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Ass Abbey Parts 3 & 4 by Perseus
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Part 3 - Confession and Absolution


Badpuppy Model - Tim When Josh awoke the second time, he was not alone.

Two monks sat at the foot of the bed. Josh was still tied to the bed. The men gave him a sponge bath, doing a very thorough job on his ass, then drying him with thick towels. Then they massaged oil into his skin, including his cock and asshole. All this attention made him really hard but the men did not masturbate him. Afterwards, he was fed some breakfast. The monks who tended to him would not answer his questions. His wrists, ankles, and neck were fitted with leather cuffs having attachment loops; then he was untied from the bed and dressed in the white robe again. He was then marched down a dim corridor and brought to a rather grandly carved door. When it was opened, Josh was speechless.

Within was a large octagonal chamber with a vaulted roof. Seated around the edge of the chamber in raised wall niches were a large number of monks in black. Opposite the door, in a specially fancy niche, was a man wearing impressive red robes and a miter. But the shocking thing was the scene in the middle of the chamber.

In the center of the room, on a padded circular platform, were three people in a living tableau: arranged in a triangle were a youth, a bearded man, and a costumed satyr, the boy licking the man's cock, the man eating the satyr's ass, the satyr dildo-fucking the blond boy. Josh realized that this was the same as the central figure of the carved altar in the crypt cell. On the floor in a large circle around this tableau were 12 youths about his age, in a daisy chain: each boy's face was buried in the next boy's butt. They were all rock-hard, with their hands tied tightly to their sides, the upper leg bent up high at the knee to offer better access at the rear.

Still stunned by the sight of it all, Josh was marched around this lewd tableau and forced to kneel before the grand red personage.

"Welcome to Ass Abbey. You will begin here your life of obedience and worship as a junior novice. This even, at the stroke of midnight, will be the initiation. However, before this sacred rite, you must clear yourself of all past debts. Those who enter here must leave the past behind, cleansed of former obligation. Does any here have such a claim on the youth now presented?"

One of the monks stood and the red man motioned him forward. He pulled back his hood and Josh saw that it was he who had finally let him come yesterday. The man's handsome face was crossed with a deliciously lewd leer.

"My lord Abbot, yesterday this slutty boy did promise to perform services upon my person, in return for which I did ejaculate him. In specific, fellatio and analingus were offered, as well as anal intercourse, and all other acts which I might order of him for my pleasure.

"The red man addressed Josh. "You will fulfill your promise to the utmost. In front of the assembly."

"No! No! It's not true! It's a lie!" Josh yelled.

There was a deadly hush.

"May it please your Grace, I have proof."

"Display it."

Badpuppy Model - Tim The monk produced a remote control and thumbed it on. On each face of the octagon, above the seats, a large screen TV flicked to life. Josh watched in horror as the screens showed a bird's eye view of himself, tied spread-eagled, naked, using a dildo. Obviously there must be a video camera concealed in the ceiling of his cell. Josh cringed to think what the whole tape must show. In this excerpt, Josh was fucking his ass hard with a large dildo for several minutes while the monk watched. Obviously, this part was not necessary as proof, and had been put in to mortify Josh. It worked. He could see several of the monks working their dicks under their robes, ogling the screens. Finally, the tape advanced to the point where Josh started begging. Offering, then promising, to service the monk. Then, the monk reaching to Josh's cock.

Oh, please, no, turn it off, Josh thought.

But no. The tape ran on, showing Josh's stupendous orgasm as he shouted and raved to be fucked.

The man in red made a curt gesture and one of his handlers slapped him hard in the face, knocking him to his knees. "It is you who lie, insolent boy! You must now pay your debt to this man before all here. We will watch as you suck his cock, as you worship his anus with your tongue, as he fucks you. But before that you must be punished for your insolent lies. Let the one you have wronged choose your punishment."

