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A Night at PECS by Hrtofgld
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Badpuppy Model - Ivan Bartok

I looked over the bustling mainstream restaurant, families sitting in booths or tables eating diner-type foods of burgers, fries and cokes while handsome young men in tight uniforms ran around taking orders, serving, and posing occasionally to the giggle of young ladies. This was the brainchild of a young man who, a number of years earlier had been turned down for a job at an establishment that was similar but had young ladies instead of the men. It seems that the young man was turned down based upon his gender, and in its befuddled manner, the courts upheld the decision of the restaurant. Rather than expending the rest of his money on fighting, he chose to make the case work for him, and he opened PECS, which served up male chest development rather than mammary glands.

One of the waiters noticed me and hurried over, his chest nicely outlined in the tight t-shirt that was the uniform top. “Yes sir? May I seat you?” I smiled and nodded, and the young man took me over to a quieter area of the restaurant, an area where the tables and booths were occupied by men closer to my age and likes.

“Here is a menu, sir! Would you like a drink while you are deciding on your order?” I enjoyed the play of his abs as he spoke, and then grinned up at him.

“Please, a PECS special.” I briefly opened my hand and showed my PECS Club access card.

“Oh!” said the young man, noting down something on his pad. “That will take a bit of time sir, but I’ll be happy to bring it to your table as soon as possible. Would you care for a cocktail or something from the bar?” I shook my head and he smiled. “I’ll be back as soon as possible sir!” He moved off, his ass nicely filling out the seat of the tight jeans that were the lower half of the PECS uniform. I waited patiently, having been here before, and about fifteen minutes later the young man came back.

“My name is Billy, sir, and may I now escort you to your special order?” I nodded and stood up, and we walked together to the rear of the restaurant, walking behind a wall that discreetly gave privacy to the men’s restroom. The ladies’ room was at the front of the restaurant, a similar privacy wall before the restroom and lounge, separated from the men’s area specifically to prevent curious ladies wondering where the men were going. About a yard past the men’s room entry was another door marked “Employees Only” and had a twin magnetic strip reader in place of a doorknob. Billy used his waiter’s card on the left side reader and I used my access card on the right side reader. The electric lock made a clicking noise and opened. Bill let me walk through first and closed the door behind him, the electric lock quietly clicking behind us as we continued down a dimly lit stairway to another door.

This was the PECS that most of the men my age preferred. Billy led me to a private booth. Here the booths were larger, better padded and the back and sides ran all the way up to the ceiling. The booth was even more private by a heavy leather curtain that slid across for those wishing such privacy. Inside the booth against one corner was the cushioned settee with a small café table before it. Along the far side was a slightly larger cushioned couch that could be used as additional seating or sleeping, depending upon the desires of the club member. Some booths, upon advanced notification, would have chains and/or restraints installed; I could tell from the muffled noises from a few curtained booths we had passed that some folks were availing themselves of this service.

Billy had me sit down and get comfortable, and then removed his t-shirt to reveal his smooth, muscled chest and abs. He reached for his waistband and looked at me, then upon my nod removed his jeans and stood in his socks and briefs. The unspoken other uniform item for the waiters were tight white briefs with the PECS logo on the left buttock and the name of the waiter on the right buttock and Billy filled out his briefs nicely, a large bulge in front showing off his equipment and his bubble butt stretching the PECS logo out a bit. Billy removed his socks and then asked me if I wanted a drink from the bar. I nodded and he took my access card, which was the way the club downstairs handled charges. A few minutes later he returned with my martini and a coke for himself, then snuggled beside me and waited for my next order.

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Badpuppy Model - Ivan Bartok

I idly stroked his smooth muscled thigh as I sipped my drink, enjoying the young man’s company as much as I enjoyed looking at his nearly naked body. As far as the employers were concerned, Billy had signed out of the restaurant upstairs and was on his own time, the only thing I had paid for was our drinks. It was up to each waiter to decide how far he’d go for his customer, and many of the young men enjoyed quite a bit of activity with their customers. When one signed up for club access, either as a member or a client, you had to provide current blood, urine and sperm tests as well as a full physical exam before you were given access or hired. The only way a cute young man or a gentleman with money would be denied club access was if any of the tests came back positive. I had been and remained healthy and knew the club strictly watched over their employees, so as my hand strayed farther over to Billy’s crotch, I knew that if he was willing, I could easily have sex with him, in fact, I had planned to get into his briefs as soon as he walked up to me upstairs, and I figured he wouldn’t be disappointed at all by my own body.

Billy’s response to my groping was to open his legs wider for easier access, and after a few minutes of feeling his cock expand in his briefs and start to stain them with precum, I whispered into his ear, “close the curtain.” He got up and pulled the curtain closed, the hidden lighting coming on as the darkness registered on the sensors. Of course, the lighting was subdued and sexy, and I got up from the settee and began removing my clothing.

