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Anderson and The Marine Opus II by Will
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Badpuppy ModelBronco’s hands vigorously tugged and pulled at the waist of Anderson’s cargo shorts and underwear. Then, in one sudden movement, the marine was off the cot and down on his knees. Anderson trembled with lustful excitement when he felt the Corporal’s hot breath caress his raging teenage penis. Again, Anderson froze, not knowing what to expect. But before another thought entered his mind, he felt the warm, exploring, tantalizing wetness of Bronco’s sucking mouth enveloping the entire length of his throbbing 18-year-old cock.

Feeling weak in the knees, Anderson placed both his hands atop Bronco’s head as he experienced the man’s huge tongue lapping at his stiff, sensitive meat. His entire body trembled in unbelievable delight as those full manly lips sucked hungrily and loudly. Lasciviously, Bronco’s warrior face moved back and forth on the kid’s swollen dick.

A titillating shock shot up through Anderson’s spine and into his brain, as he felt, for the very first time, the glorious pleasure of oral stimulation. Both his hands rested and sometimes played atop the jarhead’s buzz cut. The close-cropped marine haircut felt like a brush, and Anderson relished the scratching sensation it made against each palm.

Slowly Bronco’s huge hands migrated from the hip of each of Anderson’s legs and made their way around to his backside where he grabbed a heaping handful of those almost hairless fire-hot ass cheeks. He clutched greedily at those fresh young mounds of tender masculinity. At first, the sensation startled Anderson; but he soon relaxed into the man’s rhythm of greedily slamming his cock deeply into his mouth while savagely massaging his firm taut cheeks. Bronco’s groans grew louder as he forced Anderson’s throbbing cock down inside his throat; those groans grew more and more soul satisfying with each and every involuntary thrust of the teenager’s crotch into his very grateful face.

Anderson wildly shoved his young stiff dick down into the back of the marine’s throat where he felt the tightening flesh of the man’s larynx. Needing no more coaxing, Anderson uninhibitedly began pushing himself faster and faster and faster and harder and faster into the deep, tight, moist warmth. With each pumping action he pushed himself further and further between those pink military lips, which were ringed with a day’s growth of stubble. Down, down, down into that throat. Anderson closed his eyes and pushed with exhilarated fervor.

All at once, Bronco pulled away. Even though his mouth was completely off the teenager’s dick, Anderson still continued to thrust into the air in front of the marine’s face. Still on his knees, Bronco cruelly grabbed the boy’s ass cheeks as hard as he could, immediately snapping Anderson out his fucking- motions’ trance. Anderson yelped with pain.

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Badpuppy Model“Eeeeasy, buddy. Easy!” said Bronco, almost whispering. “Take it easy, guy. We’ve got all night’”

Bronco slowly rose to his feet. They stood there facing each other; the corporal almost seven inches taller than Anderson. Bronco reached out with both arms and pulled the kid to him -- their seriously swollen cocks touching each other’s bodies at different points. Bronco cradled Anderson’s head against his chest, then positioned the young man’s arms around his waist – and then held him closely, hoping the moment would never end.

After a minute or two, Bronco eased back and slowly placed his hands on each of the kid’s shoulders and gently pressed down. Anderson began to sink to his knees. Once there, he found himself staring face on with that thick, formidable, throbbing shaft. The foreskin was pulled almost all the way back from the massive cockhead. Anderson could in no way resist. In fact he actually felt his mouth begin to drool as he his fingers flew up to the twitching meat and lightly pinched the swollen glands and pulled the rest of the skin completely back to where it bunched up into a ring of skin encircling the bulbous pink head.

Anderson opened his mouth slightly but couldn’t seem to muster the nerve to place Bronco’s cum-soaked manhood into his mouth. Pangs of Christian guilt seemed to torture his brain. He just knelt there staring, for what seemed like minutes, at the huge beautiful cock as it throbbed and jerked in his very grateful fingers.

Anderson soon felt the jarhead’s huge right hand slide onto the back of his skull, pulling his face closer the meat in his hands. The teenager resisted slightly and Bronco, sensing his trepidation, ceased pulling his head forward; and yet not letting go of the back of his head. The leaky tip of the marine’s cock just barely brushed the tip of Anderson’s nose. And as it did, the teenager wrenched upwards towards his chest in a powerful arching motion. Bronco said nothing, but was powerfully transmitting what he so badly wanted his new buddy to do.

