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Banana Benefits by Cucciolo
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Badpuppy Model - Durell “The flesh may be firm, astringent, even gummy with latex, and ivory-white to flesh color in texture when unripe, turning tender and slippery, or soft, mellow and starchy when ripe. The flavor may be mild and sweet or sub-acid with a distinct apple tone. As the plant grows it extends upward and outward, becoming as much as 9 ft long and 2 ft wide.”

Of course this is the description of a banana plant but I bet I had you guessing for a while there. I mean you could convert feet to inches and be quite content with a fruit like that in your mouth. I know I was. I grew up on a banana plantation in Puerto Rico. I used to watch these plants growing in the warm humid climate and get warm humid seepage when I watched the guys working on my father’s plantation. I hesitated to say ‘natives’ as that’s rather racist but that’s what my father used to call them. He used to say “Don’t get too friendly with the natives son. They won’t respect you.” I did my best to obey him but when you’re a hot, horny teenager and you’ve got hot horny muscular guys all around you it’s only natural to hanker after their bananas. At least, that’s what I think, and I’m sure you agree with me otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this story.

I was sent to England for my education so I was away from temptation – well, at least that sort of temptation – nine months of the year and therefore out of harm’s way most of the time. It’s when I came home and helped my Dad supervise the growing of the crops or the harvesting and packaging that the problems began. Especially when I reached eighteen and he made me assistant manager or foreman or whatever you call it. Officially I was ‘in charge.’ It’s just that I wasn’t in charge of my feelings. There was one particular hunk of a guy I had the hots for and I knew he had the hots for me too although ‘natives’ can be just as racist and snobbish as we white folks. I’d been ‘studying’ him – and lusting after him – ever since I was fifteen. He was about three years older than me and much more developed. Physically I mean. He may not have had my education but he sure was sure of himself and knew how to get ahead. In fact he became my father’s top man.

I wanted him to become my ‘top’ man too and used to dream of his cream topping and all the juicy things we would do together. I wanted him to top me and tail me and pop me and nail me. In fact I was hot to trot but, being the boss’s son, I tried to give him exactly the opposite impression and show my disdain and disinterest. He wasn’t fooled for one minute and used to play cat-and-mouse games with me. You know like slipping his hand inside his shirt when he was hot and sweaty, then smelling his fingers and looking in my direction as if he was just about to offer them to me to smell. It may sound gross in cold print but man it was hot when he did it. Especially as he looked straight in my eyes all the time.

His name was Paco by the way which figures as he sure packed a whole lot of muscle into his shirt and jeans. Once I saw him naked under the outdoor shower next to the huts used by the hired hands. I got a quick glimpse of his gorgeous butt as he soaped up but I was forced to lower my eyes and pretend I was counting the blades of grass or something as the men were coming back from the fields. I didn’t get to see the front of him just the base of his balls from behind but that was enough to turn my knees to jelly and my dick to stone. I scuttled off home to jerk off.

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Badpuppy Model - Durell Another time I saw him in his Sunday best – tight white pants and a sleeveless vest. He definitely wasn’t wearing underwear and was most probably thinking of some girl as I could see the outline of something long and promising lined up against his inside leg. You know a sort of a half hard-on. He saw me looking at him of course and rubbed it, making it harder and making me blush. I knew it gave him a kick to see the effect he had on me. To all intents and purposes, I was his master’s son but both of us knew the positions were going to be reversed and I was going to become his willing slave. It was only a matter of time. Maybe he was waiting for me to become a ‘consenting’ adult.

I was certainly consenting already but only had my virginity to lose. He risked much more. I’d never been fucked up the ass and, as they say in romantic fiction, I was glad I’d waited for him. I just knew it would be the fuck of a lifetime and something for me to look back on, so to speak.

Anyway, as I was telling you earlier, my Dad made me his foreman on my eighteenth birthday. Said it was high time I learned to be responsible and prepared myself for the day I might have to take over from him. All I wanted to do was be irresponsible and let Paco ‘take over’ and prepare me for something a bit more exciting. My moment came early one morning. I’d been tossing and turning all night dreaming erotic wet dreams of Paco. I suppose it must have been about 5 o’clock. Anyway I had a shower and drank some fruit juice and decided to take a walk before it got too hot. One of my father’s instructions had been to really ‘familiarize’ myself with the plantation and this seemed as good a chance as any.

I walked quite a ways actually and got a bit lost. I decided to climb a tree and get the lay of the land. Save myself a little footwork. I stretched out on a branch and let the morning rays of the sun caress my body. Naturally it wasn’t long before I started imagining the tips of Paco’s fingers touching my skin. I grew hard immediately. In fact I seemed to be hard most of the day and night and could think of nothing else but him. Even when I’d drunk my fruit juice that morning I’d imagined it was nectar from Paco’s dick.

