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A Day in the Life Pt 1 by 4226
Badpuppy Model - Jauque       BEEP . . . . . BEEP . . . . . BEEP . . . . . BEEP . . . . .

The monotone bleating of the alarm clock signaled the start of another day for young Davey Anderson. He rolled over and slapped the snooze button before quickly snuggling back into the warmth of his flannel sheet and blankets. He had his usual morning stiffy, and keeping his eyes shut against the dim morning light, he snaked his right hand down his front and under the elastic waistband of the long underwear which also served as his pajamas. He fingered his hard-on lightly, tentatively, wanting to resist the urge to masturbate.

But as his prick quickly responded and stiffened up into a full erection he could not resist. He rolled flat onto his back, and wrapped his fist around the fat shaft of his prick. Holding it firmly, he tugged up and down on it several times, amazed as he always was that playing with himself could feel so good.

The swollen head of his oversized prick rubbed lightly against the waffle weave fabric of his white long johns, heightening the sensations in his prick and contributing to his pleasure. With his left hand still outside his thermal undershirt, he strummed his fingertips over his left nipple, gently pinching it and then releasing it, pinching it and releasing it. With the exuberance of youth, it didn’t take him very long at all to become fully aroused. He slowed the speed with which he stroked his cock, and now pinched his nipple tightly, and twisted it ever so slightly before releasing it. Involuntarily, his hips thrust upward, driving the moistened head of his cock into the rough fabric of his thermal drawers.

His ass cheeks pinched together, and although he didn’t want to finish quite yet, Davey’s prick started spewing a copious load of spunk into the crotch of his pants. His asscheeks tightened and released repeatedly as he coated the front of his underwear with his thick, pungent cum. He grunted his approval as the last of the load slowed to a dribble, and then seeped its way into the now very soggy front of his long johns.

Satisfied with himself, he left go of his cock as it returned to its flaccid state. He withdrew his right hand from his pants, and wiped it dry on his pant-leg. His left hand still pinched his nipple, and as his whole body relaxed, he released it from his grip. His nipple, now slightly sore, caught and rubbed against his shirt, and he shifted a bit to avoid the chafing. Still drowsy, Davey snuggled down into his warm, soft, bed, and very shortly he was drifting . . . . drifting . . . .

      BEEP . . . . . BEEP . . . . . BEEP . . . . . BEEP . . . . .

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Davey slapped the snooze button again, but this time he checked the clock. ‘Oh shit’ he thought to himself as he quickly threw back the covers and got up from the mattress which lay directly on the warped wooden floor of the drafty old house trailer he rented. It was 6:09 AM and Mark would be out at the end of the road coming into the trailer park in twenty-one minutes to pick him up for work. If Davey wasn’t there waiting, Mark would get pissed off and be all over his case all day.

Davey hurried into the bathroom to take his morning crap and brush his teeth. The air was quite chilly, and the front of his long underwear sagged low, heavy with the damp weight of his cum. Jesus, he thought to himself, he sure had shot a load this morning! Davey shivered against the coolness of the late October morning. One of these days, he would have to figure out how to turn on the heat in this little cracker box he called home. But not now!

In five minutes, Davey was done in the bathroom, and back in the bedroom peeling out of his damp drawers. Using the left leg, which were still completely dry, he wiped down his cock, and balls, then scrubbed off his entire crotch. He shivered again as he pawed through his underwear box looking for a clean pair of briefs.

Suddenly, he remembered that he had none; that he had wanted to go to the laundromat last night but had somehow ended up at the Chinese restaurant in the strip mall that lay between his trailer and the highway. He had goofed around with his friend Sammy Wu, helping Sammy and his dad close up their restaurant at nine o’clock and taking home a big platter of leftover chow mein for his efforts.

"Shit," he thought to himself again. Now what? Wear a dirty pair? He did have a couple of pairs of clean long johns but it wasn’t all that cold yet, or . . . Oh man! In a few minutes Mark would be out front honking impatiently. Looking over the scant selection available, Davey grabbed one of his old jockstraps and pulled it on. He had four of them, and this one had been his very first way back in junior high. Although it was ancient it was still the most comfortable he thought as he tugged it on, smoothing out the snug fitting waistband, and quickly running a finger under each of the leg straps to straighten them out and adjust them across his perfectly shaped buttocks.

He dipped his hand deep into the pouch and pulled up on his hefty sized cock and balls, centering his package squarely in the large pouch of the old, all-cotton Bike No. 10. His mom had given it to him back in seventh grade shortly after he had mumbled his desire for a supporter. It hadn’t been new, obviously worn before by someone, and Davey had always suspected it had been his real father’s, though he had no concrete reason for thinking that. He had never met the man. Didn't even know his name. But still, Davey was somehow sure the jock had been his.

