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Angel In Denial by Will
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Badpuppy Model - Andre Handsomely positioned behind the wheel of his shiny new red Fiat, the recently graduated college hunk motored his way from the bowels of Wisconsin to the Mecca of southern Florida. At the request of his uncle, a production manager at a local Cable channel in the Sunshine State, the handsome young man has come to assist in the 10th anniversary celebration at the station. The twenty-one year old stud had literally done cartwheels when his mother told him that Uncle Frank wanted him to spend time at his home South Beach. Florida. “South Beach!,” he had chortled, “The American Riviera! Wow!” He imagined that that was the perfect place to be for an attractive, ambitious young man such as himself. His dimpled cheeks and heart-melting violet eyes beamed brilliantly when he imagined it would be no time at all for him to find a great job and a wealthy lover in South Beach. Armed with the mystique of being recently graduated from a prestigious, Midwestern College, his degree in telecommunications should catapult him to the top of the food chain in no time at… in South Beach!

This young, broad-shouldered, sandy-haired, violet eyed Wisconsin stud’s name is Tyrone “Ty” Fallon. And as he soars up Ocean Drive, he is completely mesmerized by the dazzling, magical aura of the chic, Floridia oasis. As he whizzes, wide-eyed, down Euclid avenue towards his uncles house on 6th Street, he deeply inhales and absorbs the intoxicating sight of palm trees swaying sensuously in the balmy, early-summer, spice-scented breeze; Palm trees that line such picturesque, high-end streets, generously offering shade to opulent, brightly-hued houses, art galleries and colorful, avant-garde cafes. It was a heady, breathtaking experience for a comparatively innocent Midwestern boy.

After a few wrong turns, he eventually finds his uncle’s street, and finally the correct house number. Uncle Frank is ecstatic at the sight of his handsome nephew. They exchange greetings while they embrace, and spend the next hour or so, getting settled in; catching up on family gossip, etc. Eventually Frank Fallon got around to acquainting his young nephew with the importance of the 10th anniversary bash at the TV station. He began to stress the importance of Ty being his assistant in regards to the overall management of the event; and that he would also need him to handle some public relations responsibilities, as well. They spent about forty-five minutes reviewing all procedures and then doing a walk-through of all of Ty’s expected job functions.

Uncle Frank got a text message and tells Ty that he’s got to go deal with a few work-related chores at the station. As he prepares to depart, he urges Ty do some touring around town until he gets back later in the evening. And, also, that they’d pick up with Ty’s job orientation tomorrow.

After he unpacks, showers and settles in for an hour, the cute college grad ventures out on a tour of the fashionable metropolis. He check out the hottest clubs, restaurants and tattoo joints on Washington Ave. there were the open air cafes, art deco hotels, and that fantastic skyline on Ocean Drive. Collins Avenue showcased more impressive hotels and all the family restaurants. And it was on Lincoln Road in the pedestrian mall, where a person can eat, shop and show off your pedigree pup, did Ty Fallon grab a bite to eat, and then head back toward home.

As he’s about to make an illegal right turn on West Avenue, out of nowhere appears a squad car; and behind the wheel sits the most strikingly handsome police officer he had ever seen. Better yet, the most strikingly handsome MALE he had ever seen. The illegal right was a minor infraction, but the officer was unbelievably adamant…shouting and growling as though Ty had just gunned down a school busload of 2nd graders. Overbearingly authoritative, the Latin god in blue and brass was almost out-of-line. But the Wisconsin beauty was unperturbed by the gorgeous cops brute-force act. Ty Fallon himself had grown up with a super-macho father who could easily match this guy’s menacing masculine bravura in his sleep. And Ty had long ago become utterly immune to such testosteronic histrionics. And not only that, but Ty also ever so slightly detected and then swiftly recognized an Angel in Denial.

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Badpuppy Model - Andre

“What did I do?” calmly replied Ty to the officer’s testosteronic explosion, staring him directly in the eye, smiling.

