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Alexander The Great by Nigel
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Badpuppy Model - Robin I was always brought up to work hard and to play hard. From the earliest of age I understood this to be the only maxim for success. As a teenager I studied and worked like hell then played every sport going and still found time to join the army cadet corps attached to the school. At university I achieved a first class honours degree, was elected president of the boat club and vice-captain of rugby.

In my chosen career my grip upon the greasy pole of success was so tight that as soon as one promotion or job opportunity with a new employer was achieved the next was always on the horizon. I was doing well, earning a great salary and advancing forward in leaps and bounds. The only thing was work demanded so much time that play was diminishing to a tiny fraction of my life, so small it was difficult to notice it was there. As my twenty-seventh birthday was approaching my mind and body felt as if they were approaching the age of retirement not still a part of my youth. That would not do.

As soon as nine o'clock on Saturday morning came I walked into my local branch of Thomas Cook and selected a holiday for the week after next. Perhaps this may sound as if I acted on a whim but you need to understand that I do nothing without sound and careful planning.

I needed urgently to restore a balance in my life and the first step in doing this was to take a break, a holiday. But not just any holiday, I chose that particular Greek island with much care and I planned with just as much care the resort I would stay in. Careful planning and sound reasoning were at the centre of everything.

The flight from London was quick, made all the quicker by the fact that I slept for most of the journey. Sleep was what I was planning for a good deal of the week, sleep and relaxation. No phones, no e-mails, no lap-top, nothing at all to do with work. Wonderful, I can not tell you just how wonderful.

Inside the terminal building I spied out the route from the baggage reclaim to the exit. My mind could not divert from its natural way of thinking to sense the quickest and most efficient way to undertake any given task. By standing a few yards down from the baggage shoot I could see my suitcase as it clattered onto the carousel and have enough time to leisurely pick it up without the scramble those who had crammed themselves to my left were experiencing. Straight through the customs lane dedicated for citizens of the EU and out into the arrivals hall. A quick pan round, locate my waiting tour rep, fix his eye and be told the location of my shuttle coach. All accomplished in a matter of a few minutes.

Just one problem! While I was outside and seated on the coach others from the same aircraft were still inside fussing about and disappearing up their own backsides! Another forty minutes were to elapse before we would be ready to leave.

Have you ever noticed how the lesser intelligent typical English tourist abroad will speak to residents of which ever country they are in by communicating their words slowly and in some weird self-invented pan-European accent totally unrecognisable to any nationality? It amused me to listen to each one of them in turn ask Alex if this was the coach to their hotel then for him to reply with a perfect middle-class English diction that indeed it was.

On first sight I have to admit that Alex with his bronzed tan was so easy to mistake for a native of the island but his home town back in England turned out to be not that far from where I lived myself. I sat in the first row of seats on the coach, on the left and side directly and slightly above the driver. Alex was sitting on the front row on the other side of the isle. As we waited for the slower members of the group to arrive we struck up a conversation.

"You travelling alone?" Alex asked.

I explained my need for some time away from work.

"What do you do?"

"I'm the marketing director for a group of Internet sites."


Alex of course was a holiday rep, no need to ask about his employment. He told me that he had been working on the island for three seasons. He spoke fluent German, French and Greek. "I did a modern languages degree," he said. "If I ever find the time I would like to learn to speak Russian. I'd love to work there."

"Do you get much time to yourself in this job?"

"Not a lot." Alex smiled. "For the past week my colleague has been off sick so I have had to do the work of two. Still I have a couple of days off starting tomorrow and have something special planned.

Eventually, and I mean eventually, everyone was on board and Alex gathered his notes in order to formally welcome us all to Corfu. As he reached forward to pick up the microphone for the onboard PA system his tight arse presented itself close to my view. Hell, that was beautiful, two tight bum cheeks framed in dark Farrah trousers. But the pleasure was all too short as he turned round and began to speak.

The driver started the engine and we moved off. Alex said that he hoped we had all had a good flight and assured us we would have a great holiday. He was there to help us and we should make use of his services. I closed my eyes as he moved on to talk about the history of the island and I thought of that beautiful backside. That was a service I certainly would like to take advantage of. If only!

Alex was of a similar age to me, rounded features with dark hair, the majority of which was tipped with blond highlights. His tour rep uniform consisted of an orange shirt, open at the collar and dark trousers. Those trousers - yes!

