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Bedside Manners by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

It was an odd thing indeed, but the hospital was trying a new way to keep their understaffed nursing squad from being overworked. The new idea was to send patients that only needed minor nursing care after surgery back home and have a visiting nurse be with them for the first few hours afterwards and then check on them for the next two days. My insurance accepted the cost, which was much cheaper than a hospital bed, and it was a way for new nurses from the local community colleges’ program to have a chance to work with patients without too much demand on their skills. So, here I was, recovering from a minor corrective procedure in my own bed at home. The hospital pretty much packed up recovering patients an hour after surgery and sent them home in an off-duty ambulance after their attending doctor pronounced them fit for travel. When I woke up, I had expected a candy-striper beside me, a bubbly young lady who could barely change her mind, much less a bandage. What I got instead was a six-foot-two buffed MALE nurse who was also drop dead gorgeous!

“Good morning, Mr. Danvers,” this hunk told me as he saw my eyes flutter open and settle on him in shock, “My name is Reggie and I’ll be your attending nurse today.” He grinned and flexed a bit as he settled back in his chair, “You were probably expecting a girl nurse, huh? Quite a few of my male patients do.”

He stood up, giving me a good look at a well-muscled lower body and fluffed my pillows, then continued, “My nursing supervisor at the college is somewhat old fashioned, and she doesn’t believe young girls should be alone with males. So any male nurse they have at the college is automatically sent to a male patient, sorry if you are disappointed.”

Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

Just as he said this, his eye caught the picture beside my bed, that of a former boyfriend now porn star, in all his masculine glory. I patted the hand closest to me and whispered, “Not a problem, Reggie, I’m not sorry at all that you’re a buff male nurse.”

I expected Reggie to stiffen and become all professional on me, but instead he grinned wider than any boy I’d EVER seen, and looked down at me. “I can see that we also share a similar taste in men,” he said, pointing to the picture. “I can’t get enough of that guy!”

I weakly laughed and waived my hand towards the slightly open door to my walk in closet. “Right hand side, second shelf. When you take your break, feel free to use the guest bedroom and video unit.” Reggie opened the closet door and walked in. I heard a little gasp and then he walked out with a video and two magazines in his hands, a slightly embarrassed grin on his face.

“Mind if I take a short break now?” he said. I waved him away and settled down for a nap.

Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

I guess an hour later I woke up and saw Reggie had returned to my side. He grinned again and thanked me for the opportunity to view his favorite porn star on his break. “You’re the first patient I’ve ever helped that allowed me that freedom,” he stated, reaching out and touching my bare shoulder, “all of my patients so far have been so disappointed that I wasn’t female that they barely spoke to me. You not only accepted me right away, but even let me wank off to your own porn.”

He did his medical thing then, checking my blood pressure, my pulse and listening to my heart and lungs. His touch on my wrist was more familiar than most healthcare professionals might have used, and he carefully warmed his stethoscope before pressing it against my bare chest. Indeed, his hands actually enjoyed a little feel of my pecs and muscled abs before he reluctantly let me settle back against my pillows.

“You are doing very well, Mr. Danvers,” he said as he put away his medical tools, “you are one very healthy guy.” He walked back to me and then, surprising both of us I think, bent down and planted a soft kiss on my lips! He grinned at me and then said, “I need to check on another patient now near here, he should be arriving soon at his home. Tomorrow I’ll drop by to see how you are doing, take your vitals and maybe we can talk more about your friend there?” He pointed to the picture beside my bed again. “I think tomorrow you will also feel well enough to have your own break if you wish.” I blushed at that, and he laughed, patted my shoulder and bade me a good afternoon.

The next morning Reggie returned to my home and took my vital signs, again being a little more free with touching me before returning his stethoscope and blood pressure cuff to his bag. He then surprised me by saying that he needed to remove my bed covers for a moment. I was wearing a pair of silk boxers, my favorite sleeping article when I didn’t sleep bare, and so I nodded and he pulled back the sheets to expose my lower body. “I have read in my nursing manuals that it is important, after a day in bed, to massage the legs and feet after surgery so that blood movement is promoted and lessens the chance of blood clots.” He removed a little vial of massage oil from his bag and, after coating his hands well, began massaging my feet.

