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A Close Shave by George Nevin

Badpuppy Model - Milan Kosak Call me naïve if you like but I never know when a guy’s coming on strong. Although I’m getting better at it. I suppose a lot of my hang-ups come from a closeted childhood. You see my mother taught me that sex was dirty and that I always had to do my best to be what she called a good boy. I must have been a very bad boy from the age of twelve because I used to have fantasies about movie stars. Male movie stars. At first it was enough for me if they took their shirts off in the bedroom or on the beach but then I began to wonder what was under their swimsuits.

It never occurred to me that other guys had similar thoughts or even wanted to show me what was lying in wait for me under their speedos. But I soon found that my innocent face and wide-eyed curiosity turned some of them on real strong. My first real experience was at our local swimming baths. It was usually crowded but one day there was a big football match on and everybody stayed home to watch it. Everybody that is except me and Clive Carter. Clive was much older than me and training for an upcoming championship. That’s why he wasn’t home watching the match. Also he worked there part time as a watchman-cum-janitor so had his own keys. He usually had a girl friend in tow but she was missing on this particular occasion.

He was shampooing his hair when I walked into the shower room so I was able to get a real good look at him before he realized I was there. My eyes ran slowly down his smooth, swimmer’s body and thirstily followed the path of the drops of water trickling down his ab-track until they finally settled on the bulge in his blue speedos. I knew he must have a big dick because he had big hands and big feet and I’d read somewhere that these were a sure sign of how well a man was endowed. He slid one hand inside his swim trunks while he was lathering up and then, to my open-mouthed joy, he pulled them right down and proceeded to soap his low-hanging balls and massive cock. Then he turned round and my eyes glowed with the sight of his globes. There wasn’t a single hair on his body. At first, I couldn’t understand it. I thought all men had hair on their bodies but Clive didn’t seem to have any. Not even on his pubes. Not much anyway. Then the thought struck me that he probably shaved them. I was a bit disappointed as I’m usually turned on by a man’s hairiness. I find it so sexy. Maybe because my first sight of a naked man was when I entered the bathroom one morning and found my gorgeous uncle standing before me and was fascinated by his hairy chest and the coarse dark hairs on his muscular legs and thighs and his thick pubic hair brush. I gulped my apologies and fled like a startled rabbit but later regretted it. Something in the way he looked at me made me think he wouldn’t have minded if I’d stayed. Might even have let me reach out and touch him. But maybe that was just another of my fantasies.

Anyway I tore my eyes away from Clive’s groovy body and lip-licking ass (and dick) long enough to turn on my own shower and was soon lathering myself up although I was too shy to pull down my speedos. My cock felt like it was at bursting point so I turned around to hide my erection from him. Fortunately he hadn’t noticed me gazing in naked adoration at his naked body. Or had he. Maybe he’d seen me out of the corner of his eye as I’d hovered in my own little corner of the shower room. “Hi there,” he said, his thick dick hanging loose between his awesome balls. As loose as a thick dick could anyway. “Looks like there’s just the two of us. How come you’re not watching the match instead of me?” So he had noticed. I blushed with embarrassment.

“I was trying to figure out why you don’t have any hair on your body.” I stammered.

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“I shave it of course,” he said. “Most swimmers do, didn’t you know?”

“No,” I said, which was the truth. As I told you I’m very naïve sometimes.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I like being looked at.”

“You’ve got a great body,” I said, then nearly bit my tongue. Of course he knew that already.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“I was eighteen last Sunday,” I told him proudly.

“Spend it with your girl-friend?”

“No,” I said.


“Not even,” I replied.

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Badpuppy Model - Milan KosakI was beginning to blush again. In fact I don’t know which was redder, my face or my dick. The blood seemed to rush to both at once. Why was he asking me all these personal questions and why was his dick growing hard as he did so? I’d always seen him surrounded by girls. I couldn’t believe he was interested in me. I hadn’t taken my trunks off yet, and my dick was yearning to be free. In fact it was bursting out of the polyester so didn’t need much encouragement when he said:

“Pull your speedos down so I can get a good look at you.”

