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Adventures in Paradise by Mark Gregg Richards
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Badpuppy Model - Jamie and Tony His deeply tanned skin contrasted with the whiteness of the freshly laundered sheets, which draped parts of his naked muscular body. His angelic face showed no signs of the male erotic dreams that flowed through his sleeping brain. The images of beautiful men cascaded gracefully through his imagination.

His head rested on an overstuffed pillow. In his slumber, he pressed a second pillow into his unclad groin. The gorgeous ass of the 23-year-old Hawaiian was fully exposed.

I gazed at him in his repose and immediately had a thick, hard, and powerful erection. I struggled to free myself of my clothes. Soon I was one pair of briefs short of my own nakedness. The room was dark so I opened the curtains and pushed back the sliding glass door of my hotel room. Light flooded the room and illuminated the young man. For a moment I was enraptured by the sight of the Pacific Ocean. The indescribable beauty of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head filled my whole being. Then I turned to the beauty on my bed. I decided to give him a chance to refresh and be ready for me when he awoke. I watched him sleep.

Only an hour before I had observed him playing in the surf of Queen's Beach. I had been seeking gay companionship and there he was alone. He waded around a bit in the ocean and then spread a towel on the sand to sunbath. His blue and white Speedo was so small he displayed a bulge in the front and butt cleavage in the back. My desire for him started to build until I could think of nothing else but being with him. Finally I summoned up enough courage to walk over and tell him that I thought he was very handsome. He blushed, smiled, and then got up and gave me a wet and sandy hug. Before I knew it, we were standing in front of the Honolulu Zoo hailing a cab. The driver turned on to Kuhio Avenue en route to my hotel.

The Hawaiian carried his clothes in a backpack because he wanted to shower before getting dressed. Heads turned when we walked through the hotel lobby. His bathing suit was so small it looked like he was only wearing a jock strap. We moved quickly up to the elevator and then to my room on the l4th floor. The minute we got in the door, he doffed his suit and headed for the shower. After he luxuriated in a hot, wet, steamy shower, he emerged from the bathroom wearing only a towel. He asked if he could rest in bed a while before we started to do what we both wanted. I shook my head yes. He dropped the towel, mounted the bed, and pulled a sheet around himself.

I wanted to make passionate love to him, but I sat on a chair near the bed and waited for my turn at heaven. I became intoxicated by the marvelous aroma of coconut oil given off by his radiant skin. I leaned closer and detected the smell of sand, salt water, sweat, and male musk. The Hawaiian shifted positions on the bed and pulled the pillow from between his long sinewy legs to reveal his flaccid pubic perfection. His hairless balls hung down so like smooth coconuts that I longed to taste their sweet milk.

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Badpuppy Model - Jamie and Tony Slowly at first a subtle change came over his body. Tiny beads of sweat formed on his forehead, the rate of his breathing increased, and movement under his eyelids speeded up, and I watched as his cock began to grow. His heart started to pound. I knew we all get erections during sleep but I had never seen it before. It was so natural and beautiful. He penis looked like a dormant volcano that had come to life and was waiting for the right moment to produce a steamy lava flow.

Later that night as we stood embracing each other on the darkened porch of my hotel room, I asked him about his dream. I wanted to know what has caused him so much pleasure. He told me he had a vision of beautiful men. They were the images of his favorite artist on the Island, Douglas Simonson. The Hawaiian told me he saw one image after another and then they came to life. A parade of masculine icons rattled around his subconscious and sent forbidden signals to his manhood. Then all disappeared but one. It was a painting Simonson titled "White Cap". I had remembered the sensuous painting myself. I had a framed print of the work in my bedroom over 4,000 miles away. I felt a new and close connection with the Hawaiian. It was even more than the wonderful physical feeling; it was an intersection of our thoughts. I hugged my new lover as he told me more about his dream.

The Hawaiian told me that in his dream, the image of "White Cap" first appeared as a painting, then grew larger and larger until it was life size and the icon then became animated and came to life. Since I looked upon the painting everyday, I knew every detail of work. The image was of a bronze skinned young man facing away from the viewer. He wore only a pair of faded jeans and a white baseball cap turned backwards. The jeans were unbuttoned and were lowed to review half of the models gorgeous butt. The young man was looking downward towards his manhood.

The Hawaiian went on to say he saw "White Cap" in his dream on Queen's Beach at dawn facing the ocean. My friend said he entered the dream and gave the young man a hug from behind. His jeans fell in the sand and both men waded naked into the Pacific. They held each other in a lovers' embrace and tasted each other's lips, then fell into the sand and made love in the surf.