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Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

I didn’t need to tell him that one of the things that turned me on the most was having my feet massaged, and of course ‘Mr. Happy’ decided to rear up and see for himself what was going on. As Reggie started moving up my legs, my cock got more agitated and began oozing precum. When Reggie reached my thighs, the precum stain on my shorts was quarter-sized and growing.

“I see that the massage has helped blood flow in other areas,” he said with a grin, “perhaps to prevent blood clots in an unfortunate area, I should massage there too.” Without further ado, he pulled down my waistband and released my dripping cock, then grasped the shaft with one meaty hand while the other massaged my wriggling balls. Too shocked to say anything and enjoying it way too much, I could only grunt and moan as he brought me closer and closer to an earth shattering orgasm. When I blew, he carefully aimed my cockhead at my sternum, and when I finally finished, spent, exhausted but very, very much glowing with pleasure, he carefully and slowly rubbed my cum into my abs and chest. “That’s to thank you for your nice treatment of me yesterday,” Reggie said as he wiped off his hands on a towel he’d brought. “I didn’t have very good luck with my second or third patient at all, both were upset they got a guy nurse and one of them was so surly to me I was only able to do what I had to do and then left.” He used the towel to get the few remaining spots of oil and cum off my chest. “I wanted to show you how thankful I was that you were honestly enjoying having me nurse you. I think you get the idea now, right?” I returned his smile and, as he packed up his kit, I devised a little thank you present of my own. Reggie left after that, giving me a kiss on the lips again as he walked out, this time a little bit more lingering and a lot more heartfelt than before. I thought a few minutes, then picked up the phone and called a number I had known so well…

The next day, about the same time in the morning, Reggie appeared. He looked a little sad when he came in, and after he took my vital signs and put away his medical gear, I asked him what saddened him so. He smiled, then said, “Well, today is the last day I can come see you, at least as your visiting nurse. I don’t get much time off, so I don’t know if I’ll see you anymore, and I think I’m really going to miss you.”

I smiled back, and pulled him closer to me. “Reggie, I’ll miss you too, for not only have you given me excellent nursing, but you are a warm, loving man that I’d be proud to have as a lover.” He blushed at that, and mumbled something like, “I’d like you as a lover too,” then bent down to give me his good-bye kiss. This time I was ready for him, and reached up to hold him in place while I slipped him some well earned and heartfelt tongue. He was surprised at first, then sank into the kiss, giving me a little tongue back.

Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

“Nothing in the nursing manuals tell you what to do when you fall in love with a patient, right?” I said, guessing that the only advise would be straight stuff.

“Yeah, and I’m not sure what I should do,” Reggie replied, making me even more determined to keep him.

“OK, since we both agree that we love each other, why not just let things happen and not worry about it? When you DO have free time, call me and we can get together. How does that sound?” Reggie brightened at that and I smiled back, giving him a quick kiss back and then stretched and got out of bed. He’d already said that I’d be ok to get up today, so the only surprise for him was that I was stark naked. He grinned at me and then followed me as I beckoned him down the hall.

“I like this side of you too,” Reggie commented as he appreciated my muscled butt, “I had a hard time not asking you to roll over yesterday so I could get my hands on that butt of yours!”

Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

I laughed and then paused at the guest bedroom door, which was closed. “Reggie,” I said as I turned the knob and opened the door, “you’ll not only get your chance at that now, but also somebody else’s butt as well!” The door swung open and there on the guest bed, lying naked on his belly with his butt slightly turned towards the door was Frank, my former lover and now famous porn star!

Frank stretched like a cat as he slowly turned towards us. I walked into the room and went around to the other side of the bed, sitting behind Frank and laying a hand upon his meaty shoulder. “Come on in, Reggie, don’t be shy.”

