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A Day at the Spa by Hrtofgld

Badpuppy Model - Blade My good friend Eddie and I were on our way to the Elendra Spa for a much needed relaxing weekend. The Elendra was a hybrid of luxury hotel and old fashioned natural hot springs spa, with a few unusual attributes. The first one was that it had mud baths or areas of brick red mud that one slathered over their bodies, let harden and then brush off with rubber brushes to “remove impurities from the skin.” A couple of my girl-type friends told me that it felt strange but good and after brushing it off your skin felt rejuvenated. The second attribute was that for one weekend out of every month, the Elendra catered exclusively to homosexuals, alternating months for males and females. This particular weekend was for the guys, and I thought my good buddy, although hopelessly straight, would enjoy the experience.

I’d known Eddie in college as we’d managed to get lost together trying to find our dorm rooms. By the time we found out we were roommates we were buddies, discovering first our interest in pleasuring ourselves and then the few times we discovered how good it felt to have your buddy stroke your rod. We also discovered our sexual orientation about the same time and, while Eddie started veering towards soft rounded thighs and full breasts, I was becoming more interested in guy’s hard asses and pecs. We stayed good friends and even managed a couple of jack offs together, although Eddie always seemed a bit uncomfortable to be touching me although he always enjoyed my touch and never complained at all about anything. I had discovered a nice network of handsome, buff young men for sexual purposes while Eddie found the campus slut network and we hardly even saw each other naked anymore, except at purely heterosexual sport or physical education functions. Now having graduated, we were two men in our mid 30s, both still single and both very much the same, or so I thought, and having decent jobs that allowed us some play money to spend on luxury spa hotels.

We pulled up to the valet entrance in Eddie’s Mustang, causing the handsome young male parking valet to wolf whistle at how hot both the car and its occupants were. Eddie tossed the keys to the young man, smiling his mega watt smile at the helpless young man and then we walked into the lobby to check in. Another HYM (handsome young man) gave us the keys to our room and we headed up there to relax and then study the itinerary to see what was next. We’d arrived Friday afternoon just so that we’d be rested and ready for anything on Saturday, then relax some more Sunday morning and return to the city Sunday afternoon. We unpacked; pulled on the spa’s required Speedos, terrycloth waist wrap and flips, and then headed to the bar that overlooked the spa.

Eddie’s body hadn’t changed much since college; he still had smooth tanned skin that showed his well muscled chest, arms and legs. He’d always moaned about how little body hair he seemed to have, even in his thirties, and indeed, he had only a little bit on his forearms. I knew from experience that a small tuft of pubic hair grew just above and around his cock, but it stopped there for some reason, and the Speedo was well covering him. I, on the other hand, moaned about exactly the opposite. I had to wax my body on a monthly basis to look as smooth and muscular as my friend, otherwise I’d look like a light brown haired ape. I had been to the spa before, so I knew that the Speedo would be what we’d wear, so I’d have my luxurious pubic hair trimmed so that I’d not be embarrassed by pubic hair flowing out the sides of the swimsuit. We left the room and headed to the bar which, thank goodness, was not a health nut or weight loss one, and served full strength drinks of all sorts. Settling down to two nicely dry martinis, I asked Eddie what he wanted to do, since this was his ‘cherry’ visit to the spa.

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He grinned at me and said, “Dude, you are the expert here. You can help me decide. Hey, you noticed that we only got one bed in the room? I hope that’s ok with you, I’m kind of a bed hog.”

Badpuppy Model - Blade I grinned back and replied, “Don’t sweat that, Eddie. We’ve always been good buddies, no matter where our lives have taken us! Besides, we’ll be SO relaxed from the mud, hot springs and massages here that you’ll just pour yourself into bed at night and go right to sleep.” We talked more about the services and all, and how the full package I’d bought for us included virtually anything we could want. Meals at any time of day or night were included, as well as the bar and snacks, massages could be scheduled up to an hour before and we had free use of the mud and hot spring baths as we wanted. The sun was starting to set as we ordered one last martini before heading to dinner, and I watched the collection of HYMs down below the bar finishing up their mud brushing or soaking in the hot springs and felt well sated. Little did I know how much better this weekend was going to be!

