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Ass Abbey Parts 1 & 2 by Perseus
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Part 1


Badpuppy Model - Tim Josh was hustled quickly from the ornate 15th century choir stalls, and whisked off into the crypt of the building.

The boy's saucy attitude was apparent as he smirked at the verger. "Where are we going? The dungeons? Oooh, scary!"

"If I were you I'd show less attitude, young man."

"You talk big for a sissy in a black dress."

"You have disrupted the Solemn Office. For this you will be punished."

Without warning, the verger had Josh in a half-nelson. He was amazingly strong for his size. Stunned, Josh could hardly resist as he was forced down a series of dark and twisting corridors.

The young man had been hitch-hiking across Britain during the summer before his senior year at a private art school. The only child of a moderately wealthy but profoundly disinterested American family, his only possessions on the trip were a large rucksack and a cocky attitude. It was the attitude that got him in trouble during the service. Josh realized that his rucksack must be up in the gothic abbey somewhere. His grip on the arrogant smirk was slipping fast.

At first the 18 year old boy (who, of course, thought himself a man) was amused by the fact that he had so successfully gotten under the skin of the pompous official. But, truth to tell, all of a sudden the little boy inside him found the gloomy crypts positively creepy. And there was something serious about the man's grip on him that intimidated Josh to silence.

Abruptly, Josh was hustled into a room behind a heavy oak door. Putting his knee against the lad's lower back, the verger forced the boy swiftly down to kneel on a large prie-dieu. Before he realized what was happening, Josh found that his hands had been cuffed somehow to the sides of the desk down near the floor on the front. This forced his head and upper chest down against the book desk. Then the verger lifted the boys legs up and held them tightly together, body parallel to the floor. Quickly, the man popped off Josh's shoes, undid his fly and stripped the jeans off his legs. Kicking to no avail, Josh found that his knees were forced down onto the kneeler. The verger knelt atop him, forcing his legs between the boy's knees which he strapped tight to the frame at the outside corners.

The entire struggle had taken only 30 seconds.

As the boy caught his breath the verger locked the heavy oak door, plunging the room into darkness for a moment before the verger flicked a lighter. Quickly he lit several fat candles, whose light showed a small chamber with a vaulted ceiling, a carved altar opposite the door, and other smaller niches in the side walls. On the floor before the altar was an iron thurible with a few weak wisps of incense smoke curling through the pierced cover. Josh, inhaling these fumes, was startled by their pungent musk. The smell was so compelling that, for a moment, he forgot to be afraid.

The scene: a dark blond, muscular youth, in tee shirt, briefs and socks, hunched over an antique prayer desk which was fixed to the floor before the small altar, his arms stretched straight down in front, head hanging over the desk, knees spread wide and tied to the relatively high kneeler; his full buttocks stuck back and out, stretching the thin cotton seat of his underpants, his muscular tawny young thighs spread and bent deliciously; six bee's-wax candles, accentuating the warm glow of the young flesh; and a trim, 40 year old man in a simple black gown, admiring his work.

The brief silence was broken by a smack as the verger brought his hand down on Josh's tight young buttocks. The boy yelped and cried out, but the spanking continued. The helpless boy tried to wriggle his ass aside but the man grabbed his waistband at the back. As Josh struggled, his underwear was pulled deeper and deeper, wedging into his asscrack and exposing more and more of his cheeks. As the blows fell on his naked skin, they stung more and he squirmed harder. The tightly pulled up underwear soon had the additional effect of bunching his genitals, as well as pressing directly against his sensitive anus, and the continued squirming had the effect of massaging these erotic areas.

Josh's cries and protests went completely unnoticed as the blows rained down. The stinging pain soon had him in tears, and he had less energy to cry out at his tormentor.

Curiously, despite the pain, or even enhanced by it, the rubbing of the underwear on his anus and cock was stimulating a sexual response. He groaned as his cock started to swell in its painfully restricting pouch. As the boy's cock became hard, he struggled less and pushed his hips back to ease the increasingly painful pressure at the root of his swelling penis.