There. That felt pretty good. He looked down his front and smiled to himself. Turning sideways, he checked the full length mirror on his closet door and confirmed what he already knew: that his bulge was larger, quite a bit larger in fact, than that of most guys. No matter what else went wrong in his life, nature had been very generous with him down there. He lifted each leg, stretching the elastic a bit, testing how much his inner thighs would chafe against the slightly rough fabric of the jock pouch. Not too much. He could live with it for a day.

But what if the other guys realized he was wearing a jock? He’d never live it down! He pulled a pair of faded red twill gym shorts out of the same cardboard box and tugged them on over the jock, and then pulled on the paint-stained, grey sweatpants he had worn to go over and visit Sammy last night. On his slight frame, only the jockstrap fit snugly. Despite being size ‘smalls’, the gym shorts and sweatpants just barely hung on his slender, boyish hips. He pulled on a large tee shirt, which hung way down and covered his asscheeks and cock bulge. Yeah! That hid things nicely.

HONK! . . . . . . HONK!

Oh Shit! That would be Mark. Davey checked the clock on the floor aside of his mattress. 6:25AM Like most mornings, Mark was a few minutes early. Davey went to the front door of his trailer home and opened it, holding up his forefinger to indicate that he needed another minute. Mark scowled back at him, and lay on the horn again. HONNNKKKK! Another blast like that and Old Man Johnson next door, who was retired and could sleep all day if he wanted to, would lecture Davey again about respecting other people’s privacy and their need for sleep.

Davey grabbed his sneakers and a pair of white socks, and went for the door. Almost as an afterthought, he grabbed his jean jacket and the hooded sweatshirt he had worn all week from the back of the single threadbare easy chair in what passed for his living room.. Damn, the metal landing on his outside stairway was cold! He danced from one foot to the other as he locked the deadbolt and gingerly made his way down the ice-cold steps and over the gravel driveway to the front passenger side door of the overly warm van.

"Morning, Mark!" Davey tried to sound cheerful.

"You’re late!" Mark scowled.

"Actually, I think you’re early."

Mark threw his beat-up old van into reverse and kicked up a bit of gravel as he backed away from the empty space in front of Davey’s trailer. "If you got up on time, you’d be ready and out at the street where I’m supposed to pick you up. I oughta make you pay extra for front door service," Mark grumbled.

Davey swallowed hard as he remembered that he still owed Mark five bucks for gas from last week and another five bucks for this week. If Mark didn’t pick him up and drop him off, he’d have had to walk to work or take the bus. Either way, he’d have had to leave way before six to get to work by quarter of seven. Mark scowled at him. He’d be in a better mood after they stopped for coffee. "You gonna pay me this week?"

"Yeah. I’ll pay you on Friday after we cash our checks."

"For both weeks?"

"For both weeks."

Davey busied himself with putting on his socks and sneakers, not saying anything further as they made their way to the convenience store. He pulled on his hooded sweatshirt when they got out, and then checked his wallet. He had seven dollars and some loose change, and it was only Wednesday morning. Maybe Barry would lend him ten until payday on Friday. He’d have to see what kind of a mood Barry was in this morning.

Mark got his usual huge cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes. The sodas were still on special, the same price for all sizes, so Davey got an extra large cup of pop and a day old pastry for half price. He paid for it and still had six dollars and fifty-three cents.

They got back into the warm van, and sat for a minute as Mark unwrapped his cigarettes. He seemed to relax as he lit one up and inhaled deeply. No wonder he was such a grouch. He hadn’t had either his nicotine or his caffeine fix this morning yet!

"Damn, it’s getting cold." Mark shook his shoulders in a mock shiver as they lurched out of the parking lot.

Davey nibbled at his pastry. "Sure is. I needed two blankets last night to stay warm."

"What you need is a good woman to keep you warm! You ever been with a good woman, Davey? Or any woman? Huh? You ever had your bippy dipped?"

Davey flushed with embarrassment. He was eighteen, all but nineteen actually, but looked more like fourteen. It seemed like no matter where he worked, the other guys never got tired of teasing him about his perceived lack of sexual experience.

Yes, he was a virgin. With women at least. But with guys? Well, that was a different story! Davey couldn’t tell them how he and his friend Jose . . . well they were a lot more than just friends; and how once, during the summer when Davey was still working at the car wash, he had gone with this old guy who gave him twenty dollars just to jerk off while the guy watched, and then gave him twenty more to let the guy suck on his dick and eat his cum! Jesus, that was some day! But sex with women? Uh Uh.