"As your Grace pleases. Let the boy be strung on the display deck." The tableau trio on the platform scuttled off, and Josh was hustled on to it. His wrists were snapped to a chain from the ceiling as his feet were kicked apart and attached to the floor rings. The monk approached, and forced a pecker gag into his mouth, strapping it in place. The monk then tore off Josh's white robe. The platform began to revolve. Josh was terrified as he looked at the circle of men staring at him, bound and helpless and totally naked. The monk groped him lewdly as the others watched, probing his crack, pinching nipples, hefting his balls, stroking his cock. Once Josh was hard the monk again pressed the remote control. The screens showed a still of an earlier moment in the tape, while the six monks had watched Josh watching himself on TV. Then the scene moved, and Josh's voice was heard: "Please - use a dildo on me - I need it - please, just fuck me with one of those dildoes, this tape is so hot, watching me get it, oh please I'll let you do it fuck me hard with dildoes, all of them, please-"The monk hit the pause button. Josh's cheeks were burning. "What do you say, my brothers. Shall I give the slut what he wants?"


"You can see for yourself how the boy blushes as his degradation is exposed on film. I have prepared many excerpts so that you may hear his depravity in his own voice as he is punished, and so that you may feast your eyes on the spectacle of his delicious body as it was used to fulfillment by the Verger!"

The assembly cheered. Josh struggled hard to free himself, but to no avail.

His punisher beckoned. A tray of dildoes was brought to him.

Josh tried to keep his ass closed but the man was an expert, prying his ass open and forcing in the first, smallest dildo. He teased it gently until Josh's sphincter was breached. Then the real fucking began. On the screen, the film continued, showing a montage of Josh in flagrante, while the audio track was the long, long begging he had been forced to perform for the six monks. And, so that no detail of his punishment would be missed, every other screen showed a live close-up of Josh's midsection, where as he revolved the men could see in minute detail the dildo's fucking penetration of his anus alternating with his rigid cock.

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Badpuppy Model - Tim Totally helpless, naked, bound, Josh was fucked with 6 different dildoes for the pleasure of the assembly. His cheeks burned with shame as he heard, amplified, his own voice begging for perverted abuse, and he could not help watching as the film showed every pornographic detail of his earlier rapes. And, worst of all, as he was forced to enjoy each thrust of the dildo. For, every so often the monk would masturbate his throbbing cock, bringing him to the edge and stopping.

Finally, the prepared tape ended. The monk removed the pecker gag, but not the dildo. "For the end of your punishment, you must beg again. As all hear you, you will beg to suck my cock. To eat my ass. To be fucked. And, as you do it, you will fuck yourself while they watch."

The monk took a telescoping post and put it in a socket in the platform, extending it and attaching it to the dildo that was inside Josh.

As they all watched, Josh slid up and down, fucking himself. The monk twisted his nipples, forcing Josh to slide up and down the full length of the 10" dildo, and to make it easier he released Josh's hands from above and clipped them together behind him. Josh was so hot that he fucked himself hard.

The monk stood before him and disrobed. "Beg to suck this cock!"

Josh begged.

The monk turned and spread his cheeks. "Beg to kiss my ass! Beg to lick my crack! Beg to suck my butt hole! Beg to worship my anus deeply with your unworthy tongue!"

Josh begged.

"Now, beg me to come up your ass!"

Josh begged. Begged for all of it. Kept begging as he fucked himself in a frenzy on the impaling dildo. Kept begging even as the monk made him come. While they all watched.

After he came, he was released from the bondage and fell to the floor. The monk positioned him on his back, head in the center of the stage. The camera was reset to show his face in a huge close-up. The monk knelt over his sweaty body, triumphant. His turgid cock flopped onto Josh's lips.

"Time to keep your promise, boy."

Josh did as he was told, licking and sucking as they all watched. After a bit, the man wheeled around and presented Josh with his smooth asscrack. Step by step, he forced Josh to proceed, giving him instructions in detail. Once he had done this for a while, the monk set up an alternating pattern, sitting his ass on Josh's probing tongue for a while, then sliding back as Josh licked between his legs, licked his balls, licked up the length of his penis, and opened wide as the man forced his cock into his throat for a few deep thrusts, before moving back again, forcing Josh to worship his anus once more.