After a while, Josh realized that the blows were coming less frequently and landing softer. The verger let his palm rest on Josh's red and sensitive flesh, cupping his buttocks for longer and longer periods between hits. After a while it was clear to Josh that the man was openly massaging his buttocks. Coming after the previous pain, the pleasure was greatly intensified and Josh could not help emitting a moan as his cock became fully erect. As he pushed his hips back to ease the pain at his root, the man's hand slipped into his crack and pushed a wad of the bunched fabric firmly up into Josh's anus. His erect young dick, painfully restricted, pointed straight down between his spread thighs. The boy emitted a deep groan. The sexual pleasure of his hard cock was exactly offset by the aching pain throbbing at it's sharply bent root.

He was desperate to relieve the pressure, but he could not make his willful cock deflate. How he longed to be able to release the tight briefs.

He felt the man's hand pluck playfully at the waistband under his belly, almost but not quite releasing him.

"Please," he grunted.

In one nimble move, the man twitched Josh's waistband clear of his cock, tucking it behind his balls. Josh's throbbing cock sprang free. The rush of relief was almost orgasmic. He moaned and caught his breath. Moving to the side, the older man took an incense brick and placed it in the thurible. As a fresh plume of scented smoke puffed out, Josh found himself breathing deeply, trying to define the smell. He couldn't pin it down, but it gave him a pleasant rush.

Badpuppy Model - Tim The man was no longer pulling on the back of his shorts, yet they remained bunched in his crack, firmly pressed into his dry asshole. The verger knelt behind the boy, admiring his hot red ass cheeks with the cotton shorts bunched into a rope in the butt crack. Leaning close, the man blew a long cool stream of breath at Josh's crack and buttocks. Josh twitched and jerked, as the faint teasing breath tickled his hypersensitive ass skin; it was at once so ticklish, and so frankly sexual, that he gasped sharply. But his struggle did no more than make his cock, now free, bob and throb.

The verger went to work, never hurrying, blowing gently all over the boy's buttocks, crack, inner thighs, balls, and cock. Josh's breathing grew ragged as the stimulation continued, making the young man hotter and hotter. Every so often the man would stop, gently massaging Josh's back or thighs, and adding more incense. It was during the first of these breaks that Josh really looked at the altar. It was directly before his face, just a yard away, but at first it had been too dark, and then during the spanking he had been struggling too much, to see any detail. Even now it was slightly obscured by the incense. But now his eyes had adjusted, and he could see that it was elaborately carved with naked figures.

They were all male. And they were all having sex: men masturbated themselves or each other, watching from the edges as comely youths were abused by lusty satyrs, their handsome young mouths and anuses penetrated by fingers, cocks, serpentine tongues and large wooden dildoes. The whole frieze was like an ornate scrollwork of limbs, cocks, tongues, and buttocks, intertwined in a perverse pagan orgy. In the center was an elaborate arrangement he couldn't quite see through the incense. Taking in a deep breath of the heady fumes, he blew them aside. Revealed in the center, arranged in a curving triangle like the trinity, was a lewd sex chain of larger figures: a boy on his back with his legs in the air, being forced to lick the genitals of a well-hung bearded man, who in turn slavered enthusiastically at the anus of a satyr, who himself bent down to thrust an immense dildo into the asshole of the boy. The two upper figures, man and satyr, held the boy's arms and legs tightly, making it clear that a kind of rape was intended, but the boy's expression was one of ecstasy. All three figures were coming, their ejaculate hitting the center of the triangle in a six-petal rose.

Josh stared at the erotic altar, incredulous. Suddenly he felt the man begin to blow air on his private parts again. He jerked as the air played around the edge of his anus where his underwear was deeply embedded. There was a moment of clarity where Josh saw that he was in a situation that was evil. An unknown man had abducted him, tied him up, stripped him nearly naked, spanked him painfully, and clearly intended to abuse him sexually. And yet it could not be denied that the increasingly sexual attention he was receiving truly felt wonderful, hotter than any sexual encounter he had ever had.

He ought to struggle, yell, try to free himself or get help. And yet - his adolescent hormones were all in favor of rushing to orgasm.