"Whatsa matter, Davey, pussy got your tongue?"

"Knock it off, Mark!"

"Ha, ha, ha. Some day, Davey. Some day, you’ll meet a woman and after you cream yourself a coupla times trying to get it in her, you’ll finally get your pee-pee wet with pussy juice. And without your telling us, we’re all gonna know!"

"Fuck you, Mark!"

"You want to? You wanna fuck me, Davey? Think you’d know how?"

"Shut up!"

Mark giggled hysterically, and then turned up the radio as a favorite song came on. He quieted down, and by the end of the song they were at the shop.

* * * * * * * * *

Barry was in a good mood. He usually was. Davey and Mark were the second and third guys there, and Davey quickly pulled Barry aside and asked for a ten spot until payday. Barry readily gave it, and asked Davey if he was still sticking to his budget. He lied as he assured Barry he was indeed still following the budget they had drawn up together, but had run into some extra expenses that week.

Barry was only a few years older than Davey, but had seemed to take a special interest in the lad. Without the other guys knowing it, Barry had helped Davey work out a budget and a ‘living plan’ to get Davey through this first year on his own. Mentally, based on four weekly paychecks every month, Davey clicked through his weekly expenses: Rent $69; Groceries $66; Utilities $25; Car Fare $5; Savings $10; Clothes $15; Fun money $10. $200.87 per week net, from $250.00 gross pay. $6.25 per hour for working his balls off helping to lay carpet and floor tiles and shit. .He was really just a glorified ‘go-fer’, but the work was steady, and Barry was pretty nice for a boss.

Barry had said something about an extra paycheck every three months, and using that for ‘extras’ but Davey hadn’t quite followed all that. What he wanted more than anything else right now was a television set that worked the way it was supposed to all the time, instead of just some of the time. Somehow, though, despite working for Barry for five weeks now, Davey had only $57.00 in his utilities envelope, and $20.00 in the savings account they had opened. The clothes envelope was empty, too. He owed Mark two weeks car fare, and now owed Barry ten bucks. Where the hell did all the money go?

Oh yeah. He had gone to the movies last weekend with Sammy, and between the video arcade before the movie, the ticket and snacks at the movie, and then pizza and sodas afterward, he had blown almost thirty bucks before the night was over. At least his rent was paid on time for a change, and he had something put aside for a tank of propane for his heater, if he ever figured out how to work it. And Barry had said that after a few weeks he might get a raise.

By the time Davey was done daydreaming, the other five guys were all there. Barry was handing out the day’s assignments. Davey was going with Mark, Chuck, and Red to a one day job about an hour away. The big rolls of carpet were already loaded on the company’s ancient white van.

Since he was low man, Davey would get to ride on the rolled up carpet all the way to the job site. Mark and Red would sit up front, and Chuck got the single old kitchen chair that served as a back seat in the van. On the way home, Davey would probably get to sit on a paste bucket. He straddled an oversized roll of carpet, and squeezed it between his thighs. "Yee-Haa!" he shouted.

"Ride ‘em, cowboy!" added Chuck.

For some reason, Davey’s prick throbbed ever so slightly inside his jockstrap, and he flexed his legs together a second time to see if he got the same reaction. He did. If he did it a few more times, he would no doubt throw a rod, so he sat still, enjoying the slightly full sensation of his cock trapped inside the mesh fabric of his jock pouch. He rolled forward slightly, pinching his semi-hard cock between his thighs and the roll of carpet. Schwinggg! Red hadn’t even pulled out of the shop yet, and Davey had gotten his first hard-on of the work day!

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Badpuppy Model - Jauque       Damn it! Why was he always so horny? At least his jockstrap held it down, and his baggy tee shirt hid it from Mark and Chuck. As they got underway, Davey rocked back and forth just enough to keep himself hard, but not enough to make himself cum, or even for the other guys to notice his rocking. ‘Riding the edge’ he called it, when he had a hard on and played with it enough to stay real hard but not enough to cum.

When Chuck wasn’t looking, Davey rearranged himself to avoid being pinched by his jock. His prick was basically doubled back on itself, with the top half folded upward and into the top part of his jock, the meaty head of his prick buried under the three inch waistband at the upper right corner of his pouch. While it didn’t feel very comfortable like that, it was sort of reassuring in a way. It made Davey feel ‘manly’ because he was so aware of his cock size.

He wondered when Jose was gonna come over again and spend the night. Lost in his day-dreams, Davey suddenly realized that Red was stopping to get coffee. He was way too hard to get off the carpet roll, so he just sat there as the others jumped off the van to go inside.