This only served to further exacerbate the officer, as he continued to bellow. But not at any point of the tirade did Ty avert his firm, caressing stare into the outraged angel cop’s eyes. Almost mid-sentence, the officer went silent. For a split second, a look of absolute fear filled his beautiful, dark, flashing eyes, and he began to stutter. He then continued on, almost incoherently, completely averting Ty Fallon’s scrutinizing look, as he wrote out the ticket.

“Excuse me, officer..?”, began Ty, completely bemused, “I didn’t hear the last part of your comments”

The officer was almost visibly shaking. He was furious. He chose a spot on Ty’s forehead to stare at, and not into his eyes, and explained the “needless” ticket to him.

“Oh, darn..”, chided Ty, “..I thought you were giving me a ticket to the policeman’s ball. I’d be glad to go with…you.” Before he finished the sentence, the officer shoved the clipboard into Ty’s face for a signature, struggling valiantly to recover whatever police officer professionalism he had squandered a minute or so ago.

Ty Fallon looked at the perfectly formed and elegantly tanned hand that held the board. He looked out at the trim waistline, the expansive chest, the broad shoulders, the thick neck, and that perfect face with the smoldering wide set eyes, the prominent cheekbones, the chiseled nose, and the full, almost pouting lips. He was magnificent.

After he had signed the ticket, Ty looked up at him as he handed back the clipboard and said, “Don’t your feet get soaked all the time?”

Returning a noncommittal look, the officer didn’t answer, just took the board.

“You know..” Ty, continued, “..all that wading around in the De Nile…..doesn’t your feet get soaked and wet all the time. Careful, sir, that you don’t catch your death…of cold!”

Completely over-lorded by the armour of Ty’s unusual beauty, courage and quick wit, the officer moved back toward his car. Ty was suddenly further mesmerized by the undulation of officer’s buttocks beneath the uniform, and shouted after him, “Yo, Officer Zachary Vedders, you may not believe it……but you can be had!”

The tall, perfectly proportioned form of officer Zack Vedders visibly flinched. Then with cold, detached intent, he turned to face the young, handsome Midwesterner, and then nonchalantly slid into his cruiser, and hastily sped off.

Over the following week it seemed everywhere Ty Fallon went, there too, was the officer, waiting to ticket him. Once for jaywalking; once or littering; once for parking in a handicapped zone; and once for even spitting on the sidewalk - a bug had flown into Ty’s mouth one humid evening and he had spat it out – and there stood trusty Officer Vedders.

That was the day that Ty Fallon had to finally accept that payback is a bitch. He just had to accept that Zachary Vedders was one of the males that would sooner die than accept the possibility, or reality, of his homosexuality. And even though the handsome dark haired angel was the only sex partner that Ty could imagine himself with at the moment, he had to put a period behind it and move on. Because, without any further questioning, there just wasn’t anything happening with the homophobic Zachary Vedders.

On the morning of May 17th, Ty was met in the kitchen with his uncle Frank’s ecstatic enthusiasm. It was the day for the Anniversary celebration and his spirits were 8 miles high. Ty was enthused for him, and quietly hoped that he would be able to get that enthused about something in his life when he was an old man of 57. But he still suffered the realization that he was never going to have Zachary Vedders; and when you’re young, fertile, and from Wisconsin, love and sex takes precedence over all else.

Immediately uncle Frank chimed in with reminding Ty of all the job responsibilities he’ll need to perform during the course of the afternoon and evening to ensure that all goes well, and that will guarantee his tenure at the station.

“I’m primed, well-rehearsed, and rearing to go, Unc, don’t worry about a thing” replied the drowsy nephew from across the table, trying to elicit appropriate enthusiasm. But, he asked if he could bypass the massive anniversary breakfast for contributors at the Astor Hotel, and be excused from the huge anniversary luncheon for benefactors at the Delano Hotel. But that he would most definitely be at the station by three PM to coordinate for the televised celebration this evening. Somewhat reluctantly, Uncle Frank agreed. And on his way out to the anniversary Breakfast, he begged Ty to please not screw up.

