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Allergic Reaction by 4226
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Badpuppy Models - Casper & Seth 30 November

Dear Mark,

Hi! How's life treating my favorite reclusive gay scientist these days? Still spying on your gorillas or baboons, or whatever it is you're studying over there in the African jungle? Any chance of your having access to the internet by now? A telephone? Jungle drums, maybe? Did you find any good-looking native boys to keep you from getting too rusty in your man-to-man skills? Or maybe you managed to domesticate one of your gorillas. You always did go for the big hairy apes back in college.

Just kidding! Hope you're keeping warm and well, and life is treating you right these days. Not every psyche major gets to go to Africa for a year right out of college to study the intersocietal activities of primates. And, in all honesty, better you than me, pal!

I had to write to tell you what happened to me last weekend. You surely remember me talking about Casper, my best friend from back home? I usually called him Kaz, or Kazzie. He came up to visit me a few times at school, and I introduced him to everybody at the frat. He was the tall, skinny guy, good looking in a sort of goofy way. The one with an ass that I've worshiped ever since I've been old enough to worship ass. Hey, he was the one that I used to moon about down at Skipper's Pub when the gang went down there and we all got half a load on and told each other our dirty little secrets.

Seriously. I've had the hots for Kaz for a long, long time, and both took part in a show and share session with three other guys after school one day. I mean, all we did was show each other our stiffies and compare notes, as it were. The sorts of stuff that even straight boys do to reassure themselves that they're normal.

But Kaz being my best friend and all, I never went any further than that with him cause I didn't want to scare him off and ruin our friendship. Yet that little voice in the back of my head, that thing I've come to know as gaydar, always told me that Kazzie would have been willing to do more. It's so damn puzzling when you're still sorting everything out, especially if you're gay. I liked Kaz too much to ever try to do anything with him. It would have just got way too awkward. Hell, you're gay, so you know what I'm talking about.

Last weekend was Thanksgiving, so I did the whole turkey and cranberry sauce and make nice with the relatives thing on Thursday, and just sort of kicked back and goofed off on Friday. Then Kaz called me and asked if I wanted to go up to the lake with him on Saturday to check on his grandparent's condo. His grand folks've got a few bucks and keep a vacation place on this big lake upstate. Me and Kaz used to go up there a couple of times every summer to go boating and fishing and stuff with his grandpa. It had been a few years since I had seen the place, so I said sure, I'd go. Shit, I hadn't really spent any face time with Kazzie since semester break last year. It's about a two hour drive, and Kaz said he wanted some company so the drive wouldn't be so long and boring.

He picked me up around 11:00, and we headed out. Even though I hadn't really talked to Kaz that much recently, we immediately took up right where we left off. Kaz ragging me about never getting a girlfriend, me ragging him about never being able to keep a girlfriend. The usual guy-to-guy bullshit. I never even told Kaz I was gay. Not that I didn't want to. I wasn't deliberately not telling him, but it just never seemed like the right time. Hell, coming out to my parents was tough enough. How do you tell your best childhood friend?

Anyway, we stopped to grab some burgers when we left the interstate, 'cause there isn't anything much else once you got on the road to the lake. Kaz made a small production of taking his allergy pills when we were done eating. He's an only child, and his mother is one of those overprotective hypochondriac types. Every time he sneezed she had him at the doctor before you could say 'Gesundheit!', and he was always taking pills for something or other.

He told me how this was a new medication, 'cause the last stuff he was on made him feel drowsy all the time. He had just picked up the prescription that morning and was supposed to take them with food. He didn't know how he'd react, so if he 'got weird', I might have to drive home. I asked him how I was supposed to know if he 'got weird', since he was a pretty weird bird to begin with. He laughed and said I'd know.

We drove the last 20 miles up to the lake, and everything was fine. The condo was locked up, the boats had been pulled out of the water, and the place was deserted. Casper and me were the only human beings in the entire complex. It was a pretty nice day for the end of November. The sun was warm, but the air was a bit cool. We wandered around outside, reminiscing about when we were kids and some of the stunts we pulled.

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Badpuppy Models - Casper & Seth

I was feeling really close to Kaz again, connecting with him and wondering if today was the day I should spill the beans. My gaydar was coming in loud and strong that Kaz would be cool with it. The signal was so strong at times that I had to restrain myself from just blabbing it right out loud that I was gay. But then I kept remembering that it would be a very long, awkward drive home if he took my news the wrong way. I decided to wait, and maybe tell him on the way home, just before we got back. Sort of wait and play it by ear.