Dinner was very nice, and we strolled around looking at the facility, and then decided to turn in early so that we could get an early start on Saturday. The spa recommended a wait period of about an hour after eating to enjoy the mud, hot springs or massage, so we both wanted to get up early, get a great breakfast in us, and then after that start with the hot springs. We both booked a full body massage in the late morning, then thought we’d have lunch, then after an hour when the sun was nice and hot we’d mud up and then brush off. That sounded like enough for the time being, and so we hit the sack, both of us sleeping naked as we both did usually, Eddie only commenting once that it felt just a bit strange to be going to bed with another naked guy. I laughed, and kidded him that I did it all the time, and he laughed too, throwing a pillow at me which I dodged and then we settled down to rest.

“Hey, Mike? You asleep yet?”

“Mmm, nope. What’s on your mind, Eddie?”

He paused, as if he was framing his words, then said, “If I wake up tomorrow with a hard on, we’re just buddies, OK?”

“Of course, Eddie, you know I love you like my brother. I don’t take a normal morning hard on as an invitation, unless my bed partner and I agreed earlier that it would be one. Go to sleep, brother, see you in the morning.”

He surprised me by patting my shoulder and then rolling over; almost instantly falling asleep as if I’d solved a serious problem for him. Of course, I really wanted sex with Eddie and being this close to him AND naked made it doubly hard on me to keep my feelings to myself. I told my little man to be patient, that Sunday evening I’d booked some ‘entertainment’ that would make things right and soon fell asleep myself.

The next morning we woke up, stretched and hopped out of bed, both our cocks at full mast and proudly waving in front of us. Eddie saw mine and blushed, and I made a quick joke out of it by saying it was good to see his equipment wasn’t bigger than mine, and he retaliated by saying that his got more use, and soon the awkward moment passed as we both stuffed ourselves in our Speedos and put on our waist wraps to head down to breakfast.

About an hour later we were lying on massage tables, arranged so that by turning our heads to the proper side we could see each other. Two handsome, muscular men with huge arms and shoulder muscles now were spreading oil over our skin and massaging us within inches of total stupor. Eddie was relieved that we didn’t need to take off our swimsuits, the spa purposely used high cut Speedos so that massages could be given with plenty of sensitivity to just what Eddie was feeling. He was now groaning in pleasure, his strong thick muscles being pummeled by an expert stronger than he, and soon we were both puddles of jelly on the table when the two masseurs gave us the ritual light slap on the upper thigh to signal the end of the session and walked out to leave us a bit of time to recover.

Badpuppy Model - Blade“Oh, man, that was the best massage I’d ever had!” exclaimed Eddie as he lay face up on the table. “I’d had sport massages before from coach and a few girlfriends have tried, but that guy I had made them all look like amateurs!”

I laughed weakly and said, “Sometimes it takes a guy to really work a guy, you know? This was especially good for me, Eddie, because you were sharing it with me. I’m glad you came here with me.”

He turned his head and grinned, “Dude, you’re my buddy. I’m glad to be here, more so now after that wonderful massage!” We both laughed and then slowly got up from the tables, wrapped our waists again and then headed out to the brightening sunlight. We relaxed a bit more in lounges beside the hot spring area, watching some of the HYMs out there, and then removed our wraps and settled down in one of the warmer springs. “Jesus, that’s great!” exclaimed Eddie as we slipped into the spa. A HYM attendant walked past and said that it was best to keep first time dips to about fifteen minutes, then to relax out of the pool and then go back in, extending the time a little bit to work up to a maximum of one hour at a time. We did as the attendant suggested, and soon it was time for lunch. We got out, dried off and rewrapped our waists and headed to our room for quick rinse out of our suits and a fast shower. Housekeeping had remade our bed with fresh sheets, hung fresh towels in the bathroom and left two more waist wraps for us.

I peeled off my suit and left it on the bathroom sink to rinse out, started the shower and got inside the large shower enclosure. Soaping up, I heard the door open and was surprised by Eddie stepping inside with me! “This shower area is almost as big as a locker room sized one,” he said as he traded spaces with me under the water so I could keep soaping up, “we can save a little water and time if we shower together.” Dumbfounded, I just nodded and then he suggested that he could soap my back if I didn’t mind. I nodded, still stunned, and turned around, feeling his strong hand move the soap over my back to just above my ass and lathering the area up well. We traded spots again, so that he could soap up while I rinsed off, and then he turned to present his back to me. I soaped my exactly as he did, stopping just above his butt and then quietly letting him rinse off. We stepped out of the shower together and dried off, again the offer to do the other’s back was made, accepted and executed then, still naked, we rinsed out our suits in the sink, rang them out and put them back on.

