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Armsmen's Latrine by Robert
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Badpuppy Model - Jordi Roland watched the castle's armsmen practicing. It was a warm day, and they all had stripped down to their beltlines. What a beautiful sight - all of those glistening, sweaty, muscular male chests and arms. Their muscles rippled as they swung their practice swords, and Roland could feel his dick bulging in his pants as he watched the armsmen's deadly practice dance. He noted the bulges in their britches, too, and desperately wanted to see the male organs that were hiding under the cloth. Roland was only eighteen, but puberty had blessed him with eight inches of beautiful dick that was always ready for action. He knew the other guys his age were having the same problem, but the girls were just girls to him. The men were what he loved to look at and fantasize about.

The practice ended, and the armsmen headed for their barracks. He watched them enter the barracks, and then he had an idea. He knew that the latrine hole the men used was in a small room in the back of the barracks, next to the storage shed. Maybe the boards were not tight, and he could watch the men when they came into the latrine. Roland wandered over to the storage shed, remembering about where the latrine was located, next to it. He nonchalantly entered the shed, and went over to the area where it backed up to the latrine room. Sure enough! Since this was an interior wall, the carpenters who built the wall hadn't taken any pains with it, and there were a couple of places where the boards were not touching. The first place was by the entrance, and that didn't help. But the second space between the boards was just in front of the deep hole used for composting the men's waste. The shed was dark, so there was no way anyone would notice that he was there.

One of the armsmen came into the room, closed the door and pulled out his dick. It was beautiful - thick and smooth, with a head like a mushroom waiting to open. Roland's dick was so hard that he had to take it out of his pants to release the pressure. When the armsman finished his business, he continued to slide his hand over his dick and rub his fingers over that beautiful dickhead. In a minute, it was in full erection, and Roland had never seen anything so beautiful, so thick, and so sexy. The armsman let his pants fall, and he spread his muscular hairy legs. Roland could not take his eyes away from the crack. This guy was going to masturbate right in front of him, not three feet away, and there was no way he could get to that beautiful piece of male meat.

He nearly groaned, holding his own dick tightly, and watching the armsman slowly jack his dick until drops of lubrication began to drip from the end of it. He heard the armsman say "Ahhh" as he rubbed the slimy pre-cum around his dickhead with one hand and jacked the shaft of it with the other hand. The slimy fingers went up out of sight and came back covered with spit, which the armsman dribbled over the head and shaft of his beautiful dick. Then he began to jack it seriously, and Roland could hear the sucking sound as the armsman's hand slid over his slimy dick. Roland could see the muscles in those beautiful, hairy legs bulge and tense up, the chest and abdominal muscles tense and bulge, and he watched the hand move faster over the well-lubricated dick. Roland's own dick was dripping and throbbing as he watched this beautiful sight.

The armsman groaned and Roland watched a huge, white spurt of cum shoot from the end of his dick. It must have hit the wall, since it went out of his sight. Another spurt shot out and fell in the hole, and another, and still another. Cum kept seeping out of the end of his dick, as he continued to jack it slowly. The armsman gave his dick a final squeeze, and the last drop of white cum dribbled into the waste hole. Roland saw the armsman lean over and come back up with a wad of cum on his fingers. He must have wiped it off of the wall from the first load that had shot out of his dick. The armsman shook it off of his hand and Roland could hear the man licking the last of the cum off of his fingers.

Badpuppy Model - Jordi God, what a turn-on! Roland was on his knees, aching with lust, but he knew he couldn't jack off his own tension now. This was only the first of the armsmen, and he wanted to see more. He forced himself to stay quiet and wait.

Roland heard a loud voice yell, "You about done in there Cal? I've got to go bad!"

"Yeah, give me just another minute, Brake." Roland heard the hairy-legged man answer, as he began wiping off his dick and pulling up his pants. Roland fingered his stiff dick and could hardly wait to see the next man.

Cal left the room, and another man came in. This must be Brake. Brake didn't have any pants on, just his shorts. He pulled out his dick and Roland could see that it was longer, but not as thick as Cal's. Roland wished he could hold that beautiful dick!

Brake left, and another man came in and closed the door. This one had more serious business. Roland was wild with lust. The armsman's leg was only inches from the wall, and Roland would see every muscle twitch under the hairy skin covering that beautiful leg. Roland could just see it sticking up between his legs, nestled in a curly nest of black hair. . He could see the armsman's dick starting to drip. The armsman touch the end of his penis, wiping the pre-cum off, and Roland could see his hand go up. Surely he was putting this man-lube into his mouth. Roland had tasted his own pre-cum, and knew how badly he wanted to lick the pre-cum off of this man's dick for him. Roland shivered. This was far better than he had ever imagined, but he knew he needed more. Not just to watch, but to have his tongue running over those beautiful dicks, licking off the dripping dickheads and then sucking every bit of cum out of them.