Now Kaz has always been impetuous, some sort of rebellion thingy against his domineering mother, I always figured. Hell, you're the psyche major so you know more than me about that stuff. We were down on the dock, and Kaz suddenly blurts out "I wonder how cold the water is this time of year?" And just like that, he steps off the edge of the dock and falls backwards into the water! What kind of a stupid shit stunt is that in November in upstate New York !?!

He came up and made his way to the edge of the dock where I helped him out of the water. His teeth were chattering and he was mumbling something about 'those damn little pills'. Other than being cold, he seemed fine, but then all at once he collapsed onto the deck and it looked like he stopped breathing! Scared the living shit out of me, I wanna tell you! I almost panicked, then remembered I knew CPR, so I dropped down to help my little buddy.

I bent over him to check, put my mouth over his and puffed twice when he coughed and sputtered and starting breathing again on his own, thank God! He lay there shivering, and just started saying over and over again "C-c-c-cold. C-c-c-cold." I don't know where I got the strength, but I picked him up and carried him back up to the condo.

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Badpuppy Models - Casper & Seth

I guess my instincts took over and I realized I had to get him out of his wet clothes and warm him up somehow. The ramp from the dock leads up to a deck that runs along the entire front of the house. The master bedroom has a set of doors that opens onto the deck, so I took him in there to lay him down and get him out of his wet clothes. I wasn't sure where anything was, like blankets, or a heating pad, or whatever, but then I saw the bathtub and figured a warm bath might do the trick. I turned on the water, and plugged in the little electric heater so the whole room would get warm while I took care of my friend.

There wasn't anything erotic about stripping Kaz down while the bathtub filled up. I was in a hurry to get him warm because, frankly, I was still pretty scared! And yet, I did notice that sometime since I had last looked, Kaz had switched from boxers to black bikini briefs, and from a tee shirt to a wife-beater. I guess that innate 'sense of fashion' will always be a dominant gene in gay men.

So Kaz is laying there naked, shivering up a storm; conscious, but acting really out of it. I realized that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to put Kazzie in the bathtub by himself, and since I'm pretty wet from carrying him inside, maybe I should get in the tub with him. It took me about ten seconds to strip down, and get us both into the bathroom, which was starting to get nice and cozy-warm by then.

The tub was a whirlpool job, but not a whole lot bigger than a standard size tub, and there really wasn't room for two grown men to get in it at the same time. Nevertheless, I sat in against the back of the tub, and got Kazzie into the tub seated in front of me. I don't know why, probably just because it was there, I had put some of his grandma's foaming bath lotion in while the tub was filling, so the whole room smelled of lavender. Talk about your gay clichés. . .

Anyway, Kaz was laying back into me, his back against my chest, his ass pushing back into my crotch . . . that same ass that I've worshiped for almost 9 years . . . that same ass that some would call skinny or bony, but that I call gorgeous! Slippery skin sliding against slippery skin in a room that suddenly seemed to be very warm.

I didn't want anything to happen except for Kaz to get warm and be okay. But being that close to Kaz after wanting him so bad for so long . . . His beautiful ass rubbing against my cock and balls as his shivering slowed down to a minor twitch every now and again . . . I got hard. My dick was standing straight up, the underside rubbing across Kazzie's back . . .

Badpuppy Models - Casper & Seth

I tried to ignore it. I really did. I got the bar of soap, and ran it over Kaz's chest to distract myself. But I wasn't the only one feeling the heat. Kaz's nipples were like rocks, and he moaned every time I touched one of them. I looked over his shoulder, and his dick was every bit as hard as mine.

He still hadn't spoken, but was moaning his appreciation of my caresses. Hell, I'm only human. My baser instincts took over, and I reached down just to touch his beautiful, hard cock. Maybe give it just a single stroke or two. His cock is almost the identical size as mine, and it felt so good to finally touch it after all those years. I stroked him a half dozen times, and he suddenly turned his head up to look at me, eyes wide open, but his head still on my shoulder. I don't know if he was still out of it, or thought it might be a dream, or what, but he closed his eyes again, and relaxed back into me, and mumbled his first words.

"Don't stop," he said. "Don't ever stop, Seth."

I was only too happy to hear those words. I lay there enjoying our closeness, feeling the warmth of Kaz's body pressed against mine, the steady pressure of his back against my cock as I thrust ever so gently back and forth, humping against my bestest bud in the whole wide world. And Kaz sure seemed to be enjoying the touch of my hands on his cock and all over his torso. I ran one hand up and down his slippery chest, stopping to play with his nipples whenever I touched them, and with my other hand I stroked his dick, long and slow, wanting so bad to make it last forever, but still a little scared that he would snap out of his stupor and call a sudden end to it.