Lunch was very pleasant, and we relaxed with more martinis at the bar afterwards. We headed down to the mud pool, where brick red mudded bodies lay upon washable lounges to let the mud dry hard to scrub off. Eddie stepped into the pool, all the male eyes upon him, and commented on how gooey the mud felt between his toes. I smiled and then slapped a bit of mud on my chest to experiment. It felt warm and good, so I started rubbing mud all over, Eddie catching up to me and then volunteering to put mud on my back if I did his. We did this, although for some reason I got the feeling Eddie was taking a bit longer than was necessary to smooth the mud over my back. When we were fully covered, we stood for awhile at the pool edge to let it harden, then we lay upon two empty lounges to let it do its work on our bodies.

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I guess an hour or so went by and we got up and went to the brush area. Most of the HYMs had already left to finish off in the hot springs, so other than one slightly bickering couple who were scrubbing the mud off each other, we were alone. We grabbed some brushes and started in, the mud coming off in flakes slowly under the rubbing of the brush. The other couple, finishing their scrub, walked out to the springs, still bickering a bit as they left behind their mud chips and flakes. “I have an idea,” said Eddie as he scrubbed his thigh and not getting very far, “Lets scrub each other one at a time so that we can concentrate our strength. This way will take way too long.”

Badpuppy Model - Blade“OK,” I said, “turn around and I’ll start on your back.” He complied, and soon flakes were going everywhere as I scrubbed the broad expanse of his neck, shoulders and back. When I got to the line where his swimsuit started, I carefully moved past it to his thickly muscled thighs and calves, scrubbing them smooth of the mud. I had to laugh when Eddie turned around, half done and looking like a truck had spattered him as he stood by the mud pool on the front. He grinned and told me to finish the job, so I moved to stand before him and, as he kept his eyes closed to prevent mud chips flying into them, I proceeded to scrub his thick pecs and heavily muscled arms clean of mud. Soon from the waistband of his Speedos up he was clear of mud and in a short while I had removed the mud from his legs and feet as well. He looked at his suit, spattered with mud and murmured, “You seem to have left a lot of mud on the suit, could you scrub it off too please?”

I looked at him, and noted that right over his asshole and over the growing mound in the front of the suit were spatters of mud. “You sure, Eddie? That’s kinda personal space there I thought.”

“Go ahead, Mike, I trust you.” I nodded and carefully brushed his rear end free of mud, his breathing quickening a bit as the brush moved over his asshole. I got a bigger reaction as I carefully brushed his thickening crotch, the mud a bit more stubborn to the lightest strokes I could use. “Push harder man,” breathed Eddie, “you’re not getting it off.”

Huh? As I pondered this, he grabbed my hand and pushed the brush hard against the mud spatters, coincidentally pressing the rubber bristles deep into his thickened cock. “That’s the pressure you need to use, man, go for it.” I complied, and soon his breathing got heavier and quicker, my brush working over the spatters as they slowly went away but the damp spot near his cock head kept getting larger and larger. I almost had the mud gone and gave one hard stroke upwards against the bulge when Eddie gasped and bit his lip, the damp spot suddenly going warm and very liquid with his orgasm. ‘Oh God,” he moaned, pulling my hand away from his crotch, “wait a second, Mike, let me recover a bit.” I nodded and he stretched a little, then grabbed his brush, his suit soaked in the front with his man juice, but clear of all the mud, and said, “Ok, buddy, turn around, its your turn.”

