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Alien Abduction! by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Alex Schneider Brad struggled against his bonds, his naked buffed body strapped down to what looked like an examination table with weird protrusions and devices all aiming at two of his most private areas. His legs were splayed wide and upwards by two clawed appendages of the table, exposing his hairy asshole, low hanging heavy testicles and thick long uncut cock to the mirrored wall opposite his table. His arms were affixed in such a way as to pump his gym-honed pecs to their full glory, his large, pointed nipples proudly surmounting each hillock of muscle. Every wall in this strange room was solid mirror, his body reflected back to him from every angle as the table turned slowly upon its long rotation platform. The mirrors seemed unbreachable to Brad, who had woke up from his snooze on his balcony to find himself on this table, helpless and scared almost soft. A soft whooshing sound broke into Brad’s thoughts as he turned his head as much as he could to see what had caused the sound. An dark oval, man-sized if you will, had miraculously appeared in one ‘side’ of the mirrored wall and a group of twelve dark robed figures with ropes around their waists appeared, silently moving to form a circle around the slowly rotating table with it’s lone occupant. Even in his frightened state, Brad admired the width of the beings’ shoulders and the close waist of the robed figures seemed to say that these beings were male and had well formed bodies. This information caused Brad’s torpid cock to move to a full hard state, and the beings gestured excitedly at this physical manifestation of Brad’s sexual interest. Hastily, the beings untied and shrugged out of their robes, allowing them to drop around their scaled feet and revealing their reptilian bodies. Brad, seeing one of the beings mount the platform and move towards his naked body, fainted away, his last coherent thought was ‘why did I ever go outside to sleep...’

Brad had had a great workout at the gym, and happily unlocked his top floor condo’s door, entering the unit with all the macho of a man who knew his body was prime meat in all ways. He admired his reflection in the mirror as he closed the door and walked into the foyer. He dropped his briefcase to one side, and carefully hung up his suit bag containing his expensive suit he’d worn that day prior to his workout. Brad lived well, worked hard in both business and physical health, and his home and body reflected this.

Still a bit warm from his workout, he pulled off his t-shirt then pulled the running pants down around his ankles. He kicked off the pants, unlaced his shoes and kicked them into a pile as well. A tight tank top cut in the muscle baring style and a pair of lycra micro shorts were all that he wore, and he felt the lycra covered muscles on his body and the heavy bulge at his crotch, thinking about his pending date with Marco later that week. Just thinking about the heavily muscled, hairy Italian man made the bulge swell larger, and Brad laughed deep in his chest, slowly peeling off the tight lycra shorts to allow the bulge some room. His eleven inch cock, freed from its bondage, surged happily upwards, his heavy balls swinging freely between his muscled thighs as he dropped the shorts in the heap of the clothing in the foyer. Pulling off the tank top, he smiled and tossed it, too, onto the heap, knowing his house boy Michael would get off on the musky scents of the dirty workout clothing. He scratched at his crotch, thinking that a beer would just about end the day right, and getting one, moved out to the big patio doors that closed off the living room of the condo from the balcony that looked out over the city.

The railing of the balcony was sufficiently high enough that nobody was going to see anything more than the upper torso of a handsome naked man, so Brad didn’t think twice about striding outside and relaxing in a chaise in a pool of afternoon light. He finished that beer and, pressing the bell beside his chair, instructed Michael to bring him a second, allowing the poor 19 year old a good look at his naked buffed body before sending him on with a ‘hurry up now, don’t keep me waiting!’

Chuckling to himself, Brad waited until the young man brought his beer before stretching his body seductively before his helpless servant then abruptly telling him to take care of the clothing in the foyer. “No extra stains on them this time, Mike!” Brad said, tipping the golden brew of beer down his throat as he eyed the excited look on Michael’s face, “only my sweat stains, none of your cum on them, make sure of it!” Nodding and ducking his sweet head, Michael scurried away, and Brad felt exultant in his power, both mental and physical over the many people he dealt with over the course of the week. The second beer, soon gone and the combined heat of the sun upon Brad’s golden body made him sleepy, and he decided to nap outside in front of ‘everybody’ instead of getting up and lying down on his big king-sized four poster bed. He drifted off, one meaty hand idly stroking his massive pecs while the other cupped his testicles lovingly, his half-hard cock resting upon the back of his hand like a dog waiting for the return of its master.

