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A Hot Afternoon by George Nevin
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Badpuppy Model - Milan Rob stepped off the ladder at the bottom of the scaffolding, stripped off his singlet, sat down on a step and took out a can of beer. He pulled the tag and half-emptied it in one swallow. Boy, but it was hot - and stripping paint from second-floor window-frames wasn't the best job he could think of. He took another swallow, and ran his hand down his chest, ruffling the thick red hair which covered it and ran in a damp rug down his belly until it vanished beneath the loose belt of his trousers. It felt damp to his fingers. Equally thick hair covered his shoulders and back. It was almost like wearing a fur coat, in twenty seven degrees centigrade.

He nodded as Warren came up the path towards the front door.

Warren looked almost as hot. His shirt stuck to his back and sides. He had had a tough morning. He looked at the nameplates on the door and rang the second up from the bottom. He put his heavy bag down and pulled the material of his shirt way from his skin. He felt sticky and uncomfortable as he waited for some response to his ring.

Up on the second floor Rick heard the ring. He was just drying himself after his second cold shower of the day, and was naked and still slightly damp - but he felt cool for the first time for a couple of hours.

'Hi,' he said.

'Electricity Board,' said Warren, downstairs.

'Come on up,' said Rick, and pressed the button. Warren pushed the front door of the house open, picked up his bag, crossed the hallway and started climbing the stairs. Rick went into the bathroom and wrapped a towel around his waist, then opened the door of the apartment.

'Hi,' he said for the second time, as Warren pushed the door open, feeling his mouth go dry. The guy was a doll - blonde, slim, no more than five foot seven or eight; patches of damp darkened his shirt under the armpits and across the chest, and Rick caught a slight musky smell from the beads of sweat he could see on the skin inside the neck of the shirt, open almost to the waist. He wanted to bend and flick his tongue across them, tasting the fresh salt. But he didn't.

'Like a beer?' he asked.

'Wouldn't I just!' said Warren. 'Thanks.'

'I'll join you,' said Rick. 'We've got to move the fridge anyway - the boiler's behind it. That's the trouble with these small flats - everything's tucked away where it's most difficult to get at.'

They pulled the refrigerator away from the wall between them, and Rick got two beers. They tore open the tags and took a drink.

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Badpuppy Model - Milan 'Thanks,' said Warren, again. 'You look pretty cool.'

'Not easy in this weather,' said Rick. 'But a shower every couple of hours, and not many clothes, helps!'

Warren paused.

'Would you mind if I took my shirt off?' he asked.

'Go ahead,' said Rick. 'Take everything off if you want.'

He'd been mentally undressing Warren ever since he came in the door. The guy was about his own age, early twenties, he guessed, but very blonde where Rick was very dark. Now that his shirt was off, he could see tufts of almost silver hair under his arms, and a few curls on his chest between two dark nipples, each thrown into relief by the hair, though the skin itself was lightly bronzed. Warren's back, as he turned and knelt to crawl into the space where the 'fridge had been, was wet and slippery with sweat, shining in the sunlight that came through the open window. As he bend, his jeans tightened over a round, firm ass, the material tight against the cheeks. A stain of sweat darkened the lower part of each curve. Rick felt his cock stiffen beneath the towel.

'Better leave you to it,' he said reluctantly. 'I'll be in the next room - bring your beer in and relax for a few minutes if you have time...'

'Thanks,' said Warren. 'I'll do that.'

'Phew - he's a hunk,' he thought to himself as he got to work on the boiler. At his last call he had been groped by a blowsy woman with an enormous bosom, and had only just escaped with his life. A nice change to be welcomed in by an athletic guy with an almost black head of hair, a completely smooth chest, and wearing only a towel hanging low on his hips showing a shadowy dimpled navel, and below it the suggestion of a promising bulge below a flat belly.

