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Ball Boy by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - AJ Bill stepped out of the shower, his 22 year old muscled body glistening with water as he reached for a towel to dry off. The thick hair below his waist fluffed up as he dried his cock, balls, ass and legs, his butt pointed at me as he bent forward to dry his ankles and toes. When he was done, he grinned at me and walked forward, spreading his legs a little as he stood before me, hands on hips and waiting for me to grasp his heavy, low hanging testicles. I reached out with both hands and firmly gripped the thick orbs in their hairy sac, Bill’s eyes rolling up in his head as he moaned in pleasure from the contact. Bill’s cock, like my own, began to rise as I gently kneaded his balls, and slowly felt over every centimeter of the fleshy objects, much like I’d done that first time two years earlier…

I first met Bill at the school where I worked as a computer lab manager, watching over the main open computer lab for the school. There wasn’t any secret to my being gay and everybody accepted it as just part of me, so nobody was surprised that I favored handsome young men to work for me over pretty young females. Sure, I had a couple of nice looking (I supposed) young ladies working for me, all the better to bring in the strapping good looking men so that when any of them showed a talent for helping other students with computers, I’d pounce and the next semester they would be working for me! Such was the case with Bill.

He’d hung around in the lab, struggling with a particular problem in one of the books, his frustration rising as the computer kept beeping at his error. I remember that he was wearing, even in the cooler computer lab, a white underwear tank top and a pair of cut off jeans that were short enough to show off his nicely forming and very hairy thighs and calves. He suddenly swore at the computer and like a flash I was out beside him, asking what the problem happened to be. Bill pointed at the screen in disgust and said, “Damn thing won’t take the changes I have to make for my homework! Damn homework is due in less than an hour and Professor Shannon is not likely to let me have any more time!”

I looked over his work and found the glaring error that made the computer balk. I showed it to him and he smacked his forehead (incidentally making his arm muscles pump up nicely), saying, “Wow, I didn’t see that! Thanks, Mr. Danvers!” He successfully ran the program and this time the computer purred along, processing well and soon Bill had the output for his assignment. “Thanks again, Mr. Danvers! Later!” He sprinted out of the lab and I just grinned, thinking what a fine looking young man.

Bill appeared more often in the lab after that, usually finding a problem and asking me for help. While I had decided that his skill level wasn’t anywhere near the level I needed as a lab assistant, his face and form were pleasant enough to look at and I never minded that either. One day, late in the afternoon I’d come in after my workout to pick up some work I was doing for the office and, being pressed for time, I hadn’t changed out of my workout gear. The lab usually stayed open late, and sure enough, when I walked in, Bill was there, working frantically on a computer near my office. Since he was the only one there and it was almost closing time, I waved at the young man who was working and told him he could leave early if he wanted. He grinned at me and, after clocking out, ran off to do whatever he did in the evenings, leaving me alone with Bill. I locked the outer lab door and then returned to my office, notifying Bill that the lab would soon be closing and to let me know if he had any problems right away so we could finish on time. He looked up and took in my body, in a tight t-shirt and workout shorts that showed off my 30 year old body rather well, and grinned at me, then said, “I got a problem right here, could you help?” We worked a bit on his problem, solved it, and I returned to my office again, only to have Bill follow me there maybe ten minutes later.

Badpuppy Model - AJ “I ran my program again, Mr. Danvers, and the changes you helped me with made it work fine. Thank you again!” I nodded as he looked like he wanted to say something more. Finally, he blurted out, “You have a great looking body, Mr. Danvers. Do you work out a lot?” He blushed when I smiled at him.

“Yes, I do, Bill, every other day or so. I run or jog on the off days.”

Bill looked at my waist, where my abs were tightened into a six-pack. He pulled up his shirt and lowered his waistband so that most of his torso was in my view. “What can I do to tighten up my gut and to get pecs like yours, Mr. Danvers? I’ve tried all kinds of workouts and diets, but nothing seems to work right!”

“Hmm, what do you eat usually, Bill?”

“I don’t really have a place to stay, so I have to eat something from restaurants or from fast food. I try to be careful, but it’s really hard.”

I smiled at him. “Try this then, Bill. When you get a burger out or eat pizza, try to remove as much of the bread as possible. Eat the burger without its bun, leave off the mayo and put pepper on it instead. With pizza, don’t eat the crust and if you can, blot it with a paper towel to get extra grease off. Of course, don’t eat more than a few pieces. Do you drink alcohol?

