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Armsmen's Heat by Robert
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Badpuppy Model - Jaroslav

Roland leaned against the tree trunk, watching the armsmen practice. They lunged at each other, sidestepped, twisted and lunged again. It was very warm again today, and all of them had removed their shirts, leaving the magnificent, muscular arms, chests and abdomens bare. Their muscles flexed and rippled with the effort of the practice. Practice swords clashed together, and the occasional wet sounding splat indicated a sword had struck a sweaty body. The practice was more than half over, the men tiring and straining every beautiful muscle to best their opponents. All of the armsmen were really nicely muscled men, some smooth, some hairy, some taller or shorter, but all of them beautiful in Roland's eyes. He loved men.

Some of the armsmen Roland knew more intimately. He knew the shape of their male meat, the lust in their bodies, even the taste of their cum. He knew what turned a normal, rational male creature into a raging sexual beast. His dick throbbed in remembering the action of the last two days. There was Jarrell, a shorter, heavily muscled man, with a smaller penis. Again early this morning, Roland had waited at the glory hole he had opened in the Armsmen's latrine. For the second morning, Jarrell had come to the glory hole to share a hot breakfast with him. Hot dick, hot body, hot lips, hot cum. Again, Roland's dick throbbed, remembering the exquisite pleasure of the man's cum sliding over his tongue, remembering Jarrell's lips caressing his mouth, tasting his own cum. When this practice ended, he would open the glory hole again. Already, his body was again screaming for male satisfaction and male sexual release.

Roland's peripheral vision caught a movement, and he looked over to see two men heading for the practice field. He recognized one of them as Cal, one of the men he wanted to please again. Cal with the wonderful, muscular hairy legs. The man with him was someone new. As they came closer, and bent to grab a practice sword, Roland could not believe the sensual beauty of this new armsman's face. Perfect, chiseled features, wavy brown hair, and the most beautiful blue eyes that Roland had ever seen. The young, virile, muscular stud moved like a panther, faced Cal, and they began to lunge, strike, feint, protect, and attack. The man may be new, but he knew what he was doing. Roland watched avidly as both men, realizing how hot it was, stopped to take off their shirts and lay them aside. Roland could not believe the magnificent body that went with the face of a god come to earth. His dick was now fully erect. Roland had to turn around to adjust it in his loose trousers so his erection would not be so glaringly obvious.

Roland turned back to watch the two men continue their dance of destruction, each attempting to gain the advantage that in a real battle would destroy the life of the other. Roland had once seen a wounded, unconscious armsman brought back to the castle. The man was obviously dying, and what had been a virile, sensuous body was now still and pale, with blood still oozing out of the awful wounds that had sliced open the muscles and soaked through all of the clothing. As Roland had watched, the man's eyes had opened, his back had arched, his formerly wonderfully sensual body had shuddered, collapsed, and had become a dead piece of meat. Roland had turned away and cried over the death of that beautiful male. He never wanted to see a wonderful, precious, male body destroyed like that again.

As Roland watched, Cal had found a weakness, and Roland heard a sickening splat as the practice sword hit the sweaty skin of the new man's ribs. The man fell to his knees and grimaced in pain, holding his side. Cal helped him up, and Roland could see that he was explaining how a mistake in defense had left him open to attack. In a real battle, he would now be dead. Still grimacing, the new man nodded, straightened up, and again prepared to defend himself. They sparred for a while longer with the practice swords, then came off the field to pick up the practice lances.

As the new armsman turned with the lance, he noted Roland leaning against the tree. He stared for a moment, glanced at Roland's bulging crotch and then smiled and nodded slightly. Roland's dick throbbed with desire. That gorgeous male hunk had actually smiled at him. And that smile had looked like a very serious invitation.

After the practice, the men headed for the barracks, and Roland walked over to the storage shed. He threaded his way through the piles of lumber, tack, weaponry, and other supplies, to the back wall. Carefully, he listened at the wall, then removed the knot, which gave him a clear view of the latrine. He waited. The water splashing in the barracks told him that the armsmen were now washing off the sweat and dust. He heard Cal introducing the new stud, and Roland caught the name: Granford. So, Granford was the god incarnate? Roland fondled his dick, as he waited for an armsman to enter the latrine.