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Badpuppy Model - Andre

As the front door slams shut, Ty grabs his half full cup of coffee and heads back to his room. Even though at this point, he totally hates officer Vedders, but hates him with such a vengeance that such a vengeance could only serve to expand his love tenfold for the Latin god. The Midwestern country boy has never felt like this before, and he sure as hell didn’t like this feeling. Realizing that he shouldn’t have had those five Daiquiris last night, when he reached his room, he lay down on his bed and fell immediately back to sleep.

He thought the ringing of the door bell was a dream, until he returned to consciousness, and realized that the door bell was actually ringing. He jumped up and solemnly lumbered back downstairs toward the front door.

“Hello! Have you still got the hots for me, boy?” gruffly murmured Officer Zack Vedders when Ty answered the door.

Ty could not answer. It was now his turn to be struck dumb. He was way too surprised and overcome by the moment, to be coherent about anything. His head was spinning wildly, his heart was thundering loudly, and a sudden erection was now wildly throbbing between his legs.

Finally offering officer Zack a strained smile, he valiantly struggles to recover from the shock of seeing the awesome angel at his front door. Finally, Ty masters presence of mind, and motions for the handsome cop to enter. Once inside, Zack faces Ty with glazed, pleading eyes that smolder with lust and need. “Well…well, if you don’t still have the hots for me; I sure as hell have got the hots for you, now. You’ve won, man, you’ve won!”

After a few seconds of completely metabolizing the reality that Officer Zachary Vedders now stood in his home – and with a glazed look of lust in his eyes, Ty Fallon finally heard himself saying aloud: “You… are… the… most handsome guy I have ever seen! Ever!”

“Then you’ve never looked in the mirror, have you?” replied Zack, smiling broadly and raising his hand to Ty’s face and removing an eyelash from his cheek.

“Oh, I’ve got no complaints about the way good ol’ Mother Nature put me together,” said Ty, smiling attractively, “But, thank God, I’m not just turned on by myself. I’d have a few problems trying to fuck my own ass, wouldn’t I”?

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Now that’s a sight I’d like to see.” Zack said, rolling his eyes for additional effect.

“Are you glad you came?” Ty asked after a short pause.

“Sure,” Zack answered, immediately wishing he hadn’t made the fag gesture with his eyes.

And there they stood….two healthy young men who seemed sexually compatible with each other. With their perfectly heterosexual demeanors, they could easily have a great time both in an out of bed. And yet, to pretend that the attraction is something other than just sex, would be foolish.

Ty and his police officer guest swaggered into the living room. The polished badge on Zack’s uniform glistened almost rhythmically in the sun that peeked warmly through the waterfront windows.

Badpuppy Model - Andre

“I would have thought you were Joe Straight, if you hadn’t given me a cue.” said Zack, seating himself on the couch.

“That’s one way to look at it, suppose,” replied Ty, as he slid down in a nearby comfy chair, “But I felt you right away.”

Zack’s paranoia seemed to surface again, and the conversation waned to an almost audible silence. It seemed they both were trapped in some space that prevented them from traveling any further toward their objective.

“Look,” said Zack, finally, feeling that if he didn’t do or say something quickly, the moment would continue to disintegrate completely. “You want me, sexually, and I like you sexually. And I just wanted to let you know that.... And, well, now, you know. There’s no big rush to do anything. I just wanted to put my cards on the to speak”

“Well, whatever,” said Ty, coming to his feet. He stood there in the middle of the room, stretching. Beneath his jeans, he felt his cock hard against his belly. He could not see it, but his cock eye was drooling a thin string of pre-seminal juices, part of which clung to the hair near his navel. His balls rolled and contorted in their furry sack. “…but I do have something else in mind” Ty continued. His violet eyes were limped behind those long thick, blonde eyelashes. The cleft in his chin was filled with shadow. A new energy was entering the room and it was simmering hot!

