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Bill & Tom 11, Mr. Blue Eyes by Claye Canterwall
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Badpuppy Model - Marshall

It was one of those slow, sweet spring days. My afternoon class was canceled and Tom had a lab, so I decided to sit on a bench in the middle of campus and enjoy the first nice warm day. I took off my shoes and socks to enjoy the cool new grass. There was a soft breeze. I was in heaven. I closed my eyes and thought I might actually take a little nap. Just as I began to doze off, I heard someone clear his throat. I opened my eyes and looked up….

"Holy shit." I had said it out loud. I couldn't believe I had said it out loud, but I had said it out loud.

"Pardon me, but did you just say, 'Holy shit'?" He had a southern accent. I could say nothing. I had indeed said, "Holy shit." There was no going back. I couldn't deny that I had said, "Holy shit.", when I had said it so clearly. The crisp spring air had enhanced it so that my "Holy shit" had fairly danced off the campus buildings that were near us. It was as if I had screamed, "Ho-o-o-ly-ly-y shit-t-t-t-t!" Well, really, it wasn't like that at all, but it sure seemed like that. There I was on the bench with my naked feet in the grass looking up at what was probably the most beautiful human being I had ever seen and I had said out loud, so that here was no mistaking it in any way, "Holy shit."

I was dumbfounded. I could say nothing.

"Is that a northern greeting of some kind? You know in South Carolina we say, 'Hello', or 'How are you?' or 'May I help you?'; something corny like that. I don't believe I have ever been greeted by 'Holy shit.' before. It will be hard to get used to, but I think I'll be able to handle it after I'm here awhile."

I had quickly crossed over from totally embarrassed to totally pissed off. "What I meant to say was, "Holy shit. What an asshole. You didn't let me finish."

He thought a minute, and then he laughed so hard he had to sit down beside me to finish laughing. "I guess I deserved that." he said. "You're quick…real quick. I'm Steve Green. I'm new, but you probably could tell that."

"Bill Anderson." I answered.

"Well, Bill Anderson, I'm sorry that I startled you, but what I really need is directions to the administration building. I've already missed some of the spring classes and really need to get registered as soon as I can."

He was so genuinely friendly that I couldn't stay pissed long. "The administration building is straight over there through those trees. You can see it from here. And I'm sorry about the 'Holy shit.'"

"Well, I'd like to smooth things over, Bill, and say that I get that greeting all the time, but, to tell you the truth, that was a first for me. Do you do that a lot, or was it a first for you too?"

"No, no, it was a first for me, too."

"Well, good. You look like a nice fella, Bill, but I don't think I could be friends with a guy who walked around greeting people with 'Holy shit' all the time."

I thought the "Holy shit" joke had gone on long enough and my face probably showed it. He recognized "pissed" when he saw it and knew it was time to move on.

"Well, Bill, I'd better get moving if I'm going to get registered this afternoon." He stood up and looked down at me. "You're gay aren't you, Bill?"

This one took me by surprise, I mean really by surprise. I just looked at him not knowing what to say. I guess I must have blushed.

"That's what I thought. The 'Holy shit' was because I surprised you with my baby blues, wasn't it? I get that all the time from gay guys. They don't seem to have that effect on straight guys. Wait 'till I walk away. My ass in these jeans is just gonna kill you, Bill. You've never seen anything like it. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. I'm gay too. I was hoping I would meet some gay guys here, but I had no idea it would be so soon. Thanks for the directions, Bill. I hope I'll be seeing you around. You on that bench in this spring air with your bare feet in the grass. Hell, Bill, if you'd been chewing on a piece of straw, who knows what I might have done? You're one hot piece of work, Billy, one real hot piece of work." And then, he fucking winked at me!

Badpuppy Model - Marshall

With that, the asshole strode off into the sunset, well really, to the administration building. He was right. As he walked away, his ass in those jeans nearly killed me.