Reggie slowly walked into the room, his jaws working as he moved closer to the bed. “Oh my God!” he said as he got closer to his porn star favorite, “Its Peter Driver! Have I died and gone to heaven?”

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Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

Frank just gave him a sultry smile and said, “Mike here tells me you are a big fan. You sure look like you could be, but I can’t tell with that uniform on. Maybe you better take it off…”

Numbly, Reggie slowly removed his nursing uniform, undoing the shoulder and side clasps that held his nursing tunic against his body and stepping out of his white surgical scrubs. He stepped out of his white tennis shoes, and stood there in his tight white t-shirt, briefs and white socks. Frank laughed and reached out, grasping Reggie’s waistband and pulling him over to the bed. “Hey, this isn’t a slumber party! Get out of the underwear too! How else can I get at your goodies?” In record time Reggie tore off his t-shirt and socks, and then slipped off his briefs, revealing what I’d known all along, thick, heavy cock and dangling balls, and an ass that was so hard with muscle you could bounce a dime off it.

“That’s much better,” purred Frank as he grasped Reggie’s attentive cock and pulled him onto the bed, “I like uniforms, but I’d rather have birthday suits any day!” With a twist at the waist Frank slipped that thick dick into his mouth and began vacuuming with all the strength he had.

I watched, my own cock rock hard and throbbing in time with Frank and Reggie’s, as Frank sucked my nurse’s cock with more gusto than he’d ever done in his movies. Of course, having had Frank as my boyfriend for almost two years, I knew some things that his fans would never know about him. First of all, even though he commanded the video market as an aggressive top, he was at home a card-carrying member of the “Bottom Boys Club” and really preferred taking it up the ass. He told me about three weeks into our relationship that he had been cursed with equipment that literally defined him as a top, yet my more modest equipment made him feel more masculine as he felt me enter him. He was an excellent cocksucker too, as Reggie was finding out, something that his co-stars only rarely got to experience. One thing more I knew about Frank was that he could come for weeks if before he was fucked he had a long, slow ass rimming and finger fucking session. I smiled and slipped down between his thick thighs and pulled open his furry cheeks to reveal his quivering pucker. He moaned as my breath brushed across his sensitive hole, and then groaned in delight as my tongue began making slow and determined circles around the folds of his ass. He put more energy into his sucking, and Reggie moaned louder, his cock now fucking Frank’s face faster and faster, coming closer and closer to orgasm. Frank was controlling Reggie well, holding and pulling on his testicles so that when he felt Reggie almost ready to go he’d pull hard, squeezing those bull balls and stop the orgasm.

By this time I’d laved Frank’s welcoming asshole sufficiently for a finger, and slipped my index finger into him, slowly exploring the warm inside area and finding Frank’s prostate with the tip of my finger. I had two fingers into Frank and was really enjoying myself when he abruptly pulled off of Reggie’s cock and hoarsely said, “Get a rubber ready and some lube, this man’s ready for me and I’m ready for it!” Quickly I opened a rubber and handed it to Frank, who slipped it over the throbbing mass of Reggie’s cock, oozing precum in its pre-orgasm agony. I inserted a couple of gobs of lubricant into Frank’s ass, and squished it around so that the inside was coated.

Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

Frank now moved into the center of the bed and, raising his legs up, hooked his arms around his thighs and whispered, “my hole is yours, buddy,” to Reggie. I helped Reggie get into position, slipping a well-lubricated hand around his throbbing cock to give it some lube, and then placed Reggie’s cock against Frank’s open hole. As Reggie’s dick slipped into the warm ass, he groaned along with Frank and soon Reggie was buried to the hilt in his favorite porn star’s ass.