Slowly easing back down to face the marine’s throbbing manhood, Anderson licked his dry lips. Then taking a deep breath his mouth went to him – then over him. Anderson experienced the warm, spongy, pre-cum-soaked head as it entered past his lips, across his tongue and onto his tonsils. His first sensation was the taste of salt. He couldn’t figure if it was salt produced by the sweat of the day or of the marine’s essence. But it didn’t matter. He gagged as he forced his mouth over the fleshy, tasty, manly morsel. He gagged even more and yet he still forced his mouth to invite more the jarheads manhood into him. More and more, he swallowed until he began gagging and coughing uncontrollably. Hacking and spitting he wasn’t sure what was happening. His head was swimming. He was unbelievably dizzy from the heat, the flesh, the alcohol, and of the powerful maleness that pushed its way into him.

Swiftly Bronco withdrew his cock and helped Anderson up as he continued to cough. He lightly slapped the kid’s back, while repeating, “Easy buddy. Easy now! You’re alright. C’mon, have a seat. Take a sip of your drink”

Anderson did as he was told. He felt embarrassed – almost stupid. Bronco patted him on the shoulder and rubbed his back as the last of the coughing subsided.

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Badpuppy Model“Hey, you’re trying too hard, buddy. Let’s take it slow, OK!?” said Bronco, handing the teenager his drink.

As they sat there next to each other on the cot, Bronco finally pulled Anderson head down towards his cock. That monster cock, now half erect again, rested neatly – evenly – upon that huge sac of skin containing all of his wild seed. Bronco placed the teenager’s head in his lap and there Anderson rested as the marine ran his fingers thru his fine, cornsilk hair.

At that point, Anderson Collier acknowledged to himself that he wasn’t really tired, and wasn’t quit drunk; it was just that it was all so new to him. All of it. But he continued to lay his head there Bronco’s lap deeply inhaling the joyous aroma of the man’s sweat and musk. It was strangely enthralling and he had no desire to pull away from the smell any time soon. He was hypnotized by the feel of the marine’s abdomen rising and falling with each and every breath he took.

That sweet silence remained for several more minutes.

“How ya feelin’, buddy? Are ya, OK?” finally asked Bronco, while rubbing the kid’s head.

Lifting his head just the slightest, Anderson muttered that he was OK then sank back down into the warmth of the lap.

Bronco placed both hands behind him, grabbing the back side of the cot, and leaned backwards. Once again, Anderson could feel the huge semi-erect cock beneath his head begin to stiffen and twitch. He wasted no time in turning to bury his face down into the downy pubes, placing the marine’s salty softness into his mouth. Instead of sucking, Anderson found himself running his tongue all around the growing shaft.

Instinct wasted no time doing what it does best, and before the teenager knew it, he was pushing that thick erect monster against the back of his throat once again. But, as if on cue, he began choking again.

Instantly Bronco’s massaging hands were on his back again and the soothing stokes of those huge manly hands relaxed him to the point where his was able to bob up and down on that gargantuan truncheon without interruption. Anderson soon reached the point of oral perfection that Bronco began to mildly moan. With each breath he grunted low and even. The vibrations carried through his body and into Anderson’s mouth. The teenager had never heard such a noise come from a guy before. There was a wildness in it that resonated with the teenager.

Badpuppy Model“Oh, yeah, buddy, suck Bronco’s big cock! Oh yeah, oh YE A H!” groaned Bronco.

It sounded like a mantra to Anderson. It titillated him to no end. His rhythm started picking up all over again and Bronco sensed just where this was going and decided to stop it before things reached their ultimate ending. Reaching down, Bronco grabbed his turgid meat with his left hand and slowly slid it upwards, extracting it from Anderson’s mouth.

The teenager lifted his head up a few inches and a string of pre-cum dangled from his lips to the tip of the marine’s cock. It sparkled in the evening shadows.

Bronco then turned on the cot as he dryly whispered, “Let’s try this.” He threw one leg over the cot and lay back. He then spread his legs in a “V” shape. Each foot dangled off one side of the cot, but he seemed comfortable. The huge throbbing dick stood up from his crotch like a monolith – waiting.

Instantly Anderson scooted down to the end of the cot, almost off the edge, up on his knees, to be able to allow his lips to make contact with the trembling shaft.