* * * * *

Needless to say, I was so pissed (and frankly, so turned on) that my quiet afternoon was ruined. I couldn't wait for Tom to get back from lab to tell him about Steven Green from South Carolina. I couldn't believe it. Tom thought it was one of the funniest stories he had ever heard. The madder I got while I was telling the story, the harder he laughed. At one point, I had to stop while he laid down on the bed and laughed. I told him that it really wasn't funny at all and that our cover, no pun intended, could be blown, and that I couldn't wait until he met "ole blue eyes" himself because he would end up being just as pissed off as I was. Tom saw how mad I was and tried to take me a little more seriously. He pulled me onto the bed and held me and kissed me, and soon we were making out, and Steven Green from South Carolina somehow wasn't important at all.

We fell asleep. It was our favorite afternoon activity…well, our second favorite afternoon activity. We did it so often that we had an alarm permanently set for 4:30, so that we wouldn't sleep through dinner. We set it every day, whether we thought we were going to take a nap or not, just in case we did. About four, there was a knock at the door. Tom answered it. When he opened it, he just said, "Oh, hello. Won't you come in please?" And in walked, you guessed it, Steven Green from South Carolina. "Holy shit!"

"Oh, hi, Billy. This your roommate? Hey, you're cute, honey. Mmmm! Mmmm! Cute enough to eat. He belong to you, Billy? If not, would you mind leaving the room for, oh, about an hour or so? If you're already an item, then I know, it's hands off."

"You bet it's hands off, Steven. You've never seen such hands off as this is hands off."

Tom stood up, looked at me, turned to Steven and said, "Thomas Q. Anders, Esquire, at your service, sir, and I think you should know that I decide just whose hands are off or on my body. No one makes that decision for me. At present, I am pledged to young William on yonder bed, but should he continue to be a shithead, you might be allowed to put your beautiful hands anywhere on me you'd fucking like."

I don't know when I had been so mad. I turned myself over in the bed with my back to both of them. I was fuming. What made it worse was that I could hear them giggling behind me. I wanted to get up and just beat the shit out of both of them, but I really did deep down know that I was the one who was out of line. So, Steven was a conceited son-of-a-bitch and Tom was an ornery asshole. They were just having a good time. I decided to stay in that position until I could calm myself down. Hopefully they wouldn't do anything that would make me any madder.

Tom had apparently invited Steven in. He shut the door. "So tell me, Steven, what brings you to our humble abode?"

"Why, I'm your new next door neighbor, Tom."

I couldn't help myself. I screemed. They both stifled a laugh.

"You don't say."

"Oh, yes. It must have been ordained that Billy and I would meet this afternoon on campus."

"Yes, Steven. Bill told me about your lovely ass."

That was it for me. I jumped out of bed and ran for both of them, but they were ready for me. Each one of them grabbed me by an arm and held me. I couldn't swing at either one of them. I couldn't even get a good kick off. I was absolutely livid. I was madder at Tom than I was at Steven. How could he humiliate me like that? How could he tell Steven what I had said about his ass?

After about ten minutes during which they held me and I yelled nearly every word that my mom had taught me never to say, I calmed down enough so that Tom could talk to me.

* * * * *

"William Anderson, may I present to you my cousin, Steven Green, from Columbia, South Carolina."

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Badpuppy Model - Marshall

They let go and I fell to the floor in a heap. "Holy shit."

Tom had wanted to surprise me. Steve was his favorite cousin and he had talked him into coming north to school. They had both discovered when they were very young that they had their sexuality in common. In fact, they had done most of their gay experimenting with one another. As they got older, they decided that having sex with your cousin was a little weird and stopped that. But they had remained very close. Our meeting in the afternoon had indeed been an accident and my "Holy shit" greeting had really shocked Steve. But, he had seen a picture of me and realized very soon who I was. From that moment, the whole thing became a huge practical joke. Ha. Ha. I wasn't sure I was laughing. Anyway, Steven really was to be our next door neighbor. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like that. First of all, it was obvious that Tom and Steve were very close, and, though I wouldn't have to share him in the romantic department, I could be pretty jealous of the time we had to spend alone together. Also, I wasn't sure how much of the beautiful, conceited, blonde young gay thing was an act. If it was real, Steven might not live to see spring break.

