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Armsmen's Lust by Robert
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Badpuppy Model - Richard Hrosik Granford was nervous. The Sergeant was eyeing him up and down, saying nothing, his face grim, and he was making Granford acutely uncomfortable. Granford had just turned 21, the minimum age for an armsman, and he had come to the barracks to sign on. He'd kept his body sleek, his muscles hard, exercised every day, and even tensed, held, and then relaxed every muscle before going to sleep each night to build up his body and to be prepared. He wanted to be an armsman. Granford had watched armsmen practice in the town where he grew up, and knew in his heart that there was no position anywhere that he wanted more than this. The Sergeant eyed him. Granford shifted his body, trying to maintain eye contact with the Sergeant, trying to hide his growing erection as he took in the sleek, defined muscles of the Sergeant's bare, hairy arms.

Finally, Sergeant Forman spoke, "Why does a pretty boy like you want to be an armsman? With those blue eyes, long brown eyelashes and the wavy, brown hair, any woman around must be panting for your body. We need armsmen, not sex appeal. That smooth, defined face of yours would sooner or later be bloodied and ripped open, and scars would destroy that pretty face with all its sex appeal. Being an armsman is hard, exhausting work. It's practice for hours each day. There are injuries, as hard as we try to keep every armsman whole and perfect at all times, ready for any emergency. So, tell me, pretty boy, why do you want to be one of the king's armsmen?

Granford felt the blood coming to his face, but he silently vowed he would not let this self-centered hunk intimidate him. He might prefer men, but he was no swishy pretty boy! Firmly and quietly he said, "I've wanted to be an armsman for years, Sir. I've built up my body and kept my muscles strong and flexible to prepare for this. I may be good-looking to the women, but they are not good looking to me." Bluntly he said, "I like men, and I'm not afraid to say so."

The Sergeant still eyed him, but a small uplift appeared in his lips. "So, at least you've got a backbone to go with your good looks! First of all I'm not "Sir". I am "Sergeant". Only the Captain, the Armsmen's Commander, is "Sir". If you'd rather suck cock than eat pussy, that's your business, as long as it doesn't interfere with the training or the castle's defense. You would get paid only once a month, and that would have to last you for the month. You would be required to practice for at least four hours a day, rain or shine, every day. It is no fun to swing a practice sword or practice with a lance in the pouring rain. Snow can be easier, as the exercise keeps you warm, but the ground gets slippery, and you can slip, fall, and easily break an arm or a leg. Once you slip and fall flat on your face in the mud, you will no longer be a pretty boy. Each day, you will have to wash in the barracks after the drill. Stinks build up really fast on unwashed bodies, and neither the Captain nor I will tolerate unwashed, dirty, stinking armsmen. Your food and lodging at the barracks are provided at no cost to you. Now, what about all that can't you live with?"

"I can live with it all, Sergeant. I want to be an armsman," Granford affirmed.

"OK, you've convinced me. I'll give you a try. This is what we call a probationary period. If the Captain and I are satisfied at the end of a month, you will be a king's armsman. If you can't handle the work, you will be released at the end of a month, with no pay. Is that perfectly clear?"

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Badpuppy Model - Richard Hrosik "Very clear, Sergeant. I appreciate the opportunity." Granford replied.

The Sergeant rose, walked to the door and opened it, and yelled out to the practice field, "Hey, Cal, can I get your help for a little while?"

Granford could see a tall, muscular armsman step back from his sparring partner, and raise his practice sword to a vertical position in salute. Cal then turned and walked to the door and waited for the Sergeant's instructions.

The Sergeant stepped back so Cal and Granford could see each other. "This is Granford, Cal. I've agreed to give him a month's trial. I want you to show him around, tell him where everything is, and get him settled in the barracks. Then, take him out to the practice field and see if those muscles are just for show, or if they're worth anything. You've done this before, you know the drill."

"Right, Sergeant." Cal eyed Granford and commented, "He's too pretty. The last pretty boy we had was crying the first time he got hit with a practice sword. He didn't even last one day."

"Well, that's my decision, not yours, the Sergeant growled. "Your job is to help him get started. So get started."

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Badpuppy Model - Richard Hrosik "Right, Sergeant. Granford, grab your pack there, and I'll take you to the barracks." Cal replied.