He slowly began fucking Frank’s ass, moving almost all the way out and then going all the way back in. Occasionally, he’d do little quick fucks, couplets of five or six fast thrusts, then back to the slow full length fucks. Frank was in pig heaven, his ass getting the treatment it so deserved, and Frank’s cock showed his happiness, oozing precum almost by the bucketful on his smooth ripped abs. Now it was time for me to put my own plan into effect, and I moved behind Reggie and pulled his cheeks open to accept my talented tongue.

This was a new feeling for Reggie, I could tell, as his pucker became so tight at first I thought I’d need a chisel to open it. Soon, though, I had a loosen hole ready for fingers, and the lubricant went in without much ado. I slipped on a rubber and greased up and then slipped my cock into Reggie’s meaty ass.

“Oh God!” cried Reggie as he felt me enter him, “That is so good! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck me as hard as I fuck Frank!”

Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

Frank moaned and cried out, “do it man! Fuck him hard!” I nodded and in time with Reggie’s thrusts into Frank I would thrust into Reggie, hitting over and over his full and ready prostate as he was doing to Frank. In all the excitement and physical stimulation, it wasn’t long before Frank’s cock began swelling with cum and literally blew out of his cockhead, laying thick ropes down on his hard abs and nearly giving him a necklace of pearly cum as it shot farther up around his pecs and neck. The contractions inside Frank’s ass set off Reggie, and he spasmed with delight, filling his rubber with warm freshly whipped cum as he sank one last time into Frank’s butt. Of course, Reggie’s orgasm triggered my own, and I yanked my cock out and ripped off the rubber so that I could spray my cum all over the wide muscled back before me. Reggie’s cock slipped out of Frank’s butt, and I reached down and pulled the filled rubber off Reggie’s handsome cock, tossing it with mine into the trash can. Reggie flexed once then fell onto Frank’s cum covered chest, my own collapse right after as my chest hit Reggie’s cum soaked back.

We lay there, a meat sandwich with cum dressing, for a good half hour, then slowly untangled ourselves and headed for the shower. I had a good sized shower stall, so all three of us could fit comfortably if one didn’t mind a cock against a butt once in awhile. Obviously Reggie and Frank didn’t mind one bit, neither did I, so we showered and romped a bit more than needed, finding another hard cock and a butt receptacle that required another greased rubber to solve the problem. When we were spent a second time, this time my butt aching delightfully from Reggie’s hard cock, we reluctantly dried off and got dressed silently, afraid to break the great sexual spell that was over us. Finally, Reggie stretched in his tight nursing uniform and then smiled at the two of us.

“Thank you, oh thank you both for that wonderful time!” said Reggie as he kissed both of us with a great deal of tongue being exchanged. “Mike, I want you to know how much I love you for this.”

I kissed him back hard and said, “It was my pleasure and happiness to ask Frank to come visit today as a thank you for you, Reggie.” I patted Frank’s butt and he smiled back at me. “He has a kind of fetish for doctors, and so he didn’t mind one bit, did you, Frank?”

Frank grinned at Reggie and growled as he planted his hand against Reggie’s thick crotch. “Nope, and I wouldn’t mind a call back, you hear me, boy?” Reggie shivered in delight and said, “Yes, sir! I would love it, if Mike wants to.”

Badpuppy Model - Fox & Brian

I gave Reggie a little slap on the butt. “Silly, of course I would! I hope you have enough energy though to perform after I get done with you. Frank, you may need to come back next week and see if this poor boy will have anything left for you.”

Frank laughed and said, “I’m glad to see that you found somebody at last, Mike. And I’m very glad that we both like him!” He grinned again, slapped both our butts in farewell, and walked out the front door, whistling as he headed to his car.

Reggie’s cell phone went off and he grimaced as he answered it. “I have to go, Mike, a new patient is about to be delivered home and I’m needed there.”

“Just don’t forget to return here when you can,” I said, patting Reggie’s firm ass. “I can’t keep having surgery to get you back here, you know.” He smiled at that and kissed me, then left to his next appointment. I tidied up the apartment, feeling better than I had ever done in years, having the best of both worlds at once was a good thing.


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The models in these pictures are Fox & Brian


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