The introductory talk had moved on to aspects of safety. "Please don't use the swimming pools outside normal opening hours," Alex explained. "That's the time when they change the chemicals and filter the water. Earlier in the year three lads decided to go skinny dipping at four o'clock in the morning. That was just the time the filtration plant was running the cleaning agents and they all came out with green hair, and when I say green hair I mean all their hair was green!"

Everyone laughed and Alex had made his point. He went on to stress in exceedingly serious tone that the self-drive mopeds on the island were dangerous and that we should avoid them at all costs. So serious was he that he repeated his warning three times. I personally had no intention at all of using such a form of transport, I had my own plans for the week and they did not feature in them.

On arrival at the hotel Alex checked us all into our rooms, then made to leave. I wished him well for a couple of days off and a good rest.

"Thanks," he smiled. "My colleague will be back on duty in the morning then I will see you all again later in the week."

Alone in my room I took a shower, then lay back naked on the top of a very comfortable bed. I wondered how things were going at work: What was the hourly hit rate? How many visitors were there in the chatroom? Were the new sign-ups on target? How many sales had been achieved through the on-line shop? perhaps I should go to the reception and ask to use a computer to check. NO! Stuff it! Instead I closed my eyes and drifted into a light sleep.

Two hours later I surfaced to the world and it was time for dinner. The food was good, excellent in fact, and I ate well. Returning to my room I slid between the cool sheets and was soon fast asleep. Not for a long time had I been to bed quite so early and never since I was a small child have I slept for fourteen hours.

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Badpuppy Model - Robin

That night I had one of the strangest dreams ever, kind of crazy and I wonder what Joseph, the ancient Biblical interpreter of dreams, would have made of it. I dreamed I had recently bought a Rolls Royce motor car, parked it in Central London somewhere and was unable to remember where. I was frantic with worry until I remembered Alex saying he was there to serve our every needs and was available for any problem we may have, however difficult. Surely he could find it. But I don't know if he did or not, the dream moved on with both Alex and the Rolls Royce ceasing to feature. Make of that what you will, I guess it isn't entirely relevant to the story line but I include it simply because it happened.

Breakfast did not happen the next morning, I had slept later than intended and I needed to be on my way. I have a good memory and I had committed to it the route from a map I had searched out on the Internet before I left England. It would be about a thirty minute walk, no longer.

I was right. The beach was secluded and one of the few on the island with pebble free sand. Of course it was private, costing twenty Euro's to get in, well worth every penny, if you will excuse the fiscal pun, to join like-minded guys on one of the world's premier gay beaches.

I guess there were a couple of hundred guys there, nearly all of them quite naked - I mean what is the point of a gay nudist beach if you are going to cover yourself up? I soon lost my own tee shirt and shorts then ambled down to the edge of the water.

There were guys there of all shapes and sizes, and I don't mean just their manhood! There were white bean poles nervously looking out of place among so many bronzed bodies. There were guys from their late teens to ageing granddads. There were big guys who looked like beached whales. I swear if Greenpeace were to have come by, they would have tried to roll them back into the sea! Some guys still had little white patches round their hips where swimming shorts had previously protected them from the sun. Others had an all over tan - I wondered if it came out of a bottle or from hours of nude sunbathing. If the former then who had been lucky enough to apply the lotion to parts where the recipient could not reach?!? Some guys proudly showed off mega hard ons while others hung limp. I was limp myself, I can never see the point in pumping all that testosterone unless you are going to do something with it. I would be hard enough when I was ready and with something to do - all being well, it wouldn't just be for a wank either!

I found a sun lounger, adjusted the back and lay inclined totally naked save for a pair of expensive, designer sunglasses. I watched a group playing volleyball. It can tell you it wasn't just the plastic football that volleyed up and down as the players leaped and stretched into the game. Very entertaining. When they stopped playing, I closed my eyes for a while before I would cruise the beach and check out a little more of the talent. Who knows, as I lay there reposed, there could have been people checking me out!

I think I must have fallen into a doze, sleeping again, the voice sounded distant - as if I were in a dream.

"Nigel? Nigel?"

I stirred and opened my eyes, slowly adjusting them to the brilliant sunshine.

"Hi. Sorry, I woke you."

"No, don't worry about that. HI there!"

It was Alex! Alex the holiday rep. Alex from the airport bus. Alex with the tight trousers. He was on the beach, the same beach. I was astounded and delighted. Quickly I gained control of my emotions and assured myself this was not a dream then told him how pleased I was to see him again.

