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A Caribbean Idyll by George Nevin
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Badpuppy Model - Colton Steele I’ve been using the expression "and then some" ever since Lauren Bacall wrote her wonderful sequel to "By Myself." It communicates so much. Anyway I wanted you to know that I recently got myself ‘some’ during a wine tasting tour in the south of Italy. I was "by myself" but travelling with a group of serious wine imbibers when Leo made his intoxicating appearance.I have copied the following entry from a diary kept by my great-grandfather, Captain George Nevin, written in about 1830, when he commanded His Majesty's sloop Adventure in a voyage to the Caribbean. Though its style is old-fashioned, I haven't altered it, and hope it'll be interesting to readers. I haven't, sadly, been able to trace the island of Titiaura, but I suspect that the missionaries who went to those waters lot long after my great-grandfather's visit, will have put a stop to the ceremony he enjoyed.

May 23 - We made landfall at the island of Titiaura at twelve midday, and immediately were surrounded by a horde of canoes, bobbing in the bright sunlight on the blue water of the lagoon, each one carrying up to ten natives, most of them women and all of them completely naked. The women - all of whom seemed young and ready - stood upright in their little craft, not hesitating to display that part of the body not usually shown, and making the most obscene gestures to my men who, having been on board for several weeks devoid of company and of comfort except that which they found in each other, were ready for congress.

Seeing ready signs of their need (for several of them were fondling themselves through their trousers while relishing the sight before them) I readily gave them permission to go ashore, when many of them stripped to the buff, dived overboard and swam to the beach, accompanied by the canoes of shrieking women. Once on land they lost no time in taking hold of the girls and disappearing into the forest which came down to the water-line.

I was sorry to see, among these reprobates, the young midshipman Sommers, for I had hoped that during the previous weeks I had taught him that there were intimacies practiced between gentlemen which far outdo for pleasure those between a man and a woman - and it was with regret that I saw him strip, like the rest, and watched that charming little arse already fall prey to one of the women, who began to caress it even as they went into the forest. My own interest was much more in the men, who seemed to be magnificent specimens, broad-chested and with manly attributes carried proudly before them - some in a state of some excitement - I supposed because of their closeness to the naked females.

One of the larger canoes contained only men - five of them, one of whom I guessed from his stature and the respect accorded him, was their chief. Coming upon deck, he, like the others, was completely devoid of clothing, but wore as a mark of authority a green wreath on his head. He was splendid as to his person, his tall, slim but muscular body completely devoid of hair except for that upon his head, and a black bush of curly black hairs about the base of his cock, which although relaxed was, I noted, of spectacular size, being at least six inches long and proportionately thick, a fine hood of skin covering its helmet (for none of the men of these islands had been deformed at birth by the alternation of the natural shape of that member).

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Badpuppy Model - Colton SteeleWhether King Thalic (as he called himself) was aware of my admiration of his splendid physique or not, I am unaware, but he smiled and with a kindly gesture took my arm and gestured towards his vessel. I climbed down into it, and within a short time, surrounded by him and his equally naked companions, found myself upon shore and in a small settlement or village, where he guided me to a hut which gave shade from the sun, while the walls were open to the elements.

I now had reason to wish that I spoke his language, for he led me to the back of the hut, where there was a pool of clear water, and by gestures invited me to bathe myself. I quickly stripped, for fresh water on board had long since been wanting, and bathing in seawater is not pleasant. I was conscious that the men around me watched me with some interest - I supposed because they had not seen skin as white as mine before, for though I was bronzed from lying naked upon the deck in the bright sun of the past few weeks, my skin was many degrees paler than theirs, which while more honey-colored than black was none-the-less of a considerably darker shade.

No sooner had I stepped into the pool than four young women were summoned, and all naked, stepping in beside me began caressing my body in the most intimate fashion.

I could not but notice that the young men watching were by no means visibly aroused at the sight of these ladies - while myself was unaffected, my taste lying otherwise than with the female sex. I later learned that Thalic, being himself unaffected by female company, had around him only men of a similar inclination - and that indeed he insisted on all the male children of his tribe being brought up to regard those of their own sex as their natural playfellows and companions, so that when procreation must take place, each bridegroom was accompanied to the marriage bed by a male companion whose duty was (of necessity!) to arouse the husband by intimate caresses until he was ready to do that act upon the woman which was necessary to conception.