In a regular voice, Bronco admonished, “No dude, I want you to lie on top of me, 69-style.” He then made gestures with his hands to give the teen an idea of what he was talking about.

Awkwardly, Anderson rose to his feet, walked around so that he stood at Bronco’s head, and then stretched one leg over the cot so that he was now straddling the jarhead with a foot on each side of the cot. Because of his height and the fact that his legs were spread so far apart, the crack of his young ass and nut sac were only inches from his mouth.

Bronco reached up, and again, placing a hand on each hip pulled Anderson down so that he now sat on his face. He grabbed a cheek with each hand and proceeded to pull those ass cheeks further down on his face. Anderson’s voice gasped with unimaginable delight when he felt the warm wetness of the Bronco’s hungry, intruding tongue as it hotly licked around his shit hole. Anderson continued to loudly gasp in delirious excitement and soon began to whimper involuntarily.

Still holding Anderson by his hips, Bronco began rocking the kid back and forth on his face. The teenager soon grew conscious of the long, broad edge of Bronco’s nose ramming itself into his ass crack. All he could do was utter loud pleasurable groans of sexual satisfaction, which rose up from like an animal for the first time in his youthful life. These primal sounds served only to inspire Bronco to hungrily force his rolled tongue even further up inside his fiery sphincter. He groaned, whimpered, and vigorously gyrated, as he felt that exploring tongue as it robustly worked through the first ring of his virginal asshole.

Anderson sensed he shouldn’t, but couldn’t halt from beginning to jack himself off as hard and as fast as he could.

Feeling the forced pumping of Anderson’s hand, Bronco swiftly halted his invigorating tongue-work and lightly pushed the teenager up off his face. Once again there stood Anderson with his legs straddling Corporal Clemons W. “Bronco” Hoffmeyer.

Badpuppy ModelWithout missing a beat, Bronco’s hands ran up the small of Anderson’s back. The teenager felt the marine pushing him forward so he bowed down facing his cock which still remained at full, rock-hard attention. Realizing his cue, Anderson carefully lay down pressing his stomach against Bronco’s chest and taking the twitching and impatient cock into his salivating mouth all over again.

Once in that position, Bronco grabbed the insides of each of Anderson’s spread legs and physically lifted him from the ground and hoisted his loins so that they were just a few inches above his face. In an instant, Anderson felt the fullness of his own meat slowly sink into Bronco’s face. Following a few minutes of fumbling around they both achieved a rhythm, which was totally in sync with each other.

The loud sucking of both their mouths rhapsodized in unison as they lovingly and frantically pushed and pulled each other into the darkness of the other’s enticing moist warmth. Bronco was rather subtly controlling the pace of Anderson’s thrusts into his mouth by maintaining a firm grasp of both legs. Every time Anderson began to fuck into Bronco’s face faster than he was doing to him, he’d slow the kid down. Anderson’s new buddy was definitely in control of the situation.

This was apparent during those times when they both began to groan under each attempt to gasp for air. Those sounds were a cue that the pace needing picking up. So, stopping for a second, he’d lift Anderson from his face long enough to bark out, “Now, buddy! NOW! Go for it, you FUCKING pup! Pump my face like it was the last fuck you’ll ever have in your life!” soon, the marine was almost yelling.

Then, just as quickly, he would have Anderson back into his mouth and the kid’s thrusts at that point were frenzied. But he was so focused on his own cock’s driving that he wasn’t aware that he had the Marine’s man-bone buried fully in his mouth. There was no gagging, no choking, no nothing -- Bronco’s fit in his mouth was now absolute and complete.

Anderson’s thrusting continued and he was at the point where he was almost jumping into Bronco’s face with brutal force. He was fucking the marine’s face with his body far faster than he had ever been able to do with his own hand – he was in a state of sublime euphoria. He’s never realized before that it would ever be possible to feel this good in life. He felt the fullness of his nuts as the migration of spunk gathered for its release.

They now both moaned in unison. Anderson realized that at that moment they were really miles away from the nearest person and that, short of screaming like a schoolgirl, the likelihood of anyone hearing them was considerably remote. His young moans got louder as his seed worked its way upward. Hearing the kid’s ecstatic moans, Bronco rapidly shifted into overdrive and was furiously pounding upwards into Anderson’s face in a manner that came close to being painful.

But he pulled off the teenager long enough to command, “Bust it! Bust it, MOTHER FUCKER! Bust that goddam nut into your brother Bronco’s mouth!!”