The door opened, and an armsman entered, closing the door behind him. Roland couldn't see the man's face, but knew that he had not seen this body in the latrine yet. The armsman leaned forward, his male organ expanding rapidly. What a beautiful penis! A large, hairy hand began stroking the male organ, bringing it to full erection, and the man turned and inserted his penis into the open hole. Roland was thrilled! He took the throbbing dickhead in his mouth and wrapped one hand around the shaft of the beautiful male meat, fondling and kneading the man's scrotum with his other hand. Roland felt the lubrication oozing out of the dickhead, and licked and sucked the hard, male organ, as he jacked the shaft of the male rod with his hand. What a wonderful feeling! What a wonderful taste! The man groaned, the penis throbbed in his mouth, and Roland felt the pre-cum dripping out of it onto his tongue. "There can't be anything more wonderful than this," Roland thought, as he jacked the man rapidly and sucked forcefully on the engorged dickhead. Roland ran his tongue over the sensitive lip of the dickhead, feeling the penis throb with lust each time his tongue slid over this sensitive area.

Roland moaned softly with pleasure, as the hard, erect penis throbbed in his mouth. He felt the armsman's body shudder with lust and he tightened his lips around the dickhead as he sucked. Roland's erect penis also throbbed and released pre-cum, which slid down the shaft of his dick. Roland felt the armsman tense his muscles, felt the testicles retracting, and knew he was about to get all of the stored male seed in his mouth. Roland groaned as the penis in his hand throbbed wildly and released a huge surge of cum into the back of his mouth. Each incredible throb of that beautiful male organ shot another wad of cum across Roland's tongue. The taste of male cum filled his mouth, the smell of hot cum filled his nose, and Roland reveled in the feeling of the hot male orgasm filling his mouth.

Roland sucked more gently now, lightly running his tongue and lips over the sensitive, softening dickhead, holding it with his lips, gently jacking the shaft. He tasted more cum dribbling out of the beautiful male organ onto his tongue. Roland shuddered with pleasure and lust, his own dick throbbing and dripping, aching for release. The male meat continued to soften, the tension released, the body function fulfilled. Roland again moaned with pleasure at the feel of this wonderful male rod in his mouth. The armsman withdrew his now soft penis, whispered, "Thank you, and left the latrine. Roland was wild with lust. Again a magnificent male had thanked him for the wonderful pleasure that he enjoyed so much. Life seemed to be perfect now. Roland waited for the next armsman to enter the latrine.

The door opened, and closed, and Roland could see another beautiful body through the knothole. Without pausing for anything, the man slid his pants down, released, a thick, growing penis and thrust it through the knothole. Roland slid his mouth around the huge dickhead and began stimulating the lip of the mushroom-shaped head. He sucked hard on the male meat, which continued to expand and throb in his mouth. Roland shuddered. He had never tasted a dickhead this big before. It was engorged, throbbing, filling his mouth completely. Without warning, the dickhead throbbed wildly and shot a hot wad of cum onto the back of Roland's mouth. This guy had needed it bad!

Roland heard the man groan with the pleasure of sexual release. Roland could barely move his tongue as the huge dickhead continued to throb and release spurts of cum in his mouth. He tried to use his lips to stimulate the dickhead. Incredible meat! So huge! Again his senses filled with the smell and taste of a male's hot cum. Roland was wild with lust. He wanted to suck off every man in the barracks, now, today. He swallowed the cum sticking to the back of his mouth, and continued sucking as the dickhead in his mouth gradually became smaller. What a turn-on! Roland's eight-inch penis throbbed with lust and desire, the continuing drops of pre-cum running down the shaft of his engorged and dripping penis.

