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Anal Annals by Joncy
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Badpuppy Model - DanielThere’s an old English expression, ‘You don’t look at the mantelpiece when you’re poking the fire,’ which roughly translated means you can’t afford to be too fussy about the face you’re fucking. I disagree. I don’t really get turned on unless the guy’s body – and face – have something to offer. Preferably something I’ve never sampled before. Especially the combination of a nice innocent face and a nice, well-stacked body. Trevor Smith had that combination. He looked like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth but had the greatest chest and ass I’d ever seen.

I was working out the summer as an assistant librarian in the college library. Most of the guys were in summer recess but this particular twink was doing some kind of research and came to study almost every day. I’d watch his face as he looked through the index cards and his ass as he moved off into the back of the library where the reference books were kept. After a few minutes he’d be back with a huge book and spend the rest of the morning flicking through the pages and making notes. I liked the way he flicked too. He had long fingers which looked like they should be playing a flute or, better still, jerking someone off. Preferably me.

Naturally I began to fantasize but you can’t really do very much in a library, can you. I mean it’s so fucking quiet. Like a graveyard. You could hear a pin drop. Just imagine the searing sound of a zip as you undid some guy’s pants or shirt. This particular hot summer’s day I’m afraid my mind was rather fixed on zips as Trevor was wearing a cute cotton shirt which was zipped open almost to his navel. I could see his pecs clearly especially when he scrunched down to bend over the lower index files. I noticed he had buttons on his tight white pants. He had nipples like buttons too. These were my undoing. I imagined all the pleasure I could give him with my tongue. Just for starters of course.

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Badpuppy Model - DanielHardly anybody had come in that morning, and those that did had soon fled as the air-conditioning wasn’t working. It didn’t seem to bother Trevor much however and he was out back tracking down a book. He seemed to be taking his time about it too and the clock was ticking towards 12.30. and I was hungry. I let the last person out and as a precaution locked the entrance door and set out to tell Trevor he should come back in the afternoon. He was looking hot and bothered and frustrated as he obviously couldn’t lay his hands on the book he wanted. As soon as I saw him, I wanted to lay my hands on him. His clothes were sticking to him and he was sweating. I watched a bead of sweat run silently down the valley between his pecs and wanted to run noisily over and lick it up. I noticed he wasn’t wearing underwear as there were no tell-tale lines. At least not of underwear but I could see the outlines of a promising looking dick wedged up against the front of his pants. He saw me looking and rubbed it self-consciously. That only made it bigger of course.

“Hi there,” I said, “I have to close up for my lunch break.”

Until that moment we’d hardly exchanged two words and until then it hadn’t entered my mind that he might also be attracted to me. He handed me the index card.

“I can’t find this anywhere,” he said, blushing as his gorgeous dick grew even bigger.

The space between the bookshelves was pretty narrow and I moved in behind him, stretching over his shoulder to see if I could find the book. Instead my dick found his ass. Brushed against it at any rate. I didn’t say anything. There was no need. And he didn’t budge an inch. Something told us both that books could wait. We’d found something more interesting and absorbing. All thoughts of lunch and hunger pangs left me too. I had pangs of a different nature.

Encouraged by his lack of movement I pressed my groin against his butt and slipped my hands inside his half-open shirt. It was hot as Hades in there but my hands were surprisingly cool.

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Badpuppy Model - Daniel “Cold hands, warm heart.” I’d always boasted but it was my dick that was aflame at that moment.

He, on the other hand, shivered. Then shuddered. I opened his white pants, button by button, and let his dick unfold in my hand. It began to preen itself between my fingers and feed from my palm like a fledgling bird. It was all so easy. All so natural. I stepped back a little to let his pants fall gently to the ground. His ass was out of this world. It looked like it had been inflated by a glass blower. Still we didn’t say anything to each other. Our bated breath and satisfied sighs said it all. Actually there was absolutely no need to be so quiet as we were completely alone in the building but I suppose we were stunned into silence by the outrageous thought of balling in these hallowed halls of learning.

Soon he began to breathe in little gulps as my fingers pulled at his pecs and my dick explored the promontories of his awesome ass. These gulps soon turned to groans and sensual growls as the tip of my penis pricked his rosebud. He was pretty tight down there but I gathered some of his pre-cum in the cup of my hand and mixed it with mine to lubricate his passage. To distract him, I thrust my tongue in his ear and pinched his nipples. He let out a huge sigh and his ass seemed to buckle. My dick was in there like a homing pigeon. He cooed and crooned a bit like a pigeon too as I oozed my way into him but then began to make rather more barnyard noises as I humped and thumped him. He used the bookshelves for leverage and hoisted himself higher so I could dig deeper and deeper into his ass. I became engulfed in my own excitement and came prematurely. We were in mid-roar and mid-coitus when we heard footsteps. Someone had come into the library. I froze.

My super must have decided to drop by and relieve me for lunch. Or maybe it was the janitor come to fix the air conditioning. Fortunately I hadn’t left the keys on the inside of the locked door as I was apt to do but unfortunately the walls were resounding with our primal cries and there was no time to disguise what we were all too obviously up to. We were caught red-faced and red-handed. And bollock naked. Actually it was the janitor’s son. His father had sent him to take a look at the air conditioner and here he was looking at our bare asses. He was working his way through college too. I knew him well. I also knew he was pretty well-endowed as I’d often seen him in the showers. In fact I’d been looking for an opportunity to get my mouth round his meat loaf for quite some time but he was reputed to be straight. Now, I thought, we’re straight for the can.

Badpuppy Model - Daniel He looked suitably shocked for a split second. I mean Trevor was dangling from the top bookshelf looking slightly reminiscent of Cheetah in a Tarzan film and I was still ramming him. I’d already cum but my dick was still rock hard. Trevor had that effect on me. However, as might be expected, we gave our surprise visitor a bit of a boner and he promised not to whisper a word to a living soul about our bibliographic indiscretions if we let him join in the fun. He was wearing a kind of motor mechanic’s uniform that opened down the front and before we could stop him he’d pulled out his dick which was standing up like a flagpole.

I didn’t want another guy coming between me and Trevor but that’s exactly what he did. Literally. I finally got my chance to wrap my mouth round his dick and Trevor seemed more than happy to jerk off all over the guy’s hairy backside. Due to my selfishness he hadn’t come yet. It was all very quick, very crude and very basic but all the more exciting because of that. I’d been having romantic notions about snuggling up to Trevor in my own bed and showering him with tenderness instead of cum but that’s the way the sexual cookie crumbles sometimes. You never know where your dick’s going to lead you. Looking back I can hardly believe we did what we did. But we did.

That was last summer and Trevor and I have met a few times since then. We’ve even had sex but everything seems so tame after that wild afternoon in the library. I’ve been running into the janitor’s son a lot lately. He acknowledges me with a smile and sometimes a wicked wink but has kept his word. Nobody but nobody knows our secret. I’m beginning to have horny thoughts about that meat loaf of his and wondering how it would feel tucked in my ass. Maybe I’d better check it out.

The model in these pictures is Daniel

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