Brad was fast asleep as the silver disc separated itself from the halo of the sun and silently slipped down closer and closer to the open balcony where he lay. He was completely unaware of the golden ray that slipped down the sun’s rays and made him slip into a state of unconsciousness and then lifted his helpless, muscular body up from the chaise into the opening oval on the bottom of the silver disc. He didn’t awaken once as the beings excitedly played with his body, carefully stroking Brad’s heavily muscled chest, arms and legs, nor did he give any reaction as they fondled his pride and joy and weighed carefully in their scaled hands his heavy testicles. The being that examined Brad’s testicles made a high clacking noise, and Brad was placed upon a floating metal slab, to be whisked quietly through miles of corridors and hallways until he was brought into the arena and placed upon the table.

…Brad had fainted when the scaled aliens had revealed their forms and one of them had moved towards the table. He wasn’t aware of the alien making some adjustments to the table, causing it to flow like liquid metal, parts of the table flowed differently to form a human frame and Brad’s arms and legs now spread like Da Vinci’s male graphic. When Brad’s legs parted with the movement of the table, his heavy ball sack fell down between his legs, almost touching the table. The table sensed this in some way and a small part moved upwards into a tray shape just under his balls and causing them to rise upwards as if on display. Slowly rotating and tilting, the table now faced the alien, Brad’s face even with the alien’s.

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Badpuppy Model - Alex Schneider

The alien now pressed another area on the table and a brief blue glow appeared around Brad’s head. The glow winked out, and Brad awoke, feeling much better and far less afraid of the aliens now, the blue glow calming him as he watched the alien study his body. He looked down and saw that his heavy equipment was propped up on a metal tray which for some reason was warm, not cool, as he’d have expected. Brad didn’t even flinch when the alien reached down and grasped Brad’s balls in one clawed hand.

A brief fear, smoothed away by the blue glow’s aftereffects, passed through Brad’s mind that the alien was going to emasculate him, but soon a warm, pleasurable feeling began flowing up from his balls and enveloping his body, pulsing in time with his heart beat and causing his cock to fill and lengthen. Soon Brad’s cock had returned to its full, massive 11 inches, engorged with blood and feeling ready to squirt. The alien seemed to smile, and gave Brad’s testicles a light squeeze, the feeling of needing to come escalating to almost a painful level. Brad’s heartbeat was rapid, but still safely within the limits of his physically perfect body.

The alien released Brad’s ball sack and pressed another area on the table, watching the table liquefy into a large armless chair, Brad’s legs spread and attached to the legs, while his arms were low behind him. He was surprised that he wasn’t uncomfortable in any of the table’s positions, and didn’t really notice that the chair/table had made an adjustment to the display tray to point his cock straight up, a small ring having formed at his cock’s base to help it point upwards. Brad’s attention was still on the alien, who had approached Brad and, straddling the chair, lowered his body down until Brad’s cock was against an alien orifice!

The remnant of the blue glow was keeping Brad from panicking, but he was a bit afraid of what was inside that orifice. Stories of ‘vagina detentia’ rolled through his mind, as well as ones with holes that contained caustic acid. The alien seemed to pick up on Brad’s growing distress, and the blue glow appeared again briefly around Brad’s head. Brad smiled, the effects of the glow better than Valium, and the alien began lowering his body down, Brad’s cock slowly entering the orifice.

