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Bennetts Christian Lover by Will
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Bennett Davenport was a skinny boy of eighteen. He had a massive array of unruly sandy hair, a thin face with a large, but thin nose – and a large mouth full of surprisingly straight white teeth. He had the deepest dimples you ever saw in a young man’s cheeks; but they were only visible when he smiled, which wasn’t often. Bennett Davenport was a rather sober, introspective teenager. He was an attractive enough young man, but since he was raised in a strict, evangelical Christian environment, the weight of the world seemed to be always on his shoulders. Everything that he seemed to enjoy about life was either immoral, illegal or unhealthy. His large, clear, serious hazel eyes looked out at you from beneath his thick eyebrows that hooded his pensive expression. And if you watched him long enough, you could read his every mood in his eyes. He had extremely expressive eyes.

Even though skinny as a rail, Bennett’s five foot eight inch frame had enormous feet…size 14. And if the casual observer wondered if that age-old adage about the size of a man’s feet equaling that of the size of his penis were true, in Bennett’s case, they would have been correct. The kid was hung like a horse. God had been good to Bennett Davenport; he was more than generously endowed. Even at 12 years of age, his cock was almost eight inches. One summer at bible school camp, one of his pals had noticed his huge phallus when he was urinating, and gasped at the sight of it -- shouting at Bennett that he should be ashamed of himself – even though the size of Bennett’s penis was no fault of his own. And now at the age of 18, Bennett’s cock was 10 inches long when it was stiffened to erection. For some reason he didn’t have much hair around his cock, just a nice, small thick bush on his pubic bone; there was no hair at all on his balls. In fact, other than the massive mane of unruly locks on his head, Bennett’s body was pretty damn near female when it came to a surprising lack of hair; especially now, during the height of his fertility. But the lack of hair was the only thing that one might consider as female about Bennett Davenport.

Bennett Davenport was kinda proud of his humungous cock, even though occasional pangs of guilt surfaced when he got a roaring erection during the most usual of times. Given his devout Christian environment it would be heathen to flaunt his huge member. But, still, it sort of made him feel that he measured up with the other guys, given his small physique, and introverted personality. Yet, all the while, with him being a Christian, he knew it was a sin to be proud about such things “of the flesh”.

During his early teens he had begun to have nocturnal emissions and it scared him. And each time it happened, he would pray and pray that it would never happen again, thinking that he was intentionally causing it. The guilt was so great, and he felt so ashamed. After a while, the emissions did cease. But a few months earlier, when he celebrated his 18th birthday, it appeared the excitement of graduating high school soon seemed to precipitate the nocturnal emissions again.

But unlike the backwoods ignorance he had experienced 4 or 5 years earlier, he was now better informed. His parents had allowed him to attend a sex education class at school the previous year. And he now understood that nocturnal emissions were a natural occurrence, and not the result of some devil-dispatched demon sent to steal his manhood while his slept.

With that kind of mental ease, and the joy of being eighteen, he was in a constant, reasonably guilt-free, state of perpetual erection. Night emissions were frequent. He was forever trying to get his pajamas, sometimes his sheets, down to the washing machine before his mother saw them. But he really enjoyed the feeling he experienced when he would be awakened by his big stiff penis jerking and twitching as his semen copiously jettisoned out of his urethra. Usually he would be lying on his stomach, humping the mattress when he woke up to globs of gooey liquid squirting out of him. It was a natural instinct for him to ask God to forgive him. But all that paralyzing guilt was no longer there, because an educator at school had assured him that there was nothing wrong with it – and that he wasn’t frivolously bumping-off his babies.

As far back as he could remember, he’d been told that premarital sex was a cardinal sin, so he now rapturously enjoyed the feeling of humping the mattress. He had begun to revel in wrapping the sheet or blanket around his huge phallus and rubbing and grinding his steel-hard boner against the mattress. The phenomenal euphoria that would suddenly sweep over him, catch him up in it and transport him far beyond the confines of his little world for a few pleasurable seconds was very gratifying.