The dickhead softened in his mouth, and the armsman withdrew his dick and left the latrine. Almost immediately, the door opened again, and Roland was looking at another magnificent male body with a bruise along the ribs, and Roland knew that this was the new armsman. The man went down on his knees, and Roland could see the chiseled, god-like features of the armsman's face coming to the knothole. He heard a soft voice say, "Kiss me, stud," and Roland put his lips against the perfect face and shuddered with the feel of their lips and tongues meeting and sliding, feeling and sucking in an orgy of delight. Lips gently sucked on tongues, tongues lubricated lips, and the sensual stimulation of a mutually shared kiss filled Roland's senses. Roland's hand was around the shaft of his penis, slowing jacking it, as the sensuous tongue and lips of a god incarnate stimulated and filled his mouth. Roland moaned and shuddered with the sensual pleasure of kissing this incredibly beautiful male.

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Badpuppy Model - Jaroslav

Granford gently broke the kiss and said softly, "I want to suck your dick."

Roland was going wild with the thought of this unbelievably beautiful man asking to suck his dick, as he rose and slid his engorged, dripping, throbbing dick through the knothole. Roland felt a tongue licking the lubrication off of his penis, as it throbbed wildly with the slimy stimulation. Then the mouth covered his dripping dickhead and began sucking in earnest, as a large hand encircled the hard shaft of the throbbing penis. Roland shivered with the feeling of this wonderful male's mouth working on his throbbing penis. What an incredible feeling! His scrotum contracted, lifting his balls, as the young male body prepared its load of cum for a major sexual release. Roland's dick throbbed with the wonderful feeling of a hot man sucking on him. His body shuddered, filling with tension, shuddered again, and in a huge spasm of raging lust, his throbbing dick shot its load of hot cum into the sucking mouth. Again and again, the penis throbbed, releasing another hot wad of cum with each sensuous throb of the fully engorged and stimulated penis.

Roland groaned ecstatically as the cum shot through his hard, hot male organ. Granford moaned with the pleasure of hot male cum shooting into his mouth, tasting it, eating it, as Roland's body shuddered and groaned in the exquisite bliss of sexual release. Roland hissed with agony as the armsman's mouth continued to gently suck on the ultra-sensitive dickhead. Roland nearly screamed with the agony of his dick's post-orgasmic sensitivity. The hunk continued gently sucking on the sensitive head of his dick, licking off each final drop of cum as it appeared. Roland's knees nearly gave way. He leaned against the wall, totally spent, his penis softening, his nipples aching. "Sex has to be the most wonderful feeling any human could experience," Roland thought.

Finally, Granford released the now soft penis, and whispered, "Kiss me again, little stud." Roland went down on his knees, put his lips against the beautiful lips that were offered, and slid his tongue over the waiting mouth and tongue. The smell of his own cum filled his nose, the taste of his cum on the armsman's tongue made him suck avidly on the tongue that was now fully in his mouth. Again, Roland groaned softly with the incredible feeling of kissing such a beautiful male.

Granford stood up and slid his dick through the hole to Roland. Roland began to suck on it gently. "Thinner than most penises," Roland thought, as he gently sucked on the dick. The length increased, hardened, and increased again. Roland sucked and worked on the long dick, and the length increased even more. "Unbelievable! This dick is the longest I've ever seen!" Roland wanted it desperately. He wanted it all. Roland straightened his throat and began sliding the hard dick deeper. He felt the larger dickhead force its way through the constriction in the back of his mouth, deeper, into his throat, and his body went into a gag spasm. Another powerful gag spasm. He had never done this before. Roland felt tears flowing, but he would not give up. He gagged again and forced the penis deeper into his throat. He shivered and tears ran down his cheeks. Again, his throat rebelled, and the spasm wracked his body. "Control it!" He thought fiercely to himself. "I want to eat all of this long male meat!"

He slid the long penis deeper, working his throat as he did, and with a last shudder and spasm of his body, his nose was resting in the bush of pubic hair at the base of the long penis. Then, slowly, gently, Roland began moving back and forth along the shaft of the penis. Though he could barely breathe, his nose breathed in the male smell of the pubic hair, and he slowly slid the long penis in and out. Another gag spasm caused his body to lurch and shudder again, as tears flowed down his cheeks. "I want this long, hard, male penis. I want it to shoot its load of cum in my throat," Roland thought.

