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Apple Birthday by Callan Smith
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Badpuppy Model - Russo

Ever since my 18th birthday, apples have meant a lot to me. I only have to find myself in front of a bowl of fresh fruit or see a movie like Cider House Rules, and my mind goes flashing back to the time I ‘came’ of age. I was staying on my grandparents’ farm in the south of France and picking apples for pocket money. It was my third visit. Our neighbour had an orchard, and we spent nearly five weeks every year gathering apples, so it was also a time of apple pie and apple dumplings and, naturally, apple cider. I got pleasantly and happily drunk once or twice as I wasn’t used to it. My parents are extremely religious and won’t allow alcohol in the house. Moreover, they’re confirmed vegetarians, although actually it’s my father who’s the fanatic as my mother’s parents eat and drink everything, so I got to do things on that farm that I’d never done before. And that’s putting it mildly!

The guy next door was originally from Spain and was Basque or something. I didn’t really know what that was exactly, but I certainly used to enjoy basking in the sun with him. He only lived ten minutes away by bicycle and invited me to go fishing with him down at the stream. I was lonely for male company and although I was nearly 16, had no experience of sex whatsoever. In fact you could say I was sexually repressed and depressed. Repressed because I’d been taught about the sins rather than the pleasures of the flesh, and depressed because I was pale, thin and anaemic and needed to get some meat inside me. Needless to say I eventually managed that but not that summer unfortunately.

Ramon had the biggest penis I’d ever seen. Not that I’d seen many. But I couldn’t imagine anyone having a bigger one. He used to enjoy showing it to me whenever we were alone. It started with him just touching it, which he seemed to be doing most of the time. He’d be halfway up a tree in the shortest of shorts and I’d be looking up as he threw the apples down to me. When he wasn’t busy squeezing a freshly picked apple, he was squeezing his dick and I’d see the firm outline in his shorts and grow hard myself. Even when he was just holding an apple, he’d first roll it around sensuously in his hand and then rub it against his crotch. Oftentimes he’d take a big bite out of it and smile at me. Once he even offered me one, and that’s probably the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me in all my fifteen years -- taking a bite from an apple that had been in his hand, in his mouth and against his dick! For quite a few nights I used to jerk off just at the thought of it.

Another time, he went even further and put his hand inside his shorts to ‘adjust himself’ then he sniffed his fingers, picked an apple and gave it to me. I licked it and ate it. That was the nearest I got to tasting his dick that year. He never actually touched me or talked dirty to me or anything like that, but he sure sent me a lot of silent messages. Maybe he was afraid to come on too strong in case I told on him, or maybe he was just waiting for me to make the first move. Whatever the reason, apples were fast becoming my favourite fruit. I couldn’t get enough of them. I was pretty miserable when I had to go back home. I couldn’t wait for the next hot summer. I missed Ramon so. An apple was my only consolation. My mother would hand me one and say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I wondered just what she’d have said if she’d known what an apple really meant to me!

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Badpuppy Model - Russo

The summer of my 17th year was one of the hottest on record, and we had to do our apple picking early in the morning or late in the afternoon which left a whole chunk of time in the middle of the day. Ramon had a little cabin up river and we used to go where the water was cool. It was great. The first two or three times we were in company so we had to wear swimming costumes, but even in a swimsuit I knew exactly where his dick was located. The second time I got to change in the cabin with him, and somehow or other he managed to let it fall out of his costume. I had great difficulty in keeping mine from raising its pretty little head. I know now it was an open invitation and he wanted me to follow suit, but I was so pure and naïve in those days. I still felt God was watching me all the time. In fact over a week went by before I could pluck up enough courage to let him see me naked. There was nobody around, so I stripped off and dived into the water. Later we lay stretched out in the sun to dry off and this time there was no way I could keep control of my dick and had to roll over on my stomach as I gazed in wonder at the full beauty, and of course the full frontal, of him. Probably not such a good idea as I had – and have – the cutest ass you ever did see which, come to think of it, doesn’t look unlike two ripe apples itself. I say this because Ramon at once had the most gi-normous erection even though his eyes seemed to be shut at the time. As I say, I was so naïve in those days.