He soon discovered he could control his emissions. If he wanted the ejaculations to happen quickly, he would concentrate on how he knew it was going to feel when he orgasmed, and to think about nothing else, as his skinny hips moved up and down and his stiff rod slid frantically amid the sheets and blankets. Within a minute he would have his orgasm. And if he wanted to prolong the ejaculation, he would take his time, and hump the bedclothes more slowly. At such times he wouldn’t concentrate on what he was doing. Nonetheless, he was still only able to control his big cock and balls no longer than three or four minutes. That cock and balls seemed to begin to beg him for their release. So he would start to speed up his gyrations, concentrating more intently on the fantastic feelings he was experiencing. Soon, as that familiar wave of pleasure began to sweep over him, he would stop humping for just a second or two as his entire body stiffened. Then releasing a muffled gasp, his rock-hard erection would jerk and tremble wildly beneath him as that familiar exhilarating sensation would course deliciously throughout his young, fertile body. He would then resume humping the bed as the sperm flooded and spurted from his cockhead. That process would repeat itself a few more times before his orgasm finally ended. On such occasions, even though a literal pool of spooge was beneath him, he would pass out for five or ten minutes from sheer ecstatic exhaustion. Of course when he came to, he had to make that quick trip down to the laundry to clean up his mess.

It wasn’t until near graduation time that Bennett Davenport learned to masturbate, using his hand. It was an event that occurred on the school bus in early May on the way home. Up until then, he hadn’t even considered pleasuring himself in any other way than humping his mattress and bedclothes. But that afternoon on the school bus a rowdy student had stood up in front of a girl who sat in a seat in front of Bennett. The rowdy kid opened his pants, pulled out his stiff cock, wrapped his fist around it, and started sliding his fist up and down the length of it, right there in the girl’s face. The girl, who had a reputation of being a slut, merely started laughing. But Bennett just stared. His wide eyes completely mesmerized as the boy held his hard cock in his closed hand, frantically sliding that hand up and down on it. Bennett Davenport’s Christian upbringing instantly condemned such an act as the person being possessed by the devil, and that what he was watching was evil incarnate. And yet, Bennett felt his own stiff prick violent straining against the constraints of his pants. And when the rowdy teen finally shoved his petite five-inch boner back inside his trousers, Bennett trembled and rejoiced in the feverish thought of getting home as fast as he could to try doing that with his own penis. Maybe it was wrong and sinful, but he just had to do it. It was beyond his control.

Reaching home, the skinny, muscular frame of Bennett Davenport went tearing up the stairs toward his room. Behind his closed door, he quickly loosened his belt, opened his jeans and shoved his pants and underwear down to the floor, completely exposing himself in the afternoon sun that showered through is window. He had never felt this emboldened sexually before; his entire body trembled and shook. He felt completely decadent; like a heathen. His dick was harder than it had ever been, if that was possible. It slapped violently up against his flat, faintly muscled stomach. Pre-come glistened at his pee slit. That had never happened before. It began to copiously trickle down the long length of the throbbing phallus. Gently he wrapped his right hand around his stiff, hypersensitive erection, just as he’d seen the dude on the bus do it. And as he began to glide his hand up and down the shaft, with the pre-cum making the sliding much easier, a feeling of total and absolute bliss overmastered the teenage brain of Bennett Davenport. Gosh Darn! He couldn’t believe how warm and embracing this great feeling was. The world was a more beautiful and magical place than it had ever been before. This was so much better than humping the mattress. With legs stretched wide, he stood there with eyes half-closed, jerking off. Almost instantly, he felt his orgasm building. His body began to shake even more as he continued moving his hand up and down his shaft, when BAM! All too soon his body exploded. He stood there gasping and groaning as his huge rigid cock squirted stream after stream of semen all over the rug on the floor. He kept his hand moving back and forth throughout the length of his orgasm. When the jettisoning finally halted, he saw that he had seriously streaked the floor and the throw rug with his shower of sperm.

“Wow”, Bennett gasped quietly, smiling to himself when it was all over. He stood there slightly trembling, dizzy in the head, and weak in the knees, looking down at the massive mess he’d made on his bedroom floor.

From that afternoon forward, Bennett ceased humping his mattress. Now like millions, if not billions, of other 18-year-olds all over the world, he too used his hand to masturbate. Not only was it more pleasurable, but he found it to also be much neater. In particular, when he’d lie on his back in bed, with his pajama top pulled up, when he shot his seed it would now land on his stomach, his chest, or beneath his chin. And with a dew quick swipes of a tissue or two he could simply wipe up his mess in seconds. And on those occasions when he would spray his pajama top or a T-shirt, it was still a much easier mess to clean.

