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Abs by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Teodor Boyanov It had taken me years to get rid of the college-days fat that had accumulated around my middle, but I had removed the 'spare tire' with a careful diet and conscientious exercise. Now in my mid thirties, I had built my body to a level with which I was pleased and was ready to embark on finding myself a mate.

Back before my expansion in the midsection during college, I had been somewhat of a 'slut,' having many lovers to help me figure out what I wanted. I had by my second year in college determined that a big cock, while pretty, wasn't necessary, nor was a tight ass or sparkling blue eyes. No, what I wanted was ripped, steel cable strength abdominals under a thick shelf of muscled pecs. One lover, with whom I stayed nearly three months, had the torso I required and loved, and a few other goodies along with it, namely the big (over ten inches) dick and heavy full balls. We only broke up when he left college to get a job in his hometown, too far away to commute to continue the relationship. I really missed him, for not only was he a great lay, but he also was a kind, warm person who made me feel really good.

I had decided to go looking over at the gay gym "Rods" downtown first, for I figured that the muscle boys over there should have what I want. Upon entering Rods, I discovered that not only were the 'muscle boys' there not what I wanted physically, their attitudes were so fucked up I couldn't even get acquainted with them. Plus, there were at least twenty 'twinks' there, all cruising the muscle boys to see if they'd deign to share their bodies with them for the evening. Disgusted, I left, and walked over to one of the local bars.

I must have entered a dozen places before I finally gave up and decided to stay at the downtown YMCA overnight. I knew that it was the cheapest place to get a room for the night, and I also liked the idea of getting in a workout in their no-nonsense gym before heading back home. I paid for my room, got a towel from the guy behind the counter for my morning workout, and went to bed.

Early the next morning I got up and, clad in my workout shorts and tank top from the night before, entered the almost deserted gym. One lone fellow was busily working out, his form obscured by the machinery as I began stretching out my muscles. I could tell that he had on a white shirt of some kind, as well as a pair of black shorts, but that was about it. I shrugged and began my workout on the pec deck, feeling my chest expand under my tight tank top. When my set was complete, I headed to the ab machine, thinking to work my abs hard before completing my workout. I found the other guy using the machine and, since there was only one of them, I decided to work my legs on the nearby machine until he finished.

The leg machine faced the ab machine, so as I grunted up the pounds with my legs, I watched the youngish man in front of me work his abs. His t-shirt was soaked skin tight, so I could see every moving muscle on his torso. God, he had a great chest and, sweet Jesus, look at those abs! The weights came crashing down as I lost my concentration briefly, startling the both of us. The young man immediately came over and said, "You OK, buddy?"

"Yes, thanks, I guess I just got distracted." He smiled and went back to the ab machine, patting my shoulder briefly before settling back on the bench. I just stared, mesmerized by the abdominals that looked rock hard under the thin wet t-shirt, and admired the rest of his youthful, muscled body. In our brief exchange I noted his blue eyes, his tousled blond hair, and the glint of white teeth when he smiled at me. The wide shoulders, thick biceps and thighs all told me that he worked out often and well enough to build such a magnificent body. The bulge in his shorts told me that he was also well-equipped for anything. Shaking my head a bit to clear the sexual imagery, I finished my leg workout as he got up from the ab machine.

"That's the way to get them tough!" he said, as he pulled up his shirt and slapped the hard abs underneath. The 'slap' of his hand against solid meat almost made me faint, and I tried to cover up my interest in him by moving around him to the ab machine. Perversely, he moved to the leg machine and began working his beefy legs, which I now noticed were covered with fine, blond hair. As I began working my abs, he started calling out encouragement and advice, "Suck in the gut, fella! That's the way! Get 'em hard!" and so on. I was concentrating on my abs, and soon felt the tingle, then the burn of a good job done. When I looked up again, I noticed that the bulge in the young man's shorts was now even more advanced and I could see his cock stretching away from his crotch, angling up towards the waistband.

We did this weird dance around the gym, his workout strangely following mine, except that his weight machine always was positioned in front of my weight machine. I had just completed my workout and was resting, when he came beside me and patted my shoulder again. "Hey, buddy, good workout! My name's Calvin, call me Cal. Say, could you spot me while I work with the free weights? I always like to finish up my set with a couple pumps of free iron, but without a spotter I don't want to take any risks."

I smiled and shook Cal's hand. "My name's Mike and I'd be glad to spot you, Cal. Just let me get my breath back and I'll help you out." In a couple of minutes I was standing over Cal's prone body, helping guide one of the heaviest barbells I'd ever seen a person push that wasn't attempting to go for 'strongest man in the world.' Cal was sure stretching those muscles, and when he was done, I could see the muscle tremors in his arms and chest. He wiped off the sweat from his face and neck, and then wiped down the equipment and racked his weights. "Thanks, Mike, that was great! Now a shower, and that's it for the day!"