The warm, wet orifice was very well lubricated and Brad’s cock slipped in without any problem. He felt a tightness that rivaled the best butt hole he’d ever had, a gymnast that had practiced anal exercises and could literally MILK the cum out of cocks. The alien’s orifice was pulsing against his cock and moving his foreskin up and down softly, something that Brad had never felt with any sex partner. As the alien’s body settled against Brad’s, firmly impaled upon Brad’s throbbing cock, Brad got another surprise.

An inside suction pulled his foreskin up and over the tip of his cock, and then the most incredible feeling that Brad had ever felt started flowing around his cock! It was similar to the best head he’d ever received, where the young man had somehow cupped his tongue and slipped inside Brad’s foreskin and enervated the sensitive frenulum while keeping contact with the even more sensitive glans. Brad’s entire glans was surrounded by soft flesh like lips, and multiple independent movements worked over his glans and frenum while his cock shaft was manipulated by waves of muscle contractions. Brad felt movement around his ball sack, and in the mirrors saw that the extension that cupped his balls now encircled them, lightly stroking and fondling them in time with the contractions and sucking of the alien’s orifice. The extension somehow knew when Brad was too close to orgasm, though, for it pulled downward on his testicles when his orgasm would begin.

Another alien had moved around to the back of the chair and had draped what seemed like arms over Brad’s shoulders. At the ends of the arms were appendages similar to hands, but with small suction cups that now spread out and covered Brad’s meaty pecs. A larger suction cup went over each nipple, and then the alien began to lightly suck against Brad’s very sensitive pecs and nipples. This sensation was driving Brad crazy, and the ball extension had to pull more and more often on his sack to prevent his orgasm.

However, some unseen signal passed between the first and second alien, and the blue glow was applied to Brad again. As he felt the relaxing sensation of the blue glow, the chair changed again, this time pressing an extension up into Brad’s butt. Slick and sure, it entered Brad and positioned itself against his engorged and now highly sensitive prostate, and began throbbing in time to the sensations upon his cock’s head, foreskin and shaft. The blue glow intensified, and Brad felt the triggering of his orgasm as his piss slit spread open and began explosively emptying the contents of his balls and prostate into the alien orifice. Strangely, the work being done on his nipples had caused some sort of discharge there too, and the alien milking his nipples vacuumed up the pale liquid that began to leak from Brad’s thick and very sensitive nipples.

With a light sucking sound the first alien pull up and off Brad’s still turgid cock as did the second alien that had been working Brad’s hard nipples. The chair began adjusting itself back to an examination table, with Brad’s legs spread wide and his furry asshole held open by the extension that had massaged his prostate. All the equipment around Brad’s cock and balls had pulled away when the chair readjusted itself back to a table, and Brad lay spent and helpless without any bindings or other strapping. The anal extension made sure that every time he even thought about escape it gave his prostate a little zap of pleasure and fired up the blue glow, causing Brad to sink back into the dull throb of after sex glow. Although Brad didn’t know it, the table was monitoring all of his vital signs, and the aliens were especially interested in his heart rate and breathing, for when Brad’s vital signs had calmed down, another alien walked into the room.

This alien walked to the leg end of the table and Brad, dazed from his previous sexual activity, only vaguely noted that the table was beginning to rise and that it was becoming a bit chair like. Strangely, the leg spreaders didn’t move down as they had the first time. Brad’s body was bent gently at the waist and as his head moved forward, he got a better look at the alien that stood between his legs.

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Badpuppy Model - Alex Schneider

This alien was different than those he’d seen previous, for he was more “man-like” in his shoulder width and narrow waist. Brad noted that his chest area was well formed, on a human they would have been pectoral muscles as thick as his own. This alien moved forward and touched the table, and Brad felt the anal extension begin retracting out of his butt hole, leaving behind a cool, almost slick substance in its wake. At the same time, Brad’s leg extensions were pulling his knees closer to his chest and spreading them slightly so that Brad’s furry and very cherry asshole became viewable. The alien now walked to the side of the table and laid its suction hands on Brad’s chest, feeling the firm mounds of his pecs and sucking a little on Brad’s nipples. For a minute, Brad could have sworn that the alien’s chest was expanding a bit more and that nipples were appearing upon the mounds! He shook his head, wondering if the blue glow caused hallucinatory effects. The alien now moved around to position itself between Brad’s legs and began exploring his cock and balls, the little suction cups of the alien’s fingers stirring little waves of pleasure up and down the shaft. As the cups met with Brad’s foreskin and began to explore inside the folds, Brad moaned in pleasure and the alien increased the suction and manipulation as Brad’s cock begin to enlarge and lock into its full 11 inches of meat.

