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Basketball Camp by Hrtofgld
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Chapter One

Badpuppy Model - Teodor "Mr. Richardson?" I turned in the hallway and faced a naked 18 year old male, dripping from head to toe. "I need a towel, do you have one?" "Sure," I said as I opened the storage door with my master key and pulled out a stack of freshly laundered white towels. I gave the boy one and he walked back into the bathroom, drying his hair as he went. I watched the muscular pair of buns undulate incitingly a minute, then followed the boy into the bathroom and into the shower areas. "Anybody else need towels?" I shouted over the hiss of the showers in the connecting room near me. Hands waved and I hung a number around on the hooks in the drying room, checked the boys' muscular bodies over again, and then returned to the manager's apartment on the main floor.

My name is Joe Richardson, I'm 26 and the manager of a four story residence hall at Shakespeare University. It was summer, and the normal residents, male college students, were off on various vacations, or had moved for the summer into other residence halls.

Some wise-ass administrator, when the university was being built, came up with the brilliant idea of naming the residence halls and classroom buildings after characters in Will's plays. Not knowing how close to the truth he hit the mark, the architect named my residence hall Titania Hall, after the queen of the fairies. In the beginning stages, the hall was scheduled to be a women only residence, but the female enrollment fell off sharply during construction. In it's bumbling wisdom, the university directed the architect to change the plans to make Titania a men only dorm and the smaller hall named Puck Hall into the new women only hall. Unfortunately, the administration forgot to have the architect exchange the names, and so, when the two buildings were unveiled, the community rocked with laughter at the names forever engraved into the buildings' doorways.

Consequently, my hall was hardly ever full. Its capacity was 240 men, two to a room and 30 rooms per floor. The highest occupancy I ever had was 50 men, each receiving their own room. This didn't generate much money for the university, so during the summer the university hosted large organizations for meetings, training camps, retreats, etc. As my hall was one of the two largest on campus, I invariably had the largest groups, and the college students in my hall would move to the other men only dorm on campus, Oberon Hall, which was on the other side of campus.

Each summer, between the third week in June and the last week of August, 200 + high school boys from around the USA would arrive for a summer sports camp. My building, having meeting rooms on all four floors, recreational rooms, and bathrooms with urinals, housed these males as they learned the basics of swimming, track and field, tennis, basketball, soccer, and other sports. The only sports not worked on were sports requiring snow, and most of the students preferred water skiing to snow skiing anyday.

My job during the boys' stay was to make sure that 1) the rooms they were to occupy had enough blankets and towels, 2) that they didn't tear the place down in their youthful zeal, and 3) keep the girls out of the hall. I didn't have any trouble doing any part of my job assignment, especially the third part. I had no use for girls, being a staunch, masculine homosexual, and was bound and determine to prevent hanky-panky between the boys and the girls. If I couldn't have them, neither could the girls.

Chapter Two

It was the first morning since camp begun, and already I had desired half of my hall's complement. I've always defined "chicken" as anything less than age 16, thinking that puberty is God's way of saying let 'er rip. Most of the friends I had in junior high and high school had been jacking each other off since we were thirteen and, if they'd had three years to build their bodies into the stuff walking around my hall, then 16 was ripe enough.

But, ethics prevented me from absconding with any of my charges' virginity (if any of them still had any). I felt that a trust would have been violated if I made a move on any of the boys, and kept my hands off. So that's why I wasn't prepared for what happened the second week.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

During the conference, a few college males would be hired as Floor Coordinators, and would help me keep an eye on the boys. The administrators would invariably hire athletic (and very humpy) men to be Coordinators, and I would have one weekend before the conference to train them.

I had gone through this training twice before, and each time there's always some super jock in the group, mouthing off about watching out for homos and preferring to allow the girls in to prevent it. These same jocks wound up in my bed before the week was over. This time was no exception.

Mark was 22, built like a brick shithouse, with curly blond hair. His specialties were wrestling and swimming (what a combination) and as he talked, he kept shifting his legs. He was wearing only a pair of loose high-cut running shorts that barely managed to cover the goodies inside, and currently the goodies were hanging out for everyone to see. I noticed that a couple of the other Coordinators were also avidly watching his movements and the goodies below, and I chuckled over the nasty thoughts I was having about Mark. We finished the meeting and I asked Mark to stay a little after.

He was sitting in front of me with an insolent sneer on his face, his legs slowly spreading wide to allow me an unrestricted view of his cock and balls. I explained to him the importance of keeping the girls out (parental pressure, administrator's idea, etc.) and that the University expected him to follow the rules. He grinned maliciously and said, "That rule doesn't include me, does it?" I counted to ten and bit back the sharp retort I had, then said, "No, but normally the Coordinators don't flaunt their privileges in front of the boys." Mark stood up and the shorts finally fell to cover him. "Don't worry, Joe," he said as he rearranged himself in his shorts, "you have nothing to worry about from me." He strutted out the door, the sheer material clinging to his asscheeks. Gawd, I thought as I watched those tight muscular buns, what a performance.