He shook his head. “Nope, don’t like alcohol, but I do drink a lot of soda.”

“Try to cut out soda if you can, Bill. Drink a lot of water and you might not drink much soda after filling up with water. See if those tips help.”

He pulled his shirt and waistband back into place and thanked me, then left. I waited a few minutes and then got my papers, checked the lab and turned off the lights to go home. When I got home, I remembered that nice torso shot from him and my cock grew, so I gave myself a quick hand job and thought that maybe I’d helped him enough. He still kept coming to the lab, but he didn’t ask for as much help and about three weeks later I began noticing that he was starting to muscle up even better. Maybe four weeks later he appeared again in my office, late after everybody went home and showed me his torso again.

Badpuppy Model - AJ “Mr. Danvers, how do I look now?” His pecs had filled out nicely, the nipples proudly sitting atop each hillock as if planted there like a flag. His shoulders were wider, I noted, as well as his waist was narrower and there was a bit more ridged muscle at his waist. He’d pulled down his waistband almost to the public line, so I could see just a hit of thick public hair. He still wore those cutoffs, so I could tell his thighs and calves had increased well, the thighs thunderous with thick muscle and his calves firming up under their pelt of hair. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and planted it on his belly, saying “Go ahead, feel how much tighter my gut is!” The warm flesh and hard muscle under my hand sent that signal to my brain and before I knew it my stiffy was trying hard to get out of my slacks.

“Um, very nice, Bill, you are doing a fine job there.”

“Mr. Danvers? I did this with all your suggestions, but I want to do better. Can I workout with you sometime?” I told him I did most of my workouts at home on my private Soloflex. “Oh wow, I’ve always wanted to use one of those! Can I come over?” I just nodded; dumbfounded that this 20 year old was that excited about using exercise equipment. He happily told me that he was ready when I was, and we left the lab together to head to my place.

Bill didn’t have a car or bike, so we took my car to my place. I usually keep an orderly place so wasn’t too concerned with the suddenness of Bill’s visit. “Make yourself at home, Bill, while I go change into workout gear.” He nodded and when I returned, he’d stripped down to his boxers. “I don’t have any workout gear and didn’t want to wreck your stuff,” he said, “so I didn’t think you’d mind if I worked out like this, is that ok?” A nearly naked muscled boy in my apartment asking me that? I just nodded, turned away to wrestle my cock into a more normal position in my tight shorts, and then began my workout, Bill following every move with wide eyes.

Bill soon got his chance on the machine, and he did quite well, even when his cock flopped out the gaping slit in his boxers while he was chest pressing a rather heavy wait. I enjoyed the show and was somewhat disappointed when he carefully slid himself back into his shorts after putting down the weight. We took turns so that we could both use the equipment, yet after a few instructions were able to keep our heart rates up without taking too long to change weights or get ready for the next exercise. In fact, all was just fine until the last exercise we did, a leg press that we were to do on our backs, our legs pulled against our chests and feet on the weight bar to press upwards then to slowly lower the bar in a controlled manner. I had finished my set and then helped Bill prepare his and that’s when it happened.

Badpuppy Model - AJ Bill’s first couple of presses were fine, slow and controlled, his legs pushing upwards fine, the muscles working in perfect form and then lowering to press his thighs to his chest. He was panting a bit, but we’d done a pretty strenuous workout and I’d always did the large muscle group of the legs last as they would fatigue less than the rest of the body. I had noticed that Bill’s balls, freely floating in their loose cotton boxers had pulled up a bit and were showing through the slit, but didn’t think anything of it until the quickly descending bar caught my attention. “Bill be careful!” I shouted as I tried to get to the bar quickly, but was too late. Bill had tired too quickly and had let the bar come down too quickly, allowing his balls to get trapped between his torso and thighs. The weight was reasonable, but the suddenness of the pressure on his balls was very painful indeed! With a yelp, he scooted off the bench, and curled around his privates, his hands grasping the squished organs as he moaned. I knew we needed to see if he had any damage before we headed out to seek medical help, so I had him uncurl and then moved his hands from his crotch. I pulled a kitchen chair out and then led Bill to it. “Drop your boxers, Bill and sit on that chair. I want to make sure you don’t need medical aid.” Numbly, he did what I asked and sat down on the chair, legs spread and his balls, looking normal, hung down a bit below the seat. I inspected the hairy sac, noting that it looked fine, just a little bit red in two places, with no swelling or other obvious problems. “Ok, they look fine from here, but I want you to take a shower before we check them over.” He dully stood up and carefully walked to the bathroom, and I helped him into the shower, getting the water temperature right and then, leaving him with soap, shampoo and a washcloth, walked out of the bathroom to give him a bit of privacy. Twenty minutes later, I heard “Mr. Danvers? What towel should I use?” and returned to the bathroom to get him a towel. When he dried himself off, carefully rubbing between his legs, I sat down on the bed and had him stand before me, his legs spread a bit and his balls hanging freely below his cock.