I did as I was told. I was hot and cold at the same time. Or maybe that should be soft and hard at the same time. My legs felt like jello and my dick stiff as a ramrod. Even so it popped out of my trunks like one of those pictures in a pop-up book.

“Looks like you’ve got enough there to make somebody very happy,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said, feeling vulnerable and foolish. I’d never been naked in front of a man before although I had let a guy see my dick once as I stood next to him in a cinema toilet. I’d let him jerk me off too and I’d almost fainted with the wonderful sensation which swept through me and out of me. But he’d gone almost as quickly as I’d come so I never had a chance to return the favour.

“We must celebrate your birthday,” Clive said.

I only just had time to ask myself what kind of celebration he had in mind when we heard someone coming into the changing room. I pulled my speedos up over my aching dick but Clive continued with his shower unperturbed. He rinsed himself off and wrapped a towel round him. “See you,” he said, as he walked past me and patted me on the butt. That set my knees knocking once more. He’d touched me but of course it wasn’t enough. I wanted to touch him too. All of him. Presently, I was no longer alone and another swimmer came into the shower and stood with his back to me. He was tall, young, good-looking and muscular and his well-defined v-shape back was very impressive. I also appreciated the fullness of his butt pressing against his tight swim trunks but unfortunately he didn’t take them off. I was so hot and horny by now that I wanted to take them off for him. Just the sexy sight of him raised my deflated flagpole up to its full mast again. I couldn’t wait to jerk off but didn’t quite have the courage to do it in front of this jock. Maybe I should have done.

‘Nothing ventured nothing gained,’ they say but I didn’t dare venture. Not until my next visit to the swimming baths that is.

Even though a whole week had passed my head was still full of Clive next time I went swimming. And my shorts were equally full of my dick. If not more. I was amazed how hard I got just at the thought of his naked body, low slung balls and thick prick. And I have to tell you that momma’s good little boy was beginning to have real bad thoughts like wondering what it would be like to be fucked by him. But he wasn’t there. He was away training or something. Wasn’t expected back for ten days they told me. I’d purposely turned up late in the afternoon too as I’d been hoping against hope to ‘further our acquaintance’ under the shower when everybody else had gone home. I was not a happy camper I can tell you.

Anyway I spent fifteen minutes or so in the pool and then went to the changing rooms. By now my dick had put itself to bed as the cold water combined with Clive’s absence had been a real downer. I perked up again, however, when I saw the cute guy in the shower. He was so handsome and not much older than me and his brown, glistening body really turned me on. Especially when I saw his butt crack. I love butt cracks. And butts of course. In fact everything else a good-looking guy’s got to offer. For me he has to be good-looking otherwise I’m not interested but I read somewhere that the less attractive guys are hotter in the sack as the good-looking ones are too much in love with themselves. I’m sure Clive was for example.

Anyway we got into conversation and, although he didn’t come on to me or anything, I could tell he liked me and that tell-tale bulge in my speedos probably told him the feeling was mutual. He told me he usually went swimming near the sand dunes. Asked me if I’d like to come along with him some time. He had a car and could pick me up. I looked at his perky nipples and rippling muscles and said yes immediately. After all when the cat’s away the mouse will play, as we all know. Not that Clive was a cat. More of a tiger. But I wanted to get some practice in before I saw – or felt – him again. Didn’t want him to think I was a nerd or a dork or something.