Josh, humiliated, could hear the lewd commentary of the other monks as they ogled his work on the big screen. "Such a tongue! Ooh! Yeah, baby, suck it! Look how he eats that ass. Brother Librarian is certainly making him do it right!"

The oral service continued. Josh sucked really hard on the man's cock, hoping to make him come and get it over with, but the man never let him get that far, spending more and more time making Josh rim his quivering hole.

Finally, the monk stood up. His cock was like a spear before him. Josh struggled to his feet. The monk grabbed Josh by the wrists and clipped them to his collar, underneath his chin. Forcing Josh to bend over, he filled his ass with lube using a baster. Surprisingly, the man then lay flat on his back on the stage.

"Fuck yourself on my cock, boy!" Everyone laughed as Josh reacted with dismay. The handlers picked him up as he struggled, holding his legs spread, and lowered him onto the prone monk. There was a hush as they paused to position the monks head at Josh's anus. Josh could see it in close-up detail on the screens as he turned. Could see it as, inch by inch, he was lowered onto the huge erect cock. His rectum, well-stretched from the large dildo, well-oiled, swallowed the cock whole. A huge wave of warmth spread throughout his gut and he moaned with the pleasure of it. The man's dick squirmed inside him, pushing his buttons.

Badpuppy Model - Tim Straddling the man, in front of all the monks, he began to fuck. The handlers held his feet, keeping him well spread so that the camera got good penetration detail. Josh, fascinated watched the screens as he slid up and down the man's fuck-pole. Seeing it intensified the sensation in some strange way. His cock became fully erect.

"Do a good job, boy. You must continue to fuck yourself until you make me come.

"Josh worked hard, squeezing his rectal muscles to jerk the man's cock, humping him. Of course, all this just made Josh hotter as well...

Ten minutes later, the man came, blasting Josh's ass with a geyser of juice. Everyone applauded, and the meeting began to break up into an orgy. Monks bustled about, lighting braziers of incense, and within minutes them room was filled with that distinctive musky reek. Meanwhile Josh was lifted off the cock, ass dripping jism. To his utter amazement, the boy who had been in the tableau was forced up on stage, and Josh's ass was held to his lips as the boy sucked all the semen from his well-fucked hole, licking it clean. The men holding him could see that the rim job was making Josh wild, and with a lewd grin, one of them milked Josh's cock to a second orgasm. Josh didn't want to come, but the hot scene and heady clouds of smoke overwhelmed him. The men holding him picked him up and carried him away, cock still twitching. People reached out and caught some of the cum off his torso, licking their fingers.

As they made there way slowly around the edge of the chamber to the door, Josh saw that the 12 young men from the daisy chain were being passed around, forced to service the monks, horny from Josh's performance. Since there were four monks per youth, he saw that each boy was forced to masturbate two men while simultaneously getting fucked. The mouth of each naked boy was servicing a cock or asshole, at the whim of the man in front.

As he passed the abbot, he could see that the man was being served by four boys wearing special red collars. His robes were twitched aside, legs up, and Josh could see a that one boy was hunched down, rimming the abbot's asshole, while another attempted to suck the abbot's stupendous 12" cock. The other two boys were forced to kiss and masturbate each other while the abbot gave them a good hard finger fuck. They seemed desperate to make the other come first. As he passed further away, Josh looked back to see that one boy was coming. As the door closed, he realized that the one who came was being forced to take the abbot's prodigious pole up his ass.


Part 4 - Confirmation


Badpuppy Model - Tim The midnight initiation was held in the secret chapel. Unlike other abbeys, this one had kept its original, much smaller Romanesque structure when the larger Gothic abbey was built. Its windows and doors sealed, the 12th cent. original church had been converted over the centuries, covered with pornographic ornament and fitted with sex equipment. The only entrance was through secret passages through the crypts.

The tourists, visiting the official Gothic abbey during the day, would have never dreamed what was going on in the secret chapel late that night...

