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Babbo by Callan Smith
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Badpuppy Model - Blade Ever never noticed someone, and then suddenly realize you never noticed them before, and then you never stop noticing them? I'm sure it's happened to you. Life is full of surprises like that. One minute you're perfect strangers and the next minute you're fucking the ass off each other. Or something like that. It happened to me last summer, as usual when I least expected it.

I work, or rather worked, as a language consultant for a big international firm in Italy but, what with globalization and George W. Fucking Bush, I've recently been spending more time on the beach than in my office. Life's been hard for everybody, I know, but when you're freelance or have a short term contract it can be really hairy sometimes. I was based in Rome but they have another office in Pescara which is near the sea. Last July, I was taking the sun in Vasto where a friend of mine has a beach house. He's not gay so I have to be very discreet, for his sake as well as mine. It's a strange place, Italy. The men fuck around like crazy but they would never admit to being gay, or even bi-sexual. I think that this has a lot to do with vested interests and something they call ' bella figura' which basically means putting a good face on things and keeping up appearances. Although even over here, faces are starting to crumble, and men are beginning to come out of the closet. Also the husbands have another cover in the summer. The wives take the kids to the beach or the mountains and the husband gets to play at home alone, which means he can lead a double life and have a friend, or even a cute brother-in-law stay over. Sometimes they like to keep it in the family. Anyway that's how the cookie crumbles over here and you soon get used to it.

Well, as I said, I was taking the sun and it was a very conservative beach mainly frequented by families, and of course families have dads, and dads have dicks, and dicks get horny. This particular dad used to come at lunch times, or after five, and of course, on week-ends. I didn't get to meet him immediately as I would get to the beach at nine and go home for lunch before he arrived but the moment I did meet him I sure as hell changed my schedule.

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Badpuppy Model - Blade He had a fat unattractive wife who was also very pregnant which was probably why she was fat and unattractive. But they had two really cute little boys, one three and a half and the other about eighteen months. The little one kept talking about babbo which is the Italian for dad. Even Father Christmas is called Babbo Natale. The baby used to throw sand over me at least ten times a day and call me Babbo and for some reason their little dog used to sit under my chair. Naturally I soon began to feel like a Babbo substitute, and wondered what the real thing would be like. I was soon to find out. One day I fell asleep round about lunchtime and opened my eyes to find Babbo's dick almost in my face.

He was standing over me trying to get the little dog to come out from under my chair. He wasn't wearing a bathing costume as he'd come straight from the office and taken his trousers off hoping that nobody would notice his briefs. They didn't give him much support, and both his dick and balls were much in evidence and dangling just a few inches from my face. I'd seen him there before, one Sunday, but hadn't taken much notice. After all, I hadn't really seen him at such close quarters. The dog took some persuading, so I got quite an eyeful of his credentials, although I decided it would be wise to look through half closed eyes and pretend to be still asleep. I saw what I liked, and I liked what I saw. Now wild horses couldn't keep me from that beach, and I started coming at lunch time and staying till six. I would lie there watching him lie there and mentally measure every muscle of his perfect frame and study every movement, longing for the day I could reach out and touch him and get the genital lunch that had been denied me. I'm sure he must have seen me looking at him, but gave no sign of it, and his wife was too busy with the children to notice my avid interest in her husband. It was just me noticing him and wondering if he noticed me noticing him and would start noticing me in return. He did. It took a few days but he did. How could he help it. I'm just the type Italians like, fair and slender, but wiry and wild. And they never forget the English guy who gave their dick such a good time.

Inevitably, the little dog brought us together or at any rate gave us the opportunity to exchange words. Babbo spoke a little English and, of course, whore that I am, I was soon offering him conversation lessons, and, naturally, he said he'd have a lot of time next week when his wife went to the mountains with the children.

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Badpuppy Model - Blade He was driving them up on Saturday and would be back to work on Monday, so he could see me at six. He gave me his card with the address and phone number. Naturally, Saturday to Monday was hell for me and I got to his place fifteen minutes ahead of time. I rang and waited, then I rang again. Eventually I heard him coming to the door. He was in his bathrobe which was tied loosely around him and revealed much. I apologized for being early, but he smiled and said he'd be with me in a moment after he'd dressed. I was tempted to say, 'Why get dressed, let's get undressed.' but I'm not Mae West, so it wouldn't have sounded so good coming from me. Also he was Italian and had probably never even heard of Mae West, so wouldn't appreciate the humour. There was a rather awkward silence, so I asked if I could have something to drink. While he was getting us a whisky I looked through his collection of videos and picked out a film in English. He looked me straight in the eye and said, "I've got some porn stuff if you'd prefer it."

For some inexplicable reason I heard myself saying, "I prefer to make my own porn stuff, thank you very much." Like a starchy schoolmistress.

We stood there facing each other like two gladiators trying to decide who was going to be the first to enter combat. Then we were saved by the bell. The phone rang. It was his wife. I looked at the half open robe. He had a glass in one hand and the phone in the other, and I knew from what he'd said that he was game. So as he exchanged banalities with his wife, I undid his robe and went down on him. He was more than ready to receive me as his dick was as hard as a policeman's truncheon. Don't know where I got that expression from, probably from some antiquated English text book, but it sure was hard, and he sure was ready, and I sure was hot and horny, so any further conversation seemed superfluous. I got quite a kick out of hearing him talk about this and that with his wife as I was sucking the sweet juice of him. He was trying to keep his voice in neutral while I was sending shivers up his hot rod. I grabbed hold of his butt and started to insert a finger. I wanted his whole attention. He quickly told his wife he had been in the middle of taking a shower, and, putting both phone and glass down, he took hold of my head and moved his dick around in my mouth while I manipulated my jaws to give him supreme satisfaction.

Badpuppy Model - Blade

He was pretty passive at first but as I began to massage his butt and bring it into synch with his dick, he began to grind his teeth and make little yapping noises until I began to think I was blowing the dog. Then his whole body started erupting like Vesuvius and he took hold of my ears and moved my head faster so I began to think that maybe I was the dog. I wasn't getting a lot of air as my nose was buried in his pubes and my mouth was brimming over with his dick. I thought I was going to gag at any moment so I released my head from his grip and his dick from my mouth and was just going to breathe again when torrents of hot cum came pouring out of him, most of it in my mouth. I complimented myself on my timing and using some of his cum as lubricant shoved my dick up his butt and came in the back of him as he was still coming in the front. Don't ask me how I managed it but I did. It was clear he hadn't had sex for quite some time and had a whole lot of cum stored up inside him.

He was still coming over my hand as I finished shagging him. I passed my cum covered hand over his mouth and he sucked it greedily. Then he kissed me. Something that men like him don't generally do. They'll fuck you, even be fucked by you, and sometimes even blow you, but kissing is quite another ball game. Men don't kiss men. So that kiss meant a lot to me. He asked me if I wanted to stay the night. I told him I was hungry and that I wanted him to fuck me. In whatever order. He said he wanted to fuck me too but maybe it would be better after dinner. I told him we should be having this conversation in English. He kissed me again and said, 'Tomorrow.' I kissed him back and wondered sadly just how many of those there were going to be before he went back to being Babbo.

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