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Andy and the Lion’s Mane by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Johnnie LeeI’d just moved in to my new home, a two bedroom apartment on a bluff. The view was spectacular, and the rent was quite reasonable. The front of the apartment overlooked the bluff, my patio and kitchen window only a couple of yards from a 50 foot drop to the river below. The back of the apartment faced a small, well-kept grassy area that was shared by the three other apartment units around it. In the evening, I would leave the curtain and the sliding glass door open in my bedroom to view the serene, softly lit grassy area, the scent of jasmine floating in on the cool night breeze.

The rental agent, a nice middle-aged woman, told me that only one other of the units in my “quad” was occupied. “They are a really sweet couple,” she said as she gave me the tour of my then-empty apartment, “she’s a buyer for a large department store downtown and he’s in construction. I know that she’s usually gone during the week, flying to Paris, London, etc. on buying trips for her work.” I remember nodding, going back to the rental office, and filling out the paperwork for the apartment.

It was maybe three days later, when I first met my neighbors. I had finished my laundry and was folding it in my bedroom, using the bed for the stacks of clothes until I finished folding. It was hot, the sun shining down brightly on the grassy area and, when I looked up at the sounds, I noticed two people had decided to take advantage of the sunlight.

The woman, a slightly built, model-beautiful type, lay in a small bikini top and one of those thong style bottoms, her buttocks golden where exposed. Her body, while not sexually attractive to me, was lightly tanned and firm, a straight man’s dream. My dream was lying next to her. He was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans that barely hit the top of his thighs. His body was strongly muscled; the pecs firm mounds of flesh, the arms and legs almost bulky but not quite. He, too, was tanned, and had the most beautiful hair I’d ever seen on a man. It swept, thick and healthy looking, in a golden mane over his head and down his back to nearly below his shoulder blades. I watched for a short while, and then finished folding and putting away my clothing. An hour in the sun sounded good to me also, so I put my own nautilus-sculpted body into swim trunks, grabbed a towel and tanning lotion, and walked out onto the grassy area.

They looked up and smiled at me as I spread my towel near them, angled so that I could look right at golden boy if I wanted to. She had on large sunglasses, so I couldn’t see what color eyes she had (even if I was interested), but his electric blue eyes burned into my own as he smiled and made introductions.

Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee “Hi, I’m Andy Vickers and this is Pam, my wife.” I introduced myself, Andy and I chatting idly while his wife settled back to her own thoughts. “So, Mike, what do you think about this place?”

“It’s very comfortable, lots of room, nice views and all. I loved it from the start. What about you and Pam?”

He glanced at his wife, again on her stomach and her bare buns to the sun. “Pam’s not here much, so I guess I’m the one who ‘fell in love’ with our apartment. I liked this area, though, and the rent’s all right. What do you do for a living, Mike?”

“I teach computer science courses at the local community college.” Although I already knew the answer, I thought it best to return the question, “How about you two?”

“I’m a construction worker, if you couldn’t guess,” he said grinning, flexing his arms and chest briefly, “and Pam’s the head buyer for Carmen’s downtown. It works out ok, I guess, but I’d rather have her home more often.”

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Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee Pam stirred at this remark and turned over, taking off her sunglasses to glare at the blond giant. “Pay no attention to him, Mike, this is an old argument that, if he has any brains at all, he will stop talking about.” She picked up her things, glared again at Andy, and stomped back into their apartment. “Oh, Mike?” she said, turning back just before she closed their bedroom window, “it was good to meet you.” The window closed with a slam behind her.

Andy winced at the sound and grinned at me. “Sorry about that. We’d been arguing about Pam’s schedule for quite a while now, ever since she started as head buyer. I keep trying to get her to pass some of the work to her helpers, but she insists that it’s her responsibility, etc. We end up fighting every time I bring the subject up.”

I had been watching the play of muscles across Andy’s body as he moved and how his hair floated around his shoulders when I realized he was talking to me. “Oh, sorry, Andy. I was just thinking about getting a beer. Want one?”