And, of course, there was the undeniable fact that he was helplessly bound, and that no one was ever going to hear him through the stone walls and solid oak door even if he yelled for help all day.

And that the air blowing on his balls really did feel terrific.

And that the incense was giving him a hell of an erotic head rush.

Josh moaned and squirmed his hips in a slow, grinding circle. The man blew a stream of air up and down his shaft, lovingly. Josh could tell that his head must be right between his inner thighs, face upturned. How he longed to close his legs around the man's neck, to make him suck his cock dry. Like that satyr on the left of the altar...

As the verger continued to tease him, blowing air with breaks to massage him gently, Josh became almost hypnotized staring at the altar through the incense, squirming gently with sexual frustration, until the lewd scenes became almost real, combining with the tendrils of curling white smoke. He could see the figures moving and flowing, the boys' smoothly muscled bodies in elegant torsion as their rounded buttocks were impaled by sliding pistons of cocks or dildoes, sucking eagerly at dripping dick heads, or kissing the mouths or buttocks of satyrs or other boys. After a while he became fascinated by one scene: a boy held aloft and spread at the four limbs, his nipples pinched with tongs, while beneath a satyr crouched with huge tongue thrust deep into the boy's open asshole. The tongue was large enough that the effect was certainly that of tongue-fucking, more than rimming. And the boy, his neck and back arched in ecstasy, released a solid column of gushing jism, erupting spontaneously from his untouched cock.

Josh stared fixedly at this, seeing the point where tongue entered asshole in minute detail. After a long while he realized that the verger was blowing on his asshole, so close that the breath was warm and moist against him. He could feel the underwear getting warmer and warmer until he realized that the man's lips were lightly pressed to the very fabric. He groaned, motionless. After a long moment the man pressed harder and Josh felt the man's cheeks touch his spread buttocks.

It was going to happen. Josh, bound, almost naked, helpless, was about to have his ass eaten. He knew he should shout, protest this lewdness; instead he was near breathless with excitement.

The man began to lick the fabric, soaking it with saliva. Then Josh was left gasping as the man proceeded to elegantly tease the drenched, bunched up cotton from his asshole, using only his nimble tongue. He never touched Josh's ass flesh directly, skillfully touching only the fabric. Once teased out, the man licked the fabric flat against his crack, making it really wet, plastering it completely against him in a thin layer. Then he proceeded to stretch the cloth, pushing his tongue into the boy's bottom, never bunching up the fabric but using it like a thin cotton condom. He then played with the foyer of Josh's ass, licking and nibbling through the cloth to a depth of an inch or so.

Josh was moaning, staring at the altar scene.

Badpuppy Model - Tim Then things went to a new level. Briskly, the man inserted his tongue at the top of the waistband, then rolled Josh's underwear down over his ass. Still using only his tongue, he shoved the shorts down the boy's spread thighs as far as he could, leaving his ass completely naked. Then, moving his tongue in vigorous circles, he licked up the insides of Josh's thighs, pausing to suck on his ball sack before moving aggressively up, licking the sensitive ridge between his legs all the way up to Josh's virgin anus and plunging right in.

The boy was bucking wildly by the time he got there, but the verger grabbed his hips and held him still for a passionate, wet rim job. Spit dripped down his ass crack, tickling his balls and cock. Josh moaned and panted as the tongue, made of equal parts sandpaper, velvet, and muscle, made love to his tender asshole. As the aggressive rim job continued, Josh lost himself in the perverted altar carvings, mesmerized, feeling himself to be part of that lewd pagan orgy.

It was only some time later, as the verger reached around to play with his nipples, that Josh realized he was getting desperate to come. Indeed, he felt almost like he was going to come without touching his cock, like the boy on the altar, only somehow it wouldn't happen. The need to come got greater and greater.

The rim job continued vigorously. He loved it, but the need to come was making his balls ache. Surely the man intended do something else - like jack him off, or even fuck his ass. Josh wasn't too sure he wanted that, but the tongue felt so good he was starting to think something bigger would feel even better. But the rim job went on and on. Groaning, wiggling his ass, he longed to come, longed for the man to do something, anything...