The service began in the Galilee Porch, which had been a baptistry. In the center of the smallish room there was a bowl-like depression in the floor with a drain. Around the lip of the depression were set a circle of steel rings. Standing just behind this was a large, ancient font, the size of an antique bath, filled with clear water. As Josh was led in, he saw that a large group of monks, probably 30 or so, were congregated behind the font, wearing curious formal black robes consisting of two pieces: each a long sleeve with a long fall of cloth hanging from the shoulder to the floor. The two halves of the garment were clasped at the neck and joined with a chain just below the chest, but joined nowhere else, leaving the front and back nude. Each man also wore an ornamental belt and black slippers. There were roughly the same number of novices present, wearing short open lace surplices which left them naked below the midriff, and white slippers. Their novices' hands were tied behind them.

Josh had been dressed in some of the clothes from his rucksack taken the day of his abduction: tee, jeans, and underwear but no shoes or socks. He was marched over to the floor drain and his hands were cuffed to a hanging chain; his ankles were spread to either side of the floor depression and tied to heavy rings. The clothes were then cut from his body with a ceremonial knife, and burned in a charcoal brazier, except for his underwear. This item was rubbed deeply into Josh's asscrack to get his musk, and then a bound novice was brought forward and forced to come against the wad of cloth, soaking it with his huge load. The slimy wad was stuffed into Josh's mouth and tied in place with a square of cloth to gag him.

Then two monks came forward with a basin, scissors, and cream, which turned out to be hair remover. The monks trimmed and then creamed the hair from his groin and asscrack, wiping the lotion on his legs and chest as well to remove the light blond down until his body was smooth and hairless.

Then two more came forward with enema equipment. Josh struggled, but there was nothing he could do as the water was forced into his ass. The warm water flooded him, making him hard, and he squirmed with shame as he realized that they would all watch when he had to release the enema. The tip of the enema hose ended in a pierced butt plug, so he could not release the water until his captors chose to pull the plug. He squirmed helplessly as the pressure grew, his cries muffled by the slimy gag that dripped semen down his throat. He was miserable, but the pressure was keeping his cock nice and hard. Finally they released the water, which gushed down into the floor drain. He endured two more enemas until the water ran clear. He thought the worst was over but he was very wrong. Hands and feet were released, and he was made to lie on his back spread-eagled in the drain basin. His wrists and ankles were clipped to rings at the edge. Josh was miserable, since some of his enema water had splashed on the basin he was lying in, but it soon got worse. Eight or so of the monks crowded around him and grabbed their cocks as they started to piss all over his body. The streams hit him everywhere. He rolled and struggled but could not escape the yellow torrent. As each man emptied his bladder, another took his place at the edge, joining his freshly gushing urine to the general rain. Just when Josh thought it was over, the novices were allowed there turn, some of whom could barely pee they were so hard. It went on for several minutes before they were all through. Josh lay, twitching and gagging, as the overflow seeped away. He was utterly soaked, and some of the piss had hit the cloth gag. The smell was overwhelming.

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Badpuppy Model - Tim Some water was thrown over him to rinse most of the urine away. Then he was untied and lifted up, the soaked gag was removed, and his soiled body placed in the sweetly-scented font bath. Here Josh was lovingly bathed and cleaned, his hair washed and scented. He was dried off, and then his hands were tied behind him. He was too overwhelmed by the degradation of the enema and piss shower to struggle much.

A procession was formed and he was marched into the chapel itself. Down the length of the dim nave, Josh saw ancient frescos showing demons and angels engaged in fierce sexual intercourse, the angels binding the demons and subjecting them to whippings, genital bondage, and dildo punishment, while the demons kidnapped angels and took them to hell, raping their asses and mouths, crushing their hairy assholes against the angels beautiful manly faces, and subjecting them to even filthier indignities.

The procession entered the long choir. The monks took up positions in the grandly done back row, each in a sort of throne-niche, while the novices squatted on misericords in the front row. As the boys sat down, Josh realized that each seat had a wooden dildo carved into the top of it. The boys squirmed into place, their smooth buttocks on either side of the dildoes as they impaled themselves on the anal stimulators.

