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Assistant Coach by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Nick Marino The naked athlete laid face down on the massage table, his arms resting under his head and his legs slightly spread so that his feet hung over the sides. His forearms, thighs, calves and ankles were furry with dark brown hair, while his upper arms, back and buttocks were smooth as the day he came out of his mama. I angled the lamp over the table so that it shown right at the point where the legs met the torso, spotlighting the balls nestled in their hairy sack, their companion trapped between the hard muscled belly and the soft leather table.

Earlier I had the stud face up and had massaged his energy-sapped body to help him over the muscle tremors of overwork. This kid was too eager to please the coach, and he pushed himself way past workout zones. Consequently, he was whipcord muscles over a lean body that trembled with exhaustion after every workout. Coach saw this and told the young buck that he needed to get some table time with me to not only help out his muscles but maybe also relax him enough to get over his self destructive workouts.

I had both a Bachelors’ Degree in sports medicine and a certificate from a highly respected massage school, so Coach was delighted to have me as an assistant coach while I worked on my Masters. The money was nice, and the men I got to work on were even nicer, so I enjoyed my time with the men and made sure they also enjoyed it. The stud on the table, Tommy Darrow, could be a star athlete if he just slowed down.

Badpuppy Model - Nick Marino Tommy was in the second half of the massage/physical therapy session, and had already had his arms, chest, abs and front thighs oiled and massaged. He lay in the stupor that most men get when their bodies are being massaged, and he’d not even flinched when I’d applied oil to his cock and balls along with the lower abdominal massage. Now face down, his oily cock was pressing against the slightly stubbly leather fabric of the massage table in a groove I’d specially had made. The groove wasn’t visible to the naked eye, but when cocks were pressed against it, especially thickening cocks, the leather gave and the groove would hug their cocks nicely. It was now time to complete Tommy’s releasing massage.

I worked the oil into his shoulders, making sure to use deep tissue massage that would send him even more into stupor and then moved down his back towards his ass. My palms glided lightly over the tight muscles of his butt and pressed hard into his upper thigh muscles. Lots of oil prevented his body hair being pulled uncomfortably, and I moved down his hairy legs, the right one first, kneading his slender, hard leg down to the ankle and then moving around the table and working up his left leg. I kneaded the hard muscle of the thigh and then grasped the buttocks and began deep tissue massage.

Tommy was like most men under 40, and his cock began growing as I worked closer and closer to the inner valley of his ass. Finding a hairy barrier around his asshole, I dribbled in more of the heavy oil and worked it in so that the hair was slick and yielding. By his breathing rhythm, I could tell that he was still in stupor, but was reacting to the sensations on a highly sexually sensitive area of his body. I stroked down into the valley, and then kneaded the asshole some, that sentry opening slowly relaxing more and more under my attack until I could easily slip my thumb inside. Upon doing so, I was rewarded with a little sigh from Tommy and the root of his cock throbbed in response. Tommy was now ready for the final phase of his massage.

One thing that is true of every man, not matter what age, is that the area (called the perineum) between the asshole and the part of the cock that extends from the body is highly sensitive to rhythmic pressure, so much so that young men can come by just stroking this area a few times with firm pressure after they got themselves hard. I put a bit more oil on my thumbs, spread Tommy’s legs a bit wider, then began such a stroke upon his perineum, starting from his asshole and stroking hard down the thickening root of his cock to the ballsack. It was making a big difference to Tommy, as his balls wiggled with each stroke and he pushed up from the table slightly and then pressed back into the groove in the table.

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Badpuppy Model - Nick Marino Before long he was moaning as his juices began to boil in his balls, and I intensified the feeling by massaging those slightly spongy orbs like lemons to get all the juice out of them. He was now actively humping the table, rubbing the sensitive head and shaft of his cock against the leather, slick with oil, sweat and the precum that dribbled out with each upward stroke. When I felt his balls harden into marbles I knew he was ready to cum, so on his upstroke I grabbed his cock with one hand while I shoved my thumb into his slick asshole and pressed against his prostate hard!

“Ungh!” he cried, as his cum shot from his cock to splatter all over the table. I thumbfucked his prostate and watched each shove against his “love nut” register as another squirt of hot man cum onto the black leather. Tommy was a healthy boy, and he shot his load over and over for almost fifteen minutes, finally sagging against my arm under him as his cock stopped shooting. Since I liked Tommy, I carefully pulled my thumb out of his asshole and slowly lowered him to the table, letting the mixed oil and juices press into his heaving chest and abs. I slowly stroked his thighs and back, occasionally stroking his perineum lightly to keep the feeling eddying throughout his body. After about fifteen more minutes, I slowly helped him roll over and massaged the cum and oil that had stuck to his skin deeply into him, Tommy all but purring with the sexual afterglow. I massaged him until all the cum was gone, then took a lightly damp and scented towel and wiped him down carefully, even lifting his spent cock up and giving it a good slow wipe down along with his ball sack. I lifted his legs and wiped the backs of them off, then wiped down the table before lowering him back down. Lastly, I helped him sit up, wiped down his back and then helped him over to the chair where his clothing lay.