He began to think that maybe he could ask the man; ask him to let him come. It seemed so demeaning, and yet he had to come, just HAD to...

After a few minutes of this internal debate, he gave in.

"Please," he whispered. "Oh, please... I need to ... come..."The noisy anal slurping continued unabated.

He raised his voice, and said "Please!"

Hearing his own voice, husky, sexy, reverberating in that dark stone room made him strangely excited. It was like hearing someone else. He had to say more.

He said in a firm, clear voice: "Please, please make me COME!" And it was like, with that word, a plug was released and he began to beg with abandon. The sound of his own voice, pleading, sexual, drove him on, as he begged the man to do it, make him come, jerk his cock, force him, force him to come while he ate his ass, anything, raping him, fucking him till he came, fucking his horny ass, fucking it hard...

He begged with such fervor, living out the scenes in the carving, not realizing that he was soon begging to be used in every way portrayed. Not realizing for several minutes that the man was no longer licking his ass.

He was finger-fucking him.

Josh was a little panicky - still intensely aroused, but nothing had been that far up him before. The man opened him up, adding fingers and thrusting deep, as his horny body cooperated. The after a while the man stopped and went to a credence nook at the side. Josh craned his neck and saw that there were several dildoes with very long handles and a cruet of oil. The man selected a medium size white one, about the size of Josh's own cock, and greased it up. He then poured oil on Josh's ass and worked it in. Josh pleaded with the man not to do it, but he seemingly paid no attention and inserted the prosthetic cock fully. The dildo narrowed at the base like a butt plug before ending in a sturdy wooden handle. As his anus reached the narrow spot it snapped tight. The dildo was lodged firmly, its large head against his horny young prostate.

Josh felt overstuffed, his virgin rectum stretched on the impaling member. Try as he might, he could not shake the dildo out of his ass. Indeed, the shaking made the long handle wobble, which had the effect of making the dildo head grind in circles against his tender prostate.

He knew he should stop, but he couldn't help himself, bucking his hips sharply to create a fucking sensation.

The verger smiled. It was time to go further. The man took a small knife and removed Josh's underwear and tee shirt, then pulled off his socks so that the boy was fully nude.

The verger watched with pleasure as the muscular boy squirmed in writhing sexuality, his cock bobbing in tempo with the dildo handle. The boy's tender moist mouth was open, emitting moans of pleasure.

Nimbly, the faux-satyr sprang between Josh and the altar, thrusting his hips in the boy's face. Holding Josh by the hair, he spanked the boy's downy cheeks with his hard cock for a while before shoving the whole thing into his mouth. Josh struggled as he was forced to accept the full length of the rock hard member, gagging as it hit the back of his throat. He swallowed convulsively, sucking on the cock involuntarily. He couldn't breathe. Then the man withdrew, leaving Josh gasping. The cock approached again, but Josh closed his mouth. The man jerked Josh's head sharply, slapping his dick against the boy's lips. Josh, having made a minute examination of the altar, certainly knew what was expected, and also knew he had no choice. Groaning deeply, he gave in, licking the cock of the man who held him captive.

As he serviced his captor, Josh was acutely aware that they were living out a scene from the carving: a muscular youth forced to fellate a lusty satyr. The knowledge of this somehow made Josh hotter, and he continued to buck his hips. The dildo filled him at one end as the man's cock filled him at the other. Eventually his throat grew more relaxed, and he sucked well, tonguing the man's shaft vigorously.

The satyr-man growled with pleasure, pumping the boy's head up and down his shiny shaft. With his other hand he reached back to pleasure his own anus, spreading his goat-thighs wide and rubbing it hard. Then he spit on his fingers and gave himself a rough finger-fuck. The satyr moved lasciviously, exulting in his dominance of the handsome boy, pleasuring himself without shame.

The fellatio continued...