"You look a whole lot better not wearing that tour company uniform," I smiled.

"Thank you, it is my day off and I try to wear as little as possible at such times. So have you come here with friends or are you alone?" As he spoke Alex squatted down by the side of the sun lounger.

"Quite alone," I replied. "What about you?"

"I'm meeting a couple of friends later. It seldom happens that we are all free together but when we are we always meet up here. We fix ourselves a barbecue lunch and have some fun. Hey you can join us!"

"But won't your friends mind?"

"Spiros and Mike? No, they'll be pleased to see you."

"Are you sure?'

"Yeah, of course. Spiros is a waiter in one of the hotels on the island and Mike is a purser with one of the charter airlines flying tourists in and out of here. They won't be here for a couple of hours yet though."

"So why are you early?"

Alex grinned, "To be honest I fancied a bit of talent spotting and hoped to find some good sex before lunch."

"Funny you should say that."

Do you believe in destiny? I do but I don't believe in luck - good or bad. To he who is prepared to dither through life, taking no control over events destiny will always deal a poor hand. But to the person who aims high and rules his life with determination, destiny will only deal out picture cards and aces. Coming to Corfu for this brief holiday was in itself a picture card - perhaps a jack or even a queen. My first encounter with Alex was definitely a king as was my decision to visit the beach at the right time. But now I was about to turn over a new card, the ace of trumps.

Alex was indeed a fine specimen of youth, perhaps a year or two younger than I. His time working under the Ionian sun had tanned his body and he was one of those who could boast an all over tan. He smiled at me and said, ""Let's walk."

One end of the beach rose away from the sea in a series of small undulating dunes. It was into this area that my new friend guided us. We passed a number of couples whose activities made them oblivious to our presence.

"You'll find nothing like this in England," Alex giggled.

"In our climate?" I smirked. "It'd freeze the balls off a brass monkey, so what would it do to an ordinary horny guy?"

"They say the warmer the climate the bigger the, you know what."

"Tell me then, so working here in the sunshine does it make it grow?"

We were fooling about like a couple of kids. "Yeah, before I came here I was a mere four inches and look at me now."

Believe me I was looking.

"Perhaps I should come to live here myself," I said.

"That would be nice but in that department I would say you needed no further enhancement."


We found a special place and sat down. There was some grass, but mainly it was fine hot sand. A few trees, they could have been olive tress - I don't know for certain - do olive tress grow in sand? - gave a little shade from the hot morning sun. In those trees crickets chirped their song. It was a truly idyllic setting. Perfect.

In every aspect of life I am a top, the one to take the initiative and the one to be in control. As we made our way into those dunes I was working away in my subconscious mind how I would open things with Alex, how I would offer some pretense at seduction. The thought of that wonderful backside, now free and open to me in the warm morning air, soon to be mine for the taking, sent adrenaline pumping throughout my body and my cock into a firm, ready position.

I was a little surprised, therefore, when Alex began to embrace me and kiss me with a deep, long throated action. It was strangely different and good even if I should have been the one making the initial move. His hands began to caress me all over as he continued. I offered no resistance just placing my own palms on that delicious arse of his.

Of course I was already aroused, but Alex was heightening this with a fury. I was excited as I realised with a longing anticipation that which was to come. I have had sex with many a guy, of course I have, but always giving and never taking. This was going to be an entirely new experience for me. What would it be like? Brilliant, I knew.

Adopting the pose of a submissive bottom I turned to present myself to Alex, to Alexander, to Alexander the Great. I felt him stroke my buttocks with his hands, run the head of his cock down the line delineating those two cheeks. I could feel the touch of precum as he did so, followed by the magic of his finger tips exploring between them.

There was a surge of pain and my body flinched as he inserted a single finger. Hell I knew penetration hurt, but never before had I actually experienced it. That finger turned and widened the cavity soon to be joined by a second. Shit - it hurt like fuck.

I smiled to myself and stifled a chuckle. Of course it hurt like fuck - fuck was what was happening!

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Badpuppy Model - Robin

I have described Alex to you a little, but I haven't told you so far anything of that all important aspect of his fine physique. Seven inches I guessed, and I am pretty good at guessing these things. Thick and uncut. Bloody hell I would soon be having all of that inside me and it was a whole lot more than the two fingers I was currently experiencing. His balls were similar to my own - quite large and while not tight against his body not hanging low. His pubes were thick and dark, the natural colour of his genes unlike the hair on his head with those lovely blonde highlights.