“Sure thing. A beer sounds real good in this sun, Mike. Thanks.” I got up and walked back to my apartment, filled a cooler with ice and a six pack, and returned to the area. Handing Andy a cold one, we sipped our beers and let the sun bake our bodies. My wristwatch, lying next to me, beeped and I reached for the sun lotion. I applied it over my chest, legs and arms, and lay back on the towel. “Mike, could I use some of your lotion? Pam took ours back inside, and she’s in such a bad mood, I don’t want to go inside quite yet.” I handed to him, and he applied it, the sight stirring my cock and causing me to flip over hastily. Andy turned and noticed that I had turned over. “Hey buddy, you’ll burn yourself without this stuff.” He squirted a gob into his hands and rubbed it into my back. My cock nearly broke through the thin fabric of my trunks as his rough hands anointed my back, stroking downwards to my ass. He finished and handed me the lotion. He turned around, pulled his gorgeous hair back from his shoulders and said, “How about doing me?” I gulped, nodded, and spread some lotion over his back, enjoying the feel of his supple skin and hard muscled back under my hands. In all too quick of time, I had finished as well, and we lay back, sipping beer and tanning until the sun began to slip down behind the apartments.

The rest of that month went by quickly, with Pam, Andy and I forming quite a trio. We got together by chance two or three times a week, or so I thought, having dinner together or just spending some “quality time” out on our grassy area, still the only two occupied apartments in the quad. It was as clear as the dick between my legs that the Vickers were having some serious marital problems, but I didn’t realize how serious until the day I went over to their apartment at Pam’s request for technical assistance.

Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee Pam’s company had just sent her a brand-new computer to keep track of all the buying she was doing, so that she could just upload the files as she returned from her trips. She pleaded with me to set it up so that it was easy enough for her to use, and so I happily built scripts and buttons for Pam while she puttered about bringing me beers and munchies. Andy was not home as yet, Pam said that he’d be working late and wouldn’t be home until sometime around seven that evening.

I had just completed my final script when the door opened and Andy walked in, his whole body one walking, sweaty muscle. His beautiful mane of hair was trapped in a tight ponytail that he’d stuck under his tight t-shirt to keep it even further out of his way. “Hey, buddy,” he said, the weary smile lightening his face, “good to see you. Helping Pam with her computer?” I nodded, watching him peel off the grimy t-shirt to reveal his gorgeous chest. He removed the rubber band from the ponytail and shook out his head like a dog, the golden mane fluffing out around his head. He straightened up and scratched a spot behind his ear, then excused himself to take a quick shower. I finished my beer and returned the bottle to the kitchen, since I knew that Andy liked to recycle. As I passed the closed bedroom door, I heard them arguing again about Pam’s schedule. Their voices were muffled by the door, but I could make out the anger in Pam’s voice, and then it grew quiet when the shower turned on. I sat down on the couch and waited, and soon Pam came out, anger written all over her face.

“I’m done with your computer, Pam,” I said, pretending that I hadn’t heard any of the argument in the bedroom, “may I show you what I’ve done?”

“Please, Mike, I’d like that.” She spent the next fifteen minutes with me, yet not with me, only half-listening as I described how each script worked and the master menu that made them all work. Finally, I shut down her computer and stood up, stretching and saying, “Hope it works out for you. Let me know if I can help out again.”

“I will, Mike, thanks again. Oh, and Andy says thanks too...” Her half-hearted attempt to cover up their fight was so pitiful I decided to just pretend that nothing happened, and returned to my apartment.

Maybe an hour later there was a knock on my door, and when I opened it, Andy stood there, so angry he couldn’t even say anything besides, “Can I come in?” I nodded and stood back, watching him move lion-like into the apartment.

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Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee He sat down on the couch and then apologized for dropping by so late. “I guess you probably know by now that Pam and I are fighting.”

“Yeah, you guys haven’t been too good at hiding it,” I said, handing him a beer and sitting beside him with my own.

Andy took a pull on the bottle, then said, “you probably also know that we’ve been fighting about the same thing for a long time.”

I nodded and waited for the rest of the story.

