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Babe at the Beach by Pete
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It was a warm summer night and although I should have gone to bed early, I badly wanted to have some sex. One of my mates had told me that he often got off in the sand dunes near Swanbourne at night, so I whacked a rubber in my pocket, borrowed my flatmate's car and headed down to the dunes hoping to find plenty of horny guys wanting action.

Jesus, did I luck out! Not a man in sight - I walked up and down the dune track in the moonlight for nearly an hour and there was just nobody around.

I was about to call it quits when I heard noises from some bushes just off the track. I stepped over the wire fence and bugger me if it wasn't a woman! She was about twenty-six, and was lying naked on a towel while a slim young guy, also naked, knelt beside her stroking her breasts. I was about to turn and leave when she said "D'you want to put your cock into me?". Well shit, I had a rubber, no men around, why the hell not! I knelt down between her legs, slipped the condom over my erection, and slid smoothly into her pussy.

She was already well lubed up, that was obvious. I started thrusting into her, and the young guy began talking dirty - "Yeah, give it to her," "Oh yeah, fuck her hard, ya stud," and so on. He was obviously getting his rocks off watching me fuck this woman and I guess that turned me on quite a bit 'cos I soon shot my load. I never thought I was the "wham bam thank you ma'am" sort of guy, but I just pulled out of her, threw away the rubber and walked away to the carpark, putting my shorts on as I went. Hell, she didn't ask me to make love to her - just to fuck her!

The next day I told my (straight) flatmate what had happened, and he got really worked up. "Shit man, maybe she'll be there again tonight," he told me, "we gotta go back there - I wanta plug some pussy." Well, I figured if we went down there together, I might be lucky and score a guy. Even if I didn't, there was always the chance my flatmate would strike it lucky, and I could watch him in action - he had a great body, and watching a man fuck really drives me wild.

Well, the beach was damn near deserted again - had all the cocksuckers in town taken holidays that week, or what?! But the woman was there again in the same spot, along with the same young guy, same scenario. I hadn't a clue where he fitted in - maybe just a friend who was into watching rather than doing.

Well, my flatmate wasted no time. He was up this babe in no time, his mouth on her breasts and neck while she moaned encouragement to him (as if he needed any!). I got a hard-on watching his bubble butt pumping up and down on top of her, and dropped my shorts so's I could stroke my 7" comfortably. Almost immediately the young guy got up and dropped to his knees in front of me, swallowing my cock to the hilt. Then the penny dropped - he was bi or queer, and this was his way of getting a cock!

Well, he sure knew to suck dick, and I let him have a good few minutes of my meat before I pulled him up to his feet and told him I wanted to screw his butt. He lay down on a towel beside the woman and lifted his legs in the air. He can't have been a virgin because I worked my cock into his lubed-up crack without too much resistance. I started ramming him good and hard and he came on with the dirty talk routine again. This time it was "Yeah, fuck me hard, like your mate with my sister." His sister, Jesus!

Well, my flatmate was well into the home run with the woman, humping her like a bull with a heifer, and it wasn't long before he was blowing his load. Man, he made a racket when he came! Inflamed by the sight of my flatmate's orgasm and the tight grip of the guy's arse on my cock, I followed suit a few seconds later, and then felt the splash of the young guy's semen spurting over my chest.

After a couple of minutes we had recovered our breath, and my buddy and I thanked our sex partners and left. When we got home, I grabbed a couple of light beers from the fridge and we sat down to watch a footy replay. My flatmate gave me a funny smile, then said "I guess I owe you something for getting me a screw tonight." Shit, I thought, let's go for broke! "Well," I replied, "you could settle the debt pretty easy - just give me a head job." Well, he did just that. Bent over, put his hand down my shorts, extracted my half-hard cock and starting slurping on it.

Man, I was hard again in no time. I had often fantasised about having this hetero stud suck my cock, and there he was swallowing my tool like it was candy! I guess the shock of it all was a bit overwhelming, because it wasn't long before I felt my nuts tightening and I told him "I'm gonna shoot my load, mate." I expected him to pull away, but the randy bastard swallowed the lot.

After a couple of seconds of recovery, I though I'd better reciprocate. I put my hand round his tool, intending to beat him off or give him head, but he had other ideas. "I really wanta fuck you tonight, Pete" he grunted into my ear. Shit, no way was I going to knock that back. I shot into the bedroom and grabbed a condom plus lube, and was back on the lounge in a flash. I asked "How d'ya wanta do me?" at which he lifted my legs in the air and positioned himself between them. A few seconds later my hole was being plugged harder than I'd ever had it before, and I was in heaven! As he banged me, he told me that his fuck with the babe at the beach had been made even better because he was also turned on by watching me screw the other guy.

He pumped his hard body against mine for maybe ten or twelve minutes, and then the tempo speeded up and he was ramming me like a wild animal, his strong arms pinning me in place as his hips pounded against my arse. Soon his arms locked around me like a vise, and it was all over with a long and loud yell. We lay there drenched in sweat, his head on my chest, and I silently gave thanks to that babe on the beach, whoever she was, for getting me the best stud-fucking of my life.

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