I'm afraid I stayed gazing at his thong too long as I fell asleep and got myself rather a bad case of sunstroke which shortened my holiday somewhat and also the time I could have spent with Ramon. I was some unhappy camper when I got home I can tell you.

Fortunately, I had a great photo of him with me this time. He’d posed for it in one of his skin tight ensembles so I had to keep it out of sight of my parents. It was pretty obvious what was under the revealing material. I used to look at it for hours and then trace my fingers lovingly over the outline of his cock before settling down for the night -- if that’s the right word as I felt anything but settled.

The next summer, things came to a head, so to speak. This time the weather was bad so there wasn’t much swimming or apple picking. Also I arrived a bit later than usual as my parents had insisted on taking me to Lourdes. A really creepy experience especially as I saw Ramon’s cock in every crucifix. The only positive thing was, I got to celebrate my 18th birthday with my parents and my grandparents – and inevitably Ramon. By the way, I forgot to tell you that he wasn’t all that much older than me although you can probably see that from the photos, and there was talk of him getting married though I never saw hide nor hair of his prospective bride.

That’s just as well otherwise I would have been so jealous, especially of his gorgeous dick which had now become ‘my’ dick. I dreamt of it day and night and couldn’t wait to finally get my hands on it. After the birthday party for which I was obliged by my parents to wear a ‘birthday suit’ I asked if I could take a piece of my cake over to Ramon’s. Of course I would have gone anyway even if the answer had been no. I went on my bicycle but this didn’t prevent me from getting caught in a rain storm so I arrived soaked to the skin. Fortunately there was a nice fire and a warm welcome waiting for me. Also a pleasant surprise. He took off my wet jacket and hung it on the back of a chair then, just as I was standing in front of the table unwrapping the cake, he came up behind me, thrust his hands deep into my trouser pockets, rubbed his groin against me and nibbled my ear. I shuddered as his hands found my dick and balls, but the heat of his groin made my butt blossom like a rose as his tongue sent me sailing towards the stars.

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Badpuppy Model - Russo

This was the second singularly most erotic experience that had ever happened to me and was all the more exciting because it was so unexpected. He worked my pants down over my hips, and his hot dick against my butt was anal heaven. He slipped his hands up under my shirt and caressed my nipples till I thought I heard them pop, but it was only the buttons on my shirt as he ripped it off my back. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I was literally in my birthday suit and kissing my first man and tasting my first dick and it was the best birthday present he could possibly have given me. He’d obviously missed me like crazy and just thrown caution to the winds and unwrapped me before he raped me, so to speak. I gave myself to him part and parcel. I just couldn’t get enough of his dick, orally and anally, and the bigger and harder it got the more elasticised my mouth and ass became. What’s more, I had three years of juicy jizz stored up ready to spill all over him.

Later I watched enchanted as he ran his fingers through the steaming cum on his stomach and chest and then lifted the sticky mess to his lips and licked it just as I had licked the apple. It was a real turn on. In fact it’s a pity we didn’t have an apple handy as I’m sure he would have rubbed it all over him and we could have bitten into it together. From then on I had to think up all kinds of excuses to justify my visiting him regularly, which was doubly difficult with my doting parents and my grandparents both under the same roof. But somehow I managed it. The weather was absolutely foul, so we spent most of the time indoors, or rather deliciously and deliriously in bed. Eventually, I announced that he had flu so was sent off with hot soup and grandmother’s remedies and even an apple pie (which we ate off each other) and life was bliss for a while. However, I must admit I had to hide a blush when my mother commented on how mature I was looking since my 18th birthday. I thought of all the wonderful things Ramon had taught me and how indecently carnivorous I’d become in the last week or so. Sometimes when I was slobbering over his dick like a suckling pig or honking like a wild duck as he drove his great hunk of meat into my slaughter house, I wondered rather guiltily if God might still be watching but comforted myself with the thought that, even if he was, he was hardly likely to tell my mother.

The model in these pictures is Russo


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