He shivered with desire. He felt the shaft of the long male organ moving through his mouth with at least seven inches of it in his throat. Roland was getting used to the long, throbbing meat now, and fondled the hairy balls as he slid his body along the long, erect penis. He realized that his penis was hard again. The incredible thought and feeling of the long male organ massaging his throat had turned his body on again. Roland reveled in the control this long, hard penis had on his body. The thought of a male organ controlling his body this way sent shivers of lust through his muscles.

Roland heard a gentle voice say, "It's going to cum for you, little stud. That long, hard dick is going to shoot its load down your throat. I want to give you that hot load, little stud, all of it. Are you really sure you want my hot load?"

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Badpuppy Model - Jaroslav Roland gently squeezed the balls to indicate how much he wanted this man's male orgasm, and felt the long penis throb in his mouth and throat. It throbbed again as he worked on the long, hard male penis with his tongue, lips and throat.

"Ahhh, it's cumming, little stud, my hot load is cumming for you. Ahhh, Ahhh, AHHHH.

Roland felt the long penis throb fiercely, throb again, and again, and again. Roland could feel the incredible male organ feeding him its male orgasm, his body shivering with delight, his own penis throbbing in reaction. Roland shivered with wonder and happiness again to think that such a beautiful man would let him suck on his dick, and would feed him the hot cum produced in that incredibly beautiful, hot body. He wanted to keep this wonderful male organ in this throat for hours, letting it excite him and control him, forcing his body to adapt to its need and its lust.

Roland shivered as the softening, sensuous, male rod began sliding out of his throat. Now that he could handle this beautiful meat, he hated to let it go. Roland sucked on the softening organ, squeezing and loving the long shaft as it gradually withdrew. He fondled the hairy scrotum, gently massaging the wonderful, sensuous balls it carried. He felt the softening dickhead pop back through the constriction at the back of his mouth, and his tongue was again able to suck and stimulate the head of Granford's penis. He heard a soft groan of pleasure as Roland continued to suck on the dick and fondle the beautiful, hairy balls.

Finally, Granford withdrew his dick, and Roland again heard the command, "Kiss me, little stud."

Roland pressed his lips against the incredibly beautiful face, running his tongue over the waiting lips, sliding his tongue past the lips to feel the sensuous tongue of the beautiful male who had given Roland his body. Roland again groaned in helpless pleasure as he fondled the lips and tongue of the gorgeous male in the latrine.

Gently, Roland released the kiss and murmured, "I want to lick and kiss every inch of your beautiful body."

"Sounds great, little stud. We'll have to get together one night."

Badpuppy Model - Jaroslav "I love your beautiful body, and I want your dick to control me again. I love having your penis control my body, holding me down, making me accept its need, forcing me to hold it down."

"Sounds like we agree on a lot of things," Granford murmured.

"You just got here today. Do you know about this storeroom?" Roland asked.

"I saw it from the practice field this afternoon. I know where the door is." Granford answered.

"Would you meet me in here after dark?" Roland asked. Then he boldly admitted, "I'm the one leaning against the tree that you smiled at while you were getting the practice lance."

"Most certainly, little stud. Can you bring a blanket, so we won't have to lie in the dirt?"

"Sure thing, Granford. I am really hot for your body."

"I am always hot to suck a beautiful dick, I'll really be looking forward to tonight to suck it again. Oh, what's your name, little stud?" Granford asked.

"Roland." Roland answered.

"See you tonight, Roland!" Granford promised. "Now kiss me again, little stud."

Once again, Roland and Granford joined their lips, caressing each other's tongue, gently brushing lips and tongues together in a sensuous sharing of mutual need. Roland could again taste his own cum on Granford's tongue, and shivered in the delight of kissing the beautiful new armsman. Finally their lips parted, and Granford got up and left the latrine.

Roland was left shaking with lust. This god-like male wanted to make love to him, to feed him his long, wonderful penis. He couldn't believe it! How had he lucked into these incredible loads of man meat? He could hardly wait until tonight. Roland got up to look around the storeroom to find a place that was flat enough and big enough to hold two men on a blanket. Ah! There! Between those two piles of lumber, there was more than five feet of space, and he could reach it by feel from the door, even if it was pitch dark.