“Really?” began a sleepy-eyed Zack, “Well… about if you sit your hot, blonde ass right down here on this hard Italian cock, beneath my uniform?” Ever since he had stepped inside the house, Zack’s thick, hairy cock had lengthened into a fearsome hard-on.

“How about if I lift my legs, and you shove your hard cock up my ass?” countered Ty.

“I think I’d like that better. Right now, I’m in the mood for one damn good screw; any kind of screw; and know you’re capable of delivering a really HOT one!”

Zack’s large right hand flew down to the front of his uniform and began to heartily grip and grope his swollen meat. His eyes glazed over and he felt himself fumbling with his fly. And in an instant, his gorgeous Italian cock was in plain view of Ty’s hungry and grateful eyes. It was at least ten inches, and Zack milked the shaft as it released its pre-cum liquid. He used the heel of his right thumb to smear the sticky juice all over his cock corona.

Ty stood there, totally mesmerized by the size, power and aroma of Zack’s twitching, throbbing truncheon. And before he knew it, the tall peace officer [piece offerer] was out of his uniform and ready for action. “What’s the got your tongue, boy? You gonna join me or not.” groaned the naked Italian cop, moving up to the entranced college grad.

“Have you got a bedroom? Or are we going to do it right here, babe?” asked Zack, as he approached Ty, placing his right hand behind blonde stud’s neck, and pressing his hot Italian lips to his.

“Oh, yeah, yeah…” hoarsely whispered Ty, when Zack finally released the hot, wet, lip lock.

Ty led Zack up the stairs to his room and they both jumped on the bed. Instantly Zack snuggled between Ty’s legs. Lifting those hairy blonde legs, he mused, “Humm..let’s just see what it is you’re offering me.” He then hooked Ty’s legs high in the air.

Zack then leaned forward. He brought his face down close to Ty’s crotch. He stuck out his tongue. He licked along Ty’s cock neck. He left a trailing of spit from Ty’s cock head to Ty’s cock roots. Then his wet, jubilant tongue moved on to Ty’s juicy balls.

“Oh, damn it, you tease!” grunted Ty, lifting his crotch up to greet Zack’s tongue.

Zack lifted Ty’s legs higher. Zack’s bowed head went deeper. His tongue moved along that band of dark flesh connecting Ty’s scrotum to his asshole.

“Yeah, you bastard, give my asshole your tongue”, chortled Ty. “Get my hot anus all nice and juiced-up so it can take that monster Italian cock of yours!”

Zack shoved his nose in and around Ty’s sweaty ball sac, nuzzling, sniffing, inhaling those large nuts. Zack burrowed further. He licked the wiry, honey-colored hair lining Ty’s ass crack.

“Diaaamm, lick it. Jeez, yeah, lick it!” Ty loudly encouraged. He wiggled and writhed his ass up into Zack exploring face. Excitedly, he accepted Zack’s lascivious foray between his legs.

Ty’s erotic contortions served only to further fuel Zack’s lust; his tongue got busier and became more lust-driven. Groaning like a starved beast, the police officer hungrily commenced to lave his licker directly on the puckered hole, kissing and sucking it savagely. He then deposited a glob of saliva to Ty’s ass lips and then greedily sucked it back up again.

“Oh, shit..! Yeah! Yeah! Tongue Fuck my asshole, officer Vedders!” cried Ty. His young cock gushed yet another deluge of pre-seminal liquid. The thick, transparent juice pooled in the indent of Ty’s belly button, “Yes!...Jab your long, thick tongue so far up my fuck chute that I’ll think its your giant stallion cock up there!” growled Ty.

Zack rolled his tongue, and his pointed tongue-tip pushed firmly against Ty’s pucker.

“Stick it in! Pleeez..stick it in!” begged Ty, wildly squirming his body into the hot Italian’s devouring mouth. Anxiously, Ty Fallon hungered and lusted for the slippery bulk of Zack’s thick tongue to be buried up inside his rectum. “Ummmm Ummm…push that fat tongue tip all the way up to my prostate. Come oooonnn, man! Git it in there!”

