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Ashes and Roses by Callan Smith
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Badpuppy Model - Bebe This time last summer I was experiencing one of the finest fucks I’ve had in all my thirty-eight years. But feeling guilty as hell. My wife was only recently six feet under and here I was nine inches inside this guy’s ass. Actually I speak figuratively as I had Sara cremated. But the point is one moment I was mooning around the house in mourning and the next I was moaning like a cat in heat. And nobody could have been more surprised than I was. I mean I’d been a devoted husband for fifteen years and had never slept with another woman let alone a man. Yet here I was busting the beautiful bubble butt of someone who was even younger than I was when I married Sara.

She and I had what’s known as a perfect marriage. We complemented each other so well. It came as a terrible shock when the doctor said she had a brain tumor. Within two months she was gone. I went about in a daze for weeks. Devastated. In fact I still wasn’t really compos mentis when Simon knocked at my door one day and asked if there were any jobs that needed doing. I suppose he must have noticed how run down my garden was looking. You see I no longer really cared about anything anymore and if it hadn’t been for my dog I don’t think I would even have bothered to get up in the morning. Gumshoe was a great help and support and he took such a liking to Simon that I invited the boy in and gave him a beer. The poor dog was probably just as depressed as I was and in need of company.

I took some nice shots of Simon and Gumshoe though. Simon was changing into his gardening gear one afternoon and I noticed how tanned he was so I asked him if he would mind posing with Gumshoe. They made a colourful pair. One brown, one gold. Like a Kodak photo. Simon was only too happy to oblige. He was of a sunny, cheerful disposition and working his way through college. By the look of his body he also worked out a bit too. He had the body of a footballer. Compact with muscular legs. I hadn’t been to the gym for over six months and it was beginning to show although I still had a great body for my age. In fact I used to look ten years younger but as I said I’d rather let myself go. I decided to start working out again.I took Simon into the garden and showed him how to prune Sara’s rose bushes and told him he could start whenever he liked. He soon got the hang of it and said he’d come after his lessons. He came quite regularly over the next few weeks and Gumshoe and I began to look forward to his visits. They did us both the world of good and I even started taking photos again. After all I still had to earn a living. I was mainly a wedding photographer but I also did portraits. Nothing really artistic. Just the usual run of the mill stuff.

Badpuppy Model - Bebe It never crossed my mind that Simon might be the reason behind all this. I mean he was in such good shape it was only natural I should admire him and want to take photos of him. Or so I told myself. Looking at him pruning roses in the garden I would notice how the light played on his bare torso and the contrast between his firm muscles and the soft roses. Naturally I wanted to photograph all this. But I had no designs on him. Not yet anyway. Lust hadn’t raised its ‘ugly’ head. But it didn’t take long.

I don’t suppose you’ll believe me if I tell you I have very little experience with men. I’d fooled around in college like everybody else I suppose but I would never in a month of Sundays have considered myself gay. That’s why it was such a surprise to me when I began to feel tingling sensations in unusual places whenever Simon was around. I mean the day he arrived I can honestly say I had no emotions at all. In fact I felt like an empty shell. But empty shells have to be filled and I’m no exception.

I suppose it all started when I asked him to pose for me. I didn’t have the courage to ask him to take everything off so started by taking a few shots of him in his briefs. He of course teasingly asked me if I was sure I didn’t want him full frontal and playfully pulled down the front of his Calvins with his thumbs. This exposed a small bush of pubic hair which for a moment reminded me of Sara’s pussy but at this point I knew it was Simon’s dick I was interested in. He looked so cute and appealing standing there but all I said was, “Take them off if you like. I’ve seen it all before.”

I ask you. Why does one always say really dumb things like that in moments of crisis? And I knew this was a crisis as my dick was dancing like a dervish and it was all I could do not to come in my pants.

He did as I asked and I took some great horny shots of him. His dick was pert and pretty and his butt had my mouth watering. It was full blown and as hard as our bathroom bidet. Why I thought of that particular image I don’t know. Probably because I wanted to give my dick a bidet in his butt right there and then. However, all the while, I behaved as if I was photographing a vase of flowers or an uninspiring still life.

“You can put your pants back on now,” I said when I found my hand was trembling too much to take any more shots. “I’ll show you the results tomorrow.”