The armsman finished, and wiped with some soft cloth that was piled there for that purpose. As the armsman raised himself up, Roland could see the beautiful round, hairy muscles that formed his ass. The hair was thick all the way down to his puckering asshole, and Roland nearly groaned again. He had looked at his own asshole in a mirror and his own buns and ass were nor nearly this hairy. At least, not yet. The armsman turned around, and Roland was looking at the most beautiful, round, hairy balls that he had ever seen. He wanted to lick those beautiful nuts and take them gently into his mouth and then lightly suck on them.

The armsman left, and in a few minutes, the door opened again. As the new armsman was entering, Roland heard Cal call, "Better not sit down, Hal. I got cum all over the seat a while ago."

Badpuppy Model - Jordi "Hey, that's a turn-on, stud. Think there's enough left to lubricate my dick, after Chet was in here playing in it?" the new armsman returned, and got a laugh from everyone in the barracks. Roland thought, "Boy, these guys are raunchy, but I suppose you had to be raunchy in order to train constantly to kill people."

Hal closed the door, and Roland heard him murmur quietly to himself, "Wish there was a big glob of cum laying here. Nothing turns me on like jacking off with another man's cum smeared all over my dick and balls." Hal stood at the hole and pulled his dick out. It was different, uncircumcised, and Hal had to peel the skin back to free his dickhead in order to relieve the bladder pressure without splattering. Roland tried to imagine him smearing another man's cum all over his dick getting cum worked into his foreskin, and then jacking off with it. His own dick was throbbing wildly to release its hot load. He didn't know how long he could watch these gorgeous men without jacking off on his own.

Hal was slimmer than the other armsman, with no hair on his chest. Roland could see the defined perfection of his stomach muscles as Hal tensed them. He could just see the man's beautiful big nipples sticking out of those gorgeous pectoral muscles. Hal kept tensing and relaxing his pectoral muscles, and he reached up and started pinching his nipples. "Ahhh, that's what I need," he murmured.

Roland almost said "I'll do it for you." before he caught himself. Roland wanted to work his tongue around those beautiful nipples in the worst way. What was he going to do?

Hal gave a throaty growl, "Ah shit, I've got to get these rocks off." He massaged his beautiful dick until it was hard and erect, and then began jacking it rapidly. Roland noted how much looser and more flexible the foreskin was, since Hal wasn't circumcised. Hal tensed, leaned forward, muscles rippling under his glistening skin, and growled again as he pinched his nipples with his other hand.

"Ahh, Ohhh, Oh shit!" Hal murmured as a wad of white cum shot from his engorged dickhead. Another wad spurted out, which Hal caught in his other hand, then three more wads of cum shot into his hand. Hal raised his handful of cum, and Roland could hear him licking and eating it off of his hand while he continued to stroke his dick. "Ah, that's good, really good," he murmured. "Wish that was Cal's cum shooting in my mouth."

Roland could hardly believe his ears. Hal wanted Cal's cum? Surely not half as bad as Roland wanted Hal's cum in his own mouth. Hal wiped the last drops of cum off of his dick, slid it back in his pants and left the latrine.

Three more armsmen came in to relieve their bladders. Their dicks were all different. They were as individual as the guy's faces. Interesting. Roland had a few minutes to think and look around. This was great! He was behind a stack of lumber, and no one could see him even if they came into the storeroom for something. Then he looked at the boards again. He'd been so busy watching the action through the crack that he hadn't checked out the boards on each side. One of them had a large knot about three feet up from the dirt floor. He could see light partway around the knot where the board had dried out and the knot had separated, so it should come loose fairly easily. That would make some noise, so he couldn't pry it out now, but maybe tomorrow while the armsmen were out of the barracks practicing. He left the storeroom with a mental note to be sure to have his knife with him tomorrow.

The next morning while the armsmen were practicing, Roland sauntered into the storeroom, went to the latrine wall, and listened quietly. Not a sound. Nobody was still in the barracks. He took out his knife and began gently working it in the crack around the knot. He heard a little pop as another part of the wood separated, and with one more bit of pressure, the knot popped out into his hand. He was in luck! The knothole was beveled with the larger side toward the storeroom, so it couldn't fall out into the latrine. Roland felt the edges of the hole with his fingers. It was sharp in a couple of spots, so he smoothed the wood with his knife. He felt the edges of the knothole again. Good. It was smooth. He slid the knot back in, pocketed his knife and left the storeroom with a piece of wood in his hand, so no one would wonder what he was doing in the storeroom.