Tom was at class and Steven had dropped by. "Billy…."

"Call me Bill, please Steven. I hate Billy."

"Well how about, Willie?"




"Well, then, I guess Bill it is."


"You're jealous of me, Bill, and there's no need to be."

"I'm not…."

"There's no need to protest. We both know you're jealous. I don't blame you. I love him too, but not the way you do. We need to work this out, Bill. I'm not giving Tommy up, and I know you're not either. We're gonna tear the guy apart. He's sensitive and I know he feels the tension when we're all in a room together. What do I need to do to make you more comfortable when I'm around?"

Steve was right, and I was the problem. I had never been jealous before, not even when I knew Tom was having sex during winter break. I don't know what it was about Steve and Tom that made me feel that way.

"I don't know, Steve. I am jealous…really jealous. And I don't know why. I think it may be because there is such a strong bond between you and Tom and I feel it so strongly. When you're together, I feel shut out in some way. You seem to share secrets and you laugh at things I don't understand."

"We're like brothers, Bill. We can't help that. We're even closer than brothers because we had to grow up with a secret. The fact that we were both the same got us through that part when you think you're the only one in the world who ever felt that way. We knew we weren't."

"And you had sex with each other."

"Well, I wouldn't call it sex. We played around with each other's dicks. We got hard. We came together. We looked at dirty magazines…only ours were "Playgirls" instead of "Playboys". It was fun. But that's all it was, Bill. We loved each other, but we never loved each other in the way Tommy loves you. He really loves you, Bill. He's crazy in love with you. Don't ruin it by being jealous of the love we have for each other. It really is innocent. What I really want is to be as close to you as I am to Tommy. I intend to be this close to him for the rest of my life and I know I can't do that unless we become friends. I just somehow know that you two are going to be life long partners."

"I feel that, too, Steve. I feel that fate brought us together and that nothing can ever tear us apart."

"Then, let's try, for Tom's sake, to open up to one another, Bill. I like you. I really do. I have ever since you greeted me with 'Holy shit.' Can you try to like me?"

"I do like you, Steve. I'm just going to have to get it through my head that I can't own the guy. I'll lose him if I try to own him. Love is so fucking hard. Whoever thought you could love a guy too much? Okay, Steve, let's go for it. And, Steve, you can call me Willie." He smiled.


"Yeah, Steve?"

"If you ever call me Stevie, I'll beat the shit right out of you."

* * * * *

Badpuppy Model - Marshall

Now what to do about Steve? I was determined to try to curb my jealousy. It was a strange and strong emotion. It made me uneasy every time I felt it. I knew I shouldn't be. But it would eat at me. I wanted to grab Tommy and pull him into a corner and shout, "Mine." I wasn't sure jealousy went away just because you wanted it to. It would help if I could find someone for drop dead gorgeous Steve. If he had someone to love, he would be too busy to spend all of his time with us. But who? The gay thing never got more in the way as when you were trying to find love interests for guys. You couldn't walk up to someone and say, "Hey, you look kind of gay. You want to go out with my friend over there in the booth? He's really cute and easy as hell." It wasn't going to happen. We all hated gay bars. The guys in there were too old for us. There was just no place for college gay guys to hang out. Well, you know what I mean.

So the three of us were like The Three Musketeers. Well, really we weren't like them at all. We were really more like three little old gay men with nothing to do. Having Steve around really limited our love making time. I was getting over my jealously, but I really longed for one of those week ends when we took off our clothes on Friday night, got hard and didn't get dressed or soft until Sunday afternoon, with just a couple of cute Pizza delivery boys inbetween. We had tried to fix Steve up with Moose, but that was a no go. Moose was definitely not someone that Steve wanted to trade slurps with and Steve's good looks intimidated the hell out of Moose. Moosie hardly said a word when Steven was around. Finally, one night, when the four of us were sitting around the room just playing rummy, Steve looked up at Moose and said, "Oh shit, Moose. I'm horny. You want to go over to my room and fuck?"

