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Babes and Sucklings by Cucciolo
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Badpuppy Model - Daniel Funny how things stick in your head. Not to mention other parts of your anatomy. When I was in Sunday School, not so long ago, I remember the teacher telling us something about ‘babes and sucklings’. I think it was in reference to innocent children saying something you didn’t expect but there was nothing innocent about the experience Drew and I had thrust upon us even if it was highly unexpected. It was pretty hair raising too but I think you’ll find it dick raising as well. It certainly had that effect on me. And Drew of course.

It all started because Drew and I were looking for a quiet place to smoke some grass. Have you ever seen ‘Children of Men’ with Clive Owen? Well that will give you some idea of the kind of place we eventually found. It was a run down building on the seediest side of town and gangs of guys were usually hard at work demolishing it. I often went there because there were always lots of muscles on display and there’s nothing I like better than the sight and smell of a manual labourer. It really sets me off on flights of fancy. Which brings me straight back to Drew who I fancied like crazy but who until this story unfolded had shown no signs of being anything else but straight himself.

He was eye-popping gorgeous. To me at any rate. And ever since we were in high school I’d had my eyes working overtime popping open the buttons of his jeans and rolling them down to get my lips around his juicy banana or my tongue up his apple pippin ass. It’s just that he’d never given me the encouragement necessary even when we were high on weed. I could give you a never-ending list of the others things that appealed to me about him – all more or less connected with fruit: his nifty nipples which got so hard when we went swimming that they reminded me of the prickly points of gooseberries; his full fruity lips which seemed constantly pursed for kissing – or sucking – and, to cap it all, the forelock of his hair which kept falling over his forehead like the horny branch of a tree just begging to be brushed back by a willing hand such as mine. You name it, he had it as far as I was concerned. And I was very concerned about the fact that he never gave out. Not to me that is. Still we were buddies and that counted for something I suppose.

Anyway, on this memorable day I’m going to tell you about, all the workers had a national holiday and the streets and buildings were deserted. We found this room with scaffolding and stuff around it and big wooden packing cases. Also a lot of dirty graffiti on the walls. Not a soul in sight. That is not until this security guard showed up. At least I think he was a security guard although afterwards I had my doubts. He could have just been a fetish freak. We were mid-smoke and aces high when he arrived swinging his baton. Both batons actually. The one between his legs was pretty huge too.

Naturally we were a little embarrassed and scared when he first arrived. I don’t know what we expected exactly but what we didn’t expect was to be handcuffed to the scaffolding and raped. Technically at any rate. Although when I eventually get you off your tenterhooks you will find I actually enjoyed it and hope you will too. It was wilder than any of my wildest dreams.

The guy didn’t waste much time with words. He was very physical. He handcuffed me by the wrist to a piece of scaffolding and, after giving me a vicious kick, left me whimpering on the floor as he yanked Drew’s arms above his head and handcuffed him to an iron bar. Then he blindfolded him and ripped his shirt open to expose those wonderful nipples I was telling you about. He tore off the shirt sleeves and gagged Drew with one and me with the other. He obviously wanted me to see what he was doing to my friend so didn’t blindfold me. He drooled some obscene things into Drew’s ear which I couldn’t quite hear and then proceeded to bite and suck those succulent gooseberries of his. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. In spite of myself, I licked my lips wishing I could be doing the very same thing. Drew writhed and moaned but more in pleasure than in pain I thought.

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Badpuppy Model - Daniel To my surprise something large and strong was very much in evidence there. The rough treatment had obviously turned Drew on and to me he seemed to be putting up only the pretence of a fight to delay the inevitable. The guy tore open his jeans and skinned them down over my friend’s thrusting hips. I was rooted to the spot and my eyes rooted to Drew’s dick which was twanging its way out of his boxers. It was everything I’d dreamed it would be only two or three times harder. What turned me on even more was the way Drew threw his head back and thrust his hips forward submissively as the guy’s mouth sank down on his shaft right up to his balls. It reminded me very much of a sword swallower in the circus and I had a ringside seat. Drew’s dick had disappeared completely, engulfed as it was by the guy’s devouring throat. After a while the guy’s roving hand found its way between Drew’s thighs and settled on his crotch.