Even though Bennett was jerking off regularly, he still had wet dreams every so often. Usually when he hadn’t had time to pleasure himself once to twice during the day. And often, the same exhilarating feelings Bennett experienced when he jerked off, also occurred during his wet dreams. Sometimes they even felt better. But, perhaps that was because he now felt less guilt in regards to wet dreams, since he saw them as natural, unconsciously manipulated, occurrences. So he had begun to look forward to the wet dreams, even though they were a lot messier.

But now there was only one problem with Bennett’s wet dreams; and it had just surfaced lately. During the last few wet dreams he’d had, Bennett dreamed about his best friend Jeb Coulter. Jeb was his only close friend at school. They belonged to the same church congregation, and lived in the same god-fearing community in Arkansas. In the dream, he was watching Jeb, who was lying naked on his belly on a bed. There was neither a sheet or blanket covering him, so Bennett could see every naked inch of Jeb’s studly body. In particular, Bennett recalled with great detail when he was awake, that what a luscious, awesome-looking butt Jed had. Its sweaty cheeks were so round and firm and it had been sticking up in the air. In his dream he would recall had badly he’d wanted to reach out to touch, to grab, to squeeze those succulent asscheeks between his fingers – to push them apart and to look inside Jeb’s crack to see his asshole. But, in the dream, he never did. He would just stand there and watch as Jeb began humping the mattress. After a minute or two of humping, Jeb’s head came up and would turn and look directly at Bennett. There was a look of blissful and commanding pleasure in Jeb’s eyes as he looked hungrily into the eyes of Bennett. A small playful smile danced about Jeb’s lips, as his nostrils flared slightly. And as his mouth opened, a gasp escaped his parted lips. His ass would stop moving up and down for a moment, and Bennett realized that the teen was squirting his load of cum into the rumpled sheets beneath him. It would be at that point Bennett would awake to discover he was copiously blasting his own seed all over the insides of his pajama bottoms.

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Again, tonight, Bennett had the same dream. Afterward, he lay there in bed exhausted. A few minutes later he got up to change his pajamas. Then he lay back in bed next to the damp spot on the sheet that had been moistened by some of his semen leaking through his pajamas. He began thinking about the dreams. Soon he began worrying about them. What did it mean? Did it mean he was gay for thinking about another boy pleasuring himself? He knew that if someone were gay, it meant they wanted to have sex with other guys. But, he hadn’t actually dreamt that. But why had he dreamt of Jeb Coulter masturbating? And why had he been drawn to Jeb’s ass so much in the dream? The whole thing worried Bennett a great deal. But there was no one he could discuss it with, because after all, gay people didn’t exist in that part of Arkansas where he lived, and people just didn’t talk about such nonsense. So Bennett just continued to worry about it in silence. And even though he worried about his thoughts about Jeb, his thoughts also began to wonder if Jeb had wet dreams. He wondered if his close friend humped his bed, or if he ever stroked and massaged his penis, too. Bennett really wanted to ask him, but knew he never could. He didn’t want Jeb thinking he was queer or something. Nope, he couldn’t risk Jeb getting mad at him. Jeb was his closest friend at school, and if things went wrong he couldn’t risk Jeb telling everyone about it.

But, after the fifth wet dream about Jeb, it became difficult for Bennett whenever he was in the company of his friend. Every time when he now saw Jeb Coulter, his eyes moved automatically to Jeb’s butt – or to his crotch. And he had now begun to wonder what Jeb looked like without his clothes on. And it was getting dangerous also, because recently, Bennett was certain that Jeb had caught him staring at his crotch.

This was all just too strange for Bennett. All throughout four years of high school, when he showered during gym class with a bunch of naked school mates, there had never been anything other than casual interest in their naked bodies, mainly because it was a sin to look at anyone’s nakedness with lust in your heart. But now, here he was, with graduation a few weeks away, and he was obsessed with his buddy’s naked body.