Red, probably twice as old as any of the others, studied him. "You all right, kid?"


"Want me to get you something?"

"Nah. I’m broke this week. Can’t afford anything."

Mark spoke up. "Liar! I saw you bum a twenty offa Barry this morning."

"Did not!" Davey shouted back, sounding more like a little kid than he wanted to. ‘It was only a ten’, he thought to himself as his face flushed red with anger.

"You freakin’ little liar!" Mark continued.

"Knock it off, both of you!" Red boomed. His once auburn hair may have faded to mostly brown and grey, but he still had his Irish temper. " It ain’t none of your business, Mark. Let him be. If he don’t want nothing, that's his choice."

Davey said a silent thank you to Red, and realized that as quickly as his hard-on had come, it was now gone. The folded over wad of manmeat filling the pouch of his jock was once again soft and pliable. "Wait up, Red. I just changed my mind." Davey got off the carpet, patted the side of the roll like it was his favorite horse, and jumped down from the side door of the van. On a sugar high from his soda pop and pastry, he got nothing but a jug of iced tea which would last him all day.

Re-entering the van, he sat sideways on the carpet roll this time. Despite having cum only an hour ago, the ten minute erection he had nursed from the shop to here was already making his nuts ache for relief again. Even cradled snugly inside his jock, they felt heavy and tender, swollen to the point where they were ready to burst at any moment from the sheer volume of the sweet liquid that filled them. He must have spewed just a little bit of lube, because the head of his prick moved a bit under the waistband of his jock as he sat down. He flinched at the unexpected sensation in his groin, and then sipped at his cold tea to distract himself as they pulled out of the parking lot. He was only partially successful, and his prick fluctuated somewhere between hard and soft, mostly more toward hard, for the rest of the trip.

* * * * * * * * *

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Davey got through it with only two other major erections, but the second one had lasted fully twenty minutes, and just wouldn’t go away. It had finally wilted, but not before Davey had deposited a fair amount of lube up under the waistband of his jock and gym shorts. Only by going to the job johnny and rearranging himself did he avoid blowing a full load into his jock, and the temptation to whack off was extremely difficult to resist. He somehow managed to tuck his hard-on all the way down into the pouch, and then sort of wrapped his balls around either side of the stiff shaft until he finally went soft. He could detect the scent of cum and sex on himself, and wondered if the others noticed it as much as he did.

They got done installing the floor covering for the new video store at 2:00 and should have headed back to the shop, but then if Barry was in a pissy mood he would knock an hour and a half off each of their checks. Without saying anything to each other or the general contractor, Red took charge and the entire crew pretended to stretch and glue and adjust the carpet for the next forty-five minutes. Then they took their good old time reloading the tools and equipment back on the van.

They rolled out fifteen minutes early, and hadn’t gone more than a mile before Red stopped and got a six-pack of beer. He handed a bottle to Davey without even asking, and Davey felt good to be included in the gang. He didn’t much care for the taste of beer, but he sipped away at it while Red drank one, and the others both polished off two. Red stopped a mile from the shop, and they threw the bottles and caps into a trash bin. Chuck double checked that there was no evidence of their purchase in the van as they rode the rest of the way to the shop. Davey got to run inside and open up the overhead door. It was a few minutes after 4:00 so Barry wouldn’t argue time with them.

Davey felt good as he got into Mark’s van for the trip home. He had only spent three dollars on lunch and he had given Red a dollar towards the beer. With the ten-spot from Barry, he still had over eleven dollars left for Thursday. And he had that chow mein from Sammy for dinner tonight! Laundry would take all $5.00 of his loose change, though. Absentmindedly, he reached down the front of his sweats, inside his gym shorts, and rearranged himself.

"Jesus! Can’t you at least wait until you get home before you start playing with yourself, Davey?" Mark glanced over and looked right at the large bulge of Davey’s jockstrapped cock. ‘Goddamn horny little shit.’ Mark muttered under his breath as he started the van and took off.

Davey smiled to himself. Mark was jealous of the size of his bulge. They all were. He snapped the elastic waist of his shorts back into place, and withdrew his hand from his sweats. He grabbed his basket and gave it a healthy shake. It felt good! He smoothed his hand down over his crotch and looked at Mark. "Anytime you wanna play with it, Mark, you just let me know." Davey smiled.

"Keep it up pervert, and see how funny it is after I start letting you walk to work."

"Disagreeable piece of shit" Davey thought to himself. Fortunately, they were already at the strip mall, and Mark pulled over to the side of the busy road.

"See you tomorrow, Mark."



To be continued ...

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