He stood by a tree to watch the armsmen practice. What a beautiful bunch of men! He felt his dick hardening again as he watched their muscles flexing and their fluid motions as they practiced their deadly dance. Roland noted two women from the castle also watching the men and making comments to each other. It didn't take much imagination to know what they were talking about. They didn't have dicks to get hard and obvious, but you could see the lust in their eyes. Any armsman who asked would get to slide his hard dick into those dripping pussies. Roland had fucked one of the serving girls in a storeroom last month. It was pleasant, but it was just not what he really wanted. He wanted a man. He needed a man's hard meat, defined muscles, and hairy legs. Roland left the field, as the practice would continue for a couple of more hours.

Badpuppy Model - Jordi The practice ended early in the afternoon, and Roland sauntered around to the storeroom and entered, closing the door behind him. He quietly made his way through the piles of lumber, leather, and weaponry, and kneeled down by the crack facing the latrine hole. Good. No one was in the latrine yet. He could hear water splashing as the mean cleaned off the dirt and sweat they had picked up during the practice. He gently worked the knot out of the hole, and had a clear view of the latrine hole, the seat, and the wall behind. By moving a little, he could even see when the door opened. And then the door did open! Roland moved back a little so that no one could see him in the dim light in the latrine. An armsman who hadn't come in yesterday had entered and was pulling out his dick. Not too large, at least when it was soft, but a really nice wide dickhead. If the armsman saw the knothole, he either didn't pay any attention or he wasn't interested.

A couple of minutes later, the door opened again, and another armsman came in, pulling his pants down. As they hit the floor, Roland recognized the muscular, hairy legs as Cal's. Cal sat down. Cal straightened his body, rippling his muscles, and Roland could see him hardening and releasing those beautiful muscles. While he did this, Cal was also fingering his big dick, running his fingers over the mushroom-shaped dickhead, lubricating it with the pre-cum that was oozing out from the slit in the end of his penis. Roland loved to watch this hunk play with his dick, and the male organ kept getting bigger and stiffer. Without any warning, Cal turned, adjusted his position, and guided his dick through the knothole.

This is what Roland had been waiting for. He placed his mouth around the smooth flesh of the throbbing dick, and gently sucked and licked the pre-cum off of it. He heard Cal murmur, "Oh, yeah, oh, yes, suck that hard meat." Roland gently worked his tongue around the sensitive lip of the dickhead and tasted more pre-cum oozing out of it. He could not take this big dick all at once, so he placed his hand around the thick shaft of it and slowly jacked the hard male shaft as he sucked and licked on the big dickhead. He was weak and shaking. How long he had wanted to do this, to feel the smooth shape of a beautiful dick in his mouth, to lick the pre-cum dripping off of it, to feel his lips stimulating the edge of the head of this beautiful penis.

Cal was groaning softly now, and Roland could feel Cal's beautiful meat throbbing in his hand and the dickhead throbbing in his mouth. He jacked and sucked faster, and suddenly, he felt a huge spurt of cum shoot out of the dickhead and hit the back of his mouth. He could taste the wonderful flavor of the cum, smell it as it filled his mouth, and nearly gagged as it dribbled down his throat. He swallowed. Again and again, he felt spurts of cum shoot across his tongue and flow back down his throat. He swallowed Cal's beautiful cum. He swallowed again, and kept his hand jacking on the shaft of this penis and his mouth sucking on the slimy dickhead, now well lubricated with its own cum.

Cal whispered, "Easy, it's so sensitive!" and Roland let up his tongue and lip pressure so he was just gently touching the still throbbing dickhead with his lips and his tongue. All he could smell was the rich aroma of cum, all he could taste was the sharp, slightly salty flavor of the cum that still covered the inside of his mouth. This was what he wanted. This was what he needed. This was wonderful man meat! Roland could feel a tear of happiness running down his cheek. The penis was softening in his hand, and the head was softening in his mouth. He released the dickhead, but continued to lick and kiss it as he gently squeezed the shaft to force out the last little bit of that beautiful cum. Cal gradually pulled his penis back out of the hole, and whispered "Thanks! That was great!"

Roland leaned back, his own dick straining and dripping in his pants. He savored the taste of the man's cum, and let air out of his mouth so he could continue to smell that divine cum odor. Another tear ran down his cheek. Roland had never felt so warm, so happy. His dick was becoming very uncomfortable, and he had to take it out to release the pressure from his pants. As he pulled it free, a string of sticky pre-cum lubrication suck to his pants, becoming ever longer and finer as he pulled his penis free. Roland wiped it onto his finger and licked his finger with his tongue.