Badpuppy Model - Tim At long last, the man coiled up with impending orgasm. Grabbing Josh's head with both hands, he released his seed, pumping it straight down the boy's throat. Man and boy convulsed, the one in orgasm, the other helpless even to gag as the semen gushed down his violated gullet.

Finally the man withdrew. Josh was gasping for air. After the man had recovered somewhat, he took a collar and leash from the table and fastened them to Josh's neck. Standing with his back to the boy, he passed the leash between his legs and bent over, spreading his legs wide and backing up. With the leash, he pulled Josh's face right into his manly ass crack. Josh resisted, but the choker collar tightened, cutting off his air.

The boy knew he had no choice. Tentatively at first, and then with increasing vigor, he rimmed the man's asshole. Amazingly, he soon found the tangy, salty taste of the man's ass to be delicious. After a while it was no longer necessary to keep pressure on the leash, and the man-satyr could move his hips freely, squirming with pleasure as the helpless boy slurped at his ass hole.

Josh knew this was completely degrading, and yet again he found himself obsessed with the fantasy image of a half man, half beast satyr forcing an innocent youth to perform lewd acts. Josh ate the man's ass well, remembering how wonderful it had felt when the man had rimmed him. Thrusting his strong tongue deep, he made passionate love to the man's asshole.

It went on for some time, but finally the lascivious ass-eating had the man-satyr ready for rougher play. Pulling his buttocks away from the boy's wet face, he sprang behind him and grasped the dildo handle, holding it still. Unable to stop pumping his hips, Josh fucked himself on the dildo. The man poured more oil on it, and Josh shamelessly rode the slick shaft, his handsome features distorted into something wild, something pagan, something very like the crude vitality of the ancient carvings.

The satyr-priest knew it was time for the final part of the ritual.

Abruptly, the man withdrew the dildo. Josh was left gasping, his well-fucked hole gaping. The boy felt empty, and was once more acutely aware of his throbbing cock aching for release.

"Please," he begged. "Please..."The man mounted him, ramming his huge erection to the hilt in one searing thrust. Josh cried out, a deep guttural grunt of pain and sexual need, as the man fucked with abandon, thrusting like an animal. The beautiful, muscular youth gave up his virginity, struggling, bucking, finally moaning with acceptance as the tight muscles of his anal canal softened, feeling each sturdy thrust like an explosion of pleasure.

The lusty satyr fucked his victim well, making the boy suck on his fingers, or twisting his nipples, or nibbling on his neck, playing him like a cello until the boy was moaning musically, submissively accepting the total sexual dominance.

Gleaming flesh and carved stone blended with the exotic smoke in the flickering candle light, blurring together in a timeless fantasy. Silently, the walls watched, absorbing the grunts of the participants, joining them to the memories of centuries of lust, moans echoing beyond the range of hearing.

When it was time, the man stroked the boy's cock, releasing a solid spray of juice that shot five feet straight out to splash against the carved rose at center of the altar. Spasming uncontrollably, Josh experienced one long incandescent explosion, gallons of cum draining his swollen balls dry, ass muscles clutching at the swollen cock that was pumping a load of its own into his bowels.

Spent, Josh slipped into unconsciousness.


Part 2 - The Lessons


Badpuppy Model - Tim When Josh awoke, he was hazy for some time. After a while, he realized he was not in familiar surroundings. He lay on a small bed in the center of a small stone chamber. A bit of thin sunlight came through some slatted shutters, but enough to see by.

At the foot of his bed, up in the corner like a hospital room, was an old TV set. Amazingly, it appeared to have a black and white porno film on. There was a close-up of a hand massaging a pair of muscular buttocks. Josh had, typically, awoken semi-hard. With this stimulus, his 18-year-old dick was fully erect in seconds.

It was only when he tried to reach for his cock that he found he was tied up. Startled, he rose to a half sitting position. His hands were tied to the bed frame at either side. Also his ankles were tied to the outside corners, spreading his legs. He was wearing a rough white gown of some sort, zipped up the front.

He settled back in bed, unsure what to do. He glanced up at the TV again.