Drew’s dick had disappeared completely, engulfed as it was by the guy’s devouring throat. He thrust his lips forward and let out little hisses as if he was sucking strength out of the air while the guy made a popsicle of his dick, pigging out on it, and slurping and slathering all over it every time it emerged from the soggy sheath of his mouth. Then he plunged back down on it again and sent shudders and moans through Drew’s bucking body. I began to play with myself with my free hand and almost came with the excitement of the free show I was getting all the time imagining it was my mouth going down on Drew and giving him such pleasure. Then my dreams wonderfully, magically came true. The guy came up for air and, leaving Drew’s dick dripping with pre-cum and saliva, indicated that I should take over from him. He put his finger to his lips and then unchained me. I was torn between loyalty to my friend and the deep desire to deep throat him. Also I was scared shitless of the guy and didn’t want to put a foot, or mouth, wrong and incur his wrath. Or so I told myself. I didn’t protest or cry out as he wrenched the gag from my mouth and twisted my arms behind me but summoned up all the spittle I could muster and made Drew’s dick even damper.

God it was good to finally close my mouth around his shaft and feel the ripples as veins and muscle slid under my tightly clamped lips. He was really hot by now and I knew on the verge of coming so I backed off a bit and swirled my tongue around his dickhead sipping at his dick juice. I flicked my slimy tongue across his cock tip, basting his prick with the mixture of cum and spittle in my mouth. Then I licked down to his balls which hadn’t been given their fair share of attention yet. I tried to take them both into my mouth but they were too big to both fit so I gently sucked on first one side, and then the other. He started moaning again and shuddered but didn’t cum. I wanted the moment to last forever but didn’t know how much longer I was going to be given or how much longer I could delay the eruption from his cock. Then as I piped away on my friend’s piping hot instrument I soon discovered that whoever pays the piper calls the tune. I’d been concentrating so hard on filling my mouth with Drew’s dick that I’d hardly been aware of my own pants being pulled down and a rough and ready cock being inserted at the other end of me.

I gagged and nearly bit a chunk out of Drew’s dick as this hot searing pain went through me. I was between a rock and a hard place although my mouth was soft and mushy as Drew came in torrents and moaned in time with each thrust of his hips and the guy’s dick in my ass. The moans seemed to in perfect synch with each spurt of his warm sweet cum, which was like ambrosia on my lips. As the pressure built up behind me, so did the pressure of my mouth. It caused Drew to spasm six or seven times before our combined frenzy slowed down. In fact he continued to whimper and thrust his hips forward as he finished trying to impregnate my face. Meanwhile the security guard was going hell for leather as he impregnated my ass.

I looked up at Drew as I came and I noticed that his blindfold had loosened a bit. His head was slightly back and I could see his eyes were closed. He looked like one of those ecstatic statues you sometimes see in museums and churches. His forelock was completely out of control and spread all over his forehead. I wished I could have had a picture of him like that although I thanked my lucky stars he didn’t have one of me at that precise moment. I must have looked like the cat who got the cream, covered top to tail in cum and smelling to high heaven. Drew may have been blindfolded but the smell of so much cum couldn’t have escaped him.

I collapsed in a messy heap at Drew’s feet and received another vicious kick as the guy put his dick back in place and left us where he’d found us although in a far sorrier state. Actually I’m telling you a bare-faced, bare-assed lie. I wasn’t sorry at all, just overjoyed that I’d had my first taste of Drew’s meat loaf even if I did have to pay quite a heavy price for it. I was still attached by one arm to the scaffolding and Drew was both bound and gagged so I didn’t say anything for a while. Didn’t know what to say. Eventually I plucked up enough courage to ask him how he was although of course he couldn’t answer, just make muffled cries. I told him everything was going to be all right but didn’t dare tell him about the part I’d played in the mouth fucking. Come to think of it, he got off much easier than I did. I mean at least his ass was still intact whereas I’d completely lost my virginity. I talked to him for what seemed most of the night but must have eventually fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was being woken and freed by the construction workers in the morning. Fortunately our assailant had had the good grace to drop the key on his way out.

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Badpuppy Model - Daniel Drew and I were in all the newspapers. Thankfully they didn’t name names but it was still a very embarrassing experience as we had to explain things to our parents and Drew wouldn’t look me in the eye. It was if he was ashamed that I’d been a witness to all he’d been through and the fact that he had enjoyed most of it. Or maybe he’d sussed out what was happening and known all along it was me feeding off his cock like a suckling babe at its mother’s tit. Whatever. Something had definitely changed between us and he avoided me from that day on.

Then it was his sister’s engagement party and I was invited. I passed by to congratulate her and found Drew cleaning the car out back. I went round to offer him a hand. He begrudgingly accepted. There was just the two of us. The rest of the family was busy inside with the wedding preparations. A terrible silence reigned between us. As he rubbed away at the car polishing it to perfection he started hissing between his lips just as he had that fateful day. I commented on it.

“I always make that noise when I’m concentrating,” he told me.

“You must have been concentrating hellish hard when that guy sucked your cock,” I said.

“When you sucked my cock you mean. I may have been blindfolded but I’m not dumb.”