Chapter Three

I had set up regular meetings twice a week with the Coordinators, one hour on Wednesday night and one hour on Saturday. We normally met over dinner, this being a relaxing time from the boys and all of us needing to talk. We would meet in my apartment, and eat hamburgers or other quickly prepared dinners we'd cook ourselves. The barbecue was out on my patio, and from here I had an unrestricted view of the front of Titania.

We had made it alive through the first week, and it looked like another week was just about to end as nice. I was just turning the steaks I had bought for the guys when I saw what looked like a naked male standing in the 4th floor balcony. This wouldn't have been a problem normally, but as I watched him I saw a set of boobs move up next to him and then the two forms disappeared from sight. I knew that the boys were all at dinner, so whoever was up there shouldn't have been. Going back into my apartment, I saw that Mark was missing and, remembering the exhibition during our first meeting, thought that Mark matched the naked male's form perfectly. I turned over the chef's duties to the third floor coordinator and started up the stairs.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor

I moved down the hallway to room 415. The rooms numbered X15 (where X stood for the floor) were strategically given to the coordinators as they were centrally located, had a small balcony from which the coordinators could see their floor, and the rooms were just across from the bathrooms. When I got close to the door, I heard muffled squeals and moaning, some high pitched and some low pitched. Quietly using my passkey, I opened the door and walked inside.

Clothing, both male and female, was strewn all over the room, some in chairs and some on the floor. The bed, a super-twin size, was missing its mattress, the bedding pulled to the end and left hanging on the floor. As I moved further into the room, I noticed a small pink purse lying near the balcony entrance, and heard the moaning quite clearly coming from the balcony. I pulled the curtains open, and saw Mark and some girl, probably not much more than 18 or 19 years old, banging away on the missing mattress.

From where I stood, I was hidden from their view. The girl's vision was blocked by Mark's body, and his back and pumping ass were what I viewed. I've seen the straight porno flicks and could even get off if I concentrated on the men's rigid cocks, but this performance sickened me. Just as I was going to stop them, the girl began moaning and hiccuping, the nipples on the two mounds swelling and turning bright red. Her mouth dropped open in a silent scream, and her fingernails came up and clawed Mark's back, leaving white stripes on his tan. Mark must have liked the clawing, for I saw his body tense, his balls tighten and his asshole contract with his shuddering orgasm.

I reached down and grabbed Mark by the shoulder, pulling him off the girl. I guess I was a bit upset and didn't mean to pull so hard, but he flew off of her, landing with a "clonk" against the wall, his cock achingly hard and shooting gobs of cum everywhere. Both he and the girl were still dazed from sex, and stared blankly at me.

Walking into the room, I picked up the girl's clothes and threw them at her as she entered. She was burning bright red as she pulled on her clothes and slunk out the door. As soon as the door slammed, Mark strode into the room, yelling at me for invading his privacy. I picked up a towel from the floor and told him to clean himself off. Opening the door, I turned and said, "When you're cleaned up, I will be in my office to talk with you about this situation." I left him and finished dinner in my apartment.

Chapter Four

Two hours later, the other floor coordinators having eaten and left, I opened the office door and waited for Mark to appear. I was in a foul mood for having to view a pussy as well as have the rules so viciously flaunted before me, so I guess I did snap at Mark when he entered the room. Of course, he was wearing only the pair of running shorts as previous and sat in a chair across from me. I stood up and went over to the bar that I kept in the office. I asked Mark if he wanted a whisky and poured us a couple of stiff ones. "Mark, you've got us into a fix," I said as we sipped our whisky, "and what I'm supposed to do is fire you." For the first time a look of fear crossed Mark's handsome features. "But, Joe," he said, "she wasn't one of our guests or anything like that..." I sighed and explained to him that whether or not she was a guest, he had abused his position by having a girl up in his room. "You see, the only thing the administration will understand is that you fucked a girl in campus housing, nothing else. They would feel that the University's image was tarnished by your action and that it would be in the University's best interest to dump you." Mark gulped the rest of his drink and asked if I would give him another. I poured him one and topped mine, then sat down again. "My problem is that the boys all like you and emulate you. If they had seen you in the act, they would all try the same thing, not understanding why they couldn't do it if you could." We looked at each other in silence for a moment while I considered the situation.