Tommy was still pretty groggy from the intensive orgasm and afterglow, so I helped him dress and then, as I always did, gave him a fraternal hug and kiss on the cheek before giving him the other fraternal signal of a light swat to the buttock before opening the door and sending him on his way. I cleaned off the table, gave it an antibiotic treatment as usual, and then put down the conditioner that would keep the leather nice and supple. The last part was straightening up the room, picking up the used towels and putting away the oil bottles until my next appointment, which wasn’t for another two hours.

Sighing with pleasure, I stepped into my office and switched on the monitor and tape recorder I had set up in the room. The machine whirred briefly and then began replaying Tommy’s massage session, only a pair of hands and an occasional white coated torso showing anybody else in the room with him. As my hands moved closer to his ass, I pulled down my slacks and whipped out my hardened cock, dripping with its own precum at the sight of that athletic body under my hands. I pulled open my white coat and bared my chest, then applied oil to my cock and began stroking in time to the strokes against that young man’s perineum. When his orgasm began, mine hit almost perfectly, his cum shots and grunts echoing with mine as I coated my bare chest with spunk. I carefully wiped myself off and tossed that towel into the hamper with the rest of them, and then redid my clothing back to my professional appearance. When the tape ended, I rewound it, removed the tape from the recorder and marked it with Tommy’s name and the date of the massage. Putting it into my collection, I withdrew a fresh tape and inserted it into the tape recorder for my next appointment…what I didn’t realize was that Coach had seen the videotape operation and realized what I was up to!

Badpuppy Model - Nick Marino About a week later and many more muscle boys under my hands and on video, Coach walked into my massage room just as I was finishing up one especially prime young man. I was spooked a bit, but thankful that the guy under me had already been milked and wiped clean, the used towels in the bin for washing and now I was just doing the checks to see if any areas had spasmed during milking. I was still, above all, a professional.

The young man got up, smiled at Coach and without undue haste, got dressed and walked out of the room. I was tidying up when I heard the door close, the lock engage and as I turned around, saw that Coach had stripped down to his jockstrap and was lying on the table! Undaunted, as I’d occasionally given Coach more regulation massage therapies and normally he would be in his jockstrap, I just oiled up my hands, warmed some to apply to his hairy lower legs and began working on him.

Coach was in his early 40’s and, unlike many older straight men, had kept his body in pure USDA prime meat status. He once told me that he didn’t see how he could keep the respect of the team, or any young stud he worked with for that matter, if his own body wasn’t the example to inspire them. Indeed, the wide shoulders and narrow waist, full and hairy ass cheeks that led down to thick muscled thighs and calves on the table were awe inspiring to say the least. They were strangely more pliant than I’d expected as Coach usually got his massages when he was too tight. I finished his legs and, after brief work in long deep strokes from the point his thighs met his buttocks to loosen the latter muscles, I moved up to his wide back and worked in that area for awhile.

Coach was not tight here either (except in a good way) and he seemed very relaxed, his beefy arms folded under his head, the small and only tattoo of an anchor and bathing beauty (from his navy days) on his body on the thick bicep of his arm. He would use that as an example to the boys how to think before you inked as it would be a permanent marking they’d carry for the rest of their lives. I finished and, as normal, tapped Coach on the shoulder to roll over. He did and, as normal, I enjoyed the musculature of his front before oiling up and applying warmed oil to his chest and abs.

Badpuppy Model - Nick Marino This was my favorite part anyway on any man, but Coach’s pecs and abs were hairy works of muscular art. Full, wide and with nipples that poked out proudly from their hillocks, Coach’s pecs were easily what the young men were pumping up to achieve. They were firm and thick under my hands as I worked them, again as usual, perhaps a bit longer than propriety dictated, but Coach never said anything and most of my guys didn’t either, I guess it felt so good they never got embarrassed by it. Coach’s abs were next, hard ripples of muscle and a true natural ‘eight pack’ which was the envy of the guys in the program.

Coach’s wedding ring glinted on his finger as he moved his hands to his belly when I moved down to his thighs and then completed his massage with his feet, something the big guy especially enjoyed. Indeed, I was noticing some rather interesting movement inside the jockstrap’s straining pouch. I’d seen Coach naked many times in the locker room as we showered up after a game and the team had gone home, but the growing monster inside that cotton pouch looked very hungry right then. I finished with Coach’s feet and was just turning to get a towel to wipe him down when his arm shot out (with his wedding ring to boot!), grabbed my wrist and growled, “Ok, so why not milk me as well?”

Stunned, I froze as he pulled me back to the table with that one strong arm and the other pulled down his jock to reveal his half hard and rather intimidating equipment. The hand that held my wrist now planted my hand on his cock while the other one kept shucking the jock down over his legs and finally with an artistic flip he kicked it off. My mind was whirling, for he knew about that other side of my massage therapies! The meat under my trapped palm was feeling good though and without thinking my hand closed around the shaft, causing Coach to grin and release my hand. “Good, I was expecting a little resistance, but I don’t think I’m too hard on the eyes.”