The camera had pulled back, showing more of the scene. Josh realized it was homo porn: there was this kid, an all-American type, tied to a funny desk, while this athletic-looking older guy blew air on his ass -Josh shot nearly upright as realization dawned. He remembered what had happened.

"No!" he cried out. "Oh, no, no, no..."There he was on the screen, squirming with mounting lust as the man massaged him. Josh watched, horrified, as the man went to work with his mouth, playing with the underwear in Josh's asshole.

The scene cut to Josh's face. He was moaning with desire. There could be no doubt about it. Josh had enjoyed it. A lot.

Josh slumped back onto the mattress and groaned in misery. He felt so degraded. It was disgusting. But, somehow, he had to watch it...

The camera zoomed for close-ups of the lewdly carved altar scenes. The figures sprang vividly to life, and Josh remembered how hot the scenes had made him at the time. Then the camera was back on his face for a close-up before panning down his muscular back to show the man with his face buried in his asscrack, now covered with a thin sheet of spit-soaked cotton. The man raised his head, and then slowly removed Josh's underwear with his tongue.

Josh held his breath as he saw his own buttocks and asshole gloriously revealed. Wet with spit, reflecting the candlelight, his ass gleamed beautifully. He had to admit it was a gorgeous ass. He found himself watching breathlessly as the man slowly licked up his thighs, gasping as the man finally licked his naked asshole.

Josh found that he was grinding his hips, working the head of his erect penis against the robe he now wore. He knew he shouldn't be turning on to this degrading scene, but he couldn't help it. The powerful narcissistic thrill of seeing himself have sex was hot stuff. And god - that rim job! He could still remember how it felt, the man's tongue driving him wild with pleasure...Eyes glued to the TV, he squirmed and rolled, trying to get his cock close to his hand. No matter what he did, he couldn't quite do it. Nor could he roll far enough to hump the mattress. He was stuck. An 18 year old kid, horny, alone, watching a porno movie of himself that was, frankly, hotter than hell.

And he couldn't jack off.

And the movie WAS hot! It was a narcissist's dream come true. The long shots showing every detail of his beautifully muscled body, his handsome face moaning with lust, the close-up shots of his ass being serviced by the lascivious man... hot, hot, hot!

Josh watched the screen avidly, brushing his cock as much as possible against the robe he wore. Humping his hips. He even worked his butt against the bed, trying to bunch the robe up in his ass crack.

The door to his cell opened quietly. He didn't notice until people started to enter the room. There were six of them, dressed in monks robes of black wool, with hoods drawn. They said nothing, standing in two rows on either side of the bed, staring down at him. Josh gaped at them. One man leaned over and unzipped his robe from top to bottom. The monks drew the cloth wide, revealing his naked body.

And his very erect cock.

Josh rolled, trying to hide his groin, but it was impossible.

"Who the hell are you? What are you doing to me?"

Josh pulled at his restraints, to no avail. The men said nothing, staring at his nude body.

Badpuppy Model - Tim Then, from the TV, came his voice: "Please... Please make me COME!" followed by the continuous begging he had spouted, debasing himself, talking dirty.

Josh remembered what it was like, that moment when he let loose, got into the degradation. It had been so hot.

And now... the humiliation of it. These men, listening to his lewd talk, watching him beg for sex on film, while he was lying here, unable to hide his naked body from their gimlet eyes.

Unable to hide that he was really turned on.

As the begging continued, growing ever more lewd, he could not stop squirming his hips. Now he had not even the robe to rub against.

On the screen, the finger fucking had started. Josh watched in fascination as his ass was penetrated. Then, the verger started to prepare the white dildo.

Suddenly, one of the monks moved, opening a cupboard in the wall below the TV. Inside was a rack of long handled dildoes, similar to the ones on the screen. Josh realized that they were going to fuck him with the dildoes while they forced him to watch the same on TV. Somehow the idea made him hot.

But, as he saw the dildo pushed into his ass, and lodged, the men did nothing. As Josh, on the screen, squirmed and shook, working the dildo in his ass, they still did nothing. Josh felt an itchy tingle in his ass, that burned gently.

Still, nothing happened. Josh squirmed.