He went back to the glory hole just as the latrine door opened. A muscular naked man was entering the latrine, and Roland immediately recognized the uncut penis as Hal's. Roland shivered. He loved to work on Hal's hot meat. Hal stroked his penis and whispered, "Did you get a hot load out of Granford?"

"Yes, it was wonderful, and he got a hot load out of me, too," Roland whispered.

"Wild! Cal said he was one hot cocksucker and couldn't get enough of it. Told me the stud was going to suck us both in the middle of the night and give us wet dreams!" he chuckled, as he stroked his dick into a firm erection. Roland couldn't imagine anything sexier than sucking a guy off while he was dreaming with a hard-on. He looked at Hal's beautiful penis, as Hal continued to stroke it and saw the pre-cum begin to show on the dickhead.

"I need a hot dick bad, Hal," Roland confessed.

"Maybe I've got one for you, baby, but you've got to beg for it. Tell me how much you want it! Tell me how much you need it!"

"I need your hot dick in my mouth, Hal. I really need it bad. I want to suck that beautiful dick and lick the pre-cum off of it. I need your hot load of cum in my mouth, Hal. Please let me have it. Please let me suck it," Roland begged. He could see the dripping lubrication now lubricating Hal's foreskin. "I want my tongue inside that beautiful foreskin."

Badpuppy Model - Jaroslav "You got it, baby," Hal said, as he slid his erect, throbbing penis through the knothole and into Roland's waiting mouth.

Roland shivered with happiness as his tongue worked its way under the foreskin and around the head of Hal's dick. Then he peeled back the foreskin and began rapidly jacking the hard penis, as he licked and sucked the head of that beautiful dick.

"Wild!" Hall groaned, as Roland began kneading and rolling his balls.

Roland wanted this beautiful male organ to throb and drip. He wanted it to shoot its hot load into his mouth. He wanted to smell the man cum and taste the hot male fluids on his tongue. Roland groaned in lust and pleasure, working on the dickhead and fondling the balls. Again, Roland ran his tongue under the foreskin, stretching it, stimulating the dickhead with one side of his tongue, while he stimulated the foreskin with the other side of his tongue. Again he heard a groan of pleasure from Hal, and he rubbed his tongue sensuously around the dickhead as his lips clamped and sucked on the shaft just behind it.

"My hot load is coming for you, hot man," Hal murmured.

Roland jacked the shaft of the beautiful penis faster, and put more pressure with his lips, using his tongue to fully stimulate the head of Hal's uncut dick. The penis throbbed in his hand as he worked on it. Then it throbbed again, more strongly. With a groan of pure lust and release from Hal, the penis throbbed wildly as it released a spurt of cum into Roland's mouth. Again, Roland was wild with lust and need. He held onto the raging penis as it emptied a wad of cum into his mouth with every throb of the male meat and each shudder of Hal's body. Again, the wonderful smell and taste of hot male cum filled his senses.

Roland jacked his own dick, as he sucked off the last dribbles of cum from Hal's beautiful male organ. Roland dribbled some of Hal's cum from his mouth onto his erect penis, and began seriously jacking the now well-lubricated organ. The feel of Hal's cum on his dick was heavenly. He loved the sucking sound the hot cum made as it lubricated his hand and slid over his hard dick. Roland again felt his body tensing and shivering in the need to release his stored male fluids once more, and as he still sucked and tasted the cum from Hal's dick, Roland shuddered with the wonderful feeling of his cum again shooting through the young, hot male penis. Roland groaned as his penis released a surging wad of hot, white cum with each sensual throb of the male organ.

Badpuppy Model - Jaroslav Roland was spent. Time to rest for a while before his hot date tonight! He gently released Hal's penis and squeezed the last drops of cum out of his own softening organ.

"Wild blow job, man," Hal murmured. "Thanks!"

"Any time, Hal. I love sucking your dick," Roland replied. "I hope you have wet dreams tonight!"

The model in these pictures is Jaroslav

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