“Pam’s thrown me out of the apartment for tonight. She’s got a big meeting tomorrow early morning and said that she didn’t want to ruin her sleep by having me around.” Andy took a big pull from his bottle, then said, “Shit, Mike, she’s turned into some kind of hard hearted bitch about her job, and she treats me like dirt. I need my sleep too, construction work isn’t just muscles.”

Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee I thought a minute and weight the situation. “Does Pam know you’re over here?”

“Hell yes,” he said, “she even told me to go sleep with my buddy Mike, since that was about as much sex as I could expect from her!”

I nearly dropped my beer and covered the slip with a careful grab at something on the floor by the couch. My mind was conjuring up all kinds of things I wanted to do to and with Andy, none of them conducive to softening my engorged cock. Finally, I said, “You can sleep with me, Mike, I’ve got a big California king bed, so you’ll have as much space as you want. I don’t snore, so I surely won’t keep you awake.” We looked at the couch together, and I said, “I wouldn’t recommend this couch, its too soft and your back would be so messed up you wouldn’t be able to work. Trust me on this one, I tried it the last time I had company and slept out here, damn near had to go to a chiropractor afterwards.”

Andy smiled and said, “No problem, Mike. That will work out fine.”

“Hey, have you had dinner yet, Andy? I’m starved.”

Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee He shook his head. “Nope, Pam kicked me out before I had a chance to eat anything.”

I rummaged in my kitchen and found that I could come up with a dinner of pasta with clam sauce, garlic French bread and a tossed green salad. We continued on beer and ate for the first time on my new dining room table. Andy was quiet through most of the meal, only making comments about how good the food was, etc. When we were done eating, he helped me clean up and then we sat in the living room to watch some TV. The only furniture in the living room were the couch, the entertainment system and a couple of bookcases, so Andy sat with me on the couch. As the movie continued, Andy moved about the apartment, restless and bothered by something. When his movement got too distracting, I turned off the movie and faced him.

“OK, you’re too keyed up to sit still, so let’s talk it out. What’s going on and how can I help?”

Andy grinned and apologized for his behavior. “Sorry I’m so hyper, Mike, but I miss some of the things Pam and I used to do when we were watching TV.”

“Like what?”

Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee “Well, she’d sit on the couch and I’d lie against the couch between her legs. She’d rub my shoulders and arms while we watched the show.”

I turned the movie back on and sat up on the edge of the couch. Spreading my legs, I said, “Not a problem, Andy, I can do just about anything Pam can, if it would make you feel better.”

He smiled and, like a trusting little boy, sat facing the TV with his head and shoulders between my legs. I pulled his hair back so that it wouldn’t get caught, then massaged his shoulders, neck and arms slowly and carefully. “Ummmm, Ahhhh, that feels really good, Mike,” he said, nearly purring like a kitten. I found that he liked to have his hair fussed with and, upon returning from a piss, had brought my new boar bristle hairbrush out with me. Carefully pulling the brush through his long tresses, I gave him the one-hundred strokes every woman knows to give their hair to keep it healthy. His hair responded admirably, becoming fuller and lighter with each stroke.

He excused himself and used the bathroom, and said when he came back, “Mike, my hair looks great, better than ever!” He took some of his hair and spread it over his shoulders, looking more like my pet name for him, and then returned to sit in front of me. When the movie was over, he turned and said, “That massage really felt good. Could you do the rest of me?”

Stunned, I said yes, and he pulled off his shirt and jeans, leaving him in a pair of tight, white bikini briefs. Misunderstanding my expression, he just grimaced and said, “Pam found these on one of those damn shopping trips. Whenever she finds what she thinks is sexy male clothing, she gets some for me and makes me wear it for her.” He looked down at the bulge of his equipment, straining the fabric as if it could rip through any minute. “They’re so damn uncomfortable, but if I go buy myself anything else, she totally loses it and shit fallout happens for a week after.” I just found my voice and told him to lie down.

He lay face down on the couch and I finished his shoulders, arms and back, then worked on his firm calves and thighs. As I stroked the muscled flesh under my fingers, I couldn’t help but notice that Andy was getting uncomfortable, squirming around as if he was trying to adjust his position in some way. He especially flinched whenever my hands moved into his upper thigh, moving inward to where his legs met his ass. “You have a lot of tension here, Andy,” I said as I continued stroking the meaty thighs near the junction, “May I help you release it?”