Strangely, Eddie kept one hand on my body all the time, commenting that it gave him better leverage as he scrubbed the mud off my body. I didn’t mind, of course, I always had loved being touched and naturally Eddie would be my first choice as the one touching me. The scrubbing process was very similar to what I had done to him, soon my back, thighs and calves were clear and he turned me around, scrubbing off my chest (where he spent a lot longer than I had and I’m the pec guy), belly, arms, legs and feet. “Turn around,” he said and I complied, to feel the brush work over my ass and concentrate on my asshole, the feeling very nice and getting me somewhat hornier, locking my cock into full out position. When he turned me around, he looked down at my distended suit, and smiled as he moved down to ‘remove the mud from the front of my suit.’ He used a good pressure, and soon I was moaning, not only from the hard scrubbing against my cock and balls, but also the feeling of his hand at my waist, which wandered from there over my butt and back. “Hmm, maybe you better spread your legs a bit, Mike,” Eddie said as he studied the effect he was having on me, “I think there’s some mud down there too.” He took the brush that was loosely held in my hand and put it on his free hand, saying “this should go faster with both hands, I think,” then proceeded to simultaneously scrub my cock while scrubbing behind my balls from between my legs! With a bitten off howl I came, my cock exploding from the additional stimulation of my perineum as well as against my cock shaft. I fell forward, resting my head against Eddie’s chest as he stopped when my spasms ended. “Thanks, Mike,” he whispered, bending down towards my ear, “That was fantastic. Let’s go shower again.”

I nodded dumbly and we headed back to our room, the Speedos coming off almost in a dream as we stood in the shower stall. This time Eddie didn’t slow down, he just began soaping my body carefully with the almond scented soap that seemed like a good thing to use after the baking in the mud. I was in pig heaven as he used a washcloth over the suds on my skin to polish me up, not even stopping at the ‘line of no return’ and scrubbing my bare butt inside its valley as well as carefully cleaning my cock and balls. When he’d finished he quietly told me to stand under the water and he rinsed me off well, washing my hair gently with his fingertips before rinsing that area and then, to my utter delight, held his arms a bit away from his body, spread his feet a bit more and said, “Ok, my turn.”

I performed the same service, soaping his muscled back and shoulders and moving into his ass valley like he had done mine. Interestingly he didn’t seem to flinch or make any comment other than a low ‘mmm’ as I washed his virginal rosebud and moved on to the inside of his muscled thighs and calves. I turned him around and did the same to his muscled chest and abs, washing his arms and then moving to his crotch, taking his cock and balls as if they were spun glass in my hands. He made that same noise again as I carefully washed his foreskin and underneath his sac, then finished up his legs and started the rinsing process. I washed his hair as well, then sadly we were done and stepped out to dry off. Again he surprised me by taking the towel and giving me a slow and seemingly loving toweling down, carefully drying my bits as gently as he’d washed them, even drying between my toes and lastly my crack, then spreading his arms and legs again to allow me nearly full access to his own body. I dried him off as he’d done me, and then we picked up some waist wraps and settled down on the couch before the fireplace, a little gas fire burning merrily along inside it.

Both of us, from the sun, the mud bath and then our intensive orgasms, were not inclined to go to the dining room for dinner, which somehow had rolled around before we knew it, so I called room service and had a large platter of munchies and a couple bottles of champagne sent up. This was only at a minimal charge, yet I’d have paid buckets of money just to stay with Eddie right then and not break the mood. In the discreet way that well-trained exclusive waiters have, our food and champagne were delivered quietly and quickly and we were well set to just stay the rest of the evening by the fire.

Strangely, Eddie was almost acting like he was on one of his straight dates, occasionally finding a tidbit on one of the massive platters and insisting upon feeding it to me. I would return the favor, the look of pleasure on his face as he softly took the food I offered in his mouth. I noticed that he was much more relaxed and pleased me by touching me a lot more often than usually, even more so than the shower we’d shared earlier. Every couple of minutes, either with a tidbit or after an anecdote of our college days, he’d touch my shoulder, thigh or arm almost caressingly, a few times stroking these body parts as if he wanted to go to different places but wasn’t sure if he was ready. I kept his champagne glass full in the hopes that he would get ready, for I had a rather heavy bulge under my wrap from all his touching and, as I could see, he was having the same problem.

Badpuppy Model - Blade“Mike,” he said as the sun sank down past our window, “I’ve made a decision and I want your help with it.”

“Yes, Eddie, what is it?”

He looked away from me, the one time throughout the entire time he didn’t touch or look at me while we chatted, and said, “I want to have sex with you like you do with your sex partners, but I don’t know how to do it.” Now he looked at me, the lust burning in his eyes as he reached over and placed one hand upon my thick pecs and the other firmly upon the throbbing bulge in my wrap. “Would you teach me how?”