Zack pressed and pressed until his tongue penetrated the tight sphincter. Ty’s asshole opened sensually around Zack’s persistently snaking tongue. Zack began to push deeper, deeper, deeper until his profusely salivating mouth came down to form a circle around Ty’s pucker. But the invading tongue continued to voraciously stimulate and tantalize the satiny rectum walls. Ty began to believe that the handsome cop’s tongue really would reach his prostate. God, what a tongue! And God, what a stud that’s attached to it.

“Yes….Yes….God…..Yes!” Ty feverishly groaned, crazily humping his ass into Zack’s flushed, perspiring face.

“Eat…my….funky….asshole!” loudly chanted Ty. But Zack found nothing unclean at all about the college stud’s asshole. Nothing but a neutral taste of sweat and hot skin washed over his devouring tongue’s taste buds; and he was ecstatic with what he tasted.

“Oh yes….chew on my rectum! EAT THAT ASS!” Ty wildly commanded. His rigid cock thumped hard against his six-pack belly, releasing even more drool.

Zack used his tongue as a funnel. He fed his spit through the tubing and into Ty’s ass. He fed more and more and more of his saliva into the steamy inferno. He wanted Ty’s fuck chute good and juicy. He wanted it wet and slippery for what would soon be en route up into Ty’s sensitive bowels.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, nooooo..!” Ty moaned in disappointment as Zack finally pulled his tongue free. But his disappointment was short-lived. The college grad quickly sensed what was coming next. His excitement expanded tenfold when he considered that if Zack’s tongue was hot enough to make him feel so damn good, then Zack’s cock being rammed up inside his ass was going to feel one hell of a lot better.

Zack held his left forearm in front of his face as if fending off a blow. He moved that forearm forward, pressing it against the back of Ty’s thighs, bringing them down to Ty’s chest. He looked down into the sex-drenched face of his new blonde lover. Ty returned the glance, his eyes as bright as beacons. Zack used his right hand to grab his raring cock. It stood out and up in front the Italian god, the tip of it glistening eloquently with a glaze of pre-cum. Zack gave a good pump, and another copious washing of preseminal juice pooled in his cock eye.

Zack maneuvered to press his cock down; down toward Ty’s wet, slippery hole. He first let the raging cock nestle sweetly on the bottom of Ty’s ass crack; gently sliding it across the wet, juicy, hyper sensitive anus. Then easing back, he pressed the cock further down. The huge prick trailed a sticky slick of pre-cum juice across Ty’s cock and balls.

“Oh, stop it, man! Come on, Stick It In! Pleeez!” cried out the impatient Midwestern blonde stud. As he begged, he frantically struggled to shove his burning boy-pussy up at Zack’s raging cock.

Instantly, he felt Zack’s cock corona make contact with his wet, slippery hole. Ty’s spirit took flight when he felt all the warm, sticky dampness of Zack’s cockhead as it profusely leaked on his begging anus. Swiftly, Zack slammed it in; three inches of it, anyway. His cockhead slipped between Ty’s rolled-back sphincter ring, pulling inches of hard Italian cock neck behind it.

Oh, Jeeeeeeeeeezzzzuuus!”, growled Ty, followed by a sudden bucking of his ass; which succeeded in enlodging a couple more inches of Zack’s cock deep inside his welcoming hole.

With five inches of his cock already up in Ty’s anus, Zack wasted no time working to insert the rest of his lengthy sexual meatiness. He leaned forward, his shoulders pushing against the backs of Ty’s uplifted legs.

“Oh….fuck….meeee….fuck….my …tight….tight…ass!” Ty begged as though in a delirium; his head rolled from side to side on the pillows; his frantic hands wildly ripped and tore at the bedspread. Now that he had part of Zack’s cock, he wanted more of it… he wanted All of it! Ty insanely craved complete possession of Zack’s solid sex stiffness. He lusted for the Italian cop’s blood-engorged meatiness inside of him…..deep and hard inside of him. He hungered for the wood-stiff thickness of Zack’s lust-bloated hardness fiercely jabbing his prostate; mercilessly rubbing and gliding against it.