"Uh - what - what are you going to do? I mean - with me?" Silence. "I mean - obviously this is some kind of homo pervert thing, right?"


"I mean - you're making me watch this tape, all tied up & naked - and with those - those ass dildo things there - I just wondered what you were going to do, that's all.

"Nothing. Obviously he was getting nowhere.

On the TV were hot close-ups of his body, humping air, fucking himself on the dildo lodged in his ass. It was so hot. Josh's ass tingled. He could feel that dildo in him, stretching him, filling him...

He began humping in time with the screen. He couldn't help it. And with the men staring at him, seeing every move. It was so humiliating. But that must be what they wanted. So he started giving them a good show, moving as lewdly as he could.

Still, his ass burned. He decided they wanted to hear him beg for it. So he told them that he would understand if they were going to put a dildo in his ass; then he said, go ahead, do it; then he said please; then he started frankly to beg, asking them to fuck him, rape him, impale his ass...None of it worked. He was seriously horny, slamming up and down on the mattress. Then, on the screen, the verger, having donned his satyr costume, forced his cock down his victim's throat.

That's it, he thought. So he offered, with increasingly lewd detail, to suck their cocks. All of them. He thought he could detect some swelling under the robes, but the men did nothing.

Then the man on the screen forced Josh to eat his ass.

Josh groaned. No. He couldn't. He resisted for a while, but finally offered to kiss their asses. Then to lick. To french-kiss. Anything they wanted. He would do it all. Suck their dicks. Eat their assholes. They could use each of the dildoes in turn on his ass.

The men were obviously hard, now. But they didn't move.

On the TV, at long last the forced rim job ended. Josh was panting and groaning as he watched the man grab the dildo handle. Watched as the TV Josh fucked himself shamelessly on the latex cock held firm for him.

Then he watched as the man mounted him, popping his cherry. Josh, on screen and off, bucked in a frenzy. The monks lifted their robes, exposing their erect cocks, and began to masturbate. This was too much for Josh. He began to beg again, desperate, asking the men to fuck him, fuck his ass, fuck his mouth, sit on his face - he would be their sex slave. Please. Just let him come.

But no. On the TV, Josh came, and as his come hit the altar, the six monks came too, spraying his body, cock, legs, arms, chest, and head with sticky white come.

Josh groaned in horrible frustration as everyone came - but him. He licked his lips, tasting come.

The tape was rewinding.

Then the men picked up a small round stool, padded all over; lifting his body, they placed it under the small of his back, raising his ass off the bed about 12". They left his ankles tied as they were, but his hands they retied, releasing them from the bed and putting them in a pair of cuffs underneath his back. Then they set the collection of dildoes and an open jar of grease on the bed where he could reach them. .

Badpuppy Model - Tim They left the room and shut the door. The tape started to play again. The long spanking scene, which he had missed the first time, began.

He was so horny. And his ass was on fire. He understood this next embarrassment. Try as he might, he still couldn't touch his cock. But he could reach his asshole quite easily. Groping with his hands, he selected the smallest dildo and greased it up. At first it hurt, and it took a while to get his sphincter to completely relax - but once it did he began to fuck himself with long deep strokes.

As he watched the movie again, he used larger and larger dildoes, fucked himself harder and harder.

After a while, another monk came in and sat the foot of the bed, watching Josh degrade himself. Josh couldn't stop, didn't even care. He fucked himself with abandon. The movie ended. Josh was groaning. The monk pulled back his hood and spoke.

"Well done," he said.

"Please - I'll suck your cock, eat your ass, anything, get fucked, anything you want me to do, please! Let me come! It hurts, I need it so bad!"

"Do you promise? Say it again.

"Josh, seeing hope of release, babbled, "oh yes, yes, I promise, I'll do it, suck your cock, suck your butt, anything you say anything please just do it fuck my ass if you want oh PLEASE-"

"I accept. All of that you offer. In good time." Reaching out, he grabbed the base of Josh's cock and stroked it.


After the long, powerful orgasm, Josh drifted off again. The monk left.


To be continued...


The model in these pictures is Tim

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