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Badpuppy Model - Bebe Of course I’d already seen the results. Simon had an awesome hard-on and my dick was weeping with frustration at my stupidity. He looked at me petulantly for a moment and then said he was going into the garden to finish off the rosebush. Little did he know that he had almost finished me off. Or did he? All I know is I was shaking like a leaf and had to fix myself a stiff drink. My dick however was in no need of stiffening and I didn’t quite know what to do. I hadn’t jerked off since I don’t know how long. It always seemed so juvenile. I sat down with the fucking thing pointing skywards and was really glad he wasn’t there to witness my humiliation. Then I remembered that he’d had an erection too. Could it be he was attracted to me as well? As I said before, we always ask ourselves dumb things in moments of crisis.

Anyway I didn’t have to wait long to find out. There was a scream from outside. He’d gone into the garden in his Calvins and got himself impaled on a rosebush. There was a nasty thorn sticking out of his inside leg. I forgot all about my dick sticking out of my trousers ---- it had gone down by now anyway --- and rushed to Simon’s aid. He was in tears with the pain and cursing himself for being so stupid. Without another thought I picked him up as if I was acting out a dramatic scene from ‘Gone With The Wind’ and carried him into the bathroom. By now he was so precious to me.

I sat him on the toilet and got out the first aid kit. There was a pair of Sara’s eyebrow tweezers in the bathroom cabinet. For a moment I couldn’t get over the irony of it all. Here I was with the new love of my life and about to take out a thorn from his muscular young thigh with my late wife’s eyebrow tweezers. I grabbed hold of his leg. I grabbed hold of the tweezers. And in my excitement left half the thorn embedded in his tender flesh.

“Sorry,” I said.

“That’s alright.” he said.

Those were the only words that passed between us but we spoke them as tenderly as lovers. I told him to be brave and covered the angry wound with disinfectant. I slipped my hand under his leg to get a good grip. He shut his eyes. Gingerly I began to tweak at the thorn with the tweezers. My concentration was such that, as I removed it, I didn’t notice at first that my hand was brushing his scrotum.

“Sorry,” I said again.

“That’s alright,” he said even more tenderly than before.

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Badpuppy Model - Bebe Gently he took my hand away from my medicinal task and laid it on his hot crotch. Then he bent down and kissed me as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The combination of his soft lips and hard dick was out of this world. Words fail me. Also because I had never experienced anything quite like it. It was sex raising its head ok, but sex accompanied by love. Not ugly at all. In those few weeks we had grown to love each other. Almost imperceptibly. My empty shell had been filled and my cup, or rather my dick, was now running over.

I explored the exquisite velvety hardness of his penis with my finger tips while his tongue perched lightly on my lips like a butterfly seeking nectar from a flower. Soon we were on the bathroom floor discovering each other. Not very romantic maybe but in a way I was grateful. At least we weren’t being overlooked by family portraits. Everything about him was so sweet. Hard and sweet. Like a chocolate with a soft centre. His dick tasted like honey to me, honey I couldn’t wait to gulp down. I went at it like a dog trying to get marrow out of a bone. In fact, for one moment, I feared Gumshoe was going to join me as I noisily slurped and slathered and finally devoured the giant doses of creamy cum that were spilling from Simon’s delicious dick.

Afterwards we stretched out sleepily on the cool tiles next to the bidet. I felt strangely intoxicated and could still feel the splash of his warm nutritive juices against the back of my throat. I say ‘nutritive’ because they had re-vitalized my dead feelings better than any tonic could have done. I found myself confessing to him how much I’d enjoyed his dick and the beautiful, bountiful sperm that had sprung from it. He kissed my shoulder. I ran my fingers over his moist young lips and touched his tongue. I told him how I longed to open his ‘bidet’ with my faucet. He said he couldn’t wait either. I couldn’t believe I was being so frank and telling him all these intimate things. I’d never done that with Sara. I mean we’d had a good relationship between the sheets but we never talked about it. Certainly never talked dirty.

As he nestled up against me I ran my hands over his bubble butt. His lovely ass cheeks seemed to swell at my caress. They reminded me of two big party balloons. He sighed languorously. “I’ve never taken it up the ass before,” is all he said as he raised his butt in the air and invited me in. It was a first for me too. I’d never been face to face with such an awesome male orifice. At first I was sorely tempted to burst his beautiful party balloons with a prick of my thumb but decided it might be wiser to take it slow and easy. I circled his tight little hole with the tip of my tongue before slowly sinking it inside and making his ass even moister than his mouth. He groaned approvingly and raised his butt still higher.