At the end of an ornately carved divided choir was a curiously short stone altar, and above and behind this was a gigantic canopied throne. Here, in full regalia, sat the abbot. Wearing a divided robe like the monks, but of red satin, with a red miter on his head, he held in his hand a staff ending in an upside down crucifix. As Josh was forced to stand before him, he saw that the arms of the cross were made of carved wooden dildoes. The where the legs of the upside-down corpus would have been was instead a massive cock, which formed the large top arm of the cross. Josh could see that the tip of the cross-staff looked greasy and looked well-used. The abbot addressed the assembly.

"Has the initiate been purged and baptized in the water of the brothers?"

"Yes, my Lord," they answered.

"Then he shall be anointed and sealed in the baptism of the Order of the Holy Crotch." Josh was turned around and his legs forced apart. The abbot took oils from a ring-cup and lubed his ass well. After the enemas, Josh's ass was warm and relaxed, and he squirmed as the abbot greased him up. Then his cock was anointed, and Josh blushed as the large man worked his shaft lovingly, stroking it expertly until Josh was squirming again, thrusting in his palm. The abbot indulged in stroking and fondling Josh's freshly shaved and bathed body for several minutes as the boy's attendant monks held him spread.

Then Josh was forced to his knees and told to repeat the oath of the sexual servitude after the abbot. At first Josh refused, but his balls were twisted cruelly until he gave in, repeating the oath. He was then told to seal the sacred oath with the kiss of love - fellatio. The monks held his head and he was force to fellate the abbot's massive cock while they all watched. The abbot got very hard, but had not come before he was pulled off. Then he was forced to repeat the oath of abject obedience, after which came the kiss of submission - analingus. Josh was pushed under the throne, and saw that the throne was open like a toilet seat. From underneath, he was forced to kiss, lick and eat the abbot's muscular ass.

When the abbot was satisfied, Josh was forced into the midst of the choir. Two stout poles were put into floor sockets about 4' apart, and Josh's wrists and ankles were tied to them. The abbot spoke. "Brothers, the candidate has been baptized and sealed, and has sworn the oaths with the kisses of love and submission. Before his first cum-union, examine him yourselves to verify that he is worthy.

Badpuppy Model - Tim "The monks hustled around, feeling and groping him everywhere, lewdly fingering his ass and hefting his balls. Josh, humiliated, squirmed as the men teased him. The men were obviously impressed and aroused by his smoothly muscled body, as well as the fact that the stud was completely unable to prevent the most intimate fondling of his private areas. Three times they stimulated his cock to near-ejaculation, only to leave him on the edge each time.

After the last monk had reluctantly left off feeling his inner thighs and pinching his nipples, Josh was united and led up and on to the low altar. On all fours, his ankles and wrists were attached to rings at the four corners. A large gold chalice was placed beneath his spread ass. While these preparations were made, four large braziers were placed at the corners of the altar, and great quantities of the strange incense were cast on the hot coals. Plumes of pungent perfume slowly filled the choir. When all was ready, the room fell silent. The abbot mounted up, kneeling behind him on the altar slab. Josh tensed, expecting an assfuck, but what happened was different. The abbot placed the tip of his dick firmly against the boy's sweet, pink assbud but did not push in. Instead, he jerked himself off. In a minute he came, the force of his orgasm such that much of the jism blasted a little ways into Josh's rectum. After he finished, Josh could feel the come leaking out of his ass and dripping into the chalice. Then, one by one, the other monks came forward. First, each stood on a block and inserted his cock in Josh's mouth for a quick suck before mounting the altar and coming against Josh's asshole like the Abbot did, as meanwhile the next monk in line used Josh's mouth to get hard. As the orgasms continued, the semen dripped into the cup. Josh's ass was tingling. After the last monk, the chalice was removed, and Josh watched as the novices began to hump their wooden dildoes. The monks stroked the boys' hard young dicks to the edge of orgasm. The chalice was carried round as each boy was brought off. When it was carried back to the altar, it was almost full to the brim.

Witnessing all this ejaculation had made Josh very horny indeed. His young prick dripped pre-cum on the marble altar slab.