“Um, sure, Mike, just be gentle...”

I wondered what he was talking about, and as I started stroking the white cotton covered space between his legs, moving up towards his asshole and down to his balls, he reared up briefly and reached underneath himself. My thumbs had just touched the underside of his ballsack, and I felt him adjusting his cock and balls before he settled back down. “Are you OK?” I said, stopping my massage and checking on him.

“Sure, just got a little confining in these damn briefs.” He fidgeted again, reaching under himself and doing another adjustment.

“If you’d be more comfortable, why not take ‘em off? It’s not like there’s anybody here who’s going to see you.”

Andy became still for a couple of minutes, and then with a shrug he grabbed the waistband of his bikinis and pulled them down to his lower thighs. His white, hard buttocks came into view, lightly furry across the main area, but getting thicker and darker as it entered the cleavage. Inside, the hair was as thick as his pubic bush, guarding his asshole with an almost religious zeal. He said, “I’ll turn over and you can pull these off.” He flipped over onto his butt and lifted his legs a little.

Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee Momentarily stunned by the sheer beauty and masculinity of his buttocks, I didn’t even register the ten inches of hard monster that slapped against his hard belly as he turned over. “Mike, the briefs?” I shook my head and grabbed the underwear and pulled it off, tossing it onto the pile of Andy’s clothes. Now my gaze was riveted to the piece of meat that rose from his balls and nearly passed his belly button. Shaking my head again, I moved forward to begin working Andy’s chest and abs, my elbow and forearm bumping lightly into Andy’s cock with each stroke. I could tell that Andy was getting turned on, mostly by the accidental contact to his baby maker, but I wanted to give him a real massage before contemplating anything more sexual. Just as my hands touched his public bush (as well as about three inches of his thick cock), I moved down to his upper thighs and worked the front of his legs. Andy began purring again, and I continued this for nearly twenty minutes a leg. When the massage was over, I sat back and felt a wet spot and looked down at my crotch. A damp area, about the size of a quarter, sat at the exact end point of my own erection, the underside of the head nearly visible in the wet fabric. Andy looked up and grinned, and said, “Better get your clothes off, Mike, don’t want to stain them or something.” He sat up and helped me pull off my shirt, shoes and socks, then watched as I dropped my jeans and underwear.

I’m proud of my body, having kept in shape ever since high school, and although it wasn’t as muscled as Andy’s, I had a pretty good build. Andy grabbed my arm and pulled me so that I lay across him on the couch, our cocks having a little sword fight as I adjusted for a more comfortable position. “I’ve got other tensions that need to be released,” he said, nearly whispering into my ear as he stroked my body with his free hand. “Pam and I, because of our fighting, haven’t had relations for nearly two months, and I’m getting tired of beating off.” He grinned, this time a bit mischievous and said, “Maybe you can help me?”

I didn’t say a word, just reversed myself on the couch and pulled his cock into my mouth. His groan of pleasure echoed mine as he followed suit, his mouth wrapping around my cock and giving as good as he got. We continued our 69 perhaps twenty minutes, alternatively sucking cock and balls (he had an excellent technique with his tongue on my frenum that spoke of previous experience with cocks) until he stopped and sat up, pulling me up into his arms.

“Where’s that bed of yours, Mike?” he growled, his cock turgid and so ready for fucking that it looked like it could split at any moment. I led him into the bedroom, and grabbed lube and some rubbers from the dresser drawer. Tossing them to his eager hands, I got onto my hands and knees on the bed, spread my legs a bit and waited for him to poke me with that huge cock. I figured that, being straight, this position would be easier for him to adjust to, since he’d not be looking at a guy as he fucked, but Andy surprised me by flipping me over and, after spreading my legs, moved down to pull my cock back into his mouth. While I enjoyed this feeling, his hands were busy lubing my ass, lightly fingering me until one finger was well inside me, then two, then finally three fingers before he slowly removed them and his mouth from my body. I looked up at him, and he smiled, then grasped my legs and put them over his shoulders. He leaned forward, pressing inward so that my butt naturally rose up and then I felt the tip of his cock against my pucker hole. He moved forward again to kiss me, and as his lips locked against mine, he slipped that 10 inch monster into my ass!

Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee I’d never taken a cock that big before and had worried about how that was going to fit inside me, but Andy seemed to be well aware of how big his cock was and the best methods to get it inside. While he kept my mouth busy his cock sank deeper and deeper into me, the pain much less than I had expected and strangely pleasant. His upper body was making sure that a lot of contact was being made, so I could feel his hard pecs sliding against mine as he pressed against me, his lower body focusing at the insert point of his cock. All too soon his cock was all the way inside me and he lay with me a while to let my ass get used to his monster before he fucked my lights out.

Andy slowly moved his cock in and out; a little hip motion that sent shivers up my spine. All the while he was doing this; the majority of his upper body was in contact with mine, his full firm pecs and abs brushing against mine as he slowly fucked me. He had grasped my hands some where in the mix, and now spread his arms so that mine spread with him, trapping me against the bed with his upper body although I wouldn’t have tried to get up for anything!

His mouth wasn’t idle either as he alternated between kissing me fully on the lips, sometimes slipping his tongue into my mouth or then moving around my face, lightly butterfly kissing my nose and eyelids to rest briefly at my earlobes, which he teased with little nips and gnaws. My body was becoming one large erogenous zone, and Andy was activating it fully.

With some reluctance, he released my hands, raised my ass up a bit and then got into piston fucking mode, satisfied that my ass was ready for deeper and faster penetration. He bent forward just before he began and kissed me, then positioned himself and damn near slammed me so hard I nearly made a deep impression into the mattress! What came next was a good thirty minutes of prostate pounding pleasure, the ecstasy of his slow fucking having blossomed into this fast and hard fucking to where my body was alive with sensation. I knew that he was doing great things inside me, as I must have had a five inch wide puddle of precum at my belly button. Every time his cockhead smacked my joy button, my precum almost shot out of my dick.

The onslaught began to taper off, and now he was fucking me with more control, alternating between short jabs and long slow strokes, both of which were bringing me closer and closer to a mind shattering orgasm. When he grabbed my cock and began slowly jacking me, I was all but ready to come, and it only took him to reach out and play with one of my nipples, his own chest pumped into full glory before my eyes that did it for me.

Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee I had been told by other fuck buddies that my ass had an interesting clutching motion when I was getting ready to cum, and that during orgasm my ass would literally milk their cum from them. From the expression on Andy’s face, I could see he was experiencing this feeling, and as my cock erupted, his face changed again and he shouted as his cock began filling the rubber inside me.

I think I could have came for hours watching the play of Andy’s superb muscles on his body as he orgasmed. This man was built like a Greek statue, and the only thing that was not in proportion to said statue was the ten inches of fuck meat that was busily throbbing in my asshole. All too soon, we’d both spent ourselves and he all but collapsed on top of me, our chests pressed together and his monster still inside me, almost right back to where we’d started almost an hour earlier.I had no complaints about this hunky young man’s body being deposited on top of mine, and from his slow, rhythmic breathing, I guessed he’d fallen almost asleep. Well, other than the cooling mess between our abs, I was content to let him be my top blanket and drifted off to sleep myself. Some time went by, and I woke up enough to feel him stir and slowly, gently pull his softened yet still good-sized cock out of my ass.

“That’s too bad, I was just getting used to it,” I quipped, and he laughed as he rolled over to lay beside me, carefully peeling off the rubber and tossing it into the trashcan.

“Hmm, feel up to a shower, Mike?” he said as he scratched the dried material on his tight abs, “I think I have just enough stamina to get that done and dried off before I fall asleep for the next 20 years.”

I laughed and got out of bed, grabbing his hand as I passed and pulled him into the bathroom. We got the water going to a temperature we liked, got in and cleaned each other well with only a little horseplay before we shut off the water, got out and dried each other off carefully. When we were dry enough, we returned to the bedroom, changed the stained sheets on the bed and then fell into it, Andy surprising me by curling up around me so that I fit into the curve of his body.