Bennett was sitting there in the schoolyard when Jeb surprised him. He tried very hard keeping eye contact with his friend. But as Jeb leaned back against the fence there next to him and commence to rattle on about the tongue-lashing that the principal had given the third period class, Bennett could not help but have his eyes wander over to that crotch and around at butt hidden by a pair close-fitting carpenter’s pants. Leaning there against the fence next to him, Jeb’s crotch was near eye level to his range of vision. Bennett’s eyes were transfixed. Again, Jeb suddenly stopped talking and quizzically stared down at him. Bennett was sure he had been busted. Quickly he looked away, expecting only God knows what. “And then what happened?” he quickly grumbled, urging Jeb to continue with his story about the principal. Which Jeb happily did.

Seemingly an hour had passed, but only 120 seconds later, Bennett turned to look up at Jeb’s face again. His talkative friend was still going on in great detail about the principal caper. And in spite of a struggle not to, Bennett finally risked another glance at the crotch of his dreams. And, there now appeared to be a large bulge in the crotch of Jeb’s pants. Bennett’s eyes widened. It seemed the bulge continued to thicken beneath the trousers as his young eyes watched. And with it came a musky scent. The scent traveled across to his nostrils and up to tickle the membranes of his brain. Bennett began to feel lightheaded and weightless. He heard Jeb’s continuing to ramble on about who knows what, and he also knew that Jeb was now looking down at him. But Bennett didn’t care. It seemed he was being sincerely embraced for the very first time in his life.

Like a rabbit under the gaze of a cobra, Bennett sat petrified there on the stone bench not knowing that to do. Somehow the certainty of seeing Jeb Coulter’s crotch and butt was going to be made a reality. But, but, but, how? Not here? What do I do? What do we do? Reluctantly tearing his eyes away from the twitching penis inside Jeb’s pants, Bennett looked up into the eyes of his friend.

Immediately, Jeb stretched out his hand and told Bennett that he was staying at his house for the weekend. It had all been arranged. Jeb’s parents were going to be away, and they had already spoken to Bennett’s parents about his spending the weekend. So, “resistance will be futile” laughed Jeb, as they made their way towards Jeb’s car he gotten as a graduation present.

It was all happening too fast. Bennett couldn’t make any sense of it. But after all the swift flood and flurry of activity he’d experienced all afternoon, he now found himself alone in the living room of Jeb’s house. It was too unreal. All that worrying was for nothing, he thought, as he and his host sat on the sofa wantonly stuffing themselves on popcorn and pop while they watched a Laker’s game on TV. Oddly, he hadn’t stolen one peek at Jeb’s crotch or butt since he’d arrived at this house. For some reason he felt afraid to. He the introvert, and Jeb the extrovert, the bulk and meter of the conversation was supplied by Jeb. Soon, following a brief silence, out of nowhere, Jeb Coulter hurls a startling question at Bennett:

“Ever had sex with a guy before?”

“What”, stutters Bennett almost spitting out a mouthful of popcorn.

“You heard. Have you?!” continues Jeb.

“Nope. Never have”, shyly replies Bennett.

“For real?” asks Jeb.

“Yup! For real. Have you?” quietly returns Bennett.

“Yep. When I was fourteen. Ain’t never forgot it either”

Bennett wanted to follow up with more questions; but the conversation seemed to just drop when they got lost in a rousing score by the Lakers. After the game, they turned off the TV and went out to the yard and shot hoops for an hour. Then Jeb showed Bennett up to the guest room and told him he’d see him in the morning.

Bennett was ecstatic. He got to see Jeb’s body in every imaginable position when they were playing basketball. He felt closer to the teenager than he had ever before. Because for a few minutes he thought there might be some sex involved, and he felt he would have been too embarrassed and too dumb to know what to do. But he sure wanted to. But he also feared that being called gay, queer or faggot was an even greater problem to deal with. Again, his introspective brain went on and on.

Anyway, thinking that he would probably have one of his nocturnal emissions, he only took off his shirt, shoes and socks, and slept with his pants on. That way he wouldn’t dirty-up Mrs. Coulter’s expensive bed linen with his large messy ejaculations.