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Badpuppy Model - Milan KosakMy new friend met me at the corner of my street on a Monday morning. There was nobody but us at the dunes and after a swim we began to roll around and wrestle in the sand. It didn’t take me long to feel his hardness against me, or maybe it was my hardness against him, but we had to go back in the water again otherwise our bodies would have acted like pumice stones. Then we lay a huge beach towel down between two dunes and lay into each other. I think lip-locked and dick-locked would be an appropriate term. He was the first to break our lip-locking and start tongue-lapping. He made a beeline for my left nipple and nearly drove me crazy with his tongue. He licked it and he flicked it and had me squirming with joy. Then, moving down, he followed the line of my abs with his sleek, wet tongue until he arrived at the elastic of my shorts. He pulled at it with his teeth and released my throbbing dick. It slapped right against my abs, making a loud thud. Once again, with his tongue, he explored the underside of my balls, the sensitive part of my inner thighs. Then, without warning, he engulfed my cock into his mouth. I groped the mound of his bubble butt and let out a primal moan. I’d never made a noise like it in my life and nobody had ever made me feel like he did either. Not until Clive anyway. The warm velvety sensation of his moist mouth drove me wild. I almost came. He released my cock from his wet lips and teased the head, before resuming another deep-throat. I thought everything in me would burst. Head, body and dick. I began to whimper like a puppy.

“Would you like me to fuck you,” he said.

“I’ve never been fucked,” I said sounding like a pathetic nine-year-old and not someone in his nineteenth year, as my mother would have said. “Oh fuck,” I thought. “This isn’t the time to be thinking of your mother!” So instead I thought of the words of an old song: “My mother said I never should but I did and it was good.” And it was good. So good I can’t begin to tell you how good.

“We’ll have to go bareback,” he said after a while. “I didn’t bring anything with me.” Then he added, “And you’ll have to lube me up a bit.”

“How do I do that?” I asked.

“With your mouth baby, with your mouth. Like I did with you.”

And before I could ask any more dumb questions I had my mouth full of his divine dick.

I could only take a few inches of it before I started to feel like I was about to puke but he grabbed my ears and began to thrust his manmeat further and further into my mouth until I gasped for air. Then, mercifully, he released me and I drooled all over him. “That’s the way baby, that’s the way.” he said and proceeded to tongue it towards my ass and tongue fuck me in readiness for his dick. I closed my eyes and opened my ass to welcome him inside. But that’s as far as we got. Just as he was going to stick his dick in my virgin butt we heard the cries of approaching children advancing on us with their buckets and spades.

I’ve never slipped into my shorts faster and my excited dick took a nose dive. Actually to tell you the truth I wasn’t too disappointed as I was feeling unfaithful to Clive. All the time Alex, that was his name, was introducing me to these new sensations a little voice inside my head was constantly telling me I wanted Clive to be the first inside my ass. So you might say I was saved in the nick – or prick – of time. Nevertheless it was a great beginning to my sexual education.

Another week went by and I managed to slip out of my mother’s clutches and visit the swimming pool again. As usual I’d waited until towards the end of a hot afternoon when I didn’t expect to find many people. To my relief, Clive was back and doing more laps than I could count. I watched him for over twenty minutes and thought he was never going to come out of the pool.

“You’ve been training hard, “ I said when he finally emerged. “You must be exhausted.”

“No pain no gain,” he laughed. “Aren’t you going to do a few laps yourself?”

I was tempted to tell him I was quite happy just sitting there lapping him up but didn’t dare.

“You’d better hurry because we’ll be closing up soon.”

Badpuppy Model - Milan KosakI watched him go off in the direction of his own personal chalet then I dived in the water and swam half-heartedly around for a few minutes. After what I considered a decent interval, I walked by his chalet. The door was ajar. I pushed it open. He was standing there butt naked shaving his legs.

“Come to have another look at me have you?” he said.

I blushed and stood there transfixed. He was so beautiful. He threw me a bunch of keys.

“You’d better go and lock the gate then you can have as close a look at me as you like.”

I dashed off and did as I was told and then dashed back again. He had one foot on a stool so I could see his balls dangling but not his dick. It was hidden behind the raised leg. Not for long though.

“You can come and shave the back of my legs if you like. My girl-friend usually does it but she’s away for the week-end. Don’t just stand there, come and lather me up.”

I was already ‘lathered up’ but didn’t need a second bidding. I was at his side with a soapy hand between his muscular thighs before you could say Gillette.