We walked to the locker room together, Cal occasionally slapping my shoulder in 'manly' staccato to his chatter about sports and his work. Strangely, he didn't talk about girls at all. I didn't have a locker, just my gym bag, and he offered to let me stow it in his locker while we showered. "Why not put your gear in here?" said Cal as he began stripping off his clothes, "no sense paying for another locker if that's all you got." I agreed, and undressed as well, stuffing the clothes into the bag and then tossing it into the locker. Now naked, the two of us entered the shower area, towels in one hand and soap in the other.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor BoyanovThis YMCA was one of the older ones, before "those fags ruined the saintly and masculine act of showering with other men," so it had one of those large shower rooms with the shower heads spaced every two feet apart. A small area with hooks and a couple of benches was just outside the shower room, and Cal and I placed our towels there, and then entered the showers.

I selected a spot where I could see our towels, and Cal took one right next to me. I was aware of the old plumbing in the YMCA, and stepped aside to let the water get to a decent temperature before getting under the spray. As I was soaping up, Cal flipped on his shower and hopped in, immediately howling and jumping into me! "Christ, that's cold!" he cried as our bodies collided. Instinctively I reached around and grabbed him around the shoulders, and his arms wrapped around my waist. The feel of his tight body against mine was making my cock swell with desire, and I felt an answering tremor in his crotch. He was the first to break free, almost reluctantly releasing my waist and stepping out of my arms, feeling the temperature of his shower and then stepping inside, saying, "Sorry, Mike, I should've checked the temp first. Hope I didn't freak you out."

I smiled at him, the tingle of his body against mine still sending signals to my cock, which was at half-mast and sticking away from my body. "No problem, Cal, my pleasure." What the fuck did I just say?!? Expecting a cold shoulder from Cal, I was rewarded with a bigger grin and a glance at my crotch.

"I see," he said, soaping his own cock lovingly, "we seem to be in agreement, then." Did he just say what I think he said?

He soaped his upper torso, lingering on the tight, steel cabling of his abs, and my cock grew to its full nine and a half inches. I moaned, and he looked at me, the grin on his face growing triumphant as he noted my gaze on his abs. "Ah, you're an ab man. Me too, and I really like what I'm seeing on you, Mike."

In a daze, I watched him move closer to me and reach out a soapy hand towards my abs. I felt the physical contact as his hand touched my abs, and then he began stroking my torso, running his hands over my chest and abs. My hands came up automatically, touching his muscular chest and abs. His cock had now reached its own huge size, and as we felt each other's abs, our cocks were having a 'sword fight' below. Suddenly, Cal pulled me close and cried out, "Oh, God, here it comes!"

His orgasm shot between us, coating our firm abs and hitting the lower shelf of our jutting pectorals. My cock, sensitized beyond repair, gave an answering report, and the two of us just clutched each other as our juices shot between us. After a couple of minutes hugging each other, we broke off, and finished our showers in silence, although very soft, secret grins were on our faces.

Returning to the locker room, Cal opened up his locker and solemnly handed me my gym bag. We dried off, our senses still ringing from the incredible spontaneous sex we'd just had, our eyes furtively looking at each other as if to memorize the other's body. It was inevitable with the proximity we had standing there before one locker that one person would reach for something and brush up against the other. I went for my clean pair of shorts at the same time Cal was reaching down for his gym shoes and managed to bang our butts together! I spun around at the same time Cal did, and all we accomplished was to fall into each other's arms as we unbalanced ourselves.

"I keep falling into your arms," Cal observed, that grin back on his face as he held our two midsections together, "Seems as though that should be telling us something."

"I don't mind it one bit, Cal," I said, hugging him myself and causing our cocks to grind together. "This seems very natural to me as well." I looked about and listened, still no sounds from anywhere. "We seem to still be alone too."

That was all Cal needed, for his hands began roaming my body again as they had previously in the shower. My cock responded as well as his, and soon we had 'dancing swords" between us again. I was getting pretty turned on, and by his shortness of breath I suspected Cal was also, and stopped him before he was able to begin the last strokes that would set both of us off.

"So, Cal, I have to say you have a fine butt there. Mind if I inspect it a bit more closely?"

He grinned and turned around in answer, bending over and pulling his cheeks apart slightly. I dropped to my knees and pressed my face against his quivering rosebud, the clean soapy smell mixing with the faint leftover musk of his sweat. My tongue decided that it would be happiest if it tried to enter that rosebud, and the sigh of pleasure from Cal told me that he was pretty happy that it did.

Cal told me later that only about 10 minutes had elapsed, but I lost all track of time enjoying his ass, exploring it from the top of his crack to the back of his ball bag. His muscular ass cheeks were lightly dusted with blond hair like his legs, and inside the valley was a light curly pelt of the same color. It was time to play with different tools and, reaching for a condom from my gym bag I held it up to Cal, He nodded once, and I slipped the rubber over my cock, putting on a bit of lubricant and then aimed for home base.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor BoyanovCal's was the smoothest insertion I'd every had, it was as if he'd just opened up and let me inside his most private place. I was completely inside before I knew it, and from Cal's sigh of pleasure, I had managed to press into his joy button as well. This was going to be a good fuck for both of us, and as I lifted his leg, then mine onto the nearby bench, I settled into an easy glide in and out of his hole.