"Take me Alex," the thought turned into a whisper and then into a clearly audible desire. "Come on Alex, screw me senseless."

The pain factor rose and I snatched for breath as Alex withdrew his fingers but this was nothing to the raging agony when he inserted himself. I sweated tears as my virginity was broken and bit into my lip as more and more of him pushed deeper and deeper into me. Seven inches? Fuck this was more like seventeen! When would it stop? Eventually I felt the comforting warmth of his pubic bush against my bottom. Yes!

There are, I guess, different types of pain. Pain which is a non-stop agony like a tooth ache shutting out all other senses as it gnaws away at your being. Pain which comes unexpectedly like a wasp sting and fires with agony just a specific part of your body. I never had the cane at school, it was going out of fashion when I was a child and ceased to be used when I reached adolescence, but I have heard guys talk of the initial squirt of fire followed by an entire body pain which slowly subsides into a warm, sensuous glow. If you could withstand the initial stroke of rattan cane on your behind, it got better thereafter, good even.

That is just how it was for me that first time I was fucked. The pain never went away but as Alex began thrusting into me it changed its nature subtly into something quite phenomenal. My cries of hurt turned into cries of pleasure.

That pleasure was doubled as Alex took my own cock in his right hand and began to wank me at the same time as he was fucking me. Double the pleasure? No more than that, far more. He was skilled and knew precisely what he was doing, how to time things to perfection. Perfect to the point where we both came together. Destiny had dealt a hand containing not only the ace of trumps, but with it also the accompanying cards of high value. My head spun in a trance as my brain did all it could to cope with the erotic sensations my entire nervous system was rapidly sending to it. Never before had sex been quite so special.

Eventually I lay back on the fine sand exhausted and managed to speak but a few words. "Great Alex, you're fuckin' Alexander the Great that's who you are."

He laughed and lay his head on my chest. My fingers played through that black and white hair.

Away and in front of us on the sea, across to our right, we heard the roar of a power boat start its engine. The tone increased to a scream and we saw a huge parachute rise into the blue sky above us. I sat up to watch and could pick out two figures suspended below the red and yellow canopy.

"Fancy trying that?" Alex asked.

"Do I buggery!"

"Come on where's your spirit of adventure? It's only fifty Euro for the two of us, I saw the sign as I came in. Come along, my treat. We have time before Spiros and Mike get here."


"Go on, they say it is better than sex."


And so it was I let lose my hold on destiny for just a tiny moment of time and Alex and I, still both quite naked, were tightly strapped into a shoulder harness with a pole-like thing joining us into one. I was on the left with my new over-adventurous friend on the right.

"I haven't made a will," I said, "but I want all my money to go to the cats' protection League."

"Touching," Alex teased. "Mine can go to Battersea Dogs Home."

"Have you done this before?"

"And lived to tell the tale? No way!"

With the speed of a skilled executioner we were fastened to the parachute behind us on the jetty. A towline was clipped to that pole thing and we were invited to sit on a giant rubber ring. With no time left to object, no room to escape, the engine of the boat roared to a crescendo. We bounced across the water for but a few yards before being pulled backwards by the drag of the chute then up, up, up, up into the air.

"Shiiiitttt! I'll fuckin' kill you Alex if we survive this."

"I'd rather you just fucked me!"

The boat pulled us out to sea, the air rushing past our bodies, our naked bodies. I guessed guys on the beach were looking up at us and saying to themselves: silly sods!

If anyone was looking and had eyes good enough to see they would have observed Alex slide a hand between my thighs. No one could have heard what he said, it was hard for me by his side what with the rush of the air and the noise of the boat.

"Fancy a quickie, a fast wank up here in the sky?"

You know, I am not at all certain if he was joking or not. I think perhaps not! But there was not time, the engine dulled and we began to descend safely downwards. Back on the beach and divested of the harness I considered my flight an experience not to have been missed, but certainly not one to be repeated.

Badpuppy Model - Robin

So was Alex right? Was it better than sex? Nah, of course not!

My legs were like jelly and my arse was bowed so walking away from the scene was a laugh in itself. Now what kind of card was it that destiny had just dealt?

Imagine if you can some of the characters in Ancient Greek Mythology, of the young Apollo, of Jason who sought the Golden Fleece, of Achilles hero of the Trojan War and of Pan with his magical flute. Think of the athletes who were to compete in the games on Mount Olympus. Hold these in your mind and you will see the beauty of Spiros, a youthful god among mortals.