“The most difficult part for me to get at is the base of my butt and just below my balls,” he said.

He spoke as naturally as if he was talking about putting icing on a cake or something.

“After all I don’t want to castrate myself do I? Wouldn’t be doing anybody favours if I did that.”

And he looked at me as if he knew I would be first on the list of the disappointed.

I rubbed the shaving cream between his legs and as I did so my hand brushed his balls.

“Careful,” he warned. “You’ll get me turned on. I haven’t had sex for two weeks.”

It was in those few initial, intimate minutes that I learned what a cock-teaser was.

He didn’t say anything after that and I shaved away in silence. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was even if this was as close as I was going to get to having sex with this hot stud. I squatted behind him on the stool and gripped his leg tightly. It began to dawn on me, and probably him too, that I was actually paying more attention to his strong athletic thighs rather than the hairs on his legs. But still he didn’t say anything. Maybe he didn’t want to break my concentration. I lifted the cheeks of his butt so I could shave beneath them as he had instructed. He began to breathe a bit more heavily like he’d just done a few extra laps. Then he turned round and his beer-can cock was jutting straight out at me and leaking major pre-cum. He inched closer to me. Now his thick dick was right in front of my mouth. I looked up at him with my big, innocent puppy dog eyes but it was his dick that wagged at me as if it were saying, “Go for it.”

“I’ve never done this before.” I lied. “ I don’t know how to.”

“Neither have I baby. Not with a guy. But man, you’ve got me so hard.”

Badpuppy Model - Milan KosakI closed my eyes, opened my mouth and pulled him towards me. I took the whole of his big cock between my lips and sucked like I had never sucked since I got my first popsicle. And this one was red-hot and nearly burnt my mouth. He moaned and I knew he was enjoying it. He began gyrating his hips and thrusting his dick further and further down my throat. If you’d asked me before I would have said I couldn’t even fit my fingers around his huge erection but I soon found I was beginning to instinctively stretch my mouth to his hardness. As I did so I roamed all over his lower body and legs with my hands. I began grunting like the pig I had become and chomping more and more of his raw meat between my jaws, again wondering how it would feel having all his flesh inside my ass. He ran his fingers through my hair and made grunting, moaning noises of his own. His mouth was gaping open and his breath was getting heavier. I felt his nuts tighten and his cock get even harder as he leaked pre-cum in my mouth. I could taste the salty tang of it and my senses reeled. Nothing I’d ever read or fantasized about was quite like this. Before I knew it, his whole body shuddered as he announced, “Babe, I’m gonna blow.” I tried to move my head away but he didn’t let go of his grip on my head. I looked up at him. His face was an expression of surprised rapture. Like one of those statues you see in churches. “Oh my God…” he cried and proceeded to pump and dump two weeks of warm creamy white liquid down my throat. I swallowed it gratefully. He leaned against the wall and let out a breath. “God you’re good,” he said. “No girl was ever so good.”

“Thanks,” I said licking my lips with pleasure. Both at the compliment and the taste of his jizz.

He looked down at me and at the hard-on bursting its way through my bathing trunks. He pulled me up from where I was crouched and pulled down my speedos. He squatted down in front of me and with a devilish smile said, “It ain’t fair that you’re having all the fun,” and proceeded to blow me. Super-excited as I already was, it didn’t take me long to cum and gave him almost as big a load as he’d given me. “That was great babe,” he said afterwards. “I never thought a cock would taste that good. I should have done this years ago.”

“So why didn’t you?” I asked.

“Never found the right guy I suppose,” was his answer. “Come on we’d better go and grab some beers to wash it all down with.”

Afterwards, he wanted to take me home with him but I, of course, had to get home to mother. She was already angry with me because I was late and asked me why I had such a swollen face. I said I’d been swimming and had probably picked something up in the swimming pool which was nearer the truth than she could ever have imagined.