My mouth dropped open, but soon I must have agreed for before I knew it, he was stroking and playing with my pecs and hardening nipples as well as purposefully stroking my cock and thigh area. The spa kept in easy access lubricant and rubbers and Eddie knew this as he’d commented upon it when we first arrived. He freed my cock from the wrap and, dropping his wrap to the ground, bent gracefully to retrieve one of the pleasure kits beside the couch and then handed it to me before turning around and presenting his beautiful, slightly hairy asshole to me.

“Mike, please prepare me. I have no idea what to do except that I want your cock inside me.”

I shook off my daze and lubed up a finger, noting that even without the normal cleansing of an enema Eddie was clean enough for anal lovemaking. As I carefully pushed fingers into him, I kept up a running dialog to help him relax and understand what I was doing.

“Eddie, I’m going to begin massaging your ass ring now with two fingers, tell me if I’m not slick enough or if you feel anything other than a light stretching.” He agreed and I began lightly pulling and stretching my buddy’s hole, his first shocked groan turning into much deeper moans. Before long I was helping him with his first prostate finger massage that, as he said, unlike the good doctor’s probe, really felt good. My own throbber was all but ready to come on the spot, but I wanted this to be Eddie’s fuck and so I turned him around and instructed him to put a rubber on me.

This he did with surprising expertise, explaining with a little cute blush that he’d thought that it would be similar to how he would pull one on himself, just a bit backwards. I laughed and, checking for proper rubber placement, now asked him to lube me up carefully. Again, he seemed to have some expertise with this but didn’t explain this time, just got a bit redder as he did so. I told him to stand facing me on the couch with his feet on either side of my thighs. When he accomplished this, I instructed him to squat down until he was almost sitting on my lap. Now it was the moment of truth and I checked one last time.

“Eddie, you are sure about this?” He nodded and I positioned my cock against his pulsing hole. “Ok, now slowly sit down, use my shoulders as support if you want and go at your own speed. You’ll know when you are done sitting.” He grinned at that and then a look of astonishment crossed his face, followed by a brief spasm of discomfort as my cock head breached his ring. “Slow down, buddy, take your time and enjoy it.” He nodded again and then slowly, ever so slowly, sank down on my cock until I felt his butt cheeks press against my upper thigh muscles.

I was pleased to see that during insertion his cock remained hard as a rock and that he was one that could keep and get a woody during fucking. This gave me an idea and I told Eddie to begin slowly to rise up a bit and then sink back down and continue doing this until he found his own rhythm. He did so and soon was riding my cock like a pro, his butt cheeks slapping against my thighs and his balls smacking against my abs. “Oh, fuck, Mike, this feels so good!” He leaned forward and groaned as my cock found a different area of his prostate to engage and then bent forward to give me a long, wet kiss.

I was more surprised at the kiss than the declaration of how good it felt, but I had more in store for my good friend. “I wanted your first fuck to be memorable, Eddie,” I said as he fucked himself upon my cock, “and this position lends itself to all kinds of great stimulation as well as something else I think you’ll like.” With that I pushed him more upright and then began giving his pecs a good workout, his moan of pleasure telling me that this was something he liked. I massaged his sides and abs, as well a some work on his thighs when he paused long enough to let me. When I grasped his cock and balls in my lubed hands and began to jack him, he groaned again and all but lost it when I began to work his sensitive frenum. My grasp of his balls kept him from cumming and his breath got a bit ragged as he began to fight his rising orgasm from the anal action as well as the new assault on his cock. The best was next and I bent forward, placing his throbbing cock head into my mouth.

Badpuppy Model - Blade“Oooohhhhhh FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!” he yelled as his cock head felt the warm embrace of my mouth and lips. That was sufficient for I soon felt his creamy shot down my throat, his body’s muscles doing wondrous things as his orgasm erupted. I sucked it all down and began to groan myself as his ass and hole, throbbing in time with his orgasm, triggered my own and my jets of cum against the rubber’s tip must have pounded hard against his prostate, continuing his waves of pleasure along with my own.

I let his cock slip out of my mouth as he shuddered once and crumpled against me, his ass still sucking against my cock as it slowly softened and finally slipped out. He didn’t seem to want to move and, although a bit awkward, I didn’t mind a bit as his naked upper body and ass pressed so tightly to mine. I wrapped my arms around him and we sank off into a doze, only waking a few hours later and slowly unwrapping ourselves to assess the damages.