The young women tried their best to arouse me, but my taste is so little for intimacies with their sex that even upon one falling to her knees and sucking vigorously upon me, my cock showed little sign of coming to attention. The king or chief noticing this, smiled with approval, gestured to the young women to leave, and clapped his hands, at which four young men from among his attendants stepped in, taking their place. This was another matter. Upon contact with myself and each other their pricks were soon in a state of excitement, and since they were equally attentive as the women, caressing my cock and balls, my arse and flanks with hands and lips, I was soon in a state of the utmost arousal - for I had been almost equally without carnal pleasure as my men, except for the occasional fucking of young Charles, the midshipman, which took place too rarely, lest discipline should suffer.

I was completely unable to resist the attentions of these handsome creatures, nor to restrain my own hands from exploring their slippery shining bodies; but when the youngest knelt and took my member in his mouth, while one of his friends thrust a finger into my arse and another took hold of my balls, I was unable to contain myself and spilt so liberally that the evidence of my passion overflowed his mouth, trickling down his brown chin, from which it dripped onto his chest.

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Badpuppy Model - Colton SteeleAt this, rather to my confusion, the chief broke into applause, in which he was joined by the other men present. They then assisted me from the pool, and led me to a bed of fern paced in the sun; whereon lying my body was soon dry.

Thalic reclined at my side, and after a while began to stroke my depleted member, which soon once more swelled to his touch (deprivation having shortened the time of my recovery) - at which he smiled. I could not resist setting my own hand to his own wand, which swelled in the most affecting way between my fingers. He kindly knelt above me so that I could take it between my lips - but this was, it seems, merely a compliment, for though I would have been happy to suck for a while upon so tremendous an object, he withdrew it and gestured to one of his attendants, who was absent for a while, and then returned, followed by five younger men who could only recently have reached the age of manhood. I did not inquire their age, but have learned since that in that place a young man was believed to be ready for sexual pleasure when it became clear that his body could express it vigorously - an entirely sensible view which, like other aspects of life upon the island, could well be copied at home.

The young men now stood before me, slowly revolving to afford me a view not only of the front but the alluring rear of their bodies. Their attributes of manhood varied in size, but their backs were uniformly fine, the cheeks of their arses firm and full, and the brown skin shining with highlights of the sun. As they stood with their backs to me, the king clapped his hands, and bending over each placed his hands upon the cheeks of his buttocks and drew them apart, affording me a view of that aperture which is the favored resting place of the cocks of all gentlemen of my taste. I understood from the king's gesture that I was to choose one of these young men for my pleasure.

I later learned that at a certain age all young men were introduced to the pleasures of sex in this way, first by being encouraged in every enjoyment to be got from caressing, kissing, sucking each other, the final pleasure being delayed in order that the king and his favored guests should pleasure them by gently introducing them to the delights of fucking.

It can be supposed that I was not slow in choosing my victim: the boys were equally delightful - young men of some five feet high, their brown bodies as hairless as all the men's were. In anticipation no doubt of the pleasure to come, the cock of the boy I summoned was firmly erect, and when he took my hand and placed it upon his member, I found it to be as hard as it was high, the warm skin seeming to cover a rod of iron. I looked around for some hut, or at least a couch, to which to lead him - but the chief held up his hand to stop me - and four of his friends also stepped forward. The younger men then turned about so that they faced the king, who walked along their rank gently touching each erect cock with his hand in a gesture of permission or approval, while the five of us went forward and stood behind them.

The chief taking his place once more before them, gestured again, whereat the boys bent, once again displaying the firm curves of their luscious arses, and the men standing behind them advanced until their own cocks each lay upon the crack of an arse. It can be imagined that I did the same (at which the boy before me turned and gave me the most delightful and mischievous of grins). It was only by exercising the utmost restraint that I prevented myself from ravishing him upon the spot.

Badpuppy Model - Colton SteeleOn the chief chapping his hands once more (which seemed the most usual form of command), one of his companions took up a coconut shell full of some slimy unguent, and walking along the row, anointed each of our pricks with the slippery oil. On his reaching me, he proved reluctant to let go of my prick - perhaps never having seen skin so white as mine - and the chief had to clap once more before he would cease handling it and move on to the next.