It was a few weeks before Clive and I could get it together again. He had to wait for his girl friend to go away and I had to wait for my mom to visit her sister. He didn’t waste time on preliminaries but had my pants down and his cock in my ass before I was halfway through the door. He fucked me long and strong. All night. This time I had more than a swollen face but fortunately it’s been a long time since my mother saw that part of my anatomy.

It was wonderful waking up in the same bed as Clive next day, both of us with terrific hard-ons. To my surprise he kissed me good morning. Something I had never thought possible. Not even in my wildest wet dreams. I ran my fingers through his spiky hair. The only hair he had left on his body, although his five o’clock shadow – ten o’clock actually – was beginning to rough up my face as he explored every crevice of my mouth with his muscular tongue. For my part, I massaged his strong broad shoulders and back and worked my hands down to his swimmer’s ass kneading it until it felt like hot piazza straight from the oven. I knew exactly what I wanted for breakfast. I pulled him on top of me so I could feel his hard dick against my hard dick. We were like two horny stags fighting for supremacy. I was on cloud nine, full of feelings I had never felt before. Especially when he withdrew his tongue long enough to tell me he wanted me inside of him. I couldn’t believe that either. It was as if we were on the same wave-length. That he’d read my mind. Or my dick.

Then, as if to contradict what he said, he span me round so I was the one underneath. He pressed himself against me spoon fashion and teased my nipples till I drooled with pleasure then he turned me on my side and fist-fucked my dick until it was dripping pre-cum like a leaky faucet. It was the most I had ever produced. Seemingly not satisfied, he tugged at my balls to excite me further and to create more of my streaming love-juice. He swirled his fingers around the tip of my cock allowing even more to build up and leak out and then proceeded to massage his own ass with it. It took me a little while to realize what he was doing until I remembered that time with Alex on the beach when he’d told me about producing lube. “I want all of what you have, including what’s inside of you,” Clive purred in my ear before he lifted his legs towards the ceiling to receive me.

Badpuppy Model - Milan KosakFollowing his lead, I soaked my fingers with more of my pre-cum and after mixing it with some of his juicy jizz applied the hot, sticky mixture to the lips of his ass. Then I spread out his swimmer’s thighs and dick-dived into the beautiful pool of his hole. It was beginner’s luck for both of us as I hit home immediately and while at first he groaned with pain it soon turned into pleasure. His ass canal was moist and hot, and swallowed up five inches of my nine-inch cock. I put both hands on his waist and began to push into him deeper.

“Fuck me you fucker,” he hissed between his teeth, “Turn my ass into a pussy!”

This unexpected dirty talk from my idol turned me on even further so I thrust harder and harder into his soft, yielding ass. It felt like mushy marshmallow in there and I was determined to melt it and toast it until the juice came streaming and steaming out of him, as I knew it would soon be cumin out of me. He began to moan like a cow in labour as he gripped my cock with his ass muscles. That was quite a turn on too. As was the sound of my balls battering his butt and the slurp of my solid iron pumping in and out of him like a horny oil derrick. As I fucked him he kept telling me how great he felt, and how much he loved my dick inside him. And just to prove it he let out even louder moans and groans.

“Who’d have thought a little twink like you would turn out to be such a master-fucker,” he said.

“It’s the dick that counts,” I replied and spurred on by his encouraging comments I put eighteen years of accumulated energy into giving him the fuck of a lifetime and finally tossed my load up his hot heaving hole. I’d produced so much jizz that, as I had foretold, it began to leak and squirt out of his ass and run down the inside of his thighs. To my surprise and wonderment, he reached for some of it and licked his fingers. Just to show him what I was made of, I pumped one last time, shooting every last drop I had into him and then fell flat on my back beside him worn out by our lovemaking.

He turned to me and kissed me so it was my turn to taste my own cum. That was another turn on but I was too pooped out to do anything about it. And it was only eleven o’clock in the morning.

Before we drifted into post-coital sleep he looked at me with love in his eyes.

He said, “You really peeled my grape today, baby. That’s the closest shave I’ve ever had.”

The model in these pictures is Milan Kosak

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