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An Afternoon with Ng by George Nevin
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor It would have been next door to impossible to avoid physical contact with the Australian guy, even if I'd been desperate to do so. Qantas flights have more room than most in their economy cabins, but nevertheless as soon as the seatbelt lights had gone out on QF10 from Heathrow to Singapore and I tried to rearrange my legs, I felt the warmth of his well-muscled thigh against my own. I glanced at him; he grinned lazily back, and the blue eyes with bright blonde lashes met my own. I restrained myself from grabbing his crotch right away: there are some straight Australians, after all - though not many looking like him.

When he got up and made his way to the back of the aircraft, after supper, he kicked over the small bag by his feet, and I couldn't help seeing a copy of Zipper peeping out of it. Mmmm-hmmm. I carefully arranged my own bag so that the pink cover of the gay novel I'd brought for light reading was fully in view. When he came back, I saw him glance at it. He grinned at me again.

"Good book, that," he said. "Chapter seven, specially."

"The one with the Asian boy and the policeman," I said. "Yeah - hot."

"We obviously share one taste," he said. "It's those smoooooth bodies," he said. "Wonderful for rimming."

We settled into a chat. Bruce ("sorry about that!" he laughed - "can't think what my parents were doing!") was on his way back to Perth after a stint as a waiter in a wine bar in Holborn, on the edge of London's theatre land. He'd obviously cut a swathe through London gay life, and I wasn't surprised. He was a dish.

The cabin lights went out. We reached for our blankets and spread them, putting the seat-arm between us up, for comfort. In half a minute his hand was on my thigh, and moving upwards. I reached over and slid my hand up his thigh. It felt like hard carved wood, and at the top of it there was something which felt as hard. I found the zipper and pulled it down. He raised himself in his seat, and helped me ease his jeans down to his knees.

He was wearing no shorts, and when my hand found his cock it was already strong, standing up against his belly so tightly I could scarcely got my hand around it. Below it, his balls were huge and furry. I weighed them gently in the palm of my hand. Meanwhile he had helped himself to my crotch. I had undone the waistband of my own jeans, for comfort, and they too were easy to slide down. I felt his hand on my cock and balls. He gently pulled my foreskin back over the swelling head, and a forefinger gently picked up some of the generous pre-cum oozing there. Then found its way below my balls. I lifted myself and felt the fingertip slide into my ass-hole.

His cock felt perfect. Thick in proportion to its length, and with a proud head which I longed to feel between my lips. I glanced around. The people in the seats opposite seemed asleep. I lowered my head, and he drew the blanket over it. In the dark I felt his cock warm and slippery against my cheek. I slid it between my lips and began gently sucking on it, the skin of the stem soft and velvety, the skin around the rim of the head slightly harder than the velvety smoothness below. The head, happy without its foreskin, seemed to swell even more within my mouth. Meanwhile, his finger was fucking me, his wrist rubbing against my cock. I slipped my own hand down beneath him, and probed his ass, almost at the same time feeling the hot rush of fluid as he came, filling my mouth with scalding liquid. I thrust my cock against his hand and splattered it, a moment later, with my own cum.

As I lifted my head, I saw a steward standing above us with a tray or orange juice.

"Some - some more refreshment, sir?" he said.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and grinned. He grinned back, and bending down adjusted with one hand the blanket which had slipped away as I sat up, revealing my shrinking cock still in the palm of Bruce's hand.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor

It turned out that Bruce was not only breaking his journey at Singapore, but was actually staying at my hotel.

"Hey," he said, "I've got a Chinese friend coming round in the afternoon," he said. "You'd like him. He's smooth as silk, and really hot. Want to come over to my room? Threesome?"

Did I not.

So, after a good night's sleep and a morning relaxing by the pool, I showered, then knocked on Bruce's door at two o'clock. He answered it, naked except for a towel round his waist.

"Just had a shower," he said, taking it off, throwing it on the bed and collapsing beside it. His body was as powerful and muscular as I imagined (he was, he said, a part-time life-safer on Swanbourne Beach in Perth - the nude gay beach with the range of sand-dunes at the back, about which I'd heard from every gay friend who'd ever been in West Australia. His blonde curls were echoed in the bright blonde bush at the base of his cock, and two more small bushes under his powerful arms.