“Ok, Bill, I’m going to examine you now, let me know if I press too hard or if anything hurts, ok?” He nodded and I reached out to grasp his family jewels. I noted that the redness had faded and they looked normal, and so I began feeling them carefully, kneading them between my fingers and thumbs looking for out of place bumps or otherwise odd lumps. “Guys should do this after showers most of the time anyway,” I said, trying to keep a man to man thing going while I fondled this kid’s balls, “you don’t want to get testicle cancer and this is the way you have to check for it.” All the time I was checking Bill’s balls, his cock had been filling out and rising upwards, and soon I saw a little dribble of precum glistening on the tip. I looked up and Bill’s eyes were closed, a little growling deep in his chest the only sound he was making. I started to pull away but his hands clamped around my wrists. “Don’t stop whatever you’re doing,” he groaned, “It feels fantastic!”

“You don’t have any pain?”

Badpuppy Model - AJ “No, not anymore, but I really like what you’re doing so keep doing it.” I just kept kneading his balls and soon, he groaned loudly and cum began spewing from his cock to land all over my front. “More, keep squeezing my balls like you’re doing!” he shouted as his cum kept spurting from his hard throbbing cock. The play of his muscled chest and abs was getting to me, and as his cock wriggled with orgasm I lost it and my cock began spewing all over inside my shorts.

Maybe a half hour passed before Bill would let me take my hands from his balls and let us get cleaned up. I gave up any pretense at not enjoying the ball massage as much as Bill did and peeled off my stained clothing, letting it drop in a heap beside the bed. “Well, I guess we both need a shower after that, huh, Bill?”

He grinned and we returned to the shower, strangely silent as we showered together but not really touching each other. Bill did request that I wash his back, and I reciprocated by having him wash mine, and after we were done we dried each other’s back off. Wrapping towels around our waists, we went to get some ice water and soon were sitting in the living room with me wondering how to explain what had just happened to this young man.

Like most straight men, Bill sat with his legs spread, unconcerned that this opened his towel wide enough to let me see everything anyway. I was beginning to try to form a reply when he loosened the towel and let it fall from his body, saying as he did so, “No sense keeping this on, its just blocking your view.”

I was stunned for a second or so, and then stammered, “Well, Bill you have a nice looking body, and you know about me, so it stands to reason I’d like to look at you.”

Bill laughed and stretched, watching my eyes upon his body, and said, “I think it’s ok if I call you Mike, right Mr. Danvers? Seems to me I should be on a first name basis with any man that has had my balls in his hands.”

I nodded and he continued, “And yes, I knew that you were gay. I’ve been wondering about gay sex for some time, finding girls a bit too insistent on the nipple and cunt thing. I had wanted to have sex in some way with you since I first met you in the lab, but even when I got you to touch my belly you didn’t rise to the bait.”

“Oh, no, Bill,” I said ruefully, eyeing his large cock and balls, “you got me where you wanted, I just waited until I got home before jacking off.”

Bill grinned. “Good, then that’s settled. If you don’t have any objection, Mike, I’ll come here a couple times a week for a ‘workout,’ and have you massage my balls again. Man, that felt so good!” He looked at my rising cock under the towel. “Hmm, looks like you enjoy the idea. Maybe you should get rid of that towel.” He walked over to where I sat and pulled the towel from my waist. My cock, rock hard and oozing, sprang straight up, then slapped my belly hard as it came back down.

He looked at it, a strange light in his eye, and said, “Wait a second, I’ll be right back.” He ran to the bedroom a second and then came back, a rubber and some of the lube I kept beside the bed. “Thought I recognized this stuff,” he said as he pulled the rubber over my cock and then squirted a liberal amount of lube on it. He jacked me a bit, still adding lube to his hand so that my cock was super slick, then reached behind him and applied a glob of the lube to his asshole. I’d never really seen his asshole up close, so it was a bit of a surprise when he straddled my legs, put my cock against his asshole, and then sat down on me!

