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Basic Instincts by Barringer
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Badpuppy Model - Paul Sometimes I turn myself on with my own thoughts. Like the other night when this English actor in ‘Basic Instinct 2’ bared his butt and started shagging this girl -- as the British so graphically put it. I’d never heard the expression before until I saw that Austin Powers movie and still can’t bring myself to use it – so gross -- but the sound of it sure turns me on. As did the sight of this guy’s butt as he humped and thumped and shagged the lucky lady doggie-style. I wasn’t expecting such a thing in a Sharon Stone movie and in my own living room and had a kind of a head spinning rush which was a bit like getting dizzy but I knew it was all about getting horny. Last time I had it so strong was when I shared an elevator with a guy on the way up to my apartment. He was everything I wanted a hunk to be and smelt of musk. He got me so hot that I came in my pants even before we’d gone three floors. I was hoisted with my own petard so to speak. Ruined the evening for me.

Anyway I looked up the actor on my Wikipedia and discovered he was from Liverpool. Interesting I thought as I’d just been posted to a little town just outside Liverpool by my company Iowa Power. Fortuitous too. Austin Powers, Iowa Power and Liverpool. I wondered how many bare butts and super shags awaited me there. I was soon to find out.

I must say I felt like a fish out of water at first. There was so much to get used to --- including the language and accent. Especially the accent. Still I had some great colleagues and got to like English pubs and the rugby types you meet there. Those thick thighs spread out on bar stools are something else. Actually my company had sent me over on a glorified training course which included learning the ropes in many different departments. It also meant working a lot of overtime. While others did their usual 9-to-5 stint I was sometimes still at it at eight and one memorable night worked on from 9 to 10. In more ways than one. I was trying to get this guy’s nine-incher up to a solid ten. I almost succeeded too. His name was Vince and he was grateful to me because I’d got him a job as night watchman. I’d met him at the pub and he seemed to have what we were looking for. He certainly had what I was looking for. He was doing the rounds that night and looked in on me. He wasn’t supposed to be on duty until ten but he liked to get there early. Much to my surprise and pleasure he proceeded to express his gratitude although at first we had to go the long scenic route lined with girls and pussies.

“Hi there,” he said. “You’re working late.”

“Almost done,” I said.

He moved into the room and sat down in the canvas chair next to the computer.

“Sorry I haven’t a beer or anything to offer you,” I said.

“That’s ok. I’ll be on duty in a while and we can’t have our breath smelling of alcohol, can we?”

Badpuppy Model - Paul I wondered for a moment why he was using the royal plural then thought he might be using the Queen’s English to impress me or help me understand him better. As he spoke he drummed his fingers on his thighs. I understood that kind of language very well but chose to take no notice.

“Haven’t you got a girl friend at home fixing your supper?” he asked, stretching out in the chair and spreading his legs. I couldn’t help thinking what it would be like to have him straddling me with those thighs. He probably had a mean leg-lock too.

“Not at the moment,” I said, embarrassed. He’d only been there for five minutes and I was already nursing a swollen prick which threatened to spring a major leak.

“You know what they say about all work and no play,” he said undoing a few buttons of his shirt.

“Makes Jack a dull boy,” I said finishing his sentence. “We have that expression in the States too.”

“I bet you do, Jack,” he said, then smiling at his little joke, “Don’t you even jack off?”

“Occasionally,” I said, wondering where this conversation was taking us but somehow having a very good idea. Surely he wasn’t going to tell me that he liked watching guys jack off.

I decided to encourage him.

“Still it seems a bit of a waste.” I continued. “All that sperm going down the drain I’d rather have it going down someone’s throat.”

This time it was his turn to ignore my remark.

“I love sucking pussy,” he said.

“Ever suck anything else?” I asked.

“You mean like tits and stuff ?”

“I mean like dicks and stuff.”

“I ain’t into no gay shit,” he said as if offended but I knew he wasn’t. There was the suggestion of a third leg growing between his open thighs.

I decided to change the subject – and tactics. He had a great body and I wanted to see more of it.

“I see you work out,” I said, wanting to give him the kind of attention that would make him stop thinking about girls. For a little while at least. From my experience a well-tended ego doesn’t need much stroking. Sure enough he rose to the bait and started taking off his shirt just like they do after football matches over here.

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Badpuppy Model - Paul “Sure do,” he said. “Just have to give them one look at that and they’re on their knees.”