The job was a simple one, and he finished it in about five minutes. He climbed out from under the kitchen work-top, picked up his half-full can of beer, and went into the next room - a lounge. There was a small grand piano, a lot of music, and a leather couch on which Rick was lying. One knee was drawn up, and the towel had fallen aside. As Warren sat down on a chair opposite him, the guy moved his thigh and the towel fell further aside. A black bush of hair, the suggestion of... but the cock was still hidden. He couldn't help staring. The guy had a great body - his belly was as smooth as his chest, no trace of hair on his thighs, just that black bush at the base of his cock - which seemed (alas) to be completely limp cock.

He raised the can.

'Cheers,' he said - then looked at his hands.

'I'm a bit dirty, I'm afraid,' he said. 'End of the day. Dirty and sticky.'

'Have a shower,' Rick said. 'Just down the hall. Help yourself.'

'Really?' said Warren. Rick nodded.

Rick had decided he was going to have Warren, one way or another. That bright golden hair, that broad chest, those narrow hips - and he was determined that those jeans should come off.

Warren found the bathroom, took off his jeans and pants, and stepped in. The cold water flowed over his hot body, ran down over his shoulders, back and buttocks. He turned so that it streamed down his chest and belly and off the end of his cock. He turned the tap so that the water ran slightly warm, took the soap and lathered himself, pulling back his foreskin, soaping his balls, rubbing his index finger around his anus. He felt his cock swell slightly. Suddenly he was conscious that he was being watched. He turned. The owner of the apartment was leaning against the door, one hand on his hip. He was naked, and his cock though still limp was thick, and noticeably swelling.

Rick grinned. Naked, the guy was as hot as he had expected: the golden hair on his chest was now flattened and darkened by the water. He was completely smooth - even (and Rick's throat dried as he saw it) his pubic hair seemed to have been shaved, though that area of his body was covered at the moment by soapsuds. On the pale skin of his hip, a small red rose had been tattooed, with small, pale green leaves. The guy grinned as he saw Rick's expression.

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Badpuppy Model - Milan 'All helps to keel cool,' he said.

'Maybe we'd better introduce ourselves,' Rick said. 'I'm Rick.'


Warren leaned back so that the water ran down over the front of his body again, washing away the soap. Yes, there was no suspicion of hair above or around his cock.

Rick reached for a towel and handed it. Warren dried himself, rubbing vigorously under his armpits, over his chest, between his legs. He stepped from the bath.

'I guess you've a little relaxation in mind?' he said.

'If you've got the time - and the inclination.'

They went into the bedroom.

Two floors down, Rob had finished his beer. He rubbed his crotch gently. The beer and the heat had made him feel randy. He had had sex the previous night, but it hadn't been good. When he'd got her clothes off, the girl was older than he'd thought, her breasts flaccid and loose, and she'd just lain there - like a block of wood with a hole in, he thought; he might as well have jacked himself off. He sighed.

'Better get on with it.'

He climbed the ladder and reached the scaffold on the second floor. He took up his scraper and approached the window. The two guys inside didn't notice him, but he couldn't help noticing them. They were completely nude, and lying top to toe, their heads buried in each other's crotches. The dark-haired guy had his ass towards the window, and the fair one was - bloody hell, he was licking the other's asshole, while stroking his cock! He couldn't see what the other guy was doing, but...

As soon as they got into the bedroom, Rick and Warren clasped their arms around each other, moving gently so that their bodies rubbed together, and they felt their cocks making contact. They kissed, exploring each other's mouths with their tongues, then Rick pushed gently until Warren collapsed onto the bed, and slid down the length of his body, kissing his nipples and nipping the hard centres with his teeth, thrusting his tongue into the other's navel, then licking the smooth shaved skin of his groin and kissing his already rigid cock. Warren threw his thighs wide, opening himself out to Rick's exploring eyes and mouth. His cock was right up against his belly, his balls so drawn up that they seemed part of it. The prick itself was not very big, but iron-hard beneath Rick's tongue as he held it and ran his tongue up the vein which led from the base to the crown. It was cut, and the head shone glossy and luscious. He closed his lips and gently kissed the end, then slowly opened his lips and slipped it into his mouth, savouring every moment - the velvet feel of it, the slight dank taste of the pre-cum which had already lubricated it.