He fell into a dead sleep and slept like a bear. But for some reason he was awakened at the first light of dawn. An unusual feeling crept over him. He didn’t know what it was. First he had to remember where he was, as his eyes stretched wide and searched around the attractive, frilly room. Soon, his vision locked on the doorknob, it was turning. His huge semi-erect cock suddenly became steel-hard and commenced to fiercely throb and pulse; his heart raced wildly with thrilling anticipation. Quickly, he decided to pretend to be asleep, as Jeb stealthily slipped into the room. Through his partly closed thick eyelashes, Bennett made out that Jeb Coulter was as naked as a Bluejay. And gosh darn it, there was that cock and balls he’d been wanting to see, all stiff and twitchy it was, slapping up against his taut muscular tummy. The stirrings within Bennett were new and demanding. He struggled hard to keep from screaming out with unbridled lust how happy he was.

Reaching the bed, Jeb gently pulled off the sheets to see Bennett’s body. There was an almost audible sigh of disappointment when he saw the pants. Sitting down on the bed, he unfastened the pants and reached down inside their warm confines. Bennett released a loud grunt of bestial pleasure, while simultaneously Jeb uttered a robust animal growl of sheer lust. They were both trembling and shuddering with primordial lasciviousness, as Jeb grappled with Bennett’s massive cock, while Bennett struggled frantically to get out of his imprisoning pants.

When Bennett was finally naked, Jeb grabbed and fondled his thick, formidable penis as though it were made of gold -- his lips swiftly and wetly coming down to the huge, fat, meaty crown and vociferously devouring it with an audible mmmmmmmmmm! Bennett released a bellowing utterance of sheer delight when he felt his dickhead surrounded by such warm, soft, tantalizing wetness. This sure was a heck of lot better than humping the mattress or jerkin off. He soon felt more and more of his sensitive fat cock being shoved deeper into the furnace-like heat of a moist hungering mouth. And even though Jeb eagerly sucked his big cock, Bennett soon discovered a fire burning and itching in his tight little virginal asshole. He began to clench and release his little asscheeks to try to abate the deliciously stirring fire between his butt cheeks. Bennett Davenport didn’t believe it was possible to feel this much happiness while still on earth. Rapturously he sang encouragement to Jeb as he reached down and grabbed his friend by the hair, pulling his head even closer down on his stiff, invading truncheon.

When Jeb had downed almost eight inches of the 10-inch dick, he gagged a bit. Easing upon off the pleasure pole, he announced, “Darn, Ben, darn, your penis is almost as big as a horse. It’s the biggest dick I ever saw’”

This declaration of approval sent Bennett’s sense-of-worth soaring through the roof. All of a sudden, a part of him that he’d always been ashamed of, had suddenly become an object of heartwarming worship, adoration and praise. And at last, that wee nagging of shame in the back of his head had finally been expelled. He completely gave himself up to Jeb now. He also wanted to enjoy the treasures and gifts of his best friend’s body; he wanted to taste that seven-inch lollipop between his thighs –and then check out that luscious butt he’d been dreaming about, literally.

After a bit of awkwardness they managed to wiggle into a 69 position, and Bennett found himself tasting the sticky, leaky, mushroom head of Jeb’s cock. Ahh, it tasted much better than he had ever imagined. An even more intense spark ignited between them and they went nuts with an all-consuming adolescent passion. Savagely they began fuck each others faces with their rigid peckers, and within a minute they began blasting each others tongues and tonsils with their eighteen year old spooge. And without having to learn it, they both knew to quickly swallow if they didn’t want to choke. Several minutes after the mutual orgasm, they lay there licking and sucking on the beauty of each other’s semi-erect cocks.

“Okay, let’s shower!” said Jeb finally, pulling Bennett from the bed towards the bathroom. Even just as the water had begun to get warm enough, they were both already hard-as-brick again as they played dueling scimitars. Jeb luxuriated in lathering up and massaging the huge, magnificent ten-inch cock of his buddy Ben. By the same token, Bennett found a deep, burning urge to jubilantly soap up and greedily massage the nice beefy buns of Jeb. He even found his wandering hands traveling up inside the crack and fingering the tight contracting hole. Jeb cried out in loud need. Bennett grunted with burning want. He kept massaging that beatific hole with copious amounts of soap and water. The hole was tender and soft like a pair of hidden, velvety lips. And he wanted the eye of his juicy fat dickhead to kiss those soft and tender hidden lips. He too wanted his juicy fat dickhead to marry those soft and tender lips that were so beautifully hidden among those two perfect fleshy mounds of heavenly delight. Following several scorching minutes of massaging and tantalizing that thirsting hole, had Jeb Coulter screaming out, “Now, Bennett! NOW! PLEASE!!” With this impassioned plea, Bennett’s ten-inch cock grew another two inches as it went in search of its hidden marriage. In between those two fleshy mounds it slipped, and commenced to bang and mash against the tender, clenched, sensitive lips. And it was soon apparent that the two were meant for each other. For as Bennett reached around to rub and titillate Jeb’s erection, his own raging cock achieved its objective. Quick as lightening, in it slammed to greet the liquid fire of Jeb’s welcoming bowels. There was never a greater feeling, thought Bennett, as he commenced to grind and rotate his massive meat up inside the body of his dream lover.