Brad shook his head again, because this time he could have sworn that the alien that was manipulating his cock had been sexless as far as humans were concerned, but now the alien was sporting not only a chest with full pecs and nipples, but also now sported a long thick uncut cock similar to his! Puzzled, he watched as the alien’s cock thickened still further and locked into eleven inches of fuckmeat, and then Brad became nervous as the alien moved between his legs and positioned his new cock against Brad’s cherry asshole!

The blue glow appeared again, and Brad calmed down as the alien entered him, slowly pushing past his sphincter and into his rectum. Brad felt the head of the alien push against his prostate, then slowly moved back out, and then repeat the insertion again, all the time slowly and carefully as if this was the alien’s first time too. When the alien had hit Brad’s prostate the first time, Brad’s cock had oozed precum, and the alien sampled this with his suction cups, paused a second, and then Brad felt more slickness in his asshole. He wondered about this until the alien’s cock withdrew and he could see the tip, which now oozed a clear gel similar to precum. The alien entered Brad again, and as he hit Brad’s prostate a little faster, Brad groaned in pleasure. Hearing this (and probably feeling it in his cock), the alien sped up his fucking, and Brad groaned again. The alien built up to a good fucking speed, and Brad was beside himself, his cherry ass broken in and the feelings of pleasure from his prostate and the blue glow were too good. About this time the alien leaned forward and stretched one hand’s fingers so that two suction cups attached to Brad’s nipples, gently sucking at them and causing Brad to moan in delight. The alien also seemed to notice that Brad’s cock and balls were wriggling like live things, and his other suction cup hand split to work the tip of Brad’s cock and fondle Brad’s eggs in their skin sac.

This was too much for Brad, and he had another violent orgasm, his cum sucked up into the suctioning finger of the alien. His nipples released their pale liquid again, and this too was suctioned up. The alien paused a second, then Brad felt warm liquid spurting into his body, then the alien pulled his cock out of Brad and walked out of the room, the table lowering itself back to its original shape.

More and more aliens came to service or be serviced by Brad’s body, which was strangely able to accommodate all the sex even though Brad couldn’t remember the last time he’d even managed six orgasms in a row, much less the number that he was performing now. Even on good days, by the third orgasm he’d be somewhat sore and sensitive around his glans, and his balls would ache so that he’d stop and rest up. The aliens weren’t giving him more than a few minutes of rest after orgasm before another one would step up and sink down on Brad’s cock or press a turgid alien cock into Brad’s asshole. Even Brad’s nipples still looked and felt fine, a bit tingly, but still normal.

Brad lost all sense of time. He was beginning to think that his body was going to keep having sex for weeks on end, no rest other than the few minutes between aliens. He did notice that the aliens were arriving more and more human male shaped, with full pecs and heavy equipment like his own. He also noted that the outer area of the orifice that he was fucking was becoming more and more butt like, the mounds becoming more pronounced on each alien and the last one that he’d just serviced actually seemed to have dark hair growing between the full muscled cheeks. Brad also was beginning to see other features, such as the smoothing of the reptilian features to more human ones, the scales softening into skin and the claws slowly becoming fingers. He puzzled over this as the next alien entered, now with a more human looking face, arms and legs. This alien was of the fuck type, the heavy foreskinned 11 inches of cock proudly at full strength as it pushed at Brad’s unresisting asshole.

