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Adventures in Paradise Pt 2 by Mark Gregg Richards
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Badpuppy Model - Carmine The Hawaiian and I made love in bed until we both were exhausted and then we fell into sweet slumber. The next morning I awoke first. I slowly ran my fingers up his leg from the tip of his toes to the beginning of the soft pubic hairs in his groin. His legs parted like a flower opening at dawn. I planted a soft kiss on his scrotum, which caused his sleeping genitals to come to life. His three-inch penis grew to seven inches and then to eight. I played with his balls and cock until he awoke and gave me a kiss and hug. I started to give him his first blowjob of the day when he said, "Let's have some breakfast from room service first".

The Hawaiian explained that he had ordered breakfast the night before and it would arrive in about ten minutes. We cuddled in bed until there was a knock at the door. My bed partner got up and scurried naked into the bathroom and closed the door. The last thing I saw of him was his beautiful butt. I loved looking at his ass. I found my khaki walking shorts on the floor and pulled then on my own naked body. When I opened the door, I smelled the aroma of pineapple, coffee, bacon, eggs and home fried potatoes. Then I saw the gorgeous man pushing the food cart. He was tall, tanned, and very handsome. He must have been six feet four or five inches tall. He wore a crisp white shirt with a black bow tie that accented his tight black pants. I was speechless. I was grateful that he had the grace and charm to start the conversation. "Aloha and good morning, I'm Damian your server and I'm here to be sure you have everything you want," he said. He placed the plates of food on a table, poured two cups of coffee and pulled out a chair for me. I had completely forgotten about the Hawaiian until I heard the bathroom door open. My mouth dropped open when I saw him walk stark naked to the breakfast table and say "Hi Damian."

Both men grinned as I realized this was a setup. I discovered Damian did work for the hotel but he was also a male stripper and the Hawaiian and I were going to have a breakfast we would never forget. Damian asked if I would be more comfortable without my shorts. He gave me a little hug, unbuttoned my khaki's and pulled them off. The Hawaiian and I sat down at our breakfast table as Damian walked over to the window and pulled back the drapes so we could view the Pacific while we ate. But there was to be no ocean gazing this morning because all the attention was focused on Damian. He kicked out of his shoes, pulled his socks off, and slowly undid and removed his bow tie. I slurped down a mouthful of coffee and tasted a fork full of scrambled eggs all the while being mesmerized by our server. I wondered what you tip a male stripper/server but figured I would arrive at an amount when I saw his tip and experienced his unique services.

Damian was able to refill our cups while at the same time unbuttoning his shirt reveling a sculptured chest. I looked under the table and could see the Hawaiian was beginning to get his hardon back. I caught myself sucking on a piece of pineapple as Damian was pulling his pants off. All that our server had on now was a pair of tight Calvin Klein Briefs and I liked the uniform. The Hawaiian was managing to eat breakfast with one hand while playing with himself under the table with the other. Damian stood behind my chair and gave me a back rub while the Hawaiian played with my cock under the table with his foot. He hooked his big toe around my dick as he massaged the shaft with the heel of his foot.

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Badpuppy Model - Carmine

Soon it was show time and Damian began to dance for us. He danced around the room with the grace of the ocean tide. He ran his hands over his chest and then headed south to his briefs. His pulled down his tighty whities to display his pubic hair. Next he picked up a pot of strawberry jam from the table and rubbed a bit of it across each of his nipples. Damian then leaned over the table and planted a kiss on my lips after I licked his left nipple clean. The Hawaiian soon gave Damian's right nipple a tongue bath. Damian turned his back to us and pulled his briefs down to display the most beautiful ass I have ever seen. His cheeks were small, round, firm and hairless. When he leaned over and spread them we were treated to his magnificent rosebud. He pulled the briefs back up and spun around and thrust his right hand under the cotton fabric.

When he pulled his hand back out of his underpants, we saw his enormous erection that had been encapsulated by the Calvins. He stroked the front of his briefs until the tip of his cock peaked out the waistband. Next Damian asked the Hawaiian and I if we would like to debrief him. Without a moments hesitation we simultaneously each tugged his undies down till they hit the floor. His freed cock must have been over nine inches long. He reached down, hung his briefs on his towering pole and strutted before us. Then he took my white cap from the bed and made a hat stand out his manhood. I flirted with him until he retrieved the cap and placed it backwards on my head.

Damian was a true exhibitionist in every sense of the word. He was enjoying the show every bit as much as the Hawaiian and I. He danced over to a full-length mirror near the bed and stroked himself as he fixated on his own image. He was jacking off with so much intensity I thought surely he would soon blow a load over his own reflection. Finally he turned around to us, and the dance continued. "Gee you guys are making me so horny," Damian exclaimed. The Hawaiian produced a dollar bill, folded it lengthwise and placed it on the floor. He said that Damian would do a little trick for us. Damian lay on the bill, moved his butt a few times over it and then picked up the dollar with his ass. I playfully folded a five-dollar bill and placed it on the floor. I asked if we could have a repeat performance and this time could he produce change. Damian and the Hawaiian rocked the room with laughter. I next asked if he took credit cards and before he could stop laughing long enough to answer, I told him I knew where I would like to swipe it. Damian lay down on the floor and placed the $5.00 on his cock and made it raise and fall. He then jumped to his feet and gave each of us a hug and kiss.