He and Mike had arrived on the beach while Alex and I were suspended one hundred feet above danger out to sea. They had a fire lit and burning well. Alex introduced me.

"Welcome," Spiros said in a heavy accent. "I trust Alex has been looking after you.

Alex grinned a cheeky smile and winked an eye.

"We saw how he was looking after you!" Mike said. "Here." He offered me a bottle of cold beer. Condensation was forming on its glass sides and an aroma drifted from its freshly uncapped top. "You look as if you could use this."


I had seen Mike before, I knew I had. Where? It challenged me to recall a previous meeting.

"I used to be cabin crew with British Airways," he explained, "but there were so many job cuts after September 11th that I decided to join a charter airline until the industry settles down again. Perhaps you may have seen me on one of the flights. To be honest I would like to get a job with Virgin Atlantic but then so does every crew member in every airline in the world."

"But you are no virgin," Spiros said in his heavy voice at the same time stroking a hand down Mike's loins. "Besides Virgin Atlantic not fly into Greece, I would miss you. I tell Richard Branson not to give Michael a job."

"Don't worry my little Greek faun, I'll not leave you, these charter hops are easier than long-haul."

"I fly to New York once a month," I explained, "perhaps that's where I have seen you."

"More than likely," Mike said. "I've done both JFK and Newark flights more times than I can remember."

"I fly into JFK," I explained. "The firm I work for always holds its monthly board meetings in one of the airport hotels.

"So you work for an American company?" Spiros asked.

"Not exactly." I explained about the Internet sites and how different guys worked from home in different parts of the world. "The guy who actually owns the site lives in St Lucia, I'm from England, of course - you know that - the webmaster is in Detroit and the finance director comes from San Francisco. New York is kind of a good central place for us all to get together."

I could see I was making an impression, normally that would have pleased me but I really didn't want to broadcast my success at this time.

"You never told me the name of the site," Alex said. "So what is it?"

How could I avoid answering such a direct question? I told my new friends the domain name of the main site.

"Shit man, you are a director of that?" Spiros almost lost some of his heavy accent in registering his astonishment. "It is the biggest gay site on the Internet. We all use it! It was the chatroom that brought Mike, Alex and myself together."

"I had no idea I was in such illustrious company," Alex added. "Man, I feel like I have just fucked somebody famous, or something."

They quizzed me a lot about my work, how had I got the job in the first place? What kind of a car did I drive? (I drive a jaguar - a second hand one.) Did I get to meet many of the models on the site? (Yes, some of them.) Had I had sex with any of them? (That would be telling!)

"Hey guys," I protested holding up my hands. "can we change the subject? I'm nothing special you know, my legs finish in a bum the same as yours!" I turned a full circle to demonstrate.

While we had been having this conversation Mike had been busy cooking steaks and Spiros preparing salad and drinks. It intrigued me how three guys meeting each other had come prepared with four steaks. I could not figure an answer and I didn't ask.

Now I don't know if any of you have tried to cook on a barbecue while in the nude, let me tell you it is not the easiest of undertakings. Never mind steak and salad, it was nearly grilled sausage and sweet meat all round!

Spiros and Mike did most of the cooking and while Spiros tended to the task, leaning over the fire, I could not but admire his beautiful body and in particular his firm and cute bum. One day I knew I would take that bum for myself but first my plan was to make Alex's my own!

"WE don't often manage to arrange our time off from work to coincide," Alex explained. "But when we do, we always come here and barbecue."

"That's usually every six weeks or so," Mike added. "Depends very much on my getting a long enough stop over on the same day as Alex is off duty. Spiros is often able to change his shift. When I know what I am up to, I e-mail Alex and Spiros then we try to fix things."

"Would you consider e-mailing me as well?" I said. "I could fly in to join you."

Spiros turned from the fire to face me. "That would be a wonderful thing," he said.

Alex gently patted my backside. "Any time and every time, you bet!"

We ate a hearty meal but all too soon it was time for the party to end. Mike was on an evening flight to Luton and Spiros had to be back in time to wait on table for dinner.

"How did you get here from your hotel?" Alex asked.

"I walked."

"I can give you a lift back."

"Thanks, that would be great."

I rather thought that Alex would have a car so after his prep talk on the airport bus, I was a little surprised when I found his mode of transport was one of those infamous motor scooters.

