, Willie my boy, the myth of all the hung young athletes is merely that, a myth. Our dicks come in all shapes and sizes. Most don't swing at all. They just rest comfortably on top of our ordinary little balls. Mario is a swinger and I do my best to get the shower next to his, but not too many other guys are that big. Bobby Thompson has the littlest dick I think I ever saw."

"That's why they call him Tiny?"

"Yep. Tiny Thompson. He puts up with it, but he hates it. He told me once and he cried."

"Tiny? Big tough Tiny?"

"We're all just little boys in big football uniforms, Willie."

"Ah, that's sweet, Moosie. Does Tiny know you're gay?"

"Shit, Willie, I didn't know I was gay until last month. No, no one knows I'm gay, and if I thought they were going to find out, I wouldn't be asking you for your help."

"Your secret is safe with me, Moosie. Of course, there could be some payment involved."

"My place or yours, you insatiable asshole?"

"Doesn't matter. Just be unzipped and ready to smile real big and groan real loud."

He flipped me off and left.

* * * * *

Badpuppy Model - Billy "You're what!?"

"I'm going with the team to the Winston game. Most of the managers are sick and Moose asked me to help out."

"Are you nuts? That's like putting a vampire in a blood bank."

"I resent being compared to a vampire."

"I guess it's the sucking thing. You know, vampires suck blood and you suck…"

"I got it, smartass. Besides, Moose says I won't even be working in the locker room. I'll be helping out with equipment."

"Just be careful whose equipment you're helping out with."

"Look. Earth to Tommy. I'm just helping out Moose. There will be nothing sexual about any of this. Well, there will be the small fee I'm charging Moose. The rest, however, will be completely pure. It is my gesture to help 'Win one for the Gipper'."

"Well, Mr. 'Win one for the Gipper', just be careful, okay?"

"Roger, my little love muffin." I went over to him and kissed him on the back of the neck. He didn't expect it. He reached around and grabbed my dick and squeezed and wouldn't let go. It hurt.

"Hey, Muffy, let go!"

"I want this back in good shape. You take care of it."

"I promise."

* * * * *
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Badpuppy Model - Billy It was exactly as Moose had promised…just a lot of hard work. I mean really hard work. It's amazing what they take to those games. Oh well, the 'Gipper' would appreciate my team spirit, and the coach did stop by to thank me. One of the assistant coaches was with him, and sucking my way up his ladder would have been pure pleasure. They paired me up with a guy named Randy. He was a senior and had been a manager for three years. I didn't understand it…three years loading and unloading a truck…for free! He was a nice enough guy, though and so the job wasn't too bad. Once the game started, we were free to do what we wanted until the fourth quarter. We watched the game until the half. We were ahead 35 to zip, so we bought cokes and hot dogs and headed back to the truck.

"Hey, Randy, you've been doing this for three years?"


"Mind if I ask why?

"Not at all. I get free tuition."

"Free tuition for this job?"

"Yep. Not a lot of people know that, and they really don't want the new guys to know it. If you work really hard your first year for nothing, they offer you the waiver for as long as you want to work. They figure you'll earn it. We don't tell anyone because we don't want anyone on our team who doesn't pull his own weight."

"So, why you telling me?"

"I don't know. Ordinarily I wouldn't, but Moose says you're a good guy, and you've worked hard tonight just to help us out. I figure you're either a nice guy or have no social life whatsoever, so I just told you. You think you'd want to do this on a regular basis?"

"Sorry. Hard work is definitely on my list of things to avoid in life, and this is really hard work. I don't mind helping out though when you need someone. I've really had kind of a good time."

"Loading and unloading this truck?"

"Yeah. I don't understand it either."

Randy laughed. He wasn't cute or pretty or handsome or any of those things. He was just a plain old nice guy. He was about 5' 10", with muddy brown hair. His nose was just a little too big for his face and his chin did a sort of funny protruding thing right at the end. He wasn't ugly by any means. He just wouldn't have drawn your attention in a crowd. He did have a graceful way of moving, though. Even when he was loading things he moved like a dancer. That was kind of fascinating. I'd never seen anyone move like that. It was almost beautiful. And then there were his eyes. The face was ordinary. The chin was just a little weird, but the eyes were amazing. They were a blue I had never seen before in eyes. They were almost a dark teal, but not quite. When we were in the light at the stadium, I had trouble not just staring at them.

"My mother has them too."

"Has what?"

"The eyes. I saw you looking at them. They're cool, huh?"


"I've always been glad I've got 'em. It's about the only neat thing about my face. Even I look at them in the mirror. When I was little, I thought maybe I was from Mars or something. I thought maybe we were aliens and my mom would sit me down one day and say, 'Randy', you're real name is Randaloomis. We left Mars when you were very young just before the explosion. You have great strength and will have to be careful not to abuse it. Others from our planet will know you by your eyes."

Badpuppy Model - Billy "Well, Randaloomis, have you met any others?"

"Not any. I figure my family was the only one that got out."

"What about that great strength?"

"The only thing I abused was my dick."

We both laughed.

"What's your major, Randy."

"Moose didn't tell you?


"I'm a dance major."

"Well, that explains the movement."

"Whataya mean?"

"Well, when we were loading the truck, I though you looked like you were almost dancing. I guess you were."

"That's funny. I wonder if anyone else has noticed? I never miss an opportunity to practice."

"You let the football players see you dancing?"

"Are you kidding? I'm not crazy. Most of them don't even know who I am, and the ones who do think I'm a math major."

"Good thinking, Randaloomis."

"You really didn't know?"

"Scout's honor."

"You know this is a set up, don't you?"

Badpuppy Model - Billy "What?"

"Well, we really do need managers to help out, and the other guys really are sick, but Moose asked you because he wanted me to meet you."