Granford didn't know what to think. These men were gruff. They were hard. Worse, they all thought he was a wimpy pretty boy. He knew he had to develop a harder skin, so their snide comments about his looks didn't get to him. Granford knew that he was better looking than most men, but that was not important here. What was important was that the Sergeant had given him a chance, and he would not throw that chance away.

Granford grabbed his pack and trotted along behind Cal. Even through the practice clothes, Granford could see the beautiful, round butt above the muscular legs. Were those legs as hairy as he was imagining? God, he loved hairy legs. This guy was a real hunk. He brought his mind back to the business at hand.

"Cal, I told the sergeant that I preferred men. Women don't turn me on. He said it didn't matter, that how I performed the job was what mattered. Now you know it, too. I don't want anyone under any misconceptions, trying to push women into me. I don't want women. I like men," Granford stated.

Cal looked at him and said, "You're not the only one." Cal said nothing more.

"Well, at least he didn't try to punch me in the face, like some men have." Cal thought. The last one who tried that ended up with an aching groin and a broken arm. As the Sergeant had guessed, Granford would stand up for himself.

"This is the barracks. Let's see, Hal is in this bunk, I'm in that one. The one between us is empty. That OK for you?"

"Fine, Cal. Uh, I'll need to change into some older duds before we go to the practice field."

"Duds?" Cal asked.

"Oh, yeah, that's slang for clothes where I come from." Granford explained.

"Hmmm. Interesting. First, let me show you where the mess hall is, the infirmary, the recreation hall, and the castle. You need to know were everything is."

"Right, Cal. Uh, mess hall? Is that a fancy name for an outhouse?"

Cal laughed. "No, but that is a funny name for a place to eat with a kitchen, isn't it? Still, a mess hall is what it's always been called by armsmen and guardsmen, and a mess hall it will always be, I guess." Cal took him around to the various halls, and showed him the armsmen's entrance to the castle.

Badpuppy Model - Richard Hrosik Cal explained, "After we're trained, some of us are always serving as guardsmen in the castle. The women can request any armsman they want to serve as a guardsman. With your looks, you can bet that they will be requesting you! Well, that's a ways in the future. Let's go back to the barracks, get you changed, and see what you can do."

After Granford had changed into some sturdy, older pants and a loose shirt, he slid his boots back on.

Cal said, "The latrine is back here. I'll show you. Never go out to practice with a full bladder! If you get a hard poke with a wooden sword or a practice lance, your guts and an empty bladder will slide out of the way, and you'll just end up with a sore spot. If it hits you in a full bladder, the bladder will burst and your insides will never heal. You'll die in more pain than you ever believed was possible. I saw it happen to a man two years ago. He writhed and screamed and cried for two weeks before he finally died. No fun for any of us. Certainly, the last fun he ever had. NEVER go to practice with a full bladder!"

Granford had never thought of this possibility, but he wasn't stupid. He knew that getting hit with a stick most places was just painful, and left a sore spot. But a bladder bursting, that would be the end of the road, for sure.

They walked back to the latrine. Cal opened the door, and then closed it behind them. Cal said, "When you've got to go, use the hole! Don't get it all over the wood! Wood soaks up all the stinks, and the stink will never come out. Splatters can't be helped, and every few days we wash all the wood with water, then brush all of the wood with damp lye. That keeps the stink down to a bearable level. Last thing, do you know what a glory hole is?"

"A glory hole? No, that's a new one on me," Granford admitted.

Cal pointed to a large knot in one of the boards of the wall. "That, when somebody on the other side takes out the knot, is a glory hole."

Suddenly, Granford got the idea. "You mean, you stick your dick through that hole, and some guy sucks you off? Wild! How often, does this happen?"

"At least once a day, whenever the guy gets horny, I suppose. But he's good, really good! You've never felt anyone work on your dick like that before! And if you ask him, he'll put a beautiful, 8 inch dick through the hole so you can work on his meat if you want to." Cal rubbed his crotch. "Turns me on just thinking about it!"

Granford was trying to hide his own erection. "But you never know what time of day this hole will open?"

"Nope. Jarrell told me he came in at the crack of dawn yesterday morning, and it was open." Cal was still rubbing his crotch. "The guy sucked him dry, and Jarrell sucked on that eight inch piece of meat until it shot a huge load for him. After that, they kissed for a while, sharing the taste of the cum. Best sex he'd ever had, Jarrell said." Cal grinned. "Said he had agreed on a repeat performance early this morning, but I haven't heard yet how that worked out."

