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A Day in the Life Pt 2 by 4226
Badpuppy Model - Jacque & Joe

Davey was starving when he got home, so he put the chow mein that Sammy had given him in a saucepan and heated it on his little two-burner stove. It was just barely warm when he started to eat it right from the pan, washing it down with the half quart of iced tea he had left and filling out his meal with some bread. In less than 20 minutes, he was done eating, and had washed up the pan and utensils. The sky was already starting to dim as he stripped off his work clothes and took his shower. He again resisted the almost overwhelming urge to masturbate as he washed himself off, allowing himself only the pleasure of an erection which he soaped generously, but then forcing himself to stop. 'Whacking off three or four times a day was okay for a kid, but he was 18 for Christ’s sake!', he thought as he dried off and headed to his bedroom to get dressed again. Facing the same dilemma as earlier that day, he fished a second jock from his underwear box, and tugged it into place. This one, from K-Mart, was newer, and the pouch was not quite as ample as the Bike he had worn earlier. He pushed and pulled until his thick member and rather sizable balls were comfortable in this one. All that touching didn’t help it fit any better as he started to get aroused again.

The day had warmed up considerably, and he put on the faded red gym shorts and oversized tee shirt that he had worn to work, but left off his sweats. He refrained from turning on the TV, in case it was working and he got interested in some show. Instead, he emptied out the few items remaining in his underwear box so that he could use it to transport his laundry. He studied the contents as they fell on his bed: two more jockstraps, one of which was designed to hold a protective cup and which couldn’t begin to hold all of him inside without the cup stretching the pouch out; another full set of long underwear: and three clean white socks. Davey wondered again where the protective cup might have gotten to since he had last worn it almost two years ago, back in high school when he had been on the soccer team. Back before his mom got sick. He was sure he had seen it somewhere when he moved.

He gathered up his dirty duds from the corners of his bedroom, quickly filling the box to overflowing. He took it out to his ‘borrowed’ shopping cart, parked under his porch roof where all the other residents of the trailer park kept their cars. He had gotten off on the wrong foot with his one neighbor, Mr. Alben, shortly after moving in when Alben had bluntly informed Davey that since he didn’t have a car and ‘wouldn’t need his carport’, Mr Alben would keep right on using it just like he had while Davey’s trailer had been vacant, ‘so that it don’t go to waste!’ Davey had tried to assert himself to the three hundred pound bully, but it was like a Chihuahua taking on a Rottweiler. Mr. Alben had just laughed out loud and a shouting match ensued.

Next thing he knew, Old Man Johnson was out there too and was telling off Mr. Alben in no uncertain terms, raising up his cane and threatening to beat Alben with it, or use it to smash the car’s windshield. The park manager showed up a few minutes later, and Mr. Alben was told to park his car elsewhere. If it showed up under Davey’s carport again, it would be towed. Old Man Johnson, retired and with nothing better to do than sit at home all day, would see to that. Johnson might be a somewhat cranky old dude, but he did sort of look out for Davey after hearing how he had never known his real father, and how his mom had died of cancer a year earlier, and how his new stepfather (whom she had dated for only a couple of months before she got really sick, and married only three weeks before she died) had claimed all of her worldly possessions and kicked Davey out the day he turned 18. Besides, Mr. Johnson’s ‘lady friend’ often gave Davey a casserole or better yet a cake or pie when she baked, which was pretty often.

Davey gathered up a second box of dirty wash, and then decided to strip his bedding as well. His borrowed shopping cart was level full by the time he was done. He gathered up all his loose change and headed through the hole in the cyclone fence beside his trailer and onto the narrow paved area behind the shopping center. He pushed his cart along the rows of dumpsters and parked cars belonging to the store managers and shop owners. Some of them drove big expensive cars, and others had little economy cars, and Dave wondered if he would ever be able to afford his own car.