I first checked Eddie’s ass, making sure nothing bad had happened and noting that all was well. I smiled at his instinctive newly discovered ability to suck with his ass lips, for they worked on my finger even then. We had another glass of now slightly flat champagne which finished the bottle and, wraps back on, pushed the remnants of dinner and the empty soldiers outside of our door, the Do Not Disturb sign up upon it.

The next task was to clean up and retire for the evening and the shower we took was one of the most erotic I’d ever taken with another man. We didn’t jack each other off or push fingers inside asses, but just the touch of each other was electric against our sensitized skin. We both sported hard cocks by the time we exited the shower, clean and dried, and Eddie suggested that we apply the moisturizer that was in the bathroom to our skins. Again, this was highly erotic yet somehow we managed to apply it without really touching each other’s primary sexual areas and then headed to bed.

We lay together, the scent of freshly washed bodies and hair mingling with the light masculine scent of the skin product and Eddie turned towards me, planting a huge kiss on my lips before cuddling up beside me, his ass planted against my cock as if it belonged there. Just before we drifted off to sleep, he whispered to me, “Mike?”

“Yeah, Eddie?

“Tomorrow’s hard on is an invitation, OK?”

I grinned and hugged him tightly against me. “OK, Eddie.” We drifted off to sleep after that, his body fitting into mine like two spoons…

…that next morning we did indeed have hard ons and this time Eddie tried out my ass. I must say, I’ve been fucked before by some excellent lovers, but somehow they were amateurs compared to the loving and focused way that Eddie took my ass. My calves resting on his shoulders, he fucked me well and hard, his cock working so perfectly against my prostate and stretching my asshole exactly right that when we came together it was like magic, my cum soaking our pressed bodies while his coated the inside of my hole. After a loving resting moment together, we got up and showered, then organized our last day at the spa. Another massage, this time ending with us heading back to our room for more lovemaking and then lunch, followed by more lovemaking, finally ending with us packing and loading up the car.

Eddie looked a bit sad and I smiled at him, knowing that he was dealing with some alien feelings that he didn’t want to acknowledge yet were still precious in their own right. He finally smiled at me and we drove back to the city, dropping me off at my place and then, waving at him, watched him drive off to his own.

That next weekend he called me and asked if he could drop by. I had hoped he would and kept the weekend clear just for that, and hopefully other, purposes. When he arrived I was pleased to see him carrying an overnight bag and after we’d settled down with some drinks, he explained why he had called.

“Mike, you know that before last weekend I told you I was straight. I’ve been straight since that last time we fooled around with each other’s cocks back in the dorm room we shared.”

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I nodded and he continued after a sip of his drink. “Well, after last weekend I’ve done some serious thinking.” He set down his drink and looked directly in my eyes. “I think that maybe I’ve made a mistake all these years and didn’t see what I had all along.” He got up and sat beside me, catching up my free hand in one of his and his other resting on my thigh. “You are the one that I want, Mike, and I hope that I’m enough for you to accept me as your lover.”

“Eddie, you don’t know how happy those words make me,” I said, throwing my arms around him and giving him a sloppy wet kiss. “I have always loved you and hoped that one day we’d be able to be together but had thought we’d only be best buddies because you were straight. Did you decide differently then?”

He nodded, saying that the weekend had really opened his eyes to his desires and wants. “I’ve loved you since college too, Mike, but was conflicted as to being gay and what others wanted for me. I never married, although there were one or two girls I might have done so, but all the time all I could think of was you.” He smiled and said, “But that is all past now and I’m yours if you’ll have me.”

I let my body speak for me and soon we were naked on the couch and Eddie was happily riding my cock as we’d one before, although this time we left off the rubber as we now knew each other’s sexual health. After an earth shattering orgasm and rest period, Eddie reached into his overnight kit’s pocket and pulled out a familiar looking paper envelope.

“Here’s a little gift for us now that we’re a couple!” chortled Eddie as he handed me the envelope. Inside was a booking for a year of Spa Elendra’s gay weekends, prepaid and with our names written on the tickets. I smiled back and kissed him, dropping the tickets onto the coffee table as I grabbed his still hard cock and pulled him into the bedroom…

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