I took off my shirt and shorts and stood for a moment at the side of the bed, then reached out my hand and placed it on Bruce's cock. It was warm, relaxed, thick but still soft. It stirred slightly, but "Save it!" he grinned.

I reluctantly left him and sat in a chair on the other side of the room. My cock had begun to swell already, and the view didn't do anything to cool me down. Bruce lay opposite, his legs thrown apart; between those high thighs his cock and balls were as large as they had felt in the plane. The cock lying over one thigh, half-hard but huge, the crown dark pink, swelling in a beautiful curved dome. His balls, covered in thick yellow fur, supported it, and below them was a dark shadow... I put my hand down and held my balls, gently massaging them. Bruce grinned. "Save it," he repeated - "just wait until you see Ng."

"So what's so great about him?" I asked.

"Well, he's an Asian boy," said Bruce, "and if you know Asian boys."

"Well, I haven't actually ever had one," I said, "though I've a big gallery of pix from Badpuppy - you know, the gay site on the Web?"

"You don't know what you've been missing. First, they're mad about sex, then they're all very good at it! And if you like smooth bodies which can get into any position you want, and several you'd never believe... well, you're in for a treat."

Right on cue, there was a knock on the door. Bruce went over and looked through the spyhole, then opened it. A dark young guy came in, reaching out to pat Bruce's cock as he entered, then bending to kiss one of his nipples.

"Hi," he said. Bruce kissed him on the lips, then led him over to me.

"Bill, this is my friend Ng," he said. "Ng - this is Bill."

Ng bent over and kissed me on the cheek.

"Good to see you," he grinned, looking straight down into my lap. As he straightened, Bruce caught at his waist, pulled his tee-shirt out of his jeans and up over his head. His chest was curved like a shield, light brown, perfectly smooth, with two small dark nipples, the tips of which stood out. Ng turned, loosened his jeans and let them fall about his ankles, putting his arms around Bruce and kissing him. His backside was six inches from my face. He was wearing a yellow thong, the string of which disappeared into the crack of his ass. I reached out, gripped the sides of the thong, and pulled it downward. The string dragged slightly as it was pulled out of the crack, but I couldn't pull it completely down. The boy let go of Bruce and moved away from him. I slid my hands around his waist, and found that his cock was caught in the pouch of the thong. I reached for it, and as I released it sprung up against his belly as though it was on a spring, trapping my palm. He looked over his shoulder and grinned, then sank down to sit on my lap with my cock nestling into the crack of his ass.

Bruce knelt before him, bent and began to suck on his cock, while the boy twisted to pull at my lower lip with his lips, and then slid his tongue, hard and agile, into my mouth. My hands could feel Bruce's cheeks as he sucked. I slid them down until they caught at Ng's balls. He lifted his legs and put them on Bruce's shoulders, and I slid one finger into his asshole. He gave a little squeal of pleasure, and wriggled his ass against my cock.

Bruce lifted his head and smiled at me.

"You're getting a rough deal," he said. "Time you felt what Ng can do!"

He stood up, and Ng rose from my lap, turning and looking at my cock.

"Fine big cock," he said.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor

"Yours too," I said - and it was. Like most Asian cocks, it wasn't big - about five and a half inches maybe - but beautifully plump and well-shaped. It was uncut, and the foreskin was half drawn down over the head, ringing it with dark skin. Down the length of the cock was a thick vein which seemed to pulsate as I looked at it. His balls were small and completely smooth. In fact there was no hair on his body at all. He had shaved his pubes, and the skin was as smooth at the base of his cock as everywhere else on his body except for his head. I bent and put my lips there, licking at the little beads of sweat which speckled the skin. But he gently lifted me head, kissing me quickly on the lips.

"Come," he said, "I want to blow you."

I went over and lay on the bed, my buttocks at the edge. Ng sank to his knees and pressed his face into my groin, licking at my balls. Then I felt his tongue wriggling down in search of my ass-hole. I lifted my feet and put them on the bed, lifting my buttocks. Ng's hands drew the cheeks of my ass apart and I felt his tongue gently circling on the ring of muscle around my asshole, then pushing its way in and beginning to fuck me gently.

"Wow, that's a fine sight!" said Bruce. He climbed onto the bed and knelt behind me, then sank down so that his balls were just above my face. I began to lick and suck them, then he held his cock and moved it gently to my lips. I felt the warmth of the pre-cum on my lips and cheeks, warm and slippery.