He got to the laundromat near the far end of the mall, and left his cart out back. He used his box to carry in his dirty clothes, which filled three washers much fuller then they should have been filled. He pushed in the necessary change and sat down to wait until the machines ran their course, paging through the ancient magazines on the small table between the chairs. There were only three other people in the laundry, an overweight young mother with a fussy toddler, and an older woman, maybe forty or so, that Davey recognized from the trailer park.

As the machines spun to a stop, he loaded the wet things into two dryers, and kept pushing in change until he ran out of coins. Most of the stuff was dry, and he could spread the damp things out at home to finish drying. He sort of folded the clean dry clothes as he put them back in the box, making three trips to his cart before he had everything. He looked at the clock as he left. Geez! it was a little after nine already! He had spent close to three hours, and seven dollars just doing his wash! And he’d need a box of detergent from the store again for the next time he did it.

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The night had gotten quite chilly, and he shivered against the wind as he pushed his cart over the pot-holed macadam toward home, wishing he had his jacket and sweatpants. Sammy’s family had already gone home, as the back door of their restaurant was closed. Whenever they were there, the door stood open, with just the screen door shut to keep the insects out. It was a little creepy walking home, what with Halloween coming up next week and all. And one of the dusk to dawn security lights was burned out, so that the shadows were longer than usual. Davey stepped up his pace, the wheels of the shopping cart clattering against the bumpy macadam.

"Hey-ey, Chico, como esta?"

Davey snapped around at the first sound of the thick Spanish voice.
Badpuppy Model - Jacque & Joe

"Jah, ju. White Boy! Hey, I’m talking to ju, man!" Dave now recognized the sound of Jose’s voice, and searched for him in the dark shadows against the building.

"Hey, Salsa! Where are you, you freakin’ Rican?" Davey continued to scan the back of the building, looking for his skinny Puerto Rican friend. Finally he saw Jose’s recently shaved head peek up from behind the dumpster near the back door of the store where Jose worked as a stockboy.

"Hey man, how da fuck are ju?" Jose stepped out from his hiding spot, and the two boys shook hands and bumped knuckles like they always did. Jose continued using his fake heavy Spanish accent, which wasn’t really all that much stronger than his regular speech, but he always got a kick out of using it with his white friends. "Ju gotta be more careful, man. If I had wanted to, you’d be dead by now, and I’d be making off with" Jose grabbed the first item on top of the pile of clean clothes in the cart "jure underwear, dude!" He swung a pair of dark blue briefs over his head, laughing at his joke.

"Gimme those." Davey snatched his undershorts back from Jose and tossed them into the cart, and slowly started heading back home. It was only Wednesday, but he really wanted Jose to come back with him. He liked Jose. A lot. They had so much in common, both coming from messed up homes, and being more or less on their own at 18. Like Davey, Jose was slightly built and appeared younger than he really was. Like a friendly puppy, Jose trotted along beside Davey.

" ‘tsup, me amigo?"

"Not much, Daveed. The old lady, she threw me out again today. She’s using again, man." Jose jabbed an invisible needle into the crook of his arm. "I hate when she does that!" Jose dropped his phony accent, and Davey could hear the anger in his voice.

"That’s bad. You need a place to crash?"

"You got it, man. It’s getting too cold to sleep in the park."

"Me casa es su casa, Salsa."

"Thanks man. I saw you go to the laundry earlier, and I was sort of hanging, waiting for you to come back, Davey. Besides," Jose dropped his hand over the front of his baggy red sweatpants to the hidden inside pocket, and patted it lightly "I got us a treat for tonight."

Davey smiled, and shook his head slightly. Jose had a couple of joints, possibly more, which they would share, getting completely wasted if they allowed themselves. Davey couldn’t understand that aspect of his friend. Jose got all worked up about his mother using drugs and then less than a minute later, he was planning to use them himself. Of course, his mother was into much harder stuff than grass, and according to Jose, she got all weirded out when she used.