Moose almost fell off his chair and I had to give Tom the Heimlich maneuver to save him from choking. Moose thought about it for a hand or two and then said, "As a matter of fact, Steven, I would like to fuck you very much." And off they went hand in hand. It was quite a sight with Moosie towering over the lovely Steven. Remember, Moose was big, but he was not all that unattractive. I think I prayed harder than I had ever prayed that night that Steve and Moose would become an item so that Tom and I could get on with our lives. They did… become an item. I mean, they became the kind of lovers that looked into one another's eyes every moment they were together. Their goofy smiles were almost too much to deal with. I'm not complaining. I figured that every goofy smile meant more time I could spend with my baby. After about a month of goofy smiles, Moose actually moved in with Steven next door. Then it became perfect. They were so much in love, that they didn't even want to come out, and we were so happy that they went in that we nearly nailed the door shut.

* * * * *

"Ah, Tommy, I said as I gently fondled his balls right out in front of God and everybody. How long has it been since you just spread your legs and let your low hangers hang low?"

"It seems about two years, William, my love. I might add that you have lost none of your touch in the fondling department."

"Why thank you, Thomas. I consider that quite a compliment. Would you like me to suck your testicles?"

"Oh, would you? Could you?"

"Yes, I would and I certainly could." And I did.

It was going to be our first "hard day's week end" in a long time. I hoped the pizza was hot and the pizza boy was the cutest ever. If the pizza boy was cute, we always fantasized about a three way after he left. One time it was a pizza girl. What a downer that was.

"Spread your legs out over yonder chair and let me at your wondrous and fleshy orbs, my love." Tom put his legs out over the chair, moving his ass just far enough off the bed so that his balls hung freely down. I climbed under him with a pillow beneath my head and begin to lick and suck. He sighed. I was in heaven. I was relaxed. I was comfortable. I was naked. And I had my favorite snack in my mouth. I must have sucked on those babies for half an hour."

"William, my love."

"Yes, Thomas?"

"If those were jaw breakers, they would be gone by now. As good as that feels, would you mind doing something else."

"Move your ass out just a bit farther, my love, and I'll make you forget you ever had testicles."

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Badpuppy Model - Marshall

He did, and I started giving him a wondrous and lovely rim job. My tongue was in rare form, having rested up for about a month. Tommy was squirming and sighing.

"I say, Thomas."

"Yes, William?"

"Might I use a finger?"

"Why, yes, William, I think you might."

I licked my finger and slowly penetrated his asshole, making him squirm even more. I loved it when he squirmed and moaned. I found his prostate and did a merry dance. He squirmed and moaned even more.

"Will? I say sweet William?"

"Yes, my love?"

"It's getting late. Might we fuck before pizza?"

"Why certainly my love."

"Then willst thou bring thy lovely ass up here so that I may penetrate it with my pole, giving you unbelievable pleasure?"

"I'll be right up, Thomas."

I came out from under Tommy's ass, got some lube and handed it to him. He did a great job of lubing us up, got into a great fucking position and waited patiently as I slowly lowered myself down over his towering pole. My, oh my, what a wonderful feeling. I loved the freedom of being on top like this. I could slowly lower myself down and then control the pace of the fuck. This would be a slow and loving fuck right up until the time it became a fast and furious fuck. We would have to change positions for the fast and furious part. Oh shit, how good it felt as that baby went in and out and in and out as I went up and down and up and down. If there was ever a gay carousel this was it. All I needed was the music and the brass ring was mine. Faster and faster the carousel went until I could stand it no longer. I jumped off and pulled Tommy off the bed, placing myself there with my legs in the air. "Come and get it, Tiger." I said.

"What, William?"

"Oh, sorry, Thomas. Please feel free now to fuck the shit out of me at your leisure."

"Thank you." And he pounded and he pounded and he yelled and he screamed and the thrusting was wonderful and I spread my legs so far apart that I thought I would split and the last thrust nearly did split me and we both screamed and we both came and.... Oh, shit, what a fuck it was. It was a 10 at least. It took us awhile to recover. Then there was a knock at the door.

"Pizza boy!"

"Oh, Thomas, I do hope he's a cute one."

The model in these pictures is Marshall

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