“How did you know?” I asked. It was my turn to be embarrassed.

“Because he was snorting and grunting behind you like the pig he was and couldn’t have made those noises if he’d had his mouth full of me like you did.”

“Oh,” I said.

Another long silence.

“I was pissed off with you because you never admitted it.”

“Oh,” I said again.

“Didn’t you see how crazy your mouth made me feel?”

“Yes,” I said. “I did.”

“So why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because I didn’t want you to know how I felt about you,” I said.

We gazed at each other for a long time. Each of us waiting for the other to make the first move.

Badpuppy Model - Daniel Then that forelock of his fell over his forehead and I did what I had always longed to do. I reached out and smoothed it back in place. We kissed as if it was the most natural thing in the world. My hand moved involuntarily under his shirt to his nipple. I squeezed it and felt him stiffen against me. I looked straight into his eyes as I slowly opened his shirt to tweak the hardening tips of those juicy gooseberries of his. Naturally I couldn’t help remembering the recent threesome we’d had together and how turned on he’d been by the rough treatment he’d received so, perversely, I was very tender with him. I drew my tongue out of his moist mouth and let it slither down his throat to the top of his prominent pecs. I tickled his nips with the tip of my tongue and then wet them up good. I wanted to make them glisten and shine like the fenders of the car.

"Ohhh," he groaned as I turned him on like a pair of headlights. “Why did we never do this before?”

“Because we’re ass holes,” I said, deciding there and then that I wanted to investigate his.

He groaned some more and I slipped my hands down the back of his pants to see how far my fingers could get into his back door. The entrance was almost as moist as his mouth.

“We’d better stop,” he said. “Before everyone finds out we’re an item.”

“Let them,” I said. “We can have a double wedding.”

By now my tongue was halfway down his throat and my fingers halfway up his ass.

I touched his love button and felt his body quiver as he sat further down on my fingers.

Almost the best part was looking into his liquid eyes and seeing the pleasure I was giving him.

Talking of liquid, that fabulous cock of his had reached the top of his briefs and was once more twanging its way to freedom. God how I loved the way it twanged. I tongued my way down to it and tantalized the fuck out of it as he oozed his approval into my mouth. Then he said in a husky voice I’d never heard before, “Let’s get out of here. I’m not quite ready to be discovered.”

We drove out of town to another secluded place we both knew from our days of weed-smoking. I asked myself why we’d wasted all that time inhaling smoke when we could have been inhaling each other. We were both a couple of weeds as well as a pair of ass holes. We let down the back seat of his car and began to make out and make up for lost time. The full fruity lips I had always coveted were as fitted for sucking as I’d supposed; what I hadn’t expected was the readiness of his tongue to accompany them. It was my turn to hiss and not with concentration either but with the hot tune he was playing on my trombone and timpani.

I couldn’t believe this was the Drew I had adored from afar and always considered out of my reach. Yet here he was reaching down and sending my dick on a trip it had never dreamed of. The more I groaned and raised my middle section from the leather seat of the car, the more he applied himself. Between gentle licking and firm probing he had me levitating. His tongue felt as though he wanted to fuck me with it. All thoughts of fucking him went out of my head. For the moment anyway. I so much wanted him in my ass. Obviously great dicks must think alike because he started to push his mushroom head against my eager love hole.

I knew instinctively that Drew’s hot rod was going to feel altogether different inside me than the brutal battering ram of the security guard. There’s something about being fucked by someone you love that makes your eyes go misty and your ass open like the moat of a castle. Or should that be drawbridge? Whatever. He was my conquering hero and, having gained entry, he moved with the utmost discretion as if he wasn’t sure his invasion was welcome. He drew his firm spear to and fro with only a gradual increase in its violence until the pleasure of being inside me actually made him violent. That pleasure was also conveyed to me and the scalding sensation of his coming within my body was sufficient to bring me off.

Badpuppy Model - Daniel As I came in gulps, spasms and gasps, he withdrew his dick and added his cum to mine. The milky waste from both of us mixed where it fell and he laid himself full-length upon me and massaged the liquids into our skins.

“Hello lover,” he said. Then he kissed me and there was a further merging of liquids.

Just when I was growing hard again he said, “We’d better get back.”

He didn’t need to ask me if it had been as good for me as it had been for him. Our dicks both knew the answer. We also knew that sooner or later he was going to have to let his own drawbridge down and surrender his awesome ass to me. That was something really to look forward to.

As we drove home, my hand sitting comfortingly on his thigh, I cast my mind back to when we were in Sunday School and still in short pants. I realized I’d loved him even then.

It just took a little while for the babe to turn into a suckling that’s all.

The model in these pictures is Daniel

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