Davey’s cock twitched in anticipation of what would happen after they were high. He tried not to think about it, but his prick was getting thicker and harder with each step. As it stiffened up, it poked straight out into the front of his jock, pulling the pouch up and off of his balls, and puffing out the front of his gym shorts nicely. He didn’t dare look at himself, but he wondered if Jose had noticed it as they talked about how unfair life was to them. In the few remaining steps to get home, Davey’s cock softened up a bit, but he was still much more hard than soft as he unlocked his front door. Jose helped him carry his clean wash into the bedroom, and then helped him spread the sheets over his mattress. It only seemed natural for the boys to sit down together on the mattress when they were finished. They each wrapped a blanket around themselves against the chill of the drafty room.

They had already kicked off their sneakers, and Jose reached down the front of his loose-fitting red sweats and pulled out a rolled up plastic baggy with three fat joints and a roach clip in it. He smiled at Davey as he fired up the first joint and took a deep hit. He passed it to his friend, and closed his eyes as he held the smoke deep in his lungs. Davey had smoked enough grass to be familiar with it, and had even supplied some to his mom after the chemo treatments in the last few months of her struggle. But only when Frank wasn’t around to cluck about how wrong it was to smoke dope under any circumstances, even as he drank his sixth or seventh beer of the day. Bastard! Davey took a long drag on the joint, and handed it back to Jose. The two boys were silent as they finished the first joint, and Jose quickly fired up the second. Within fifteen minutes of getting in the door, both boys were quite stoned.

As Davey held the roach clip and sniffed at the charred stub of the second joint, Jose laid back and skinned off his sweatpants, revealing his snug white briefs. Davey gazed at the slender physique of his friend, and lurched awkwardly forward to get a better look, dragging his blanket with him. Jose caught him and the two boys fell into an embrace under Davey’s blanket, rubbing each other through their clothes and then kissing, lightly caressing each other’s closed lips at first, and then opening their mouths and quickly growing more intimate. Davey’s hands roamed over Jose’s smooth brown body, coming to rest on the growing bulge inside his briefs. It was still so exciting, so new for him, but he had learned how to feel his friend up, teasing him into a full erection without bringing him off immediately. In the meantime, Jose had worked his hand down the front of Davey’s gym shorts, and was busy feeling the steely hard shaft of his friend’s prick, still wrapped in it’s cotton mesh jockpouch.

"Que es esso?" He asked as they broke their kiss and came up for air. Jose often lapsed back into Spanish when he was stoned.

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"Uh....What’s this? What are ju wearing, man?"

"Oh. Ah . . . a jockstrap." Davey answered sheepishly.

"What? A jockstrap? Why are ju wearing a jockstrap, me amigo?"

"I was out of clean underwear." Warm from their sex play, Davey rolled over onto his back, taking the blanket with him, and pulled off his faded red gym shorts to show Jose the distended pouch of his supporter. He was anxious to get back to their petting. "Here. I’ll take it off." he said.

"No! Leave it on, man!" Jose sort of licked his lips. "I wanna....como se dice?.... play with you in it a little bit, okay?"

"Uh....yeah. Sure. Whatever." Davey agreed, reaching down to readjust his stiff prick in the ribbed pouch.

"No! Don’t touch it, Davey. Let me." Jose reached over, fascinated at the vision in front of him. While he was a lot more experienced sexually than Davey, Jose had never done it with a guy wearing a jockstrap before. The idea intrigued him.
Badpuppy Model - Jacque & Joe

As usual, when the level of their sexual activity got to a certain point, they stopped talking. Davey lay flat on the mattress, and Jose moved in between his friend’s outstretched legs and played with his hard prick through the pouch of the jock, working it until a single drop of clear lube oozed right through the mesh fabric. He bent forward, and licked it off of the tip of Davey’s cock. The rough cloth of the jock pouch felt strange on his tongue. He licked it again, and was rewarded with another drop of lube. Jose grew bolder and now took the full, firm head of Davey’s cock in his mouth, and sucked on it right through the pouch of the jockstrap. He sucked hard. Real hard! Davey moaned out loud at the pleasurable sensations coursing through his body.

