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Bad Boyfriend by GaryS
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor I guess I should have known I'd be in trouble. I'd gone out drinking with some buddies, and the time got away from us. I'd left a note for my boyfriend Alex, but I made the mistake of writing that I'd be back by 10 or so. It was now well after midnight as I slipped my key in the lock of our front door.

The house is dark. Cool. Maybe he'll be asleep, I'm thinking. I'm tired and a little drunk, so I head upstairs to slip out of my clothes and into my robe.

The bedroom's empty. Ah, very cool ... he's gone out. I tumble out of my clothes, slip my robe on and head back downstairs for the asprin and two-glasses-of-water thing.

Something is strange. I can faintly make out Alex sitting in the black of the living room. A lamp snaps on. It is him - sitting there in his boxers, looking somewhat cross.

"Where have you been?" he asks. As I begin to stammer out my explaination, he interrupts me.

"You said you'd be home by ten. Do you know what time it is?"

"Yeah," I say.

I can sort of tell he's not really pissed, but at this point I should explain that we have a certain way of settling minor differences. From the boner pushing against the fabric of his boxers, I knew what I was in for.

"You should have called," he said.

"Yeah, I should have, I guess the time just got away from me, and ..."

"Get over here," Alex demands.

"You naked under here?" he asks, pulling at my robe. I indicate that I am. "Pull it up."

I obey and pull the bottom part of my bathrobe over my waist, to expose myself to him. Alex grabs my arm and violently pulls me over his lap. "What time did you say you'd be home?" he demands.

I answer meekly. "Ten."

"Count 'em off," he commands, as he proceeds to smack his open palm onto one side of my bare ass.

"One," I count.

Again his hand lands on my bare flesh. I'm gonna get ten, I know this, but he's smacking harder than usual. Really giving it to me. "Two, Three, Four ..." Alex is landing good hard smacks on my butt ... my cheeks are beginning to sting, the pain is growing. "Seven, Eight, Nine ..." My butt is starting to hurt like shit, but I'm also getting the most amazing boner.

"TEN!" The last one hurt most of all.

"Get up and go into the kitchen," Alex orders me. I obey.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Once there, he selects the largest of our wooden spoons from a holder. "What time is it now?" he asks.

"I dunno, twelve something."

"Twelve something is right!" he responds. Alex pushes me over the counter and once again lifts my robe. I know I'm in for it now. The hard wood of the spoon smacks against my already tortured ass. Once again, I count up to twelve as he paddles me, again and again, with the spoon. Once he's finished, he commands me to stand up and remove my robe. I am totally naked before him.

"Get up to the bathroom."

I obey, re-climbing the stairs with him behind me. My ass is still stinging from the spoon. I enter the bathroom and turn on the light. Alex turns me away from the mirror and tells me to look back at my bare ass. It is indeed bright red. In fact, my dick gets even harder at the sight.

"You're gonna call next time, right?"

"Yes, I'll call." I promise.

He pushes me down, so that I'm bent over the bathroom sink. "Just so you remember, I'm gonna dry fuck your ass, dude." Oh great. Alex spits in his hand, gets his boner wet a little, then forces the swollen head into my butthole.

"You want this, don't you?" He asks.

"Yes," I reply. And I really do, I'm hornier than shit and my boyfriend's practically raping me. I love it.

"Good." he says flatly, as he roughly shoves his entire length into me. It hurts like hell and feels good at the same time. "Spread your ass so I can fuck you really good" he commands.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor I obey and he proceeds to grab my hips and plow himself in & out of me with great force. It is wonderful! I'm getting the fucking of my life. My head is banging against the wall behind the sink as he plows himself deep inside of me.

"Make some noise, beg me for it" he demands. I obey and tell him how much I want that boner up my butt, I beg him to fuck me harder and harder, and he obliges.

Suddenly he pulls out and pulls me off the sink, forcing me to my knees. Alex grabs my hair with his fist, pulls my face back, and aims his dickhead at me. "You want this, don't you?"

I say that I do. Alex begins stroking his cock very rapidly. I'm staring right into his dickhead as he begins groaning and jerking faster. Suddenly he is shooting great wads of cum all over my face - my cheeks, my lips, my chin. He squirts all over my face, gradually slowing his strokes.

With a shudder, he wipes the remaining cum from his dickhead onto my face and releases my hair. "Why don't you clean yourself up and come to bed?" he says, and he leaves the room.

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