Cal had left, but Roland kept thinking about the muscular, beautiful man who had told him, "Thank you," while letting him do the most wonderful and stimulating thing he had ever done. He was still shaking with the reaction and the lust that filled his body and the marvelous taste that lingered in his mouth.

The latrine door opened again, and Roland recognized the slim, almost hairless, muscular body belonging to Hal, as Hal closed the door behind. "Well, well, Cal whispered to me that we have a glory hole in here now, but I though he had to be kidding!" Hal had his dick out and was massaging it as it grew longer and the dickhead slid out of the foreskin. In a minute, it was stiff and in its full glory.

"Let's see if Cal was just kidding, or if somebody really wants to suck this hard meat," he murmured, as he slid his beautiful dick through the knothole.

Roland was trembling with lust and no longer cautious at all. He remembered what Hal liked, and boldly murmured, "You work on the nipples, and I'll work on the dick."

Badpuppy Model - Jordi "Wow! Sounds like a winner!" Hal answered, as Roland placed his hand around the soft foreskin that loosely covered the shaft of this beautiful dick, and placed his mouth around the throbbing dickhead. Roland couldn't imagine heaven being any more wonderful than this, as he jacked and sucked on Hal's beautiful dick. Hal shuddered, and Roland knew he was pinching his big nipples while Roland worked on his throbbing penis. "God, this is wonderful," Roland thought as he sucked and jacked the hard penis.

Hal uttered a hoarse groan, as a sharp spasm made his penis jump and Roland felt the pressure of hot cum hitting the back of his mouth, and once again dribbling down his throat. He swallowed deeply to prevent himself from gagging and wads of the cum continued to shoot across his tongue, as his lips stimulated the edges of the raging dickhead in his mouth. Again, the smell and taste of hot man-cum filled Roland's senses. He didn't ever want to let go of this beautiful male organ, but he remembered that now was that ultra-sensitive time and to touch it more gently with his tongue and his lips. He continued to slowly jack the shaft while gently touching the head of this beautiful dick with his lips and running his tongue over the still throbbing dickhead to get any last drips of that wonderful hot cum.

Hal finally withdrew his softening penis, and Roland heard him growl in a voice of command. "Stick that dick of yours through this hole, NOW!"

Without thinking, Roland stood up and thrust his throbbing, hard, dripping, eight-inch dick through the knothole, and then he panicked, as he felt a hand wrap around the shaft of his dick "He might hurt me! He sounded mad!" Then he heard Hal murmur, "Nice dick, really nice dick," and Roland felt the most wonderful sensation of slimy bliss that he had ever felt, even with the best lubrication, as his dickhead went into Hal's mouth and Hal's lips and tongue began sucking and massaging his penis. Roland was going wild. Never had he felt anything like this. A man was sucking on his dick, a hunky, horny, beautiful, and muscular male, whose cum he could clearly still taste and smell in his mouth.

Badpuppy Model - Jordi The hand worked up and down the shaft of his penis, while Hal's tongue and lips stimulated his throbbing dickhead and the first two inches of his hard, aching penis. He had never been so hard, so horny, and so full of lust. His hands went under his shirt, and he pinched his nipples. There seemed to be a direct line from his nipples to his dick and balls, and he groaned as the wonderful agony of release approached. He'd never imagined his dick could feel so full, so engorged with blood that every touch sent shivers through his whole body. This was sex as he had not imagined was possible, sex that was so lustful and so all controlling that his mind was practically disconnected. Everything was body action, body lust, body feeling, and body release. Roland's whole body stiffened as his penis throbbed unbelievably, and with each throb he shot a hot, white load of teen-age cum into Hal's sucking mouth. He heard Hal choke and recover, obviously swallowing his cum, but Roland could still sense that wonderful feeling of release as more wads of cum shot out of his penis into Hal's mouth.

It was over. Roland's dick still throbbed in Hal's mouth, and the big, hard, male hand was still wrapped around his penis, but it was losing its stiffness. He felt Hal licking the now ultra-sensitive dickhead gently, cleaning up the last of Roland's dripping cum. "Wow!" Hal murmured, "What a hot load! Thanks, stud."

Roland smiled. This was what sex was really like! And twice, beautiful men had actually thanked him for what had been the most wonderful experience of his life. Well, he was only eighteen. There was a lot of time to live, yet.

The model in these pictures is Jordi

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