Instinctively, Jose chewed lightly on the thick shaft and a few more dribbles of lube sputtered from the tip and enlarged the wet spot which now covered the whole head of Davey’s excited organ. Davey groaned as he spread his legs even wider and pulled them up off the mattress, granting easy access to his pucker. He put his hands on the back of Jose’s stubbly head, and he rubbed them over and around the Puerto Rican’s soft, short-cropped hair while Jose sucked on the top three inches of Davey’s eight inch shaft. Using one hand to hold the bottom half of Davey’s shaft and stretch the jock pouch real tight, Jose’s other hand rubbed lightly over Davey’s smooth round ass cheeks. It only took a few strokes for the two of them to find their rhythm. Legs hanging in midair, Davey’s hips flexed up and down in perfect time with the rise and fall of Jose’s mouth. Jose’s tongue and lips worked overtime and the spit and pre-cum soaking through the pouch of the jock seemed to magnify his every movement against Davey’s super sensitive prick.

Young and eager, it never took Davey long to shoot his first load of cum, and this time he was even quicker than usual. He pushed down hard on the back of Jose’s head, and thrust deep into his mouth. Legs suspended in mid-air, toes sharply pointed in his white socks, he grunted and groaned as he rolled slightly from side to side trying to delay shooting his load, but it was too late. Raising his legs even higher, he tensed one more time, and squirted his load into the wet pouch of his jock, deep inside Jose’s warm little mouth. It took him fully half a minute to finish unloading his balls in a dozen powerful spasms, and Jose kept his mouth clamped firmly in place through the whole thing, sucking on his buddy’s hard prick ever so gently and drawing out more cum than Davey usually shot. Both boys were aware that it had been good tonight, maybe better than at any other time in their three months together, except for their very first time.

For his part, Jose had quickly realized that Davey was more excited than usual, and he had run his fingertips through Davey’s ass crack, lightly fingered his bunghole as they made love. He had sucked hard on Davey’s cock, unable to form a vacuum seal because of the fabric covering his friend’s prick. His lips tingled from rubbing up and down against it. As Davey grew closer to cumming, Jose could feel the already huge shaft swell up just a tiny bit more, and Jose knew he had pulled Davey over the edge. While Davey spewed his load of thick and tasty cum, Jose had continued to suck gently on his companion, drawing out his climax as long as possible, and letting the big load of cum dribble from the corners of his mouth and down the sides of Davey’s still thick shaft, thoroughly saturating the entire pouch of his jock.

Eventually, the spasms stopped, and Davey’s legs fell limply across Jose’s shoulders and onto his upper back. He felt relaxed and could easily have fallen asleep if he left himself. Jose had other plans, however, and quickly straddled Davey’s torso. Walking on his knees, he worked his way up to Davey’s face, and with a single smooth motion, pulled the elastic waistband of his white briefs over his six inch long cock, and snapped it back behind his medium sized, beefy balls. Pointing the tip of his prick down toward Davey’s lips, he wiggled forward just a bit more, and leaned forward. Davey readily took his friend’s hard cock in his mouth, and reached for his balls.

Smiling, Jose grabbed him by the wrists, and pinned Davey’s hands up above his head. Leaning forward, he forced Davey to use nothing but his mouth to bring him off. Excited by Davey’s intense orgasm, Jose was soon rocking back and forth, driving his cock as far into Davey’s mouth as Davey could take it without gagging. Unlike Jose, he could not yet deep throat a stiff cock, and could only handle about four inches of his friend. It was now Jose’s turn to grunt, and he did so as his uncut prick grew steely hard and he stiffened up that one last notch before starting to shoot his load into the back of Davey’s throat. Davey felt the cum squirting against his tonsils more so than tasting it, and he lay still as Jose wiggled his hips and withdrew his member, letting the last of his load drip directly onto Davey's face.