"And this would be because?"

"You're smarter than that, Bill. This would be because you're gay and I'm gay and I have no gay friends and he thought this would be a good way for me to meet somebody."

"And he couldn't just like bring you over to the room and say, 'I'd like you to meet my friend Randaloomis from Mars?'"

"I don't know about that. When we needed some replacements, he just whispered in my ear that he had the perfect replacement for me and to hold the place open until he got back to me."

"Set up indeed, my friend, Randaloomis. So Moosie must have figured that we'd start talking and one thing would lead to another and then one thing would lead to another."

"But you have a boyfriend, right?"

"Yeah, but the sex thing is loose. We figure we're not too young to commit our hearts, but we're way too young to commit our dicks. So, we give each other permission to experiment."

"You want to experiment with me?"

"Your dick as pretty as your eyes?

"I'll show you if you want. You can decide for yourself."

And with that Randaloomis from Mars and I were off on an adventure in love land. The boy could kiss. Boy, could he ever. I wished we had had more time, because the kissing was great. He kind of just grabbed me and enfolded me. He had the longest arms I had ever seen. Well, actually I hadn't noticed them before. I just felt them kind of surround me and pull me into him. God, how I enjoyed kissing that boy. I just relaxed and let him go. He was hungry. It was obvious that these moments were few and far between for him. Maybe the game would go into overtime. That would be a good thing.

"Maybe the game will go into overtime."

"We were ahead 35 to nothing, Randy."

"It could happen."

"Do you care if we get any farther than kissing?"

"Well, I would like to come, if you don't mind."

"Okay, but I sure hate to give up this kissing stuff. You sure know how to kiss."

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Badpuppy Model - Billy "Learned it on Mars."

"Cut the Mars, shit, Randy and get back to business."

And he did. I think he was enjoying the kissing as much as I was, but we both knew that, if we were going to give him what he needed, we had to get on to other things.

"Take your pants off, Randy."


"Take off your fuckin' pants."

"Just like that, take off your fuckin' pants?"

"You want me to suck your dick?

"Well, yeah."

"Take off your fuckin' pants."

"No, 'I love you', or sweet nothings in my ear?"

"Give me your ear, Randy."

"Okay." He turned, so I could whisper in his ear.

"I love you so very much, Randy. You're such a stud. I'm lucky to be with someone as wonderful as you are. Now take of your fuckin' pants so I can suck your goddamn dick!"

Randy laughed and not only took off his pants, but everything else as well. He had a dancer's body all right. He was thin, and his muscles rippled under his skin. He wasn't muscular like a jock is muscular, but muscular like a beautiful statue is muscular. There was just enough glow coming from the street lights to make him look like a statue molded into the perfect male form. How do you suck something like that? I just wanted to stare at it?

"You gonna suck me or what?"

"I just want to look at you."

Badpuppy Model - Billy "Tell you what. You suck me now, and after we get back, you can come to my room and stare at me all night."

"Deal. Then can I suck you again?"

"You can't do anything again until you do it the first time. Now get over here and start sucking."

He had a big dick, too…really big. I didn't know how he stuffed that baby in those tights. He wouldn't have to lift the ballerinas. They could just ride around the stage on his hard dick. And, I have never known anyone who enjoyed being sucked as much as this guy. He moaned and he groaned and the moved and he grooved. It was all I could do to hang on.

"Look, Randy. I cannot suck your dick while you dance fuckin' Swan Lake. Now stand still, so I can do some stuff to get you off." And he did, although I know it took a great deal of control on his part. I enjoyed it immensely. There's something about riding around on a great big dick that just jangles my dingos. My balls were aching like no balls have ached before. I did everything I could to get that boy off. I sucked balls, played with asses, bit tips. Finally, he took in an unbelievably long breath, tensed his body, and shot about a gallon of sperm directly down my throat. He howled when he came. I am not kidding. He did a fucking wolf howl when he came.

As soon as he was finished I said, "That what they do on Mars, Randaloomis? They call the wolves when they come?"

"No, that's just something I do. It makes it feel so much better and shoot so much farther."

"Well, I hope it didn't attract the Mounties."

"No chance. They're not within a thousand miles of here. You want me to blow you now?"

"That would be real nice if you think we have time."

"How long you think it'll take you to come?"

"Five, maybe ten seconds."

"I think we can do it."

"You're fuckin' beautiful you know, Randy."


"I mean it. Your body is amazing. Will you come to our room some night and show Tommy?"

"You bet. Can I do more than show it to him?"

Badpuppy Model - Billy "It's Tommy. The sky's the limit."

"Great. Tonight too soon?"

"Remember, tonight you're going to be busy being stared at."

"Oh, yeah."

"Now suck me before the world comes breaking out of that stadium."

It was a good blow job. He knew what he was doing. It was fast, however. We didn't have time for the really fun stuff because we couldn't take a chance on getting caught naked and sucking in the back of the football equipment truck. That wasn't the kind of unloading we were supposed to be doing. It didn't take me long to come, and he really made me feel like he cared when I did, by the way he held me. Considering how rushed it was, I didn't feel cheated at all. I couldn't wait until we had a chance to do this and do it right.

The rest of the trip was inconsequential. The team won, of course. I didn't see anything but the back of that truck. Moose is still talking about how good those swinging dicks looked on the way to the showers. But I didn't care. What started out as a good deed ended up being very good indeed. Randy was one of the nicest guys I would ever meet. He went on to become quite a well-known dancer and Tom and I got to New York as often as we could to watch him dance. And of course there were the little dinners in his apartment after the performances. Randy never ceased to have a protégé who was just crazy about him, and each one was more gorgeous than the last. But when everyone was naked, it was always Randy who put the rest of us to shame. I could have just looked at him all night.

The model in these pictures is Billy

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