Then the abbot brought his staff before Josh. The boy watched with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension as one of the monks oiled it up slowly. Panic filled him as the 12" tip, 3" thick at the base, was placed against his rectum. Josh tried to clamp down but his anal muscles were so relaxed from the earlier enemas, etc. that he couldn't really resist. He groaned as he felt its fullness dominate his gut, then grunted loudly as his sphincter snapped open for the invading pole. Josh sighed as he felt a wave of warmth flow from his gut to engulf his hard penis.

The abbot worked the staff gently to make sure the youth was fully opened up, and then set up a fucking rhythm, pushing and pulling the wooden cock in and out. Oil was constantly added to keep the fucking smooth and deep. Whimpering and moaning with pleasure, unable to help it, Josh responded to the deep stimulation, pushing his hips to take the penetration deeper. Mindless of the public display, he moved his body shamelessly while the monks ogled the lewd scene.

The tempo built slowly, thrust after thrust hammering on the boy's horny prostate, driving Josh to the edge in a steady crescendo. Then, lodging the staff deep, the abbot took Josh's cock in hand, in three stokes brought him to a huge orgasm, aiming the jism into the chalice as it erupted. As he came, jerking and writhing, his ass was held in place with the dildo-staff to allow his semen to be collected in the cup.

Josh's head was spinning from the huge orgasm. Before he had recovered, the abbot emptied a small vial of potion into the chalice, stirring it in, and held it to Josh's lips. Suddenly the huge dildo was pulled from his ass in one stroke. Josh opened his mouth to groan as simultaneously the chalice was tipped, giving him a big slurp of the mixed white cream, the orgasms of over 60 men and boys combined with the mysterious potion. The musky taste was salty/sweet, with another, exotic taste, impossible to define, like the incense, but stronger. Josh licked his lips to get every drop.

The monks shuffled forward, each taking a tiny drop of the cum-union by dipping his pinkie in the huge chalice and placing it on his tongue.

Josh felt increasingly strange as the potion in the chalice started to take effect. Woozy, spinning, he sprawled atop the altar as his ankles and wrists were released. Amazingly, he found that his cock was incredibly hard, already fully recovered after the huge ejaculation.

Badpuppy Model - Tim The large curtain behind the altar parted, and a satyr with a huge tongue and rigid phallus entered, bounding toward him. Moving as though underwater, Josh looked around through the clouds of incense, seeing all the faces eagerly awaiting something. A hazy feeling of great sexuality washed over him. The boy guessed that the potion was some kind of drug, but it felt so good he didn't care. With the loss of volition, he sensed a coming fulfillment.

The satyr leapt onto the altar, legs astraddle over the sprawled blond youth. Without thought, Josh lifted his face into the manly asscrack, breathed in its erotic musk, and rimmed the puckered asshole passionately.

Time became meaningless. The satyr was his priest, his god, his lover. With abandon, Josh abased himself, writhing with primitive rhythmic lust as he worshipped the lascivious being's cock and ass, rolling up to kneel in adoration, parting the luscious buttocks with his hands, burying his face in the dark cleft. Josh hardly noticed as another horny satyr appeared and joined in, the boy merely lifted his head from the ass crack for a brief ecstatic smile as the other satyr thrust deep into his ass.

Once the satyr-priests were had begun the sacrificial rape of Josh on the altar, the sub-prior took the chalice and staff around the stalls to the novices, dipping the cock-tip in the cum-union potion and having each novice lick it off. As the sex potion took effect the novices tore off their lace surplices and knelt to worship the monks.

"Bacchanalia! Priapus!" the monks cried. Each grabbing a novice, the monks formed a loose circle around the altar. Each man used his boy's mouth and asshole as he saw fit; if some of them accidentally raped each other they hardly noticed. All eyes were fixed on the spectacle of Josh and the satyrs entangled on the altar.

Josh didn't notice. Cocks, mouths and assholes combined in an eternal heaven; he was the conduit of worship, his asshole and mouth forming one tube of desire.

Fucked/fucking, rimmed/rimming, sucked/sucking, Josh floated away on a hallucinogenic cloud of sexual ecstasy.

The model in these pictures is Tim

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