I was shocked to hear my voice respond, “Oh, no sir! You body is muscle perfection!” What the hell did I say? His grin got wider and he spread his legs a bit to allow his heavy almost lemon sized balls to fall naturally between them. Like a robot I began stroking his now nearly ten inches of steely hard cock in my hand while my other reached down to fondle his cum filled balls. Coach moaned a bit and then put his hands behind his head, enjoying the sensation while I of course watched the play of his pecs as he moved. My own massage shorts were getting damper and damper from my precum and without any warning they were yanked off me by Coach’s lightening fast hand. “Might as well lose these, boy, you’ll just make them wetter,” he growled as they fell to my ankles. I normally went ‘commando’ during sessions as the freedom helped me keep in harmony with the rest of my body as I worked with the guys. Naturally, my cock was hard and bouncing in front of me and Coach reached out and grabbed it, giving it a few rather practiced strokes before letting go. ‘Hmm, you’ve got a nice one too, boy,” he said thoughtfully. Suddenly, he knocked my hands away from his crotch and then rolled over. “Ah, yes, here’s that place.” His hips worked a bit as his cock found the indentation in the table. “Wondered why your massages were so much better than Tina’s.” He spread his legs wide on the table and barked, “I want my balls nice and loose back there, so pull them out from under me!”

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Badpuppy Model - Nick Marino “Yes sir!” Really what else could I say? I did as he asked; the meaty orbs now pulled back to lay between his legs and wriggling like fresh caught fish on the beach. Coach ordered me to give him the ‘real’ massage saved for his boys, and I complied, working his ass and upper thigh muscles with the sensual strokes I’d previously kept from him. He made no comment as I pushed my thumb into his butthole and slowly stroked his prostate, nor did he do more than grunt as I did the long strokes to his perineum. I felt the tightening inside his butt around my thumb that usually signaled an orgasm and pressed a bit harder on both his prostate and perineum when he yelped and I felt his butthole snap tight around my thumb, imprisoning it as his cock began jetting almost helplessly from the deep sexual massage. I lightly stroked his leaping balls and he came harder, almost growling as his seed shot from his body like bullets. All good things must come to an end in time, and it was true of Coach’s orgasm, for my thumb was freed by his butthole’s relaxation and I performed the slow light strokes that would prolong the afterglow for a bit longer before removing my hands and preparing the towels to clean Coach up.

“Oh, fuck,” he whispered, too drained to move without some assistance, “no wonder the guys are like limp rags when you are done with them. They perform 150% better afterwards, that is for sure, so you are doing them and me a big help.” He slowly levered himself up with his arms, kneeling on the table now and I silently wiped down the table and then cleaned up his ass cheeks and perineum of excess oil. Coach slowly turned around and sat wide legged in front of me and almost dumbly watched as I wiped up the spew and oil that had stuck to his hairy chest and pecs, and even sat still as I cleaned up his cock and pubic area. It was only when my hand moved away from his body that his arm shot out again and his hand grasped my wrist. What happened next was not even within my imagination, for Coach pulled me into a hug, kissing me and whispering, “Thank you, Mike,” in my ear as he crushed my body against his meaty one.

Badpuppy Model - Nick Marino After a few minutes of utter bliss for me, he released me, stretched all those gorgeous muscles and then got up from the table. “Ok, you can stay,” he said as he retrieved his jock from the ground and pulled it up his meaty thighs, the pouch secured over his equipment and the waistband snapped into place. He pulled me back into his arms and said, “I almost didn’t believe it when Gary told me what his ‘secret’ was for his sudden improvement. A few of the other guys confirmed the milking and every one of them had great improvements in their abilities and stamina after every one of your sessions. Besides, nobody has complained and they are all adults, so I guess that’s ok with me.” He looked me in the eye next and said, “However, the videotaping of the studs, I think, needs to be revealed to them. Mike, I don’t know if you just keep them to hone your craft or use it to beat off with, but no more secret footage of my boys, OK?” I nodded and he smiled. “Besides, I know a few of them that would actually agree to let you do it in the open as long as you gave them a copy as well!” He laughed at the look on my face and said, “Hell, I might even want a video of my next session with you, for you are really too damn good with those hands.” At that I grinned and he released me. “Remember no more hidden video cameras and we’ll call it good.” I nodded and, just before he unlocked the door, he pulled me yet again into his embrace and whispered, “I can’t give you much more than what we shared today, for it’s not really my nature to like men for sex; however I will say that I can always use a good milking!” I smiled, nodded and Coach left, a much happier if cum drained guy. I was happy that I’d kept my job, that my mentor was also one who liked my services, and that I’d forgotten to turn off the video camera after my last session before Coach walked in…

The model in these pictures is Nick Marino

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