As I watched Mark, I could tell the drink was affecting him. His eyes were getting a little unfocused and he was having some trouble sitting upright in his chair. Well, I thought, I guess I'd better get this over with. I stood up and moved around the desk to issue my judgement in favor of the University. I opened my mouth to say he was fired, when Mark stood up and clutched me, sobbing that he couldn't be fired, his parents were so proud of him for getting the job and all. I struggled with my own thoughts and lost, my cock hardening against his as my body felt his muscles moving against me. His knees gave way and he slid down my body, his face pressed against the rising bulge. "I'll do anything you want, please don't fire me..." His hands moved quickly and my pants dropped from me, his hands now moving up and down my thighs. Another quick movement and my briefs joined my pants, my cock now freed and straining forward from my body. His eyes widened when he saw the package I carried around, and he looked up at me. "Anything..." He sucked my cock into his mouth, his hands fondling my balls and sneaking probing fingers into my ass. He was quite experienced for a straight guy, and I saw that his own cock poked up from his tight shorts. The tightening of my balls prompted him and he sucked the cum from the head as I shot into his warm mouth. After a brief rest, I pulled him up and we semi-dressed, grabbed the bottle of whisky and closed the office.

We entered the apartment and closed the curtains, then spread a sheet across the floor. As I stood up from this, he moved close and started kissing me, his lips opening and his tongue playing with mine as we stood pressed together. We parted and he pulled my clothes off me, slowly and seductively, leaving burning sensations with his lips as he kissed me everywhere. I undressed him as well, pulling the shorts from his body and marveling at the beauty of his body as he stood naked before me. No longer tainted with the smell or ooze from a woman I grabbed his thick cock and stroked it, my other hand cupping the muscled ass and tickling the asshole with my index finger. We got down on the sheet and explored each other deeply with fingers and tongues, then I was on my back and my legs were over his shoulders.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor

He bent over me in the careless practice that comes with knowledge. He spat in his hand a couple of times and rubbed the spit over his cock, while the other hand wandered over my body keeping me hot. After he had got his cock slick enough, he inserted the head into my ass and pushed slowly inside.

Everyone claims that at first you feel pain then it goes away. Yeah, I've had that happen before too, but this was the first time I didn't feel any pain at all. I did grit my teeth and moan quite a bit, but that was due to the exquisite feelings I had from having a big dick up my ass. Mark settled into a rhythmic pattern, moving in and out, all the while kissing me. His breath was hot against my cheek and his smooth cheek pressed against mine as he slammed harder into me. He drove harder and harder, sometimes spreading my legs wider, sometimes stretching them out above his head to get deeper and deeper. I was doing my part to, with running my hands over his body and tickling his tight ball sack with my fingers whenever he came near enough to touch. After what seemed an eternity (but was only a half an hour by the clock) he grunted and I could feel a warm substance being emptied into me. He shuddered a couple of times, each time shoving his hard dick into me deeper, then pulled out of me with a sigh, collapsing onto my sweating chest.

We rested a while on the floor, his ardor and mine spent, then he sat up on his haunches and pulled me up. He hugged me, saying "That was wonderful, Joe." We held each other another moment, then took a shower together, horsing around like a couple of kids in high school. It was late when he dressed and returned to his room on 4th floor. After he left I grabbed the sheet and threw it into the washer, then prepared a nightcap. I sat out on my patio, dressed in a pair of running shorts, the night air calm and comfortable. I looked up and the lights in Mark's room were lit. A figure leaned over the balcony a moment, and then something landed on the chair next to me. Wrapped around a jockstrap was a note from Mark, "Again sometime soon, OK?" I smiled and sipped my whisky, my thoughts drifting into the night.

Chapter Five

I never had any trouble from Mark again, nor anyone else from his floor. The other coordinators, one shyly told me later, had taken bets that I would have fired Mark before the second week, and I just smiled. None of them knew what happened that evening, nor did anyone ever guess. A few girls were let into the hall and the coordinators were alerted and things calmed down around Titania.

Mark and I managed to get together again a couple times more before the end of the Basketball Camp. I thought in private that Mark was a typical confused homosexual trapped in a heterosexual environment. Not sure of his feelings and not having anyone to confide in, his behavior leaned toward being super-butch. His fear of his parents was real enough, he was afraid that if he lost his job they would also find out about his homosexuality. Mark confessed to me a couple of days later after we'd made out that he was more comfortable now about his sexuality. He said that the girl that second week had teased him about putting up or shutting up, and had accused him of being a faggot. Naturally, he had to preserve his super-butch image and fuck her. I stroked his chest and kissed a nipple, then said that I wished he'd come to me with his problem, but he just smiled and kissed my nose. He said that one major problem with being an athlete was the pressure that girls put on him to have sex. Every evening, prior to the episode with the girl, he would take a shower and some of the boys would also shower with him. Since his body was more mature than theirs, Mark would find himself answering the questions that they had about men's bodies. After he had talked rather frankly to the boys, they had horsed around with each other, and Mark would get so turned on he would have to jack off in his room later.