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Bennett’s groping hands came down upon those beefy buttocks, still not sure he’d been so blessed as to be allowed entrance into such a paradise. His young brain was completely over-mastered by the incredible feeling created by the heavenly friction of his big stiff cock as it lustfully slid in and out, so deep, so deep; so good, so good; so hot, so hot. And he somehow knew that this was just the beginning of something very strong and beautiful.

All too soon Bennett’s thin legs began to tremble, his whole body was on fire, his mind swam in a fanciful deliciousness never experienced. No, he didn’t want to come. Not yet! But it just feels too good! In and out, in and out. The loud smack of young naked wet skin slamming against young naked skin echoed loudly in the shower. The grabbing, the groaning, the newness, the realness, was all too much as Bennett violently slammed his big dick way up inside his buddy’s responding body. “Oh, god”, screamed the skinny teenager as he blasted an ounce or so of his sperm deep up inside Jeb’s boiling rectum. With his arms tightly around the tummy of his friend, Bennett continued to hold his friend tightly there in the shower as he went on to hump and hump and hump up into that treasured butt.

“Let’s shower” finally said, Jeb again, turning the water back on. The water was cold and they were both swiftly jolted back to reality. Drying off, Jeb told Bennett to take a nap while he went down and made breakfast. Off Jeb jogged as Bennett lay back down on the bed. He was floating on cloud nine. A part of him had delusions of god striking him dead for this, but felt that if that was true, then he was sure to die happy and fulfilled. Because for the first time in his life he really felt whole and loved.

He had lapsed into a post coital nap when Jeb had raced back upstairs with a tray of fried eggs and bacon, buttered toast and orange juice. Sitting there naked and in Indian-style on the bed, rubbing against each other, playfully shoving each other, as they happily gobbled down the tasty meal Jeb had prepared. And by the time they’d finished, the immense electricity between them had elicited yet another state of overwhelming arousal for them.

“I love, I mean, really love, your penis, Ben. Wow”, gushed Jeb, eagerly reaching over to stroke Bennett’s stiff and twitching cock.

“And I, for real, love your beautiful butt.” said Bennett, sliding his hand all over the other’s full, luscious flanks.

“For real?” playfully asked Jeb, sliding his body down on the bed.

“Oh, yeah..for real!?” responded Bennett.

At which, Jeb laid flat on his back and pulled his knees up to his chest, exposing his inviting, twitching, very fuckable, hole.

“Yeah!” shouted Bennett, as he sprang to his knees, sidled over, and brought his nose down to sniff the Jeb’s moist, hairy honey-pot. Intoxicated by what he inhaled, instantly Bennett’s tongue shot out of his mouth and began to lick, kiss and suck on the soft tender lips of what he adored most. This drove Jeb to new heights of intense sexual desire and he moaned and groaned in loud announcement of his enjoyment.

And in time, Bennett’s cock also wanted to take part in the celebration and once again that stiff, thick phenomenal pole entered deep inside that cherished Coulter tunnel. He plowed into Jeb for a long time, fucking him harder than before, while from to time, he leaned down to lovingly kiss his buddy on the other lips.

They spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday having sex in several different rooms of the house and in several positions. When Jeb reluctantly drove Bennett home late Sunday night, Jeb was rubbing his sore ass as he climbed back into the car.

Bennett Davenport, the skinny eighteen year old with the big feet and big cock, stood watching as his studly lover drove away. Experiencing an expansive heart, a smile played about the corners of his generous mouth with those straight white teeth, as he thought that being a Christian can be a beautiful thing, and equally as beautiful is loving your fellow man, literally.


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