Ty got his wish.


Zack gave two short fuck movements, followed by brutal push. His huge Italian cock shoved in to its bulky, hairy balls. Ty’s anus formed an oval snugness around Zack’s cock roots; his huge scrotum swung to a deliciously painful slapping rhythm against Ty’s upturned buttocks.

“Oh, man, do it!” cried Ty. His head rolled erratically back and forth as he struggled frantically to will his anus to adjust to the painful fullness that now stuffed it.

“Damn! Your asshole is tight!” said Zack; his voice was low, and breathless.

“I don’t offer my ass to just anyone”. uttered Ty, with a strained voice.

“Their loss…” grunted Zack, grinding to make sure his total inches were indeed all gummed up inside Ty’s asshole, “….is my gain!”

Ty’s hands went in search of his crotch. His right hand found his cock; his left hand found his balls. Furiously, he pumped his cock neck. He rubbed, squeezed and rolled his testicles together, enjoying the radiating pain/pleasure that came into being as result.

“Fuck me, cop-stud!” grumbled Ty, “Fuck your man-cock up my FUCKIN’ man-ass.”

Zack’s gyrating hips pulled his cock outward. Behind it, Zack’s drooling cock mouth left more preseminal juices to act as added lubricant.

Ty’s bowel contracted behind Zack’s penis, seeming reluctant to release what Zack was dragging free.

Zack withdrew his cock until its head was all that remained inside of Ty’s body. An inch of cock was inside Ty’s ass, Zack’s remaining ten inches spanned the distance to Zack’s muscled lower belly. Then, without warning Zack savagely slammed back in.

Ty looked down over his chest and stomach. Through his lust-filled exhilaration, he catch glimpses of Zack’s cock driving into his ass and then pulling way out again. Ty’s viewing of the cop’s disappearing and reappearing cock added a voyeuristic aspect to the screw.

Zack fucked Ty’s ass. He really fucked Ty’s ass! And as he did so, Zack found himself admitting that Ty’s rectum was totally different from all the pussies he had ever screwed in his lifetime. Zack didn’t know how Ty’s ass was different. He just knew that it sure as hell was.

Ty’s hand was wildly pumping away on his cock, keeping cadence with Zack’s hearty plowing of his ass. Zack’s scrotum was beginning its contractions. His nut sac was brought up to the base of his cock. His testicles were chock full of thick, milky-white Italian cum. Zack’s cock was swelling from the friction caused by the fierce push and shove against Ty’s burning, inner ass walls.

“Fuck me…Fuck meeeeeeee EEEEE!.” chortled Ty, his voice dissolving into a loud grunt as Zack’s cock torqued over Ty’s swollen prostate.

The intensity Zack and Ty’s activities begun to produce sweat; abundance sweat. Their beautiful bodies began to glisten and glow like two Olympian gods.

Ty continued to view the up-and-down, in-and-out thrusts and withdrawals of Zack’s mighty cock. He also concentrated on his own hand furiously beating his own cock. It all combined together into one thoroughly erotic tableau. But Ty was so caught up in the ecstasy of his ass being boned, that he didn’t foresee his fingers bringing his cock so quickly to the point of eruption. It was difficult not to keep up the frantic masturbatory pumping, but Ty didn’t want to shoot off without Zack. So, he quit his pumping. He loosened his grip on his meat, and then shut his eyes to cut off even the visual stimuli. His struggled to concentrate as much attention as possible to the difficult task of holding his orgasm off for a few more seconds. But it seemed an almost impossible chore.