“Please, sir! Let me do that!” Billy sprang to my front and helped me unbutton my shirt and remove it, my well sculpted and furry chest drawing his hands to my firm pecs. “Ah, sir, you could work here if you wanted to with these babies!” I laughed as he squeezed the hard muscle there and then moved down my flat belly to the waistband of my slacks. Expertly he opened the button and slipped them down my legs, then helped me remove my shoes and socks before pulling my slacks off. My clothing was hung carefully on hangers on one wall, and then Billy stood before me, his legs parted slightly as he waited for me.

I grasped the waistband of his briefs and pulled them forward, then down to expose the upper part of his cock and his furry public area, then smoothed my hands around his upper thighs to his butt and then pulled the briefs down his legs, still keeping hand contact with the hard muscles of his thighs and calves. As his cock became free, it surged upwards, the young man’s sword slapping against his belly in full erection. Billy’s balls were full and heavy, hanging down from his cock in their hairy bag like two hen’s eggs in a string shopping bag. He stepped out of his briefs and I took them, one of the prizes from the young men if you slept with them. Currently, I had five of Billy’s and at least three from some of the other waiters, but Billy and I had become almost lovers and he was my favorite. He reached out and pulled off my boxers, making a big show of smelling the crotch as if a heady perfume existed there, and I laughed, slapping his meaty buttocks lightly in mock chastisement. From a small drawer in the base of the couch, Billy retrieved a box of rubbers, a jar of lubricant gel, and some dildos, placing them on the table. He stepped back to me and, kneeling before me, took my cock gently into his mouth and began sucking me. I returned the favor by stroking his shoulders and chest as well as lightly rubbing his cock and balls with my foot as he rested against my leg. Soon my cock was full mast as well, and Billy expertly put a rubber on me and then reversed himself upon the couch, his full, smooth butt up in the air and his legs split apart so that his heavy equipment dangled below. “Please sir, please fill me with your cock!”

I put a gob of lube on my fingers and rubbed it into and around his asshole, his muscles trembling as I pressed a finger, then two into him. Usually I would stretch him with the dildos, but from the feelings around my fingers I could tell he was already ready for fucking. Putting some more lube on my cock, I pressed it into his asshole, slowly entering him as he adjusted to me, then with a sigh my cock breeched his inner muscles and I slid all the way inside him.

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Badpuppy Model - Ivan Bartok

He moaned as I slowly fucked him, letting him set the speed by his gentle hip movements. When he was ready for more intense fucking, I turned him over and, placing his ankles on my shoulders, re-entered him and began pounding his ass, speeding up the strokes as well as the energy on the thrust into him. I could feel him inside squeezing my cock with his own pleasurable contractions, and knew that just before Billy would start orgasming he’d do this little trick of milking my cock before his own spurting started. I kept fucking and then moved my hands to grasp the full hillocks of pec muscle, squeezing hard and causing him to cry out in ecstasy. That was all it took, and I felt that milking action on my cock, kicking off my own orgasm as his started, perfectly orchestrating the spurts of his creamy boy juice over his abs and chest while I filled the tip of my condom with creamy man love.

This time the sex was so intense that we must have shuddered out liquid and had muscle contractions for a good ten minutes before he went limp and I collapsed upon his meaty body, our chests pressed together and his legs pushed apart by my lower body, my cock still inside him but beginning to soften. We lay there together for a good half hour recovering, another first for the two of us as we usually went after a second round before needing a rest period. Billy slowly came awake first, stretching his upper body and waking me up, then the sad little feeling of my cock slipping out of his ass ended the contact. He smiled and got out the small towelettes that were also in the couch, opened their pouch and carefully wiped down my body of the sticky aftermath of our sex. I had always done the same for him and did so, enjoying the feel of his smooth muscled body under my hand no matter before or after sex. When we’d mopped ourselves up, he got out two comfortable robes and we put them on, then cleaned up the booth a bit and opened the curtain so we could go hit the club showers. Pulling the curtain closed again to signify we’d be back, we headed to the shower room at the other end of the downstairs club.

This room was the only places other members and staff could see each other naked, and was also the unofficial gang-bang place if that was your pleasure. Billy and I had, after one great sex time, hung out in the orgy part of the shower area and watched four young men and two clients get it on with each other in a twist of boy and man flesh that brought Billy and I to full hardness again. Although we hadn’t joined the orgy, I did fuck him again there to the delight of the rest of the members and staff, pushing him against the wall and fucking him hard until we both spurted. This time, however, we just showered together and cleaned each other off, dried carefully and put on fresh robes to return to our booth. Billy also checked out another set of underwear from the uniform room attendant, who smiled at us as Billy blushingly said he needed another pair.

“I see your client has already collected his prize,” said the attendant as he fetched another pair of the tight white briefs with Billy’s name on them. Billy blushed even harder as he accepted them and made a notation on the clipboard showing he’d checked out another pair of briefs. The attendant’s service window had a full 360 degree view of the shower and locker area, mirrors providing full coverage of the entire area, so he didn’t miss much. Some of the members and the other staff would help him out occasionally relieve the incredible buildup of cum he must have had from watching all those handsome young and more mature men getting it on in front of him.