Damian mounted the bed and motioned for us to join him. I looked puzzled as I noticed the Hawaiian was getting dressed. I asked him why he was not joining Damian in Bed. The Hawaiian told me Damian was a present to me and that he was leaving for a while to give me some privacy to enjoy the luscious hunk. I gave the Hawaiian a hug and said goodbye to him for a while.

Damian got up and had me sit down the on the edge of the bed while he bent down to remove some things on the bottom of the food cart. He extracted an ice bucket containing a large bottle of champagne, two champagne flukes and a multicolor sash with the words "Mr. Nude Honolulu" written across it. Damian slipped the sash over his head and draped it across his shoulder and the front of his body. He played with his balls and stoked his cock until he got fully erect and then he paraded around the room as the most erotic beauty contestant I have ever witnessed.

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Badpuppy Model - Carmine Damian next poured two glasses of champagne and handed me one. "May your every fantasy be fulfilled on Oahu," was his toast to me. I sipped a little of the bubbly as Damian asked me what I liked. "Oh, I like men, muscular beautiful men like yourself. I like to see them nude and I love to see them with a hardon in white briefs. I like to cuddle in bed and I love to get my cock sucked. I love to masturbate, it makes me feel good and it relaxes me," I told Damian. He paid close attention to my every word as he put down his glass and pulled on his briefs. "Do you like the way I look in these briefs?" I nodded yes and then Damian reached for my hand and placed it on his package. He told me to stroke it. His penis got even harder and it completely filled his underpants.

"I will tell you what I like," said Damian. "I love oral sex, I love sucking cock, and I give the best head. Everyone has a talent for something, and mine is giving the perfect blow job. I will tell you two things about me. First I'm a top, and second, I never jack off."

"Never" I replied?

"Never. I like the feeling of needing to cum and holding back. It makes me feel horny, makes my cock get harder and gives me power. If I am really turned on by a guy, I might allow him to make me cum but never more than once a month." I asked Damian when was the last time he ejaculated. He looked over at the clock in the microwave oven, did some mental math and announced, " 29 days 23 hours and 45 minutes. Yes I'm horny as hell, and I have wanted to fuck you ever since I saw you in your Speedo at the hotel pool. It was me that asked the Hawaiian to set up this breakfast." I was both stunned and flattered as I watched Damian strip out of his briefs.

Damian poured himself some more champagne, consumed a small sip, took hold of my cock and used it to stir the expensive wine. He emptied the rest of the glass over my balls. The feel of the cool liquid on my genitals was soon replaced by his warm mouth and tongue. He licked, sucked, and made love to my cock. I achieved the hardest erection of my life. He massaged my testicles in one hand, sucked the head of my cock with his mouth and with the other hand played with my ass hole. He slipped a finger inside me and found my prostate with the dexterity of a proctologist. I moaned as he massaged my most private recesses.

Damian and I held each other. We hugged, cuddled, and kissed. What began as a show was becoming very personal. I stared to have feeling for Damian and wanted not just sex from him but to make love to him.

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Badpuppy Model - Carmine We both had erections and we pressed them together. I asked Damian to lie on his stomach. I massaged every inch of his muscular back and his backside. His butt was both cute and erotic. As I massaged his butt cheeks he rubbed his swollen cock on the bed sheets. He told me it felt wonderful. I had him roll over so I could give his dick my full attention. I massaged his hardon with my hand and then I pressed a pillow on top of it and stroked him with that. He wanted to cum but I asked him to hold off because I had something in mind. I asked him again to put his briefs back on. I further explained my underwear fetish and how the look of his hard cock under a pair of white briefs really turned me on big time. When Damian wiggled back into his briefs I started a frontal attack on his beautiful body. I placed tiny kisses all over his chest, down his six-pack and all over his Calvins. I asked Damian if he thought he could cum inside his underpants. He told me he liked to cum on someone's chest, face, in his mouth, or up his ass. He told me he would try to help me achieve my fantasy and shoot in his underwear. As I was massaging the front of his briefs with one hand, the other was playing with his balls by way of the leg opening. It took twenty minutes, but I managed to get Damian to give up his load while wearing his briefs. The whole front of them was dripping with his cum. I pulled them off and finished the job by squeezing the remaining drops of his essence out of his dick with my hand. Damian was spent but he had a smile of satisfaction on his face. He told me he had never cum in his briefs before but the soft cotton against his skin and my massage really felt good and he would like me to do it again to him before I went back to the mainland. He gave me the briefs as a souvenir.

Later in the day the Hawaiian told me he had another surpise. He had purchased two tickets for an afternoon Catamaran trip.

The model in these pictures is Carmine

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