As he sucked, Rick slipped his hands under Warren's balls and gently pressed them, then reached down with an index finger. Warren lifted himself slightly, and gasped as Rick's finger found his asshole. He lifted his legs and pulled his knees up to his shoulders, and Rick, pulling the cheeks of his ass gently apart with his palms, saw the little asshole, puckered and pink. He touched it gently with a moistened forefinger. It winked at him, closing gently at the first contact, then opening to display a darker pink inside, a little soap bubble at the rim. Rich pressed with his finger, and it slipped inside up to the second knuckle. Rick pressed gently upwards, and Warren let out a gasp.

'Rim me,' he said, 'rim me, please.'

Rick slowly pulled his finger out, lowered his head, and ran his tongue around the sphincter, then pushed at the aperture. Warren moaned.

'I want to rim you too,' he said.

They lay on the bed, head to head.

Rick first worked again on the uncut prick: peeling the foreskin back over the slippery juicy head was like opening a birthday present, he thought to himself. His lips slid gently over the pink flesh, his tongue running over the heart-shaped back of it, then, as he pushed down, feeling the thick vein which ran down its length. He followed the vein with his index finger, caressed the furry balls, and then continued down. Warren opened his thighs wider, and moaned as Rick's finger gently flicked again at the pink bud, then tenderly probed it. In turn Rick felt his new friend's lips slip from his cock, and in a moment the sharp pleasure of a tongue finding his own asshole, probing it enthusiastically.

Badpuppy Model - Milan Rob had never seen two guys having sex, never even thought about it. He should be repelled, he told himself - but seeing the two lithe young bodies head to toe he found to his surprise that he was getting a hard-on - his cock was swelling so much it was hurting. He loosened his belt and slipped his hand inside his trousers, pulling his cock loose so that it hung from his jeans. He cupped his balls.

At that moment, Warren raised his head to take a gasp of air - and saw the workman standing looking in at the window. To all appearances he was naked except for the thick hair which covered his chest and shoulders - the window-frame cut him off at the waist; but his arms were own at his waist, and he was staring intently with the air of somebody very interested indeed in what he saw.

'Hey, we've got a visitor,' Warren said. Rick reluctantly lifted himself, and the two boys sat and looked at Rob. Rick grinned.

'Hi,' he said. 'Feel like playing?'

Rob's eyes opened even further. Two boys - two cocks up against their bellies with lust... before he could think about it he slid the window up and lifted himself through it. Rick got up, stepped forward and gripped Rob's trousers at the waist. He pulled them down.

'Wow!' said Warren. He couldn't help it. The guy's cock was enormous. The lower part of his body was as thickly covered with red hair as his chest and back: between his thighs it became a real bush - and from it stuck out a cock almost as thick as Warren's wrist; not very long, but enormously thick, and with a heart-shaped head on it like... like... like an orange, thought Rick - a half-peeled orange. The guy was uncut, and his foreskin was half back over the head of his cock.

Before Rob knew what was going on, the younger boy was on his knees, his lips strained to open wide enough to gulp at the huge cock. Rick grinned in the background.

'Warren seems to be a bit hungry,' he said. Then he fell to his knees behind the other, bent, and resumed his lapping at the Warren's ass, slipping a hand between his thighs to caress his cock.

Rob closed his eyes. No woman had ever sucked him like this - the boy was really enjoying himself, positively slurping, saliva running down the part of his shaft Warren couldn't swallow and soaking the already damp pubic curls. He opened his eyes and looked down at the bobbing head, then along Warren's back to where the second boy's nose and lips were plunged between the cheeks of Warren's ass. His cock grew even harder, and began to ache.

In a while, Warren paused for breath.

'Could I... would you mind if...'