Now, Ng had moved on to take my cock in his mouth, seeming to take it right to the hilt, while playing with my ass-hole with his slim fingers. It was all becoming pretty unbearable. I moved, jerking my cock out of his mouth.

"Don't want to cum quite yet," I said - "life's far too interesting. I stood, lifted Ng to his feet, and threw my arms around him, feeling the whole length of his body against mine, our cocks pressed together. Then I lowered him to the bed, took his ankles in my hands and threw his legs apart. He grinned up at me.

"He knows what's coming," said Bruce; "he loves being rimmed."

I lifted his lower body, my hands beneath his knees, then pushed my thighs under his body, lifting him and pulling his thighs even further apart. Below his balls the small pink bud of his ass-hole winked at me. I lowered my head, and ran my tongue around the soft skin of his groin, where his thighs met the sac of his balls, then flicked gently at the pink rim. Ng groaned, reached down and pulled the cheeks of his ass further apart. I slid my tongue into the hole, tasting the slight mustiness, and began to fuck him with it. I felt his hands at the back of my head, pulling me towards him. Meanwhile, Bruce had climbed on the bed and lowered himself so that he sat astride Ng's face, his balls bumping on his chin as the Chinese boy's tongue found his own ass-hole.

I didn't even have to touch Ng's cock. After a few moments tongue-fucking him, the ring of his asshole contracted around my tongue, and a moment later he came. His cum shooting up over his belly and chest and into the thick blonde fur around Bruce's cock. At the same time Bruce, who had been frigging himself while Ng sucked his ass, came. Cum splattering his belly and joining the thickening jelly of Ng's, drying in his pubic bush.

"Sorry," said Ng, grinning; "made a mess... Come, you both need shower."

My cock was aching with desire to be sucked, or to bury itself in somebody's ass. I didn't really mind whose, at this stage. But when I stood and pushed it between Ng's legs, the boy took my hands. "Come, I promise you won't be disappointed," he said, and led me into the bathroom.

When the shower was running warmly, he pushed me into the cubicle, following me in. Then he took the soap and began soaping my body, slippery fingers sliding into my ears, my arm-pits, gently massage my nipples, then sliding down to close around my cock. Then his fingers slid between my thighs and into the crack of my ass, and then into my ass-hole. Outside the door of the Cubicle Bruce sat on the closed seat of the lavatory, obviously wishing there was room for three in the shower. His cock was erect again, and he was gently stroking it.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

Ng turned and ground his back against me, the globes of his tight little ass rubbing my cock from side to side. Then he stepped forward and bent, placing his hands on Bruce's knees, turned and grinned at me, and closed his lips around Bruce's cock. I stepped up behind him, and in one stroke plunged my cock into his ass up to the hilt. Though his asshole was relaxed, the sudden shock of it made him give a thin cry of pleasure and pain. I felt the muscles tighten around my cock as I fucked him. His head jerking as I moved, so that Bruce felt the force of the fucking. He was bent over Ng's back, his hands in the boy's groin, caressing his cock. I pulled out just as I was about to cum, and more thick yellow liquid spurted up the crack of the boy's ass and running creamily down. I rubbed the tip of my cock gently in it, spreading it over the two light brown globes while the warm water continued to cascade down my back.

Everything that Bruce said about Ng was true. He was the sexiest guy I've ever met. He loved whatever I did to him, and loved doing it back. His tongue was wonderfully versatile and it seemed to be able to be soft or hard, to titillate the end of your cock as lightly as a feather, yet to be hard enough to fuck like the sturdiest cock. After half an hour of recovery, Bruce and I just lay on the bed with him between us, and let him play with us like an excited kid with two toys. While Bruce fucked him, he sucked me, then the other way round. Then he fucked Bruce while sucking me, and then switched again so that I felt his cock in my ass for the first time while looking up at Bruce's balls and cock being played with by his fingers and tongue. Finally, we were all exhausted; in the distance, the clock on the old town hall of Singapore struck seven. We had been at it for five hours! We reluctantly dressed and went out for a meal down on the old quay.

We had just finished, and were sitting back with our second glass of beer, when a guy came in and straight up to our table. He was the spitting image of Ng.

"This is my brother," said Ng. "His eighteenth birthday was last week. He has been asking what I enjoy so much about being with westerners. I thought you might be able to show him?"

And that is another story...


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