I was by now even readier for action - but must still wait, for the servant now returned along the row, reaching over and pouring a little of the oil onto the boys' lower backs, so that it ran around our cocks and down between the crack of the boys' arses. This so affected me that I could not resist sliding my hand down into that crack, and rubbing the oil gently against the gently pulsating aperture I found there which, upon my probing it with an index finger, first relaxed to allow it to enter, then gripped it firmly so that it was with difficulty that I was able to withdraw it.

Now the time had come, at last, for action, and taking the boys' hips firmly in our hands, we grew them towards us, and probed with our cocks the welcoming arses- the boys being as anxious as we were for congress to commence, that they reached behind them, and seizing our cocks introduced them to their willing arseholes, into which we plunged without hesitation. Soon, five cocks were moving pleasantly in and out of the row of delighted arses, the sun highlighting the shining rods when they emerged into the light from the delicious darkness of the boys' fundaments. It was an inspiriting sight, and although I had never taken part in so public a private ceremony (which at home would have resulted in the instant arrest and execution of all concerned) I must admit that it added much to the quivering delight which shook me from balls to brain, if I may so express it.

I had supposed that since we were introducing the boys to the pleasure of buggery, some pain might have accompanied their pleasure - but on the contrary, their cries were all cries of extreme pleasure. I later learned that during the year previous to the ceremony, their arseholes had been stretched at first by their introducing their fingers into each other's fundaments, then by the gradual introduction of larger objects, until finally they used a carved phallus modeled after the prick of Thalic himself - considered to equal in size (as I could well believe) that of any man they might have to receive - so that they felt no discomfort at our present swiving them.

I have always found that congress while standing, though satisfactory when the time is to be short - as when I was forced to swive young Sommers upon the quarterdeck during the night watch - is less satisfactory than some other positions. However, my pleasure was again extreme, and following the example of the man next to me - who was the first of us to come - on reaching the apogee of my pleasure I pulled my cock from its socket and shot my spunk in a fountain across the back of the boy before me, so that in its first spouting it rose across his shoulders and fell to the ground near the chief's feet - each subsequent gout of yellowish liquid falling into his back, splashing on the brown skin and running down his sides, so plentiful (though it was my second spending of the day) that the chief and his friends broke into friendly applause.

Badpuppy Model - Colton SteeleThe boy in front of me now turned, as I supposed was the custom, and, standing on tip-toe (they were all much shorter than me) kissed me upon the lips, sucking upon my lower lip in a most spirit-raising fashion, so that interest in the manner in which he might suck upon another part of my body was immediately aroused, and I felt that though my cock was now somewhat shrunken, and liquid was still trickling from its aperture, it would not be long before I was once more reading for congress.

There was however a pause when we were given food and some kind of drink made from coconut juice or milk, which had been fermented and was most engaging. The five of us who had engaged in the recent ceremony were then taken to a row of low couches, each accompanied by his boy - those having spend some time in the pool of water, cleansing from their bodies the evidence of our recent enjoyment of them. There they rubbed us down with fresh green leaves which had the most pleasant smell, and which cleansed our bodies of the liberal perspiration that our activities had broken out.

Now we, the active members, were encouraged to lie upon our backs on the couches, while the boys did their best to rouse us once more to a proper state for more enjoyment. In my case, the touch of lips upon my member immediately resulted in its erection - which again attracted the chief's applause (he walked along the row of couches, minutely observing the actions of those upon them, caressing his own prick the while, whose extent when in full size was almost alarming). The rather full lips of my boy were as fitted for sucking as I had supposed; what I had not expected was the readiness of his tongue not only to apply itself to my balls, but upon my groaning and raising my middle section from the couch, was ready also to apply itself to my fundament, where its gentle licking and more firm probing - almost as though he wished to fuck me with it. This, as I later learned, was only one of the pleasant ways of pleasing a man which all the boys were taught, and even as he was pleasing me, I considered with what surprised delight my friend Dick, at home in my house in London town, would greet the gesture when I applied it to him on our return to harbor.

Meanwhile my boy so enjoyed what he was at - and no doubt also was pleased to find himself the center of interest, for I must confess to being myself the focus of all eyes - that he went on until I was again almost ready to spend, and was forced to take his head between my hands and lift it away.