I must have dozed off or drifted into another daydream of sex with Paco when I heard the rustle of somebody approaching. I looked down from my vantage point and got a bird’s eye view of the man of my dreams taking a piss just below me. Not very romantic or even hygienic I know but all I could think of was getting a look at his dick At first I could only see the top of his head as his fist was masking it. I also got a glimpse of his pubes. They were as fuzzy as his hair. He’d lowered his jeans a bit too so I could see the rising sun of his globe-like glutes. Then he shook his dick and was just about to hitch up his pants and walk off when he must have had a horny thought as he started to play with himself. Or maybe it was time for his morning jerk off. I wondered just what was going through his mind as his fist went up and down, up and down, on his dick. I was fascinated.

Of course as the juicy thing got longer and harder, I got to see more and more of it. He made little hissing sounds of pleasure as he turned himself on and I noticed for the first time how much his full protruding lips resembled the foreskin encasing his luscious dick for, by now, he was mercifully standing more in profile and I could see how he stretched out the foreskin and moved it up and down revealing his mushroom cockhead which was oozing with pre-cum. I couldn’t help thinking of another sentence I’d read when doing my research into bananas: “The fruit should remain in the tank for 30 minutes until all oozing of latex ceases.” I tried to imagine his fruit oozing latex in my tank and wondered whether I’d be able to last even 30 seconds with all that dick inside me.

Badpuppy Model - Durell I must have gotten overexcited and let out a sigh because he looked up and saw me. Or maybe he’d known I was there all the time. Anyway he didn’t miss a beat. He just looked me straight in the eye and increased the speed and intensity of the work in hand. I didn’t waste another second. I tell you man, I shinned down that fucking tree like an agile monkey and knelt at his feet in silent submission my tongue stuck out ready to receive his cumjuice. He slapped my face a few times with his dick as if to scold me for my impudence and then rewarded me with the succulent sap that came steaming and streaming out of his hot banana straight into my open mouth. He made my dreams literally cum true. I lapped it all up and licked my lips for more as he made a banana split out of my mouth.

“You’ve finished me for today,” he said in Spanish. “Let’s meet here again tomorrow.”

“How about tonight?” I said brazenly. After all I’d waited too long already.

“Alright but we’ll have to be careful. Remember I can lose my job fucking my boss’s son.”

“Are you going to fuck me?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said. “Don’t you want me to?”

I didn’t answer. Just kissed his dick, kissed his lips and headed back home for a second breakfast.

I had the smell of him in my nostrils and the taste of him in my mouth and like a hungry baby at its mother’s breast I needed regular feeding. I didn’t have a great deal of experience with older men as I’d only played around with boys of my own age in school but I soon realized that Paco had what few other guys have. A body that not only exudes manly sweat but an erotic aroma of its own that invades the nostrils and goes straight down to mingle with your sexual juices. Now it wasn’t only the sight of him but the smell of him that had me coming in my pants at the very thought of him.

I spent the rest of that day in a sexual haze and set off to meet him at the setting of the sun.

He was there waiting for me. He took me to a more secluded place off the beaten track and beat the hell out of my ass. He didn’t beat about the bush either and was in me and up me before I could say condom. Not that I wanted him to use a condom I just wanted his warm flesh deep inside me. Still, after all, it was my first time and afterwards I told him that he could have been a little bit gentler with me. He apologised and said I was right but I’d gotten him so hot. All those months and years parading my uptight little ass in front of him and acting like I was lord of the manor.

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Badpuppy Model - Durell Another turn on, besides his erotic aroma and enormous dick, was that he fucked me in Spanish. I mean he lapsed occasionally into English with endearments like “Yeh baby take it, take it all inside you” and “Oh baby shit, oh baby you make me so hot” but most of the time he made low guttural horny sounds and cursed me in Spanish for making him feel the way he did. I understood most of it but wasn’t really listening to his words just their intention and their intention was made pretty clear to me by the butt-boggling things he did with his dick. Still the combination of the sound, smell and feel of him had me on the edge of utter erotic insanity.

As he fucked me into a frenzy I remembered my father warning me not to get too friendly with the natives and nearly burst out laughing as he was bursting my butt and filling it to overflow with his juicy banana but he soon fucked even that thought out of my head and had my ears buzzing and my teeth chattering with the hitherto never-before-felt sensations he sent searing through me from the tingle of my toes to the itch of my nose. Don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that. I mean having your nose twitch and itch during a good fuck.