He reached out and patted Billy’s hard butt through the fabric of the robe he wore. “Don’t sweat it man, Johnny over there has already gone through five pairs just this afternoon. How he has the stamina for it I can’t guess, but he does seem to get the quickies more often than the others.” Johnny, a blond, surfer-type young man, was busily vacuuming one client’s cock while sitting on two others. I felt an urge down below and glanced at Billy, who immediately thanked the attendant and we headed back to our curtained booth.

Badpuppy Model - Ivan Bartok

We’d no sooner got back inside and the curtain closed when our robes fell off and I was all over him again, this time having him ride my cock as I lay upon the couch. My hands filled themselves with his full pecs, pumped up even more by his jacking off as he too had been made horny by the orgy we had just witnessed. I filled my second condom while Billy shot all over my chest, howling with pleasure as he writhed in ecstasy on my cock. When he began to calm down, I held him to me, my cock still stuck deep in his ass until it softened and slipped out with a little plop sound. Billy was content to be held in my arms and we rested like that again for a good while until I stirred and he got up to get clean up supplies.

He carefully cleaned me off again, and I did the same for him, and at a nod from me he pulled his briefs on, waiting for my signal to continue dressing when I pulled my own boxers on. We dressed quietly, and then had one more drink together companionably before I decided it was time to head home. Just before Billy opened the curtain, I placed a hundred dollar bill in the left buttock pocket of his tight jeans, my usual tip for a job well done. Enjoying the feel of his denim covered buttock a bit, I regretfully slipped my hand back out and, after a quick thank you kiss, Billy opened the curtain and we walked back upstairs to the main restaurant.

As was customary, when a PECS club access member was leaving, his waiter would walk him to the lobby door and waive at him as the member left. Just before I turned to wave goodbye, Billy said, “Oh, sir! You must have dropped this!” and handed me a small envelope. Our eyes met briefly and I smiled back into his dancing eyes. “Thank you, Billy, see you later.” He bowed as did all the waiters and then returned back to the general restaurant, a noisy family of five awaiting him to be led to a table.

I got to my car and then opened the envelope. Inside were a key and a short note which read: “Dear Mike, I love you, and want to be your boyfriend. I’ve been at PECS long enough now to realize that you are not only my favorite client, but I think also you feel the same way about me. If I’m right, I get off work at 8:00pm tonight and would like you to meet me at my place. I promise to be the best boyfriend you’ve ever had! If I didn’t say it before enough, I love you! Signed, Billy.” His address was there as well as directions from PECS.

I smiled, my evening suddenly brighter as I drove home to shower and get things ready so I had some appropriate gifts for my new boyfriend. When 8:00pm rolled around, I was there at his place, flowers and a box of rubbers in hand. Billy let himself in and saw me, his face transfiguring into the most beautiful thing I’d seen in my life, and we hugged each other tightly. He ran to put the flowers in a vase, and when he returned, I handed him his other present.

Badpuppy Model - Ivan Bartok

“Ah, sir, just let me get out of this uniform…”

I smiled and stopped his hands from pulling off the tight t-shirt. “Stop right there, Billy. I’m not ‘sir’ when we’re going to be lovers. You can do that if we meet at PECS, but here and at my place you are Billy and I’m Mike.”

He smiled sweetly at me and we kissed, slowly and deeply, then my hands began to pull his clothing off. Before long his hands were doing the same to mine, and we were gloriously naked in his bedroom, the box of rubbers duly opened and the tub of lubrication gel ready. As we began to make love, Billy sighed contentedly and whispered in my ear, “Mike, it feels so good to do this. I love you!”

“I love you too, Billy. I’m very glad you chose me over all your other clients.”

Just then we were lost in our impending orgasms and after we were done, Billy looked up at me and said, “there are no other clients. Ever since I met you, I would only let them grope a bit, but my ass and heart were yours and yours alone from the start.”

I gaped at him, and he laughed, pulling me close. “That’s right, Mike, you’ve been the only one for me for a long time. I took a chance tonight that you’d feel the same way about me, and I noticed that while you tried some of the other waiters, you usually picked me, even over that gorgeous slut Johnny!” He laughed again, then snuggled closer. “If you want me to, I’ll quit PECS.”

I slapped his firm buttock and said, “None of that, mister! You need to be working too, and as long as I’m the only one that gets your ass and heart, I think PECS is the right place for you. Besides, I’m guaranteed the best service there now, aren’t I?”

We snuggled together and drifted off to sleep, Billy contentedly curled around the front of my body, his breathing slowing down to a slow rhythm as he slipped off to sleep. I took the opportunity to watch him awhile, then slip off into my own sleep as my heart thanked that young man long ago that started the restaurant called PECS.

The Badpuppy.com model in these pictures is Ivan Bartok

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