The night before the Camp ended, Mark knocked on my apartment door. We sat down and he began to play with me, stroking my chest and kissing me. We prepared the sheet and stripped, lying down as usual to make love. This time, to Mark's surprise, he was the one who's legs were in the air and it was my cock moving up his ass. We'd talked about it before, but Mark was leery of what he called "the feminine position." Still clinging to his super-butch image, he only wanted to be top. Well, that evening after a few drinks and some very pleasurable foreplay, I made my move.

He was on top of me, kissing me and moving his arms down to lift my legs, when I executed the perfect wrestling move and had him pinned on the mat. I said, "You seriously don't think I'm going to let that perfect ass of yours get away from me without a good fucking, do you?" He fought playfully a minute, then grabbed me and held me tight, saying that he loved me and that he wanted it, especially since it was our last night. I kissed him and grabbed the lubricant I'd bought especially for this purpose. Mark had said the first time I'd brought up fucking him that he'd never been fucked before and was afraid that it would hurt him. I said that if it was done carefully and with love, it didn't hurt.

I had him roll over on his stomach and put a pillow under him, propping his ass up for use. He lay there trusting and loving me, so I wasn't about to hurt him if I could help it. Pulling his asscheeks apart, I slipped my tongue into his asshole and gave him a good rimming. When his anal ring open and closed in pleasured spasms, I squirted some lube up his ass and, greasing up a finger, inserted it into his asshole. He tensed briefly and moaned when I found the chestnut shaped point of pleasure. I stroked his rectum wall well, then inserted another finger, letting him get used to having his anal ring being stretched. Soon I had all my fingers of one hand massaging the anal ring and judged him ready.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

I greased up my rock-hard cock and eased into his ass. His breath stopped for a brief second, and his hands came back to pull me deeply into his ass. I stayed still, letting his virgin ass accommodate the intrusion, then slowly moved in and out, feeling his ass tighten and release with pleasure. Rotating my hips as I entered his ass brought a sigh of ecstacy to his lips, and I began to press harder into the fleshy, muscular mounds of his ass.

I stopped after a while and turned him over, still impaled on my rigid member, the "cat that got the cream" look on his face as he placed his legs on my shoulders. I got down to some serious fucking then, and rammed my cock into him. He looked perfectly happy and when I pulled out and slammed back into him repeatedly, he was crying out to do it again. The feeling of a pulling string in my groin let me know that it was almost time, and I reared back, pulling him onto me, my dick still deep within him. He got the message quickly and started bouncing up and down, rotating his hips and stroking my balls. I jacked him with my hands, his own orgasm mounting rapidly along with mine. Soon, like a harp string being pulled and released, our simultaneous orgasm occurred, mine leaking out of his ravaged asshole and his shooting all over my chest. He bent over and kissed me, still savoring the feeling of a hard dick up his ass and moving around a little to stretch his hole some more. That evening we fucked each other twice more before falling into each others arms and going to sleep.

Chapter Six

He left the next day, his job done. We had already shed all the tears we were going to the night before, and as I watched him board the bus that would take him away, I thought of what might have been had he stayed. Shaking off the feeling of sadness, I got into my car and returned to Titania.

Sometime soon I received a memo calling for a meeting of myself and the other hall managers. I arrived at the meeting, and the administrator called the meeting to order. He said that enrollment was up over 100 percent of last year and it seemed that for the first time in the history of Shakespeare University the dorms would be full to capacity. We all cheered and talked a bit more, then were adjourned. The administrator waved me over and asked if I'd stay after a minute. "Sure," I said and waited while the room cleared. We sat down at the conference table and he told me that with the enrollment so high Titania Hall would be full again and that both Oberon and Titania Halls would have two more Manager positions available. Glancing at his notes, he said that one of my floor coordinators was interested in the position and would I like to have Mark as my co-manager. Not understanding my silence, he said that although we would have to share the apartment, the office could be moved to one of the conference rooms and the old office made into a second bedroom. I accepted Mark wholeheartedly (bodily too!) and the administrator made a note that Mark should be sent a hire notice. Before the next semester started, Mark returned to Titania.

We have spent the last three years as co-managers of Titania, and so far no one suspects what we do after we close the apartment for the night. Mark still has some of the super-butch persona around him, and still props his legs on my shoulders at night when I want him to. He has maintained his body and helped me build mine up into the near perfection of his, and we both draw oohs and aahs from the girls. We have formed a tight bond that will stay with us for as long as we can, and as long as Mark loves me, that will be enough.

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