Re-reading the above paragraph, I notice that there’s absolutely no punctuation in the first sentence. That really conveys the way I felt as I didn’t take even one breath as he fucked my brains out for the longest time with his endless dick. There just wasn’t time in between thrusts. To make things even more memorable, they were having a festa in the village that night and the natives were beating out an insistent jungle rhythm on the drums. We became one with that rhythm. I’m not a racist like my father but, I tell you man, Paco sure impressed on my ass the fact that black guys tend to fuck white guys as if they’re avenging their entire race. At least that’s the conclusion I ‘came’ to. The way that gorgeous hunk of manhood dug into my ass really convinced me of it.

And my father was right. He showed absolutely no respect for me.

“I’m going to fuck the fuck out of that arrogant ass of yours,” he hissed in my ears.

And he did just that.

“Come on baby open up for poppa. I’m going fuck you real hard.”

And he did.

I was going to illustrate this fact with a little horny dialogue to get you turned on but it mostly consisted of “Ahhh yeh!” from him and “aaaa aaa aaaa aaa” from me and looks slightly comic written down and the bits in between really sounded much better in Spanish so I’m afraid you’ll have to use your imagination as it definitely loses in translation. Suffice to say that I lost count of how many times I said “aaaa” and how many times he thrust his huge ripe swollen banana further and further up my love chute. My head swooned with the size of him. It was so fucking good. His dick hit my love button over and over again until I was foaming at the mouth in sexual delirium.

Badpuppy Model - Durell Just before he gushed like a geyser inside me, and I gurgled and drooled like the contented baby pig I had become, he hesitated for a moment. But it was only to build up steam and send hot air pouring out of my nostrils and molten lava out of my ass. Thrust followed thrust, followed thrust, as I felt his body spasm and his breath coming in heaves and gasps as he groaned and moaned and told me what a good fuck I was. I came like I’d never come before.

In my eagerness to tell you about how I felt I didn’t tell you what position he was fucking me in although I suppose you probably guessed. He had me on all fours in front of him like an obedient puppy and fucked me doggy style. At the time I thought this was the only way but the next time he had me on my back with my legs wrapped round him and I nearly took off as he pummelled me. He even jerked his hips and did a kind of samba with them and corkscrewed me. That’s the only word I can find to describe it. He stuck his dick in me like you normally put the corkscrew in the cork of a wine bottle to open it and turned it round and round. In fact, you could say that he really stirred me. Of course my ass was well and truly open by then as we were meeting twice a day, and sometimes more. It’s a wonder we never got caught. I felt a searing sheet of fire shoot through me that roared up the shaft of my dick and seemed to solder my butt to his balls. It felt so good. I wanted to crawl inside his skin and wrap him round me. I came all over my face and ended up drinking my own cum which was cool, and hot at the same time!

Then when he wasn’t super hot to fuck me, which was rare, he let me play with his dick and suck it. When he came he shuddered like an aircraft going through turbulence and nearly burst my jowls. At first I used to gasp with the impact of him and swallow his cum in one greedy gulp but then I began to savour it in my mouth, got a taste for it so to speak. There was something about its creamy consistency which made my mouth water and had me dipping my tongue in what was left of it on his dick. I found it very nourishing.

Talking of nourishment, I looked up the nutritional benefits of bananas and found “The banana is nourishing, does not contain fat, and can be eaten any time of the day because of its digestive properties.” You can say that again! “The banana holds 23% of hydrocarbonate for 0,2% of fat. Its cholesterol level is 0,00%.” Encouraged, I read on. “The banana is full of proteins, and the sugar provided gives a lot of energy to those practising sports requiring endurance.”

That last sentence was of particular interest as I sure needed a lot of endurance ‘practising’ those outdoor sports with Paco. In fact that whole paragraph puts the qualities of a banana in a nutshell which brings my fertile brain straight back to Paco’s nuts which were like mangoes so you could even say I lived on a nourishing diet of fruit and nuts for quite a few months. With cream topping of course! I wallowed in a foamy cushion of hot cumcream and drowned in an ocean of jizz. In fact, I am happy to say I became a confirmed and utter butt slut and a salivating slave to Paco’s banana.

I read somewhere that once you go black, you won’t go back, and looking back I realize that this is basically true. For me at any rate. I can shamelessly say that since I came of age during those fruity and fruitful days and nights, I have endeavoured to introduce my ass to as wide a variety of dicks as possible in order to further widen my anal horizons. You might even say that I’ve gone through life like a spirited – and sometimes hard-ridden – racehorse, ass and nostrils flaring, both ready for new sensations.

Some guys have managed to make my nose itch during the humpy homestretch, some have even made me whinny and bray with pleasure as they fucked me to the finishing line, but nobody has sent me twitching and itching, ass over tip, like Paco did. In fact, he literally drove me bananas!!

I hope he’ll have the same effect on you.

The model in these pictures is Durell

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