The parade of aliens kept arriving and Brad’s body kept working, until he noticed that the alien that was pounding away at his asshole looked almost human. The scales were gone, healthy tanned skin replacing them, and actual body hair was growing in the underarms, forearms, legs, butt cleft and pubic area of the alien. This alien also had a body as well muscled as Brad’s, and while the shape of the head and the eye area were still somewhat reptilian, the hair that crowned the head was almost the same color and style as Brad’s. This alien, when he came deep inside Brad’s asshole, almost grunted with pleasure, the first sound other than clacking that Brad had heard from any of them. The cock that was pulled out looked like a human male’s, the foreskin, veins and shape of the glans almost identical to Brad’s. A few more aliens used Brad’s body, and then abruptly they all disappeared, leaving Brad on the table with the anal device up his butt and the blue glow lightly calming him.
Badpuppy Model - Alex Schneider

With no time reference, Brad couldn’t tell if an hour, a day or a month had passed before the table moved and became a chaise lounge, supporting his somewhat tired but strangely energized body much like a comfortable chair at home. All of the chair’s extensions from his butt, cock and balls had disappeared, as well as his bonds, but he oddly didn’t feel like escaping. Curious, he waited to see what would happen next and, with that thought, the oval opened again and the twelve beings, clothed again in their robes, stepped into the arena. They arranged themselves so that all twelve could be seen easily by Brad from his chair arrangement and then one stepped forward and spoke.

“Greetings, human named Brad,” the alien said, the voice deep and very similar to Brad’s, but scratchy as if only used for the first time, “we of the Tribe thank you.”

Brad, still strangely calm, replied, “You are welcome, but I don’t understand. What was the purpose of abducting me and then raping me?”

The alien paused, turned to his group and softy clacked in their language before turning back to face Brad. “We regret the need to abduct you, but what is this “rape” you speak of?”

“You guys fucked me and made me fuck you without consent. That’s rape!”

The soft clacking continued and then the alien replied, “We were not aware you humans feel that way. The Tribe believes that this “fucking” you refer to is when one being places an extension of itself into another being’s waste evacuation apparatus?”

Brad thought through what the alien said. “Yes, if you mean by extension a cock,” he pointed down to his own member, “and by waste evacuation apparatus you mean butt hole,” he lifted his legs and pointed to his exposed ass hole. “Don’t get me wrong, it felt like the best sex I’ve ever had in my life, but I would have preferred to have been given the choice of having it.”

The aliens made a noise like laughter, and then the lead alien replied, “But would you have had this ‘sex’ with us when we first met you? Probably not, we think. Your entire body was in an adrenaline mode that we have understood to mean fright and panic. It was only with the use of the TASP unit and careful manipulation of the areas of your brain that controlled this fright and panic that we were able to have this ‘sex” at all.”

The beings laughed again, then began removing their robes. As the cloth fell off their bodies, Brad was amazed at the twelve healthy, muscular near human beings that now stood before him, all gloriously male, naked and with equipment that was so similar to his own.

The lead being asked Brad, “Now that you see what you have accomplished for us, would you voluntarily have this ‘sex” with us now?” Brad didn’t need to reply, his cock sprang up from his body and almost locked itself into full glory. The aliens laughed and Brad, embarrassed at his body’s response, grinned.

“The bodies you see now,” the lead alien said, “are our normal forms. Many years ago, our race was hit with a terrible disease that not only wiped out our female population, but changed our bodies into the forms you call ‘reptilian,’ probably because we resemble the scaled animals upon your planet. The disease had a few good points that kept us from being wiped out as a race. We received the ability to produce our own young without females and could get our normal forms back if we found a race that was similar enough to us and had the essence needed to accomplish the two abilities.”

“We found that human males of this planet had the exact requirements of essence we needed in the fluids from their reproductive glands. The fluids from their underdeveloped mammary glands were also useful. The extraction method we used on you has been refined so that the stimulus for the donor is enhanced by the TASP unit.”