Badpuppy Model - AJ “Ahh, ohhh!” he moaned as he slowly settled down until my cock was fully inside him and his ass rested against my upper thighs. After a couple of seconds he wriggled around a bit and then moved a little up and down, getting used to a solid object entering his ass and staying there. “Ah, there’s that spot,” he said as my cock brushed against a firm place and his now rock hard cock burped up a little precum. “I had felt myself there before and knew it felt good to rub there, but it feels better with a cock. Maybe I’ll let you fuck me when I want it.”

He moved up and down a bit more, then started into a rhythm that was a slow rise and then faster drop back down, fully taking my cock up into him each time. Moaning all the time and leaking precum from his cock like the spigot was broken, Bill fucked himself on my cock until he grabbed my hand and planted it on his balls. “Start playing with them!” he ordered, his breathing becoming a bit ragged as he skewered himself on my pole. I grasped his balls and started to roughly roll them around in my palm, my fingers squeezing and pulling on his eggs while he moaned louder and louder. I reached up with my free hand to grab one of his thick pecs and roughly massaged it, his low groan of pleasure telling me it was helping the process. After a bit I moved both hands to his balls and began kneading them, still being careful not to squeeze too hard, but feeling the firm orbs as my thumbs and fingers flattened them slightly.

Bill was in hog heaven, his prostate being bombarded by my cock and his balls being squeezed the way he liked it, and soon his cock was spewing cum just like before, but this time his ass was squeezing my cock to kick off my own orgasm. This time, though, I was ready for his shooting and lowered my mouth over his cockhead, sucking up the cum as it flew from him so that I wouldn’t be covered in it again. This additional sensation almost caused Bill to pass out from sheer ecstasy, and before long he became quiet and fell forward into my arms, my cock still impaling him but slowly softening until it slipped out with a little “plop” sound.

We stayed in that position, his head on my shoulders and hugging together while the mingled cum and lube dribbled from his abused asshole onto my legs. Bill slowly gathered some strength and then got up, quietly heading for the bathroom with the towel he’d been wearing. A few minutes later the shower kicked on and then I walked in to shower with him. He didn’t say much, just quietly soaped up then handed me the bar while he rinsed off his front. Without a word he turned away form me and bent over slightly, and I washed his back and ass, carefully cleaning his once virgin ass and then rinsing him off. He washed my back, again quietly performing the task and wafting for me to rinse off before turning off the water and stepping out of the shower. We dried each other off, and then returned to the living room, but this time not bothering to put on the towels.

Badpuppy Model - AJ “Yes,” Bill said after a few minutes more of silence, “that was really, really good. I like having sex with you, Mike. I don’t know if that makes me gay, bi or what, but I do like your cock up my butt and your hands on my balls.”

“The feeling is mutual, Bill. I enjoy fucking you, although next time I’d like to have that cock up my ass. I think I can even manage playing with your balls while you do that.”

“Cool!” he said, then stretched and started hunting for his clothing. He got dressed as did I, and then we made up a dinner from what I had in the house. About 11pm I drove him to his place and then returned to mine, straightening it up and tossing the dirty towels into the washer. Sitting beside the Soloflex were Bill’s boxers, smelling like that young man’s funk in both the front and the back, and I got hard again thinking of him. I folded the boxers and put them away in a drawer, my little trophy of that night’s fun…

…Bill had continued to come over and workout on the Soloflex with me, having told me that although the ball crushing move he made wasn’t really supposed to have been like that, it worked out the way he wanted. He never needed to do that move again, as I’d always give him a throughout ball check after our shower and bring him to orgasm before we’d rest and then fuck each other. His 21st birthday coincided with the expiration of his lease, so he moved in with me, saying that he’d rather have his balls worked on regularly and it was more convenient to have my hands right nearby. I agreed, and now we had finished the first portion of our lovemaking, his cum soaking my chest and his hands lovingly stroking my shoulders as I rested a bit and then pulled on a rubber. He happily bent over and I applied lube to his ass, and then mounted him, Bill’s ass as tight as it had always been, and his yelps of pleasure as happy as they always were. When I was close to cumming, I reached down and squeezed his balls hard, triggering his orgasm and the two of us locked in our delight until, spent, we fell onto the bed and went to sleep. Just before I dozed off, I patted the firm orbs that were nestled between Bill’s legs and smiled, happy that my ball boy was with me.

The model in these pictures is AJ

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