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Badpuppy Model - Jamie and Tony I climbed into bed with the naked Hawaiian just before he awoke. He opened his eyes and stroked my smooth chest with his strong hands. His hands worked themselves down to my Calvin Klein white briefs. He sucked the front of them and then put his hands inside and held my manhood. Then, as if it were planned, he pulled my underpants off and took control of my body. We said not a word to each other but communicated volumes thought our love. The only other sounds in the room were our heavy breathing, the pounding of our hearts, and the rolling surf of the ocean that was punctuated with an occasional moan from the bed.

When I awoke the next morning, he was standing at the foot of the bed naked. He had found the white baseball cap, which I had purchased as a tribute to Douglas's painting. He was wearing it backwards on his head and was holding a juicy wedge of fresh pineapple. He ran his tongue over the tropical fruit, then slowly rubbed it all over his chest and squeezed its golden liquid over his cock and balls. He then got into bed with me, where I had the young Hawaiian for breakfast.

My tongue traced the circumference of his large brown nipples for this first and most important meal of the day. His man sweat and the pineapple combined to fashion the Island's most tasty beverage. I licked and sucked my way to his navel, which I probed and prodded for the wonderful nectar trapped in its depths. His cock stood at attention as I entered the area of his groin. His package was dripping with the fruit of the Aloha State. My next taste sensation was nothing that Dole could package. The Hawaiian moaned as I vacuumed his cock and balls with my eager lips. I held his engorged penis in my hand and slowly stroked it back and forth. I stopped and started jacking him off more than half a dozen times. When he was no longer able to contain the forces of nature deep inside him, he came with a groan of ultimate pleasure. He shot his milky white essence over his manly brown stomach and chest. The aroma of his cum was salty as the ocean but tasted sweet.

He was still hard when I took him by the hand and led him to the shower. We embraced and let the hot water bath over us and cleanse our naked bodies of our love making sweat. Next I washed the Hawaiian with a special bar of fragrant soap a friend had hand crafted for me. I lathered his body all over and he did the same for me. The Hawaiian knelt down and took my cock in his mouth and gave me the best blowjob of my life. I felt weak in the knees as I ejaculated over his chest but at the same time experienced an indescribable exhilaration. We dried each other off, sat on edge of the bed and held each other for a long time without talking.

Later in the day we sunbathed on Waikiki. The beach was alive with activity. Men, women, and children from a multitude of nations sat in lounge chairs or played in the sand. Beautiful men dotted the blue ocean riding the serf. I watched a giant ocean liner on the horizon that looked like a toy boat. I heard the shrill sound of a shirtless young man blowing on a conch shell to announce the landing of a catamaran. None captured my attention like the Hawaiian lying beside me. I glanced at him several times a minute. I ordered us Mai Tais to be served ocean side. When the Hawaiian picked up his glass, he sucked on the pineapple wedge in the drink. I had a flashback of breakfast in bed with him and got an immediate hardon.

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Badpuppy Model - Jamie and Tony As we walked through the sand toward my hotel, I was approached by an Islander to buy lei. I put the beautiful fresh flowers around my lover's neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He in turn gave me a giant hug and a full kiss on the lips. Even though all this took place in front of dozens of people, I was not even slightly embarrassed. To me, he and I were the only ones there. I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to wear the lei and nothing else the rest of the day. He smiled and started to pull his Speedo's off on the beach. I stopped him and told him I could wait till we reached the room.

When he got back to the room we remained naked the rest of the day. The Hawaiian wore only his wonderful smelling lei. We did everything we could think of to please each other. We massaged and stroked each other for hours. We cuddled on the couch, on the floor and on the bed. We hugged and kissed and held each other. I have never been with a man who was so affectionate and attuned to my body and soul. We lay on the bed and whispered words of love to each other. There was a long silence, and then the Hawaiian turned to me and said, "I want you, I want you inside me". He slid a pillow under his butt, parted his legs and displayed his rosebud. I put a tiny bit of lube on the tip of my finger and massaged his ass hole. He moaned and put his legs in the air and held them in position. I unrolled a condom on my throbbing cock and lubed its entire surface. I leaned forward and I glided inside him. I moved slowly in and out of him and rested motionless when I felt close to cumming. The Hawaiian had a rock hard erection and I stroked his cock as I continued to make love to him. He came first, I pulled out of him and pulled off the rubber and then I came. The sun was just about to set when we found the energy to get out of bed. I gave him a pair of my Calvins and then we both went out to sit on the porch in our briefs.

We held hands and kissed as we witnessed a magnificent sunset. We sat there for hours stroking each other and listening to the pounding of the surf. What delights awaited us the next day could only be anticipated through our dreams.


The End

The models in these pictures are Jamie and Tony

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