But he didn't. Instead, he turned his head up toward me again, and I could see in his eyes that he wanted to kiss. I, of course, obliged. We kissed, but with his back lying against my front, it was awkward. I ended up kissing his cheek and jawbone and neck. I can't believe I actually tried to give him a hickey! So fucking high school!

We must have lain there for half an hour, enjoying the simple pleasure of naked skin against naked skin. Just touching each other. Me making innocent love to Kaz, and him taking it all in, neither of us wanting it to end. Eventually, the water grew cold, and Kaz shivered again. Not an out-of-control shiver like before, but a simple 'I'm chilly' one.

Kaz stood up and turned to face me, his hard cock spearing up and out from his skinny body. "Finish it, Seth. You can't get me all stiff like this and not finish the job. Please, suck it for me? It won't take long, I promise."

Now Mark, you know that's a request that Little Oral Annie here couldn't refuse. I was on his dick in an instant, tighter than white on rice. I sucked that beautiful, hard cock of his for all I was worth. I wanted his load so bad at that point! I knelt there in the cool bath water, sucking Kazzie's hard cock like it was the very first one I ever sucked. It was all like some kind of wet dream. The scent of lavender. My friend, who I had lusted after for so many years actually standing there and letting me do exactly what I had dreamed of doing for so long. Kaz was right. It didn't take him long. At least, not nearly as long as I wanted it to take. Kaz unloaded right into my mouth. No words. No warning. Not even a grunt. Just a single long, low moan as he pumped his load directly down my gullet. I waited, and swallowed every drop, licking him clean and still wanting more. It felt like we were just getting started. Hell, I was so horned up I didn't even realize I was jacking myself off! When I finally snapped out of my trance, I was jetting my load into the dirty bath water. Talk about a waste of perfectly good cum! We both stood up, and Kazzie leaned in and kissed me. A French kiss. I'm sure he could taste a trace of his cum on my tongue and lips. But then he stopped abruptly and pulled away. He gave me that look that says 'What the fuck did we just do?'

Badpuppy Models - Casper & Seth

It was over. We had both shot our loads. That purple twilight fog that takes over and clouds your good judgment at a certain point of horniness had lifted away. It was behind us now. The sex act was finished, and maybe so was my friendship with Kaz. I had finally sucked Kazzie's cock, and swallowed his cum. Even if it meant the end of our friendship, I would die a happy man. Kazzie stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel to dry himself. I did the same, neither of us saying a word, not able to look at each other. I wasn't sure what Kaz might be thinking, but then he says real quiet-like "Get my back, would you, Seth?" and I knew things would be okay.

I did dry his back, and then his beautiful ass, and then between his legs, under his balls. I looked at him, and he was smiling. "Are you still as horny as me," he asked?

"Oh God, Kazzie. You don't know how long I've waited to hear you . . ."

"Probably about as long as I've been waiting for you to ask, Seth."

I followed him into the bedroom, and after Kaz turned down the sheets on his grandparent's big brass bed with its flowered sheets and that damn lavender sachet smell, we climbed in. His grandma must be some kind of lavender freak.

"You give excellent head, Seth, and I didn't get nearly enough before losing it a minute ago. Would you . . .?"

I answered by kneeling at his side and taking his hard cock into my mouth. Mark, I sucked and licked and stroked his cock for an hour or more. Kaz just lay there and enjoyed every second of it as I memorized the entire surface and contour of his cock for future reference. I went over him again and again, listening to his quiet grunts and moans when I hit just the right places. Pleased that I was pleasing him. He really got off on me probing into his piss slit. The first time I did that, he bounced up and down so hard he shook the whole damn bed!

I could taste his pre-cum the entire time. Not strong, but definitely there. Or maybe it was the lingering taste of his first ejaculation in the tub. Either way, it was an aphrodisiac that was driving me completely insane. The more I chewed on his hard dick, the more I wanted to chew on it.

Now Mark, you know I like to give head. And you, of all people, know that I have a certain talent for it. But Kazzie refused to cum for me. I sucked his cock. I licked and sucked his balls. I tried every trick I knew, but he wasn't about to give it up for me. I finally had to stop because my jaw was aching, and my chin was getting sore from spit-wet and rubbing across his short-cropped pubic hair.

I was still laying there, eyes closed, taking a breather, when Kazzie went down on me. It was so unexpected! And let me tell you, that boy must have taken a course or two in cock sucking while he was away in college, because he was giving me some primo head. I know I'm not the most heavily hung guy in the world, but Kaz was taking me all the way down to the root, my cockhead lodged in his throat somewhere south of his tonsils. It was incredibly good. If I hadn't brought myself off in the tub an hour or two earlier, I would surely have popped right then and there. But I didn't, because as quickly as he had started giving me head, he stopped.

"Seth?" he says.