Granford was now fully erect, and saw that Cal was, too. "You want to practice?" he said quietly.

"Sure," Cal agreed, dropping his pants to reveal the most beautiful, muscular hairy legs that Granford had ever seen. He felt weak. He dropped his own pants, freeing his own long, slim dick, and went down on his knees. Cal guided his hard, throbbing meat into Granford's mouth, and Granford gently licked and sucked on that magnificent tool, rubbing his hands over the hairy, bulging muscles in Cal's legs. Cal groaned in pleasure as Granford reached up and fondled the bulging buttocks muscles with one hand, and gently kneaded the hairy balls with his other. "I think I'm going to like this place," Granford thought, as he licked on the engorged dickhead and sucked the end of Cal's beautiful penis.

"Stop, pretty boy," Cal ordered. "I want your dick in my mouth before I cum."

Granford clamped his fingers around Cal's balls and heard Cal's anguished gasp. "Hey, super stud," Granford stated very quietly and clearly, "I'll suck you off any time you want it, I love your body, stud, and I love your hot dick, but don't ever call me 'Pretty Boy' again, OK?"

"Right, right, Sorry. Ahhh. Really sorry! Please let up," Cal gasped.

Granford released the scrotum and again gently kneaded the balls within that hairy sac, sucking again gently on the dripping dickhead, licking the pre-cum off of it. Granford released the male organ, got up, and held Cal's head in his hands, leaning very close, his erect, slim, eleven inch penis rubbing against Cal's hairy leg. "No hard feelings, stud? Do we understand each other now?" he whispered.

Granford gently kissed Cal's lips, running his tongue over the lips to lubricate them. Then he slid his wet lips and tongue over Cal's open lips, slowly sliding his tongue into Cal's mouth, gently feeling and massaging Cal's tongue. Cal shuddered and began pinching his own nipples.

"Oh, you like your nipples stimulated, do you?" Granford murmured. "I'm good at that." Granford released Cal's mouth, and began sucking on Cal's nipples, while gently massaging his penis and scrotum with his large hands. Cal shuddered again. Granford gently clamped a nipple with his teeth and heard Cal's hiss of lust. Again, he lowered his mouth to lick the throbbing, dripping head of Cal's male organ.

"Nice dick," he whispered. "Now, turn around and go down on your knees. My dick is long and slim. If you tilt your head back and open your mouth, this hard dick will slide right down your throat very easily. You may even still be able to breathe around it. If not, it's a wonderful way to die," Granford murmured.

Cal got down on his knees and leaned back, tilting his head back, and opening his mouth. The muscles in his legs bulged with the strain. Granford loved looking at those hairy, muscular legs, and the big, beautiful, erect penis sprouting from Cal's crotch, dripping and throbbing with lust.

Badpuppy Model - Richard Hrosik Granford let his dickhead slide into Cal's mouth, and waited while Cal got some pleasure out of sucking on it, gently pinching Cal's nipples, as Cal slowly jacked his own dick. Then Granford slowly slid his penis deeper, sliding over Cal's tongue, feeling the constriction at the back of the mouth, his dickhead sliding past that constriction, and down Cal's throat. The entire eleven-inch length entered Cal's throat until Granford's scrotum was laying on Cal's nose. Cal's body heaved as he gagged on the long piece of male meat. The muscles quivered and the muscular armsman's body heaved again and shuddered.

"Easy, super stud," Granford whispered. "You can control the gagging reflex. Just think how wonderful it is to have this long dick down your throat, with such a beautiful man wanting to give you all of his stored cum. Trying to swallow will activate muscles that will stimulate that long dick. I'll only have to hump your mouth a little to cause my balls to pull up and get that long dick ready to shoot its load. That hot load of stored cum will come shooting out of the end of that beautiful dick, shooting right down your throat, no swallowing necessary," Granford quietly explained.

Granford could feel Cal's throat muscles working on his dick, as he gently moved it back and forth in Cal's throat. Good. Cal's chest was slowly rising and falling, so he was getting enough air. Granford loved watching the chest muscles and abdominal muscles tensing and releasing, as Cal slowly jacked his own dick and fought to keep control of Granford's long penis in his throat.