Drained, Jose fell forward, his drooping cock now back in Davey’s hungry mouth as it softened down into it’s flaccid three inches. Jose’s head and shoulders were off the mattress, and his backside arched obscenely into midair as Davey licked the last curds of cum from the spent prick and swallowed them. Davey’s tongue action felt good, and if it hadn’t been so uncomfortable Jose would have stayed there for a few more minutes, maybe letting Davey work him into a second hard on, and then letting his friend do the work to bring him off a second time. But it was an awkward position to hold, and Jose rolled to his side before shimmying back onto the mattress aside of his lover. They lay side by side, relaxed, quiet, sleepy.

"That was pretty fucking great, man." said Davey.

"Yeah. It was pretty good, wasn’t it?"

"Yeah." Davey turned on his side, and started tracing rings around Jose’s nipples with his fingertip. "If somebody had told me a year ago that I was a cocksucker, I would have probably beat ‘em up. But now....."

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"I know what ju mean, Chico. Me too." Jose squirmed under his friend’s gentle touch. "Oh baby, you better watch it or you’re gonna get me going again, dude!"

"That's the idea, Salsa." Davey speeded up his caress, and both boys quickly grew hard a second time. Pulling the pouch of Davey’s jock aside, Jose gave him a long, slow hand job, which resulted in a second, shorter, but equally intense orgasm for Davey. He covered his own stomach with several thick ropey streaks of cum before Jose tucked him lovingly back into his jockstrap.

Davey then proceeded to use the hood of Jose’s uncut foreskin to slide up and down over his friend’s firm, knobby cockhead, until it grew most slippery and Jose started flinging cum everywhere. Pulling the elastic waistband of his jockeys out from behind Jose’s balls (which had drawn up tight into his body and now seemed considerably smaller then when they had started) and snapping it back into place, Davey tried to wipe up his friend’s crotch a bit before giving up. Totally spent and still stoned, the two boys cuddled together, enjoyed the afterglow, giggling, lightly kissing, and whispering sweet nothings to each other. They grew cool and pulled the covers over themselves before they both fell asleep with the lights still on.

* * * * * *

HONK! . . . . . . HONK!

"Oh shit!" Davey thought to himself as the honking car horn awakened him. He tried to jump up and realized that he and Jose were still entwined in each other’s arms. He wrestled himself loose, waking Jose in the process.

"Que pasa, me amigo?"

"I’m late for work, man. We forgot to set the alarm!"

"Oh shit, man!"

"Help me find some clean socks, will ya?"

"Right here, Chico." Jose tossed a pair of socks at him.


"Oh man!" Davey had to piss like a racehorse, but knew he didn’t have time. He still had on his tee shirt from the day before, and his cum encrusted jock. He found his sweatpants and pulled them on, grabbed his sneakers and flew out of the bedroom. "Lock up when you leave, Jose, okay?"

"Ju got it. See you later, dude."


Mark laid on the horn, again.

"What the hell is going on?" Old Man Johnson shouted from next door.

Davey grabbed his jacket and sweatshirt as he ran out the door. Mark was already backing up and forced him to run across the gravel in his stocking feet to get to the door of the van.

"Look at you. You look like shit this morning." Mark said to him. Davey realized his hair was uncombed, his teeth weren’t brushed, and his breath was probably as sour as last month’s milk. He could feel Jose’s dried cum on his face and prayed that Mark wouldn’t see it. In his haste to leave, he had forgotten his wallet and even his keys. Oh man, he was in a bunch of shit.

"Nice to see you, too, Mark." he said as he slumped into the passenger seat. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He was back in bed, looking up at Jose like he had last night, and he could see Jose’s brown, smiling face, his wide grin; he could still taste the residue of his friend on his lips. Davey relaxed and exhaled slowly. Keeping his eyes shut, he could feel the tension drain from his body.

Everything would be all right, somehow. As long as he had Jose, they’d get through it. Life would be good! It just had to be! Yeah. Life would be very good! Davey was sure of it.

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