"Can I . . . I mean . . . Oh God! I've wanted to fuck you ever since that time in middle school when we showed each other our hard-ons, so could we . . . I mean . . . I don't know if you . . ."

I looked at him. Shit, I'd bottom for that boy every day of the year, just for the privilege of looking of and seeing his face as he took us both to heaven. He got up and rummaged through a dresser drawer, and then came back to bed with a condom and some lube. His dick was so incredibly hard; it was curving upward with the head pointed right at the ceiling!

Badpuppy Models - Casper & Seth

I couldn't help myself. As he came up alongside the bed, I leaned forward and starting giving him head again. He wouldn't have needed the lube. I was drooling like a kid in a candy store, and in about 10 seconds, he was spit-slicked enough to plow even the driest hole. He even added a few drops of pre-cum to the mix this time.

I would have brought him off right there with him standing aside of the bed, but he was intent on plugging my hole. Mark, you know I'm not generally a very good bottom, but I lay back on the bed and instantly raised my knees to my shoulders like I was a bitch in heat. I wanted Kaz's cock up my ass more than anything I've ever wanted in my entire life! And he was only too happy to slide it in.

Like a hand sliding into a custom-made glove, it was a perfect fit. No need to finger fuck me first. No loosening up at all. Just Kazzie's beautiful cock and a few drops of Slick, and he was in me as far as he could go. With a bit of adjustment, his cockhead was rubbing back and forth across my sweet spot, and I was in nirvana.

And Kazzie turned out to be quite the fucksmith! He wasn't exactly gentle, but he sure wasn't rough, either. He found the perfect rhythm to please us both, and he rode my ass for I don't know how long. I do know it was still light outside when he started, but it was dark by the time he pulled out. Frankly, my ass was getting a little sore, but I would never have told him to stop. Shit, he could have ground my ass into hamburger and I would have still wanted more.

But he stopped and pulled out. He sat back and pulled off the rubber and then leaned in over the top of me on his hands and knees. "I've always dreamed of this. Of seeing you wearing my cum." And he proceeded to give himself about a dozen quick strokes before spilling his seed all over my belly and hard cock. His cum was so hot, it burned, Mark. I swear on a stack of Bibles, it sizzled when it hit. It felt like it was everywhere. Like my whole midsection was on fire from my navel to my thighs.

I was so fucking horny again! I grabbed my cock, all slick from Kaz's load, and in two strokes, I was adding my cum on top of Kazzie's. It felt so awesome! He was still on all fours over the top of me, just watching me shoot my load, mixing my cum together with his all over my belly.

I was exhausted. I think we were both exhausted. Kaz sort of collapsed on top of me, kissing me and rubbing against me, and then kissing me some more. I never felt so at peace with the world. No words were spoken between us. None needed to be. Just smiles, and tender little kisses, and nuzzling each other.

I guess I fell asleep like that, Mark. Casper still on top of me. I slept so soundly. But still I was aware of Kaz being by my side. It was incredibly sweet.

When I woke up Sunday morning, Kaz wasn't in bed. He wasn't even in the bedroom. I wasn't ashamed of what had happened, but in the cold clear light of day, the idea of being naked in front of Kaz sort of weirded me out. I wrapped the bed sheet around me and found Kaz sitting at the kitchen table, fully clothed.

He greeted me with a rather chilly "I put your clothes in the dryer. They should be done by now."

Badpuppy Models - Casper & Seth

No 'Good morning'. No 'Hi lover!' No nothing like that. Just a dry statement of the facts. Still a bit groggy, I stumbled to the clothes dryer. Kaz gathered up the bed sheets and tidied up the place while I got dressed. He said something about being ravenous, and wanting to get to the burger joint for breakfast, and then heading home. No mention of what had happened the night before. No acknowledgment whatsoever of the fact that we had been so intimate only a few hours earlier.

There was an elephant in the car with us on the way home, and neither of us was willing to point it out. The only reference to what had happened came from Kazzie after we had eaten.

"I'm not gonna take another one of those damn new allergy pills. I'm afraid they make me have some kind of reaction or something. I can't remember a thing about yesterday afternoon or evening." I just looked at him, but he didn't ask, so I didn't tell.

We spoke in vague generalities on the trip home. Casper was fully aware of what had happened, I'm certain. But he apparently isn't ready to admit that he at least sometimes plays for our team. If I didn't feel so good about what had happened, I might feel bad for the boy. And that, as they say, was that. It turned out to be one hell of a weekend.

I miss your smiling face, Mark, and can't wait until you get home so I can hear all about your adventures over there in the jungle. Write back soon. I love you and miss you, man.
Love and kisses,


The model in these pictures is Casper & Seth

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