Bronco then slapped Anderson’s thighs with a force that make the young man gasp and yelp. He was immediately back inside the marine and felt his own legs close tightly around Bronco’s head. It seemed something else was now driving Anderson. At that moment he couldn’t have stopped if someone had even shot him. The marine was gurgling as he fought for air. He knew for sure there was nothing he could do to get Anderson off his face at that moment. Seconds go by. Anderson’s nuts ached from the considerable fullness of his sac, ached at the sheer volume of sperm coursing upwards.

Anderson threw his arms between Bronco’s spread legs and lifted each of them with a strength he didn’t know he had. He pulled the marine’s thick maleness up into him as far as it would go. And -- just as he felt that massive cock blocking every bit of air leading down his throat – he busted!

Oh, god! Oh, god; oh, god; oh, god! His silent scream of ecstasy pierced his head and he now saw white. His nut flew into Bronco’s oral cavity with a fierceness he’s never before experienced. His body continued its frenzied thrusting; it was beyond his control. Bronco was turning his head from one side to the other, never allowing the teenager’s cock to leave his mouth, even though he fought for air. 10, 11, 12, …15 times within seconds Anderson hammer-fucked his face. Slowly the spasms began to subside, but his teenager’s body was still in a peak, 18-year-old, frenzy.

Badpuppy ModelWith his feet planted in the ground, Anderson slowly lift himself up out of the marine’s face. But with his ass in the air, he still continued sucking down on that tightened skin that wrapped Bronco’s fierce dick.

It was now Bronco who was thrusting and Anderson’s lips burned from the friction. Fortunately, he was breathing through his nose when his big brother Marine placed those two huge hands on his head and forced his mouth down on his cock as far as it would go.

Anderson began gagging again; but Bronco only shoved his meat further into his face. The marine’s phenomenal strength insured there was no way the teenager was going to ease up off. Gagging, coughing and now choking, Bronco only added more injury by taking both of Anderson’s balls into his mouth and sucking on them as though he were trying to vacuum them down into his throat.

Like a drowning man, Anderson’s head now convulsed -- and it was at that exact moment that Bronco had waited. Swiftly, he spat Anderson’s nuts out of his mouth with the most guttural moan the teenager had ever heard blasted forth from a human being and let out a primordial scream of orgiastic release, that must have been heard for miles.

At that precise moment Anderson felt the scalding warmth of Bronco’s thick rich seed abundantly flood his mouth and ricochet down his throat. At that exact second another wave of coughing began. Anderson coughed hard, but no air came out of his full mouth. Instead, a mixture of air and sperm blew forth from his nose. The creamy viscous load just hung there dangling from his nostril.

Anderson jumped up, catching his breath. Bronco, still on his back there on the cot, saw the teenager’s state, immediately jumped up and shoved the kid’s nose into his mouth. He began to hungrily suck Anderson’s nose dry of its load. Suck it so hard that the kid’s sinuses which had, seconds before, been clogged with Bronco’s seed, were now totally free of his spunk.

Bronco pulled away and then kissed the kid with a forcefulness, which had his cum-laden tongue shoving his seed into Anderson’s mouth a second time in less than a minute. The stickiness tasted like brine to Anderson and he gagged at the feel of it. He wanted to spit it out but Bronco placed a finger to his lips and whispered, “Swallow it, dude. Let it go.”

And Anderson did.

From out of the tent, Bronco pulled out a purple colored blanket and threw it on the ground. He lay down and pulled Anderson atop of him. His eyes blazed into the teenager’s there atop as those huge manly Marine hands found the tender virginal ass cheeks. Instantly, the marine’s nine and half-inch cock sprang into immediate action and commenced to jerk and twitch between the lush velvety walls of Anderson’s sweaty crack.

Anderson tensed, anticipating the marine’s next move, “Oh, no, I don’t think I want to do that. That’s sodomy.”

“I can respect that.” mockingly retorted Bronco, “Let’s just lie here and get to know each other a little more, ok?”

Anderson eased down into the powerful, comforting embrace of Corporal Clemmons W. Hoffmeyer. The marine continued to gently massage those sweet ass cheeks as his huge, angry boner continued to wantonly throb and luxuriate between the globes of that moist, heavenly, virginal orifice that it would eventually deeply invade several times before dawn broke.

The Beginning.

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