"God, this is one super stud," Granford thought, as he leaned over a little again gently pinching both of Cal's nipples. Cal's body shuddered again, but not like the initial gagging heave. This was a shudder of pleasure. Cal was getting used to the long, hard penis stimulating his mouth and his throat. Granford's testicles rubbed back and forth on Cal's nose, as Granford slowly and gently fucked his mouth.

Now Granford had this stud trained, and he could do what he really wanted. Granford leaned over, balancing his upper body on his hands, so he could reach Cal's dripping and throbbing dick. Granford began sucking on the engorged dick, running his tongue over that most sensitive ridge at the base of this beautiful armsman's dickhead, as he gently fucked Cal's mouth and throat. His body shivered with delight. Now, Granford had what he wanted! That magnificent dick was throbbing in his mouth, as Cal's mouth and throat worked on his own long, hard dick. He wanted this hot man's cum to shoot in his mouth, and he wanted to give Cal the full, hot load of his own cum. He hadn't shot his load for three days while traveling to the keep, and he would give Cal the benefit of three days of his hot, stored cum. Granford gently and lovingly sucked the male organ, reveling in the glory of a magnificent, sexual, male body.

Granford heard Cal's deep growl of lust and pleasure, the armsman's big hand jacking the shaft of the thick penis as Granford sucked on it. Granford was getting close. He could feel his scrotum drawing his balls up, his penis throbbing with lust, stimulation, and expectation. Cal's magnificent male organ was throbbing in his mouth, releasing drop after drop of pre-cum onto his sucking tongue.

Then, at the same time, sexual climax exploded for both of them. The thick penis in Granford's mouth throbbed wildly, and he felt a huge splash of hot cum hit the back of his mouth. His own dick went through a spasm of release, shooting his huge load of cum down the armsman's throat. Both male organs throbbed and shot more wads of cum into the sucking mouths. Both men groaned and shuddered with the sexual release, cum still shooting from their raging and throbbing dickheads.

Their bodies drew in shuddering breaths of air, each still avidly absorbing the feel of a sexually excited male organ within their bodies, sucking out the last drips of cum from the sensuous dickheads. Gradually, the two male organs lost their hard, sexual, demanding stature, and became once again the soft, promising organs that guided the bladder's liquid release. Neither man released the male meat in his mouth. The sexual release had been too copious, too wonderful, for either one of them to allow an instant release of the soft male organs that had given both of them so much pleasure.

Granford released the penis long enough to say, "Like I said, super stud, any time you want this hot meat sucked, you just pull it out, and I'll suck it for you! And if I wake up in the night and you have a raging, dreaming hard-on, baby, it's going to get sucked. Be ready for some very wet dreams. And tell Hal on the other side of me that the same goes for him. I am one hot cocksucker, and I can never get enough of this beautiful meat."

Cal released his dick and said, "Understood, and thanks."

Badpuppy Model - Richard Hrosik The two men untangled themselves from the floor of the latrine, stood, and Granford held and kissed the sensual armsman, rubbing his naked body against Cal's. For minutes, they tasted each other's mouths and cum, kneading tongues and lips, hands exploring and massaging buttocks, promising the needed male sexual release when lust next raged to the surface. Their bodies rubbed against each other, two living, sensual and sexual organisms that promised each other repeated orgasmic release of tension. After all, that was a requirement of the healthy male body, whenever enough time had passed to allow the regeneration of normal cells and fluids that were always lost permanently in the release of orgasm.

"Well, Cal, I don't see how that glory hole can be any better than grooving on your hot, beautiful body, but I'll sure give it a try," Granford commented.

Cal sighed, "Time to go out to the practice field and see what you know. Something tells me that you know more than you've let on. You know more about how to please a man's horny body than you let on, that's for sure."

Granford nodded, "With a magnificent male like you to enjoy, anyone with their brains in straight would do their very best to please you in any way they could. I meant what I said, you know. My body can never get enough of male sex. Right now, if six guys came in to check out that glory hole, I would sit in there and suck the hot cum out of all of them, and then wait for more to come in. I love men, and I can never get enough of the sexual stimulation that nature put in one of these incredibly beautiful male bodies."

The two men replaced their clothing and headed out to the practice field.

Granford smiled. Yes, this was definitely the right decision and the right place to be! He was looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night, too.

The model in these pictures is Richard Hrosik


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