“Shh, what kind of buddy would I be to fuck you and then sleep all the way across on the other side of the bed?” Andy said as one muscled arm reached across my side and wrap around me. I didn’t say anything, just snuggled in tighter and soon our breathing slowed down and we slept.

Badpuppy Model - Johnnie Lee The next morning I woke up, the hole on the side of the bed telling me that Andy had gotten up and left in the night. Well, I figured that last night was special and wasn’t going to happen again, although both my ass and my cock sure wished it would! I got up, did my stretching exercises and padded out to the kitchen to get something to eat. Standing there, expertly flipping pancakes even though he was stark naked, was Andy.

He looked at me, smiled and pointed to a place already set at the table. A glass of juice, well fried bacon and egg and an empty coffee cup sat beside the plate, and as I sat down, he came over and poured strong, hot coffee into the cup. In a couple of minutes two hot pancakes joined the rest of the food on the plate, and in a few more minutes he had joined me with his own pancakes and coffee.

“Thought I’d pay back some for the hospitality you showed me last night, Mike,” he said as he nonchalantly buttered his pancakes before pouring warmed syrup on them. As I stared dumbly at him, he grinned back. “I guess you’re a little confused about last night and how willing I was to have sex with a guy?”

I finally found my voice. “Yeah, the fact that you’re straight and married did somewhat confuse me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute of it and wouldn’t have traded it for anything!” He laughed and I continued, “But I guess part of me is wondering, why me and another part is thinking, what about Pam?”

He looked at me briefly and said, “Don’t get me wrong, Mike, I still love Pam and always will. However, before I met Pam I had been experimenting with guys. Pam never knew about that part of my life, I guess when you’re built like I am most women think you’re straight.” He sipped his coffee and then continued, “I was so mad at Pam last night that when she told me to go sleep with you I just blurted out that I might get better sex from you as well, that she just yelled at me to get the fuck out of the house and slammed the bedroom door.”

He turned to the counter behind him where a slip of paper was resting. Grabbing it, he turned and handed it to me. “This was slipped into the doorway when I got up this morning.” I quickly read the note and, looking up at Andy, saw him nod. “Yep, she’s going to divorce me. I think the only good part is that she makes such a fuckload of money in her job that she doesn’t need mine and really, she’s just sick of me wanting her at home. Thank goodness our prenup is in place that protected both of us, although she may have forgotten that.”

He got up and walked around to where I sat, still dumbfounded at the turn of events. I was even more flabbergasted when this blond, muscled and naked god got down on one knee before me and said, “Mike, since I’m about to become single again, would you consider being my mate? I fell in love with you that first day on the lawn and, from the looks you’ve been giving me, you could fall in love with me, even it if it’s just for my body.”

I found my voice and replied, “Andy, I love you for more than just your body as you’ve always treated me like a close friend and have a marvelous loving quality around you that is what really made me love you. Yes, when your divorce is final I will be your mate.”

He got up from the floor and hugged me tightly, tears of joy beginning to trickle down his face. “Thank you, Mike,” he whispered as he struggled to regain his composure, “your friendship and love has been what has made this nightmare with Pam be less so and I think I’ll be fine when it’s all over.”

That was a year ago, and now we live together in my place, Pam choosing to leave immediately after Andy told her of our engagement. She didn’t feel any animosity to me, she claimed as she left, just some sadness that we couldn’t continue being friends as she couldn’t stand the sight of Andy anymore. I watched her leave, her little stiff way of walking as she stuck the last suitcase into the car and drove off, and was a bit sad as well for her. I mean, if she couldn’t love a big teddy bear like Andy, who was she ever going to be able to love?

That thought occupied me as I looked out over the grassy area we’d all met at, and then felt Andy’s arms slip around me as he pulled me close to him. We all got what we wanted, after all, and I enjoyed his embrace a bit longer before sitting him down and grabbing that boars bristle brush to give my lover’s lion’s mane a good brushing.

The model in these pictures is Johnnie Lee

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