All the boys now dipped their hands each in a small pan of oil placed by the couches' sides, and anointed their arseholes, then taking up positions crouching over us, and at a signal from the chief took our cocks, applied them to their arseholes, with a delicious slowness spitted themselves upon the willing spears! I could not but notice that most of the eyes of the unoccupied observers were upon me and my boy - I suppose because the sight of a white cock slowly vanishing between brown cheeks was particularly interesting to them. It interested me also, to the point that I must consider minutely the nautical calculation of our longitude in order to prevent my coming almost immediately, so alluring was the sight as the foreskin on my swollen prick was at first pushed down over its crown as it entered him, and was then drawn back to its proper position upon his raising himself so that it once more emerged.

Badpuppy Model - Colton SteeleThat the culmination of his actions was not long delayed, however, was the case - for the boy wriggled his bottom to the most irresistible effect (again something he had been taught in preparation for the occasion). Looking to my side, I saw that all my companions experienced the same pleasure - and that at the same time each was frigging the cock of the boy who squatted upon him. At the same instant my boy leaned forward and kissed me once more upon the lips, at the same time catching my hand and bringing it to his cock, slippery from that unguent liquid which had flowed from it and now liberally bathed it. I stroked and milked it with all the tenderness at my command, while I felt his hand upon my balls - where he waited until the first spasm there signaled my readiness, and immediately raised himself, so that at precisely the same moment our pricks threw out the evidence of our pleasure, the milky waste mixing where it fell, upon my body, whereupon he laid himself full-length upon me and by movements of the greatest dexterity massaged the liquids into our skins.

I was later to learn that this ceremony indicated that while I was upon the island, the boy was to be considered my wife, whose main pleasure was to be in satisfying my own desires - which he did with the greatest attention, and with a consequent rapture which I have remembered during the many years since I left Titiaura.

However, the applause once more having been mainly directed at me - for only one other couple had succeeded in coming at the same moment - the chief walked forward and stood before me, with a commanding gesture. At this, my boy left me, and I was gently but firmly raised to my feet by two of the chief's men. They equally firmly persuaded me to turn about and bend forward, when I felt the fingers of one of them anointing my arse and fundament with oil. I glanced around, and saw the chief at the same time pouring oil over his enormous weapon. What was about to happen was clear; I could not have avoided it if I had wished - nor did I repine, for my admiration of the physique of the chief was considerable. At all events, in a moment I was placed upon my hands and knees on the couch.

I must admit that it has only been on rare occasions that I have permitted myself to be speared by the prick of a lover, my usual posture being to wield the spear myself. But I was in no position to protest - nor would the laws of hospitality have permitted it. In a moment, I felt the hands of my assistants gently drawing my cheeks apart, and looking about saw upon Thalic's face a look of admiring anticipation - this was, as I learned later, the first white arse he had seen, and he was especially pleased at the manner in which my pale skin showed off the dark hole, surrounded by glistening red muscle, at which he was about to aim.

Badpuppy Model - Colton SteeleI could not restrain a cry of discomfort as the chief's prick was thrust into my entrails. Having gained entry, however, he moved with the utmost discretion, drawing his spear to and fro with only a gradual increase in its violence, so that when pleasure made him violent, that pleasure was also conveyed to me, and the scalding sensation of his coming within my body was almost sufficient to bring me off.

It was fortunate that however I was able to restrain my feelings, for now, the chief withdrawing, I was turned about, and in courtesy he knelt before me, his guest, and bending his head placed his lips about my member, sucking with a delightful force until the small quantity of spunk I was able to express was salty upon his tongue.

I hasten to set these words down in my log, for tomorrow I am to entertain the chief and four of his men upon the Adventure. I have arranged for all but four of my men to go on shore, retaining only young Sommers and three friends who he had advised me will be willing participants in any ceremony I can devise which to entertain my guests. Fortunately, Sommers tells me that, all young men of excellent physique, while not hesitating today to express themselves in the company of the native women, they are practiced in the arts of fellatio and buggery, and has promised to bring them to me later this evening in order that we may plan a scene of masquerade which will convince the natives that Europe is not much behind them in these forms of entertainment.

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