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Armsmen's Glory Hole by Robert
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Badpuppy Model - Victor Roland woke up with a throbbing ache. He had been dreaming of armsmen, their glorious, muscular bodies moving and feinting, lunging and backing protecting against strength and probing for weakness in the practice combat that kept those beautiful bodies ready for any action or emergency in the keep. And at 18, Roland was always ready for action of a different kind. Roland groaned, as usual, a dream like this left him with a rip-roaring erection and a damp spot on his sheets were his dick had rested. The reddening sky in the east told him that it was morning, and he remembered the beautiful men yesterday who had shared their bodies with him. Did they also wake up aching for sexual release as he did?

Well, there was one way to find out, wasn't there? He slid out of bed, pulled on a light shirt and pants, pulled on his boots, and headed out of the castle, across the grounds to the storage shed next to the armsmen's barracks. He saw only one person this early, someone in the distance carrying a chamber pot to the composting field. Roland entered the storage room and threaded his way through the piles of lumber, weapons, tack and other supplies to the back of the shed, which shared a wall with the armsmen's latrine. Yesterday, he had found a loose knot in the wooden wall and pried it out to give him a view of the men coming into the latrine. He listened, but heard only some water splashing, indicating that one of the armsmen was up and washing, but no sound from the latrine.

Quietly, Roland pried the knot out of the hole. He had truly lucked out, as the knothole was beveled toward the shed, and could not fall out into the latrine. As he suspected, no one was in the latrine yet. Just the thought of the male action yesterday afternoon had his penis erect and throbbing again. He released it from his pants and gently stroked the shaft as he waited.

The latrine door opened, accompanied by a huge yawn, and a body appeared in Roland's line of sight. Totally naked, and his dick half erect, the armsman obviously had a very full bladder, which he took care of in short order. His muscles rippled as he stretched and yawned again. Roland couldn't take his eyes off of the man's magnificent, flexing leg muscles and the beautiful bush of hair around his penis. The armsman's dick was not large, but perfectly shaped, and Roland felt his own penis throb in reaction.

The armsman muttered to himself, "Hmmm. Hal was right, there is a glory hole here now. 'Jarrell,' he says, 'just stick your dick through that hole and you surely won't regret it.' And I thought that horny fucker was kidding me! Well, I'm a horny fucker, too."

Badpuppy Model - Victor With that, Jarrell guided his dick and that beautiful bush of hair through the hole. His balls hung over the edge of the board. Roland nearly shot his load right then. He put his mouth around the sensuous male organ, and began to suck it gently. What a heavenly feeling! Roland took the penis all the way into his mouth and felt the mound of hair around it tickling his nose and cheeks. A little more sucking, a little deeper, and he could feel those beautiful balls rubbing on his chin. Roland was wild with lust. He wanted everything this beautiful man had.

Roland released the penis, continued slowly jacking it with his hand, and began licking and sucking the hairy balls. He filled his mouth with the man's scrotum, feeling the hair tickling every part of his mouth, and gently rolled the balls around with his tongue, lightly sucking on them. Wild! He heard Jarrell groan and felt the dick throbbing in his hand as he slowed his hand motion. Not yet! He wasn't going to let this stud cum yet! He continued working on the balls with his mouth, the first balls he had ever had filling his mouth. This was a totally new sensation for him, a wonderful sensation.

He could see the man's dick lubrication dripping from the end of his penis, running down the shaft onto his fingers. What a turn-on! His own dick was dripping and throbbing for release. Roland worked on the stud jewels in his mouth for another minute, then switched his hand to cup and fondle the balls, licked the pre-cum off of his fingers, and slid the male organ back into his mouth. What a marvelous taste! Man lube was on his tongue and the sensuous man meat in his mouth. Now it was Roland who groaned. What had he ever done to deserve such a marvelous feeling? He would make sure this hot muscular male came back for more!

Roland gently but firmly and slowly sucked on the throbbing dick in his mouth. Jarrell groaned again and murmured, "Oh, shit, that feels wonderful. You want my hot cum, man? You really want it? You've got to promise that you'll hold my hot cum in your mouth, all of it, and I'll give it to you."

Roland released the dick for a moment to murmur, "Right on!" He continued to suck the whole shaft into his mouth, the mound of hair against his face driving him wild, the throbbing dickhead massaging the back of his mouth.

Badpuppy Model - Victor Jarrell groaned, and groaned again. "It's coming, man, my hot load is gonna shoot!" Roland felt the armsman's balls pulling up, disappearing, and knew he was about to receive the full load of hot, armsman cum this beautiful man had been holding back for him. Roland put gentle pressure on the throbbing dickhead and continued his sucking until he felt the hot cum shoot into his mouth, and with every throb, the man meat shooting another wad of cum into his waiting mouth. His mouth was filling up with cum. The taste, the smell of it was intoxicating. He couldn't imagine anything that would stimulate his lust more than a mouthful of hot, male cum. Roland remembered to suck more gently on the dickhead now. The intense sensitivity of that dickhead would keep the last drops of cum dribbling onto his tongue. This was ecstasy! Total male release!