Zack suddenly sensed Ty’s closeness. He felt the high-pitched state of excitement. Zack was surprised. With most of the females he knew, he had to struggle on for close to forty minutes in some cases before they were ready. And he had long ago reached that level of expertise which allowed him to time his own orgasm pretty close to that of his partner. But now Zack was getting orgasmic so soon, only because Ty was really to blow. And of course, Zack was also excited because Ty’s awesome ass was so damn hotly snug and fiercely tight around every inch of his fucking tool. Promptly, Zack accelerated his fucking cadence. Swiftly Zack’s pleasure neared its apex, because he knew that Ty was so close to bustin’ his nut, as well.

“I’m….going……to….fuuucck….your……tight……masculine….male……ass.” chanted Zack, each word heralding either a push or a pull of his screwing cock inside Ty’s hole.

“I’m…..going……to…..blast…..your……ass…..full…..of……..Italian….sex cream ……you bastard…… fucking, fucking bastard…….TAKE IT!!!”

Zack savagely grunted as he brutally plunged in and out. When he uttered “TAKE IT” he shoved in hard and deep, burying his cock to its balls inside Ty’s rectum. He gave one more frantic withdrawal stroke, then slammed his cock home again. His penis erupted amid his loud echoing bestial growls of climax.

Ty’s entire body trembled and spasmed with lust, yelling, “Yea….yes…..yes…Oh, yes….!” He loudly rejoiced in his being filled full of hot Italian male cream. Swiftly, his hand tightened over his cock. His fingers squeezed around his nuts. “Oh, damn…Zack…Zack…Oh Jeez…..beautiful stud, Zack!”

In a spasmodic bucking movement, Zack’s hips pulled back to drag his exploding cock head to the lips of Ty’s spasming asshole. A halo of Zack’s ejaculating sex cream formed at Ty’s pucker. When he slammed his truncheon back in again, the ring of cum remained. At the end of Zack’s fuck stroke, the circle of sperm was mashed between Zack’s lower belly and Ty’s ass cheeks. The thick white juices melted into a messy stickiness within Zack’s great bush of pubic hair.

“Oh, my god!” Ty grunted, his sweat-soaked body spasming from head to toe. “Oh, my sweet goddam, fucking, shit…ah….ahhhh AAAHHHHAAAEEEEEEIIII!”

Ropes of pearly goo arched from Ty’s puking cock mouth. His white comet-like spermal blastings shot up as far as Ty’s jugular notch. Less forceful ejaculations made strings of white spooge along his muscular body. All the while, Ty pumped his meat, and he squeezed his balls. He groaned and moaned out his rapturous pleasure of having his ass filled to its brim with Zack’s hot, sexual juices.

And as he writhed, screamed and shot his load, the phone began to ring. It rang and rang until it eventually penetrated the ecstatic, post coital fog of ecstasy in which the two boys now dwelt.

“Oh, shit..”, grunted Ty, looking at the clock. It read 3:15pm. Picking up the receiver he immediately shouted, “I’m on my way, unc!” and hung up.

“What do you mean ‘you’re on your way’?”, asked Zack, grabbing Ty by the arm as he started to jog for the bathroom.

“I gotta go, man, I’m late for work!”, chortled Ty, trying to free his arm.

“Oh, I don’t think so, blondie,” announced Zack, pulling the college grad back onto the bed. Crawling atop him, Zack sexily coos to his new playmate that he too had played hooky from work to come over to surrender to him today. So Ty owed it to him to stay home and play the rest of the day with him. At first Ty struggled to get up. But after a few minutes of Officer Zachary Vedders skilled seductive powers, Tyrone Fallon soon forgot where he was, and where he was supposed to be. He only knew that he was on the proverbial cloud nine with the man of his dreams. And he surrendered to that man over and over again during the course of the afternoon.

Perhaps someplace in the back of Ty Fallon’s mind he knew that there was an anniversary to be celebrated somewhere on May 17th. But was positive that those festivities somewhere compared miserably to the celebration he was reveling in with Officer Zachary Vedders on such an exotic, balmy night in… South Beach – The American Riviera!

The model in these pictures is Andre


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