His virgin rosebud unfurled its pouting petals as I first nourished them with the dew from my thorny tongue and then gently inserted a finger to massage his taut sphincter. His moan of approval turned to a guttural grunt. I was seized with the desire to compliment him on his hot, lush boy-pussy and confess that he was filling the empty shell of my life with re-energizing feelings that made me dizzy with delight. Instead I let actions speak louder than words and was soon oozing my way into his ‘empty shell’ and filling it the best way I knew how.

Badpuppy Model - Bebe To my rapturous surprise, my dick had reached its full potential. Something it had never done with Sara. I was always afraid of hurting her. But it seemed to be having an excellent effect on Simon. He heaved and he humped and let out a huge sigh of contentment as I bridged the nineteen year age gap between us with my ramrod of a nine-incher.

“God,” he hollered. “God, god, god that feels so good.” And his ass settled down on me like Gumshoe stretching out in front of the fire.

For a moment I felt horrified at what I was doing. Guilty images of Sara flooded my brain even as my flowing desire for Simon flooded my dick. Both my will and my dick seemed to wilt. I felt rather like a train that had come to a halt mid-tunnel. A train without a fireman. At this point, Simon instinctively took over the controls. His ass began to shunt and chug on my dick until he made the coals in my hold catch fire and I stoked the hell out of him. Up and down, and in and out, lunge after lunge, thrust after thrust, until I heard his teeth begin to chatter in spite of the heat we were working up and the sparks we were producing together.

I grabbed his dick like the fireman would his lever and jerked away at it until it seemed to be spitting flames itself. Except that the flame was white. A long ribbon of semen that came out of his dick and seemed to shoot straight across the room. His ass flared like the nostrils of a stallion biting at the bit and I exploded in a cascade of cum that overflowed his flanks. This was sex of a wildly different nature for me. A torrent of male juices that engulfed and invigorated me. I shed years like a snake sheds skin.

Somewhat like a snake himself, Simon slithered up against me and sought my mouth.

“I want to give you a kiss of gratitude,” he said. “I never thought making love could be anything like that.”

I told him I was the one who was grateful. He had lifted the shroud of sadness from me and I was never going to enter that valley of shadow and death ever again.

We had a long voluptuous shower and I let him touch me in places where not even Sara had ventured. He said he wanted to reconnoitre and discover every inch of my body. He told me he wanted to feel what it was like to be inside me. Asked me if that would give me pleasure. I suddenly realized that I had never played the passive role. Never had the occasion to do so. The thought excited me. He got me so horny with his words and caresses and the insistence of his hard young cock that before I knew what had hit me I found myself being fucked under the shower for the very first time and my eventual orgasm was so intense I almost passed out with the sheer pleasure of it. The combination of the hot water and his hot thrusting cock together with the slithery foaming soap and creamy jizz in my exploding ass was literally mind and butt boggling.

Badpuppy Model - Bebe He had such strength in his footballer’s thighs and seemed to put every muscle he possessed into busting my uptight butt. His powerful piston-stroke pummelled its way deep inside me and his muscular body sent me flying and sighing into the air. I kissed his dick with the lips of my asshole and begged him never to stop. I was lost in the soaring, searing sensation of his thick shaft sliding in and out of my universe and hammering me with love. As I experienced the full onslaught of his anal invasion I felt like a sizzling sausage on a fork. My whole body became a single tremor and the shower of jizz that erupted from me was merely a drop in the ocean of adoration I felt for him.

Afterwards, wrapped in Sara’s best towels, we rolled around on the floor in infant delight. Gumshoe thought we’d gone crazy but joined in the fun just the same.

Since that first glorious fuckfest Simon and I have spent every single sexual second in each other’s company. The rest of the time he studies and I take photos. I’m doing very well too. The other day a client came to the door. Gumshoe barked immediately. I could see the hackles on his back rise. Strange he didn’t behave like that the day Simon arrived I thought. Then it struck me that dogs always know. Gumshoe loved Simon the moment he saw him. It just took me a little longer that’s all.

We’ve been together for over eight months now. He’s graduating next week. Last Sunday I celebrated the first anniversary of Sara’s death. The pair of us planted a beautiful rose bush in her favourite part of the garden. After some sincere soul searching I removed her ashes from their pride of place on the living room mantelpiece and took them outside. I emptied them at the foot of the rosebush. Lovingly I mixed them in with the new soil. I’m sure Sara will understand.

The model in these pictures is Bebe

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