“Earlier extraction methods didn’t produce enough of the fluids needed to be able to bring the entire Tribe to the reproductive state, and usually caused the donor serious physical damage and pain. We are a peaceful race and do not wish to cause pain or mutilation to any other race, thus we developed the TASP which not only caused the donor to feel intensified pleasure during the extraction but also be able to produce enough volume of the desired fluids so that all of the Tribe could partake without damage to the donor.”

He pointed to Brad’s hard and drooling cock. “You will find that as a byproduct of this ‘rape’ you will have more intensive self extractions, with more volume of fluid and a more lasting feeling when the self extraction is complete. You will also be able to sustain multiple self extractions many more times than you had previously without damage or pain to either your extension or the fluid producing units below it.”

The alien then pointed to Brad’s asshole. “This entrance to your body, which you call your ‘butt hole’ has also been augmented so that you can have sustained use of it with other extensions as you desire. It now has the ability to become slick by itself and now uses the liquids deposited there as nutrients for the host body.” He stopped and looked at Brad with what almost looked like a glint in his eye. “Would you like to ‘consent’ to having this ‘sex’ with us now one last time?”

Brad smiled and pulled his legs up so that his asshole was displayed to the twelve aliens, who now were not so alien anymore. “I think I could consent to that,” he replied, the first alien moving between his legs and placing his cock against Brad’s self lubricating asshole. Brad closed his eyes as the alien began fucking him, the pleasure of the act now being as good as the blue glow of the TASP unit had been. When Brad had been fucked by all the aliens and his asshole had assimilated the entire alien cum that had been shot into him, he had each alien bend over and grasp ankles so that he could shove his throbbing eleven inches into each alien butt hole. The pleasure was still as intense as before, and when Brad had finished ejaculating for the twelfth time, he felt complete in some altered way.
Badpuppy Model - Alex Schneider

The aliens, when Brad had finished with them, put their robes back on (to Brad’s dismay) and led Brad out of the arena and back down through the corridors of the ship until they arrived at the transporter pad. Brad got onto the pad and, with a wave, was sent back down to his patio in a blink of an alien eye…

…’Whazzat!” Brad’s eyes flew open, sitting up in panic as he looked around to see the familiar patio and his houseboy Michael standing at the doorway with the still dirty workout clothing. He waived Michael into the house and looked down at his body, seeing nothing that wasn’t there before, still the studly masculine work of art that he’d had when he went to sleep. Brad grinned and rested back against the chaise, his hands behind his head as he looked up at the sky, thinking ah, only a dream.

The heat and his own horniness got to him, and he moved his hands down to his thickening cock and smiled as he started to jack off, his balls feeling heavy with cum in his palm as he jiggled them lovingly. A feeling of pure well-being and sexual stimulus began stealing over him, and he reached down to rub his asshole as he’d done many times before. When his finger felt the dampness there he didn’t think twice, just pressed his finger inside him as far as he could go, and marveled at the slickness of his insides as he began finger fucking himself. Idly, as his pleasure grew with the prostate massage he was giving himself, he thought it might be novel to get some dildos, maybe even see if he could take a cock the size of his own, eleven inches of pure fuckmeat....that was all it took, and his orgasm hit him hard, his cum jetting out of him in such copious amounts that he was almost alarmed, then settled into the rhythm of his ejaculations as the spurts continued, although lessening in strength and volume of cum until ceasing almost fifteen minutes later. He pulled his finger out of his ass, thinking how slick it still felt, and noted with amusement that his entire upper body was covered in cum, dripping off him onto the chair and then to the patio. He got up, feeling better than he’d ever been and decided to take a quick shower, then head out and find Marco, maybe even look up that gymnast and see if he was interested in some sex…

…hidden high within the sun’s rays, 12 aliens watched as their parent donor went happily about his business, knowing that they had received the best essence possible. The lead alien made a note in the computer logs to keep an eye on this parent donor, for within a few years the Tribe would need replenishing again and from what he’d understood from watching this world, the human males only got better with age….

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