Cal straightened up a bit, and now I had access to my favorite part of his body. I pressed close to him so that my abs pressed against his lower back, and then reached around to stroke his tightened abs with one hand while my other attached itself to his full muscled pecs. He began moaning as I drew my hand over his abs, and reached around with one hand to pull my ass closer. His other hand grasped his thickened rod, and began beating it along with my strokes.

With a cry of pleasure/pain, Cal shot his load and the sudden tightening of his ass around my cock triggered mine. It was one of the most intense orgasms I'd had from fucking, and from what I could see Calvin was experiencing the same feeling. I reluctantly pulled out of him and discarded the used rubber, then we quietly walked to the shower again for a quick clean up.

We dried off and dressed, and Cal reached out and grasped my arm. "You're not going anywhere special right now, are you Mike?"

"Nope, just thought I'd go home. Why?"

Cal fidgeted a little bit, and then blurted out, "Because I want to spend more time with you naked in my bed, that's why!"

I smiled and replied, "Sounds good to me, stud. Let's go."

We left the gym and headed to Cal's place, a rather nice two bedroom apartment overlooking the park. I had no sooner passed the doorway when he'd slammed the door, threw the lock, and then wrestled me down to the rug! "Hey, man, what gives?" I said, a little excitedly as his hands pulled at my clothing.

"I can't wait," he said, "I need those abs!" His hands finished their job and I lay naked except for my gym socks and shoes on the floor. Cal knocked my legs apart and, kneeling between them, lowered his mouth to my belly button and began working that area roughly, his slight whiskers scratching the tender skin rather nicely.

His hands reached up and kneaded my pecs hard, causing my cock to spring up and start leaking pre-cum. My hands were busily getting him naked as well, and soon his serious wood was batting mine as he worked up and down my abdominal area, laving each muscle mound of my six pack with his tongue.

He moaned as my hand found his cock and began stroking it, his wood pulsing in my hand as he continued working my abs with his tongue. I was getting kind of close to another blow, and just before it happened, Cal backed off and reached behind him for his gym bag. He unzipped a side pocket, pulled out a rubber and lube, and then slipped the rubber into his mouth.

This was something I'd never seen nor felt before, but as his mouth lowered onto my cock, he rolled the rubber over it and the sensation was indescribable. The combination of the slick and slightly alien feel of the rubber and the warm environment of Cal's mouth was almost too much, and he again backed off before I could squirt. Now he moved so that he straddled my sides and, with a slow fluid motion, sank down onto my now rubberized cock.

If you have never had an attractive, tight muscled young man ride your dick, you don't know what you are missing! Just watching his torso ride up and down upon my cock, feeling his cock slap against my tight abs and stroking his abs with my hands was so much of a turn on that I couldn't cum! Yeah, it sounds bizarre, but I was so over sensitized that I just wanted to ride the wave for as long as I could. Cal had other ideas and he grinned as he did something with both his ass and ab muscles that threw me over the top.

I shuddered as my orgasm hit, filling the rubber in strong spurts while a few seconds later his cock began spurting over my body. Cal let out a low groan and I watched, spellbound and helpless in my orgasmic throws as his abdominal muscles actually expanded and contracted before my eyes. I think this kept my trigger going, for I don't think I've orgasmed that long in my entire life. I don't think Cal has either, for his load was still shooting. After what seemed an eternity, our orgasms subsided, and Cal fell forward, my cock still inside him and his pressed between our abs.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor BoyanovWe lay there, glued together almost as if we were a cookie and the cum was our creamy filling. Cal let my cock slip from his ass and then moved to lie beside me. I moved one hand so that it would rest upon his still flexed abs, and then we both laughed as his sought my abs.

"Guess we're just two serious ab queens," Cal said, his fingers lightly tracing patterns in the cum on my abs.

I was duplicating those same patterns on his abs. "Guess so. I suppose this means we'll do this again soon?"

He laughed and then moved so he lay on top of me. "I think that's a good supposition. Want to do it again?"

I smiled and gave him a big kiss, then contracted my abs so that our two cocks bumped together. "I think that can be arranged. No sense messing with a perfect set up."

He kissed me back and then reached between us to take the rubber off my cock. Tossing it towards the trash can in the kitchen; he turned back towards me and grabbed another rubber from his gym bag.

"Ok this time I get inside you, OK?"

In answer, I just smiled and rolled us over so that he was on the bottom. "Hand me that rubber, man, let's get this cock covered so it can do its job!" We both laughed and then I grasped his cock, now rock hard again and slipped the rubber over it. His eyes glazed as my mouth enveloped his rubberized cock, and then grew dreamy as my ass began to slip over itů

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