The penis softened as Roland gently ran his tongue over and around the head of this sensuous male organ. Finally, the penis slipped out of his mouth and was withdrawn. A mouth and a pair of thick, beautiful lips appeared at the knothole and whispered. "Now take half of that mouthful of cum and rub it all over your dick. Then kiss me, stud."

Roland dribbled about half of the cum into his hand and rubbed it all over his dick. What a wonderful feeling! Then he leaned back to the knothole, wet his lips, and gently placed his lips against the armsman's mouth. Two pairs of lips slid over each other, tongues felt each other, and cum seeped around Roland's tongue to lubricate the other lips and tongue. This was an insane new experience! Like being near a lightning strike or a sting by a hornet. Total bliss, total lust.

Roland's hand slid over his penis, eight inches of hard, male manhood, covered and lubricated by the armsman's cum. Roland groaned as his lips and tongue explored the armsman's mouth, running over and around his tongue. The armsman's tongue was driving him wild, exploring, feeling, stimulating him in a way he had not dreamed was possible. Roland's hand slid over his rock-hard dick with a sucking sound that turned him on even more. The armsman's cum was now covering his dickhead, and dripping onto the ground, his organ throbbing with lust and begging for release. Roland uttered a high-pitched groan, groaned again, and murmured, "I'm cumming, man, I'm cumming."

"In my mouth, stud, stick that dick in my mouth," the armsman urged.

Badpuppy Model - Victor Roland stood up and thrust his cum-covered dick into the armsman's waiting mouth, feeling his orgasm boiling and building within his young, male body, his penis so hard and engorged that he must be going to shoot out every liquid within his body. The armsman sucked on his dickhead, and his powerful hand closed around Roland's slimy shaft and jacked it rapidly. Roland leaned into the wall, his hands going under his shirt to pinch his hard nipples, and felt the huge spasm of his male organ that signaled the powerful release of cum that his penis needed so badly. He nearly screamed with the ecstasy of the feeling, his entire body shaking and trembling as wad after wad of his cum shot into the armsman's mouth. Jarrell was choking and gagging on the huge load, unable to swallow the cum as fast as it was shooting into his mouth. But he kept sucking gently and didn't release Roland's penis.

Gradually, with the continued stimulation of Jarrell's tongue, Roland's dick released the last of his cum in dribbles. Roland sagged, but couldn't withdraw his dick. Jarrell had it firmly clenched in his hand and was still gently sliding his lips over the still-throbbing dickhead. Roland almost cried out in agony at the incredible intensity and sensitivity of his dickhead after the surge of cum shot through it in the release of his body's seed in orgasmic splendor.

Roland's penis was softening even under the careful stimulation of Jarrell''s hand and mouth. Finally, the powerful hand released the shaft of Roland's penis, and he heard Jarrel murmur, "Wow, that was the greatest breakfast in history! Breakfast in the latrine! Who would have imagined that?" He chuckled.

Roland went back down to his knees, put his mouth to the knothole, and said, "Please kiss me again, Jarrell. I've never been kissed like that before."

"Any time, stud, any time," Jarrell answered.

Roland felt Jarrell's lips and tongue meet his own, the soft, gentle pressure of lips and tongue sensing, feeling, tasting, stimulating. For a minute, or an hour, or an eternity, lips and tongues explored each other in an orgy of mutual stimulation and satisfaction. The smell and taste of cum, both his own and the armsman's, still overwhelmed Roland's senses. Roland worked his fingertips around his erect nipples and the sensitive stimulation increased. Impossible pleasure! He could feel his whole body responding again and his dick stirring once more.

Badpuppy Model - Victor>"Hey, somebody in there?" a deep voice asked. Jarrell released Roland's mouth long enough to answer.

"Yea, I'm in here, Born. Be out in a few minutes, unless you can't hold it. Those beans at supper last night seem to be doing a number on my system," he added.

"Nah, I can hold it. Take your time, Jarrell." Born answered.

Jarrell smiled, and once again pressed his lips and tongue onto Roland's mouth, gently massaging and stimulating. Roland had kissed a few of the girls before, but their kisses were nothing like this. This was so gentle, so stimulating, so incredibly satisfying. He wanted Jarrell to keep filling his mouth with tongue worship, trapping his lips against Jarrell's own lips, his tongue going wild with this new sensation. Jarrell gently withdrew his tongue, pressed his lips gently against Roland's again and again in an expression of need and appreciation, lust and love, and most of all, promise. How could just kissing be so incredibly satisfying and stimulating? Another step in his sexual education, undoubtedly.

"Breakfast again tomorrow morning, maybe?" Jarrell asked quietly.

"You're on!" Roland agreed, without a moment's hesitation.

A final, gentle, tingling kiss sealed their bargain.

The model in these pictures is Victor

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