I could see why too. His pecs rode high and wide above his rib cage and he had a six-pack to die for. He also had nipples like big brown buttons and nipples have always been my downfall.

“You can suck me off if you like,” he said obviously reading the naked appreciation on my face. “I owe you one. But remember I don’t do anything else.”

I didn’t need a second invitation. Anyway I knew that’s what he’d come for. I knelt in silent communion before him. This was not the time to waste on idle chatter. I snapped open his jeans.

He gave a sigh that was almost a groan. He was obviously hungry. And not for pussy. His perfect pole lay before me dribbling and twitching with pulse and want. It was so hot it fairly hummed.

I kissed the wet cock head making it wetter, smearing my lips with its salty balm. I wondered whether his back door would be so soft and wet also and if I would be allowed to make a delivery.

He used his hips to derrick my mouth and his dick became harder. Soon it threatened to choke me but I persevered. I’m not the kind of guy that gets off the bronco when it starts to buck.

“You’re fucking good at this mate,” he said after we’d been at it for quite some time. In fact my jaw was beginning to ache with the length and strength of him.

I continued with my oral endeavours and was soon rewarded. I could feel the muscles of his legs turn to stone under my elbows and his head was rolling back and forth.

“Give me a bit of a hand,” he groaned.

I palm-stroked the thick shaft and watched his marvellous chest heave up and down. His orgasm seemed to originate mid-thigh. His balls tightened, the bands of muscle above his groin quivered and in spite of all the warning signals he’d been giving out I was not exactly ready for the huge hot gush that sprayed my face and neck and hair and seemed to get everywhere.

Badpuppy Model - Paul “Wow man, I really needed that,” he said. “You blow better than any girl I’ve ever met.”

I cleaned up as best I could and really cleaned him up good too.

“I can’t believe you’re eating my jizz,” he said.

He sounded as contented as the cat that got the cream although it was me lapping it all up.

Anyway gay shit or no gay shit he certainly got a taste for what I dished out for him. In fact it was the smoothest transition from hetero to homo that I’ve ever been a party to. Not that I’ve been to many of those parties. We took to meeting at my place before his night shift and sometimes he came straight home to bed when he ‘knocked off’ as he called it. Those days I phoned in sick. I thought I deserved some time off after all the overtime I’d been doing. And not only at work.

He turned out to be a great lover. The first night in my bed he surprised me with his kisses, then licked his way down to my belly and tongued into my navel giving me the hot chills. I felt myself melt and my pucker go slack as he continued his tongue tour and I felt its tip against my prostate. However when he tried to insert his thick shaft I began to struggle. Unperturbed he slapped my ass cheeks bringing me down on him so hard that my ass hole gasped with the pain and gaped open. He was right on in there. He slapped my ass again.

“You’re big, you’re too fucking big,” I groaned.

“That’s what all the girls tell me,” he said proudly. “Now don’t be a sissy. Take it like a man.”

With that he pumped me hard and slapped me again and again, making a hot ditch out of my ass.

He had me on my back with my legs in the air and my dick crushed between us so when I came I sour-creamed our bellies and felt my butt overflow with him. Our combined cum was so thick I thought somebody ought to bottle it. Strange the thoughts you get when you’re being fucked.

I tried to get my own back the other night but he put up too much resistance. Anyway we were in a hotel room together – I’d taken him away for the weekend -- and the walls had too many ears.

I was about to give him one of my best blow jobs when I decided to try the wrinkled kiss of his pucker. He obviously enjoyed having my tongue up there so I wondered if I might dare go any further.

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Badpuppy Model - Paul “Ever get it up here?” I asked him.

“Not that I know of, although I’ve been pretty drunk sometimes anything might have happened.”

“I think you would have remembered,” I said.

“I think so too. Why were you thinking of doing something memorable?”

“Sure was but maybe this is not the time or the place. The walls are too thin. I’m not into risk addiction like Sharon Stone in that movie.”

“What movie?”

“Basic Instinct 2.”

“Didn’t know you were interested in Sharon Stone.”

“I’m not. I was interested in the guy with the stone hard dick who was butt fucking her.”

“No shit.”

“That’s if I remember correctly. Mind you I might have been drunk while watching the movie.”

“Maybe we could see it together some time.”


He was obviously excited at the thought. Maybe I’d found the key to unlocking that back door of his.

I’ll have to check it out.

The model in these pictures is Paul

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