Rick lifted his own head.

'You want him to fuck you, don't you?' he said. 'I knew it.'

'Would you mind?'

Rick felt decidedly jealous. But 'Go ahead,' he said. 'But I want you too - later. Plenty of time. We've got the weekend ahead. What about you, er...'

'Rob,' said the big guy. Perspiration had soaked the hair on his chest and shoulders. 'You mean you want me to...'

'Got any lube?' said Warren.

'Somewhere,' said Rick. He looked at Rob's cock. 'You'd certainly better have some. I wouldn't want that up my ass, completely dry!'

He found a tube, and some condoms. Warren took one out of its pocket and looked doubtfully at Rob.

'D'you think this'll fit?' he said.

Rob grinned.

'Well, you can try,' he said.

Warren's saliva had made Rob's prick slightly slippery, and the condom rolled down it without splitting, though it was pretty tight. Warren squeezed lube onto it and gently massaged it over the length of the condom.

'You'd better come in from behind,' he said, and reached for the tube.

'Let me,' said Rick. He squeezed lube into the palm of his left hand. Warren knelt on the bed, his head down and his ass in the air. Rick stood astride him, bent over, and took some lube on his fingers and smeared it over Warren's ass, then gently inserting two fingers, lubed the inside of his asshole. He'd never felt a looser ass than Warren's. His own cock ached - he really wanted to get in there; but, well, there was plenty of time. Still... lucky Rob!

Badpuppy Model - Milan 'O.K.,' he said. 'Come on then, Rob.'

The big guy stepped up to the bed, his cock in his hand. He bent slightly and put the end of the enormous machine at Warren's asshole. He thrust hard, but inexperienced hadn't got the angle right, and Warren winced as the big prick slipped and hit his balls.

'Take it easy,' said Rick - 'you'll do him a permanent damage!'

He knelt with Warren's head between his thighs, and reached around, taking Rob's prick and presenting it to the other's ass.

'Now, gently...' he said.

As Rob slowly pushed, Rick felt Warren's lips close on his own prick. He pulled Warren's cheeks apart as Rob continued to push and watched as the colossal head of Rob's cock stretched the other boy's sphincter, then vanished, the shaft following it until the rolled end of the condom vanished and the thick clump of red hair met the pale brown of Warren's ass. Rob began to move, at first slowly, then more quickly. Rick watched the rim of the condom appear, then disappear: it was lucky it wasn't being pulled off. He reached down and found Warren's cock and balls and began tousling them, then milking the cock as the other boy's lips were milking his.

Rob, the big guy, came first. The boys knew it from the great yell he gave, and the way he reached down, gripped Warren's shoulders and wrenched the boy towards him, the whole length of his cock inside his ass. The sound, and the sight of the liquid-filled condom as Rob pulled out, was clear enough - and set Rick off. He felt Warren's lips suck as he pumped into the other boy's mouth, while the luscious sharp pain as the big man pulled too quickly out of his ass brought Warren off, drenching Rick's palms.

The three lay in a tangle on the bed. Warren pulled the condom off Rob's cock, and began gently to lap at the cum on the huge head and from the dent below the ridge at the end of the thick shaft. The fine coarse hairs which grew even there tickled his chin. Rick lay with his head on Warren's thigh, rubbing the other boy's still plump but softened cock against his cheek, and gently massaging cum into his belly and up over his chest, around his nipples. Warren's right hand was thrust between Rick's thighs, closed around his shrinking cock.

'That your first time?' he said after a while.

'Yeah,' said Rob.

'So how about it?'

'Good,' said the other.

'So how would you feel about being fucked yourself?' asked Rick. He slid his hand down between the guy's thighs and into the prickly thicket, feeling for the asshole.

'Bloody hell,' said Rob. 'I dunno. Never thought of it.'

But the finger probing him felt pretty good. His cock stirred.

'Want to try? Later?'

'Oh, well - maybe. We'll have to see.

And later, they saw.

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