"But -"

"But do as I say and not do as I do," he giggled.

"I see! I bet you even go skinny dipping in the pool at midnight."

"After what it did to those guys hair? No way!"

"Did it really turn their hair green?"

"A kind of yellowish lime green. I had a call from the office and went to see them. They looked funny, it was hard not to laugh. Then one guy drops his shorts and says: Look at this! I'm sorry but I just had to laugh."

I laughed as well.

"I took them along to a hair stylist and he was able to put some dye on their hair to make it look a bit more natural, I guess he left their pubes to grow out on their own. I bet that hampered their shagging exploits for a few months."

I am not a motor cyclist by choice and even though we were again dressed in my tee shirt and shorts I felt naked without a crash helmet. The journey back to the hotel was a couple of miles and I clung on for dear life every inch of the way. When we reached journey's end it was a blessing. A few words were now needed to ensure this time did not also mark then end of our time together.

"You will stay, won't you?" I said hopefully.

"If you want me to."

"Of course I want you to, you know that."

"Then I will stay."

The air conditioning inside the room was heaven sent after the scorching heat of the day outside. I collapsed back on the bed and gulped in lungfuls of the delicious cold air. Alex came and lay beside me.

"Tell me something."' He said. "You want to fuck Spiros don't you?"

"Sure I do, but not half as much as I want to fuck you."

I began to wrestle and tickle my friend. "And Alex BEFORE you leave this room, I am going to fuck you well!"

"Oh, promises, promises."

"I always keep my promises."

My arse was still sore from the seeing to Alex had given it earlier, but as much as I wanted and intended to take pleasure from him, I desired a repeat. I had always been a top but, hey, how much better to be versatile?

"I need a shower, come on, you can scrub my back."

Badpuppy Model - Robin

I let the water run cool, not cold and it was very refreshing. Standing there together we used gallons of shower gel and covered one another in sweet scented foam. We were both fully aroused again and it would not be long until that arousal was put to its proper purpose.

"You know the Ancient Greeks were bisexual don't you?"

I had heard something about it.

"Women are for having sex with while men were for love."

"Sounds to me as if they got things right. I have always said that it is quite natural for a man to have sex with a women but supernatural when he does so with another man."

I am perfectly straight looking, acting and speaking; only those who know me well know anything of my personal nature. Sure I have shagged around a lot, with both sexes, but I don't wear my dick on my sleeve.

I guessed Alex was similar and so probably was Spiros - YES I would have to return to the island soon in order to fuck him. Mike, he was a little bit camp - not a lot but it was there.

We towelled one another dry and although we were both ready for sex got into bed and lay in each other's arms to fall asleep. The scent of Alex's body so close to my own was a drug which both induced sleep and also a beautiful hallucinatory dream. His warm breath caressed my chest and I was transported to a place so lovely I wanted never to leave. But as I drifted along in this state of semi-consciousness I thought of the reality that was waiting for me and how this, with its own delights, would bring that I had longed for ever since I first met Alex. Ever since? Why that was only a little over twenty-four hours ago. Such a short space of time but what a time.

Alex was laying on his back, and I moved his head from my chest and onto the pillow. He did not stir. I angled myself to rest on my side and look at him. With a finger I gently traced down his body from the centre of his breast, through his navel to the top of where his erect cock was resting. I kissed one of his nipples then moved my head back to again look at him.. Alex opened his eyes and smiled at me.

I repeated that small kiss then pecked six more, each slightly lower down his abdomen until the final one tipped the top of his cock. He placed a hand on the top of my head to keep the pose. I could taste the nectar of precum and took the whole of his shaft within my mouth. I held it there for a long time just tasting it and enjoying the fruit.

But the time for this act of foreplay was over. I withdrew and as I moved our eyes met passing a million thoughts between us in a single instance.

Alex rolled on his stomach and I moved him to a position on all fours. My god that arse was beautiful, beautiful and now it was all mine. My hands rested on the top of his shoulders and massaged their way down to the top of his hips. My fingers picked out the pointed tips on either side of his pelvis. My cock found its own position between those two curved cheeks, needing only a tiny adjustment from my hand to commence its way to insertion.

I could sense that I was not the first to go that way but there had not been many before me. I determined that in every way I would be the best. Alexander the Great, Alexander the Conqueror of the Known World - submit yourself now and prepare to be conquered.

The pain of pleasure I had earlier known was now with Alex. I placed my hands at the top of his groin on each side to steady my entry and at the same time to steady his nerve. This was good, the initial penetration followed by an even long insertion. For me it felt so good, delicious and sensuous beyond measure. My cock twitched its gratitude to one of the finest arses creation had graced upon this mortal earth.

I was lost in a world made up entirely of we two, a world containing all the pleasures of the ancient land, pleasures which had been allowed to ferment with the passing centuries. The great God Zeus, king of all the gods, could not have known or wished for better.

I began a motion between us, each thrust forward sent waves of electricity through me alerting every nerve lest any one of them should miss the experience.

Harder, harder every muscle straining.

Deeper, deeper until I was reaching my friend's inner place of stimulus. He cried out begging me for more at the same time pleading that he could take no more.

That cool air of the room caressed out bodies, and yet still tiny pearly of sweat formed on us both. My hands could feel the tiny droplets and moved down the front of Alex's thighs to sweep them into a small stream.

In my job working with one of the world's foremost male porn sites I get to see the best of the best in male models, but none could ever compare with my very own Greek God. I increased the power behind my movements finding new strength any athlete would have been proud of.

I could cum at any time but I wanted this to last longer, I was determined to pleasure Alex beyond anything he had previously known. Slowly I began to withdraw until all but the very head of my cock was left inside him. I paused momentarily then with one long firm push I reinserted the full and throbbing length until the curve of those wonderfully carved buttocks was resting in my groin.

Alex squealed but with a soft voice. I withdrew again and felt his body tense as I thrust in again even harder than before. Then again and again.

I lay myself across his back angling my own body to the same congruence. My hands reached and fondled his chest and stomach while I kissed his shoulders and neck. With my right hand I reached and found his balls, gently cupping them and massaging the contents.

Alex spoke. "Nigel, you are fan-fuckin-tastic, my friend. I've never been fucked like this before."

"Let it be the first of many."

"Yes please."

Back then to a rapid motion building us both into a high frenzy to stop just short of climax. A pause for us both to assimilate all then the fury again - more and more and more.

This time I knew it was right to end our time of love making and with a series of hard but gentle thrusts I came inside my own Greek God. And how I came, fire blazing out of control, roaring heat between us. Surging until we were both totally exhausted and fell back on the bed to yet again sleep.

When we awoke the sun was fading, the day was almost done. "Stay the night Alex,' I said.

He nodded. My heart beat for joy that my invitation had been accepted.

"Shall we eat?" He suggested. "I know a place near here that will deliver food if we call them. How about pizza?"

Italian food in Greece eaten by two young Englishmen, why not? After all we are in the European Union. We sat on the balcony listening to the song of the crickets in the trees, eating pizza and talking.

"You will come back here again won't you?" Alex said.

"Of course."

"You do mean that? Please."

"Never meant anything more so. The thing about my job is I can work anywhere in the world, all I need is my laptop and a link to the Internet. It doesn't matter where I am providing I can make it to New York for the monthly meeting."

"Then why not spend some time here? After all I know you want to fuck Spiros."


"We could always make it a threesome."

"After you my friend anything else would count for nought."

"Now who is teasing?"

"The truth is not a tease."

Badpuppy Model - Robin

Over the next couple of hours we told each other our life stories, silly things from our childhood, how we had ended up where we were and all of our hopes and ambitions for the future. We told of our sexual experiences, how we both found we were attracted to other guys and what we had done about it. I explained to Alex that while I had been with many different guys he was the first to ever actually fuck me.

"Until today I have always been a top, you were my first experience." Then I looked at him and smiled. "And I hope before the night is out that will be an experience added to."

"Let us sleep first my friend and I promise you it will be as you wish. And remember I also have tomorrow off work."

It was dark on that balcony but as we made a return to bed, I am sure Alex would have been able to see my eyes sparkle as two more stars in the sky.

That was some hours ago now. Alex is still asleep laying naked in a three quarter prone position on top of the bed covers. The sheets cover just his lower legs and I have been sitting here watching him breathe and dream contentedly. It has taken me two hours to write this account, OK - yes - I did bring my laptop with me! AND my mobile phone. It is not my role within our organisation to actually write any material but when I e-mail this true story in a few moments time to our webmaster in Detroit I hope he will include it somewhere within the site. Just a few more words to type then it will be time to wake Alex.

Look at him sleeping there, my very own Greek Hero - Alexander the Great!


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